Results OR Excuses – there’s no in-between

I don’t want to hear it.

Not again.

I don’t actually give a shit.

About all the reasons you tell me you can’t do it.

Of how you have to put others first.

Of how you don’t have time.

Of how you’ve tried everything.

Of how you can’t afford it.

Of how you don’t know enough.

Of how you’ve got a block in your third eye.

I don’t want to fucking hear one more bullshit reason

as to why

on god’s green earth

you can’t have

EVERYTHING you say you want.

When will you finally get the fact

that the more you tell me

or anyone else

why you can’t



Stop that shit!

Why would you keep doing this to yourself?

Why would you choose to wake up every single morning


from the stories you tell yourself?

The hardest words I ever heard

was that all the results in my life

was a true reflection of my choices.

That all the pain

the toxic relationships

the overweight

the debt

all of it,

was my choice!

Even whilst I was outrageously denying it,

there was a voice inside of me,


‘Anel, you know it’s the truth.’

It took a long time for me to get over myself,

my egotistical desire to be right,

to finally admit it in the mirror.

By stepping out of the falsehood of my words

and into the reality of my calendar

my actions

my food choices

my word choices

my expenditure choices

that I finally got into reality.

It hurt like a B-EATCH.

Yet, without self-honesty,

we’re pretty screwed.

We sit there convincing ourselves that we’re these helpless babes in the woods,

at the mercy of our circumstance,

of our heritage,

of our DNA.

That you need natural born talent.

That you need money to make money.

That you’re born flawed.

And that you’re pretty much doomed to same shit different day

because that’s simply the way life works.

Don’t you see that this way of thinking is what’s keeping you separated from your true power?

The power to be, do and have


you truly desire.


you’ve become lazy

your jaw aching

from reciting your excuses.

You’ve convinced yourself they are true.

A broken record,


and quite frankly Darling,

it’s become boring to listen to.

Want the results?


Then change your story.


Not once you see the results.


Stop looking for reasons why you can’t do it.

Find the purpose that drives your passion and stay connected.

Stop looking for challenges you think you can’t overcome.

Start asking questions that will resolve the puzzle.

Stop taking the same actions,

making the same decisions,

kissing the same arses,

you did yesterday,

and start creating a new tomorrow.

Leave behind all the lazy, time-wasting, vampires,

be merciless,

fight for your dreams

as if your life depends on it.

Instead of constantly offering your space in the lifeboat to everyone else.

Whilst drowning.

Exhausted from treading water.

Be prepared to hurt.

There’s much pain in the journey of the achiever,

the artist,

those dedicated to creating different,


The pain is our place of connection,

where we draw inspiration,

unlike the mediocre masses,

who avoid pain at all costs.

Drowning it out with their whiskey and beer.

Numbing it with their pills and mindless entertainment.

We train pain.

Allowing the sensation to flow through us.

Driving us to tears.

Demanding a release through screaming agony.

And then,

the sweet magic flows.

You feel it


and you know


You eat humble pie,

putting your ego aside,

and you ask for the help that’s always available to you,

whether from soulmate connections,

a higher realm,

your inner self.

And you show the fuck up

in an energy that commands

the delivery of your desires.

THIS is the difference between those who get results,

and those who spew their excuses like bullets from a machine gun.

Today feels like a BRILLIANT day to make a new choice.

A PERFECT day to draw a line in the sand,

and step the fuck over,

leaving behind all your excuses,

all your empty words,

all your lies.

A day in which to sit your pretty self down and ask,

what do I TRULY desire?

Not the shit you tell everyone else because you think it makes you look good.

Not the things you see others have and, because they’re smiling on Instagram, you think it will make you happy.

The real stuff.

The experiences that has tears dripping down your chin,

because the mere thought of them

has emotion flooding your body to overflowing.

Give yourself permission to DECIDE




Be willing to sacrifice



false friends

shutting out the naysayers

and staying manically focussed

on your goal.

Until you achieve it.

Prepared to go back to the drawing board again and again

failing over and over

without shame

zero blame.

You get up,

you dust off,

you keep going.

With the knowing that the moment you receive your desire,

a new one will already be waiting for you,

which will start the process all over again.

So best you fall in love with the journey Sunshine,

because as an achiever,

this will be your life,

until the day you die.

What they will never understand,

is that you won’t want it any other way.

If this is feeling completely unrealistic,

that it’s simply too much to ask of you,

then carry on Sweetpea.

With your excuses,

with your suffering.

I respect your choice,

your life.

I’m simply not available to listen to it anymore.

There’s those who are committed to thrive,

those who choose happy every day,

regardless of what happened yesterday,

THOSE are the people I am committed to supporting.

Only death is inevitable,

tick tock bitches.

Do you have the courage to choose thrive?

With true love and appreciation for you,


PS:  Are you ready to go from excuses to results?

Building the business you’ve been talking about,

but have not yet brought to fruition?

Are you ready to be held accountable,

to show up every single day regardless of how much sleep you’ve had,

which phase the moon is in,

where Mercury is finding herself?

This one is for the misfits, rebels and troublemakers.

The artists, creatives, healers ready to do it differently.

Mindset, Business & Money – message me for details.

We start February.

Excuses or results Darling.

You can’t have both!




If you truly want to transform the world, transform yourself.

We keep talking about what’s wrong with the world.

All the hardship,

The suffering,

The lack,

The abandonment,

The obesity,

The addiction,

The psychological diseases,

The scarcity.

Still not understanding that every word we utter,

spins the web of all these conditions

even tighter.

For what we give energy to, grows.

