You can’t domesticate a wild woman and expect her to thrive!

I didn’t question the voice.

The calling.

To run.

In the dark.

No light.

No guidance.

Just run.

As I approached the end of the street lights there’s a hesitation, fear slowly slinking her sneaky way from my mind into my muscles.

What the fuck was I thinking?

This is completely irresponsible.

Nobody even knows where I am.


my feet keep moving.

My body screams for silence – I obey, pausing the passionate blast of Eminem, pulling my earphones to my neck.


It’s dark.

The forest blocking out the soft glimmer of stars which I knew was somewhere up above.

My hand simply blends into the shades of black in front of my face.

My feet unsure.

What I wouldn’t give to be barefoot, to feel my connection to earth.

There’s an overwhelming desire to stop.

To turn around.

The trusted voice no longer making sense.

It’s been a while since I’ve put myself in a physically vulnerable place.

In fact, the last time was in South Africa.

I’ve become comfortable in my safe little paradise.

But I’m on a journey of liberation Darling.

Liberation from my programming.

Liberation from my inhibitions.

Liberation from my fear.

My word for 2018 is FREEDOM and apparently freedom is not for the faint of heart.

I tell myself to just keep taking one more step.

Just one more step.

As long as I find the courage for one more step, I’m okay.

Tears start spilling from my eyes.

I might be brave

but I’m fucking petrified.

I can’t fool myself.

I simply have to let the feeling move through me.

Allowing the fear to fuel my body with adrenaline.

The silence is complete.

The only sound that of my breath.

And just when I think I actually fucking CAN’T take it anymore, the mantra comes through.





Over and over.

It becomes the drum which dictates the beat of my stride.

I feel the shift.

Where I normally land on the balls of my feet, I’m landing flat.



Where I normally let my arms half dangle by my sides, they pump purposefully.

My breath slows down.

My heartbeat stable.

And I keep moving.



Praying that the angels will not leave my side and that soon I will find the purpose of this insane run.

Because I know that everything happens for me.

I know that every time I say yes to my soul, my soul gifts me gold.

I keep going until

I remember

I remember days when a warrior ran into battle

Trembling but determined.

With solid footing.

With heart beating.

The warrior in human form but with animal instinct!

The howl rips from my throat





And I break open a little further than before

In that howl I feel her break free!

My inner wild woman – the one that I’ve suppressed for so long in order for me to be accepted by the masses who fear the extraordinary.

I remember

Wo I am


The wild one

I never came here to be a tame domesticated animal,

lying around all day begging for love and attention.

I was never born to live in captivity.

I was never born to be dependent on the graces of others.

I was born WILD.

Wild beast

Wild passion

Wild power



Honour filled.

I, who give myself permission to own my shit, my desires, my thrive.

I, who have the courage to speak my truth in a time when my truth goes against the accepted values, norms and beliefs.

I, who dare to be vulnerable and raw and unpolished.

I, who dare to dance with abandon at the most inappropriate times.

And I spontaneously start laughing.

The tears of fear turns into tears of celebration.

THIS is why I was called to run in the dark today.

To remember.

To reconnect.

To liberate.

What will it take for you to remember Gorgeous?

What will it take for you to remember that you were not born in captivity?

You were not born to have a muzzle silence your screams of outrage, of passion, of freedom?

What will it take for you to remember that you are wild for a reason?

  • It’s in your wildness that you will find your passion.
  • It’s in your wildness that you will find your courage.
  • It’s in your wildness that you will find your purpose.
  • It’s in your wildness that you will find your inner goddess!

You will find the strength which will take you into the dark, through the dark.

You will find the pleasure you so desperately seek, fulfilment from joy.

You will find the love and deep connection you’re so hungry for.

You will find the vision for the empire that you’re called to birth and you will unleash the creative thought required to build it.

Everything you want is right there, inside of you.

The wildling sitting in a cage constructed by your fear.

I want you to own the fact that a wild animal will never thrive in captivity.

Regardless of how bejewelled and prettified they are for the audience.

A wild woman will never thrive as a domesticated animal.

She loses her sparkle.

She loses her passion.

She loses her drive.

And then we wonder why more than half of the human population is depressed.

Because  a woman who suppresses her true nature can never be fulfilled and a man who lives with the shadow of his beloved will never find his soul.

