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Are you done being shafted by shame?

Shame – is there any emotion that trumps this bitch when it comes to ripping your self worth right out of your skin, dragging you through the mud and leaving you in a heaving heap of destruction? I don’t think so. It’s one of those emotion I don’t think we escape lightly. Not in our culture anyway. […]

THIS is the only mistake I see people make…

Who hasn’t said it at some time? I’ve made a mistake. Who hasn’t heard it at some time? Learn from my mistakes. So let’s investigate this for a moment. The definition as given by the all-knowing Google is that a mistake is an act or judgement that is misguided or wrong. I want to question this […]

There can be no fear in the presence of love.

Hmmmm, where to start. It’s taken me a very long time to publicly own the fact that I’m spiritually guided on my journey.  That I dabble with faerie dust and magic.  That I talk with my angels (and my dogs, and the wall, and the voices in my head). I always thought I was hiding […]

Triggered as fuck around triggers.

Sometimes as I sit down to write for you, I look at my reflection in the window and think “Seriously Anel, why couldn’t you have picked an easier path?” It would appear in some ironic twist of fortune I didn’t come to this life to teach from a place of logic and hum-drum information. That would […]

So you’ve lost your motivation. What now?

What an amazing thing – this life of ours. It’s always changing, expanding, retracting, going up, plummeting down. It’s on helluva ride Babe! Which is why I find it fascinating how we go through times when we decide life is boring.  We feel lacklustre.  We drag our feet and our asses.  Heads hanging.  Shoulders slumped. […]

In any moment you can choose to be happy. Or not.

It’s Monday night. I fucking love Mondays. Okay so Saturdays are phenomenal because I have more time to ride my bike. Sundays are cool because I get to spend some quality time with my family at lunch. But come Sunday night I’m chomping at the bit. I’m rearing to go! Let me at ’em! I want […]

A beautiful unfurling of remembrance

When I first sent Kaylene the message that I’m going back to black, she was less than enthusiastic. Way less. In fact was crystal clear that she thought this was one of my shittiest ideas ever. But I knew it was time. The knowing’s been building up inside for a while now. In my fear I […]