We’re feeding the beast with the vibration of our words and thoughts.

Which, in case you haven’t noticed yet, does NOT improve the situation.

So today I invite you to take a different approach,

but only if you’re serious about transforming the world.

Only if you’re committed to creating abundance, well-being, love, joy.

If not,

if you’re going to be one of the billions inflated with hot air,

lacking substance and follow-through,

don’t even bother reading further.

The only transformation that you are responsible for,

is transforming,

you’ve got it Sunshine,


Contrary to popular belief, you’re not responsible for everyone else.

This whole ideology of we’re more inclined to do for others than ourselves,

is nothing but a programmed disconnect from self.

That’s because some clever Dickson,

in generations past,

figured out just how powerful the individual is when connected to soul,

to purpose,

to personal desire,

to love starting with the self.

And he had a teeny weeny little pecker,

making him feel inferior to others.

So he decided to start a rumour,

which said that we should lay down our lives in service (be servants) to others.

That not doing so,

meant we are selfish and should be banished from the tribe.

Well Darling,

you and I both know just how quickly a rumour can spread when backed by a little passion,

and more and more,

generations of small pecker (figuratively speaking) individuals

proclaimed this to be truth.

That in order for you to be of any value to your society,

in order for you to have any value,

in order for you to be valuable,

in order for you to have worth,

in order for you to be worthy,

in order for you to be enough,

you had to melt into the collective and become part of the whole.

Except in the process,

the individual lost their wholeness.

Now all of a sudden everyone is frantically scurrying around looking for their better half.


Your better half is the one inside of you who actually loves and appreciates YOU!

Your better half is


And the responsibility of being that best version,

lies squarely in your lap.

Question is,

are you brave enough,

determined enough,

to put aside all shame and blame,

and march your sweet arse to the mirror,

strip down to your birthday suite,

and ask yourself,

“Is this the absolute BEST I can be?”

Where I want to challenge you,

is to leave behind all your judgements of what BEST should look like in a ‘GOOD’ person.

You know exactly what I’m talking about…

We live in a material world which means your BEST self,

which requires the finest nutrition,



creative teams,

fun and adventure,

training equipment,




you name it,

requires money!

Which means that for you to get real about what your BEST version self looks like,

you have to get over your nonsense about having copious amounts of money.

I want you to look in the mirror as if you actually believe in abundance.

If you had all the money and resources in the world,

what would your best version self look like?

Your physique,

your health,

your relationships,

your passion,

your business,

your environment,

your conversations,

your circle of genius,

your work that you put out into the world,

all of it.

And if you’re not there yet,

don’t freak out,

because in truth,

we never are!

Wherever we are,

there’s room for expansion, growth, improvement.

It’s called life.

All you have to do is to identity the NEXT best you,

and start taking action on stepping into that version,


Identify where you are NOT that version yet,

and clean up your eating,

clean out your wardrobe and bring in higher vibrational materials,

let go of the toxic relationships and invite in stimulating fun loving relationships,

stop being a lazy arse and commit to doing some form of exercise every day,

watch a little less TV and meditate a little longer,

stop drinking at night and learn something new or practice a skill,

whatever it takes for YOUR transformation.

Can you see how if every single person started taking this stance of

personal transformation,

that the world will be transformed?

A word of warning though:

don’t do it with the expectation that others will follow suite.

Don’t do it so you can get on a little soap-box and scream at everyone else that they have to do it too.

A – it’s not your place

B – free will Baby.

Plus you will find that when you truly transform to your next BEST version self,

the choices others make for themselves,

doesn’t really matter.

We respect the journey of others.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Time to strip down and go look your gorgeous self in the eye.

Transformation doesn’t occur without action.

Only death is inevitable.

And I suspect you’re starting to see why thriving is the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  All cursing omitted for my beautiful black-and-white friends – you guys fucking rock!




What my soul wants you to know… Not for the faint of heart!


it’s one of those days.

When the message wants to come through

and it’s feeling really uncomfortable,

I keep backspacing,

wondering how I can say it in a way that doesn’t feel like such a slap through the face?

How about I step out of the way and allow myself to receive the message?

That way you can choose:

do YOU want to receive it as well,

or just shake your head in sympathy?

Saying that I’m too hard on myself.

That I shouldn’t judge myself so harshly.


You’re slipping,

and you know it.

You can keep telling yourself it doesn’t matter if you skip just one session,

after all,

you’ve already done one today.

It doesn’t matter if you eat one shitty meal,

when you’ve been so good all week.

That tomorrow is another day,

so instead of pushing through,

getting focused

doing the motherfucking work,

you can take a night off.

After all,

you’ve been working so hard,

you deserve to play a little.

You’re still ahead of most others.

But you know,

you fucking know,

that you’re simply bullshitting yourself.

You know that you’re out of integrity,

that you’re self-sabotaging,

because the vision,

the one that’s in your heart,

feels soooooo big

so astoundingly wonderful,

that it scares the shit out of you.

You think about all the negative feedback you will receive,


of ‘who the hell do you think you are to want so much’,

that you’re such an ungrateful bitch,

that you should be happy with what you’ve got,

when millions of others have less.

You think about all the people who will not understand

and leave your side


Because they think you’re a cold-hearted, selfish bitch

and they can’t stand your face.

Thinking you don’t care,

that you don’t hurt,

when every time,

it feels like your heart is being ripped from your chest,

trampled into a bloody mess on the floor.

Scraping it up when nobody is around,

crying your tears in silence when nobody is looking,

because heaven forbid they should see the impact they have.

