Action inspires action – so you keep talking…

I can’t help but grin.

Seeing the post on Facebook of my delectable parents doing another Park Run – both of them having exceeded the 50 mark and still going strong.

Well, secretly I’m smiling like the cat who just ate the canary but don’t tell them.

Because these are two of my toughest customers to date.

You see my friend, it was not too long ago that my mom stated that I must have been swopped in the hospital straight after birth.

Or maybe I just lost my marbles.

For how could I possibly be her child?

She’s not athletic.

She can’t run.

She doesn’t believe in exercise.

She’s too old.

She’s too set in her ways.

She doesn’t have time.

Which of course we can top off with more of the same bullshit from my darling Daddy.

So how on earth can they have a daughter who trains seven days a week and have completed multiple IronMan events?

It simply doesn’t add up.

So I preached!

I would go on and on about how training brings me joy.  The more I train the more energy I have the more I get done.  The more I train the more time I make for myself the more time I have for everything else.  The more I train the more I am myself.  The more I train the more sane I feel.

But eventually the preaching became stale and boring and quite frankly, it took way too much of my energy.

So I shrugged my shoulders, stopped explaining and just trained.

I trained, I completed, I thrived.

And then, out of the blue, something changed.

Somewhere along the line something apparently seeped through.

Because one day I was being called nuts, the next my mom started her day with a brisk walk.

After a while she started dragging the grumpy old man along – which must have inspired her to walk even faster to get away from his bitching and moaning.

Next thing I knew, we were all doing an official trail run in Joburg.

One race became a series.

It was phenomenal!

Not only because I finally got to share that which brings me great joy with my parents, but they inspired my entire household to join in the fun.

And I have to tell you, I’m so incredibly proud of these two people.

I recall one specific race which turned out to be almost double the distance they said it was.  It also happened to be a blistering day and halfway through my mom started taking strain.  At one stage we thought she was going to collapse.  So I ran to the finish to fetch a medic only to get back to her and seeing my stubborn self in action.

It was a thing of beauty.

There she stood, feet firmly planted, proud chin pushed out, holding the men at arms distance refusing to get onto the four-wheeler.  She politely thanked the helper and sent him on his merry way.

By hook or by crook, she was going to get to the finish line on her own two legs.

Fuck – my heart almost burst with love, admiration and pride!

So you can understand my concern when we moved to New Zealand that my parents would stop running without the motivation of their grandchildren.

But nope – they are going strong, kicking ass, and my mom is even getting top ranks in her age category.

See Darling, at some stage we have to stop talking so much and just start living.

We have to start focusing on our lives, our joy, our beliefs, ourselves, and when we give ourselves permission to go for our dreams, to be happy and to love ourselves unconditionally it WILL inspire those who truly desire change to do the same.

We have to stop expending our energy on justifying our choices to others and use our energy to continue going higher in our own lives.

People will either get it and join in the adventure, or not.

It’s not up to you.

Your only job is YOU.

Which is why I’m on such a dedicated path of healing myself, loving myself, speaking my truth.

I share the journey with you not because I’m saying that everyone must agree with me.

Not because I’m saying everyone must do what I do.

But because I’m determined to live my life in a way that feels fun-fucking-tastic to ME!

And if that inspires others to give themselves permission to do whatever the hell feels amazing to them – bonus!


I’ve found that those who continuously seek to be inspired by words only talk.

Which kinda makes sense if you think about it.

But those who are inspired by action do!

Isn’t it time that we all start talking a little less and living a little more?  And by living I do mean moving – you know, body in motion!

What would you do differently if you stopped justifying yourself to others?

How would you live your life if you stopped worrying about what others think about you?

What would YOUR thrive look like, feel like?

Isn’t is about bloody time you give yourself permission to find out?

For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  Mom and Dad, you guys fucking ROCK!  I am so incredibly proud of you every single day. Thank you for the blessing of you in my life every day.

PPS:  Ready for another type of adventure?  How about in your business?  FLOW is starting October 2nd where I walk beside you as we do life and business the way the Universe designed it – by flowing through the energy centres of the chakras.  This is going to be one epic journey where we use your chakras, your internal wisdom, your body, your soul to get you into FLOW and doing it all in a way that makes you fucking smile like the cat who drank a bowl of cream!  I guess all you need to decide is whether or not you’re ready to believe in yourself, your inner knowing, and to stop ticking everyone else’s boxes.  Life is not linear.  Business isn’t linear.  It has a life force which when in FLOW, flourishes.  Check out the details here and let’s get you into FLOW Darling.


The unspoken conversations clogging up our arteries.

A few years ago I was invited to a school to address the forgotten art of communication.

As I connected teenagers with the power of words, emotions rose and more than one tear was shed for the first time in years.

I witnessed understanding sink in that our words create and that we have to use them responsibly as they form our physical reality.

I’m heartbroken to say that from what I’m seeing things have gone further south since that day.

I’m torn apart as the masses continue to disconnect from the power of the word.

We live in a time where people have become too lazy to create an entire word and we’ve replaced verse with acronyms.

A time when emojis plaster up true deep-felt emotions.

People are typing more than ever before and saying less than ever before.

You see them around the tables, each so caught up in their virtual world that they miss the fact that their physical world and real life relationships are falling apart.

All the time there are conversations that are not being had.  Because they are uncomfortable.  Because they are real.  Because they are true.

Instead people continue to swallow down their truth.

They continue to disown their desires, instead doing whatever it takes to escape through a virtual reality fervently wishing that someone else will fix the shit that is all round them.

When did we become such a pathetic society of cowards?

When did we stop being honest even with ourselves?

When did we stop loving enough to care?

I have no idea my friend, but I know this, we are actually poisoning our bodies with all that we are not saying.  All that we are swallowing.  With all that is festering inside turning into resentment and secret hate except we’re being told that acknowledging hate makes us bad people and so we swallow that down as well.

We are killing ourselves in the most excruciating way possible and we’re taking everyone around us down with us.

For as long as we don’t break the silence, as long as we don’t say that which needs to be said, as long as we are too scared to be the change, nobody else will.

It’s a lose lose for everyone.

Think I’m talking shit?

Look around people!

Have you even noticed how few truly healthy bodies are around us?