He needs her to be her wild self.



A goddess in human form.

If you’re reading this thinking I’m stark raving mad, keep existing right on.


If you’re reading this and there’s a thickening in your throat, there’s tears forming behind your eyes,



Release your wild.

Liberate your beast.

Reclaim your soul.

It’s time.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving wild, is a choice.

With love always,





Remembering that you are the creator of your own reality. Through your emotions. Through your thoughts. Through your words.

That means throwing out the rule book of the oppressors.

Fuck their steps and systems.

This takes courage my friend – because you will be FULLY responsible for your outcomes.

You said you wanted to be empowered.

Well, let the exhiliration of freedom rush through your veins!


Admitting what you truly want!  All of it.  No settling.  Being completely un-fucking-reasonable.  Diva divine.

Some of the most liberating words I was ever told is that a woman should NEVER have to choose.  A woman should have ALL that she desires.


Stomping down that sexy foot of yours and declaring to the Universe what you’re no longer available for and INSISTING on what you will accept as your new normal.


To the point where anything else is like WTF?


I know that you’re a magical beast. Witch of the old ways. Wise woman of lifetimes past.

I know that inside of you there’s a crone who has a shit ton to teach the lost ones of modern day society.

I know that inside of you is a voice, a story, a message which demands to be heard.

A healer, a bard, an artist waiting to be unleashed.

A goddess, an angel, a warrior with a mission.

And not doing so is fucking selfish!

It’s inconsiderate and it’s not the deal you made for this lifetime.

I’m ready to show you the way.

I’m ready to hold you to your truth, to reconnect you with your desire, to ignite your voice.

Are YOU ready?

Send me a message and find out more about Liberation.







There’s no power in silence and isolation!

Lovely how the wheel of life keeps turning…

Just when you think that things are so screwed up that you’ve lost the battle

YOU reach your point of enough and no more.

I reach my point of enough and no more.

WE reach our point of enough and no more.

And we start questioning.

Everything they told us in the current political, social and religious reign.

We start looking beyond the smoke screen and we see the fear they use to cloak our curiosity.

We start looking beyond our shame and we see the guilt they use to disconnect us from our pleasure.

We start looking beyond our hurt and we see the little boxes they use to hide our creative brilliance.

Yet awakening is only the first step.

And normally the most challenging, the most painful, the scariest, the loneliest part of the process.

I remember sitting for hours on end thinking I’d gone stark-raving mad!

That I couldn’t possibly share with others the darkness I found hidden inside.

The horrible sadness that seemed to consume me at times.

I tried speaking to some trusted friends and allies but couldn’t quite find the words so they fumbled in confusion and told I’ll be okay, it will blow over, but nobody told me HOW I would ever find my way back to normality.

Whatever the fuck normal was.

In retrospection I believe “NORMAL” was the problem in the first place.

I finally turned to the medical fraternity and they gave a convenient label, a box of pills and the number of a therapist.

Pills that kept me so out of touch with my feelings, I was nothing more than a hollow shell walking around saying the shit people wanted to hear just to make them happy.

Happy was such a foreign concept at that time.

As long as they were smiling I thought they were happy.

As long as they patted me on my head, my ass, I was behaving in a pleasing manner that made them happy.

A therapist who encouraged me to revisit all the pain, all the trauma of decades which I had put behind me without ever guiding me through forgiveness, appreciation and learning.





Moments of disillusionment of the true meaning of family

Times of betrayal by those whom I trusted implicitly

She made me relive this shit over and over and over

Ripping into me leaving me raw, bleeding, wanting to vomit

And then

The alarm would go off

She would hand me a tissue – “Our time is up.  Now go home and be gentle with yourself”.


Years of labels, pills and therapy did nothing but take me further down into a black pit of shame

Most people didn’t even know I had ‘depression’.

Most people didn’t even know I was struggling to get through the days.

In fact, the first time I told my husband he was floored.

He couldn’t understand.

What the fuck was wrong with me that I couldn’t be happy with my white-picket fence life?

What the fuck was wrong with him as a man, as a husband, that he couldn’t keep me happy?

I saw the pain in his eyes and immediately felt the weight of shame, guilt, blame

I shut down further!