Instead you pull back a little,

you fuck up your fitness a little,

you dim your light a little,

you play small a little,

and in the process,

you hurt a lottle!

I guess it comes down to choosing your pain Darling.

Do you want to experience the temporary pain of abandonment by others,

of criticism,

of possible embarrassment as you fail in front of the haters,

hearing the ridicule,

feeling your cheeks burn with humiliation,

or the eternal pain of regret?

For not showing the fuck up for your vision.

For not becoming your best version self.

For not making the difference you came here to make.

Because you compromised.

Come now Anel – when did you become THIS?

When did you start going back to thinking that you need others to be happy?

They can’t give you anything that you cannot give yourself!

When did you think that you have to feel like shit because they choose to live in a constant state of





disconnection of self?

You are not responsible for the choices of others.

You’re only responsible for your own.

Which means,

it’s time to stop hiding behind the bullshit excuses that society has gifted you so generously,

making you part of the pack of deception,

keeping you in a state of delusion,

thinking you’re weak,

thinking you’re faulty,

that you need anything other than what is inside of you.

But first,

you have to OWN your desire.

Your TRUE desire.

And you have to commit to it with your life.

Death before DNF.

For there’s no greater punishment than mere existence – THIS IS HELL!

And you see it all around you…

The desperate attempt of others to escape the suffering,

putting themselves in a state of intoxication.

Telling themselves that the buzz,

the numbness,

feels good.

When all it does is let the poison fester in their core,

waiting for the sunrise,

to feel even worse.


Today is the day to recommit.

Today is the day to take full responsibility of what is and what you desire.

Today is the day to refocus.

Today is the day to take the action.

Today is all there is.

No more saying tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a construct of bullshit hope that allows people to waste today.


right now,

is all that matters.

So tell me Anel,

what do you truly desire?

When you get out of your own way.

When you stop listening to the voice of fear.

When you believe in yourself.

That’s all that matters.

The rest,

will take care of itself.



Let go.


Or live in a state of miserable existence.

EVERYTHING in life is your choice.

Only death is inevitable.

Do you have the brass ovaries to choose thrive?

With love and appreciation,




What if your emotions are not the real enemy?

Okay so maybe I just love stirring shit.

Maybe I enjoy freaking out people by taking everything the ‘experts’ say and turning it upside down.

My intention is not to say I’m right and they’re wrong,

that would be a real dick move of me.

Instead, my intention is to share the insanity raging inside of my head,

so that you may think for yourself.

I simply arrived at a place in my life where all that I’d previously learned,

including the numerous psychology labels during my studies,

felt disempowering,


Which was a wonderful opportunity to seek different answers.

I don’t believe we came to this life experience to suffer and be miserable.

Okay, taking a step back,

I won’t speak for you,

I sure as fuck didn’t come to the life experience to suffer and be miserable.

For one thing,

I LOVE the way it feels when I choose happy!

I love the way energy immediately courses through my body the moment I decide to feel good.

Doesn’t mean I never feel the opposite.

It simply means I choose to revert back to thrive faster than most.

What I found was that, contrary to what I was told;

that emotions were to be feared,

that they were to be denied,

suppressed by drugs that would override clear thinking,

because they made me act in inappropriate ways,

anger leading to explosive power and expression,

passion leading to gasps,

sorrow leading to a sobbing mess on the floor,

whatever the extreme,

it wasn’t considered lady-like or proper;

emotions are messages, indicators of where I am on or off my chosen path.

Instead of moving away from them,

I’m called to turn towards them with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation.

I can feel immense appreciation for sorrow,

for anger,

for irritation,

and when I turn to them,

when I acknowledge them,

they open up and reveal a gift of some form.

Yes, at times this is deeply uncomfortable and yes,

I’ve learned to do this in private.

You think my ramblings sound crazy,

wait till you see me rage against the storm for no apparent reason.

As I connect with them,

knowing that my emotions will NOT kill me,

I ask for the message.

What is it that I’m not seeing?

Where am I not speaking my truth?

Where have I allowed my boundaries to crumble?

Where am I not allowing myself to receive my true desires?

What old belief am I ready to release as I have evolved beyond it?

Who is no longer an energetic fit for me?

What’s really interesting is the fact that majority of the time when my emotions go banshee on my arse,

it’s because in some way,

I’m not speaking my truth.

I’m still softening my words so as not to offend others.

Not wanting to hurt their feelings.

Compromising because what I want is so different from others,

and I was raised to compromise.

Except I keep coming back to the facts that:

1 –  I am not responsible for how others feels

2 – No matter WHAT I do, they’re going to choose how they feel about it.

This whole idea that we shouldn’t upset others is such a load of bull!

I think MORE people should start getting upset.

Maybe then they’ll actually start paying attention to what’s going on in their lives.

Maybe then they’ll take the time to figure out who they truly desire to be,

what they choose to stand for,

what they desire to create and be remembered for.

Complacency is creating a culture of docile slaves

who’ve stopped thinking for themselves,

abandoned themselves,

disconnected from themselves.

Because god forbid they should FEEL and completely lose their shit in the middle of the road

as they look up

realising they’ve pissed away years in front of a meaningless screen

delusional in thinking Lala-land is making them happy

whilst their bodies

their souls

their relationships

have gone to hell.

Why would we not celebrate that excruciatingly painful awakening?

It’s been my experience that nobody who truly wakes up, do so in a field of flowers.

Instead, I witness people hitting rock-bottom so hard they’re stunned,

I witness people crawling around wailing in agony because all they’ve denied for decades flood through them,

I see people stuck in fear unable to take a step or have a conversation.