Majority of humanity are either obese or emancipated, riddled with cancer or diabetes or heaven knows what other disease.  Most people are taking some form of repressive medication whether happy pills, cocaine, alcohol, food, entertainment.  Anything as long as they don’t have to wake the fuck up and rise the fuck up.

How much longer is this going to continue?

How many more people are going to die this long drawn out horrible death before we start understanding that it has to change?

For our own sakes.

For our children’s sake.

For the sake of Gaia.

For the same of humanity.

For right now we’re ON the highway of hell except everyone is too drunk to understand that they’re burning alive.

I’m sorry to be so blunt today but I’m fucking over seeing so many hurt because we’ve forgotten how to speak!

Fuck man, it’s the first thing we teach our children.

Oh wait, that’s bullshit.

We teach our children to say what we want them to say.

We teach our children to talk in a way that pleases the adults in control.

To have the right tone of voice.

To not show too much emotion.

To not think for themselves but to conform to the current prevalent ‘truth’ because otherwise they get punished by failing in school.

We teach our children to keep the peace in the home otherwise all hell will rain down on them and if that’s not enough we scare the bejesus out of them with the devil.

It’s no wonder that the next generation figured out a way to create another world in the ‘cloud’ where they could connect with others.

Except in the process they are losing connection with Mother Earth.

They are losing true human connection which includes touch – remember that?  The thing that had you thrive as a baby?

They are losing connection with their bodies which is falling apart!

And I honestly don’t believe it’s up to our children to fix the shit that our generation has caused.

YES, I’m talking to YOU!

I’m talking to you because if you’re reading this you have enough of a brain to start questioning and opening yourself up to new possibilities and to start thinking for yourself.

I’m talking to you because if you’re reading this then like me you’re feeling the pain of everyone around you and it’s almost becoming unbearable.

For even though we were blessed with the gift of empathy, I don’t believe that we came here with the soul purpose of carrying everyones’ bullshit for them because they’re too goddamned lazy to do the work that will ultimately bring them healing.

I believe that we are here to bring change by creating un-ease through provocative conversations.

I believe that we are here to bring healing by healing ourselves and radiating self-love to remind people that love doesn’t fucking hurt!  That love doesn’t mean saving others.  That love is not codependent.

Love is love.

End of story.

Love is truth.

Love is forgiveness.

Love is being present in what is happening around you and slowly but surely doing the work that brings light to all you see.

Love is bringing true beauty back to the world – natural beauty, nature beauty.

None of that is possible until the time that we have honest conversations.

And if having honest conversations with others is simply too much for you to even think about at this time, then I pray that you will start having honest conversations with yourself.

After all, you are the only one who matters at this time.

Your healing is the most important thing in the world.

I ask that you have the courage today to look at your body and to see the story that she is telling you.  Ask her what you are not owning?  What are you not saying?  Which desires are you not allowing yourself?  Where have you fallen out of love with yourself?  Who are you putting in front of you and why on earth do you believe they are more important than you?  Because they’re not.

It’s my deep belief that this is the time for self-healing to be made priority.

It’s time to forgive and release poisonous energy from your body so that YOU can feel the weight fall off your shoulders thereby freeing you up to step into your true creative power and do the work you came here to do.

I beg of you to use all that pent-up pain and fury and through transformation with love create something spectacular that blows through the hardened crusts of human hearts because simply witnessing your raw emotion moves them to tears.

We need more people to start crying.

We need more people to start releasing all that is held down.

It starts with me.

It starts with you.

We can no longer wait for the gurus to show us the one and only way to salvation.

It’s time to save ourselves.

After all Darling, this is why we came here.

RISE brave warrior.  For it’s your time now.

Your days of slumber are over.

It’s time for you to take up your arms, your art, your passion, your words, your love and to create the change that you committed to brining to this time and space reality.

For death is already all around you.

Do you choose to thrive?

With love eternal,


PS:  You’ve got this.  You’ve got what it takes.  I believe in you.

If you’re feeling that you just don’t know where to start, then I recommend forgiveness.  Here’s a powerful Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony which was my first step.


When it feels like you’re losing your fucking mind…

We, my friend, are living in interesting times.

A time when more and more light workers have agreed to awaken to their purpose.

A purpose which we all agreed to before we were born in human form.

Somewhere between then and now, we also chose to forget all of this.

A little moronic if you ask me.

Because what happens when you go  to sleep to who you truly are in this world, you get put in the most uncomfortable little square box that simply cannot contain all that you are, so you selectively start disowning parts of yourself in a desperate effort to fit in with expectations of those you love and admire.

You start cutting off minuscule pieces so that you can fit a little better thereby making you more ‘perfect’.

You start swallowing your truth more and more so your voice will be more pleasing to those around you.

A horrendous process of mutilation of self.

What seems to make this even more challenging is our soul choice of receiving our greatest learning through the most confusing of relationships which cut us to the bone.

Relationships forged on ‘love’ which creates the perfectly fermented ground for rot.

Relationships which society tells us we have to stay in until the day we die because we are ‘blood’, or we took vows, or we have a soul connection, or heaven forbid, we signed a contract.

So you start building this hard protective layer around you because you figure that as long as you have this exoskeleton, your soft insides will be okay.

But she’s not.

All that happens is that your soul starts fighting against you because she wants to get to work.

She wants to see the light of day.

She desires to be happy and live joyfully because she understands that when she does, when you do, the entire planet receives healing.

Even the dicks who are seemingly too lazy to do any of the healing for themselves.

But let’s not talk about them today, because today is about you.

It’s been my experience that when I told my soul to stay in her little box, to keep quiet because she kept getting me into trouble, to just please go away, the pain inside of me became unbearable.

And the pain on the inside was continuously reflected by the pain on the outside.

At first I told myself if I just lived under the radar long enough all the monsters would forget that I even existed, and so they would stop hurting me.  Breaking me.

That didn’t work.

For the hunger of the beast is insatiable.

And once we’ve asked another soul to assist in our awakening they’re relentless!

Every time I thought I had become small enough I would either attract another monster with the same lesson, or the slumbering beast would startle awake and whip my ass back to the floor.

I felt as though I was going insane.

I was hurting so much I just wanted it to stop.

I wanted to take that bottle of pills and go to sleep and never wake up.

