The proof is in the evidence of you

It’s time to get ego out of the way and allow yourself to see without your goggles of bullshit.

To put aside your fragility, take a step back and be honest.

About what you SAY you want


what you’re DOING.

I’m a little over people bitching and moaning that life is so fucking unfair,

that they feel stuck all the time,

that they just can’t figure out why all hell is blowing up around them,

when they ain’t doing Jack Shit to take control of their lives.

Take control of their thoughts.

Take control of their emotions.

Take control of their actions.

Take control of their balls and apply themselves.

And yes, I include myself in this equation because I’ve been slacking.

But enough already.

Either you’re COMMITTED to your desires, or you’re not.

When I say committed,

I’m not referring to you talking about it all day long,

I’m not even thinking about you twiddling nonsense in your journal and then parking off in front of the TV for the rest of the day.

Committed as in you will DO WHATEVER the fuck it takes!

Every time you fail,

you get up

and you go again!

Every time you hit an obstacle,

you go inside,

deep inside

and you pull out whatever you have to pull out,

and you get your arse OVER or THROUGH that block.

I don’t want to hear anything other than you RAGING against the storm,

which is inside of you,

the turmoil

that has you confused as to which side is up and which is down.

I don’t want to hear that you don’t know.

You fucking find the answer.



From above.

I don’t want to hear that you’re too afraid.

Then stay stuck.

Because change is scary for all of us.

Challenges feel overwhelming at times for all of us.


All those ‘nice’ and ‘understanding’ people who tell you it’s okay for you to give up,

to wait another year before you give it your all,

to play your games a little longer whilst your relationships are deteriorating in the next room,

to have another drink to take the edge off,

to eat another piece of cake because life should be enjoyed with the white drug named sugar,

they’re fucking KILLING your dreams!

All those ‘inconsiderate, insensitive assholes’ that tell you to put a sock in it,

that you’re responsible for all the results in your life,

that if you want it you have to be willing to work for it,

the ones who drop you out in the middle of nowhere and you have to find your own way back,

they’re actually on your side.

Even though what they say hurts like a bitch at times.

Even though their actions seem a little on the sadistic side at times.

Even though you love to hate them.

I personally, prefer their company and their guidance over the people who are trying to help and save me from myself.

Yes, we’re all different,

thank the lord of peanut butter,

and I’m not talking to the weak of mind.

I’m talking to the badass warriors who are sitting there wondering when the fuck they’re actually going to have the guts to get their shit together and live their BIG dreams.

I’m talking to the creatives, the artists who are dimming their brilliance because others don’t understand what they’re producing, calling them crazy, calling them irresponsible, calling them selfish.

I’m talking to the born leaders who are stuck in the middle of the herd because every time they have the courage to speak their truth, the sheep grow vampiric teeth and bleed them dry.

I’m talking to YOU.

So listen up Sunshine, because every second that you’re stuck in indecision, you’re life time is seeping away.

I want you to take a real look at your the current state of affairs,


your body,

your fitness,

your eating,

your bank accounts,

your journal,

your daily routines and practices,

your clients,

your staff,

your lovers,

your home, your car, your garden,


and ask yourself,

is this the absolute BEST?

Or are you settling?

Are you telling yourself that things will eventually change?

That you will give the shitty parts attention once you’ve won the lotto, or landed the big deal, or whatever your bullshit excuse is?

Because I want you to know,

that either you’re rocking it out in EVERY area of your life,

or you’re tolerating a low vibration which is screwing over ALL of your results.

You can keep going the way you are,

because the truth is that even though you say it’s horrible and you’ve had enough,

if your calendar doesn’t change drastically,

if your actions don’t do a 180 degrees,

if your toxic relationships don’t end,

if you don’t stop poisoning your body and your mind,

you’re very happy exactly where you are.





The faster you admit this to yourself, the less the pain will be.

However, if you’re done talking about change and you’re ready to show up for yourself,

and you know that you’re done with being Molly-coddled,

you know that you’re ready to go into battle with the demons inside your head,

you know that you’re ready to fight for your dreams as if your life depends on it,

because it does,

and you’re ready to have your arse kicked with love,

then let’s connect.

No holding back.

No taking prisoners.

Everyone is dying,

only the brave is choosing to thrive on the way to Valhalla.

With love and appreciation,





The way is illuminated by decision which is the end to your excruciating pain

I hear you –

we’re all wired differently

we process differently

we take different paths to get to the point where we are ready to make a decision.

Is this really true?

I’m not so sure anymore.

What I’m seeing is that people are scared to death of making a decision

and more importantly

sticking to it.

Seeing it through to the end.

Now I’m not talking about the decisions we make from social programming and expectations.

In fact, I highly recommend you start questioning those and then only commit if they are truly in alignment with your soul.

I’m talking about decisions when it comes to ourselves.

Our journey.

Our desires.

Our growth.

The ones that really matter.


Because it takes balls in a world filled with mediocrity, codependency, haters and assholes who have no desire to create a legacy.

It takes conviction in self and your abilities regardless of all those who have told you that you’re stupid to take the risk

  • that you’re not that special
  • that you’re not strong enough
  • that you’re not ready.

It takes unshakable loyalty to your purpose, your big purpose, your mission, a willingness to be wrong, a willingness to fail, a willingness to look like a complete doos in front of everyone.

So you get presented with an opportunity to break loose from your current position, your current programming, your current blocks and frustrations and personal shame and the pain of self-abandonment,

and what do you do?

You say you have to think about it.

That you first have to figure out how you can possibly do this.

Because there’s so many obstacles in the way – time, money, children, partners, the fact that you’re unfit AF, secretly lazy and pissing your pants with fear.

And you convince yourself that you REALLY try and make it work.

You sit and you relook the budget over and over again.

You look at the chaos that is your life and how fucking exhausted you are all the time.

You take into consideration everyone else’s needs and agendas and then you look at what is left for you, and the crumbs just look so measly,

not worth fighting for.

And you literally talk yourself into a reasonable excuse as to why now is not the right time.

Well Hun,

it’s NEVER going to be the right time until you motherfucking DECIDE!

It’s been my experience that once the decision is MADE,

a non-negotiable,

raging against your fear,

your ego,

your Creator if needs be,

commanding the forces of the Universe to bow down to your commands and fucking DELIVER,

that magic happens.

You start seeing steps you’ve been blinded to before.

You become aware of the voices, the stories, running amok in your head and you tell them to shut the fuck up.

You take the actions you never even considered before now,

understanding that these are the things that will ultimately get you from where you are to where you desire to be.

It’s also been my experience and observation that the moment we step into this space of complete and utter certainty,

people around us,

lose their shit!

They get triggered.

They go into a complete tailspin.

They look at you and they immediately calculate how this could possibly impact THEM.

Their status quo.

Their existence.

Their agendas.

And they rarely like the possibility of this change.

So they will retaliate, pulling out all the stops.

At fist they will get nasty – saying shit to hurt you.

Then they will get crafty – pushing all your buttons, using your fears shared in confidence against you.

