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If you’re not in it for the long run, get out now!

I get smashed every time I say this, but entrepreneurship is not for sissies. It’s not about making shit tons of money overnight. It’s not about finally becoming popular and having adoring fans. Entrepreneurship is about a soul calling. It’s about creating your art – in whatever form it takes. It’s about connecting with your […]

Certainty without action is no certainty at all…

I know you’re a badass. I know you’re on fire. I know that you’re a high achiever who have always taken shit tons of action and now you’re being challenged to do it differently. I know everyone is telling you that it should be easy and if it’s not, girl there’s something wrong with you. […]

Which voice will create your results today?

I’m sure that by now we’ve all heard the story of the two wolves which resides in all of us – the good and the bad which we get to choose to feed. Well Hun, I’ve discovered there’s also two voices in your head which is in constant debate as to what you should or […]

The walk to freedom might be a tad longer than I anticipated…

My word for 2018 is FREEDOM! Every time I say it out loud or feel the whisper in my head I see Mel Gibson riding that horse exclaiming “They will never take our freedom!” Goosebumps! Small wonder that this word is reverberating everywhere in my very life. After generations of oppression through social institutions, religious […]

Fear of Failure is a fucking LIE!

Confession time. Holy shit I must love you more than you’ll ever know for me to share all my ‘secrets’ with you. But it’s what wants to come through today so here goes. Last night I sat with my pink journal – the one I’ve dedicated to the deep healing that I’m determined to undergo. […]

Exhaustion is nothing more than self-sabotage

I remember a time when I was the poster-child for the modern Wonder Woman. I was the dutiful wife who ensured her man was well fed, clothed and supported in whatever way he needed to shine to the world. I was the good mommy who made my kids food from scratch, paper-mache’s, playing in the […]

Are you brave enough to uncover your fears?

Fear is such a sneaky little bitch. For one thing, we identify with fear as that emotion that has a strong reaction in our bodies. Where there is a tightening up. A tensing in the chest. That queasy feeling in your tummy. Hunching up of your shoulders. A slight strangling of the throat. We’ve been […]

The journey is about coming home to you.

How far will you fall Darling? How much will you bleed? Bashed, bruised, screaming your defiance into the silence of your pillow? How long will you abandon yourself before the revulsion of the emptiness in the mirror becomes too much? How many excuses will you make for the poor behaviour of others? How much will […]

My promise to you – I will never stop doing the work.

How long do you think it’s going to take for the system to crumble? The system that takes our beautiful children, rips apart their confidence, plasters them with labels, poisons them with drugs, and then tells them they’re lazy and their future is doom and gloom.  Often resulting in suicide. The system that has you […]