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Does it even matter where it comes from?

Why do you think we, the brilliantly intelligent species, have this need to understand? Where all our hangups come from? Why we are afraid? Why we procrastinate? Why we do the stupid shit we tend to do at times? Why we feel unhappy? Is it really necessary to understand? I mean, think about it, dogs […]

Do you know how you’re wired?

I believe we’re all wired differently. I don’t believe there’s a better or worse way to be. It’s simply different. Its our uniqueness that makes us so incredible. And yes, there are some with whom we resonate more than with others, and there’s some people who just completely repel us! Yet it doesn’t make them […]

Have you ever considered the tone of your questions?

One of the learnings that really changed my life, was around questions. I do believe that it was Tony Robbins who first brought this to my attention when he stated that if you desire better results, ask better questions. I started realising that those voices in my head, you know, the ones I’m always telling […]

Without my vision, I too would crumble.

What will it take for you to believe? In yourself. In your worth. In your beauty. In your dreams. What will it take for you to understand? That time does not exists except for this moment. That every desire you feel is gifted to you as a means to lead you on a path of […]

Find the courage to see how YOU are stopping yourself!

You hear it all the time – You can be, do and have everything you desire. To be completely honest, there was a time I was so SICK of hearing this because NOTHING was working in my life. I felt frustrated, angry, ready to punch the next bitch who told me this. Thankfully, I’m one […]

How long can you hold the excitement?

Remember when you were a little kid? When only two months really mattered – your birthday month and of course Christmas if your family practiced this holiday? When a year seemed like an eternity because you were constantly counting down the days to presents? I sometimes think this feeling of excitement is what slowed down […]

WTF? Is this pity-party season?

I highly recommend you only read this if you’re ready to stop feeling sorry for yourself and reconnect with the warrior that’s always inside your soul. I get criticised for my pain tolerance all the time. Shit, I even criticise myself. For staying on my bike long after I hurt like a mofo. For picking […]

Mirror Mirror Oh My Soul

Fascinating – how we trick ourselves. Telling ourselves that our academic knowledge makes us wise. Except wisdom is the training of knowledge. It’s when you take that which you’ve learned and you train it into the very fibre of your being. Training involves repetition. When others say it’s boring, they’ve done it before, they want […]