How much longer before you admit to yourself that you’re simply bored?

It must have seemed like a good idea at the time.

In fact I imagine humanity as a small child, all bright eye and gooey with excitement each time she was presented with a new toy or a shiny object.

But the truth of the matter is that the masses got so enthralled by the technological creations of others that they forgot they’re here to play as well.

A moment of thrill turned into a hypnotic trance where imagination stopped and absorption took over.

We stopped listening to the words of stories, creating elaborate pictures in our minds – each following the same theme of the author’s script yet completely unique and different.

Instead we started watching movies on a screen which left nothing for the imagination.

It simply was what you see and everyone saw the same.

We stopped pouring ourselves into an explorative combination of elements, delighted in the transformation and new result and instead we followed the recipe in the text books simply mimicking the results of others in a controlled environment.

And failure on the way to success was replaced with failure as a sign of stupidity.

Where children were praised and celebrated for their first steps, their first words and the miracle of it unfolding in divine timing, we are given a list of expected dates of performance and god help that child if they don’t utter their first sentence or run a marathon on the due date.

Hours of deep introspection and connection was replaced with hours of social media and the constant intrusion of everyone else on your time with the cellphone apparently making you available 24 hours a day.

All of this leading to a lack of self-worth, a mountain of self-doubt, zero self-love, shit tons of self-loathing, no courage to explore, innovate, imagine and a life filled with absolute boredom.

Except we don’t say people are bored.

We say people are depressed.

We say people are exhausted.

We say people are uninspired.

We say people are overwhelmed.

We say people are addicted.

I’m calling bullshit!

I have yet to meet a person living a purpose aligned life, connecting with their higher self for inspiration, staying focused on their life purpose, being willing to fail until they succeed, who has any of those labels attached to the back their jackets.


Because they live from a space of love.

They live from a space of appreciation.

Appreciation for the opportunity to play on Mother Earth.

Appreciation for the opportunity to connect to the magic which surrounds us and manifest the pictures in their minds into a physical form.

Appreciation for the impact they have the privilege of making on others – always striving to leave those they encounter in a higher vibration than when they found them.

Appreciation for every single person who comes into their orbit understanding that all souls are here to contribute to the learning and the awakening of the collective.

Appreciation for the challenges which life so willingly throw our way so that we can work through all our emotions – you know, fear, anger, panic, OMG THE SKY IS FALLING IN type of emotions – reconnect to our core and our truth, and then switch on our beautiful minds to find a creative solution so we may still receive our desired outcome even if that is done from a different angle and avenue.

Appreciation for their lives and the versatility thereof.

When last have you taken the time to really connect with everything in our environment in pure gratitude and appreciation???

When last have you stood in your kitchen in gratitude, looking at each gadget and giving back the love it gives you so freely by ensuring it’s in spotless condition?

When last have you sat in your car in gratitude, regardless of how old said vehicle is, and give back the love it gives you by cleaning her from top to bottom, brining out her shine?

When last have you emotionally connected to each and every one of your friends and told them “Thank you, I love you, I appreciate you”?

Honestly my friend, I believe that when you live a life of true connection, appreciation, purpose and adventure, you simply don’t have the time to sit around and be bored.

When you’re not bored you don’t sit on social media scrolling around for someone to hate on or critisize.

When you’re not bored you don’t have any desire to drink yourself into a stupor just so that you can destress and unwind.

When you’re not bored you don’t have to continuously pick a fight with your lover because they’re not conforming to your expectations of what will make you happy.

Because you ARE happy!

You wake up in the morning filled with excitement of all the potential opportunities of the day!

Who will you connect with today?

What will you discover today that you didn’t have the mental capacity to see yesterday?

Who will you add value to today in a way that is completely unique to you, your talents, your personality, your voice, your gifts?

What will you see around you?

What will you learn today about yourself, about your world, about your field of expertise?

When you wake up with excitement you literally jump out of bed!

Your body is turned on and you want to move her in a way that feels hot hot hot!

You want to fuel her with nourishing foods so that her energy will be clean and clear and on turbo charge.

You want to have meaningful conversations, making deep and true connections with people.

Real people.

You want to spread your passion, your energy around and watch others receive this thereby leaving them in a better state than what you found them in.

And when you live like this, OF COURSE you are going to attract high vibe crazy-ass players who, like you, have figured out that this thing called life, is the MOST PRECIOUS GIFT we are ever going to receive.

A gift too precious to piss away with intoxicating drinks or drugs.

A gift too precious to waste away with mindless entertainment.

A gift too precious to dull down in toxic relationships.

And when you live the gift


And when you’re not bored

You’re not depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted, addicted, uninspired, or any of those mental catastrophes we’ve created in our society.

I would love for you to give yourself permission today to drop into complete honesty with yourself.

I want you to sit down with your pen and paper and write down:

Spiritual life

Love life

Physical health and fitness life

Family life

Friendship life

Business life

Financial life

Adventure life

And ask yourself, if you gave yourself permission to HAVE, BE AND DO IT ALL, what would these areas look like?

What would each of these look like jam packed with excitement, thrills, screams of delight?

How would you be showing up in the world if all of this came true?

What would you be thinking about in the morning?

How would you feel about yourself?  Your abilities?  Your capabilities?  Your charm?  Your confidence?

What conversations would you be having with others?

Most importantly,


Stop reading right now.

Go and do this first.


Have you done it?


Okay I’m going to take your soul word for it because I know you’re a badass on a mission of truth.

Now I want you to stay connected to that feeling my friend.

I want you to know that as you’re already feeling all of it in your bones, it is not only available to you, all of it, but it’s available to you right now!

Do you get that?

Everything that we think we want to have or do, is because of how we think it will make us feel.

And you’ve just proven that you have access to those feelings right in this moment!

Without anyone having to do or say anything to you.

Mind-blowing, right?

So here’s my gift to you today!

Stay focussed on the vision you’ve just created.

Don’t worry about the how – that’s not important and it’s not up to you.  That’s Creator’s zone of genius.

Just hold on to the vision.

Let go of the outcome.

Stay in the feeling.

And watch the magic unfold.

Fucking spectacular I tell you.

Of course you always have to take action.

What you will find is that the action you take from this energy will transform your life.

Or you can continue to be bored and miserable.

It’s a choice.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Have you checked out Liberation?