Except my soul wasn’t done.

Rebellious and powerful little warrior, my soul.

You see my Darling, I now understand that for those of us who chose to come to this planet at this time as light workers, there’s two birthings.

The first is when we come out of our mothers, all pink and perfect and squealing and pooping.

The second is when the hard shell of protection we built up around us to contain our truth, our brilliance, our passion, our joy, finally cracks open and we either choose to rise and start living the lives we truly desire,


we kill our souls by giving away all our inherent powers to some unsuspecting soul which is really selfish of us.

You know what I’m talking about.

This is where we choose to live in enslavement for the rest of our lives using so much bullshit excuses to keep ourselves small we could build an entire village of poop houses.

We use our kids, our spouses, our mortgage, our ageing parents, our car repayments, our bank balance, whatever.

I also know from experience that when that shell starts cracking open you HAVE to reach out and accept help!

I don’t know a single great light worker who does it on their own.

We all surround ourselves with our peers, our coaches, our teachers because well, we simply don’t have the time to fart-ass around and try and remember it all by ourselves.

And also because when you crack open, you are lonely as can be.

You doubt yourself all the time and think maybe you’ve lost the plot because you’re not like everyone else around you.

You want to scream every time someone wants to talk about some mundane shit with you.

Large crowds drain you with the energy of the sick, the hurting, the abused, the abusers, the addicted.

You find yourself at a party with a drink in your hand nodding amicably at the stranger in front of you whilst in your head you’re screaming “Get me the fuck out of here!”  And it’s only 8 pm.

So you start thinking there’s something wrong with you.  Your spouse confirms that on a regular basis “Why do you have to be so weird?  Why can’t you just be like all the other wives?”


Because I’ll never be like all the other wives Darling!

I’m me.

All of me.

I’m unique.

I’m a part of the Source that is part of you which means that we are one but we’re seperate.

I chose to break open the shell and leave it behind and I ain’t never going back into another one.

Society can call me whatever the hell it wants to.

I’m just going to call myself Love.

For that is who I truly am.  Not the codependent bullshit love that the ego has created.

I’m done with that.

I’m talking true love.

Where I love myself enough to spread my wings.

Love where I focus on me, my healing, my joy, my passion, my purpose.

Love where I work with those that I agreed to lead before coming to this time and dimension.

How about you my friend?

Have you had enough of feeling the insanity of your trapped soul dying to escape?

Have you had enough of feeling like a freak in a community who simply don’t understand you and more important, have you had enough of pretending that you’re the same as the sheople?

There comes a time when you have to choose – are you going to finally breathe in your truth and your power and get out of that fucking shell?

Or not?

Because free will means it’s always your choice.

All I ask is that you please love yourself enough to find a soul that will guide you on this new path.  Preferably a bunch of them.  For we all bring something unique to this time.

You are so worth it Darling.

Please stop the insanity of hiding your brilliance from us.

Please stop with the excuses because I promise you you won’t be able to keep up the deceit for much longer.

Inauthenticity is being eradicated in the lives of the light workers.

We got away with it for a long time, but not anymore.

Stop the hurt.

Stop the suffocation of your soul.

Death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  Is this piece resonating strongly with you today?  Do you feel like it was written just for you?  It probably was.  I’ve learned that we live in a truly loving Universe where our helpers and guides connect us with everyone and everything that we require to live our life purpose.  But I’ve also realised that help is a two-way street.  On the one hand it is offered, on the other it has to be accepted.  Way too few people are accepting.  Instead they are waiting for the BIG sign, for the miracle to occur.  They feel once THAT happens they will take the next step forward.  If that is you, I’m not speaking to you.  Instead I’m speaking to those who are ready to bring hope to a world breaking apart, those who are ready to bring healing to a world that is hurting.  Those are ready to do that by bringing change and healing to themselves first.  The courageous who are scared shitless but still choosing to stand up.  The leaders who understand they don’t need an official title to forge a new path.  Artists who simply refuse to hide their talent under the bucket a moment longer for they know their art brings joy.  If that’s you, and you know in your heart that you’re ready to accept support from an ass-kicker who will keep you focused and moving forward even when you feel like sitting down and giving me the finger, then let’s connect.  Book your free coaching consult here.



You’re so fucking worth it!

I’m having the best morning!

Yesterday the weather was supposed to be shitty and overcast.  Yet during journaling I was advised to go down to the beach and do yoga.

I was sceptical thinking maybe I heard my guides wrong, then again what the hell do I have to lose other than freezing my tits off?

As I drove, sandy yoga mat still on the backseat from the day before, the sun came out and by the time I arrived we had one of the most perfect mornings I’ve experienced in a very long time.

I didn’t have any sequence planned but decided to let myself be guided by my body, intuitively moving through postures, setting intentions with each.

It was as I moved into Cobra with the intention of opening my heart to receive love that it happened.

I couldn’t do it!

I couldn’t open my heart to the big wide space in front of me.

It felt too overwhelming, too big, too much!

My old self would have said ‘Fuck It’ and just pushed through.

But then again my old self didn’t exactly give a shit about the messages lying in the centre of her emotions.

I allowed myself to go into the smallest of Baby Cobras.  Gaze kept firmly on the ground.

I kept moving.

Round after round, slowly shifting the energy through the flow of the salutation.

It took around three rounds before I finally felt the click and fearlessly opened my heart to receive – pushing up into a powerful Upward Facing Dog.

It was liberating.

Yet I knew more was to come.

And it did.

I received a beautiful two hour healing from a very talented coach who helped me do deep, powerful work.

This morning I woke up feeling light and aligned and sure of myself even though I have no clue of the steps.

I received breakfast in bed made by my darling son – bacon, eggs, hash browns, all my favourites.

I received a video from a client where she celebrated pushing through her bullshit and the Universe flinging open the doors she almost abandoned.  Wooohooooo!!!!  OMG I love my clients’ wins.

Life is feeling pretty fucking amazing!

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I think sometimes people underestimate how hard  the work is but how worthwhile it is.

I could have chosen not to do the real work yesterday.

I could have chosen to disconnect from my body and just do a bunch of random postures in my yoga practice.

I could have chosen to just go through the motions as I have done for most of my life, and as most people do.

I probably wouldn’t have known the difference anyway.

