Surface level work will get you surface level results

I adore my clients.

Their courage.

Their determination.

Their passion.

Their vision to building empires.  Visions that rock this world to it’s very core.  Visions which they relentlessly pursue.

Regardless of their current circumstances.

Regardless of their challenges.

Regardless of their bullshit.

Which is exactly why they work with me.

For they have always reached a point in their lives where they’ve been doing the ‘right’ thing to the point of exhaustion, yet they woke up feeling uninspired.

They’re lips were moving but their words were devoid of passion.


Their thrive-gage sitting listlessly at the bottom.

They finally got to the point where they understood that in order for them to build an empire, they require a solid foundation.  That the cracks could no longer be filled and covered with pretty paint because every time their lives received a little shake, as life does, those little cracks would run like a chip in the front screen of your car which ends up cracking from top to bottom.

So we delve in to the really uncomfortable places.

The darkness where they’ve been hiding their dirty little secrets.

The lies that were fed to them during their childhood of how incompetent they are, how broken, how imperfect.

The self-limiting beliefs which held them hostage, arms strangled behind their backs, having them straining forward without progress.

And they fight me.

All the time.

They sit in front of me with steely gazes, taunting me, daring me to push them over the edge.

They cry.

They scream.

They tell me to fuck off.

But they keep going.

They keep chipping away at the plastering of years of being the well socialised good girl.

That’s when the magic starts happening.

I watch them transform ever so slowly.

So slowly that they don’t even realise it.

I watch them rip apart at the seams, unveiling the beauty that has been inside all along.

The woman who struts with purpose.

With grace.

With confidence.

The woman who came here at a time of turmoil and pain and disaster to bring about healing and change.

These are the leaders, the change catalysts, the healers, the creatives, the high achievers I get to work with.

And I pay homage to them because they are the 1 % in the 1 %.

A rare stone in a pile of concrete.

I am humbled in their presence for they are my inspiration.

It’s available to you too Darling.

Not that you have to work with me to unleash your power.

But you do need to get to a point where your dissatisfaction with mediocrity becomes unbearable.

When you would rather be dead than comfortable.

Comfort suffocates growth.

And what doesn’t grow, deteriorates.

Comfort makes you bloated.

You lose your hunger.

Hunger to reach more people.

You have to own the fact that you are a born leader here with an important purpose.

And every day that you choose to cower under the bed, your soul clients are in excruciating pain.

Waiting for you to show the fuck up and empower them to find their voices and holler their desires with pride.

Waiting for you to get out from behind the wall of shame and to share your truth, your journey, your story, unapologetically.

They are waiting for you to stop playing so goddamned small.

To stand proud in the face of your fears.

For you to remember who the fuck you really are.

To claim it.

To embrace it.

To embody it.

Once you reach the point of no return you need to look up.

Rise up.

You need to find the warrior inside of you and you need to face your greatest enemy.


For once you conquer the enemy within, the enemies outside can do you no harm.

You have to go deep and pull out your shame, roots and all.

You have to expose your fear to the light so you may transform it to your truth.

The truth that your past behaviour does not equal your future results.

The truth that nothing defines you.

Only you have that power.

The truth that everything in life happened FOR you.

For you to receive learning.

For you to receive opportunities of reflection.

For you to experience what you detest so that you can get crystal clear on what you actually desire.

It’s about giving yourself permission to go after your dreams, your desires, with everything that you’ve got.

To get laser focused.

To eliminate distractions.

To get so far out of your comfort zone that you can’t even see land anymore.

Only oceans of liquid possibility.

It’s about giving yourself permission to break the rules.

To doing it differently.

To saying “hell no” to exhaustion only receiving a trickle of reward and “hell yes” to being exquisitely supported and taken care of whilst receiving avalanches of abundance.

It’s about you taking a stand for the ‘and’.

You can rock your business AND rock your health AND rock your relationships.

You can empower people AND empower yourself financially.

You can have all the money you desire AND create abundance for everyone else.

It’s time to screw the good girl image.

There’s way too many ‘good girls’ and ‘good boys’ in this world and way too few ass-kickers.

I’m forty five.

I don’t have time for girly frills and excuses anymore.

How about you?

Are you ready to come out from behind the curtain and take centre stage?

Understanding that it’s not about you but about every person you are here to serve?

Are you ready to choose success?

Are your ready to go deep to reveal the truth and receive the healing?

For only death is inevitable,

Thriving is a courageous choice.

With love always,


PS:  Shaking a little?

Maybe there’s a tremor running through your body and you’re not sure if it’s anger because I’ve triggered you or excitement because I’ve whispered a possibility or maybe fear because you know you’re smokescreen has just evaporated?

Either way, what are you going to do with this energy?

Are you going to wait for it to abate?

Or are you going to use it to shift your ass into action?

It is time for us to connect?  Is it time for you to step out and step up?

If you’re feeling the pull book your consult today and let’s play.


You don’t get what you do, you get who you are choosing to be…

Shit, how blessed are we?

To be living in a time when humanity is being turned on its head and people are forced to stop and finally think again!

Questioning the meaning of it all.

Questioning the systems.

Questioning the beliefs they were told had to be accepted at face value because someone stated “Because I said so…” when they were four years old.

We’re living in a time when people are breaking down, people are sick, people are unhappy AF.

Complaining of back ache.

Complaining of being so fucking tired they just don’t know if they can take another step.

Blaming the teachers they had in school for their low self esteem.

Blaming their bosses for their bad reviews at work.

Blaming their partners for their unhappiness because you know, they stopped being perfect and now the selfish motherfuckers are sitting on Facebook all the time instead of talking to you or having an affair with some other bimbo.

Blaming their addiction to pizza for their inability to lose that last 5 kilograms no matter how hard they train.

Blaming the economy for their bad debt which is completely out of control, feeling like their bills swallow them into a black hole at the end of each month.

So they drug themselves with empty entertainment, empty calories, empty promises in a desperate attempt to fill the emptiness inside.

And every single morning people are waking up washed out.


Fed up.

In so much pain they don’t know how the hell they’re going to find the will to get through another day.

Wallowing in the screwed up belief that there’s honour and admiration in martyrdom.

And all of this suffering is purely their souls screaming like an banjee


The pain is nothing more than a siren that they’ve lost their way.

That their choices in life is screwing them over.

That their current path is not where they truly desire to be.

It’s not where they are living in purpose.

It’s not where they can be living in joy.

It’s not where they will thrive.

