Commitment happens AFTER action!

How often do you find yourself procrastinating?

As if it is the most natural thing in the world to drag your feet.


Yet this seems to have become as normal as breathing to people these days.

Procrastination is nothing more than lack of decision.

And I’m not talking about a decision taken with your mouth when you tell everybody that yes, this time you’ve decided you’re going to do it.

I’m talking about a decision in the very fibre of your being.

Think Gandalf slamming that staff down with motherfucking FORCE and EXCLAIMING WITH CONVICTION “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

THAT level of decision.

THAT level of choice that has you prepared to DIE for what you have just stated.

What’s becoming crystal clear is that most people are petrified of actually making decisions for themselves and stating it with conviction.

Skin in the game.





Willing to fail and be called a moron.

Fuck the naysayers who call them crazy.


THESE are the leaders that are world is DESPERATE for.

Leaders in life, not just in industry or politics.

Instead we see billions walking around, hunched over, spineless little minions waiting for the puppeteer to pull their strings.

They’re constantly waiting for someone else to tell them what to do.

To give them permission to speak.

To say it’s okay for them to finally start building that business now that it no longer interferes with everyone else’s schedules and agendas.

Continuously looking for a scapegoat JUST IN CASE they fuck up.

I just want to highlight for you as well that no spectacular results come from decisions which do not demand a tremendous amount of courage.

The hard ones.

The ones that has your ego screaming like a little bitch!


OMG then

You take action


That is where the courage comes in.

It’s not in stating your decision.

The courage comes from taking the action!

You never leave the scene of a decision without taking the action!

Let me say that again because this is EVERYTHING


Because without the action that pulls it through, you have not yet committed.

Regardless of what you’re telling me.

Without the immediate action this is what happens:

You try and figure out the HOW

Those cursed hows

And the more you try and figure it out, the more you panic because you don’t have a fucking clue!

Why not?

Because if you already knew the how you would have already done it and already achieved the result.

If you knew the how there would be no personal growth demanded which wouldn’t have made it courageous anyway.

So you start talking yourself out of it.

You say “maybe I should first talk this over with someone else, because just now my gut decision was wrong”

You’re not trusting yourself

Not believing in yourself.

FUCK I used to do this a lot.

The bitch is that you always find evidence for your beliefs.

You go and speak to the people who you trust to keep you safe.

Your family and loved ones, your closest friends.

They hear the tremor in your voice, the uncertainty, the fear and OF COURSE they want to protect you so they convince you that this is an unwise decision.

That you really should first think this over more before taking the action which makes your decision irreversible.

That you don’t have the time right now.

That you don’t have the money right now.

That everyone else needs you so maybe you should first rescue their asses and then, if you’re not dead yet, you can come back and reconsider.

Or, if you’re really shitting yourself, they will make it even easier on you and just say NO!


Decision taken out of your hands.

Phew, right?

Because now you have a legit reason why you can’t follow through on your original decision.


You’ve just broken your word to yourself which means you have confirmed that you’re not believable, not trustworthy, not strong enough to do it.

You have just given away your power and you’re either powerful or powerless – there is no in-between.

I’m not judging you, ultimately I absolute 100% believe in the power of free choice.

I absolutely 100% believe in and respect the magnificence of each and every person.

Which is why I so often allow my clients to screw up because that is simply where they needed to get the learning.

Plus I don’t get caught up in the steps when I’m focused on the destination.

If I did I would be extremely ineffective as a coach.

Instead I simply provide a mirror.

I create a safe space for introspection.

I might even share my insights, my personal experience understanding that we’re all unique, my opinion, but I always leave it up to them to make the decisions and take responsibility.

It’s when we share our concerns with those who have a vested interest that we always back down.

Because now we have our own fear AND their fears to deal with.

In the back of their minds they are already calculating how this is going to impact them and what they will have to sacrifice.

Yes, we all play our roles in relationships and each of us have on some level agreed to those roles.

I do think it’s time for us to become aware of those roles and the unspoken agreements in our relationships and revisit them every now and again.

What served you in your twenties might be trapping you in your forties.

And unless you decide to change the rules of engagement you will never grow into your best version self.

So today I want to invite you to think about where you’re not making decisions with conviction?

Where are you putting off making that statement of intention and not taking immediate action?

What is the fear under that?  What are you really afraid of?

Both the fear of success and failure needs to be investigated.

And then decide, are you ready to stop your shit and ACTUALLY show up as the leader that you were born to be, or do you choose to continue being someone else’s servant?

Hey, the world needs servants as well so I’m not saying it’s a bad thing.

I do insist that you stop torturing yourself by saying one thing and then showing up as the opposite because that is simply breaking down your belief in self.

Which is fucking torture!

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Decide with conviction and take courageous action.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,



FEMALE DOMINATION…. Sounds good, right?

We all want it, but we’re letting other factors tie us down like a Houdini straightjacket. You know who you need to start listening to? Yourself (oh and me).

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But this year, promise me with conviction,  you’ll change EVERYTHING.

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Laziness – the unforgivable curse of bullshit

I have empathy for a lot of things.

I look at the masses most days and they actually pull at my heart strings.

I simply don’t even want to imagine the possibility of existence ever again.

Waking up in the morning, lacklustre at best.

Going to a job you hate.

Thinking you don’t have a choice.

Insurmountable bills and debt drowning your creativity.

Going through the motions.

Dishonouring yourself and your values because you’ve signed away your freedom of individuality for a pay check.

Dulling the pain with drugs and entertainment.

Passing out next to a person whose soul you have forgotten.

If that’s not heartbreaking I don’t know what is.

And yes, I lived this disaster for decades!

Until I decided I was no longer available for mere existence.

So, what made me different from those who continue to live in the energy of victimhood?

The short answer – Discipline.

It’s that simple.

I am extremely fortunate in that I attended my first ballet lesson around the age of six.

Clearly my warrior spirit started training early on.

The discipline of ballet is priceless.

It is a conscious dedication to art.

When you first start out the classes are jam packed with tens of little girls in their pink ballet slippers and tutus.  Parents are beaming with pride in school halls at their little princess hardly pointing her toes on stage.

But as you continue, the classes start thinning out.

What appeared to be a fairy tale of effortless lifts and turns under the spotlight, quickly gets stripped of illusion to reveal hours and hours of tough and often painful practice.

Nobody gets those beautifully turned out feet and strong lines without training their bodies until the most unnatural of poses becomes normal.

Parents discover the sacrifice of getting those little girls to class almost daily, to rehearsals, to performance.

And they get lazy.

It becomes too much effort.

And since Dorris has stopped it’s okay for me to quit as well.

It’s not fun anymore mommy and I don’t want to go back.