Because when you’re asleep to the truth, you’re oblivious.

Another reason why most people refuse to wake up.

And if you’ve never tasted the sweet nectar of your truth, you look at those who are living purposefully and you call them wankers, idiots, crazy, weirdos, nerds, outcasts.

Their truth scares you but you will never admit that because you’re bad-ass and you’ve got it all together right?


If you’re reading, if you’re still reading, it means that inside there’s a voice that says you’re ready for more, you’re ready for your truth.

There’s a spark that’s reconnecting you with your emotions and as long as you’re out of alignment life is going to feel ‘wrong’.

It will taste bland.


And you’re not fucking vanilla Darling!

Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

I’m going to be 100% transparent with you – this work, the real work, the deep work of healing yourself, is the hardest thing you will ever do in this lifetime.

So many start and stop before hitting gold.

They start with some goals and then because they hit it at the surface level they leave with a smile on their faces never going deeper.

Those who go deeper know that it’s a never-ending roller coaster ride for every time you have a breakthrough, there’s more.

I guess what you have to figure out for yourself is do you think you’re worth it?

I believe you are.

In fact I know you are!

I’m not one to point finger.  After all it took me almost 45 years to decide I am worth it.

Really worth it.

Really worth feeling safe.

Really worth owning the power that is not only my birthright but my responsibility for my powers are mine to bring healing.

Really worth healing myself.

Really worth loving myself.

Really worth receiving love.

Really worth feeling joy.

REALLY worth it.

This is a journey that I go on with eyes wide open!

A journey full of ups and downs, tears and laughter, screams of frustration and screams of exhilaration, days of feeling invincible and days of shitting my pants.

You know what?

THIS is what being alive feels like.

Not that constant flat line of existence.

I’ve done existence with the masses – never again.  I would rather die.

What will it take for you to believe you’re worth it?

For death is coming.  You can still choose to thrive until then.

With love eternal,


PS:  This is a time when more people are waking up than ever before.  Unfortunately this is also the time when more people are going mad than ever before.  I suspect it’s because they start waking up and simply don’t know which direction to take and so they stumble around in fear and pain, determined to do it all on their own, until it becomes too much and then they try to go back to sleep.  Except that’s not an option so instead they lose their shit.

Please don’t let that happen to you.

In all honesty I would not be walking this path if it wasn’t for my coaches and teachers.

I realise that there’s still a myth that coaching is for the weak.  It’s for those who are mentally disturbed.  Those who can’t cope.  Nothing can be further from the truth!  Coaching is for those who are strong enough to do the real work because their desire to make an impact, to live their purpose, is greater than their fear.  Coaching is for those who are mentally healthy for the work would simply harm those who are not.

Are you ready to rise and do your true purpose work?  Are you ready to start healing the world by healing yourself?  Are you ready to claim your worth?

I’ve opened more spots in my private practice for those who have a deep desire to thrive and who are ready to do whatever the fuck it takes.  If that’s you then let’s connect with a coaching consult and see if we’re the right fit for this part of your journey.

I look forward to celebrating your wins!!

Book here.


It’s time to eradicate all the lazy energy vampires.

There comes a time in every leader’s life when they have to start getting real about what walking in front actually entails.

It would appear that most of us still have this ingrained belief that we have to help and save those who are sitting on their asses on the sideline waiting for someone to score a goal and give them the credit.

I’m all for empowering people.

I’m all for showing people the myriad of choices available to them in any given moment.

I’m all for reframing so that people can see that there’s always a gift in everything that happens for them.

For I honestly believe that we live in a universe that has a deep desire for us to be thrive.

A universe that wants us to dance in celebration of achievement.

A universe provides us everything that we need to succeed.

Except sometimes it doesn’t come wrapped in gold paper with a red ribbon.

Most people just turn their noses up at these gifts.

They sulk and skulk around and then when they see others celebrating, they bring out their fangs and sink it deep into the flesh of joy and suck!

They suck all the positive energy until there’s nothing left in their prey.

Until those who were once elated are exhausted, worn out.

Too tired to continue doing the work which had them celebrating in the first place.

Not the to-do lists.

The deep work.

The real work.

The mind-set work which gave them the strength to question all the bullshit handed down to them by those who are keeping our society united in mediocrity.

Let me tell you now Darling, that doing this type of work on a consistent basis is not easy by anyones measure.

It takes shit tons of discipline.

It takes so much determination to get knocked down on a continuous basis, rising again and again, going back to the darkness within to find the light.

Which is why so few people are actually doing it.

Instead they choose to sleep late and wake up miserable because they know, somewhere in their day there will be a high vibrational person they can go suck on.

They know that they don’t have to do the work because like a leech they can go take their daily requirement of up-liftment from some unsuspecting lightworker who thinks that love means helping and giving and giving until there is nothing left to give.

Fuck that shit.

I’m done with it.

I’m done bearing my neck for those who coo words of love in my ears and then look at me for their energy because you know, they don’t believe in coaching and all the airy-fairy shit I believe in.

Because they are too busy to exercise – even for twenty minutes a day.  It’s much better spent in front of the TV or having a calming glass of wine.

Because they know it all, so why do they have to read the books or listen to the thought leaders.

At the end of the day my life purpose was never to be a feed-zone for the lazy bitches who have no intention of breaking free from the addiction of existence.  Instead they choose to stay entranced by distraction eagerly awaiting physical death.

My life purpose was never to help those who don’t want to help themselves.

My life purpose was never to love everyone else more than I love myself because you know what Darling, we’re all from the same Source.

We’re all made of the same stuff.

And yes, we all agreed to forget our power in this physical reality.

But we also all agreed to come here to remember.

Except remembering is a choice.

Remembering is about doing the deep work to reconnect with your truth.

If you choose to rather believe the lies that you have no choices in life, that it’s just how it is, that you have to be on the hamster wheel, I respect that completely.

But you know what, go spin your little legs to exhaustion on that wheel and let me get on with my life purpose.

Because I do go to bed at 9 pm each night so I can get up at 5 am and do the mindset work.  The introspection.  The reprogramming to the beliefs that serve me.  The beliefs that empower me.  The beliefs that is my truth.