It’s a reminder that everything comes back to choice and you can choose to be a victim or you can choose to be a leader!

Those who embrace the path of the cowardly victim stubbornly refuse to shut up with their constant whining and complaining.

They refuse to question their beliefs, not understanding that their beliefs drive their actions which ultimately is creating the life they are living today.

Instead they insist on just taking more action.

Because of course if they do more they will get more success.

They will make more money.

And when they make more money they can buy more toys.

And when they have bigger toys they will get a better partner who appreciate them.

And if they have a better partner they will take better care of themselves.

And when they take better care of themselves they will be happier.

Holy shit man!  Stop the fucking insanity!

It’s this way of thinking that has people existing like zombies.

So let me spell this out for you today Darling.

Not that I think you’re one of the dumb-asses and OF COURSE you already know this.

But repetition is key to mastery so here we go.



Which means that you have to choose to be HAPPY FIRST!

WHEN you are happy you will take better care of yourself because you fucking adore you so why would you put poison in your body?

When you are healthy you start shaking your ass and attract other happy people and together you will dance more freely.

When you dance like a wild woman you receive the toys with which to swirl those hips a little wider, laughing a little louder.

Creating more energy.

And when you create more energy you attract more money because money adores you and wants you to feel like a queen because when you’re in your queen energy you become a powerful leader and the universe is hungry for real leaders!

When you’re on a high vibe frequency you become irresistible to all things good.

And I’m sorry to tell you, but when you’re washed out, worn out, out of shape, out of joy, desperate, depressed, you’re not very attractive.

In fact, the only thing you attract is more shit.

More expenses that increases your feeling of desperation.

More work which exhausts you leaving you feeling worn out.

More assholes leaving you feeling unworthy.

More empty calories leaving you feeling out of shape.

More bad luck leaving you feeling even more depressed.

So what will it be Darling?

You have to choose.

You can’t be both a victim and a leader!

By the way, I know you.

I know you know you were born to lead.

I know you know you were born to bring change.

I know you know you are a creative force.

I know you know you crave joy.

And I also know you’re scared.

It’s okay to be scared.

I would be worried if you weren’t.

But what’s the worst thing that could happen if you chose to bust through the glass ceiling imprisoning you in mediocrity?

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you chose to believe in yourself, your worth, your mission and fucking go for it with everything you’ve got, blowing up your excuses?

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

You could fail.

Yes, it’s part of the journey to success.

Your friends could call you a bitch and stop inviting you to their parties.

Yes, research shows three out of five people will leave you.

You could be a little more tired for a little while whilst you get your foundational pieces in place.

You could start losing the protection of the extra weight currently sitting on your stomach and thighs.

You could start feeling good about the image in the mirror.

You could start falling in love with yourself.

You could, heaven forbid, be happy!!!

Can you possibly tolerate being happy?

Really happy?





If so here’s what I want you to do:

I want you to ask yourself right now what is it that you desire with all your heart to manifest in the next three months?

I want you to consider what it will be like to already have received like?  What will you be able to do?  How will you feel?  Who will you be surrounded with?  Who won’t you be surrounded with anymore?  How will you speak?  What will you eat?  How will you play?

All of it.


And this is the magic question:

Who do you get to be in order for you to manifest that even faster?

“I am choosing to be…”

And then be that woman.

Every minute of every day.

Get ready to be blown.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  I work with those who choose to lead.

Those who choose to give fear the finger and to rise to their potential.

I work with ordinary people who move beyond their excuses to create extraordinary lives.

Lives of conscious choice.

Lives of empowerment.

Lives of thrive.

If you know you’re ready to move beyond your self-limiting beliefs and go for it, if you’re willing to feel the fear, and say enough and no more, then and only then do I invite you to claim your free consult and let’s discover if I’m the coach who will lovingly kick your ass to your next level.





You have to just let that shit go!

As I sat in bed yesterday there was a deep feeling inside of me that it’s time to let go of all that is no longer serving me.

The next level of shit that is clogging up my mind, my energy, my drive, my impact.

I’m going to be frank, my first thought was “Oh FFS, not again.  I’ve dealt with all the shit”.

But the nagging got louder.

‘Get out your journal Anel.

Get out your pen Anel.

Go deeper Anel.

Acknowledge all that you still resent.

All you are still hurt about.

All that you are fucking furious about.

Even the shit that’s just meh.

Go deeper.’

And so I did.

I sat for more than an hour recalling every incident, every person, from when I was six years old who pissed me off, who pissed on my spirit, who slapped me in the face, who punched me in the gut, who broke me down, who told me I’m not good enough, who made me feel like dirt.

All of them.

All of it.

Page after page after page.

I was shocked to my core.

I honestly thought I had dealt with all of this by now.

But we have this protection mechanism built in which only allows us to access and remember that which we are capable of coping with.  For a long time I couldn’t remember further back than my twenties.  Finally I broke through to my teens.  It appears that I’m ready to go all the way now.

I’m astounded at truly how badass my soul is.

She definitely did not come to this lifetime to be a wimp.  She did not come here to be average.  She did not come here to be a princess.

She came to be a leader.

A warrior.

One who wanted to break down stereotypes and horrendous systems keeping humanity in enslavement of mediocrity.

A social system which tells us we’re not good enough.

Not smart enough.

Not pretty enough.

Not organised enough.

Not busy enough.

Not worthy of epic success in all areas of our lives.

A social system which poisons our bodies with chemicals and fats and then further poisons us with chemicals that will ‘cure’ us.

And people are dying.

So much death.

It’s fucking horrific.

Yet I chose to come and live in this time.  And I know from a soul perspective I understood what the learning would be about, and I agreed!

I put my pen down.

I stared at the list.

Tears brimming over my eyes as I felt into the raw emotions.

I was ready to let go.

I was ready to forgive.

I was ready to finally clear away the toxic energy at this level.

So I sat with each memory.

“I forgive you.

I am sorry.

I love you.”

Over and over again.

It took some time because I’m past just saying the words without feeling them.  Without understanding what I’m really saying.

Forgiving means that I not only forgive but I am deeply appreciative of the wonderful learning the person opened me up to.  Learning of how to honour my boundaries.  Learning of how my worth has fuckall to do with my financial status.  Learning of how love starts with self.  Learning of sacrifice.  Learning of owning and speaking my truth in a time when disruptions are discouraged.  I appreciate it all.