Then they will get pathetic – pleading, playing on your emotions, they will get sick, they will injure themselves.  All in an attempt to evoke sympathy and get you to change your mind.

To back down.

To walk away from your dream.

To relent so things can just go back to the way they were before.

All in the name of love.

I want to say this today:

  • Love is NOT sacrifice of self.
  • Love is NOT fear-inducing.
  • Love is NOT compromise.

Love is love.

Plain and simple.

Love is about the growth of life for all.

Love is about being the BEST version of yourself in this lifetime and sharing that with those who desire to play with you.

When we come from a space of true love, we commit to ourselves first and foremost.

Take the time to connect to who the hell you are in the first place.

Connect to what you truly value and desire.

Connect to who you desire to be at this time.

And then

COMMIT to this.


No excuses.

No cowering before fear.

Seek the opportunities that will ultimately facilitate your growth, the strengthening of who you are and what you can achieve,

and then DECIDE to step the fuck up.

Take full responsibility for your life, your results, your investments of time and money.

And be ready to be blown away by the RADICAL shift that will occur.

Only if you’re done with the pain of indecision constantly having you standing at the funeral of your dreams, your potential, your soul.

And if you truly are done with that shit, if you’re truly ready to take a stand for yourself and all you desire to be at this time, and if you’re ready to have me kick your bullshit to the curb, let’s connect.

For death is inevitable my friend.

Thriving truly is the choice, no, the DECISION, of the brave.

With love and appreciation,



You’re never too old to play in discomfort

I woke up this morning,

stretching into the day,

thinking how wonderfully blessed I am.

Each day.

I receive

All that I need to create my dreams.

In the most delightful and unexpected of ways.

Take last night for instance.

One of my goals this year has been to start painting and as I revisited this goal 3 months ago, this amazing art teacher appeared as if by magic offering monthly informal sessions – of course!

You know,

no pressure to be Picasso,

just come and reconnect with your 5-year old self and create something beautiful.

These classes have become a treasured evening in the month.

As I sat down at the empty table I wondered who would grace me with their company tonight.

I’ve met some delicious individuals at these gatherings.

I was not about to be disappointed.

She shyly shuffled into the seat beside me.

Radiant in her wise beauty.

I noticed a slight tremble in her hands and smiled – yip, I could relate.

“I’m very nervous about tonight” she quietly confess.

“I normally like to get things just right from the word go and I’ve not painted since a little girl.  This is really out of my comfort zone and I don’t like being uncomfortable.”

I burst out in happy laughter.

“Oh, you sat in the perfect seat Darling. I’m a mindset coach – playing outside of comfort zones is what I live for!”

What followed was two hours of watching this wonderful goddess unfurl from hesitant, doubtful and rigid, to one smiling and splashing paint layers with utter amazement, childlike wonder and delight.

After about an hour she turns to me, beaming “I’m actually having fun!

If it wasn’t for the paint brushes, I would have hugged her right there and then.

Instead I shot a little wink to my Higher Self.

Yesterday I faced my own discomfort and decided to take the first steps in the direction of my heart,

despite the fear,

regardless the discomfort,

knowing I could well fuck this up,

daring to risk it all from a space of trust.

Because nothing ventured nothing gained!

Which had me stretching in deep appreciation this morning for the wonder of a life where the Universe is always cheering me on.

Gifting me signs out of the blue.

This, for me, is living a truly blessed life:

Finding the hidden gifts in the most unexpected places.

Connecting with courageous fellow travellers who show me that everyone has a heart,

everyone, regardless of age and experience, face the same insecurities and fears,

and no matter how old we are,

or how silly it might seem,

being uncomfortable is part of this adventure.

Those who refuse to lean into the resistance,

die without ever experiencing the sense of satisfaction of hanging that first perfectly imperfect painting on the wall.

They never have the pure exhilaration of accomplishment explode through their veins.

They never thrive.

Now before you write this off as silly and inconsequential,

saying that a lady painting for fun is not exactly the same as building a business,


Her painting IS your empire.

One of the ways I observe people taking themselves out of the game is by focusing on the disparities instead of similarities.

Justifying why THEY can’t possibly take the action because it’s NOT THE SAME.

I choose to find my inspiration everywhere, in everyone.

As far as I’m concerned,

if you show up,

you’re a rock star!

Little wonder that I’m inspired every single day.

How could I not when the Universe puts fabulous people on my path.

Today I invite you to receive inspiration from a nameless woman who created a painting sipping ginger beer.

I invite you to ask yourself, where are you feeling out of your comfort zone, and be prepared to take ONE action towards your dream that’s on the other side of the fear.

Just get started.

That’s all it takes.

And then watch as you keep layering on new colours, creating something unique to you, your soul, your purpose.

I can’t wait to see you masterpiece Darling!

After all, death truly is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave, at every age.

With deep love and appreciation of you,


PS:  Apprenticeship Applications Now Open

This offer is only for coaches and those who aspire to be a masterful coach.

For more than a decade I’ve had the immense blessing and privilege of living my purpose as a coach.

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands in my own personal development, private coaching, certifications, mentoring, not to mention devour books on everything mindset, growth, alignment and purpose related – and continue to do so.

You see, for me, coaching is EVERYTHING.

My kids call me obsessed with my work.  I call me dedicated to my craft.

During this time I’ve witnessed many come and go in the industry.

I’ve seen the presentation of brilliant coaching programs and some not so brilliant coaching programs.

I’ve watched in fascination as thousands said YES to the calling, only to disappear into the night.

And I’ve been saddened, maddened and a little perplexed by this.

What I’ve come to understand is that there are different parts to coaching as an art:
* Learning of skills, tools and methodologies
* Practice of the above to the point of confidence and skilful application
* Supervision and honest feedback on progress and application of technique
* Ongoing professional development and support
* Mindset of a coach, an entrepreneur, a leader
* Business building
* Personal private coaching
* Mentoring

I’m taking on five apprentices for a 6, with possible extension to 12, month journey.

During our time together we will dive into:
* You, the coach and all things pertaining to you so you can show up and do what you came here to do
* The process of coaching and the journey you take your clients on
* The power of compassionate enrolment and how you can change lives with a single call
* Understanding success
* Some of my favourite coaching tools that I use selectively with private clients
* All the business forms and systems required for you to be supported and covered
* Building your business – this is not a soup kitchen Darling
* And more…

What it looks like:
* Monthly group training sessions on theory, techniques, tools, etc
* Monthly group supervision and role-playing session
* 2 Private coaching sessions per month with me
* Monthly prescribed book study along with a book on your zone of genius – yeah you might as well cancel that Netflix subscription
* Of course, you get to connect with me privately through Voxer daily as needed
* In addition you will get to record sessions (with permission) and have me dissect these and give you feedback for growth and continuous improvement

This is up close and very personal for me.

My first group will receive all of this at a highly discounted investment as I tweak and play with you along the way which means you’ll probably work harder than anyone you’ve ever come across :-).

