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But is your relentless complaining getting you epic results?

One of the human behaviours I truly struggle with, is complaining. It irks me to no end. Probably since, like so many other ‘normal’ behaviours, it simply doesn’t compute for me anymore. Yes, we all have shitty days. We all go through times when it feels as if the entire universe has smoked weed, doing […]

Understanding the relentless voice of doubt

Oh for the love of all that is holy on planet earth. I can hardly believe I’m here, again. The voice is back. The one that fills me with dread. You know the one, or is it just me? She starts off all sweet and tender, telling me how well I’m doing, considering, all that’s […]

Fuck their cookie-cutters, you’re NOT dough!

 Trigger alert. My inner bitch pulled her soap box out from under the bed. This could potentially be nasty. Quite frankly I’m so fucking over the fear-based marketing in an industry that I adore with every cell in my body, an art I truly believe in. I’m so done with coaches telling people they […]

Let’s just be perfectly clear, YOU get to decide.

To say that there’s been some RADICAL changes in my life this year, is an understatement. It’s taken me a long time, short time, to get to this point. Reclaiming my independence. Reclaiming my power. Reclaiming my choice. Reclaiming my voice. Reclaiming me.   A process which was brought to the cliff-edge on Friday, as […]

Change your viewpoint to get a new perspective

Today is moving day! It’ so much more than just moving day though, and as I was busy packing up boxes yesterday, I decided to press pause, take a step back and evaluate where I’m at. I had the inspiration to take it further, knowing that we have some powerful filters in the way we […]

The proof is in the evidence of you

It’s time to get ego out of the way and allow yourself to see without your goggles of bullshit. To put aside your fragility, take a step back and be honest. About what you SAY you want versus what you’re DOING. I’m a little over people bitching and moaning that life is so fucking unfair, […]