Feeling like an utter failure

As a wife

As a mom

As a daughter

As a woman


CLEARLY I was responsible for making others feel bad, which is probably why I was labelled the black sheep of the family,

and according to my upbringing it’s our sole mission in life to make others happy.

We are responsible for their success.

We are responsible to keep them safe.

Regardless of how it breaks us down in the process.

As women, mothers, wives, sisters, we are expected to take whatever disrespect, whatever violence, whatever insults, gets thrown our way.

We have to take it, turn the other cheek, keep smiling, keep serving, keep loving.

We have to be a lady on the street and a slut in the bed – so I was told.

Lie on your back, close your eyes, and do your duty.


Our bodies are continuously shamed, our natural rhythm, our menstruation, becomes an inconvenience to the world.  It embarrasses anal men so we teach our daughters to hide it.  It has been made dirty.  Young girls are asking for tablets that will stop the bleeding because it’s interfering with their performance.

We’re told that we are not sexual beings and that women don’t actually enjoy sex.

Are you kidding me????

The women I know happen to be ten times hornier than their male counterparts so quite frankly if your woman constantly has a headache, maybe it’s time for you to learn how to turn her on.

Because I can tell you that she sure as hell knows by now how to turn herself on Darling.

I know it’s not much better for men, but since I don’t have a penis I can’t speak from their point of view.

I can share my story.

I can share my perspective.

I can share my truth that ALL OF THIS IS COMPLETELY BONKERS!

And the more we keep quiet about it

The more we hide the fact that we get miserable not because there’s something wrong with us

but because there’s something SERIOUSLY FUCKING WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM

the more we condone the status quo.

My depression had nothing to do with my husband, my kids, my parents, my car, my bank balance, my home,

My depression had nothing to do with my past and all the hard lessons I’d received along the way

My depression had everything to do with the fact that I WAS COMPLETELY OUT OF INTEGRITY!

I am a witch who had disconnected from my magic.

I am a creature of abundance who had suppressed my true desires to live on crumbs.

I am a born artist who stopped unleashing my art to the world.

I was not showing the fuck up for you and I was not speaking my truth.

For that I apologise.

And I made a promise to myself that I will ALWAYS speak my truth going forward.

Even when my truth scares the shit out of me at times.

Even when my truth brings retaliation and bruises at times.

Even when my truth has me losing ‘friends and family’ left right and centre.

I finally understand that others abandoning us is a natural process of personal growth and individual choice,

the abandonment of self

That’s NOT natural

It’s heartbreaking


And the reason why so many people are feeling so fucking sad!

The more we think that labels and pills will save us

the more we give away our power

the more we get caught up in codependent relationships toxic to our creative muse

the further away our magic retreats

because we’ve made the magic wrong.

We’ve made our power wrong

we’ve made our bodies wrong

we’ve made our desires wrong

we’ve made our dreams wrong

we’ve made our truth wrong

we’ve made our sexuality wrong

we’ve made our individuality wrong.


We get so caught up in our ‘roles’ and ‘gender’

that we forget that first and foremost we came to this life as an individual, creative, talented, filled with desire for beauty and adventure, purposeful soul.

The roles they assign you is just another clever ploy to keep you so fucking busy that you never have the energy to fill up your cup.

The responsibilities they pile onto you is so over the top insane that you never have the capacity to think creatively.

They’ve told us that love wears a ring, that love has sex in missionary position, that love is hard work, that love is martyrdom, that love makes you so dependent on another for your happiness that when they leave or die, you die.

Fuck that shit Sister.

It’s time for us to break the silence and to co-create a world of true abundance, beauty, art, joy, orgasmic toe-curling pleasure, laughter, love, shine!!

What would YOU look like if you were feeling fully in receiving?

If you believed ALL of your desires, big, small, outrageous, were good and available to you right now?

What would YOU feel like if you woke up in the morning fully turned on, buzzing with creative energy and possibilities?

What would YOU be doing if you gave yourself permission to always follow your heart and live in flow?

What would YOU be saying if you always had the courage to speak your mind and let it fall where it may?

I would love to hear from you!

Drop me a mail and share!

Seriously, just sitting there daydreaming, keeping it to yourself, ain’t gonna get results Gorgeous.

Break the silence.

Share the vision.

