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How aware are you of your creations?

Stop! Just for a moment I want you to drop into your body. Feel into it. Feel into your gut area and ask yourself, how is it feeling in there? Is it feeling strong? Light? Heavy? Is it maybe even feeling a little queasy? How is your posture feeling right now? Are you slightly slumped […]

There can be no excellence without discipline.

Holy moly we’ve become a society of lazy turds! When did being lazy even become such a virtue? When did being undisciplined become a sign of freedom? Of success? I call BULLSHIT. I’m yet to meet a truly successful person – I’m talking successful in health, in relationships, in business – who is not disciplined […]

What is the real commitment about?

Once again there’s a lot of speculation on whether or not goal setting is indeed effective and powerful. There’s a rumour that we’re too hard on ourselves when we set the goals and don’t always hit them first time around. That there’s too much shaming in the process. It’s not the most loving way to […]

Can all the normal people please step aside for the unicorns???

Okay, enough already. Enough of the bitching and moaning. Enough of the fucking continuous sad-assed posts of how hard life is. Yes. Life is challenging. Yes. Life is filled with ups and downs. Yes. True achievement is not sitting on your ass sucking chocolates. So what? Holy shit man, what kind of society are we […]

Are you hiding behind the skirt of your fear?

Aaaah Nunu, you a little scaredy-cat? You think that you’re the only little girl afraid of a little fear? The only one who grew up in a big scary world? The only one who has failed before? Who has been criticised? Who has had some nasty people knock you down? So you walk around saying […]

Beware that you’re not mistaking the vision for the experience.

As a young girl I loved sitting in the auditorium, hypnotised by the grace of the dance unfolding on stage. The lights. The long lines from finger tips to perfectly pointed toes. The breathtaking leaps, rolls, twists, turns. The designer costumes with cleverly placed sequence and pearls to highlight the movement as the dancer would […]

If you don’t like the outcome, change your fucking actions!

I suspect I’m getting old as my tolerance level for bullshit is almost reaching zero. I remember my gran being such an impatient woman and always wrote it down to her age. Fuck me. Here’s the thing though, I simply don’t have patience with bitching and moaning anymore. For people who make choices, whether those […]

It’s not your circumstances that need to change.

When last have you connected? With yourself? With your body? With your thoughts? With your feelings? Every single day I get to chat to people who are driven to achieve magnificent levels of success. They are determined to go from where they are to their next level. Yet I also see how they are completely […]