I am sorry meaning that I am not a helpless fucking victim in my life, that I participate in every tango.  I play a role.  And just as I have experienced hurt in the relationship or incident, so on some level did the other person.  People don’t lash out if they’re not in pain.  I now take full ownership of my role in every single event, every single relationship.

I love you even though you’re a dick.  I love you even though you hurt me like a motherfucker.  I love you because ultimately you are soul.  And soul is pure and good and love.  Which also means that on a soul level everything you did was from a space of pure love because we both knew that I needed the learning for me to do my soul work today.  And I love you for making me stronger.  I love you for making me question.  I love you for making me the woman I am today.

None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t said YES to forgiveness yesterday.

None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t said YES to my life purpose.

Honestly, why else would I go through this process again and again if not to be a better version of myself so that I may be in greater service to you?

I’m all for pain (you simply have to look at my scars and tattoos), but my pain has purpose.

Ripping that band-aid off for healing hurts like hell.

But it’s so worth it Darling.

The release.

The love that flooded into my body was beyond words.

The energy that coursed through my veins demanded more action!

More clearing.

So for the next six hours I ripped into our garden like a woman possessed as the men in my life stood back and watched me rip out, break out, cut down, cut back, sweat dripping down my body releasing pent up emotions and energy.




This morning I have aching muscles and so much clarity.

So much energy.

So much drive and passion and love – I am unstoppable.

Isn’t it about time that you gifted yourself release from your next level shit?

Seriously, what is the benefit of holding on to it?

And of course there is benefit – otherwise you would have let go of it by now.

For me it was egotistical protection.

Before now I wasn’t ready to fully own my part in every painful relationship.

It was safe to hold my success back just a little bit.

Not having to show up fully for you because, well, sometimes I’m scared shitless of stripping down naked in front of you.

I fear judgement just as much as you.

I just have to get out of my own fucking way to serve you.

I fear abandonment just as much as you.

I just have to remember that the only true abandonment is that of self and get over it.

I fear criticism just as much as you.

I just have to toughen the fuck up and take the good, the bad and the ugly.

That was the deal.

And after looking back at the last forty odd years, I know I have what it takes to keep rising.

To keep getting up no matter who knocks me down.

To forgive them.

To apologise.

To love them.

This my gorgeous friend, is true freedom.

True liberation.

True success.

Are you ready to take the next step and claim all that is available to you?

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Forgiveness keeps transforming my life again and again and again.

THIS is the true miracle.

When we find a moment of peace from which to gain clarity.

And I honestly can’t think of a greater gift I can share with you at this time than this.

Which is exactly why I’ve decided to work through “May Cause Miracles” with you in the Wild Woman Rebels group starting this Wednesday 17 January.

If you’re ready to experience the powerful release and freedom that can only be gained through forgiveness, grab your copy and join us today.

You’re so fucking worth it.

Sometimes you just have to give yourself permission to shit your pants.

Isn’t it crazy how we set the goals, we ask for our desires, and then when we see it starting to come to fruition we freak out, pull back, sit on our assess frozen in fear?

The Universe shows us the resources that will support us, but it still takes some form of effort on our side and so we turn away from it because taking that final leap of faith just seems too much of a risk.

Or is that just me?

I doubt it.

I’ve worked with too many people for too long to be delusional about my uniqueness when it comes to fear.  To self doubt.  To wondering if I’ll be enough.

What I have come to realise is that every time we start observing the evidence that we’re on our way to success, we have to question all our self-sabotaging bullshit from yesteryear.

We have no choice but to admit to ourselves that shit is getting real and that we are badass manifestation queens!

That we truly can be, do and have all of our heart’s desires.

And that scares us half witless.

So what do we do?

We go straight into doubt and fear and shitting our lacy panties.

We desperately seek for all the fuck-ups of yesterday and pin that donkey on our backs saying that we’ve never done it before which means we can’t possibly succeed this time around.

We pull out the big guns to convince ourselves that really, it wasn’t THAT bad before so why not just settle for what we had.

It was so much easier.

So much more comfortable.

Our energy plummets.

We feel out of sorts.

We take ourselves out of alignment, out of the game.


Personal growth can be a real bitch at times.

What makes this even worse is the fact that very few people are prepared to talk about this shit.

They only want to give you the steps that will ‘definitely’ work for you if you just implement.

They only want to share with you their rags to riches stories once they have come out on the other side and then convince you life becomes easy once you have ‘arrived’.

Well Hun, you only fucking ‘arrive’ to a place of ease when you croak.

Until then, life is all about growth.  And growth is not easy for anyone.

It’s not easy for anyone to question all they’ve done before and leave behind the shit that weighs them down so heavily.

It’s not easy to wake up in the morning and make that decision again and again that your past will not define you.

Your bank account will not define you.

Your marital status will not define you.

Your genitals will not define you.

Your heritage will not define you.

If it was easy everyone would be thriving and skipping with the bunnies, singing with the birds.

Instead, making a commitment to success, true success including money, contribution, love, health, happiness, is making a commitment to doing the real work for the rest of your life.

It also is a commitment to understand that yesterday and all the years before is done!  You can’t go back.  You can’t go change anything.

What you CAN do is to take inventory, find the lessons, and move the fuck on.

What you CAN do is to make a clear decision of where you want to go and be relentless in the pursuit of your happiness.  Embracing the fact that the road of happiness IS growth.

Making a commitment to no longer settle for anything that had you feeling ‘comfortable’ before because we both know that you weren’t thriving being comfy.

If you had, you wouldn’t be reading this piece today.

Instead you’re left feeling unsatisfied.

Like having really bad sex.

Sure, from the outside it can look as if though you’re having the time of your life.

You can scream and scratch and breathe really loud.

You can probably even fake an orgasm.

But inside…



Less than numb


Cut off from your true potential to feel the energy created when the body is turned on and explodes into a chasm of creative tension.

And maybe that was good enough for your granny

Maybe it was even good enough for your mother

But if you don’t shake off the shackles of lies of what you are meant to experience, that there are no bad desires, that there is no limitation on what you can ask for AND receive, you’re just faking it Darling.

And nobody is buying it anymore.

People are waking up.

They are seeing past the photoshop and the pretence.

They’re sick and tired of the nauseating “Little Miss Sunshines” poisoning themselves with suppressed emotions.

Suppressed anger festering into rage.

Resentment fertilising cancer eating up body and soul.

It’s fucking insanity!

And you deserve more!

You deserve to wake up in the morning, embracing the fact that you were built a warrior.

You have everything it takes.

You have the courage.

You have the burning desire.