Speak it into form.


The only reason you wouldn’t is because you’re afraid – what will she think?  will she judge me?  will she tell me I’m being ridiculous?  and then what?  what will she expect from me?  what will she demand of me?

So let me tell you

I’ll think you’re a badass courageous magnificent beast who can truly achieve ALL and MORE that you claim.  I won’t expect jack from you.  I won’t demand a single thing.  I will infuse your dreams with my magic because that’s simply what happens when we start sharing our dreams – more power.

Death is inevitable.

Living a life of thrive, that’s a choice Darling.

With love always,


PS:  Come play with me and the wild ones in Wild Woman Rebels.






I’m giving myself permission to be blunt today.

I fucking refuse to continue playing this game.

The game that people are stupid.

That they don’t know any better.

That they’re made of porcelain and that the truth will break them.

That they honestly think they can poison their bodies on a daily basis and not get fat and sick.

That they honestly think they can shame others and not be drenched in shame themselves.

That they honestly think they’re justified to rule through physical and verbal violence and abuse expecting love, loyalty and respect in return.

That they honestly think they can sit on a chair day in and day out, never moving ass, and not pick up back pain.

Let’s stop insulting each other’s intelligence.

I know they know better.

I’m done listening to those who tell me that I need to be more patient and sympathetic with people when they’re committing suicide right in front of my eyes!

I’m done keeping my opinion to myself when I see millions of people not only screwing themselves over, but every person they encounter or DON’T encounter because they don’t have the balls to show the fuck up and do their soul work.

I’m done watching people crumble with sorrow and regret when they think nobody is looking because they fucked up and instead of turning their lives around they sink deeper into depression.

They neglected those they love, those who gifted them the privilege of sharing part of their journey, because they chose alcohol and empty entertainment on a 50 inch screen as a means of escaping their bullshit choices in life rather than (wo)man up to their mistakes, taking corrective action, getting focused, and thriving!

I’m done seeing the masks slip and slide as men, women and children are desperately and exhaustedly trying to save each other because the sorrow is tangible even when their lips say they’re happy, when the only one who they need to save is themselves!




And stop telling me that you don’t have a choice.

You ALWAYS have choice.

You can choose to be a victim OR you can choose to be a victor.

You can choose to hide under the piles of bullshit that you can’t possibly do what you REALLY want to do because you’ll be letting too many people down.


Worse – it’s letting YOU down!

And it’s YOUR LIFE!

You can choose to keep telling me it’s too hard for you because you’re too far down the rabbit hole and I don’t understand or you can choose to GO ALL THE WAY DOWN AND HIT THAT ROCK BOTTOM WITH SUCH FORCE THAT YOU SKY ROCKET TO THE TOP!

You can choose to keep telling yourself that you’ll get your shit together tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or you can own the fact that DECISION IS IMMEDIATE AND AS LONG AS YOU POSTPONE ACTION YOU’VE NOT COMMITTED TO THE MOTHERFUCKING CHANGE AND YOU ARE JUST PAYING LIP SERVICE.

You can pretend not to know the answers.

You can keep telling me you’re not daring to dream because you can’t figure out the how…

You can keep telling me you’re not taking action because you don’t know the proven strategy…

You can keep telling me you’re not ready to commit to success because your relationships are complicated…

or you can choose to finally WAKE THE FUCK UP AND THRIVE!

It’s not that you don’t know,

you’re not stupid,

you’ve simply been brain-washed and put into a slumber to dull the pain of your potential being pissed down a drain!

You’ve simply allowed your balls / ovaries to shrink up, dry up, rolling away under the couch.


I happen to know for a fact that you have it inside of you.


Everything you need to know to build your empire,

is inside of you.

Your personal blueprint to success.

Everything you need to make you smile

is inside of you.

Your desires are gifted to you because your Soul KNOWS what makes you happy.

You just have to remember how to ask for what you want and how to receive it without all the coy shit of ‘OMG is that for me??? Really?  You shouldn’t have’.

Everything you need to overcome physical pain

is inside of you.

Your body is the most advanced chemist in the world with hormones and connections the most brilliant of scientists have not figured out yet.

Everything you need to overcome adversity

is inside of you.

Your mind is the most powerful asset you will ever receive in your lifetime my friend.

