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Think You Want a Business Partner? Some Reasons You May Not…

By Susan Jacobs I have co-founded and run two companies, each with a business partner.  Neither time had I planned to do so, nor explored going solo versus a partnership.  The first lasted 7-years with a female partner, and the second, with a male partner, for three years. Company #1 was an entertainment marketing and […]

How judgement affects your goals

This is my personal truth. Fact:  It is impossible not to judge.  We all have our values, our standards, and we live our lives by deciding if something is in alignment with our values or not.  Whether something is right or wrong for us. This is the missing key for many when it comes to […]

The Silent Warrior – Death is coming

This is my personal truth. I woke up this morning to the news that another young woman died from cancer.  This after I had the conversation with a stranger earlier this week of how cancer is really a kind disease in that it gives you time to put your life in order if you wish […]

The Silent Warrior – YOU are your business!

This is my personal truth. If you’re one of those people counting down the days to retirement, this blog is NOT for you.  Stick to the ‘rules’ of business, make a living and be happy. I love being an entrepreneur.  It is the most challenging, frustrating, elating, rewarding journey that I’ve ever chosen to be […]

Coaches and Uggs: There’s at Least One on Every Block…

By Susan Jacobs Before pissing anyone off, I love coaches and Uggs! Virtually everyday I meet someone who is a coach be it lifestyle, business, mindset manifestation, wealth manifestation, health, achievement, leverage, badass, and who knows what else as they keep emerging. Clearly, coaching as a career has evolved tremendously over the past several years to […]

The Silent Warrior – Actions Speak Louder Than Words

This is my personal truth. The epidemic of mediocrity has turned the majority of society into big fat liars! From birth we get taught to say things like we desire to be successful and rich and live wonderful lives and travel the world and drive nice cars and have sexy bodies and hang out with […]

Are you Middle-Aged and Resisting Technology?

By Susan Jacobs This post probably isn’t for the young whippersnappers who were playing with a smartphone while nursing on mama’s tit, but rather for us middle-agers who loved carbon paper, IBM Selectric typewriters, and answering machines.  We resisted television remote controls, transitioning from LPs to CDs was traumatic, Facebook and the internet were alien, and […]

The Silent Warrior – Forcing the Gears

This is my personal truth. I am rediscovering my love for mountain biking.  There is something about the splashing through mud, flowing through the forest, the exhilaration of the drop-offs and the immense power required for the steep climbs that brings out a different side to me (as opposed to my well behaved lady-like side […]