The application process starts with a deep-dive, open and raw application form which you will find below.  Those short-listed will be invited to an hour interview which will include a coaching role-play (you being in the seat of the coach) so I can identify exactly where you’re at and the gaps I immediately spot so I can build a personalised program for you.

The final step is me selecting the five candidates kicking off in November 2018 – yes we’ll be working through December.  One thing you need to know and understand about me is my work ethic.  My life is my purpose and I don’t hold my soul by a man-made calendar.  However I’m not heart-less so we’ll have Christmas and New Year’s Day off.

If this is shouting at your soul then I invite you to complete the application form today.





You’re not going to get the results as long as you’re out of integrity.

Are you done with all your complaining about how unfair life is?

How you simply don’t understand why the apparent assholes are making all the money whilst you, with all your good intentions, continue to struggle?

How you simply don’t understand what you’re doing wrong when you’re doing EVERYTHING they’re telling you to do, and still not getting the right outcome?

Let me break this down for you Darling.

Fair warning – you’re probably not going to like what I have to say.

It’s going to be a slap in the face.

It’s going to sting like a motherfucker.

It’s going to rip off some scabs and stink to high heaven.

So if you’re not up for it,

if you prefer to continue sulking and skulking around,

then walk away.

In my experience the reason you’re not receiving your true hearts’ desires,

the big ones,

the ones that completely light you up when you connect to them for even ten seconds,

is because you’re out of integrity.

You’re not owning the shit that’s truly important to you,

at a core level,

because you’ve looked around and seen how others are continuously criticised for speaking their truth, for allowing themselves to create and receive what matters to them when it goes against everything the average masses praise.

You’re being a pussy.

Plain and simple.

Instead of shouting from the rooftops that you thrive in the high vibration which is beauty and opulence,

you say it doesn’t matter.

That just enough is all you want.

Because heaven forbid your having it all would take food from a starving child in Africa.

You say that you’re available to help everyone and anyone because you’re a good person with a big heart.

Even when you know that your low energy continues to attract the slugs slithering around on the floor of decaying dreams, draining the last bit of life out of them.

Those are YOUR dreams lying on the floor!

You sink to your knees and plead with the Universe to save you!

To help you.

Because you don’t have what it takes to make this happen.

Expecting to be rescued.

Expecting the heavens to open up and give you a pile of money, a kind benefactor, a yacht to appear in your backyard by morning.

It doesn’t work that way Sunshine.

The Universe hears your pleading,

and she lovingly bestows on you all that you require to manifest your dreams.

She sees that you’re weak and your mind is mush, so she showers you with learning opportunities.

Except, you don’t experience them as gifts.

Oh no,

you only see more shit storms raining down on you and you scurry under your bed.

Thinking that if you hide for long enough,

staying in the virtual world of your online games for another week, another month,

staying drunk on your poison of choice for another month, another year,

staying bloated with sugar-laden food for another year, another decade,

somehow it will all go away and you will return to a sunny day.

What will it take for you to finally get that all those challenges, all those obstacles, are put there FOR you.

To go inside,

to finally connect to your truth,

to your soul,

to your power,

and to fucking rise!

It’s gifted to you to choose,

to increase your heart-strength, your mind-strength,

so that you can spot the weaknesses within your structure, your foundation,

and put in the support needed to build your life empire.

Now let’s just be sure you understand as well that if you’re struggling to build your business,

constantly complaining that nobody wants to pay you,

that they don’t have money to invest with you,

it’s because you’re saying that shit to yourself and those you desire to work with.

You can’t expect your clients to step the fuck up to your plate until you are willing to do so yourself.

If you’re frustrated with your romantic relationships,

constantly pained by the lack of communication and connection,

wondering why you’re being treated like a purse or a slave,

it’s because you’re treating yourself like a floor-rag.

You can’t expect to be treated like a queen when you’re showing up as a resentful slave girl.

You sure as hell can’t expect someone to adore you when you can’t stand yourself.

If you’re at your wits end with the fat stubbornly holding on to your waist, 

angered by the fact that you’re always on a diet,

always training,

and still feeling those thighs rubbing together,

you have to start realising that results don’t come from punishment.

That which you seek will only appear when you start taking action from a space of deep love.

That means fuelling your body with nourishment which makes her feel light and energised.

It means pushing your body to the max and beyond from a space of deep self-belief and the thrill of feeling the energy and power coursing through your veins.

You can’t expect to inspire others to greatness whilst you’re living like a coward.

Not being willing to sacrifice that which is keeping you stuck.

Because when you’re out of integrity,

the funnel through which you receive all of your desires,

is leaking,

thereby diminishing the stream of abundance,

not allowing it to reach you.

If you’re not receiving all that you truly desire,

stop bitching and moaning,

stop asking for charity,

stop signing up for free shit,

sit your ass down and go inside,

deep inside,

and figure out where you’re out of integrity.

Reconnect with your core values.

Reconnect with your true desires – regardless of how ‘materialistic’ or ‘selfish’ they may seem.

Reconnect with who you were born to be.

And then


Nothing is going to change if you’re taking action from the low level you’re finding yourself on.

Do the mindset work –

do the EFT –

do the meditation –

do the ride –

do the run –

have the orgasm –

do whatever the hell it takes to break out of your funk.

Welcome the feeling of utter discomfort.

Welcome the feeling of being completely out of your depth.

This is THE fastest way for you to leave behind the struggle and step into your thrive.

Here’s the shit I don’t want to hear from you:

I don’t know – yes you do.

I can’t afford it – make the money.

I don’t have the time – create the time in your schedule.

It would be irresponsible – not living at full throttle, creating astounding experiences, is the most irresponsible way to live.

It seems selfish – not being your best self is the only selfish thing.

Listen Darling, with all my love and respect, you’re either going to commit and find the way, or you’re going to continue lying to yourself and everyone else about who you are, about what you truly desire, about what you take a stand for.

And people will feel that, responding accordingly.

Integrity is everything.

Those ‘assholes’ you love despising,

the ones that you love judging,

they’re receiving their desires because they are integrity with their values.

The fact that they’re values are different from yours, doesn’t make them bad or wrong.

It makes them different from you.

They are still in integrity with what they belief, what they want, what they uphold for themselves.

My question to you is – how long are you going to keep living a lie?

Hey, I’m not judging.

I lived out of integrity for decades.

It’s only now that I’m pulling out the most stubborn weeds from my garden.

It’s only now that I’m finally saying to hell with the opinion of others,

I’m going for what I want.

I’m simply holding up a mirror for you today.

What you make of it, is up to you.

But I’ll tell you this as well,

if you’re reading this and you know that you’ve been bullshitting yourself and everyone else for the longest time,

more importantly,

that you’re done with all the deceit and you’re ready to take a stand for yourself,

for your dreams,

for your values

for your legacy,

and you know that I’m the coach to hold you to your word,

then it’s time we connect.

Just don’t get onto the call expecting me to buy into your drama.

Don’t expect me to sit and listen to a soap opera and tell you everything is going to be okay.

I’m not wired that way.

What you can expect is unfiltered truth and royal kick up your arse.

You can expect me to lay out the possibilities and then leaving it up to you to choose.