For those of us who push through, who stay connected to our art, our passion, our unquenchable thirst for the darkness of the auditorium, all the sacrifices are paid for in the powerful currency of love.

When I first bruised my knees I made the choice to continue practicing day after day.

The show must go on.

Yes the curtain eventually came down on my dreams, yet thirteen years of training in the form of dance empowered me with a sense of discipline that would serve me for the rest of my life.

During my years of self-abandonment and depression I simply forgot those years of training and the essence of who I am.

I forgot to show the fuck up for myself and my dreams every single day.

Regardless of the pain.

Regardless of the struggle at times.

Regardless of the disapproval and misunderstanding of others.

For a moment I lost my way and I started thinking and speaking like most people around me.

That it was too hard.

That it wasn’t fun anymore.

That it was okay to give up because you know, we should only do the nice things.

After all, according to most people, nice and easy is what makes us happy.

In truth society has become saturated with lazy motherfuckers.

And as far as I’m concerned this is the unforgivable curse of our time.

My tolerance for this spell, which has so many entranced, has completely dried up.

I don’t want to hear it anymore.

I don’t want to hear that it’s too hard.

I don’t want to hear that it’s not fun.

I don’t want to hear that your duvet is too comfortable to get your ass out of bed in time for you to do the mindset work.

I don’t want to hear that you can’t pursue your dreams because of your responsibilities.

I don’t want to hear that you don’t want to train because you’re naturally lazy.


You’re born a perfectly designed piece of magnificence equiped with everything to be spectacular and live an iconic life.

But everything has to be trained.

Your legs.

Your heart.

Your passion.

Your mindset.

And that takes discipline.

Shit tons of discipline.

It’s time to pull finger Darling and to show up as your best version self.

Here’s what I invite you to journal on today:

  • What are your burning desires?  I mean ass-on fire burning.  The desires for which you will sacrifice willingly.  The desires without which you refuse to live a moment longer.
  • What are you committed to do in order for you realise these desires?  Now when I say committed I mean 100%.  I’m not talking about when the stars are aligned or you’re full of energy or the sun is shining or your legs are feeling strong.  I’m talking all in.  Every single day.  Do you really think a prima ballerina only trains when she’s feeling good and her toes are not ripped to pieces?  TTFU Sunshine.
  • What are you prepared to sacrifice for your desires?  Excessive sleep, excessive entertainment, drugs, toxic relationships, bullshit excuses, the works.
  • What are the structures you will put in place to support your success?  Structures such as empowering routines, mindset work, surrounding yourself with A-players, working with the right coaches and mentors, cleaning out your cupboards and only having nutritious foods in your home, menu and meal preparation, support team, built in recovery time, mastermind groups, a circle of influence that sees you thriving, stimulating conversations.  The possibilities are enormous.

Of course only about 1% of people will actually do this exercise and out of those only about 1% will follow through.

The rest will be too fucking lazy to commit.

Too lazy to turn their excuses into their motivation.

Too lazy to stand up for themselves in the face of billions of average Jolene’s

Too lazy to do that which they were not prepared to do before now so they can achieve the results they have not achieved before now.

Too lazy to fucking thrive!

Too lazy to consciously choose.

99% of people choose death!

It’s your time to choose Darling.

With love always,


PS: If you haven’t already heard, you only live life ONCE.

Are you happy with the one you’re living so far? If you were to live the rest of your life just as you’re living now, would this settle as satisfying for you? Or are you hungry for more… (I’m calling all females who are looking to discover the most powerful secrets about themselves and unleash their inner superhero). Current life? Or superhero? It’s an easy choice, but a tough one to follow through on. We’re built by excuses, things we have to do, and simply never have time to LEARN about our secret super cape we’re all capable of wearing, ladies. And that’s why I do the job I do. Unleashing your inner badass leader is what drives ME to happiness, but have you uncovered what drives YOU? It’s a win-win process.

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Apply today and Be your own female superhero

PPS:  I play with boys too.

The truth of obstacles as per Anel’s insanely badass logic

As I hit the rock with an almighty bang adrenaline surges!

I grab the handle bars pulling up.

Engage core, bring hips under.

Pump legs faster – without momentum I’m going down – hard!


WTF just happened?

I knew it was there.

I saw it just moments ago.

Why the hell did I hit it full force?

Which is when I realised I’ve zoned out.

I stopped paying attention because I was tired.

Mentally and physically.

It’s been a long ride with plenty of single tracks and I haven’t been doing much distance lately.

So I got careless.

I stopped paying attention to that which I had practiced to the point of automatic.

Wisdom such as NEVER look at the rocks which has the potential of becoming seriously challenging obstructions to my path.

I’ve learned from years of riding that whatever we look at, we steer towards.

Even if we tell ourselves that we have to look at it in order for us to miss it.  Doesn’t work that way.

The subconscious mind takes over and if you look at the stone for a moment too long, if you hesitate, if you take your gaze off the path of where you want to go, you crash and burn.

Blood and tears baby.

And it’s exactly the same in every aspect of your life.

What you focus on, you create more of.

You steer towards and you hit it full force.

It is critical that whenever you set out for your day, your week, your month, your year, you know EXACTLY where the fuck you want to end up.

It is critical that as you take action you continue moving forward in the right direction.

Understanding that sometimes the road is winding and crooked but as long as you keep going in the general direction you’ll get there.

It is critical that you understand that there will ALWAYS be potential obstacles on route.

Sticking your head in the sand and pretending that they don’t exist is stupid.

When your head is in the sand your focus is down and you’ll end up on the floor.

With your head in the sand.



Instead you want to be fully awake and aware of what is going on around you.

You want to spot those obstacles and then

As fast as you can

You want to calculate your best plan of attack.

Now sometimes that means that you look next to the obstacle so you can steer around that bitch

Sometimes you get off your bike and you use your feet to get to the other side

OMG sometimes you even ask for help

At other times, and this takes some faith in yourself, you decide that you’re actually going to go over it.

You will be amazed over how big an obstacle you can get with the right momentum and angle.

One of my coaches once demonstrated for me that you can manoeuvre your bike over an obstacle half the diameter of your wheel.

That’s fucking huge!

It takes courage.

It takes trust.

In the designers of the bike.

In your bike.

Most of all,

in your skills on the bike.

Sometimes, you just need bigger balls than brains!

To plunge forward over that rock garden with an insane holler praying to god that you don’t come crashing down!

And when you get to the other side you feel like a badass rock star and you become so much stronger, more skilled, more confident, in everything going forward.

All of this has to happen in mere seconds and the only way for you to get to this point is to practice it over and over again until you don’t have to sit and ponder.

It becomes instinctual.

And THIS is why most people never get to pro status.

