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Want to be Sexy? Don’t Play the Victim

By Susan Jacobs Why do so many of us women give away our power, not trust our intuition, and end up in unhealthy relationships that are physically, verbally, or emotionally abusive? What would it take for us to stand proud of all that we are despite our perceived flaws that hold us back be it […]

The Power Of Kindness

  By Julia Fischer   I was on the bus the other day, listening to music and just enjoying the view when someone asked me if the seat next to me was free.  It was, so I said yes.   I soon recognized a not so nice smell, the sharp smell of alcohol. Looking at […]

You Can Have It All… And All At Once #VixYourLife

By Victoria “Vix” Reitano I live in a world of glass and chrome… a world where women can be pretty AND strong… where girls can be anything they want to be. Is it a fantasy? Nope. It’s New York City. Now, of course, I’ve encountered men who have asked why I have lipstick on in […]

The Silent Warrior – Out of the ashes

This is my personal truth. As the year draws to an end, I sit at my brand new dining room table, pretty pink and white flowers in the vase, in a country on the other side of the world from where I was a few weeks ago, and I feel at home. 2015 has been […]

How Do You Disconnect From Your Body?

This is my very private story that I haven’t shared with you yet.   How I fell, how I rose and how I found my Own Path to be the woman I wanted to be!   Exactly a year ago, on 29th Oct 2014 my life fell into pieces.  My partner broke up with me […]

One in one BILLION: a LOVE story

Fact: There are 42,000 taxi cab drivers in NYC. Therefore, the probability of having the same driver twice is one in one billion. 9 zeros baby! Two weeks ago, I was headed to first morning meeting in NYC. I was in a part of Manhattan that I rarely am in that morning. I saw a […]

Light Bulb Moments

It is amazing when those light bulb moments occur. For me today one happened just as I woke and was doing the necessary actions you do in waking in the mornings! Suddenly quite clearly I heard… ‘It is not about getting rid of the panic attacks and never getting them again, it is about living […]

The Silent Warrior – Finding your wisdom

This is my personal truth. It is said that we are living in the age of information.  So isn’t it amazing that in a world where there is an over-flow of information that so few people live in a state of wisdom?  What’s the difference you ask?  Knowledge is knowing, wisdom is living it.  I like to […]