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You’re never too old to play in discomfort

I woke up this morning, stretching into the day, thinking how wonderfully blessed I am. Each day. I receive All that I need to create my dreams. In the most delightful and unexpected of ways. Take last night for instance. One of my goals this year has been to start painting and as I revisited […]

Empire building on singletracks

I invite you to take out your journal and pen and translate each lesson into your business as I share my remembering with you: As I hit the entrance I bring my bike to a standstill. Check in. What’s happening in my body, in my mind? I’m feeling tired.  Maybe I should just turn around […]

It’s time for the real sacrifice to commence

Letter to self – whoever self is… Okay bitch, so you’ve been telling me for the longest time that you’re hungry for the next level of success. I’ve been listening to your whining about how you’re sick and tired of feeling less than good enough. Of how you desire freedom above all else. That you’re […]

How do you complete a marathon?

One motherfucking step at a time. I’m currently unfit AF. After weeks of being sick with the flu and having to pull-back to mere yoga every day, my body feels robotic, unresponsive, wading through peanut butter with every step I take. ‘1 kilometre’ the voice on my app states. Only one kilometre. And I already […]

The true power of freedom that is available to you.

 So you’ve hit rock bottom. Again. The point where you’ve just had enough. Again. Of the pain. The discontent. The frustration. The loneliness that you can never shake, regardless of how many ‘friends’ you make online. Lying, sobbing on the floor, thinking to yourself ‘What the fuck? What’s happened to me? What became of […]

What would happen if finishing was the only option?

After almost two weeks of not being able to push harder, not being able to really sweat, not being able to breathe, I’m cranky AF. Frustrated, physically bored, out of shape. The beast has been sedated and she ain’t waking pretty. Why? Because when my body slows me down, thanks to the gift of flu, […]

If you’re serious about success, you have to starve the fear.

 Can you trust me? Even if just for a moment… Just enough to take my hand, interlacing fingers, as we walk forward, to the edge, of your comfort. Peering over the verge of infinite possibility. Which is all available to you, right now, in this moment, but first, you have to leap. Insane? That’s […]

When will you deserve your own loyalty?

Loyalty – a word that’s been in the forefront of my mind lately. It’s defined as a strong feeling of allegiance and support. Devotion, faithfulness, obedience. A lot of emotion-provoking words loaded in a simple definition. I’ve been observing my first born – a brilliant young man quietly going through life. There’s a grounded energy […]