Because the practice part SUCKS!

You fall, a shit ton.

You hurt and it takes everything in you to tell the ego to shut the fuck up because by now that voice is screeching for you to stop doing this!


It’s not normal!

You don’t have to prove anything to yourself!

But you do and no, you’re not normal.

You’re the 1% of the 1% determined to succeed.

On your bike.

In your business.

In your purpose.

In your life!

So you keep getting up, and you keep practicing those obstacles until you flow through effortlessly.

No hesitation.

No devastation.

And you know that once you’ve nailed it you have to keep practicing to keep the muscles strong.

Not just your quads but your mind muscle.

The most important of all.

Hun, if you’re never prepared to practice the obstacles you will NEVER have an adventurous life.

You’ll be bored AF.

Another average Jolene.

Fucking tragic.

So what if you fall on your ass?

Get back up.

So what if you break a bone?

Bones heal for a reason.

So what if you bleed?

Blood congeals.

Today I invite you to think of your journey.

First of all, do you even know where you’re going?

Is it really where you want to go or are you sitting in the backseat of someone else’s taxi?

Once you’re determined on your destination are you taking consistent daily action including the practicing?

Regardless of the moon and the planets.

Are you wide awake?

Paying attention to possible obstacles.

Are you evaluating those bad boys and deciding on a course?

Around or over.

With or without help.

Are you stuck staring at the obstacle like a deer in the headlights?

Waiting to become roadkill?

Or do you acknowledge and immediately take your gaze back to where it belongs?

Are you willing to try, try and try again until you succeed?

That after all is the way of the warrior.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving includes a willingness to face obstacles and sometimes ending up on your ass.

With love always,


PS: If you haven’t already heard, you only live life ONCE.

Are you happy with the one you’re living so far? If you were to live the rest of your life just as you’re living now, would this settle as satisfying for you? Or are you hungry for more… (I’m calling all females who are looking to discover the most powerful secrets about themselves and unleash their inner superhero). Current life? Or superhero? It’s an easy choice, but a tough one to follow through on. We’re built by excuses, things we have to do, and simply never have time to LEARN about our secret super cape we’re all capable of wearing, ladies. And that’s why I do the job I do. Unleashing your inner badass leader is what drives ME to happiness, but have you uncovered what drives YOU? It’s a win-win process.

Get ready to put on your superhero cape.

We all have superpowers, we just need to be brave enough to find them. And I’m here to kick your ass (through words) until we find them.

Introducing my private coaching with my awesome self to dig out all we can from the awesome YOU. Say goodbye to the reasons you can’t be great or accomplish your goals, and say hello to female empowerment. Your city needs you to be at your best, how strong will you be when the villain (your bullshit thoughts) continue to make an unexpected appearance? I will turn you into the hero that fights all bad with her mind, ties all negative thoughts up, and toys with them until you gently let them go knowing you’re done with them. My private coaching will change your life.

Apply today and Be your own female superhero

PPS:  I play with boys too.

What if instead, you chose to believe differently?

Let’s keep today short and sweet.

YOU are fucking phenomenal.

You are powerful.

You are unique.

You are beautiful.

You are here to change lives.

You already have all the answers inside of you.

You are perfect.

You take my breath away.

With your laughter.

With your tears.

With your determination.

With your creative solutions.

With your spirit.

You are the most precious in all of creation.

And you are loved unconditionally by Creator.

Do you believe me?

It’s been my experience in coaching hundreds of people that the probability is high you don’t.

Sad but true.

You’re shaking your head and saying I don’t even fucking know you, so how can I say these things?

Which of course must mean I’m just blowing smoke out my ass.

Except I don’t have to meet you to know this to be true.

I have never met a person who is NOT beautiful, powerful, phenomenal and  worthy of unconditional love.

Why is that so hard to believe?

Why is it easier to believe all the assholes who tell you that, if you don’t do it in a certain way, you’re doomed?

Why is it easier to believe that you should look different to be gorgeous, that you should speak differently to be considered smart and professional, that you should fit into the crowd for you to be likeable?

Growing up I was taken to a church where I was preached the fact that I was born a sinner.  That there is an Almighty God keeping score and if I don’t follow his rules, I’m gonna burn for all eternity.

And then they call it love!

I think they should change the message to we are born perfect in love into a society that is full of shit.

A society filled with fear-driven lies and hypocrisy.

By a system which keeps billions enslaved through fear.

They wake up in the morning and they are terrified.

Of the big bad world.

Of the big bad boss.

Of the debt they’ve incurred.

Of the legal contracts.

Of the big bad corporations.

Of the big bad teachers.

Of the big bad bullies.

A society that even turned a loving God into a punishing vengeful being waiting to judge you and send your ass to hell because you’re so fucking flawed you don’t stand a chance of getting into heaven.

Unless of course you admit that you’re fucked up – which brings to mind the confessions gained under torture which we all know is a crock of shit.

Just saying.

But I digress – as always.

So we have billions living in constant fear and the only way they can think of feeling ‘safe’ is to fit in.  Not stand out.  Not cause any ripples of disruption.  Like herds of sheep.


To speak and dress and eat the way everyone else is.

Even if the words are hypnotising them into submission and mindless obedience.

Even if what they wear is made by the sweat and tears of children in slavery.

Even when the food they eat is literally poisoning them so that they will buy the medication that finally kills them.

People are dying because they get brought up to do as they’re told.

To not talk back!

Not to question.

God forbid they should stop to think and point out how flawed the reasoning.

They believe the lies drenched in fear and pain of a society in crisis instead of believing the voice inside their hearts which is the truth.

The voice of love.

The voice that says they are magical.

The voice that says they are truly safe because the flesh on their bodies is simply the physical manifestation as part of a desire to experience this plane of existence.

The voice that tells them misery and depression is optional and at any given moment they can choose differently.

But it will demand change.

It will require they disown the lies and connect to truth on a consistent and continuous basis.

It will require trusting themselves and taking the risks others told them are crazy.

It will require extracting themselves from the crowd and being prepared to walk alone for a while until they reach the 1% of the 1% who are walking in the front.

The leaders.

The creatives.

The artists.

The change catalysts.

Those who believe there is always a solution to the obstacle that stands in the way of their desires.

They believe in themselves and the good of what they want and so they demand the answers to be brought to them by their subconscious minds.

Desire backed by faith and determination always creates powerful outcomes.

But you have to figure out for yourself who and what you choose to believe.

The question I invite you to ask yourself is:  if what you tell me is the truth, does it make you feel good?

Does it make you feel excited?

Does it fill you with wonder and power?

Because if not and you insist that it’s the absolute truth, why are you choosing to live in fear and pain?

YES that is your choice.