And I celebrate every one of those moments.

For they are the seeds of new possible choices.

Every person who reaches this point can choose to feel the pain, the fear, the desperation, the isolation, the depression, the anxiety,

and they can go to the pharmacy,

put a convenient label on it,

walking out with a bottle of pills that will cut them off from the emotion,

back to blissful dead existence,


they can move THROUGH the emotion.

They can drop into appreciation,

they can ask for the message,

they can see that which they have not seen before,

and they can make a different choice,

thereby changing their lives forever.

I say to hell with the masks, the dumbed-down words such as feeling fine, or feeling okay, or feeling happy.

Bring back raw!

Extend your vocabulary bringing richness into your expression of emotion.

Go over the top.

Fuck the rules of what is and is not appropriate.

Choose the most energised word you can find to describe your feeling thereby increasing them exponentially!

Why wouldn’t you?

It’s all a choice.

Yet, few choose the latter, for it’s tough AF, it’s painful at times, it’s scary…

I know.

Lord, I know.

But you’re not alone.

Nobody is every alone.

You need to know this right now.

When you choose to rise,

what is waiting for you,

will have tears streaming down your face in wonder.

First, you have to choose to go within for the healing.

You are more powerful,

more wonderful,

more beautiful,

than you will ever know my friend.

I see you and I bow down to your magnificence.

Wherever you find yourself today,

know that it’s perfect for your journey.

I just invite you to start walking the path with eyes wide open.

With deep love and appreciation for you,



What I ACTUALLY mean when I say there are no victims…

I suspect it must be challenging to live life thinking THIS is all there is.

That you’re nothing more than skin, bones and muscle.

It must suck to wake in the morning and think that what you see with your eyes IS universal truth.

I can’t even imagine…


Periodically I allow myself to open energetically and connect with everyone,

their suffering so thick that I want to vomit.

Which is why I want to shake them to their core and SCREAM


YOU are not a victim.

There are NO victims in this world.

Let me say that again.



Available to all who choose to receive.


they buy into the BULLSHIT they’re being fed of what they can and can’t do.

Of where they have to stay,

of what they can achieve.

And all of this, in my opinion,

is sooooo fucking disrespectful of the power that resides within every person.

EVERYTHING seems impossible until someone has the AUDACITY to go against popular belief,

and DO IT!

Why has every great inventor, creative, artist,

been called crazy by their peers, friends, families and societies?


that what we see is only the tip of what is possible.

But we’ve become SOFT AF.

Mediocrity cultivating a society laced with codependency, martyrdom,

fucking horse-manure,

to ensure the machine has enough minions to stand in lines.

They keep you tranquil with their drugs,

and when you don’t want to willingly take them,

they pump that shit into your food.

They keep you docile with exhaustion by having you sit on your arse 99% of your day.

No muscle tone.

No core strength.




They brainwash you with their entertainment,

cleverly designed stimulus that makes you FEEL like you’re thriving whilst hooked into their frequency,

dopamine pumping your brain,

creating an illusion of momentary happiness,

whilst back at the ranch,

your physical life is falling to pieces.

And then,

because you wake up in the morning,

wondering if this is all there is,

looking in the mirror,

laced with disappointment,

you feel like shit,

and because you don’t like the feeling,

you decide to switch on the news,

because god knows somewhere,

someone has to be doing worse than you,

so you can take the focus off yourself,

by feeling sorry for them.




And the sooner you stop focusing outwards,

the sooner you become SELFISH AF,

the sooner you bring your attention to your life,

and ONLY your life,

committed to making it the BEST,

most adventurous,

most joyous life,

the better for all of humanity.

But Anel,

what about the starving children in Africa?

Not your problem.


Well tell me this,

is your fretting about the children making a damn difference in their life?

Is you NOT showing up as your BEST version self,

making a child on the other side of the world less hungry?


They don’t know about you.

They don’t care about you.

Yet the prevalent energy of scarcity which you insist on creating,

IS keeping them stuck as well.

Because YOU telling them they should feel sorry for themselves,

YOU telling them that they are powerless,

because life was unfair by having them born there,

is an INSULT to their greatness.

And NONE of this will make any sense,

unless you believe in soul.

Unless you believe in the unlimited, magnificent power that resides within every single person walking this earth.

Stop judging their choice of living.

You don’t know what they desired to experience at this time.

Get your head in your own game.

Take out that bucket list and start living it.

Take out that list of new year’s resolutions and start being it.

Take out that bike, dust it off and start riding it.

Take your lovers hand, switch off the television, and start making love to her.

I’ve found that the hardest thing for people to do at this time,

is take complete personal responsibility.

Because few want to take it.

Few want to be seen as selfish

as the masses simply don’t understand

that being selfish

truly selfish

from a space of radical self-love,

is THE most loving thing we can do for the world.

It’s just so much easier to point the finger to everyone else,

to shine the spotlight elsewhere.

To ask everyone else what THEY are doing,

instead of figuring out what YOU want to be doing.

My invitation to you is, for the next 30 days,

bring your focus inwards,

to yourself,

your life

your dreams

your actions

your thoughts

your emotions

and ONLY yours.

To become the most selfish person you know,

from a space of true love,

and to see the difference it makes

not only in your OWN life,

but in the lives of everyone around you.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of those brave enough to go against the grain.

With deep love and appreciation,





Will this be another year of delusions and false starts?

This is not a motivational piece.

It’s not in keeping with the celebratory atmosphere currently prevailing.

Everyone high on hope-amine with the potential of 2019 lying ahead.

And maybe you’ve even started taking action on those New Years Resolutions you so love setting!