You can expect to work with someone who is simply not available for screwing around.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is for those courageous enough to live in integrity.

With deep love for you and appreciation of your journey,



Empire building on singletracks

I invite you to take out your journal and pen and translate each lesson into your business as I share my remembering with you:

As I hit the entrance I bring my bike to a standstill.

Check in.

What’s happening in my body, in my mind?

I’m feeling tired.  Maybe I should just turn around and go back home.  Maybe not.

There’s a slight nervousness.

I haven’t been here for a while.

What if I fall?  What if I get hurt?  What if I’ve lost all my skills and I look like a retard?

Nope, I’m not immune to the voice of my ego.

I simply choose to ignore her – kinda like how you can fade your kids nagging voices into the background (don’t tell them I wrote this!)

Music off – all senses needed.

Deep breath.

Let’s go.

As I start, I feel into the tension in my shoulders, in my hands,

My legs stuttering.

Shit, too much brake.

Keep peddling.

Don’t go off the rails.

The forest has grown dense again making it impossible to see around the winding bends.

Suddenly, there’s a deepening in my breath.

I drop the gears,

increasing my revolutions,

and flow!

It’s fucking exhilarating and I start laughing.

Here’s what I remembered:

Flow comes from confidence.

My groove is back.  My bike leaning into the winding corners with grace, legs dancing on the peddles.

It hit me that the irritating stop-start from moments before had nothing to do with my true ability, and everything to do with my confidence.

The more confident you feel, the more you are able to relax into the zone, the more enjoyable the ride.

Confidence doesn’t mean false bravado Baby.

It’s not a ‘fake it till you make it’ scenario.

Confidence comes from hours and hours of doing that which others won’t.

It comes from having your ass in the game – year after year.

I’m so bored listening to people complain about how hard it is when they’ve just started.

Wanting to compare themselves to those years ahead and then thinking it’s time to give up when they haven’t even gotten started!

Remember the 10 000 hours theory?

Well hun, if you’re not there yet, put your head down and keep going.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes better.

I love watching downhill racing.

You know, those insane motherfuckers (said with sooooo much adoration and admiration) who go to the top of the hill and see who can cross the finish line at the bottom in the shortest time.

Without ending up in hospital.

It’s hard to breathe as you’re transfixed by their incredible skill flowing over rock-gardens, going around hairpin bends, jumping over boulders like what the fuuuuuuck?

It was only once my interest was piqued and I started doing the research that I understood the amount of preparation these incredible freaks of nature go through to make it all look so effortless.

Walking the route before the race, discussing each aspect with their team, understanding what their machine is capable of doing.

Riding the hills in preparation, practicing each section until they’re confident they’l be able to overcome each part of the course long before the gun goes off.

Does this mean they have a perfect ride on the day?

Hell no!

But it sure as fuck prepares them to do their absolute best.

Drop your gear, increase the cadence and get back in control.

As the corners become tighter and the forest closes in, often causing tree roots to cross my path, I feel the tension return.

My legs are not as strong as they used to be.

There was a time I could power myself out of any situation.

I have a long way to go to get back there.

Instead, I drop my gears to find an easier cadence and immediately I feel a sense of control returning.

Shoulders relax.

Back in the zone.

The only reason I would have stayed in the hard gear, would be ego.

To look like a badass and in the process probably falling and looking like a complete dork.

Don’t let your ego get in the way of your success.

Winning doesn’t happen for the strongest, it happens for the one who plays the mental game the best.

Don’t be a dick.

As the boys come up ahead I immediately pull over.

This has nothing to do with my gender.

I have no time for women who want to play on the same grounds as the boys and then expect special treatment.

I have no time for men who are huffed up and won’t be passed by a woman even when she’s clearly stronger.

For me, it comes down to respect.

I’m not at my peak – these guys are.

I have no intention of ruining their flow, their intervals.

Then again, when I am pumping and I come up to someone strolling, I expect the same courtesy.

Always be considerate of the other players.  

When you see someone with their head down, focused on a goal, don’t interrupt them because you’re bored or hold them up because you want attention.

When you see they’re faster than you, get out of the fucking way.

All mindsets are not created the same.

With the intense focus required, I can feel my mind tiring.


Which is dangerous.

I know from painful experience that once I lose focus, anything can bring me down.

This is when it hits me that all mindsets are not created the same.

I’ve been training stop-banks and jeep tracks which takes a ton of discipline as boredom can easily overtake you.  Tempting you to turn around.  Feeling the pain of your legs as there’s nothing to draw your attention away from it.

Yes, this type of training is crucial for endurance.

Yet it’s just as important to train the acute focused concentration needed for technical bits in the ride.

You have to train both.

Again Again! (in your most enthusiastic Telly-tubbies voice)

As I reach the top of the stop bank and look around, I notice I’ve reached the turn-around point.

I have a choice to make – I can turn around and do the single track in reverse, or I can take the stop-banks back.

Allowing myself to breathe a little more free.

Giving my mind a break.


Fuck it.

I turn the Cookie Monster around, bellowing down the winding track back into the forest.

I know repetition is the fastest way to regain my confidence so repetition is what I choose.

Wherever you end up, is perfect so don’t be afraid to make a fast decision.

As I hit the unexpected fork in the road I don’t take the time to slow down and look down the seperate trails.

I instinctively choose to go right.

Trusting that wherever I end up, will be perfect.

One of my strengths is the fact that I have zero sense of direction.

Yes, I said strengths.

It used to freak me the fuck out – not knowing where I am at any given time.

Even when I’ve ridden the same route on numerous occasions.

Then I started mountain biking and discovered the phenomenal adventures that can be had when I release the need to feel in control of my current location, keeping a sense of humour and a sense of expectation.

I’ve learned that there’s always a way to get to me ultimate destination, even if it takes a little longer with some unexpected detours.

Even when I have to trek through mud and shit.

So when the track disappears and I find myself standing at the bottom of a hill I start laughing.

Of course!

Choices – turn around and go back to the fork.

No problem.

Or, carry my bike to the top and see where I can go from there.

I choose option B.

As I get to the top I see a road somewhere to the right.

Once I reach said road I keep looking for a way to get back to my track.

Eventually I see a potential line.

Okay so it wasn’t really a track, but you’ll be amazed at what a little imagination can do to your experience.

Finally I spot a new entrance to the tracks and think “no matter where I end up, it’s always perfect for where I want to get to”.

Don’t be afraid to make a decision.

Don’t be afraid of taking a track not traveled.

Trust yourself.

It’s just your life.

Warning signs are for average people.

As I reach the end of the single tracks and start heading home I spot the sign next to the post “Dismount, not wide enough to ride”.  

That’s bullshit.

It’s more than wide enough to ride.

For a slightly more experienced rider with good balance.

Over the years I’ve found that land-owners are forced to put up warning signs everywhere to protect themselves from average people who want to do shit above their level of ability, and then sue whoever they can when they get injured.

My take on this:  if you’re going to take risks, and yes everything is a risk, take fucking responsibility for the outcome.

Even when it hurts.