I do make time every single day to train regardless of the weather.  Regardless of working 12 to 15 hours some days.  Regardless of how tired I might be because I respect the body that is taking me on this journey.

I choose to do all of this so that I can be the best version of myself for those who I’m truly here to serve.  The born leaders, change bringers, creatives.  The ordinary folk who see how fucked up the system is and who are prepared to do something extraordinary to bring healing.  Starting with themselves.

In fact, if everyone could just start healing themselves, start reassembling their fractured souls, start loving themselves, this world would be utopia.

Not that I think we came here for utopia.

That will probably be another lifetime.

I do think we chose to come here in a time of turmoil because we are the thrill seekers.  The adventurers.  The creatives who desire a challenge.

We are the ones who enjoy getting to the finish line battered, bruised, out of breath, sweating , bleeding and smiling like an idiot because it  was fucking EXHILARATING!

We are the ones who didn’t want the clearly marked paths and the safety of the masses.

Which means for you to be at your most spectacular form you have to leave the crowd and you have to stop doing it the way everyone else is doing it.

You have to start eating copious amounts of garlic so the energy vampires will be poisoned by your blood and run the other way.

Stop feeling sorry for the fuckers.

Stop feeling like you have to save everyone.

Stop thinking that you have to sacrifice your last drop of energy for those who are too dumb-ass lazy to do the work.

This is YOUR time.

That means you have to start making yourself your first priority.

You have to start caring for yourself first and then you start reaching out to those who actually want to be shown a different way.  Not those who want to get on your back for a free ride.

As long as we expend ourselves to the distracting masses looking for energy to suck, we are being distracted from our soul work.

Are you brave enough to actually say enough and no more?

Are you courageous enough to become unavailable for all the assholes?

Are you strong enough to love yourself?

For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice that starts with you, yourself, and nobody else.

With love eternal,


PS:  Are you ready to make the leap and leave the safety of doing it the way everyone else is?  But wondering where to even start?  Then how about doing it the way the Universe does it?  How about seeing the beauty in creating through the energetic system that is within you.  Your chakra system.  I am super excited to present FLOW.  An eight week program for soul-full entrepreneurs who desire to make an impact through their business.  During our time together you will rebalance your chakras, unlocking your desired manifestation in a natural flow from your crown to your base.  We then flow that energy into the building of your business from the base to crown, looping it back for an upward spiral that will ensure you’re thriving and inspired for years to come.  We start on October 2 so get the details here and let’s FLOW.

How much further will you pull your head in?

It’s been an interesting week.

Turmoil everywhere.

Uncertainty everywhere.

People fleeing their homes, others hunkering down.

Waiting for the storm.

Riding out the storm.

Wondering what will be left behind in its wake.

And everyone else anxiously waiting for updates.

Even if you weren’t following the upheavals caused by Mother Nature and the shaking of the earth, chances are you’ve been feeling out of sorts.

I’ve seen it in everyone that I’ve interacted with.

I’ve seen it in the social media posts.  I’ve seen it in my home.  I’ve seen it in my clients.

People are feeling ungrounded.  Out of alignment.

What I’ve come to understand on a very deep level is that most are still not connecting the dots.

People still think they’re simply a body.

A body that will be safe as long as they follow the rules and live within the system of conformity.

Even those who are on a path of awakening disconnect from this truth at times as they get swept up in the busyness of life and then get caught up by the fear-filled thoughts driven by the ego.

You’re not a body.

You’re a soul within a manifested body having an experience.

You’re a soul and that soul is pure energy Baby.

And energy does not have clean-cut boundaries where one ends and the other starts.

Which means we’re all connected.

Not just to each other but to every form of energy that exists.

The energy which is moon.  The energy which is sun.  The energy which is wind.  The energy which is the ocean.  The energy which is earth.  The energy which is cat.  The energy which is dog.

All of it.

Whatever happens on the other side of the planet is having a direct impact on you right now.

Your energy gets shaken every time the earth rumbles.

Your energy gets swept with the masses of water washing away that which is in its way.

This is a fabulous time to be alive!

This week shit has been hitting the fan left right and centre.  People are disagreeing.  People are being put through the ringer – receiving no’s when they were wanting yes’s.  They are confused and shoved into a space of doubting themselves.  Do they really have what it takes?  Are they really crazy?  Are they really prepared to sacrifice for their dreams?  Everything?

I’ve observed people are doing one of three things:

  1.  They’re pulling their heads further into their shells, disconnecting with their personal power even more, going to sleep a little deeper aka they are dying
  2. They’re holding on to their BS no matter what happens and recommitting their allegiance to the system which is screwing them over aka they are going crazy
  3. They’re embracing the experience committed to understanding and receiving the gift of learning.  They’re going deeper into their emotions than ever before.  They’re using the opportunity of the upheaval to sort out what is true and what needs to be let go of and they’re releasing in faith.  Oh my god, the freedom they’re receiving from letting the bullshit go is inspirational!  They are truly waking the fuck up!

Does this mean that option three is a no-brainer?

Oh hell no!  It’s the hardest of all the options.

I’m seeing the courageous being asked to step higher than ever before.  And that is causing much upheaval around them.

I’m seeing their loved ones challenging them more and more because most of them appear to have lost the plot.

I’m seeing them exhausted because 2017 has been one helluva year of learning and sacrifice.

I’m seeing them screaming silently “Just leave me the fuck alone for ten minutes” because the noise of the masses is deafening and all they crave is the silence to go within and reconnect with their truth.

And I know they’re going to pull through.

I know you’re going to pull through and I know in my soul that you’re going to come out the other side stronger than you can possibly imagine in this moment my Darling.

Take courage.

You are here for this purpose.

For right now more and more are committing suicide than ever before.

Right now more and more are going crazy by sacrificing their truth in the desperate attempt of feeling safe not understanding that there is never safety in slavery.

You are here to reach those who have a deep desire to awaken but who just don’t know where the first step is.

The ones who are desperately trying to claw their way to their truth and you have the power to reach out and give them a hand up.

But only those who truly desire.

Stop trying to save everyone for not everyone wants to be saved.

Some want to die because they’ve had enough of being a filler.

That’s okay.

It’s their choice.

I know it hurts like a mother.

But really the most powerful you can do for humanity right now is to start looking after yourself.  Start healing yourself.  Start being happy within yourself.

