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Beware the sheep in wolves clothing!

The message woke me just after 3 this morning. Replaying events from the previous 24 hours. Asking to be shown what I was missing. Which is when it hit me: There’s a shit-ton of sheep walking around in wolves clothing. Now before you get all uppity with me, I have no problem with sheep. I […]

The fear beneath the perceived fear.

Had you seen me yesterday, you would have stood in bewilderment. Shaking your head in sympathy. Convinced that I’d finally lost my shit. Completely. Utterly. But you didn’t, nobody did, because they were all still sleeping. Whilst I was out, fighting my demons; my fears, dripping thickly in my throat. Challenging, taunting, calling me weak, […]

The only person you’re truly lying to, is yourself.

 Stop it. Stop telling me that you want to be successful when you’re not prepared to be uncomfortable. Stop telling me that you value health when you’re stuffing your face with obscene amounts of food. Stop telling me that you desire deep love and connection when you’re not prepared to leave behind toxic relationships. […]

You know what Love, we all feel fear!

Come with me down into the dark the place where they live: the voices so soothing hypnotising. They weren’t always there. At first, when you came to this plane of existence, you were incredibly adventurous daring happy. You believed in yourself. You understood there’s no limitations to what you can achieve. When you put your […]

Free your MIND and the rest will follow.

 Pain Pleasure Fear Exhilaration Freedom Irritation Depression Joy Exuberance ORGASMIC Achievement Discomfort Elation Doubt Confidence Challenge Blame Shame Powerless BADASS AF Magical Satiated What do these mean to you? How do they make you feel? What’s the pictures that pop to mind? The stories you have attached to each word? Words have power. Why? […]

Are you done hitting the snooze button Darlin?

Okay Sweetheart, let’s have some real talk here. You and me. Because I look at you and do you know what I see? I see this incredibly powerful, beautiful person of infinite potential, waiting around, for something to happen, something to change, to give themselves permission to finally stop holding the reigns in. I see […]

Your dreams – your responsibility

Good morning Sunshine. What you up to this week? Are you going to astound us with your brilliance? Are you going to create something so incredible that those around you will sit, mouths wide open, wondering who this delightful being of magnificence is? Are you going to go full out for everything that you’ve ever […]

Is thinking killing your badassery?

I can spot them a mile away- – the ‘thinkers’. They normally have a frown deeply creased into their foreheads. There’s a dark cloud hanging around them. Their energy is low. They talk in problems. Always trying to puzzle out whatever is eating them. They will start thinking of a goal they really want to […]