Take back your power by owning that shit.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a motherfucking choice.

With love always (I’m not kidding),


PS:  This week I was fucking BLOWN away by the results my clients are achieving.

They are changing the system globally.

In New Zealand.

In Scotland.

In South Africa.

‘Ordinary’ women rising up to their potential and doing what they came here to do.

Their emails have had me in tears – “thank you for believing in me, for pushing me, for not letting me give up”.

I’m not sure what I did right to get to live this work but I’ll take it!

I always tell people up front that my clients don’t always like me on the journey.

Damn there are times when they outright call me a bitch.

Then again, you don’t pay me to be your friend Darling.

You pay me to get results.

To unlock your potential.

Through faith.

But only if you’re willing to do the work.

I don’t give up on my clients but ultimately YOUR hunger must be greater than your fear.

I don’t do the work for you.

I don’t carry your sorry ass.

When you’re ready to experience the journey where someone has unshakable faith in you, let’s play.






I will NEVER give up on my dreams – this is how I trained Indestructible.

Yesterday my friend witnessed me doing a 360 of emotions in about 30 seconds flat.

She looked at me and stated “You’re the most resilient fucking woman I know“.

That’s because I’ve trained myself to be a pitbull with my dreams.

I’ve learned how to never give up.

Regardless of the circumstances.

The challenges.

The immense odds stacked against me.

So today I’m going to take you on a race with me.

A long race.

One of those where your legs start giving in and the pain rips through your brain demanding that you throw in the towel.

If you’re an endurance athlete, you’ll relate.

If not, your impression of my insanity will probably go up ten points.

The first thing you have to know is that the race starts way before the gun goes off.

It starts with an eye-catching event.

It never makes sense at the time.

But there’s always something in it that connects with your very soul and you salivate for the experience.

It’s a desire that won’t be quenched by anything else.

No other distance will provide you the satisfaction.

No other course will leave you with the same sense of victory.

You know it’s going to demand everything that you have in your arsenal, and more.

And you fucking commit!

I mean 100% Darling.

All in.

You enter that baby and with your entry fee you make a statement to yourself and the Universe that you’re invested in the process.

Then you dig for purpose.


Why this race?

Why now?

Who will you have to become in order for you to cross the finish line?

What will you possibly have to learn that you don’t yet know?

What impact will this have on your relationships?  Who will criticise you and are you willing to suck it up?  Who will not believe in you and are you willing to let them go?  Who will bitch and moan that you’re always too tired to give them attention and are you willing to stand your ground?  Who will stand by your side and kick your ass when you want to sit down?

You figure out what else this will mean?  How is this in alignment with your ultimate vision, your ultimate purpose, your best version self?

Drive – Tick!

You assess you assets and your weaknesses and you bring on the team of professionals that will guide you and groom you to bring your best ability to the start line.

You make damn sure that they are the believers, the dreamers, the badass motherfuckers who, like you, were born without a bone of sympathy.

The ones who hold you by your word – you said you wanted it real bad, now shut up and show up and do the work!

You clear your daily routine of anything distracting and all time wasters.  You empty out the cupboards of the sugar and the instant shit and you pack it with nutrition.

You work out your schedule around your training and recovery and you say no to all the party invitations.

Dedication – Tick!

You set your timer to go to bed early and rise early.

You stop telling yourself that you need that slab of chocolate.

You hit the pavement regardless of the weather.  In fact you relish the storms because you have decided that the hurricane and the tornado is making you stronger.

You speak only of victory.

You fill your mind with the wisdom found in the great books and you pray for more strength, more endurance, more grit, every day.

Discipline – Tick!

And then you show up.

Every day leading up to the event.

You show up at the start line and you stand there shitting yourself surrounded by athletes who have way more experience than you.  You look at their legs and wonder how the fuck they got that muscle to pop like that!  You swallow your intimidation and you go inside.

To your core.

To that place where you have nurtured your personal power.

Your belief in yourself.

You reconnect to why you started this.

You reconnect to your Creator and you decree and declare to yourself that you WILL reach the finish line no matter what life throws you on the path today.

The gun goes off and so do you.

Filled with passion and excitement and yes, fear.

The fear which pumps adrenaline through your body and makes you feel almost super human.

The start is always bumpy.

People everywhere shoving and pushing to claim their personal space.

A little irritating, but hey, the camaraderie feels great.

A few kilometres down the line the field has thinned out.

If it’s an ultra endurance event chances are very good that you find yourself alone (well if you’re as fucking slow as I am you do).

By now the adrenaline has evaporated and the sensation of pain is starting to filter through to your brain.

The only voices that you hear is your ego and your soul.

Your soul is telling you that you’re doing great!

That you’ve put in all the hours, you’ve done all the training, now all you have to do is enjoy the event and cross the finish line.

But the ego,

oh the ego,

her voice is soft, syrupy sweet, and she poisons your self-confidence.

She’s telling you that you are way out of your league.

That you haven’t trained enough.

That you should have done more.

That you should have listened to all the naysayers and entered the shorter distance.

You try and ignore her and you keep going.

The weather is always shit.

Seriously – even if the weather is brilliant for everyday life, it’s shit.

It’s either blistering hot and you feel like you’re going to fucking melt,

or it’s pissing with rain and you feel like the drops are bullets peeling away your skin,

or the wind is howling and you’re cursing the wall that you have to push to keep going forward.

And you get tired Darling.

OMG you get so tired.

You start fighting back the tears because you’ve lost your mojo and you actually don’t know why you’re here or where you’re going anymore.

Your body is hurting more than you thought would be possible and you tell yourself that if you don’t stop you’re going to break something.  Yet if you stop you’re not going to be able to get going again.  There’s no way in hell you’re going to get back up.

So you dig deeper.

You start convincing yourself to just keep taking one more step.

That’s all you have to focus on – one more step.

And then you get angry.

You get really pissed at everything!

At yourself – what the fuck were you thinking you stupid cow?

At your supporters – why the hell did they not talk you out of this shit?

At your naysayers – those little fuckers are sabotaging you.

At God – why did she have to make the sun so hot, the rain so cold, the wind so strong?

You get mad at everything and everyone and you keep taking one more step.

And all of a sudden something pierces your conscious mind and you feel HOPE.

Because look, you haven’t stopped yet.

You look at your Garmin and you see that you’re almost there.

So you dig deeper.

You remember why you started.

You remember all those hours of training.

You remember all those amazing supporters who believed in you.

You remember who else this will inspire.

You remember the old version of you who started out on this journey and you’re amazed at your transformation.

And you get that steely look of resolve.

Determination – tick tick tick!

Then, you hear the music – the sweetest sound on the face of the earth.

I swear to god the organisers are guided by the angelic forces to play those tunes that call you home.