And by doing that YOU are having the same impact as the hurricanes because your energy impacts those on the other side of the world.

Own it.

Right now.

Own your role in the way that society is playing out today.

We simply do not have the luxury anymore to blame others and be frustrated because we can’t fix others.

Stop focusing outside and start focusing in.

That’s where your power lies.

That’s where your truth lies.

That’s where your joy lies.

That’s where your safety lies.

I invite you to take the opportunity of energetic upheaval this week and really look at what is being shaken loose in your life right now.  Find the gift of the learning.  Find the gift of releasing that which no longer serves you.  Find the love in this time that the Universe  is blessing you with.

Take the time to ground yourself.

Take the time to reconnect with your inner wisdom through meditation, yoga, journaling, running, whatever you use to shut out the noise.

Then rise Darling rise.

For it’s your time now and you are ready for the next step now.

Death is inevitable.  Thriving always remains a courageous choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  Are you feeling a little lost right now?  Are you ready to get started with your life purpose and you just can’t find that first step?  Do you know in your heart that your business or business idea is the vehicle for your impact?  Then here’s my hand Darling.  FLOW is starting on the 2nd of October.  This program connects you to your energetic flow in creating your next level and then using this to build your business from the foundation up.  We use the power in your chakras to connect, manifest, create.  We work with the Universal blueprint of manifestation to bring you back in FLOW.  Get the details here and release your doubts and confusion.  For they no longer serve you.

Are we being called to feeling human again?

Waking up is not an easy thing.

One day you’re all ‘happy’ living in the drug induced unconsciousness of mediocre existence,

The next you start questioning everything.

Including yourself – your beliefs, your behaviours, your path.

People start looking at you sideways. Friends start unfriending you because nobody wants to admit they know the ‘weird’ one.

Family members rally to ‘save’ you before you make too big a mess from which you can’t return and when you refuse to conform, they turn on you.


And I suspect that for a while now Mother Earth and all the beautiful forces that is, has given us space to wake up when we’re ready.

But clearly the Universe has underestimated the stubbornness of the human race and how we can cling to our bullshit so we don’t have to take responsibility and do what we agreed to do.

Instead of questioning, more and more people are being kept in the throes of fear, pulling their heads further up their asses, waiting for the storm to pass.

Well Hun, I think our time for diddle-daddling is up.

I suspect that even God lost patience with us because in our unwillingness to stand up and bring change, we have brought destruction.

And nobody is devoid of responsibility.

There’s no “But I didn’t throw that piece of plastic down so I’m innocent”.

There’s no “But I got up every day and worked like an obedient slave, never complaining about the fact that I was dying inside so I should get a noddy badge”.


You either start waking up and do your soul work,

or you’re screwing up humanity same as the bureaucratic assholes pushing the buttons for the good of the economy.

What I’m observing is that people are given more and more opportunity to start feeling again because it’s in our emotional connection that our humanity lies.

Our downfall is our disconnect with emotions.

Our downfall is the fact that we stopped feeling and went into over-doing.

I should know.

I was the classic example of the human-doing.

I was the woman who cut off her emotions, labelled them as weakness, and put those little bitches in a wooden box.

Guess what?

It didn’t work.

Eventually I had to make a choice of getting it over and done with and just stop breathing, or connect to all those pent up emotions and actually feel my way through the maze of life.

I’m going to be really honest with you Darling – at first I thought it was going to be too much for me. There was so much pain, anger, resentment, frustration, rage!

It washed through my body wreaking havoc, ripping up, spitting out, breaking.

I had to stand my ground and let my diseased and rotten insides be ripped out of me – literally!

I chose to weather the storm because for the first time I realised that I would rather feel the force of my emotions, both positive and negative, and crawl to the grave than to sit on my chair devoid of my humanity and then being tipped into the grave without a scratch when my eyes close.

More and more I witness others being called to make the choice.

People are being provided the opportunity to reconnect with their emotions so they can start feeling life again. Feel alive again.

And the fastest way for people to feel is through pain!

Because most have forgotten what true joy feels like.

They think the buzz from alcohol is happiness.

They think the fist pumping from killing the enemy on the playstation is euphoria.

What a joke.

But people remember pain.

Oh yes Baby.

So they’re being given pain aplenty with the chance to finally start feeling.

Except most don’t want to deal with the pain so they take drugs.

And those who are brave enough to go there, are being consoled by others and told that if they don’t bounce back in 24 hours, there’s something wrong!

Have we really forgotten how to do the most basic of emotions such as grieving?

Holy shit – even elephants are doing it better than most of us.

Emotions are not to be forced through at high speed.

Emotions are our gift to slow down and to connect with our truth and to create beautifully from a space of love.

Like a wee flower.

I’ve never seen a seed planted and then pop up into full bloom the next day.

Except it seems that these days if we don’t have overnight success we have ‘blocks’.

If we don’t bounce back and walk with the rest of the humanoids with false smiles painted on our faces, we are somehow broken, faulty.

Aaaaargh! I get so mad!

I get so frustrated witnessing brave souls being sympathised back into their mediocre little boxes.

Stop letting people feel sorry for you.

Fuck them.

YOU are powerful.

YOU are meant to experience the full spectrum of emotions in this life.

That is where you will find your super power!

Want to know why I see most people never live up to their purpose work?

Because they are too afraid to connect with the pain in humanity because they think if they can’t even handle their own shit, how can they feel the emotions of those they are here to serve?

Well you can’t!

You have to start with yourself.

You have to close down the pity party, toughen the fuck up, and be prepared to go into all of your emotions.

THEN and only then, will you have the strength to connect with your people’s pain.

And then you will become unstoppable because you will know deep inside of you that if you had what it takes to feel your own pain, you can gift people with the wisdom so they can be liberated from their fear.

YOU can bring change.

True change.

Healing change.

But it has to start with you Darling.

I know it’s scary and I know it hurts like a mother!

You have to remember that your emotions are from you, from inside of you, and nothing from within will destroy you. It’s what you are being told from outside that is your destruction.

Find a way to work through your emotions.

For me it’s movement.

Cycling, running, boxing, dancing, yoga.

Moving my body moves the emotions.

I happen to know this is a power available to all.