Even when you get injured.

So if you’re not quite ready to ride at that technical level and you want to give it a try – go for it!

I’m serious.

Why not?

But for goodness sakes’ don’t blame others and say they should have warned you or protected you.

You’re a grown up FFS.

Act it.

Winners take full responsibility for their lives and all the results therein – the good and the ugly.

Failure to prepare always has consequences.

Rookie mistake – I didn’t plan and prepare properly for my ride.

It was a spur of the moment decision and once I was on my bike I didn’t want to get off!

Yes, I’m saying this with red cheeks because this shit is BASIC.

But I didn’t check the weather and I didn’t plan my ride.

Two things that happened – one, I was completely overdressed and started overheating about a quarter of a way into my ride.

No problem, had you been at my turn-around point you would have been treated the vision of me stripping down to the bare essentials and then some.

Secondly, I didn’t have enough water with me leading to a very parched, slightly dehydrated Anel dragging herself home.  Not too serious on this occasion, but stupid and needless.  Plus it impacts my recovery and performance tomorrow.

Okay this piece is getting way too long.

I’m sure you can start understanding just how much you can learn on a single ride and when you translate each of these to your business, your life goals, you will have set yourself up for your next level of success.

Your body holds the key to unlocking your mind just as your mind holds the key to unlocking the potential within your body.

Ready to play full-out this week?

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation of you,


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This is where the tyres meet the tar and you take massive amounts of aligned action, ensuring that all the foundational blocks are in place.

This is NOT for under-achievers.

It’s for those ready to up their game to the next level of incredible and who is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.

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Discipline, success, thrive, and anything else you desire, starts as choice.

Nothing great, in my experience, is achieved without discipline.

It is the cornerstone of everything that I set out to do.

Discipline, which so frequently is said to be tough to have,

is nothing more than a choice.

As everything else in life.

Even though not many want to recognise this.

In truth, people have simply become lazy.

And when you look at all the technological advances and conveniences available to us at this time, we could say it’s completely understandable.

After all,

life has become so hectic and busy and overwhelming,

we would be stupid not to take advantage of all that is available to us.



I’m not convinced.

Don’t get me wrong, I love being spoiled as much as the next girl,

but for me there’s power in effort and exertion and discipline.

It all starts with my mind.

I realised a long time ago, that when my mind is not focused on a desired destination, aka goal,

it’s really easy to get distracted by all the bright lights flashing around me.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the latest and greatest,

spending hours gawking at the lives of others whilst forgetting to water my own garden.

This is why I’m a firm believer in always having something to work towards.

The next challenge.

The next level.

The next adventure.

I also learned that for me to stay focused and disciplined, it’s essential to set myself up for success through rituals, structures and planning.

Some of my success tools include

  • journaling (have you noticed I’m a raving fan of this tool?),
  • daily tracking of progress and celebration of accomplishments,
  • weekly planning,
  • training every day,
  • reading every day,
  • working with the right coaches for my current goals,
  • eating well,
  • staying hydrated,
  • meditation.

By making all of these non-negotiable in my life, I free up my will-power to focus on those things that could derail me.

Things such as shit hitting the fan around me – I don’t live in isolation.

The drama that is part of being human – no, I don’t have complete control of my emotions Darling, I’m not a robot and I have no desire to ever become one.

That big slab of chocolate that is lying there, pleading with me to devour her.  Tempestuous vixen.

The constant noise of social media, the next quick fix, the empty promises of the ‘answer to all life’s challenges’.

All of these things vying for my attention at any given moment.

When I don’t have a burning desire, a goal so big and juicy it makes me salivate just thinking about it, I like so many others, start drifting aimlessly from one hour to the next, entranced by all of these.

I find myself sitting in front of the TV, binge watching whatever new series has been released that everyone is raving about.

Thing is, I also find my energy waning.

I start waking up tired in the morning.

I can hardly keep my eyes open in the afternoon.

I yawn at the dinner table.

That’s how I know that I’ve given in to the bullshit which is ‘being normal’.

Being normal, aka average, aka mediocre, is not a hereditary disease.

It’s a state of weakness.

Weakness which comes from people not using their minds to think for themselves.

Sadly, we have made this the most acceptable vibration for the masses, giving them a noddy badge for their complacency as nobody ever feels uncomfortable in their presence.

Simultaneously, we’ve made those driven by achievement, those hungry for success, uncomfortable to be around.

We say that we feel stupid or not good enough in their midst.

Putting them on a pedestal to be admired from afar.

When in fact, those who have the courage to go against the grain, those who are prepared to ‘sacrifice’ their ‘down-time’ for the betterment of themselves and in turn, humanity as a whole, are the humblest, most loving, most genuine people to walk the face of the earth at this time.

I am yet to meet a truly successful person who is an ass.

I’m not talking about success as defined by your bank account – for me success is living a life aligned with purpose, creating abundance, thriving, and happy.

These are the people who will eagerly share all they have learned along the way with those who truly desire to uplift themselves and consequently those around them.

They never complain about the long hours they put in because quite frankly, there’s nothing else they would rather be doing.

They don’t see clean living as a a sacrifice because their bodies feel amazing and light and clear.

And they don’t view themselves as anything special.

They’ve simply chosen to dedicate their lives to their art, their purpose, their joy.

They have taken the time to figure out who they are, what they want, and they are prepared to take the action to get it.

They love themselves to the point of upholding healthy boundaries, of surrounding themselves with those who are similar of mind, eliminating distractions, releasing toxic relationships, nourish their bodies with goodness, and have their shit together.

All of this is available to you too.

That’s because success is found inside of you.

You simply have to start choosing it.

And before you say ‘but’ anything,

know that I’m not interested in your stories or your excuses.

This is a choice,

plain and simple.

Where are you lacking discipline?

Where are you not training your body and mind to hold your attention for longer and longer periods of time?

Where are you drifting because your current lifestyle choices are leaving you tired and worn out?

Where are you leaking your energy to those who don’t give back, but simply suck you dry?

And what will it take for you turn it around?

One of the reasons my clients always have a fitness goal, is simply because this is the fastest way to learn discipline.

It’s the most powerful way to connect the muscle memory in your legs with that of your mind.

It’s the most rewarding experience to cross that finish line and that sense of achievement.

It also happens to put you in the midst of like-minded badasses.

The real win?

We connect all you learn on the field to the boardroom to increase performance in all areas of your life simultaneously.

If you’re ready to take your business, fitness and life to the next level let’s connect.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation,



It’s time for the real sacrifice to commence

Letter to self – whoever self is…

Okay bitch,

so you’ve been telling me for the longest time that you’re hungry for the next level of success.

I’ve been listening to your whining about how you’re sick and tired of feeling less than good enough.

Of how you desire freedom above all else.

That you’re committed to the outcome.

Whatever it takes.


I’m not seeing it.

Not feeling it.

I see you filling the pages with all of your good intentions,

and then,

scrolling on Facebook, connecting on LinkedIn, loving on Instagram.

Desperately distracting yourself from what you know you have to do.

