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This is probably going to sound immensely insensitive. It might be ripping off the band-aid and sting like a wasp. Leaving your head spinning. Stars swimming before your eyes. And you’ll probably hate me for it. Because you will think I’m the cause of your pain. You will think I’m the most inconsiderate bitch alive […]

Fear is automatic, Courage is a CHOICE!

Fear is a hot topic these days. People everywhere frantically trying to escape the thickening clawing at their throats. The sick feeling in their stomachs leaving them dizzy. The pain that grips across their chests, making it hard to breath. Thinking there’s a secret being withheld from them. Of how to be fearless. They believe […]

When a woman finds her truth, her voice, her courage…

As I sit in bed, luxuriating in the warmth of the soft down duvet, the smell of coffee fragrantly teasing my nose, the sounds of piano keys being tickled in the background, I can’t help but smile. I’ve been smiling a lot lately. Life has been unfolding in a delightful, unexpected, beautifully simplistic chaotic, way. […]

You can’t domesticate a wild woman and expect her to thrive!

I didn’t question the voice. The calling. To run. In the dark. No light. No guidance. Just run. As I approached the end of the street lights there’s a hesitation, fear slowly slinking her sneaky way from my mind into my muscles. What the fuck was I thinking? This is completely irresponsible. Nobody even knows […]

There’s no power in silence and isolation!

Lovely how the wheel of life keeps turning… Just when you think that things are so screwed up that you’ve lost the battle YOU reach your point of enough and no more. I reach my point of enough and no more. WE reach our point of enough and no more. And we start questioning. Everything […]


I’m giving myself permission to be blunt today. I fucking refuse to continue playing this game. The game that people are stupid. That they don’t know any better. That they’re made of porcelain and that the truth will break them. That they honestly think they can poison their bodies on a daily basis and not […]

Sometimes I have to break down to break through.

As my feet sank into the ice cold sand, coffee in hand, patiently waiting for the ball of fire to crest the horizon, I looked right with slight apprehension. It was time for an uncomfortable conversation with God. I still struggle with this at times – never underestimate the power of indoctrination. I was raised […]

Show me that you have some skin in the game!

Holy cow with ice cream cones The ego is a devious little bitch. She makes you think that you’ve won the battle That you’re a badass rocking it out And you FEEL it. In your bones. In your blood. In your head. Except it’s all just smoke and mirrors Baby-face Unless you’re on the field […]

How are you SHOWING your gratitude and appreciation?

I know you’ve heard it before – the fastest way to manifest is through gratitude. I’m sure I’m not the only one whose initial reaction was indignation and a little bit of a sulk. I mean sure, it’s really easy to be grateful when things are all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. But life is never […]