But you have to start using her.

Use it or lose it.

That’s right

every time that you refuse to think for yourself, a piece of your brain dies

every time you drown her in a sea of alcohol, a piece of your brain dies

every time you choose to pop that tablet to take you far far away, a piece of your brain dies!

That’s how they keep you ‘stupid’ so you will mindlessly serve the machine.


Everything you need to have that goddess sexy body you’re always talking about

is inside of you.

You don’t need those fat burners.  You need to nourish her.  You need to move her.  You need to pleasure her.

She will take care of the rest.

Everything you need to have mind-blowing pleasure

is inside of you!

Everything you need to have iconic levels of health

is inside of you!

Everything you need to have an out-of-body experience

is inside of you!


And when you stop your petulant whining you will admit that you know it too.

You can tell me that I’m a royal bitch!

That I’m an insensitive cow.

You can rage because I’m never satisfied with your mediocrity.

You can keep telling me that you’re simply not like me,

and maybe you’re not,

maybe you’re choosing to play small,

maybe you’re choosing to hide your fucking magnificence because you’re too scared to shine




I am slow as fuck

in all areas

I owned this ‘weakness’ a long time ago

I’m never going to be a sprinter

So I trained resilience


I trained my mind, my body, my spirit to be an endurance machine!

When others throw in the towel, I pick it up, I wipe off the sweat, I wipe off the tears, the snot, the blood, and I KEEP GOING!

It’s my choice!

I could have used my ego to keep me small.

To say that because it takes me longer to get somewhere than others I’m not good enough.

To walk away from everything I love saying that I simply have no natural born talent.

I chose instead to change my point of focus.

I stopped fucking around in the short term and I focus on the end game.

I stopped surrounding myself with those ‘who understand’ and started chasing those who wouldn’t slow down for me.

Those who never once gave me an ounce of sympathy.

Whatever you’re using as your excuse for not showing up, is nothing more than your potential power untrained.

It’s the gifts from the Universe that allows you to grow those parts of you that will be your greatest asset.

But that’s not going to happen as long as you choose to feel sorry for yourself, as long as you choose to surround yourself with sympathisers, as long as you choose to label yourself as faulty, as long as you stay with those for who ‘your average is good enough’.

Fuck good enough!




Stop settling for smiling when you can have belly-aching laughter.

Stop settling for ‘dutiful’ sex when you can be having spiritual orgasms.

Stop settling for good when you deserve great!

That’s it!

That’s all I have to say on this.

It’s time for you to realise that death is inevitable.

Have you chosen to thrive yet?

With love eternal,

Anel “The Bitch”





Sometimes I have to break down to break through.

As my feet sank into the ice cold sand, coffee in hand, patiently waiting for the ball of fire to crest the horizon, I looked right with slight apprehension.

It was time for an uncomfortable conversation with God.

I still struggle with this at times – never underestimate the power of indoctrination.

I was raised in a christian home where I was told to fear God.

That I was born a sinner, bad, dirty, unworthy.

I had to grovel and kiss ass.

If I didn’t obey ‘his’ rules I would burn in hell for all eternity.

I had to go through the ‘dominie’ to pray and then hand over my 10% to the ‘diaken’ fervently hoping that it will be enough to buy my way into heaven.

I’m getting there, slowly but surely peeling back the layers of fear-laden lies – owning my shit, reconnecting to the inner knowing that I’m a god-particle and that Goddess is pure love.

Life has been good lately, to the point that I’m almost feeling guilty walking on the beach, knowing that my conversation is about to go down for wanting more.

Surely I should just be grateful for all that I’ve been receiving which I know is more than billions of others.

Shit tons of joy.

More magic than I’ve experienced in ages.


Dreams coming true.

Receiving all that I’m asking for and then some.

From the outside people are telling me how ‘easy’ my life looks and how it’s not fair that I get to have fun each day, working with soulmate clients I absolutely adore, moving my body in new ways that is creating greater levels of strength and flexibility.

Except change – whether defined as good or bad – is never effortless.

It requires continuous focus.

It requires massive amounts of energy.

It requires discipline to keep your shit together when you’re being challenged.

It would be so easy to fall apart every time I encounter an obstacle.

To sit down with everyone else.

To bitch and moan at the tea party.

