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The Silent Warrior – Setting Course

This is my personal truth. There is no lack of knowledge in the world.  Anything that you could possibly want to know, you can find out with relative ease either through reading books, picking someone’s brain, or the most convenient option of the internet.  I find that most of the time there is in fact […]

Why on earth are you setting goals?

This is my personal truth. I find it fascinating how society keeps taking powerful tools and turning them into ways to keep the masses average.   One of the ways in which this is done is through information overload partnered by a lack of wisdom. Confused? Let me explain through example. Goals – we’ve all heard […]

The Silent Warrior – Finding your Big Why

This is my personal truth. Can you imagine going to war, preparing yourself to die, without understanding your purpose? Why would you keep fighting, even when you bleed, when the pain is ripping through your brain, when all seems lost and it would be so easy to just lie down and wait for it to […]

It’s time for the Warriors to Rise!

This is my personal truth. Weakness. Weakness of body and weakness of mind. Lack of purpose. Lack of pride. Lack of ambition. Rubbish food. Rubbish habits. A sense of despair. A sense of helplessness. Where have the warriors gone? For me, 2015 thus far been one of the most interesting years of awakening and new […]

The Achilles heel of a modern warrior

This is my personal truth. The hardest thing for me to do, is slow down.  To hold back.  Especially when it seems that everyone else is passing me.  After all, I was born the achiever, the competitor.  I am wired to win! Welcome to my world. I hit the trails this week-end with my coach’s […]

The Silent Warrior – A purposeful life

This is my personal truth. Monday morning. 1 am. My soul is restless. Time to get up. For the last couple of months whilst I was recovering from my operation, I have slowly allowed myself to slip into the coma of average. I have lived my life comfortably, eating a little bit more, sleeping a […]