You have the grit.

You have the wisdom.

Now all you need to do is stop saying no to your truth and start saying yes to your journey.

Your journey to greatness.

Your journey to impact.

Your journey to thrive.

Now in all honesty, if you’re reading this piece and thinking I’m smoking dope, you’ll never get it.

You’ll never get the fact that I choose to live on the edge because this is my legacy.

This is my purpose.

This IS the dream for me.

I have no desire for comfort anymore.

Lord knows I’ve had it long enough and it sucked the soul right out of me.

I’m a goddamned warrior and I will continue to face the demons in my darkness every single day for the rest of my life.

Going deeper each morning as I sit with my journal.

Each call with my coach where I get challenged and triggered and want to tell her to just fuck off and leave me alone FFS.

But I don’t.

And she doesn’t.

Because for me, THIS is the real work.

It’s all about growth Darling.

All those goals you set for yourself.

It’s not about the money.

It’s not about the clients.

It’s not about the boat.

It’s not even about the beach.

It’s about the growth.


Get this, and you will become unstoppable.

You too will start setting the goals that challenge the pants off you.

Where you simply can’t see any way possible.

Success will require letting go of bullshit.

Success will require thinking differently.

Doing differently.

Believing differently.

And all of this is challenging.

Especially if you’re a high achiever and you don’t want to look like a fool.

The only fool is the asshole staying the same day in and day out thinking she’s happy.

I’ve gifted myself permission to be real.

I’ve gifted myself permission to be scared.

I’ve gifted myself permission to fuck up.

I’ve gifted myself permission to go full out for my dreams and to make the sacrifices they demand.

Sacrificing toxic relationships.

Sacrificing toxic food.

Sacrificing toxic beliefs.

I’m fucking worth it.

And so are you.

What are you giving yourself permission for today?

Here – you can have my slip….

Fill it wisely.

For death is coming.

You can choose to exist, or to thrive until then.

With love eternal,


PS:  2018 can be your year.

The year where you rise above your current fears.

The year in which you give yourself permission to stop creating your future results based on your past behaviours.

The year you give yourself permission to stop running a hobby and to build an empire.

It won’t be easy.

It won’t be effortless.

It will take brass ovaries and shit tons of determination.

But if you’re ready, and you give yourself permission to be supported exquisitely through the process, I invite you to book your free consult today.



Are you done flirting with the idea of a business?

In a world where so many claim to follow their passion, building their dreams, going all out, there’s surprisingly few truly successful entrepreneurs.

In the past decade meeting and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs I have come to realise that there’s those who talk big and there are those who walk big.

The talkers are super easy to spot.  They are the ones making excuses as to why they are struggling.  Why they are doomed.  Why they just have bad luck.  Why they can’t afford to take the risks.

Instead of using those ahead in the game as role models and adjusting their habitual behaviours, they put the icons on a pedestal.

They say that the likes of Richard Branson and Oprah must have something special.

They must have been born with a mutated gene that makes them different from the average Jolene.

Or, even more infuriating, they put those high achievers in a different class altogether, no longer belonging to the cult of the ‘ever struggling entrepreneur’.

Yet you and I both know this is complete and utter bullshit.

The only difference between those who achieve exceptional levels of success and those who will always tick over from month to month boils down to a few key decisions.

Number One – These entrepreneurial moguls have a dream that is far greater than their fears!  There’s this illusion that some of us live in fear and some of us are fearless.  That is such a cop-out!  EVERYONE feels fear.  But you have to make a choice each time the cunning bitch raises her head.  You have to choose if she’s going to stop you dead in your tracks or if you’re going to feel her and take the action anyway.  Pissing your pants, shaking in your boots, unstable as can be.  But you relentlessly push forward.  Yes sometimes you encounter challenges and she screams a little louder.  This is when you want to make damn sure that your dream is always bigger than your fear.  If not, you’re not dreaming big enough so go back to the drawing board.

Number Two – Successful entrepreneurs give themselves PERMISSION to go full out for their dreams.  They stop looking at everyone else to pat them on the head, nodding approval for their ideas.  They understand that small minded people will never be able to support them and that as long as they walk around talking about what they desire, they’re wasting precious time which could be used to making shit happen.  So they look at themselves as the ultimate decision maker of their fate.  They look in the mirror and affirm their worth to be successful, to have it all, to be happy.  And they permit themselves to show up for their dreams, making the sacrifices along the way.  Because it’s fucking worth it.

Number Three – Successful entrepreneurs are willing to screw up A LOT!  They understand that the only failure will be giving up and that everything else on the way is simply learning.  And they LOVE to learn!  Not just the stuff that feels easy to them, but the things that challenge them so much that at times they have to go beyond determined all the way to furious to push the fuck forward.  They understand that failure is part of the path to ultimate achievement and when they screw up publicly they shrug and say “oh well” knowing that nobody will ever remember as long as they will.  They move on!

Number Four – Successful entrepreneurs don’t flirt with their businesses.  They take him in their arms every morning and French kiss him so deeply that he spreads himself out on the bed and say “Come on baby, I’m yours!”  No holding back.  No tippy toeing around him.  They get intimate to the extend that will make most folks blush.  And I’m talking every part of him.  Including who they are serving.  Their administrative systems.  Their money.  Their team.  Their marketing.  All of it.  Deep.  With pure abandon and exhilaration. Why do you think they’re vibrating on such a high level?  That doesn’t come from a peck on the cheek Darling.  It comes from unbridled passion!

Number Five – Successful entrepreneurs work with coaches.  I’m not saying this because I’m a coach.  I’m saying this because it’s fact.  Every client I have worked with has achieved way more in our time together than they had on average in the years prior.  Their personal growth continues to get them results long after we’ve parted.  Entrepreneurs (and I include myself which is why I’m always working with my own coaches and mentors) need a trusted person who has zero attachment to the outcome of the journey to guide them and call them out on their shadow side.  Their self-sabotaging rituals.  Their bullshit beliefs.  It is only when your sound board believes in the power of your journey, allowing you to fail, allowing you to succeed, that you tap into your true potential and rise!

Coaching is an incredible investment in yourself, in your business.  It says that you take yourself seriously.  It says that you’re done playing around and are willing to be very uncomfortable most days because you understand that discomfort is where growth takes place.

Have you ever noticed how you have zero resistance to shit that’s bad for you?

Yet massive resistance to the things that you know is a game changer?  That will put you next level?  That will grow you?