You start sobbing.

Your body gets flooded with relief and gratitude and you KNOW, you KNOW that victory is yours.

That nothing will stop you so close to the finish line.

There comes to you a strength that is not of you.

You pick up the pace.

Okay sometimes this picking up is an illusion in your mind because your body is all wonky and you can hardly stand, but none of that matters.

By the time you hit the red carpet, you sprint with everything left within you.

You’re fucking victorious!


Now let me tell you Sunshine that when you do enough of these events you train your mind, your body, your soul to go through these stages at lighting speed when it comes to everyday life events.

You have created within you a self-belief that has you setting the goals that WILL break you into tears at times.

It doesn’t matter.

You know that your tears will dry.

You know that you will always finish.

No matter how long it takes.

No matter how many people cross the finish line before you.

When you start doing ultra-endurance, you stop comparing yourself to others.

You start running your own race.

Keeping your head in the game.

It’s that simple.

YOUR life is an ultra-endurance race.

The reason you see so many people crash and burn is because they treat it like a sprint.

Constantly looking around what everyone else is doing and trying to keep up.

Never taking the time to understand their personal desires, strengths, weaknesses.

They never consider their dreams important enough to bring in the professionals to support and train them.

They never train themselves to become indestructible.

Yes, my life is challenging most of the time.

But I know, I’M TOUGHER.

Indestructible Mindset Baby – IN-FUCKING-DESTRUCTIBLE.

I’m going to die anyway.

But I choose to thrive until then.

How about you?

With love always,



Do you even believe yourself?

I was planning on writing a motivational piece for you today.

To make it all nice and uplifting.


You know, a fun piece.

But what is coming through is the desire for truth.

The desire to create awareness for you that everything matters.

So here goes…

Life is nothing more than opportunities for powerful choices.

Choices often born out of pain.

Choices where our worlds come crashing down and we get to choose – are we going down in flames fed by fumes of alcohol, misery and resentment, or are we going to walk through the fire and come through on the other side, scarred but cleansed of our bullshit so that we may be stronger.

The day I chose to walk through the fire I chose to step into my energy of a warrior.

I sat my ass down and started asking myself the tough questions.

Those that quite frankly I didn’t have the balls to ask before.

Questions such as:

  • Where in my life am I playing small because I’m too ashamed to be seen?
  • Where in my life am I hiding behind others, including my kids, because I don’t believe in my capabilities?
  • Where in my life am I not being honest, including to myself, because I don’t value myself enough to uphold my values?
  • Where in my life am I not living in integrity, sacrificing my desires to keep the peace?
  • Where in my life am I lying to myself because the truth hurts like a mofo?

It is one of my core beliefs that a warrior is honourable.

The role model that I cherish to this day is that of my grandfather.

A man who fought in the wars under the most horrendous of circumstances and went on to dedicate his life in service of keeping the peace by joining the police force.

I adored my grandfather.

There was something in him that humbled me.

Here was a man who commanded respect of entire platoons yet the kindness and love that overflowed from his heart was tangible.

He was my rock.

The great love of my childhood.

Taken from me way too early.

And I disgraced his memory.

I disgraced him by falling into the trap of deception where little white lies are acceptable.

Shit, we don’t even call it lies anymore.

We just stop showing the fuck up and don’t keep our word.

Because I didn’t say “I promise” it doesn’t count.

Unless it’s written in a contract we say it doesn’t matter.

We insist that it’s our right to change our minds at any given moment regardless of the commitments we’ve made.

Except every time we shift out of integrity, we weaken our foundation.

And as in any structure, even a hairline fracture will over time grow into a point so weak that with the slightest shake the entire building will crumble to dust.

I grew up in a house of lies.

I’m not going to use it to excuse my own behaviour.

I grew up in a home where I KNEW things were not okay.

I KNEW that we as a family were living out of integrity.

As with any socialisation, at first I was confused as what I felt to be true was not mirrored to me in real life.  It felt wrong.  Slowly I became decensitized and comfortable with that which surrounded me.  Before I knew it, I was lying with the rest of them.

More importantly, I attracted to myself in adulthood those who continued to model the same behaviour until I had conveniently convinced myself that it was okay to pay my bills late.  To not pay my speeding fines.  To say I would do something when I had no intention to keep my word because really, in the bigger scheme of things, it didn’t matter.  Or so I told myself.

All of this leads to one thing my friend –


I want you to know this.

Not keeping your word has fuckall to do with the other party and the impact it has on them,

it has EVERYTHING to do with you, your life, you showing up for your purpose.

When you don’t keep your word, you stop believing yourself.

You stop believing IN yourself.

You self-sabotage everything, and for what?

Your ego?

Because you’re too ashamed to own up that you’ve screwed up?

Because you’re too chicken shit to take a chance on yourself and so you use your spouse as an excuse by saying they won’t let you?

I know I know – I’m being a real bitch right now.

I’m saying these things because that’s exactly what I used to do.

I ended up so fucking pathetically small, so weak, so filled with shame, that I might as well have died.

It took every ounce of resolve and self-respect that was hiding at the bottom of my heart to turn it around.

To contact every creditor and come clean about my current situation.

To ask for assistance and agreeing to special payment plans.

And from that day, I kept my word.

To myself.

I don’t miss a single payment regardless of what it’s for.

It took everything in me to start having the honest conversations and admit that I was miserable and that no, I wasn’t prepared to sacrifice my desires and my values anymore.

It took everything in me to start showing up and only agreeing to that which I was determined to do.

To start saying NO.

Not because my husband said I couldn’t do it, not because I had kids to consider, not because I didn’t have the money, but because it was my choice.

This my friend, is what started to change everything in my life.

Slowly but surely I started believing myself again.

I started believing that when I said I was going to do something, I would.

No matter how tough it was.

No matter how long it took.

No matter how much humble pie I had to eat.

I started feeling pride in myself again.

I started believing IN myself again.

And I started showing the fuck up.

I am not proud of my past behaviour, but I am no longer filled with shame either.

It’s a tough journey of learning and I’m far from the finish line.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many tears have flowed from my eyes to get to a point of forgiving myself.

How tough this piece is today because the voice inside of me is screaming that I’m going to be judged and crucified for admitting that yes, I FUCKED UP and I abandoned myself for a very long time.

But I also know that me choosing to hide in shame does not serve my soul tribe.

It does not honour the memory of my grandfather.

I didn’t come here to bullshit more people and saying it’s okay to lie – especially not to ourselves.

I didn’t choose this lifetime to model to my children that dishonesty is acceptable.

I came here to be a warrior.

To raise warriors.

Society is being torn up right now Darling.

If you just open your eyes you will see the truth in this.