Simply look at depressed people – they are mostly sitting.


You’re so worth it!

You are so worth it.

Death is inevitable Darling. Existence isn’t. Existence is a choice. So is thriving.

Choose wisely.

With love eternal,


PS: I was asked yesterday why I still work privately with clients when I could be reaching so many more people through group programs and workshops? This is why. Because those who work privately with me are the leaders, change bringers and healers of our time. That requires the deep work. That requires slowing down to speed up. My work with my private clients doesn’t happen in 6 weeks. It’s not poly-filla. It’s not making you look pretty by putting on a fresh coat of paint. If you’re ready to start your journey of a purpose aligned life, if you’re courageous enough to do the true work knowing that I will never make you drunk on sympathy, if you’re ready to feel, let’s connect. Book your free coaching consultation here today and witness your rise!




Which self-sabotaging behaviours are you ready to let go of?

In my explorations in learning how to work in conjunction with the flow of the moon (stay with me), I’m starting to understand that it’s not about blaming the planets and the phases of the moon for not taking action or not succeeding.  It’s not about becoming a helpless spectator to life and the universe.

It’s in fact the complete opposite.

It’s about living more consciously.

The moon reminds us that every month it’s essential to complete a cycle – setting the goals, taking the actions, taking a step back and evaluating what’s working, what’s not working, how we’re tripping ourselves up, what to let go of, course correct.

It’s about those little things we do, the assanine stories we tell ourselves and then justifying it, the gremlins that really trip us up.

Furthermore, it’s normally done in the ‘relaxed’ areas of our lives which has us thinking it’s inconsequential.  You know, the areas that don’t make us money.

But you and I both know by now that everything is connected.

That how we do one thing is how we do everything.

What we think about one thing we think about everything.

Problem is, most of us never take the time to figure this shit out.

Or we go into self-blame, self-criticism and judgement which makes us feel bad and so we either stop doing it OR focus so much on beating ourselves over the head that we don’t get the learning and we don’t take corrective action which means we’ve now just replaced one fucked up set of behaviours with another which still doesn’t get us to a successful outcome.

Okay so I know that you spend most of your life focusing on your professional life, and so you tend to show up a little better there than in other areas.  Which is probably why so many professionally successful people who are not living holistically are either completely out of shape and out of health or getting divorced.

Instead of focusing on your career goals and behaviour I’m going to show you where to find the most glaring clues as to how you are truly conducting your life – your health and fitness.

Of course I had to pick that one.

Because most people still don’t get the power of the trilogy – body, mind and soul.

What I’ve come to see in more than a decade of coaching is that health and fitness is one of the sneakiest forms of self-sabotage that most people either completely disregard or severely underestimate.  They don’t understand that as long as you’re not working that body of yours to be in top condition, you’re NOT performing at optimal level in life.

I’m not talking about having a six pack.

For the love of all that is good in this world, can we PLEASE get over the fucking six-pack people.

It’s fucked up.

And what does it give you?

Fuck all!

You can’t run further because you have a six pack.

You can’t ride faster because you have a six pack.

You can’t birth smarter babies because you have a six pack.

I’m talking being in the best shape for your body having power, endurance and flexibility.  I’m talking about high levels of energy, vitality and clear thinking.

I’m talking about using your body to get yourself into the zone so you can experience the expansion of time when you go into your zone of excellence!

This includes daily training at the same level as you desire to live your life.

Want to live an average life?  Then do average training sessions.  Half-ass it.

Want to live the life of an elite?  Then you get down and you work your fucking ass like an elite!  You stay focussed.  You don’t give up when you’re tired.  You have a training plan.  You have a coach.  You fuel your body to get the best out of her.  You do the mind-set work that will have you completing the last set, the last sprint, regardless of what you’ve done before that.

You train smart.

You build in cycles and recovery.

You track your progress, your energy levels, your emotions and moods.

THAT is how an elite lives.

And when you nail this in your training and your physical life you take it to your relationships.

Are you in the zone when you’re with your lover?

Are you feeding the relationship with the fuel that will have it thriving or are you feeding it poison through constant blame and criticism and distraction through social media?

Let’s get real Darling.

Because lying to yourself will not change jack shit in your life.

You deserve the truth!

You deserve to start getting real.

You deserve to thrive.

And if your goals are feeling like a constant struggle and training like an elite, loving like an elite, working like an elite feels like punishment and asking too much of you, then settle for fucking mediocrity.

It’s that easy.

I don’t consider healthy living a chore.  I love feeling good in my body.  I love riding my bike and bunny hopping over branches with absolute joy.  I love getting up whilst others snore.  I love doing the mind-set work every single day which has my blood pumping with passion.  I love looking objectively at how I’m conducting my life and asking myself “Is this behaviour really setting me up with the best chances of success?”

And a lot of the time the answer is no.

Like you I’m a seeker.

I’m on the journey of discovery.

I fuck up.

But I also make conscious choices resulting from my questions.

If I choose not to change my behaviour, then I live with the mediocre (choke) results.

So let me ask you today Darling, which of your behaviours are NOT ensuring your best possible chances of success?

Which of your behaviours are in fact a sneaky ego setting you up for failure?

Not in your professional life – oh hell no.

In your fitness.

That’s where you will find the most glaring of clues which can then be translated to your business, your relationships, all of it.

The moon is waning – time to let go of our self-sabotaging behaviours.

What will you let go of this month?

Write it down.

Make the commitment to eliminate that shit from your life.

Burn that piece of paper up.

For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  Remember that epic Core Confidence Challenge we did last September?  Well I’ve now made it available for you and it’s FREE!  30 days of working your core, working your mind-set, working your business.  Are you up for it?  Get access here.  But only if you’re all in – don’t set yourself up for failure.  Don’t sign up and then half-ass it.  Time to go elite level, Darling.  You’re worth it.


Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony

On the night of the full moon, sit quietly for ten minutes or so and mentally forgive anyone against whom you hold any kind of grudge or resentment. If there’s anyone who’s getting on your nerves or really upsetting you, ask them to forgive you for your bad feelings and send them love.