Maybe you’ve not had a drink in two days.

Maybe you’ve thrown away the cigarettes.

Maybe, OMG be still my beating heart, you’ve even been to the gym today.

Which has you feeling like such a rock star because you’re showing us all,

this time around is going to be different.

This time, you’re going to do it!

All the way to the end.


Just because you’ve said so.

No other reason.

It feels great!

Those around you praising you every step of the way.

They’re so proud of you.

Go you!


Yes, I’m going to be that prick that bursts your bubble.

Because unless you’re doing it drastically different from before,

I’m calling bullshit.

If there’s one thing I’m really not available for anymore, it’s lip-service.

And yes, sometimes action is part of it.

I’ve simply been around the block too many times,

have studied human behaviour for too long,

to actually think that you will get any different results from before

just because you’re riding the wave of new year false starts.

Just fucking stop it.

Stop torturing yourself.

Stop setting yourself up for failure.

Stop going through the hardship of getting started,

the discomfort of change,

the pain of detoxing,

if you’re not committed to the outcome.

Committed to the outcome as set up at the start.

Have you even taken the time to do the foundational work?

Have you sat down and written out the vision of the next level you after successfully achieving your goal?

Have you done the introspection of why you’ve not made these changes before and how you can possibly sabotage yourself on the journey?

Have you connected to the real reason why you’re committed to this outcome?

The reason that rips your heart into pieces.

Tears pouring down your face.

Until you would rather die than fail again.

Have you taken the time to identify who or what you need to get into place to ensure success?

And I’m not talking about your friends and family who will blow smoke up your arse until you give up and then smother you in blankets of understanding and sympathy.

Fuck that shit.

I’m talking about getting yourself professional support.


Have you figured out what stories are running your show,

the ones in your subconscious mind,

on replay,

creating a well of emotion,

driving your behaviour?

Have you created within yourself a clear mental picture of the environment that is in vibrational alignment with your new successful self,

and then identified what in your current environment needs to go?

Have you gone out and started collecting the books that will feed your brain and give you new perspectives and tools and insights?

Have you started researching groups where others have already created successful results in that specific area?

THIS is what COMMITMENT TO SUCCESS looks like.

Anything else,

I’m rolling my eyes.

Maybe you’re jumping onto your high horse and saying that you can’t afford to get the support you need.

I call bullshit.

Start adding up how much you’ve spent on your bad habits in the past and you’ll be blown away at the funds available to you right now.

Maybe you’re saying this is a little excessive for what you want to achieve.

Then this piece is not for you.

I’m not talking boring AF mediocre goals and change.

In fact, none of what I say will resonate with you, so save yourself hours of anguish and unfollow me right now.

Maybe you’re reeling with indignation,

telling yourself it’s cold-hearted bitches like me that cause others to feel demotivated.

If you’re still externally motivated, this piece can be your saving grace.

The one that makes you realise that true motivation is an inside job.

And until you OWN that shit for yourself,

you live at the mercy of others.

Look, you can keep going the way you’ve been going.

In all honesty, you’ve been happy enough up until now.

You’ve surrounded yourself with people who ‘love’ you just the way you are.

It feels good to them.

And change will toss all that up in the air.

Which is probably why 99% of people give lip-service,

1% get results.

I’m just keeping it real for you today because I’m tired of people living in a state of delusion.

Which causes continuous internal friction – between what you say and what you do.

Make your actions your word and drop the judgement you have around it.

At the end of the day,

your happiness is what matters.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of those brave enough to be honest with themselves.

With love and appreciation,







Want a different future? Change your past today…

Let’s keep today short and sweet as I’m sure you’re wanting to get on with your party plans.

It’s the final day of 2018.

As I sat with my journal this morning, revisiting my wins, my accomplishments, my learnings, I was proud AF.

2018 has been like no year before.

It’s the year I reclaimed my freedom.

Recognising that love doesn’t exist within the confinements of a cage.

And I was never born for captivity.

With this new found freedom, there’s so much expansive energy and space in my life,

that nothing can ever be the same again.

Which quite frankly, is exactly how I wanted it to be.

You see Darling, I decided that I wanted a different future,

and I knew the only way to create that,

was by creating a different past.

Every day.

Tomorrow will reflect the results of our actions today.

Which means if you’re serious about changing the outcomes going forward,

you have to be committed to change your actions today,

which will be your past, tomorrow.

Add to this the fact that EVERYTHING is energy,

understanding that your energy dictates what you attract and what you repel,

and you start seeing the importance of choosing your energy, your actions, your focus,


to predict your results in 2019.

Now, if you choose to go out the same way you did last year,

and the year before,

and the year before,

telling yourself the same bullshit story you have for the past ten years,

that tomorrow is the first of January,

EVERYTHING will be different THEN,

you’ll stop the excessive eating,

you’ll stop being so lazy,

you’re going to put yourself first,

you’re going to drink less,

watch less Netflix,

you’re going to make more money,

you’re finally going to get that body you’ve been talking about,

you’re lying.

Plain and simple.

For change doesn’t happen tomorrow.

The pure fact that you’re saying so, tells me you’re not committed to jack shit!

Except to remain the same.

Think about it,

if you’re taking your hung-over  ‘dear god please kill me now and the evil little bastard hitting my head with a hammer’ arse

energy into 2019,

you’re simply recreating the same pattern as every other year.

And of course you’re more than welcome to do that.

Your life,

your choices.

I simply don’t want to hear one more word of how things are going to be different next year if you’re not prepared to be different today.

I’m only interested in the now.

THAT is what shows me your truth.

