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I would love to but…

When did it start? The first time that we changed our speech from “One day I’m going to…” to “I would love to but…” As children nothing is ever out of bounds.  Nothing is ever impossible. There’s just a knowing that everything is possible even if it’s not going to happen today specifically. Then at […]

Allow yourself…

I should have seen it coming. In fact in a way I did. I knew this morning as I woke up that today was going to be different. Last night I found myself feeling less than fantastic – a weird feeling right now as my norm is on fire. Which meant it was time for […]

Don’t EVER dim your light for their BS

WARNING:  This is going to be a highly controversial blog and piss people off, but it has to come out of my heart before I explode! I seriously wonder sometimes if people actually listen to what they’re saying! Such as when a teacher, a coach, a leader makes the statement that their knowledge should be […]

There will always be days when…

You and me, we’re pretty fucking spectacular Darling. We were born to make a huge impact in this world. I’m not necessarily talking about ending world hunger or stopping. war. I’m referring to showing up as our best selves thereby inspiring others to go beyond the self-limiting social bullshit that we’re programmed with. This sounds […]

Just when you think you have nothing left to give.

I’m going to fess up here – doing three hours of yoga a day is seriously challenging me. As is my normal habit I’ve bitten off way more than I think I can chew and both my body and mind is feeling the increased intensity. But a promise is a promise.  And ultimately I have […]

At which stage does knowledge stop being power?

I adored my grandfather.  I remember him encouraging me to always be open to learning and continue my education for as long as possible.  “Knowledge is power which nobody can ever take away from you Anel” he would say in his gruff voice, the skin by his eyes permanently wrinkled from his contagious laugh and wicked sense […]

The tools doesn’t make the man – but can it hinder him?

Look what I received yesterday!  Aren’t they just gorgeous??? Yeah Baby, a brand new pair of mountain bike shoes. I suspect my previous ones had probably been my companions in excess of eight years.  And after thousands of kilometers of mud, sweat and puppies they were exhausted. But you know what – they served me […]

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

So often I look at people and wonder when the hell they stopped thinking for themselves? When did humanity in general get so damned lazy to work their minds? Oh not YOU of course!  You’re special.  After all you’re in my space and we both know that already makes you a born leader and creator. […]