Then do the following:

1. Take some deep cleansing breaths. Release any stress, worries or cares as you breathe.

2. Next, think of anyone who has upset you. You can go back all the way to your childhood, to anyone who seemingly did you wrong and whom you haven’t forgiven yet. I recommend you do one person per month and really go deep into this journaling exercise.  After all there will be another full moon next month and the next month and the next month.

Journal prompts:

– Who do I wish to forgive this month?

– Why? What happened? How do I or did I feel about it?

– What is the gold? The learning?

– Where else in my life have these lessons been showing up?

– Thank the person for gifting you with the lesson.

– Forgive the person.

– Forgive yourself

– Who else do you need to forgive and release who played a part in this part of your story? All the bystanders and other characters involved.

3. Close your eyes and visualise each person in turn. See them inside a pink bubble in your mind’s eye. See them smiling at you. Create a good feeling between the two of you. Say “Sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you” and then let them float off in their bubble.

4. Recite the following Full Moon Forgiveness and Karma Release chant:

“Under the glorious Full Moon filled with the Lady’s love, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness for the highest and greatest good of all. I forgive and release everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realising this, I abide in peace.

I bring love and healing to all my thoughts, beliefs and relationships. I learn my lessons and move on. I call on my soul fragments to be cleansed by the Full Moon and I call on them to rejoin me. I send love to myself and everyone I know, and everyone who knows me, in all directions of time. Under the glorious Full Moon, I am healed. My life is healed. And so it is. And so it is. And so it is.”

Now burn your forgiveness list. The ritual releases the energies into the ether for transmutation into love.

I never said it would be easy – I said you’re worth it…

These are the moments that light up my life…

As I watch her twirling around the kitchen floor laughing and dancing with her squealing toddler in her arms my heart overflows with joy and more than a little pride if I do say so myself.

It’s been a year since we started working together.

A year of celebratory highs, screaming dives, laughing twirls, crying lows.

A year of hugs and “Thank you’s” and more than a few “Fuck you’s” as my truth cut through her egotistical defences.

And yet after a year I look at her and I know that this is only the beginning.

It’s women such as Lilly that has me up at 5 am every morning.

Women who are prepared to break the chains of conformity and who dare to dream bigger than they ever thought they could.

Women who have the courage to connect with their life purpose, their true message and then use this passion to challenge the system.

When I first met her in a local coffee shop I instantly knew that this fireball was born for greatness.

Yet she was also one of the most humble people I had met in a long time.

As so many others she was well ‘socialised’ in how to conduct herself to be liked by the local community which resulted in her first goals being, well, ordinary to say the least.

The gift is that when a woman such as Lilly meets someone who sees the greatness in her, someone who is prepared to hold her to that which others don’t want to see because it scares them, and challenges the fuck out of her self-limiting beliefs and bullshit stories, she blossoms into an exquisite flower astounding all who witnesses her unfurling.

Slowly but surely I watched as those ordinary goals stepped aside for the grande visions.  And as those visions were allowed to breathe the Universe rose up and met her with the most astounding opportunities to live to her potential.

Before you think that means that everything fell into her lap I think it’s important that you understand the Universe doesn’t work with pussies to bring change.  When I talk about opportunities I’m talking the earth shook and broke apart!  Literally.

New Zealand experienced a devastating earthquake leaving communities isolated, families in terror, revealing a system which simply can’t cope with the reality of what is.

Lilly had some choices to make.

Be the well-liked little lady of a sleepy town going about her business as usual,


a force to be reckoned with who would not take no for an answer and make shit happen.

Lilly’s Angels were born.

Because Lilly stepped up to the plate.

And she continues to do so.

I witnessed Lilly go like a fucking tornado, never stopping, bashing down obstacles with her sheer willpower and determination to get to those in need with so much love and compassion that honestly, failure was never going to be an option.

I watched as Lilly stood, feet firmly planted, demanding government cooperation on national TV.  I watched as she stood at the checkout counter of the local grocer, absolutely exhausted and spent with her son on her hip, digging into a tub of ice-cream whilst paying for groceries because she needed the sugar just to take another step.

This, my Darling, is the path of a change catalyst.

It’s filled with moments of celebration and moments of despair.

It’s filled with laughs and the tinkle of champagne glasses and times of complete exhaustion and paralysing fear.

So often we look at the results of others discounting their daily reality of struggle and fear and rise and fall.   We tell ourselves that they’re different, special – and we use that as an excuse to never rise to our own potential.

To never courageously unfurl the big vision.

To never challenge the system which we all know is broken.

It’s just easier to keep setting our ordinary little goals and wait for others to take care of the shit.

Which is cool for the masses who never came here to live extraordinary lives.

But it’s not cool for you.

There’s a reason why you’re reading this – there always is.

If you’re reading this it’s because some higher force is telling you that YOU are a change catalyst!

YOU are here to bring healing, to create, to thrive.

And it’s going to be one helluva ride!

It’s not going to unfold the way it does in faerie tales.

It’s not going to be easy.

It’s going to be opportunities to make powerful choices.

Choices where most people will just burrow down deeper with their heads up their arses.

Choices where you have the opportunity to stand the fuck up and plant your feet and speak your truth.

Stop thinking that just because things are hard that you’re on the wrong path.

Stop thinking that just because you hear about being in the flow that the flow is an easy cruise down the river.

Sometimes it is.

But each river goes through torrents.

You have to be prepared to ride those out as well.

Are you?

Are you ready to stop playing small and to finally grow that pair of titanium balls so you can do the work you came here to do?

Are you ready to be in it for the long haul because purpose is not instant!

It’s for the rest of your life.

Are you ready to commit to that?

For death is inevitable.  And as far as I’m concerned mere existence is the equivalent of death.

Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  As someone who has personally received the blessings from the work done by Lilly’s Angels I’m really proud to say that I’m a patron of this charity.  You simply have no idea the change that Lilly has already made and will continue to make -not just in New Zealand but globally.  She is getting ready to launch her phenomenal book Come Together which is available for pre-order with all proceeds going to the charity.   Watch here as her story is told on Seven Sharp and then follow the link to her PledgeMe page where you can pledge and get the book.  And if you want to join my community of change catalysts such as Lilly, come over to Wild Woman Rebels today.

PPS:  Lilly – you fucking rock my world Darling.  It is such a privilege to work with you.  It is such a blessing to call you friend and sister.  I appreciate you more than you will ever know.