It would be so easy to throw in the towel every time the climb to the top became too much for my burning quads.

I’ve learned to be a resilient little bitch.

Over the years I’ve been gifted with abuse, verbal, physical, sexual, people who broke me down.

Left for dead on the floor time and again.

Having to find the strength from within to rise.

To crawl.

To stumble.


I’ve been gifted with systems and cultures of pure oppression, imprisoning the masses through codependent ‘love’ and fear.


I’ve been stabbed in the back so many times you can create a tattoo from all the scars.


I learned a long time ago that moments of ‘weakness’ in the wrong company would lead to punishment or sympathy.

Both disastrous for my success.

I only show my underbelly in the space created by my coach.

Where I can release all the pent up frustration, un-faced fears, confusion, doubt, in a space of deep acceptance, where I never get rescued but am allowed to ride out the wave until I can reconnect to my wisdom again.

Sometimes I go directly to Source.

I continue walking and I take a deep breath.

Unexpectedly I start feeling tired.

It’s been a challenging few months of continuous smashing glass ceilings.

I let that wash over me.

I’ve been making the tough decisions I’ve not had the courage to make before.

I let that flow through me.

For the first time in my life I’m falling in love with myself.

Every day.

I let that embrace me.

I start off by telling God how deeply thankful I am for all the blessings in my life.

Appreciative of all the amazing changes that has come to fruition.

Yet I’m frustrated.


I’ve come so far

Yet I feel a block remaining

And I’m doing all the work

all the introspection

every single day








and reconnect with the ancient magic I FEEL lying within me.

I release all constraints on emotion and listen to my voice rise with passion







And then

It happens

I break

I break down

I break open

Deep sobs racking my body

Tears streaming down my face

Sweet release of all which I was unaware of holding in.

The radiance of the sun breaks his first rays over the horizon, lighting me up

and I hear the voice inside my head

“You have to allow yourself to break down so you can break through”


I get it.

In a society where I’ve felt unsafe since my first breath, I’ve become a master warrior.

I’ve trained my body and my mind to be indestructible.

I’ve embraced every blow, every heartache, and I have used the wounds to grow scar tissue,  making me tougher.

But magic doesn’t come from strength alone.

Magic comes from love.

Love comes from emotional connection.

With ourselves.

It comes from embracing all our thoughts, all our experiences, all our relationships, all our parts.

It comes from allowing it all to flow freely through us.

Which is terrifying.

We’ve been told that certain emotions will destroy us.

They’ve been branded as unacceptable and coloured by old wive’s tales of how they will lead to abandonment, loneliness and eventual death.





We’re given a wide variety of narcotics to suppress those emotions

whether anti-depressants





you name it,

they’ve created it in laboratories and factories, sanctioned by the government.

Any emotion that would lead to an outburst of expression has been labeled as destructive and we’ve been told to suppress it.

What they’re not telling you is that disconnection from emotion is in fact disconnection from your magic my Darling.

The voice keeps speaking.

‘Magic comes from trust.’

Trust in divine timing and truly believing that all happens for you.

I’ve always been very honest about the fact that I’m quite the impatient witch.

I’ve demanded AVALANCHES of abundance, not always appreciating the constant flow which has been my supply.

Now, looking back, I can see that whilst my personal creation was but a seedling she would have been washed away in a downpour of water.

Instead, in eternal love and wisdom, I was gifted with a mist-rain.

Which, in retrospection, was perfect.

NONE of this wisdom would have come forth had I not allowed myself to break down whilst having coffee with Goddess.

None of this would have been available to me had I not listened to the whisper in my heart which insisted I take a cup of coffee down to the beach and watch the sun rise.

None of this would have been received had I not given myself permission to cry, to listen from within, to receive.

So often as high achievers we get caught up in being the warrior.

The strong leader for all those around us.

To put on the brave face so that everyone who follow us will feel confident in our decisions, trusting us to show them the right way.

Except all ways are right.

All decisions are always perfect.

Everything unfolds in divine timing.

And it’s been my personal experience that we receive these nuggets of wisdom and insight in the moments we let ourselves break down our structures, our barriers of safety,

when we allow our emotions to overtake us

tears to be flow unashamedly

releasing control




I believe it is the responsibility of every leader, creative, artist, healer, achiever to seek out spaces of safety for deep, vulnerable, introspection.