Look past the photoshopped photos.

Look past the 2 hour make-up sessions to create an illusion of beauty and joy.

Look past the lies of ‘overnight success’.

Look past the norm of dishonour.

See the truth for yourself and you will find relationships falling apart.  Record sales of anything addictive to dull the senses.  Horrendous numbers of suicides.

Do you think this is a result of honour?

Do you think this is the outcome of truth?

I invite you today to take an honest look at your own life.

Where are you living out of integrity?

Where are you playing small to keep the peace?

Where are you not honouring your values so that others won’t have to take responsibility?

Where are you hiding behind others so that you won’t have to live up to your full potential because you don’t BELIEVE in yourself?

Don’t do this from a space of shame.

Do it with the intention of uncovering the truth.

The truth which can liberate you.

From this space of transparency you will be in a powerful place to choose.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice which has to start with honesty.

Love always,




What if you actually believed in yourself?

OMG if only I could be fearless.

If only I could wake up in the morning and not worry about my relationship, my money, my bills, my business, my kids, my health, what everyone is saying about me.

Never be afraid of anything or anyone and living at full throttle.

Oh how different my life would be!

I would be so successful.

I would be so happy.

If only…

This is the type of BULLSHIT I hear all the time.

People whining that they are living shadows of their possibilities and blaming it all on fear.

Not taking action because they’re shitting themselves all the time.

Fearful of success.

Fearful of failure.

Fearful of rejection.

Fearful of criticism.

Fearful of ageing.

Fearful of death.

Hun, seriously, you’re going to fucking die anyway!

Do you really want to know what your life would be like if you had no fear?

Boring AF!

There would be no challenge.

There would be no motivation to push harder.

Break the glass ceiling.

Prove the naysayers wrong.

There would be no fight in you.

No reason to show up for yourself, for your tribe, for your purpose.

Without your fighter, your warrior, you would be just another average Juliette living in the throes of mediocrity.

Is that really what you want?


If so, please exit left this very instance.

Because I’m not talking to those who desire to exist without the pump of adrenaline coursing through their veins.

I’m talking to you if you are ready to drop the bullshit and to start living courageously.

I’m talking to you if you know that you’re here to lead, here to bring change, here to create.

A motherfucking artist who refuses to colour inside the lines!

I’m talking to you if you’re ready to stop the poppet facade and ready to show us who you really are.

I want to challenge you to stop wishing for a fearless life.

I want to challenge you to take action regardless of how terrified you feel.

I want to challenge you to actually start believing in yourself.

That you CAN do whatever the fuck you desire to do.

That you CAN have whatever you really want.

That you CAN be THAT phenomenal.

How different would your life be if you accepted fear as normal and you hunted that bitch down every single day knowing that beyond your fear lies immense personal growth.

Knowing that your fear is the seductress leading heroes to the sweet taste of victory?

How different would your days be if instead of running with your tail between your legs you choose to believe that you are capable of facing whatever life throws at you?

If you decided that you don’t have to know the how because as long as you stay grounded with an indestructible mindset you will unleash from within your subconscious mind creative solutions.

If you decided that you will be victorious regardless of how many times you  loose on the way to the ultimate finish line.

If you decided to be stronger than the bullies, the ego-driven assholes who don’t deal with their own fears and so they spray it around on those around them without ever considering how weak this keeps them.

Today I challenge you to write down “I CAN” on twenty sticky-notes and to put those babies up EVERYWHERE!

In your house.

In your car.

In your office.

And to claim that truth for yourself with passion every minute of every day.

I dare you to open yourself to the possibility of being the woman who truly believes that she has within her the capability to learn anything needed on her path to success.

Knowing that when you believe in yourself you find the ways instead of the excuses.

Knowing that all your actions will ultimately deliver the results of the beliefs and emotions at their base.

That means if you take the action and you don’t actually BELIEVE it will be successful, it won’t.

Take the same action with the BELIEF that it will be successful, and it will.

It’s your choice Darling.

You can read this and continue to believe you can’t, understanding that you will create the evidence for that shit.

You can read this today and feel triggered AF by this old cow.  You can decide to sit down and figure out WHY I’m upsetting you.  You can take out your journal and you can list every single failure in your life and dig for the learning.

The lessons that will lead to your success.

You can decide that YOU created that shit so that you could find the gold and believe that if you can create so much chaos, you can create mind-blowing magic.


And from this place you can take your life to levels that you never even imagined was possible for you.

I want you to know that whatever level of success someone else has created in any area of life is possible for you too.

It will take discipline.

It will take drive.

It will take dedication.

It will take determination.

And when you combine these four elements you will become indestructible.


Death is a breath away.

Thriving is as far away as you choose it to be.

With love eternal,


PS:  Want a taste of what it feels like to have someone believe in you?

Really believe in you?

Not settling for your excuses the way everyone else does.

Someone who sees your greatness and who cuts through the illusions of fear to find your truth.

Your true desire.

Your true passion.

Your true potential.

Let’s play.

Sticking your head in the sand will never bring you success.

Change is inevitable.

Regardless of how much you resist it.


It is either growing, or it’s dying.

And it’s scary Darling.

OMG it’s so scary.

To continuously lose people

To lose stability

To wander into new territory not knowing what lies ahead.

It takes so much courage to keep going when you have already fallen so many times before.

When your knees are permanently scraped and bruised and you’re just so tired of all the fucking pain.

It takes so much resilience to keep putting one foot in front of the other when tears are streaking down your face because even though you know that you’re doing that which you came here to do, so much has to be left behind.

And you feel like your knapsack is already empty.

You look around you and there’s nobody to hold your hand.

No arms to cradle you at night.

Because the arms that used to hold you was in fact strangling you to death and you finally opened your eyes and saw that it was not love but possession, fear and codependency that locked you down.

You feel that you’ve hit the floor so many times before that you simply don’t understand the purpose of getting up this time.

What’s the use.

When you know someone, something, is going to knock you down again.

The blood congealed on your face will flow once more.

It is in this realisation that we can finally start having compassion for others, compassion for ourselves.

Compassion realising that change is happening for everyone.

All the time.

And it’s tough.

But you know what Sunshine, you’re fucking tougher!

You’re indestructible.

If you choose to be.

I have come to realise that we always have a choice to make.

We can choose to live in denial and victimhood.

We can choose not to face the true state of affairs because doing so can make us feel like shit.

It brings up all kinds of questions in us:

When did I become such a pussy?

How could I have been so stupid?

Why did I tolerate this for so long?

What does this say about me?

What will others think and say?

Who else will judge me, hate me, berate me?

We can choose to let the questions fill us with shame, pull out a bottle of whiskey and drown our sorrows waiting for our pickled bodies to be engulfed in flames to bring an end to this torture.