No judgement.

Just keeping it real.

Who do you choose to be in 2019?

More importantly,

Who do you choose to be today?

For if those two are not mirror images,

stop torturing yourself!

Just admit the fact that you have no intention of doing anything different from how you’ve done it before.

The pain you’re feeling is the constant denial of truth.

It’s the judgement you feel by comparing yourself to others who do things differently and who, quite frankly, don’t even look at what you’re doing because it doesn’t matter to them even when you like to think it does.

Stop looking at everyone else.

Stop asking me what my goals are for 2019.

Stop giving a shit about what my ‘New Years resolutions’ (yawn) are for 2019.

Get your head into your own game.

And choose consciously.

No more blaming.

Fuck the shaming.

Radical self-acceptance.

Today sees me cleaning out the final cobwebs under the roof.

My house is clean.

My mind is clear.

My body is light.

THIS is how I will greet 2019.

On the beach.

Writing my vision in my journal as the sun creeps over the water.




And you Darling?

Today is the day to choose.

Not tomorrow.

If you’re serious about creating a different, more successful, more vibrant, more joyous 2019,

I invite you to identify what needs to change right now.

How do you need to change your beliefs, your stories, your actions, your focus, your eating, your training, your sex, your relationships, your business,

and make those changes today!

Rip off the plaster.

No tippy toeing, little mini baby steps.

Just jump!

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice that happens in the now.

With deep love and appreciation for you,





Are you ready to shed some skin for your game?


Until this morning, as I’ve thought of this concept, the image of a butterfly came to mind.

After all,

it’s rather magical when the worm encases herself in her silky cocoon,

and then emerges a butterfly.

So romantic.

Except, who the fuck wants to go into hiding for growth and transformation?

Instead, this morning, what came through in my meditation,

was the image of a snake.

That’s right Darling –

piercing black eyes,

flickering tongue curiously tasting the air around her,

shedding her dull,

too tight skin,

to reveal her shiny new self.

Never looking back at that which stays behind,

focused on attaining her next goal.

Which has me thinking of you in particular.

I’m wondering if you’re feeling a tad tight around the edges after a year filled with opportunities to question the old,

a year filled with opportunities to reclaim yourself,

a year filled with opportunities to stop holding back,

finding the courage to put aside the masks,

to stop hiding in the shadow of another,

and step onto your stage of life,

so bright,

so radiant,

that the spotlights bow down respectfully to your shine?

I’m wondering if you’re looking in the mirror with complete candour and honesty and asking yourself,

‘what is the growth and change I have experienced in the past twelve months, and how will I use this as the foundation from which to build an iconic next year?’

Or are you still the same?

Is that skin still as snug and comfortable as she was in 2017, 2016, 2015?

Because if she is,

you’re dying!

Do you understand that NOT growing,

is NOT remaining – 


Let me make this more visual for you:

Think of a time in your life when you trained every single day (Never done that?  WTF?),

your body was in beautiful shape,

sleek lines,

bottom sitting tight in just the right position for a hand to cup in her admiration and desire.

Then think of a time when you slowed down your training.

When you became lazy.

Daily training became twice weekly,

then you missed a week,

one week became two,

and before you knew it,

you stopped training altogether.

Did your muscles remain in the same peak condition as when you were training every day?

Or did they start slackening?

Did they become weaker?

Did your arse start creeping towards your knees?

It’s called atrophy.

It means your muscles started to die.

In the absence of growth,

the human body dies.

The same for your mind.

The same for your desires.

If you’re not putting in the time and effort to train and stimulate,

challenge and grow,

reinvent and create,

all of you,

you’re meekly sitting on the conveyor belt of social slavery on your way to the graveyard.

Taking with you all the potential impact YOUR DREAMS could have contributed to the world.

You selfish little bastard.

How dare you?

How dare you think that YOU don’t matter?

That nobody will even know if YOU don’t show up fully?

That there’s more than enough other fabulous leaders, artists, creatives, change catalysts,

for you to simply exist?

Or maybe you think that since you’re already making some money,

already have a good enough relationship,

that it doesn’t matter that you’re still not playing at full capacity.

That you’re doing better than 90% of the population so I should cut you some slack.

I don’t think so Darling.

It’s not about the other 90%.

It’s about YOU.

YOUR satisfaction.

YOUR thrive.

YOUR ambitions.

YOUR desires.


That’s all I care about.

Maybe you keep telling yourself that you’re staying in the same place for the sake of others.

The ones you love so much.

Your partner,

your kids,

your forefathers,

your neighbours,

your friends.

Well let’s think about this:

Martyrdom is not exactly conducive to a society of thrive.

Instead, the fairy tale concepts of until death us do part, of unquestioned loyalty, of respectful obedience,

is creating a world filled with mental disease as witnessed in the thriving pharmaceutical industry,

a world where publicly ‘successful’ people are drinking themselves to sleep at night as demonstrated by a thriving alcohol and drugs industry,

a world where fathers and mothers are escaping their families through hours of playstation and social media as seen by our trillion dollars entertainment industry.

Yeah, us dimming our light,

living in a sarcophagus thinking we’ll eventually come out as transformed butterflies,

is nothing more than existing as the living dead.

Today I invite you to stop bullshitting yourself,

to rip off the plaster,

put aside your rose-coloured glasses,

take off your clothes and stand in front of the mirror,

naked as the day you were born,

and ask yourself:


And if you burst into tears,

fucking cry!

Wash away the shame for it does not serve you.

Wipe away the blame for it does not empower you.

Simply cry.