Whether that space is with a trusted mentor, coach, mastermind partner or God herself.

It’s up to you to ensure you have the support whilst letting your emotions run free so that you may connect with your magic and bring forth your empire of impact in a way that feels liberating.

Don’t expect your partner or friend to hold this space.

They have a vested interest in the outcome and it’s not fair on them.

They want to see you happy.

They struggle with your pain.

They want to make it all better.

I believe it’s the responsibility of each and every person alive to start questioning the system, the truths we’ve been told to swallow without investigation, to start the personal healing required to bring global healing to humanity so that we can bring an end to the reigning insanity where misery, disease and fear is lining the pockets of those in power.

I believe it’s the responsibility of every parent to reclaim their shattered souls so that they may break the cycles of poverty, abuse and addiction so prevalent in our homes.

I believe it starts with me.

Doing the work.

Sharing my story.

With the intention that it will spark a desire in YOU

to do the work

to share your story.

I believe it is though sharing our stories that we will finally claim our personal truths and the more people who find the courage to share their learnings and insights, the faster magic can be returned to us.

I believe it is YOUR time now and I do believe that you are ready.

But you have to choose to believe it for yourself.

That’s free will Sexy.

For only death is inevitable,

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  How would it feel to build an Empire completely aligned and in serive to your true mission?

To create a life of flow which always includes a rocking body and tons of energy?

How would you like to have relationships that has you gasping with delight from your clients to your kids to your lovers to your friends?

More energy and creativity than you’ve ever experienced because you’ve left behind the realm of mere mortals and connected with your soul?

YES you can have it all and more.

It starts with a decision followed by action.

If you’re ready to stop playing small, to stop marinating in misery and to step onto your stage of life, I invite you to take a look at Liberation and apply today.









Show me that you have some skin in the game!

Holy cow with ice cream cones

The ego is a devious little bitch.

She makes you think that you’ve won the battle

That you’re a badass rocking it out

And you FEEL it.

In your bones.

In your blood.

In your head.

Except it’s all just smoke and mirrors Baby-face

Unless you’re on the field




Your breath burning the fire of LIFE into your belly.

I see it all the time

Not just in the lives of others

But in my own.

Every time I step up, willing to get uncomfortable, seeking out my next level goals,

my next level thrive,

I start looking around to see what else is possible in the realm of humanity

Through witnessing the rise of others I can easily get caught up in the emotional reaction

filling me with excitement

vibrating a little higher

Until I wake up one morning and I ask myself,

where is the evidence that I’ve actually PUT MYSELF IN THE GAME?

Have I truly specified the vision

Committed to manifest that shit no matter what?

Have I paid the entry fee?

Have I put my details out in the big bad world for all to see?

Have I invested in my success?

Signing up with the coach?

Am I surrounded by the A-players – those who actually commit to their art, who create, who show results,

or am I surrounded by the hordes animatedly talking about their dreams over a case of beers?

Am I clearing out the cupboards and filling it with goodness?

Regardless of what the goal is.

Whether I’m entering a race or building my business


My fitness program

My eating

The company I keep

The mentors I work with

My relationship with my family

Even my sex life changes every time

Because it’s all linked my friend.

I know for a fact that every time one area of my life evolves, ALL OF ME HAS TO EVOLVE

I also know for a fact that our minds are POWERFUL and it is easy for us to THINK that we’re playing because we can VISUALISE the experience which has a BIO-MECHANICAL REACTION in our bodies.

This is important to remember.

What the mind can perceive

The body can achieve

Yet the POTENTIAL of achievement is an empty illusion without EXECUTION.

When you start taking a closer look you will find that 99% of society is all talk and hype and zero fucking follow-through.

They’re always telling you how successful they’re going to be by the time they’re 30, 40, 50.

Except they’re unable to define what their success will look like.

They throw around vague, empty concepts – driving a sports car, rock a six-pack, be a millionaire, be happy.


More importantly,

when you ask them to show you their current action it’s filled with distraction, with entertainment, with drugs, alcohol, a hamster-wheel existence.

And they justify this shit to you.

Because they just have to lose the weight first and then they’ll go to gym.

