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There comes a time when you simply have to stop explaining…

We are a growing breed. Those who choose to walk alone. The silence found in darkness smoothing frayed senses at the end of the day. Velvet cloak nurturing sapped energy. Happily feeling like the misfits, outcasts, in a world gone mad. We are the ones who are misunderstood. For the longest time, I spent all […]

Speak with power or say nothing at all…

What is it going to take for this to sink in? That you are creating your current reality with the thoughts you choose to think, you know, those stories you keep telling yourself, of why people do the shit they do, of what that says about you, of what it says about them, the words […]

When you’re not feeling the joy in receiving

My Love, I get it. Probably better than most. For I have walked in the shoes of self-preservation, self-deprevation, until there was more hole than sole. It felt safer to be in lack, invisible, than to receive. Sounds so crazy doesn’t it? The ego goes on the defensive, saying that’s just stupid. ‘OF COURSE I […]

Do you have the courage to look in the mirror of life?

Open your eyes. If you  dare… Open your eyes and see what you’ve created, all around you. From your thriving business or struggling hobby, to your sexy AF body or fat, flabby layer of protection, to your orgasmic lover or abusive codependent nightmare, to your connected family or dysfunctional unit of resentment, to your adventurous […]

The power of your Yes and your No

If only you would take a moment to understand, truly understand, the impact of your words, you would start paying closer attention, than you are right now. Your words ultimately create your life experience. It starts with two teeny tiny little words, that has the power to change EVERYTHING. You already know this, and yet, […]

I’m not here for your entertainment!

Those who know me well, will tell you that I’m not a very nice person. I have zero tolerance for small talk, my most used emoticon in my head is eyes rolling, if you can’t grab my attention with an interesting conversation, I will leave your presence so fast you won’t know what happened. This […]

‘Why the hell did I just create this pile of shit?’

Sometimes I look at the unfolding of my life, the current events, people, circumstances, and I’m a little dumbfounded. I can’t help but shake my head, a silent ‘what the fuck’ escaping my lips. It used to be so easy to feel helpless in these times. I could almost miss those days of ignorance. When […]

The chase is in service to all driven achievers…

Words can’t always describe the sensation of feeling truly alive. Blood pumping so hard that the echo in your ears drowns out the music. Sweat dripping into the fresh cuts, blood mixing with salt, only the sting reminding you this is pain. Lungs expanded from constant breath, flowing, more, burning. Fuck I love to ride. […]

Written in the buff, under the light of the moon

Todays’ piece is written in the buff, under the light of the moon.   It might be the power of the full moon, she is feeling particularly potent this month, that has me abandon my normal shyness, allowing me to connect to the crazy a little more. Who knows… Who cares… It feels good and […]

Results OR Excuses – there’s no in-between

I don’t want to hear it. Not again. I don’t actually give a shit. About all the reasons you tell me you can’t do it. Of how you have to put others first. Of how you don’t have time. Of how you’ve tried everything. Of how you can’t afford it. Of how you don’t know […]