This is the beauty of working with the right coach.  They will identify those actions which triggers you the most and you will take the action regardless of your fear and resistance and previous excuses.

Because you’ve made the investment and you rise to the occasion.


So tell me darling – are you done flirting with your business?  Are you ready to have a full-on love affair with him?  One where you wake up early, eager and pumped to get into him?  Where he becomes your obsession and you show up as your best version self for him because he demands the best out of you.

It always comes back to choice.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  The first step on your road to epic success is clarity.

Clarity on your purpose.

Clarity on your ultimate vision.

Clarity on your values.

Clarity on where you are today.

Which includes seeing your blindspots.

A challenge when you’re already feeling fed-up, already feeling frustrated.

Which is exactly when it’s time to connect with your next level coach.

I don’t work with everyone.

I definitely don’t work with those who only wish to talk a big game and not take action.

I definitely don’t work with those who want to drown in their drama and only desire a sympathetic cluck.

I work with those who understand that they were born to lead, to create, to heal, to fucking achieve.

Those who wake up and declare to themselves that they’re ready to leave their current level of existence and rise.

If you know this is you, if you know that you’re ready to take massive aligned action, if you’re ready to get uncomfortable AF, I invite you to book your free consultation today.



You simply cannot build an empire with a slave-girl mentality

Did you know that becoming an entrepreneur is in fact, about embarking on a journey of astounding personal growth?

It has fuck-all to do with money.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Which means that there are a few home truths that you need to get at a cellular level if you’re serious about doing this thing you’re constantly talking about.

I’ve been criticised before for saying that entrepreneurship is not for sissies.

The critic who lashed out so passionately is back working a 9 to 5 job.

I don’t want that to happen to you – not if being an entrepreneur is in your blood.

Not if corporate is sucking out your soul leaving you feeling like a turd with some glitter splashed on your ass after a couple of martini’s.

And it’s okay not to be an entrepreneur.

Some people thrive in corporate – fucking rock on!

But for some of us there is a call which will not be ignored forever.

If this is you, pay close attention.

If you’re serious about pinning the entrepreneurial badge on your chest, you have to grow a pair and be prepared to take more risks than you ever have before.  If you go look up the definition of the word entrepreneur it says RISK!  You live on the edge.  There are times when you just close your eyes and you fucking leap hoping to god that the Red Bull kicks in and you sprout wings so you don’t splat down at the bottom.

You have to trust yourself that you’re not going to fuck up to the point where you die and know that no matter how bad the failure, you’ll end up on top.  You have to leave your ego at the door and be willing to look like a complete ass at times.  To be ridiculed for your ideas, your dreams, your audacity because that is simply par of the course to greatness.

You have to believe in what it is you’re here to do and have faith that your soul clients are out there.  You have to know that you have purpose, real purpose, and your business is simply the vehicle for you to do your soul work.  And the Universe will NEVER set you up for failure Darling.  Which means that whatever the gift you have, there’s more than enough people waiting for you to show up because they need what only you can give them.

You have to do the deep introspection so that you might figure out what the clues of your life is hinting at that needs forgiveness, release, understanding, learning, up-leveling, where you have to get out of your own way.  You have to set yourself up for success and create the container for safe vulnerability, the sounding board required where you get to hear that which you’re saying without even thinking.  Why do you think the top leaders in industry all work with coaches?  Not because they want to learn from them but instead to unlock their own wisdom.

You have to be willing to piss people off to the extend that some will lash out at you, some will leave you, some will even try and break you.  If you want to be a people pleaser, if you want people to always like you, go work at McDonalds.  Being an entrepreneur is about constant change and most people are not too fond of change.  They like predictability. For things to stay the same.  Each time you take courageous action with conviction you trigger them and it is uncomfortable.  OF COURSE they’re going to react.

So now you know some home truths it’s time to decide if you’re going to have a hobby or build an empire.

I’m not here to say that one is better than the other, but it is a choice that needs to be made and you better make it right here right now.

Because if you just want to have a hobby, make a little bit of pocket money for your girly trinkets,  time freedom to sit on the beach with your kiddos, then you will most probably also be picking up toys, cooking tea every day and iron someone else’s shirts.

And that’s perfect if it’s your dream and your vajayjay tingles with excitement at the prospect of this vision.

But if you want to build an empire, you have to become a fucking queen!


Not once you’ve made more money.

Not once you’re fully booked and run down to the point of absolute exhaustion.

Not when you’re drowning and your legs are giving in because you’ve been peddling for so long you’ve got nothing left to give!

It’s too late then.

And truthfully you’ll never get to the next level unless you change your mindset and leave those overalls on the floor.

It’s an energetic shift.

For the dream you’re constantly talking about is resonating at a higher frequency and unless you become a vibrational match it will only ever stay a dream.

This is the number one reason I see so many women entrepreneurs fail.

Never even getting off the ground.

Darling, for the love of all that is holy, even Cinderella had to get support from her fairy godmother before she could rule a kingdom.

She had to stop looking like a scullery maid.

She had to employ minions (think mice and pumpkins) to get her from the kitchen to the palace.

Today I invite you to take a very honest look at your life and how you are showing up from hour to hour.

In your home.

In your business.

In your bed.

Even on your yoga mat.

All of it matters.

You can’t be a queen in one area and a slave in another (unless of course whips and chains excite you wink wink).

It comes down to a decision to give yourself permission to reign supreme in your life.

Are you courageous enough to decide today?

For death is inevitable.

Thriving like a queen, that is a powerful choice only you can make.

With love,


PS:  It is my soul purpose to guide, support, and empower those who are willing to step into their queen energy and build the empire of impact they claim as their birthright.

To leave behind the frustration, the resentment, the exhaustion, the tears that roll down your cheeks in the dark when nobody can hear your desperate call to a higher power for some help because you just don’t want to keep doing the slog day after day.

I have dedicated more than 25 years to the study of human behaviour and psychology, to understand the mindset of high achievers, to learn the most powerful strategies and simplify them for my clients so they can see results fast!

But fair warning, I don’t work with whiners and complainers.  Those who want to sleep all day and make wishes on the stars that a miracle will occur whilst they don’t lift a finger.

I work with those who have a burning desire to succeed.  Those who are willing to shift ass out of the drama and into empowerment. Those who are willing to do the introspection and take massive aligned action.

I work with those who are prepared to claim their royalty.

If that’s you, and if you’ve read this far then you know you are, I invite you to book a consult with me today so we can create a plan of action that will have you living your life of thrive.