Hiding from the perceived pain of sacrifice,

believing the bullshit lies of what sacrifice truly means.

They’ve told you that sacrifice is swallowing your truth so that you will spare the feelings of others – as if you can dictate the state of others, the stories they secretly tell themselves in interpretation of what’s happening around them, as if you can manipulate their souls and determine their energetic vibration.

They’ve told you that sacrifice is playing small so that you will make others feel good about themselves – as if everyone sitting down so that no one will stand out as a badass feels good.  It’s a pain in the arse.

They’ve told you that sacrificing your dreams is what’s called for so you can belong to the tribe – as if belonging to the wrong tribe can ever fill that hollow emptiness inside of you as you’re stifled by the masses yet feeling completely and utterly alone and misunderstood.  Never daring to speak your mind as you’re always criticised.  Always made wrong.  Always ridiculed.

The tribe,

the one you’re clinging to so desperately for a sense of belonging,

they don’t love you,

they don’t respect you,

they don’t appreciate you,

fuck woman,

they don’t even see you for who you truly are.

For them,

you’re simply food.

A piece of meat.

Sucking your energy through tubes of codependency,

making you high on the venom they so carefully drip into your gaping mouth.

Wake up Sunshine.

You’re fucking DYING.

This was NOT the agreement we made.

You said that you’re ready to be a warrior fighting for liberation of the artists, creatives and badass motherfucking soul brothers and sisters.

You said that you’re ready to step out of the way and letting the message come through raw, unfiltered, unappreciated at times.

You said that you’re ready to rise up in revolution to the mediocrity suffocating all who hunger for achievement.

Yet look at you.

Tippy toeing through life like a little bitch.

Just because they beat you with their fists a couple of times.

Just because they ripped your heart to pieces with their hate-dipped words.

Just because they continue to threaten you with expulsion and rejection.

Fuck them.

It’s time for you to understand that sacrifice was never about letting go of greatness.

Sacrifice is letting go of all that is low vibrational so that you may claim and receive that which is of high vibration.

Sacrifice truly is for the highest and best good.

And good doesn’t feel like shit.

Which is how you feel most days.


Take off those rose-coloured glasses and look around you.

Look at the clothes that’s so demure.

The food that’s filled with sugar and drugs you can’t even pronounce.

The mindless entertainment you park in front at night because your brain feels fried – you think it’s from working too much but it’s from creating too little.

It’s from holding back.

It’s from trying to keep at their slow pace.

Look at your relationships – boring AF, they tell you that it’s normal to feel like this after so many years.  They lie.

Look at your body – completely out of shape, looking like that of an old crone.

Look at your work – still editing the message just in case somebody feels offended at the crazy shit going on in your mind,

the screams of insanity of a soul trapped by convention,

the rage of a universe in a time of social chaos.


Today is the day.

I demand it of you.

I command it of you.

You choose right here right now.

What will you sacrifice?

What will you leave behind?

What will you obliterate forever more, burning the ship so that forward is the only option?

No more tiny improvements Darling.

I want you to look around you and be completely unreasonable in what you rid yourself of.

All the clothes, the food, the distraction, the toxic relationships, the insane amounts of ‘down-time’ on your calendar, the edit time after creating the message.


Forever more.

Only look forward.

Only seek to climb higher.

Stop thinking it’s too much to handle.

When did you become such a pussy thinking that fear is scary?

Do you see a dinosaur charging down on you?

Do you see a Sabertooth tiger hunching around the corner?


So stop your shit.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

They can retaliate from a space of victimhood telling all and sundry what a horrible, insensitive, ball-busting bitch you are.

People can turn away when you enter the room.

You can end up friendless,


You can end up scouring garbage bins for food.

You can die curled up on the cold forest floor.

Well, you’re gonna die.

What you need to start realising is that right now, you’re half-dead anyway.

You’re not living to your full potential because you still give a fuck.

Stop giving a fuck.

Their feelings are not your responsibility.

Their choices are not your responsibility.

Their beliefs are not your responsibility.

YOU are your only responsibility.

That means it’s time for YOU to decide what you are truly committed to creating with our life.

Will you create another boring melodrama that is forgotten in a couple of years,

or will we finally create a masterpiece?

Even if that means burning on the stake once more.

It’s only flesh and bones Anel.

It’s only flesh and bones.

Let that shit go.

The only thing that matters is that you consciously choose to create your experience from this moment forward.

The only thing that truly matters is that you own the fact that you love beauty and opulence and that you create that with your life showing all who choose to see what is available to them as well.

Whether they choose to do so or not, is up to them.

Anel, death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave and it demands sacrifice.

No more talk,

show me what you choose.

With deep love and appreciation of your experience,



How do you complete a marathon?

One motherfucking step at a time.

I’m currently unfit AF.

After weeks of being sick with the flu and having to pull-back to mere yoga every day, my body feels robotic, unresponsive, wading through peanut butter with every step I take.

‘1 kilometre’ the voice on my app states.

Only one kilometre.

And I already feel close to dying.




This is what it takes.

If there’s one thing IronMan has taught me, it’s that a true achiever stays humble.

That no matter how far you’ve gone before, there’s always a time when you’re back on the bottom ring.

In these times ego will be your greatest enemy.

I bet you’re familiar with her,

that voice that tells you to only go to gym ONCE you’ve lost some weight so nobody will see how fat you really are.

The one that says you’ll go to the mastermind meeting ONCE you’ve got the 7-figure business so you won’t feel incompetent.

The one that whispers you look like an idiot compared to everyone else so you should rather try something else where you just might have natural talent and look like a rock star from day one.

Ego doesn’t do humble.

It is her sole objective to feel good about herself,

even if that means surrounding herself with less than average people so she can shine a little.

The big fish in the little pond.

Except, ego never completes the marathon.

I’ve come to understand that the only way you’re NOT going to cross the finish line, is by stopping.

It’s by giving up.

It’s by not taking the next step.

And let me tell you Darling,

you’re way stronger than you can ever imagine.

The only reason you haven’t figured this out, is because you’re playing safe.

You’re listening to all the Average Joe’s around you telling you it would be completely insane and irresponsible to do the things that will have you falling flat on your face every now and again.

You don’t trust yourself enough to take the risks.

To put it all on the line.

To purposefully put yourself in situations where it’s sink or swim.

When going on is the only option,

you fucking find a way.

It’s because everyone is continuously letting us off the hook that we’ve become so weak.

They tell us it’s okay to take it slow.

It’s okay to give up.

They praise you for sacrificing your dreams in the name of love and for being a martyr because YOU put everyone else’s needs before your own.

They tell you that you’re doing it the smart way by taking baby-steps and never leaving anyone behind.

And by living in cotton-wool, well liked by the masses,


I don’t care what shape you’re in today,

I know I can get you to complete a marathon.

Is is going to hurt?

Fuck yeah.

Are you going to reach a stage where you hate me?

Quite possibly.

I don’t care.

I love YOU enough that it doesn’t matter.

Will it take us a looooong time?


Who the hell cares how long it takes?

When you’re committed to go the distance, you will keep going even if that means no sleep for 48 hours.

