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Reflections of Self

Coach:  ” You are balls-to-the-wall and it scares the fuck out of people. They don’t think they can hang…” Me:  “ROTFLMAO” This was an actual email exchange last week. I laughed because I know that’s not true.  It’s not that my approach to life that scares people.  There’s nothing that I can do that every other person […]

So What If I Howl?

This blog is dedicated to Susie.  Thank you for honoring my howl Sister. It’s an interesting experience – this thing called social life. When we first leave our mother’s womb, we’re encouraged to cry out in a loud albeit squeaky voice.  To be heard.  To be celebrated. Then… not so much. Instead our cries are […]

Friday Thrive – Numero Uno

So often I see people giving up on their dreams because they just don’t have the time available to put in the work to make it happen. Stop the insanity! YOU come first.  Yes I repeat – YOU COME FIRST.

The Era of Accountability

Life has a wonderful way of rewarding courage. For me the greatest reward of moving to a new country on the basis of faith, has been my re-connection with Source and my spiritual life.  No longer driven by fear (Oh dear God please just keep my family safe tonight and don’t let us be killed) […]

The Greatest Gift of All – My Christmas Message

Only 3 more sleeps until Christmas! I remember all my years of counting down the sleeps in anticipation of waking up on Christmas morning, running to the tree and ripping open my presents.  I adore Christmas!  Always have.  No matter how old I am, the child in me wakes up and dances joyously. Except this […]

Housekeeping Tools Successful Business Women Use

Let’s be honest ladies, no matter how well groomed you present yourself to the world, there’s always some dirt in every successful business woman’s life. Whether it is in their office, their home or their life, it can muddy the waters wherever she goes. Physical or emotional, dirt can impend us on our journey towards […]

Business Woman Tips on Building an Awesome Support Team

  Let’s cut the crap and get it out there. It’s bloody hard being a successful business woman by yourself. It’s not unachievable, but it’s a lot of hard slog. On the other hand, having a support team you can rely on to help you hurdle jump is an amazing resource. But how do you actually […]

Daily Financial Practices of Successful Fempreneurs

To be successful in business requires commitment, enjoyment, effort and reflection. And money, did I mention that? A successful business requires a positive cash flow; in that you have more money coming in than you have going out. Successful fempreneurs have got this going on because they have established eight key practices which they do […]