The destructive power of “I know”

Today is going to be a bit of a smackdown.

It’s the 9th of January and I’m still seeing people fluffing around!

I’m still seeing people keeping themselves stuck in their habitual destructive thoughts and behavioural patterns that simply don’t serve their greatness.

Not taking action.

Not getting the support they need to thrive.


And it’s bullshit!

Thrive is your birthright – I know this with every fibre of my being.

I need this to really sink in.

To penetrate your stubborn ego which refuses to release the bullshit that opens you up to receiving.

A deeper level of wisdom.

A deeper level of understanding.

A deeper desire to implement.

And as a high achiever this is probably one of the most challenging things I will ever ask you to do.

Because I KNOW that you have taken the time and learned the skills.

You have studied the books, gone to the workshops, signed up for all the free challenges and maybe you even made it to day three.  You do to the introspection and identify what is missing.

So yes, YOU KNOW.

Yet this is also the reason why you don’t take action.

Because you already fucking know.

This is why you miss out on the nuggets.

Because you already fucking know.

This is why you are held back from mastery.

Because you already fucking know.

I hear this all the time.

Sitting in the training rooms or on the webinar.

You see people’s eyes glazing over the moment that the first sentence sounds familiar.  Yet it’s in this shutdown that they miss the tiniest nuances which makes all the difference in the world to their performance.  That little sentence that triggers the subconscious mind and thereby resulting in a slightly different action taken and a completely different result achieved.

And of course I see this in my clients all the time (you know who you are).  That’s why they work with me.  Because I call them out on their bullshit.

The times when I hold up the mirror for them and give the feedback of how they are screwing themselves over.

Where they are out of alignment.

Where they are in martyr mode.

Where they are stubbornly refusing to admit that they need support.

The times when they say “I know”.

But knowing is not the same as doing.

Knowing is not going to get you the results.

Knowing is not going to get your ass from where you are to where you want to be.

Understand that every time you say “I know” (and yes, I’m guilty of this myself at times) you are in fact saying “I know and I’m not going to do it because you can’t make me do it and I’m going to fight you all the way because this is my way of keeping myself out of the game and I’m already doing better than most others so why the hell would I want to go all the way up busting through my glass ceilings of “I know” and actually astounding myself with my true magnificence so I’m just going to keep knowing and not doing thereby living in my self-fulfilling prophecy of saying I’m blocked because I know everything and still don’t show the results so that must be it”.

I know.

And the biggest bitch of all is that the “I know” things are usually the tiny foundational pieces which seem so inconsequential that you convince yourself that you can still achieve iconic results even without them.

You achieve a measure of success which you take as proof that your hypothesis is validated except you and I both know that it’s nowhere near your true desires or potential.

The desires you don’t admit to yourself because that would mean owning up to the fact that you’re so not playing full out.

The desires that you don’t share with those around you because you’re surrounded with ducks who simply don’t have the capacity to comprehend what you’re on about.

Honestly Darling, how much do you want it?

I mean really want it?

Because the next time you hear the words “I know” leave your mouth I want you to be triggered AF, hearing my voice in your head reminding you that right now you’re being a coward sitting down next to the field.

I want you to remember this piece and ask yourself why you are being such an ass?

Why you’re blocking whatever wisdom is trying to reach you?

What is the underlying fear that is holding you back from the shift of “I know” to “I do”.

There is always fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of relationships crumbling.

Fear of being attacked by the haters.

Fear of success and not understanding what that will truly look like, feel like.

Fear of allowing your true self to unfurl and you will actually, god forbid, be happy!

Happiness by the way is a scary thing because it means you’re actually enough.

What the fuuuuuuuuck?

Can it be true?

That you’re a rock star?

That you’re worthy?

That you’re enough?

Hell yes.

But you have to start recognising the little devious ways in which you’re screwing yourself over.

Starting with the dreaded “I know” today.

Rip it from your vocab.

Get curious and ask yourself if you already know, what is it that you’re still not doing?  Why are you deliberately and stubbornly refusing to do that which you know will tip the scales into your favour of excellence?

This is the way of the warrior.



With a deep respect for the fact that true mastery comes from repetition – including repetition of learning.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice which by the way includes taking the action.

With love always,


PS:  It’s one thing to claim ignorance and existing in the land of settling for average because that’s all you’ve ever been exposed to.

It’s another thing to know that there’s more available to you, feeling unsatisfied, hollow and frustrated, and still keeping yourself out of the game because you’re too chicken shit to take a stand for your purpose and your happiness.

Yet it’s also daunting as hell when you don’t even know where to start.

Which is exactly why you want to Get Focused Now!

This is my gift to you where we level the playing field and you get super clear on what you desire to create, set the goal, and identify the most effective action which you need to take now to collapse the timeline of your manifestation.

Limited spots are available so claim yours today.

Don’t let hesitation lead to your devastation.

The beliefs I adopted which changed the game.

I am obsessed with personal growth.

I am obsessed with mindset.

And for good reason.

For the first few of decades of my existence I was forever looking to others to save me from myself and my bullshit stories of who I am and what I am capable of.

I would search for the gurus who apparently had it all figured out except each had a different methodology which had me going side to side with very little forward movement.  In fact I would leave feeling more inapt then before I met them.

I would ask for the steps that would make me successful except each person went in a different direction and majority of the time I was taking action which felt so out of alignment with my truth, exhausting and bankrupting me in the process.

I would pay thousands to anyone in the desperate attempt to remove my ‘internal blocks’, to end my ‘karma’, to fix me, except the more they seemed to find the more fucked-up I felt.

More helpless.

More trapped.

No wonder I ended up in a heap of depression with the only possible option I could see, ending my life.

Thankfully the Universe knew better.

She knew that if I had to push the reset button without giving it my all I would wake up on the other side disappointed AF and irritated with my lack of effort.

So she sent me to the dojo.


At first I punched that bag as if my life depended on it, because it did.

I stopped overthinking – shit, I didn’t have the energy to think.

I learned to sink into my body and to stay grounded.

Stay entered.

To build my mind-muscle along with my core muscles.

From the bag I progressed to sparring and before I could stop myself I stood in front of a big-ass man who punched me straight in the face, tears embarrassingly pouring down my cheeks, stars blinking in front of my eyes, blood trickling out my nose.

That was my next wake-up call, a powerful lesson in life.

At first I stood there session after session, hunkering in, doing all to protect myself as best I could from the punches that rained down.

Then one day I decided enough and no more.

