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The Silent Warrior – Mind Your Own Business

This is my personal truth. Let’s face it, with the explosion of our world reach through the internet it is really hard not to look at what our peers and mentors are doing.  What is new in the industry, who are the new rising stars, what are they doing differently from us? On the one […]

The Silent Warrior – Am I bothering you?

This is my personal truth. I met a wonderful young woman today who was telling me about her brilliant retreat she is hosting later this year.  Her passion and her enthusiasm was addictive and I was so excited to see another woman stepping out of the shadow to share her gift! I immediately recommended that […]

The Silent Warrior – What About Your Values?

This is my personal truth. Your life, everything that you see, is created by none other than you. This is fantastic when you love what you see.  Not so much when you look around and see poor to average results.  Yet you keep shouting from the roof tops that you desire success and that life […]

Don’t Do This If You Want to Lock Potential Customers…

By Susan Jacobs Filled with excitement to start the new year, in the first days of January, I was looking for any signs to indicate what kind of year lay ahead. Although not overly superstitious, I do dabble looking for hidden messages, coincidences, or ‘God Winks,’ as author Squire Rushnell call’s them. So on Monday, January 4, […]

The Silent Warrior – The Ghosts of Dreams Unlived

This is my personal truth. Death.  A reality which still drives fear into the hearts of most people.  I don’t even think they remember why they fear death except maybe it is the unknown. It is this same fear which seems to keep most people immobilized when it comes to living a meaningful life.  We […]

The Silent Warrior – Change Your Behavior

This is my personal truth. You hear it all the time:  people proclaiming to the world that they want to be successful.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say that it is their dream to be an epic failure at everything they attempt in life.  I have never met a person who […]

Do You Want to Create Unforgettable Brand Messaging?

By Susan Jacobs For us entrepreneurs, coaches, small business owners, solopreneurs, and consultants, our business success relies heavily on how well we communicate the message of what we do, who we are, how we add value to potential clients and customers, and ‘why us over our competition. Brand messaging is the underlying value proposition we […]

Don’t Take A Minute For Granted

By Julia Fischer Isn’t it sometimes weird, the fact that we think we have so much time? That we so often tend to shift everything around and postpone every other event and appointment? I wanna tell you a story about a friendship and the moment in my life where I stopped to take every minute […]

Are You Ready to Go Snap, Crackle, and Pop from Stress?

By Susan Jacobs Ever suddenly realize how tightly you’re wound, but it’s been going on for so long it’s become your normal baseline? I was recently hypnotized for the first time. Over the years, I’ve had all sorts of alternative and trippy healing sessions, but this was my first experience with hypnotism. By phone, my […]

5 Steps to Selling Online

By Vix Reitano I like money. In fact, I f*cking love money. And it f*cking loves me. There, glad the air is clear. Do you agree? Do you love the fact that every, single day you get to do what you love AND MAKE MONEY DOING IT? If not, you’ve come to the right place. […]