Reclaiming who you were born to be:





It’s time to start creating your masterpiece my friend.

Time to outgrow your skin,

bursting out,

leaving behind the old.

Knowing that this is the most natural thing in the world.

So that your best self for now, can move forward into 2019.

Embracing the fact that once again you will outgrow who you are tomorrow,

again and again,

until your final skin reveals your epic soul.

This is the way of the brave.

Yes, death is inevitable.

Thriving remains a choice.

With deep love and appreciation of you,








Are you quite done killing yourself?


is there ANYTHING worse than seeing a high achiever pretending to be happy

with the slow life?

Skulking around with your smile painted on your face,

nodding your head whilst silently rolling your eyes.

Because everything you do,

everything you say,

everyone you’ve surrounded yourself with,

is sooooooo ordinary,

you want to choke.

Yet, you’re afraid to shine.

Afraid to shake off the cloak of invisibility you’ve so carefully crafted over the years,

after all those bitchy remarks behind your back,

those insults to your face.

They hurt like a bitch!

I know Darling.

I completely understand why you did it.

Why you gave up on yourself,

your inner wisdom,

your knowing,

your drive,

your radiance,

as the fight became too much and you just got tired of bleeding.

So you pretend to be a pussy,

you pretend that you need them,

so they will smother you in their embrace,

and for the first time,

you felt like you belonged somewhere.

I remember it well.

After years of torment there’s an audible sigh of relief and you feel loved and accepted.

You delusional idiot!

Don’t you understand that they don’t love and accept you?

Fuck, you don’t even love and accept yourself!

How can you?

Thinking it’s better to fit in and walk with the masses,

than to break free and run wild!


Which in fact is where you thrive.

Even whilst panting for air.

Even whilst blisters are forming on your feet.

Even whilst sweat is pouring down your back.


Anything else for a high achiever,

is suicide.

When you’re sitting there with another cookie in your hand wondering how that go there…

when you’re standing by the sink eating the kids left-overs instead of scraping it into the bin…

when you’re scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, with that glass of wine in your hand, wishing the time would just run out…

when you’re signing up for another course to put off doing your soul work…

all of this is YOU KILLING YOURSELF.

Self-prescribed drugs to numb the pain of self-abandonment.

And you wonder why you’re so exhausted all the time.

You wonder why you’re bored.

You wonder why you’re not happy even though you have all the trimmings.

Make no mistake my friend, our conditioning is strong.

And they are so convincing.

They have created structures and systems that breeds conformity.

And those who are obsessed with the protection of the system,

will HATE you.

Yes, I said hate.

Not dislike.

And they will come after you with all their might.

They will sling their poisoned rocks at you and you will bleed time and again.

Finding yourself on the floor,


wondering what the fuck you ever did to them to deserve their rage.

And most, stay down.

Will you?

I did.

For a very long time.

Until staying down no longer became an option.

I chose to rise.

I chose to keep rising.

Every time they beat me down.

I just kept getting up and taking another step forward.

Until finally, they were left behind.

Which is when they changed tactics.

Pleading with me to come back.

That they needed me.

That they loved me.

That they’re sorry.

And a few times, I fell for that shit.

Codependent much?

Not anymore.

I finally understand that right now, the world is changing.

And we’re all getting to a point where we have to choose.

Will we bow down to the system of mindless obedience,

honouring tradition without question,

staying loyal to bullies, addicts, and murderers?

Will we continue to live in shame, sacrifice, feeding the culture of suffering?

Will we continue to buy into their labels of how truly fucked up and broken we are, convinced that we need their drugs, their steps, their help,

because we don’t have what it takes…


will we reconnect to our truth – that we are god-sparks here to have an experience.

We are made of the same stuff as that which creates galaxies.


Yes Darling.

Everything that you witness around you right now, YOU’VE CREATED.

You taking full responsibility is your first step to true freedom.

More importantly,

how you experience all that is around you,

is completely and totally up to you as well.

It’s called free will.

It’s also called BS – Belief Systems / Bull Shit aka stories.

Which is why one person will sleep on a park bench with no worldly possessions with a smile so radiant it puts the sun to shame,

another will be on that bench and be in so much pain they drink themselves to death.

It’s why one woman will wake next to her husband filled with so much joy she can hardly contain the bounce in her step,

another will wake wondering how the fuck she’s going to find the strength to get out of bed.

And here’s the thing:

there’s no RIGHT way to live.

All of that stuff, that’s just you buying into the game of comparison.

Which is making your miserable.

Instead of finding what lights YOU up,

saying fuck the rest,


you’re sitting there looking at what everyone else is saying happiness is.

Except most of them are secretly miserable as well.

I can tell you with certainty, for a high achiever, it’s not the slow life.

I continue to meet countless born achievers,


from the slow pace.

For us,

sitting down,

leads to depression.

We go into sloth-mode,

losing our willpower,

until finally our movements become so slow,

we freeze as if turned to stone.

Because our hearts have turned cold.

Our fire, extinguished.

Nothing left.

Well I have some marvellous news for you Darling.


Fucking fight for your LIFE!

Get the hell up.

Move your arse.

Don’t walk,


Away from all those who don’t understand or accept your passion, your fire, your madness, your creativity, your authentic, beautiful, brilliant, magnificent self.

I promise you that you are not alone.

But you have to sacrifice the vampires before you will find your tribe.

It’s the end of 2018.

As you look back on the past twelve months, are you thrilled with it?

Do you look at it and go 2018 was the year that EVERYTHING changed?

The year you finally accepted yourself?

The year you finally appreciated yourself?

The year you finally loved yourself?