It was time to stop reacting to the assholes and to take back my power.

I studied my opponents.

I decided where I wanted to take the match.

I stepped forward instead of back.

And all of a sudden the most amazing thing happened – these towering men had no choice but to retreat. 

To protect themselves from the rage inside this tiny packet of dynamite that unleashed her will upon them.

I wasn’t physically stronger than the session before.

I wasn’t more skilled than the session before.

What really changed?

I changed my beliefs about myself and my destiny.

I decided in that moment to believe in myself and that no matter how much I have fucked up before or how much I will do so in the future I will always come out on top.

I decided to believe that I can always win regardless of the hundreds of times I have lost in the past.

I decided to believe that no matter what size no man will ever be mentally stronger than me and that as long as I have an indestructible mindset I will thrive.

I decided to believe that with focus, dedication and determination I will always make progress towards my ultimate goals.

I decided that I wasn’t blocked, just full of shit and that the moment I got out of my own way I can create anything I wanted with ease and flow.

Does this mean that in a matter of seconds everything in my outer world changed?

Of course not.

It meant that I took a step forward and he took a step back and I landed three punches on his surprised face leaving him breathless.

It meant that my I took my life path 1 degree to the right and changed the projection massively.

It meant that I am in a position to aim higher, train harder, sweat more, bleed more, and go to bed satisfied at night.

It meant that I started aligning my profession with my purpose and received more wisdom, more opportunities for contribution, more joy.

It meant that I stopped being a pussy, feeling like a victim, drowning in my pathetic stories of how hard life is and how weak I am and how unfair it all was and I started being a warrior knowing that I am a powerful manifestor here to create massive change for my soul clients.

I’ve stopped blaming others for the unpleasant learning experiences understanding that I created those through my action or sometimes inaction.

It’s a work in progress Darling.

But it’s spectacular.

And you can do the same.

You can stop looking for mechanics and start doing the mindset work understanding that this is 80% of the game.

You can stop creating blocks in yourself by letting go of your bullshit – your resentment, your bitterness, your depression, your procrastination.

You can stop defending yourself and instead you can believe in yourself and advance.

It all comes down to your choices.

And your choices are based on the stories you tell yourself of what is and what is not true.

Your stories of what is and what is not possible.

Hey, I’m not here to judge your stories.

The only person whose judgement matters after all is yours.

You get to decide if you choose to keep your current stories because they’re empowering you with your actions and ultimately the results as shown in your life;

or not.

What I do absolutely insist on today is that you take complete ownership of your life.

That you stop blaming others.

Get out of their business and into your own.

That you take the time to get clear and focused on what you desire to create in 2018 regardless of your past or your current circumstances.

I absolutely insist that if you’re still reading this that you understand on a deep level that you are a born leader and it’s time you start leading beginning with yourself.

For death is inevitable.

But thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Are you ready to commit to yourself?

To your life?

To your purpose?

To your joy?

Are you ready to stop feeling like a failure at night wishing that you had done more, that you had achieved more, that you weren’t so exhausted but with an emptiness eating up your insides?

Then it’s time you claim your Get Focused Now session.

One hour of free, transformational coaching that if you play full out will shift your life trajectory with minimum 1 degree thereby forever changing where you’ll end up.

I look forward to kicking your ass into alignment Darling.


I am so sorry if I ever made you feel like you’re alone!

Shit, life is a rollercoaster.

As I slid under the covers of my cozy duvet, feeling content, feeling like I’ve made a real difference today, I am pulled to my phone to check in one last time before cuddling into the arms of the Sandman.


Because, right there in front of me I witnessed a courageous woman reaching out in her moment of desperation.

Hands shaking.

Voice unstable.

The smile desperately trying to downplay the pain reflected in her eyes.

Finally releasing the bullshit of shame that has imprisoned her in struggle.

Finally taking off the mask of ‘perfection’, the constant high vibration which she so brilliantly holds up for everyone else.

And tears start pouring down my face because for me today was an epic fucking failure!



Feeling isolated.

Feeling hopeless.

Feeling as if nobody will truly understand because her shit smells and everyone else apparently poops rainbows.

This was not the deal I made with God when I was released from the pits of depression.

I did not turn my life around only to tippy toe, leaving people out in the cold.

I did not come here to touch a couple of lives a day and go to sleep in peace, patting myself on the back for inspiring a single soul into action.

I did not come here to make you feel that your pain is different from mine.

That my life is a breeze where I ride unicorns and skip with daisies in my hair.

That is not the life I choose.

I choose a life of hard knocks.

I choose a life of relentless learning and there’s a reason they call it growing pains.

But I choose it because I am not here this time around to live for me.

I am not here this time around for me to be a fucking princess.

I am here as a warrior!

Ready to fight for your epic.

Ready to bleed for your liberation.

Ready to die for your thrive!

Because I see within you the glorious gifts that only YOU can give to humanity.

I see within you the unlimited potential to create change in a world where so much pain is swept under the rug because heaven forbid we should not have an inspirational Instagram account.

I see within you the warrior who has chosen a life of immense pain, struggle, hardship, understanding on a soul level that this is simply your training ground.   Your experience of how fucked up the current system is so that like the Berlin Wall it can be broken down!  Because the system cannot withstand the power of determined people!

This is where you get to work out your mental muscle, your spiritual muscle, your physical muscles, so that you can be ready for your time.

Your time when you break down the boundaries of bullshit that has kept you hidden from the sight of the haters.  Those who uphold the illusion of lack and mediocrity at all costs for they don’t have the courage to do the mindset work that will free them from their fear.

Your time to rise from the ashes and shine so bright that only those who are willing to burn look at you.

And here’s what I want you to know Darling


Your tribe is everywhere!

Your true tribe.

The warriors who are sweating and bleeding and crying in their personal battles.

The warriors who are here to bring light in a time when the darkness thinks it’s won.

The warriors who won’t rock you to sleep in their sympathetic arms but who will reach out a hand and tell you to get the fuck up!

To rise!

To keep going!

Because staying on the ground is not your soul choice.

I know it feels like it at times.

That it would just be so easy to stay down.  To just keep up the pretence of happiness.

To dull your senses with drugs and alcohol and mindless entertainment.

To just give up your dreams and convincing yourself that it’s just not meant to be.

Rather stay in the dead-end job.

Just shove that burger into your mouth.

Stay down.

Blend in.

Except it’s not!



I promise you that as long as I take a breath of air, you are not alone!

I am here for you.


