If I died today, this is what I want my boys to know.

To my darling boys,

I’m not sure if you guys will ever read this, but if I die today I pray that someone will tag you so you do.

I wonder sometimes why on earth you ever chose me to be your mother.

Whatever your reasons, know that I am beyond grateful and humbled for this opportunity to guide you as best I can.

The beauty of your souls.

The courage of your spirits.

The depth of your love.

You are my inspiration.

Being a parent is probably the hardest thing any person can be called to do. I suspect the reason why God gave us orgasms is that if it wasn’t for that, nobody would actively volunteer to continue what Adam and Eve started.

It’s even more challenging if like me, you came into this space and time with the soul purpose to disrupt the status quo.

To think differently.

To question everything.

And why the fuck wouldn’t I? Shit is clearly not working properly at the moment.

You don’t have to look very far to see the truth of this statement.

Just check out the profit margins of the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries!

And I know you guys have experienced the painful impact of both these industries.

I find myself in this constant internal struggle of teaching you how to play the game so the blows to your heads, hearts and souls will be minimised – and make no mistake boys, the more you think, the more you speak your truth, the more the masses will try to smother your passion – and giving mediocrity a big fat middle finger and starting a fucking revolution of a generation who start thinking again!

A generation who stops consuming and starts creating.

A generation who makes conscious decisions in every aspect from their lives. From how they spend their time to what they eat to how they move their bodies to how they live their lives.

But that’s the hard path.

I know that’s your destinies.

I’ve been watching you guys with fascination for as long as I can remember.

And please know that whatever happens next, whatever crazy shit I do, I do it because I’m inspired by you.

I’m inspired by the depth of your conversations when you think nobody is watching you. By the strength of your bond when you set testosterone aside for a while. By your acceptance of your uniqueness even when you confuse the shit out of your Dad and I.

Know that it’s not that I ever want you to conform – EVER!

But it’s human nature to be worried when you can’t make sense of something.

And I rarely make sense of you guys.

Which is the beauty of you!

I watch the way in which you guys show up around your mates when there’s no adults around. I watch you guys lead them without even realising that you’re doing it. How you speak your truth even when it’s not the ‘cool’ words to speak.

I adore that about you guys.

It gives me the courage to show up each day and continue my work even when I have no idea where it will lead.

All I know is that change is coming and we are to be a part of that change.

Ghandi said be the change that you want to see in the world.

Truest words you’ll ever hear.

I don’t think people really get the depth of this message though.

It means that you stop feeling a fucking victim of others, of politics, of economies, of bullshit and YOU show the fuck up for yourself and your dreams.

It means that instead of bitching and moaning about the behaviours of others, YOU decide how you want to experience your relationships and you start showing up as that and your relationships will evolve. Yes, sometimes that means a relationship with one person needs to end, but that’s just because the relationship with another person is ready to be birthed.

This is true for all relationships – friendship, romance, clients, family, all of it.

I want to tell you guys to never stop questioning the rules and if they’re screwing people over – BREAK THEM!

Personally I believe that 90% of our current rules and values are archaic and served an old world but is killing the people in this world.

Don’t EVER think you have to do ANYTHING to make your dad or myself proud.


You guys are perfect and wonderful and magnificent just as you are. You don’t have to add anything! You don’t have to get a ‘good’ education or a ‘good’ job for me to be proud.

Just be happy!

In everything you do.

Because when you do the epic shit that lights you up, you’re living your life purpose.

Trust this.

Your souls already know what you’re here to do and every time you do it, he dances! That’s when you feel the joy. And it’s normally in the most unexpected activities and circumstances.

Don’t EVER let anybody tell you that you can’t do something!
Don’t EVER let anybody tell you that you have to be more responsible or grow up!
Don’t EVER let anybody tell you that you must stop dreaming!

Your dreams are your reality awaiting manifestation.

Your job is to keep dreaming.
Your job is to keep taking aligned action and making your dreams come true.
Because when you do, you inspire others to do the same.
And as born leaders, you’re here to inspire.

Which probably leaves me with a small apology to make.

I’m sorry I haven’t broken more rules.
I’m sorry I haven’t done more crazy shit than I have (but I’m hoping I still have time).
I’m sorry I haven’t fucked up more – although you’ll probably never hear all the failures I’ve had in my life.
I’m sorry that I haven’t made a bigger impact to date.

But I’ll make you this promise my Darling Boys – Every day from this day forth I will show the fuck up for my life purpose.

I will roar my message into the dessert and believe that a ripple of change will start that will make this world a better place for you.

I will embrace the haters and never let their furious attacks dim the brightness of my love for you.

I will keep rising every time I fall so that I can lead the way for you.

For I don’t believe I have the right to ask anything from you that I’m not prepared to ask of myself.

I don’t believe I have the right to ask you guys to live your dreams if I’m not prepared to go full out on my own.

And when I take my last breath know that from the moment you guys were born, each breath has been filled with my love for you. As I have breathed in your love for me.

Thank you for choosing me to be your mother in this lifetime.

I hope I make you proud.

Be yourselves.

Be true.

Never settle.

Fuck mediocrity.

Fuck existence.

For death is inevitable my Darling Boys. But thriving, OMG that is a choice a pray you make.

With love eternal,
Your mom

PS: And Mommy, thank you for all you’ve done for me. I would pick you a trillion times again. Thank you for inspiring me to love myself. It’s taken a while Mom but I’ve arrived. How can I ever thank you enough.

PPS: For every parent and child who reads this, it’s time for us to be the change we say we want to see in the world. It’s really time to stop putting it onto the shoulders of the next generation and then still telling them how to do it in a way that conforms to the bullshit that isn’t working. Join me today and start questioning. Start connecting with your purpose. Start taking aligned action to your dreams. Be courageous – for it’s time the warriors wake and rise to heal a dying world.