Or we can choose to have love and compassion for ourselves, to get the learning so we can live more consciously moving forward.

We can choose to take full responsibility for our creations.

For the debt.

For the failure.

For the toxic relationships.

For the painful mirrors.

For the fat dragging our asses down to our knees.

For it is in the moment that we take responsibility,  we finally take back our power.

We own our shit.

We understand that every thing we’ve created in our lives, we have the ability to create the opposite.

But for this to start happening you have to pull your head out of the sand Darling, and you have to get very fucking real with yourself.

I want you to know that the truth will NOT kill you.

It will liberate you.

It will empower you.

Yes it will sting at first.

Nobody loves owning the fact that they’ve fallen into the trap of existence.

That they’ve been criticising everyone else whilst running on a hamster wheel.

Nobody loves owning the fact that they’ve been settling for average or disastrous in their lives.

Nobody loves admitting that they didn’t really do their best.  That they’ve used others as an excuse not to step into their true potential.

Oh it’s easy to talk a big game.

I hear people all the time telling the world how successful they’re going to be one day.

How they’re going to drop all their bullshit next year and everything is going to be different then.

How they’re going to stop self-sabotaging and have a rocking body by next month.

But honestly I have stopped taking grandiose words as truth.

Instead, I listen to what you say when you’re NOT talking about what you’re going to do.

I look at your actions.

I look at what you’re doing in your free time.  Behind closed doors.  When you think it doesn’t matter.

I look at who you’re hanging out with.

Are you surrounding yourself with those already next level, or do you prefer being the most successful, smartest person in the room?

I look at how you’re training or not training when it’s dark, cold, raining.

I look at the discrepancies between your words and your actions.

No results are achieved through talking a big game.



End of story.

And you don’t know the right action to take unless you know exactly where you’re 100% committed to get to and where the hell you are today.

Raw and real Baby.

Raw and real.

The reason why so few people actually achieve the results they say they desire is because they’re not being honest with where they’re at!  They feel they have to put on a show for the world to say they’re tougher and further ahead than they truly are.  But the fact is that the world really doesn’t give a damn.  The world is filled with billions of people caught up in their own lives.

So stop looking at everyone else.

Stop faking it for everyone else.

Get your head into your own game and do what you came here to do!

Be the leader.

Be the artist.

Be the creative.

Be the healer.

Be the motherfucking achiever.

Understand that change IS happening.  Right now.  And you have the power to dictate if that change is going to be positive or negative.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a conscious choice which has to be made every day.

With love always,


PS:  I have created a really simple three step process for you to stop the delusion of things staying the same and to instead create your reality consciously.

Get From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be Fast is a free ebook which will get you into reality with the eight life areas which determine our overall levels of satisfaction.  It will inspire you to create the vision of where you truly desire to be and then have you taking action.

Claim your copy today and let’s get real.



Nice never made me stronger.

Shit storms are flying globally.

People are breaking down.

Relationships falling apart.

Rock bottom seems to have plummeted to a new level.

I can’t help but look at it all and thinking to myself that there must be something BIG coming.

A time in history that will be known as a turning point.

A time when people were forced to choose.

Do they continue poisoning themselves with artificial food, with excessive amounts of alcohol, with sugar and drugs.

Do they continue to desperately numb the pain of existence through hours and hours of online games, online videos, social media.

Do they continue to abandon their values, their dreams, their souls for codependent relationships filled with pain and destruction.

Or do they wake the fuck up and remember who they are.

Who they came here to be.

Do they finally sit up and pay attention.

Train their minds to become indestructible.

Train their bodies to become raging machines.

Open their hearts to forgive and to love once again.



Without restraint.

Because they’re warriors.

Because they’re lovers.

Because they are the kings and queens who came to this lifetime to overthrow a system of suffocation and destruction of potential through mediocrity.

At first it seems like such an easy choice.

A no-brainer.

OF COURSE you’re going to choose to be the queen of your life.

Why the hell wouldn’t you?

Well, I’ll tell you why…

Because you’ve become soft.

You’ve become lazy.

You’ve bought into the bullshit of ‘nice’.

That for things to be in flow it should feel ‘easy’.

That you shouldn’t to work hard.

That you shouldn’t have to sacrifice.

That you should avoid pain and anger at all cost.

Yet if you think about it, without pressure there can be no diamond.

Without fire there can be no steel.

Without resistance there can be no increase in strength.

And so everyone SAYS they want to be the kings and queens but when they start seeing what it takes, they go suck on their bottle of wine like a baby suckling a teat.

When they start feeling the pressure they switch on the TV to escape the hard work.

When the bandaid gets ripped off by a ballsy bitch who gives it to them straight they snarl and lash out at everyone in their way.  Returning to the arms of the sympathisers so they can lick their wounds and lie under the blanket of false security knitted by the nice people.  Docile.  Like a sheep waiting to be led to slaughter.  Death of their greatness.

Ultimately you have to decide, do you want to be comfortably numb your entire life and get to the door of death with a sense of dissatisfaction of a life not thrived, or do you want to rise to your potential and ride that stallion of excitement all the way to the finish line and pass over with a smile on your face?

Because if you want to thrive it’s about bloody time you realise that reward comes from effort.  From sweat.  From speaking your truth in the face of the haters.  Standing your ground.  Believing in yourself even when your efforts seem to be for nought.  You keep showing up.  You keep working at it relentlessly.  Always hungry to do it better.  To go further.  To impact the lives of millions because if you don’t, who the hell will?

YOU are a leader.

YOU live to bring change.

YOU have within you the ability to create the extraordinary.

And all the ‘bad’ things happening to you, is in fact ’empowering’ events happening FOR you.

It’s the training arena that gives you the opportunity to put on your armour and do the work you came here to do.

Who you surround yourself with at this time matters!  You can choose to stay with the nice crowd, the ones who tell you that you’re not to blame, that you’re a victim of circumstances.

Personally, I’ve had too many people kill me with kindness.  Keeping me stuck in self-pity.  Weakening me with their good intentions.  I’ll take the bastards and bitches any day because I know the power of their love.  Power which makes me stronger.

Do you remember the warriors of old?

How they dedicated their lives to the art of war.

How they trained day in and day out, preparing themselves for the battle field.

To protect those they loved above themselves.

To lay it all out there and to fight to their last breath.

Again and again.

Victory was followed by celebration and then they went back to training so they might take the battle field once more.

Do you think that they wanted to only do the ‘nice’ things?

Only practice the easy things?

To only feast?

Do you think they trained with the ‘nice’ people who let them win on the training ground, setting them up for failure on the battle ground?

Do you think they walked away from those who pointed out their weaknesses because it dented their ego?

