Are you ready to slide that sexy ass behind the steering wheel?

Have you ever been to South Africa?

If you have, chances are you would have encountered the infamous taxis.

Little mini-vans crammed over capacity with passengers who put their lives in the hands of mostly unqualified, ruthless, angry drivers.

A gross exaggeration I know, but indulge me for a moment as I’m simply using it to make a point for you today.

I’ve never really understood why people get into those little coffins on wheels.

And as someone who’s been knocked by taxis whilst out riding and running I can tell you that it’s not just the passengers whose lives hang on a thread.

Why a country has allowed this insanity to become the acceptable mode of transport for the masses is beyond me.

Yes, the passengers will say this is their only choice.

Personally, I would rather walk a hundred kilometres than play Russian roulette for the sake of getting from point A to point B.

Then again, I love myself and I value my life.

In truth, this particular flavour of crazy wouldn’t exist if people didn’t accept so docilely.

But it’s a perfect illustration of modern day life.

Every day I connect with people who find themselves in a state of hopelessness.

They are frustrated.

They are tired.

They feel defeated.

Being presented with situations which they feel incapable to deal with.

Situations where they feel completely out of control.


Like sheep being led to the butchers table, they’ve simply accepted their lot of existence and they’re so stuck in the bullshit rules and laws and expectations and social roles and indoctrinations, that they don’t have the thought capacity to look around and see there’s no fucking fence that keeps them in line.

At any given moment they can simply take a step to the left and they’ll be out.

Free to wander into the great big wilderness that is all around them.

To run free.

Have fun and adventure.


You’ve been told that your life has to follow a certain path for you to be a valued and valuable member of society.

That without the external validation you’re obsolete, not enough in and of yourself, and if you’re not going to contribute, you’ll be cast out.

Except if you start paying attention you will see that the ‘humanity’ in society has been replaced by a massive machine that’s gobbling people’s energy up to keep fuelling itself.

And you’re just sitting in that little mini-van waiting for it to either deliver you to the next drop-off and pick-up point to continue existing in service to BULLSHIT, or to die in a horrible crash!

How often do you feel that you have no choice or that you’re not qualified and so you leave your fate up to those whom you perceive to be better or stronger or smarter?

How often do you leave your life-changing decisions up to others because you think that they deserve a say in your future even if that future together is never guaranteed?

YOU are the only person who is guaranteed to be at your death-bed.

Yet you seem so willing to be a passenger in your life.

Left reeling on the side of the road when things don’t go the way you had expected them to and all of a sudden you wake up realising that those ‘experts’ were just as insecure and unsure as you were.

Get the fuck out of the back seat.

Walk if you have to.

It will at least clear your head.

It will give you time to think for yourself again.

And then you will have the capacity to decide for yourself,

Do you even want to drive?

If so, you get to steer your own car.

Or do you want to fly?

Do you want to swim?

Do you want to ride your bike every day?

Do you want to run?

Do you want to paddle?

So many choices available to you.

But until you wake up,

until you stop being a terrified passenger,

ain’t jack shit gonna change.

And I want you to start seeing the lie of selfishness.


and I mean nobody

who is soul-aligned,


will ever drain humanity.

The more people who start loving themselves again, allowing themselves to receive abundance, giving themselves permission to have pleasure and fun as part of their daily lives,

the more all of humanity benefits.

Because when you live in love, you overflow love to everyone around you.

That is where we start healing our world Darling.

Not through self-sacrifice and martyrdom.

It takes courage.

Simply because you’ve been socialised to live in constant fear and self-doubt and shame.

It’s how they control you.

And you are more comfortable with the fear of the known,

being miserable AF,

then the fear of the unknown.

Which you can reframe into excitement by the way.

Your body is already firing on all cylinders, you simply have to change the word you use to get a different outcome.

If you feel the adrenaline pumping, the heat rising, the hairs prickling on your arms, and you choose to say you’re afraid, chances are you will be frozen.  Stuck.  Not taking any action.


If you feel that change in your state and you choose to say you’re excited, on fire, woooohoooooooo motherfuckers, then you’re going to run.  You’re going to take massive aligned action.  And you WILL get a different outcome.

Yes, sometimes we feel excited and we pick up speed and we fall flat on our faces.

So what?

You don’t see a baby learn to walk, fall down, and then say ‘Screw it, I’m not getting back up.  I’m not ever going to walk.’

Why not?

Because the baby doesn’t give a shit of what others think of her.

She has no ego.

The only reason people fall and stay down is because they don’t want to look like a fool in front of others, to be judged by others.

Do you have ANY idea how many people never live their dreams, never give it their all, because they don’t want to be ridiculed?

And I get it,

we’ve all been laughed at.

Some of us more than others.

I used to go blood red when I failed or fell and people laughed at me.

Then one day,

it was on my bike,

I lay there on the ground and I started laughing with them.

I saw how ridiculous I looked, all tangled up sideways, and I kept laughing until I finally got back up, got back on the seat, and kept riding.

I’ve been laughing at myself ever since.

Which is exactly how I choose to live my life.

In all aspects.

Including my business.

Yes, I screw up constantly and I learn and I look like an ass to those who choose to view me through their lenses of judgement.

I was showing a client my first YouTube video yesterday (have a look for a good giggle) and thought “OMG I look like an idiot!”

But I keep that baby up there as a reminder to myself of how I had the ovaries to get started and keep going.  And no, I’m never going to be a Marie Forleo, that’s not my talent or my passion.

Instead, I do me.

The way I am.

This is how I choose to ride through life Darling.

Okay so you’ve been listening to me rant and preach, now what are you going to do with it?

Are you going to choose to be triggered and delete me?

Are you going to choose to nod your head in agreement but then keeping the same old same old way you’ve always done?

Or are you going to choose to wake up, shake up, slide that sexy ass of yours behind the wheel of your dream mode of transportation, and ride to freedom?

Choosing instead to live a life where liberation, fun, adventure, pleasure, deep connection and contribution is the norm?

Only death is inevitable Sweetheart.

Thriving truly is a choice of the brave.




Are you ready Sunshine?

Truly Ready?

Ready to own your brilliance?
Ready to come out of the closet of mediocrity?

I can only imagine how exhausted you must be from the effort it takes to keep so miniscule.  Squatting in the shadows of ego-driven assholes who never let you shine too bright, cramping your true style because they told you to stop thinking that you’re special.

And I get it!

I know that you came into this world all high vibe and bright and so excited to tell everyone that you could see a new way of living.  A new way of being.  That you had a special gift that you’re happy to share with everyone.

I know that it hurt like a motherfucker when those whom you trusted said you were full of yourself and that magic is only for fairy tales.

So you shut up.   You shut down.  And you tried to fit in as best you could.
Numbing the pain of self-abandonment with addiction.

Today, I’m taking a stand for you and declaring ENOUGH AND NO MORE!


What does liberation look like?

It looks like you doing what you truly desire to do, when you feel the call of soul to do it, with your soulmate clients, friends, lovers.

Now I don’t know about you, but for me THIS is the true definition of success.

It’s when you stop fucking around with the rules of simpletons and you actually do what you came here to do.


You stop doing business or having sex or raising kids and you start living in flow understanding that you’re ONE being and your life is an effortless blend of moments, one dimension beautifully enhancing the next in a magnificent kaleidoscope of brilliance.

See here for more details.