I am in service to you.

YOUR greatness.

YOUR purpose.

YOUR impact.

But you have to reach out to me.

You have to raise your hand and say HELL YES to yourself.

And so after a restless night of tossing and turning I sat with my journal this morning and I poured out my shame onto pages blotted with tears.

Tears of sorrow for still hiding in some shadow of fear up to this point.

Tears of regret for not doing more up to this point.

Tears of mourning for all the opportunities of impact I let slide away because I was too big of a pussy to show up for you.

And then I wiped those tears off.

Tears are meant to cleanse so that we can find greater clarity.

And that is exactly what I have received this morning.

From the depths of my heart I want to say thank you Courageous Warrior Woman who held up the mirror for me to see where I am still playing so small.

Thank you for reminding me that I can rest when I’m dead.

For now, I choose to shift gears up.

To reach more born leaders who are finding themselves in muddled times of uncertainty.

To walk beside them and illuminating the path which has to this point been hidden by their fears.

To bring their light to the world because everyone matters.

No warrior gets left behind.

Not a single one.

Are you with me my Darling?

Are you ready to rise?

Are you ready to stop training and to start fighting?

It won’t be easy.

It won’t be pretty.

But I believe in you.

I know it’s your time now.

But you have to choose to Fucking Rise!

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a courageous choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  Let 2017 be your last year of shitty choices based on shame and fear and anything that does not serve your soul purpose.  That is not in alignment with your truth.

2018 is the year of powerful manifestation and you’re going to get whatever you choose to focus on, whatever you choose to believe.

If you’re done with the getting the same results you’ve been getting up to now, it’s time for us to connect.

It’s time for us to look at what’s really going on and what your options are going forward.

I am gifting anyone and everyone who is ready to play full out with one hour of powerful coaching – free of charge.  No strings attached.

But only claim this gift if you’re willing to play full out.

Only claim this gift if you are committed to take action immediately following our call – whatever that action is for you to move forward towards your true desires.

Are you ready to play?



Are you serious about changing your life this year?

Brand new year.

Whoop whoop!

Oh how excited everyone is!

Everywhere I go people give a hearty “Happy New Year!”

It’s as if they received a dose of hope injected straight into their main artery and everyone is hyped with expectation.

They start telling me how THIS is going to be their best year ever.

How THIS year they’re going to lose the weight.

How THIS year they’re going to make a ton of money.

How THIS year they’re finally going to be happy.

Except when I ask them why, they have zero fucking clue.

So I know they said it just because it sounds like the right thing to say.

As if making the exclamation is going to raise them to a new level of admiration, as if they haven’t been saying the same shit for the last ten years.

In truth NOTHING has shifted internally which is why I’m sorry to say but next year they’ll be singing the same lame out-of-tune song.

If you’re serious about changing your life you have to start understanding that change is an inside job.

It starts with a decision to raise your standards for yourself.

Not what you SHOULD be doing or what your would LIKE to happen, not even what you NEED to happen…

Hell no!

I’m talking about absolute non-fucking negotiable new standards of excellence for YOURSELF.  

Nobody else.

It has to be a statement of passion that excellent health and vitality is a non-negotiable in my life.

It has to be a statement of conviction that growth, contribution, success, creation is a non-negotiable in my life.

I will simply not tolerate anything less.

Failure is not even an option – regardless of what might happen around me.

I don’t give a shit if the markets crash.

I will find another way.

I don’t give a damn if the earth shakes and breaks the neighbourhood apart.

I will still find a way.

I don’t care if I have an accident that puts me ten steps back.

I will adjust my sails and find creative ways.

I will sacrifice all my destructive habits.

I will release my toxic relationships.

I will dedicate my life to showing up as my best version self Every Single Day!

Showing up out of alignment to this new standard is so unacceptable to you that it rips through your body with an intensity of pain that takes you down to your knees.

Praying to your Creator to illuminate the strength you KNOW resides within you because you’re not done yet goddamit!

You have not yet reached your goal and so you have to get back up no matter how exhausted you are.  No matter how much you’re bleeding.  No matter how much it hurts when the haters hurl their insults to you.

You’re not doing this for the haters.

You’re not doing this for the praise.

You’re not even doing it for yourself.

You’re doing it because this is part of your life purpose and a life without purpose is not worth living.

Not for you!

Not when you came here to lead.

Not when you are here to bring change.

To break the silence holding the masses hostage in shame.

To bring down the system of taboo.

That means your only standard is ultimate success.

You simply know it.

You breathe it.

You ARE it.

And you keep going because your standard for yourself is not to stop until you have succeeded.

You might not be able to predict how long it will take.

It takes as long as it takes to succeed.

You might not be able to understand exactly how it will play out.

You’re flexible in your approach and you use what life gives you along the way knowing that everything happens for you.

This is the internal shift that is required for an epic 2018.

And you can see it in the eyes.

When I ask you WHY this is going to be your year and a fire ignites within you, a resolve, a palpable conviction, I know.

THAT’S when I know that you’re going to do it!

THAT’S when I know that failure is not an option.

So let me ask you my friend, how is YOUR life going to change in 2018?

And why?

What are you going to do differently starting yesterday?

What are you going to believe that you have never believed possible before?

And let me ask you this – when do your current beliefs come from?

I can bet you that majority of your beliefs are based on decisions you made when you were twelve years old.

Based on something that someone told you is possible or not possible for you and you took that on as truth.

You lived your entire life thus far based on the egotistical comments and beliefs of somebody else.


Grow a pair.  Break the glass ceilings.  Embody the beliefs of what is possible for you which actually empowers you!


Be willing to get uncomfortable.

Be willing to fail.

Be willing to stand out.

Whatever you do, do NOT go through another year looking for strategies before you’ve done the internal work to shift your game forever more.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving, true thriving, is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  YOUR success matters to me.

YOU are the reason I get up at 5 am every day and do the work.

YOU are the reason I will never settle and become comfortable.

My entire life is dedicated to motivate and empower YOU to break the glass ceilings, to question, to connect with your purpose, your drive, your epic and to create iconic results to inspire the world.

Whether reading my blogs, joining my fabulous Facebook group and being a part of my tribe, doing one of my programs or even working privately with me, I am on a mission to ignite your passion imploding your impact.

And that means I want to have a deeper understanding of who YOU personally are.

I would love to hear from you today!

Send me a mail and let me know what you’re committed to creating in 2018 and don’t forget I want to know WHY?

I simply can’t wait to connect.