Or do you think they took it like a woman and went back, adjusting, retraining the move again and again to perfection.

Come on Darling!

Do you really expect me to believe that you’ve been beaten by disappointment and because unexpected shit happened?

Or are you willing to admit that no matter how much you’re hurting right now, that you’re stronger than this.  That your purpose is bigger than the sacrifices you’ve had to make.  That you’re path has been cleared for you to FINALLY start living the way you KNEW you were meant to live when you were fifteen years old.

I know that everyone is telling you right now how much it sucks but I want to say to you that all I see is the Universe very lovingly showing you that it’s time for you to stop screwing around and for you to start paying attention to your minutes because they are dictating the outcome of your LIFE!

It’s the Universe ripping out that drip of morphine which has kept you asleep so that you can get through the hell of detox and finally thrive.

But you have to choose – it’s called free will Baby.

You can choose to put in another needle,

or you can HTFU, surround yourself with warriors who will train you for what is coming and then do your purpose work.

Unleashing your art onto the world.

Rage against the machine.

Be all you came here to potentially be.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

Stop waiting as if you have countless tomorrows.

You never know when you’re time is up.

With love always,


PS:  Are you done?

Are you done feeling like shit every day because your extended pity party is exhausting?

Are you done with all the drama and the boredom of replaying the same old broken record?

Are you ready to pull finger and do the work to turn your life around?

To set the goals that has your ass on fire with passion?

To put your head down, take action, get the learning, and become the best version of yourself?

To look in the mirror and actually love and respect the reflection?

Then, and only then, it’s time for us to connect.

Look Hun, I was born with a serious defect – Creator clearly forgot to give me a bone of sympathy.

It’s not something you’ll ever get from me.

What you will find is empathy.  Someone who actually GETS you, who loves the truth in you and believes in YOU enough to call you out on your bullshit!

Someone who understands that your past does not define your greatness and who will hold you to THAT standard of excellence.

Someone who will kick your ass, make you accountable, and uncover the wisdom that is inside of you.

I’m not ‘nice’.  I’m not ‘sugar’.

If you’re ready for spice, let’s talk.




It ALWAYS comes back to the burning desire.

What are you denying?

What are you hiding inside of you in the darkness of a grave marked “Regret”?

What is there within you that you remember as a HELL YES that you’ve somehow made a Fuck No?

What is that thing, that desire, that you are trying so desperately to abandon, that it’s tearing you apart?

Stuck in a cycle of misery and frustration.

Crying in your dreams and waking up wondering why there’s tear lines on your face.

Because you know


that you were born for greatness.

That you were born to be phenomenally happy

and it is the joy bursting from your heart that will change the world.

YOUR world.

Yet when you shared your dreams with those you loved and trusted it was made sinful.



And you were told NEVER to talk about it in public because people will think you’re bad


going straight to hell

don’t pass begin

don’t collect $100

So you shrunk

You scrunched up into foetal position waiting for the coffin to be rolled in so you can finally be released from this torture called existence.

And I know you try Darling.

I see you trying every goddamned day of your life.

To fit it.

To do it right.

To receive their approval.

Their ideology of what your success will look like.

Their rules of how you have to go about doing your soul work so that it will ‘work’!

Except it’s not

Because you’re so far out of alignment that you might as well put acid in your coffee.

Nothing makes sense.

You’re working your ass off,


You might even be making the money

Might have the man and the kiddos and the white picket fence

The fence that feels like jail bars instead of the idyllic.

So you doubt yourself

You’ve stopped trusting yourself

Stopped believing in yourself

You’ve abandoned yourself and you show an empty shell of a human to the world with a myriad of masks hanging by the front door waiting for you to pick the most suitable one for today.

Is this what the dream is supposed to look like?

Because if so, it’s a fucking NIGHTMARE!

And all the time you swallow their lies and their poisonous restrictions of your SOUL WORK!

The art that is dying to burst forth from your throat, your fingers, your mind, your heart.

The art that has been building up inside of you for all these years to the point where so much pressure is inside of you, it feels like you’re going to explode!

When will you finally claim your burning desires and allow it to become greater than your fears?



What will it take for you to face the fear of criticism and speak your truth anyway?

What will it take for you to face the fear of failure and build your empire of impact anyway?

What will it take for you to face the fear of rejection and create the controversial art that is just waiting for you to unleash it?





Cutting yourself with a blade just so you can release the burn in your veins?

More debt?

More entertainment?

More obesity?







Do you not understand yet that you were born for a magnificent purpose and that every single desire you ever felt, no matter how grandiose or unique or unrealistic it might seem, is for your highest and best good?  That all of your desires are in service of you living your best version life so that you can do your best soul work?  Not only are your desires good but they are available to you right now!


But you have to claim the desire.

You have to straighten your spine and you have to DECREE AND DECLARE to yourself, to your loved ones, to your neighbours, to the UNIVERSE that you WILL have your desires met regardless of how long it takes.  Regardless of how much effort it takes.  Regardless of the sacrifices.  Regardless of the fear.


NONE of this is possible as long as you deny your desires.

NONE of this is going to happen until you’re prepared to drop the bullshit, to stop being such a codependent people-pleaser.  Until you start claiming your birth right of being one of the weird ones.  The crazy ones.  The ones who don’t fit in.  The rebels.  The ones who dare to dream bigger and do it differently because quite frankly criticism is just smoke on water.


Isn’t it about time that you stop hiding behind your excuses and just admit that you’re afraid?

They say the first step to recovery is admittance.

In truth most people are addicted to fear.

They take it on as their identity and tippy toe through life pussy-whipped and miserable because they know what’s already written on their tomb-stone and it SUCKS!


Unless you allow it to.

Do you?

Or are you finally ready to step into who you truly came here to be?

Are you ready to put on those big girl panties, lace, leather and satin, and unleash your art onto the world.

OMG it would be devastating if you don’t.

It would be such a waste for you to go through another day, another month, another year, average.

Taking all your gifts, all your passion, all your talent to the grave.

It’s now or never Darling.

Because if you can’t find the courage to do it today, statistics show you won’t have the balls to do it tomorrow either.

What is your burning desire?

What are you ready to reconnect with?

What are you ready to overcome?

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Are you ready to face your fears and do it anyway?

Are you ready to unleash the art that is within you and build your empire of impact?

To TTFU and do whatever it takes?

To be obsessed with your vision to the point that you eat, sleep and drink it thereby connecting to a higher realm of creativity, doing it differently, experiencing different results?

If you know that you’re one of the crazy ones and you’re ready to climb out of that box which has been the coffin of your truth up until this moment, then I’m here to hold you to your path.

I’m that loving bitch that believes in your madness.

Let’s Play.