Not that it will take us 48 hours Love.

I’m not that patient.

Why am I so confident?

Because I’ve done what most others don’t,

I walked the talk.

Where others sit on the bench,

being spectators in this fabulous game called life,

looking at how the players get to do mind-blowing feats,

waiting for the latest research to tell them what’s possible,

I entered the races,

I put in the miles,

I crossed the finish lines.

Sometimes puking,

almost always crying,

majority of the times bleeding,

even screaming as the raw flesh from ripped toenails bled inside my shoes.

Regardless of how tough it was, I simply kept taking another step.

And another.

And another.

Until there were no more steps to take.

People ask me how do I find the strength to keep going?

I ask people how the fuck they can give up?

I don’t get it.

It blows my mind.

People ask me what’s the secret of building a business breaking the ten year barrier?

I ask people how the hell do they walk away from their dream, their purpose, their soulmate clients?

I simply don’t compute.

You want to know what keeps me going?

You do.

I show the fuck up

every day

for you.

Regardless of what’s going on in my life.

Regardless of how I feel.

I keep taking another step.

Every day.

Some days that looks like a sprint,

some days it is a long endurance pace,

some days it’s a shuffle,

hell, some days I’m doing leopard crawl with my elbows.

I just refuse not to move forward.

I know that this is the ONLY way to cross the line,

understanding that once I’ve crossed it, I’m already setting the goal for the next line.

I also have to tell you that I didn’t get to embrace this mindset by surrounding myself with sympathisers.

I didn’t breed resilience by listening to average.

I put myself in the game with those already ahead of me.

Willing to fall flat on my face in front of them.

Willing to feel like a moron.

Willing to swallow my pride,

go work harder,

and come back for more.

I want you to know that it never stops hurting.

Stop thinking that if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong!

You look at the top athletes crossing the finish line and you think ‘it’s so easy for them’ –


They’ve simply trained to increase their capacity for pain tolerance.

They still hurt.

In fact, if I had to put your mind into their bodies you would run screaming into the mountains because you wound’t be able to cope.

Same in business.

They tell you it’s easy because they’ve chosen to forget the pain and the struggle.

I keep it real.

It hurts.

It’s uncomfortable.

You’re scared.

You have times of doubt.

You remain human

doing superhuman things.

Which is why the mindset work is a daily practice.

It’s not your body that will stop you after 40 kilometres, a mere 2 kilometres from the finish line.

It’s your mind.

If you’re not training that beast she will devour you and spit out your potential.

What’s your marathon?

That dream you hold apart from yourself,

not willing to say it out loud just in case someone holds you accountable to your word?

And how much do you want it?

Really want it?

Enough to bleed for it?

Enough to puke for it?

Enough to shit your pants for it?

Enough to sacrifice for it?

Because if you’re not,

walk the fuck away.

That simple.

Instead of always feeling like a failure – just let it go.

And go sit on the bleachers cheering with the rest of the crowd.

However, if you’re done feeling like a miserable under-achiever and you want to work with a coach who will go the distance with you,

let’s connect.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

You get to choose to thrive.

With deep love and appreciation of your badass self,



The true power of freedom that is available to you.

So you’ve hit rock bottom.


The point where you’ve just had enough.


Of the pain.

The discontent.

The frustration.

The loneliness that you can never shake, regardless of how many ‘friends’ you make online.

Lying, sobbing on the floor, thinking to yourself

‘What the fuck?

What’s happened to me?

What became of the dynamic twenty-something year old that had the world at her feet?

When did I become this?

This disappointment?

This ass-kisser?

This mere shadow of the woman I thought I would be?’

Salty tears dripping into your mouth.

And the sadness in your chest an iron-clad vice gripping you so hard that you don’t know how your lungs could possibly expand enough for you to take another breath.


thick as molasses,

slowing down your every movement.

I know Darling.

That was me, not so long ago.

To the rest of the world I seemed a highly successful, driven, badass motherfucker conquering the world.

And I guess compared to the masses, I was.

Doing what most people consider impossible or brave or stupid.

Still, there was a level of shame inside of me that nobody could ever comprehend.

Feeling as though I was living a lie.

Out of integrity.

Because no matter how hard I tried,

no matter how much I did,

with what I had and with where I was at,

it’s nowhere near what I’m capable of.

In fact, I’m still a long way off.

But I’ve started.

I suspect that my greatest struggle throughout my lifetime has been the feeling of guilt.

I felt guilty for being ambitious.

I felt guilty for wanting to do more.

To go harder.

To climb higher.

I felt guilty for having a no-excuses policy that ultimately drives me to believe that either we seriously want something and do whatever the fuck it takes,

or we find every reason under the sun not to have it.

And because I’ve wrestled with this powerful emotion called guilt,

I’ve attracted to me all those who would amplify it.

I attracted people who blamed me for making them feel insignificant and weak.

I attracted people who blamed me for making them feel like failures.

I even attracted people who blamed me for eating disorders and depression.

These weren’t faceless strangers who couldn’t trigger me.

They were friends, family and lovers.

Those who I had formed deep emotional connections with.

And all the time, I would shine a little less in an effort to make them feel better about their choices.

Except, in the process, I had become so dulled that I could hardly recognise myself in the mirror.


I would wake in the mornings,

feeling ashamed of my efforts which seemed so puny compared to what I know I am capable of.



there came a day when I just decided that I would NEVER again feel regret.

Never again would I feel bad about who I am and who I desire to be.

Never again would I give away my personal power by having the low standards of others dictate my efforts.

What I discovered was that the most empowering decision that nobody tells us about, is taking


What does this look like for me?

It looks like me acknowledging the fact that I’m a soul in a human body having an experience.

As soul I chose my parents

my culture

my sex.

Not because I wanted to be a victim,

not because I wanted to spend eternity feeling helpless and thinking that others are to blame for the events of my life.

Not because I’m being tested to see if I’m good enough to get into heaven or doomed to hell for all eternity.

Well, I don’t believe that.

Instead I now look at everything that’s happened for me in life thus far,

I go inside,

and I ask for the learning.



To see the values and beliefs handed down to me from previous generations,

and then,

without making the people wrong,

asking if the values and beliefs are in alignment with my soul.

And I have to say,

most of them aren’t.

I believe that I chose this lifetime to remember who I am.

I chose this lifetime to think for myself once more.

Instead of blindly following the crowd.

I chose this lifetime to embrace my heart’s desire for beauty and freedom and adventure.

The way I chose to experience this, was by first creating contrast.

Yes, that means for decades I created a life of neglect, imprisoned by the bars in my mind and false ‘security’.

I lived the life that was held up to me as the ‘good’ way to live as a ‘good’ woman and in the process I felt bad.

I’m not saying that my way of thinking or living is the ‘right’ way or even the right way for you.

Instead I’m sharing with you my realisation that even though everyone told me that I’m a victim of circumstance,

I was in fact the most powerful person in my life.

It was my choices, my thoughts and my actions which created every single outcome and as long as I blamed others, I was stuck.