Respected yourself?

Or is it another carbon copy of all the previous years, where you’ve pretended to be anything less than all of you?

No judgement,

just awareness.

And what will 2019 bring?

More of the same?

That’s a choice available to you.

Or, will 2019 bring your liberation?

As far as I’m concerned, existence is worse than DEATH.

Thriving, is the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation of you,





What would your life in full integrity look like?

Confession time:

I’ve been slipping.

It’s been so gradual that I’ve not taken notice.

Shit, in truth the slope has been there since the time of my birth.

Greased for ease of the downhill slide by cultural norms.

Compared to most I’m still looking pretty good,

but in my heart,

I know,

I’m nowhere near where I desire to be.

And I’m not available for my personal brand of bullshit any longer.

2018 has been a mind-blowing year for awakening and transformation.

It’s been my first taste of what radical self-love truly feels like,

and I’m addicted.

Does this make me look selfish and inconsiderate to most?

You bet your sweet arse it does.

But in truth,

this is the most loving path I’ve ever walked.

I’ve come to understand that conforming to the social expectations of those around me, has not only suffocated my creativity, my self-appreciation, my self-acceptance,

but also my capacity to truly love everyone else.

And with love I mean that I believe every single person alive is magnificence in human form, and I’m prepared to hold them to it.

I have no desire to rescue anyone anymore.

I have no desire to disempower others by carrying them on my back just because they haven’t trained themselves to keep up.

I have no desire to tell others how they should choose as I completely respect their path, their journey believing that it’s always perfect regardless of how we judge it to social success.

I also have no further desire to sacrifice my own happiness, my own energy, so that others can freeload off me.

The bus stops here Darling.

Thing is, when you reach this space of the radical self,

shit gets real.

It’s as though you have to take off the spectacles of mediocrity and bring yourself back to standards of excellence.


Settling for less, is nothing more than radical self-deceit.

As I take a critical look at my life, there’s a ton of areas currently out of integrity.

Case One – Christmas.

Even writing this out loud feels scary AF.

How many people will judge me for saying that out of respect for the christian community, I will no longer celebrate Christmas?

After all, I’m not a christian.

Yes, I was raised in a christian home.

Yes my parents had me baptised.

But my poor mom will also tell you, I was rebellious to every word, every expectation, every practice, for as long as I can remember.

I’ve never felt aligned with religion.

I have no desire to say that I’m right and others are wrong.

I believe every person has the right to connect to Source in whatever way feels wonderful for them.

I’m spiritual down to my core.

Why would I continue to celebrate a day that’s deeply meaningful to those of stated religion?

Is it not offensive for the rest of us to jump on their happy-wagon when it’s become about everything BUT the birth of Christ – which, if memory serves me right, is the intent behind the day?

As far as I’m concerned, this is part of my ‘mediocre mentality’.

Let’s not be a christian.

Let’s not go to church.

Let’s not tick all the boxes but still put up the tree, have the meal and open the pressies.

For the little children.

I’m not available to be fake just to be liked by my peers.

Case Two – my eating has been 80% clean, 20% poison.

I’ve still been holding on to that rebellious thought that eating clean all the time is based on deprivation.

And I won’t be deprived of anything (said stomping my three year old little foot).

Except this past week I’ve been looking at all that was held in front of my open mouth and asking myself:

“Is this food / drink / chocolate respresentitive of radical self-love of my body?”

Does it uplift the energy of every cell, every muscle, every fibre?

Because when you ask this question, let me tell you my friend, the answer for the most part, is NO!

All the ‘treats’ we so eagerly hold on to, is nothing more than radical suicide.

It keeps me apart from my absolute BEST performance self.

No longer acceptable to me.

Case Three – my business.

Oh hell yeah I’m going there too.

For the past decade I’ve been so dedicated to my craft, to my art, that I’ve neglected my business.

And when I say neglected,

I’m saying it’s not at the level of radical excellence I know is available to me at this time.

Yes I’ve continued to grow.

I’ve gone from a teeny tiny little practice to a comfortable online presence.

Comfortable is no longer good enough for me.

Comfort kills creativity.

I believe that my best work comes from me going full-out.

Yes I know I know!

You’re going to tell me to slow down.

That it’s not about the hustle.

That it’s about ease and flow.

Look Sweetheart, for all of those who enjoy ease and easy,

I say knock yourself out.

Know where I thrive?

When I’m sweating like a pig.

Pushing past my own perceived limitations.

Cursing like a drunken pirate captain in a raging storm.

This is where I feel fully alive.

In the zone.

Crushing the game with complete exhilaration.

I will no longer hold myself back for anyone or anything.

Looking at this piece I suspect my word for 2019 might be RADICAL.

Fuck all the gradient bullshit.

It’s either radical self-love,

or no self-love at all.

Radical self-acceptance,

or self-denial.

Radical self-appreciation,

or self-sacrifice.

Radical self-respect,

or disrespect.

Not many will ever hold themselves to this standard, and that’s perfect too.

This is simply what integrity looks like for me.

As we near the end of 2018, I invite you to take a look at your own life.

First off, define what integrity will look like for you.

In every area.

Your health.

Your wealth.

Your relationships.

Your purpose.

Your beliefs.

And then, without shame, ask yourself, where have you been neglecting your own values, your own desires, your love of self, for the desire to belong.

And are you going to do the same next year?

If you are, that’s perfect too!

I’m not saying it must change.

I’m simply inviting conscious choice.

Only death is inevitable.


well actually,

you get to choose what thrive looks like for you.

With deep love and appreciation of your magnificent self,