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You THINK not enough time is the problem, but it’s not.

The number one complaint I hear, especially from women, the number one reason they can’t get their dreams off the ground, the number one obstacle they just don’t seem to get over so they can focus on themselves, is time. There’s never enough hours in the day. At night they look back, exhausted, frustrated, slightly […]

The only thing you’re truly fearing, is fear itself…

Fear. A word so many of my clients have been going into battle with lately. Programmed by their mothers, fathers, teachers and preachers to cower before the word itself. Thinking that if they’re feeling afraid, it means there’s something wrong with them. Because surely a brilliant, smart, confident woman should be fearless? Right? Bullshit. Fear […]

The badass in me chooses to see the badass in you.

Would you believe me if I told you that you are so powerful so formidable that you choose what you see? That you have a filter inside of your mind that bends the rays of light penetrating your eyes interpreting the stimulations from outside to suite your story on the inside. The story that you […]

It’s time to break free from the suffering caused by lies

Love, I see you. I know your fear. Of not wanting to look in the mirror. Waiting for the shower to fog up the cursed piece of unforgiving glass. Refusing to meet your eyes, Petrified of finding your soul. Unwilling to hear the truth as spoken by your physical self. Instead telling yourself the lies […]

Okay so you have the awareness, now what?

I’ve had the most fascinating morning. I was still busy journaling, asking my higher self to connect me with more people. Okay I didn’t just say people. I’m too picky for that. They had to be interesting people. People waking up from the drugged existence of ‘modern-day life’ and questioning everything we’re taught in childhood. […]

Only YOU get to decide – EVERYTHING!

Resistance is real. It’s a constant in the lives of the driven, the creatives, the artists, those who desire to leave behind a legacy. Nobody is immune to waking up some mornings, thinking they just couldn’t be fucked. To get up at 4 am To go out to ride when it’s cold and wet and […]

Who would you be without the fear?

‘Who would you be without the fear?’ Such a popular question often asked in coaching. In fact, I’m sure I would have asked this very same question hundreds of times. The idea behind the question is to open you up to new possibilities. To show you what else is available to you if you weren’t […]

You are in fact never alone.

I had the privilege of attending an inaugural event last night – a coming together of some dynamic ladies in the area. In the spirit of learning and connecting. The first thing that really caught my eye was how each and every woman took care in her appearance. It was amazing to see! Yes, dressing […]