It took no small amount of courage for me to take full responsibility of my life.

And yes, there were instances where I really didn’t want to.

I wanted to carry on blaming others.

I wanted to make excuses for myself.

Yet every time I did so, I could feel the loss of my personal power.

It was only by taking complete responsibility that I finally connected with a source inside of me previously untapped.

It’s called love.

Real love.

Not codependent love.

It is what keeps me rising in the morning and striving for my best version self, regardless of the reactions of those around me.

It’s what keeps me speaking my unfiltered truth from a place of genuine compassion regardless of the backlash from others.

It’s what keeps me raising the bar for myself from a space of deep self-worth and belief in self regardless of the ego-based fears that always rise simultaneously.

It’s what keeps me taking another step in the direction of my desires regardless of the perceived obstacles and just trusting that the Universe will always provide another stone underfoot.

Next month I’m turning 46, yet in many instances I feel as though I’m in the infant stage of life.

Only now opening my eyes and truly discovering what has always been right in front of me.

I’m learning to walk unaided.

To speak a new language.

To love unconditionally and without expectation.

For the first time ever, I’m feeling free.

This my friend, is true power.

And it’s your birthright.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving remains the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation of you,





resilience, goals, choices

What would happen if finishing was the only option?

After almost two weeks of not being able to push harder,

not being able to really sweat,

not being able to breathe,

I’m cranky AF.


physically bored,

out of shape.

The beast has been sedated and she ain’t waking pretty.


Because when my body slows me down,

thanks to the gift of flu,

my mind feels like a caged animal.

Seeking escape.

It’s in these times that I get out of my normal state of focus and take the time to look around.

And what I’m seeing is

quite frankly,


I’m seeing hundreds of thousands badass achievers suffocating in existence.

Those born to race,

born to climb,

born to conquer,

born to push the boundaries,

born to hustle

surrounded by those who never have the desire to do jack shit,

infected by complacency,

they are giving up on themselves,

all for the sake of


When did we go from warriors to hordes of little bitch worriers?

When did we give up our right to stand out above the rest through hard work, dedication, commitment, going above and beyond, to punching the clock and then sitting around on our asses with nothing to stimulate us other than a TV screen?

When did we stop being proud leaders in the front and start carrying those who choose to be followers?




In my very humble, not so humble, opinion,

this state of mere survival,

is because we’ve built cages of lies in our minds

and we live held fast in a story of false safety.

We set up lives of entrapment though wedding rings and credit cards, creating codependent children and gender based roles, and then we say we don’t have a fucking choice.

That in order for us to be responsible we just have to do what we have to do.

We believe them when they say we’re going to burn out,

hit rock bottom,

lose it all,

be alone.

That if we keep this up, nobody is going to like us.

Well quite frankly Darling, I would rather be completely alone and respect the face in the mirror

than be surrounded by assholes blowing just enough smoke up my arse to keep me around for their egotistical pleasure

and NOT being able to look myself in the eye.

And yes

I’m guilty of doing that

for most of my life.

I said the same shit to myself as most others recite day in and day out:

  • I don’t know
  • I’m too old
  • I have kids
  • It’s not appropriate
  • I can’t help myself
  • I just want to be liked
  • I’m not good enough
  • My tits are too small
  • My ass is too big
  • I don’t have the money
  • I don’t have the time
  • I’m simply not disciplined enough
  • I’m too much to handle
  • I make others feel bad about themselves
  • They won’t like me
  • But they’re my family
  • Who do I think I am




I bought into the fears of those around me, thinking they were mine to own.

Thinking that OF COURSE everyone else knew better than me.


Fuck NO!

Here’s my thing:

if you’re going to do something,

something ballsy,

something spectacular,

something extraordinary,

you have got to stop being so soft with yourself.

Stop accepting their limitations of you.

Stop telling yourself the same hogwash you’ve been telling yourself for years.

Stop making excuses for not showing up.

Stop softening the blows.

Stop believing the weak-of-mind who tells you that setting goals will make you feel defeated and bad about yourself.

People who say that shit choose not to have the resilience to see it through to the finish line and then they deflate your passion by giving you all the latest research as to why you should set teeny tiny little wishes.

Those of us prepared to die to reach the finish line

we know

in our souls

that any failure on the way

is temporary.


We don’t give up.

We go back to the drawing board.

Back to the training ground.

We find the experts and let them guide and teach us.

And then,

we do it all again.

It’s time for you to stop letting yourself off the hook!

It’s time for you to remember who you are,

at your core,

in your soul,

and to stop tolerating ANYTHING less than magnificence from yourself.

Not from a space of shame or blame.

Take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life,


The good, the bad, the horrible, the disgusting.

And then,

you take off those granny panties and climb on top that stallion,

bare back,

and you RIDE!

Allowing yourself to fall off,

allowing yourself to look like an idiot,

allowing yourself to drown out the noise of the crowd by the sound of blood pumping through your veins,

allowing yourself to leave behind all those who call you insane,

allowing yourself to stay focused,


you cross the finish line.


and only then,

do you look around to see all the fabulous new badasses that were there all the time.

Until you cross over you will always think that staying put is the only way not to be alone, except being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest place to be in the world.

Because you don’t understand that those playing on the next field get you,

they’ve made sacrifices,

they’ve left toxic relationships,

they’ve put in the hours,

they have the resilience,

they have the passion,

the discipline,

the focus.

THEY are your people.

You’re never going to find them until you are willing to stop your shit and start reclaiming your authentic self.

Look Sunshine,

truth is that all this modern-day psycho babble is nothing more than breeding grounds for complacency.

They tell you everyone should feel like a winner,


there’s one winner.

Second across the line is the first loser.

They tell you that doing just enough is enough,


only your best is good enough.

And if you’re a true achiever,

you and I both know that for you, your best is never good enough.

You strive for more,

you keep pushing harder,




Stop shaming yourself for your insatiable hunger.

This is your gift,

your superpower,

time to embrace that.

Stop saying that you lack the confidence to go full out.

Confidence is reclaimed BY GOING FULL OUT.

You will only ever start rocking it out if you stop doing the average mundane crap everyone else is doing.

It doesn’t make you feel confident.

Because you’re a fraud!

I know it,

you know it.

You playing small to keep everyone else happy, makes you feel less than slug slime.

Stop it!

If you’re a born achiever, my invitation to you today is to take a real hard look at yourself, at your life, at your body, at your profession, at your money, at your sex, at your relationships,

and ask yourself

is this as good as it can ever get?

And if not,

and I already know the answer is no so don’t think you can fool me,

ask yourself

why the fuck are you not going full out?

Right now,


How are you holding yourself back?

Which little boat are you clinging to?

When did you start thinking that anything but the finish line was even an option?

More importantly,

what the hell are you going to do about it now?

If you’re done playing with the nice coaches, the ones who hold your hand, gently coaxing you to take the next step,

if you’re done walking with that Zimmer frame,

if you’re ready to be challenged,

ready to be scared,

ready to remember what it feels like to thrive,

let’s connect.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

With love and appreciation for your badass self,