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If you truly want to transform the world, transform yourself.

We keep talking about what’s wrong with the world. All the hardship, The suffering, The lack, The abandonment, The obesity, The addiction, The psychological diseases, The scarcity. Still not understanding that every word we utter, spins the web of all these conditions even tighter. For what we give energy to, grows. We’re feeding the beast […]

What my soul wants you to know… Not for the faint of heart!

Ugh, it’s one of those days. When the message wants to come through and it’s feeling really uncomfortable, I keep backspacing, wondering how I can say it in a way that doesn’t feel like such a slap through the face? How about I step out of the way and allow myself to receive the message? […]

What if your emotions are not the real enemy?

Okay so maybe I just love stirring shit. Maybe I enjoy freaking out people by taking everything the ‘experts’ say and turning it upside down. My intention is not to say I’m right and they’re wrong, that would be a real dick move of me. Instead, my intention is to share the insanity raging inside […]

What I ACTUALLY mean when I say there are no victims…

 I suspect it must be challenging to live life thinking THIS is all there is. That you’re nothing more than skin, bones and muscle. It must suck to wake in the morning and think that what you see with your eyes IS universal truth. I can’t even imagine…   Periodically I allow myself to […]

Will this be another year of delusions and false starts?

This is not a motivational piece. It’s not in keeping with the celebratory atmosphere currently prevailing. Everyone high on hope-amine with the potential of 2019 lying ahead. And maybe you’ve even started taking action on those New Years Resolutions you so love setting! Maybe you’ve not had a drink in two days. Maybe you’ve thrown […]

Want a different future? Change your past today…

Let’s keep today short and sweet as I’m sure you’re wanting to get on with your party plans. It’s the final day of 2018. As I sat with my journal this morning, revisiting my wins, my accomplishments, my learnings, I was proud AF. 2018 has been like no year before. It’s the year I reclaimed […]

Are you ready to shed some skin for your game?

Transformation. Until this morning, as I’ve thought of this concept, the image of a butterfly came to mind. After all, it’s rather magical when the worm encases herself in her silky cocoon, and then emerges a butterfly. So romantic. Except, who the fuck wants to go into hiding for growth and transformation? Instead, this morning, […]

Are you quite done killing yourself?

Ugh, is there ANYTHING worse than seeing a high achiever pretending to be happy with the slow life? Skulking around with your smile painted on your face, nodding your head whilst silently rolling your eyes. Because everything you do, everything you say, everyone you’ve surrounded yourself with, is sooooooo ordinary, you want to choke. Yet, […]

What would your life in full integrity look like?

Confession time: I’ve been slipping. It’s been so gradual that I’ve not taken notice. Shit, in truth the slope has been there since the time of my birth. Greased for ease of the downhill slide by cultural norms. Compared to most I’m still looking pretty good, but in my heart, I know, I’m nowhere near […]

When last have you made your yes, YOUR yes?

Two of our most POWERFUL words, the ones opening and closing doors, the ones that has us expanding or constricting, is: yes and no. It’s because of the power they have over our experience of life, that those who live in fear, those who feel they have to dominate and oppress others so they won’t […]