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Stating a case for discipline…

I’ve been intrigued by the increase of coaches who are slamming the concept of discipline. Highly successful leaders who I personally follow and respect. More importantly, I’m watching the effect this has on those who mindlessly absorb everything they say, adjusting their own behaviour accordingly, and getting matching results. Results which smacks of failure. Leading […]

The hardest part is watching them die…

The day I decided to step out of the way and allow people to have their own experience, was one of the hardest ever. The levels of frustration, anger, hurt, is indescribable. Yet that is part of the deal in coming to this life. To mind my own business. My responsibility is to continuously focus […]

Your life reflects your level of mind-mastery

I was writing you this witty piece but fuck-it. Let’s get straight to the point. What does a life well lived look like to you? If it’s a big party with booze and music and drunken mates, stop reading. Walk away. This piece isn’t for you. If on the other hand, it’s about leaving behind […]

Is it true that our goals start holding us back in life?

‘Is it true that our goals start holding us back in life?’ This was an actual question asked by an actual human being. Astounding. Todays piece is not for you if you want to continue setting ‘safe’ goals. It’s not for you if you want to defend the choices which has you asking bullshit questions […]

Feel like an imposter much? Welcome to the achievers club.

You have to love labels. The way in which humanity attempts to make sense of the complexity of this fabulous experience called life. Which OF COURSE means that someone had to give us a condition to call the unreasonable fear of high achievers of not being good enough in the company of fellow achievers. And […]

The fundamentals of high achievement being

I suspect this piece can potentially come across as a tad harsh. It’s not my intention to be overly critical but simply to share with you some of the unspoken fundamentals which achievers often take for granted, thereby creating a moment to pause and reflect on your own behaviour and habits. It might be an […]

What if you dropped the struggle and BE who you came here to be?

As the LinkedIn Top Voices 2018 list was released, the response was humbling to say the least. Most look at me and think I’m this outgoing bragging bitch, those who know me, will tell you I’m the complete opposite. I’m that introvert who simply committed to my purpose. The one who shows up regardless of […]

Are you asking yourself the best questions?

I love biting off more than I think I can chew. I love waking up in the morning, deciding it’s time to step up, and then saying YES to whatever the Universe decides to dish up. I love closing my eyes in denial of my insanity when I hit the enter button. It keeps me […]

True endurance comes from falling in love with the process, the journey.

I struggle to understand most people. Those who are constantly complaining about life. Moaning about doing the work. Unhappy – unless disconnected from their physical reality through booze or drugs or porn or online gaming. I struggle to understand why everyone is so goddamned impatient with themselves and their growth. I see them get angry […]