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Your dreams – your responsibility

Good morning Sunshine. What you up to this week? Are you going to astound us with your brilliance? Are you going to create something so incredible that those around you will sit, mouths wide open, wondering who this delightful being of magnificence is? Are you going to go full out for everything that you’ve ever […]

Is thinking killing your badassery?

I can spot them a mile away- – the ‘thinkers’. They normally have a frown deeply creased into their foreheads. There’s a dark cloud hanging around them. Their energy is low. They talk in problems. Always trying to puzzle out whatever is eating them. They will start thinking of a goal they really want to […]

Soul says it’s time to step the fuck up!

  I was going to play it safe and write you a ‘nice’ piece today. A piece that sings your praises and tells you that it’s all going to be okay. That you’re going to be fine. But Soul is not having any of this. She keeps on going back and deleting my well thought […]

Your commitment to your fear is simply astonishing my Darling.

What the fuck do you think you’re doing? Standing there Clinging to your fear As if letting go will be the most horrific thing in the world, As if letting go will see you fail, see you crumble, see you die. They’ve made it so easy for you. Telling you that there’s a gazillion motherfuking […]

Do it in a way that lights up your SOUL!

Call me stubborn. Call me obstinate. Call me wilful. Call me whatever you like. It doesn’t really matter. I’ve made the decision that I would rather listen to my soul, continuously ‘failing’ according to some social standards, than do the shit others think I ‘should’ be doing in the way they think I ‘should’ be […]

How would you be showing up if you chose to be a leader?

I’m so proud of my mom! She’s finally giving less of a fuck what others think of her. Choosing to do what feels in alignment with her values. Saying yes to what is important to her and no to the people and things who quite frankly aren’t. Willing to receive the backlash of her new […]

The ONLY stroke that matters to you, is the one that turns you on.

‘Different strokes for different folks’. You’ve heard it. But do you believe it? Do you live it? Do you respect it? Or are you still looking at what everyone else does and trying to emulate their recipe? Are you still looking at others smiling and then doing what they’re doing even though it leaves you […]