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“Tripled my turnover…

When I first started working with Anel, I set a business goal, of how much I wanted to increase my turnover within the first 3 months. I blew that out of the water.  Within the first six month of working with Anel, I had tripled my turnover.

Anel has helped me set up efficient systems and structures within my business, and continues to help me take my business to the next level.

Larina Kay Tiffen
Larina Kay TiffenOwner Miss Lilly’s Boutique Catering Founder Miss Lilly’s Angels Author Come Together

“I moved from having my dreams to living my dream.

I really enjoyed working with her in identifying, structuring and achieving my personal targets. In a space of 6 month I moved from having my dreams to living my dream.  Her style of coaching is result orientated and becomes a lifestyle rather than work. She has unique and unorthodox way of igniting the fire within and making sure one continues to keep it burning.

Tshepo Nyatlo
Tshepo NyatloGorogang Consulting

“BIG goals achieved pre-deadline dates are: Contributing Author in International Publication; International Mandala Art Contributor; Auditioned as TV presenter.

One of my biggest take aways from working with Anel is that my Networth is a direct reflection of my Selfworth.

Working with her is life and destiny changing. I highly recommend working with Anél if you know you are worth more…

Mariet Hammann
Mariet HammannCoach and Entrepreneur

“Today I plan everything and teach my employees to plan in details for every project so I can make their planning part of the bigger plan for a common goal; SUCCESS.

She helped me see how my personal goals as an entrepreneur affected by business goals and vice versa.

Anel made me see the impact my business has on people’s life that I may not even know; planning appropriately and sticking to the plan guarantees results which has an impact in our delivery, which impact our clients satisfactions.

Ruddy Mukwamu
Ruddy MukwamuBusinessNerd

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Surface level work will get you surface level results

I adore my clients. Their courage. Their determination. Their passion. Their vision to building empires.  Visions that rock this world to it’s very core.  Visions which they relentlessly pursue. Regardless of their current circumstances. Regardless of their challenges. Regardless of their bullshit. Which is exactly why they work with me. For they have always reached […]

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