They just have to get out of debt first and then they will invest in themselves.

They just have to get the kids grown up first and then they will build the empire.

They just have to feel confident first and then they will go ride that downhill.


A- players get in the game first understanding that it’s only IN THE GAME THAT YOU WILL GET THE SKILLS, MAKE THE MONEY, GET THE RIPPING ABS.

They understand that what stands between you and your dream life is none of the shit you think it is!

The only thing standing between you and your best version self


It’s you not wanting to fail because you’ve taken failure on as an identity instead of a possible outcome following action.

It’s you not wanting to be judged by others when the fuckers are judging whether you take action or not.

It’s you not wanting to look like an idiot in front of others when quite frankly Darling, it’s been my experience that only mediocre assholes will laugh at you.

True achievers will laugh with you, give you a hand up, and tell you to give it another go.

And again

And again

Until you fucking succeed!

Achievers celebrate your best version self and they know that we’re all in this together.

Achievers know that whatever they’ve mastered today is the bottom ring to their next level where they are beginners again.

That’s the thrill.

The eternal cycle of eager student and humble master.

I know I’ve been hammering you about creating your vision.

About writing that shit down in detail and to go into WHO is the woman already living that life.

What does she believe?

What does she think about?

What does she eat, wear?

How does she move her body?

Who does she surround herself with?

What does she no longer tolerate.

Today I want to challenge you to take is a step further.

Today I want you to get your ass in the game!

To put some skin in the game.

To find the courage and invest in yourself.

To take a chance on yourself and to enter that race, register that website, put your profile out there.

To claim your success by connecting with an achiever who makes you uncomfortable AF.

To have a difficult conversation you’ve been putting off.

Your ego is going to scream.

FEAR will wash over you, turning you fingers to shaking leaves in the storm.

I don’t care.




And then show us that belief by taking the action.

Death is inevitable – you can stop walking around like a zombie until then.

THRIVING on the other hand, that is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  LIBERATION is yours for the taking.

Apply today.


Don’t let your ‘not now’ turn into another motherfucking regret

Stop it!

Stop sitting there feeling less than a badass mother because you’re continuously putting your soul song on hold.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

I’m talking about all the times you come across, an event, an opportunity, a dream that lights your ass on fire!

And it scares the living daylights out of you.

Because you have forgotten what TRULY ALIVE feels like.

You’ve forgotten the sensation of blood and adrenaline and excitement coursing through your veins.

You call it fear.

You call it insanity.

It terrifies you so you quickly put it at arms length – saying ‘not now’.

That you’re not ready.

That the timing is not right.

Knowing full well that your lack of commitment is not time-bound and that your ‘not now’ is a ‘not ever’.

So dulled down by the mediocrity of everyday existence.

There’s a price to pay for denial of thrive Darling.

You start losing your shine.

You stop believing in yourself.

Your mind-muscle becomes weak, atrophy sets in, until you can’t think for yourself.

Constantly seeking guidance and strategies and someone to tell you what to do, what to say, to give you a script, to give you permission.

You spend more and more money on make-up to create an illusion of colour in your cheeks.

You spend more and more money on booze to bring you up at night and pills to bring you down so you can sleep and then more pills that help you just get through the fucking day without losing your shit in public scared of being admitted to a padded cell.

You spend more and more time in front of a screen drooling over the adventures and successes of others in a desperate attempt not to face the reality of your unfulfilled life.

You spend more and more money on chocolate to fill the empty void in your gut where you desire to feel connected to another human being, to your purpose, to your excitement.

And then you spend more money on fat burners, protein shakes and gym membership to rid yourself of the layer of fat sitting around your chicken shit tummy.

Because yes

That fat is nothing more than protection

From being seen

From being called out on your bullshit

It’s hiding you from the truth that you’re playing  at less than 10% of your capacity.

And do you know what happens to a high achiever when they live at the same speed as ordinary people?

When we don’t play full out?

When we don’t take risks?

When we stop biting off more than we can chew?

We become depressed AF!

We are miserable.

We feel like we’re dragging ourselves from one second to the next at snails pace and there’s no life flow.

I remember that feeling well.  And I’m NEVER going back there again.

I used to blame everyone for my lot in life.

My family.

My financial circumstances.

The social system.

The mind-control institutions.

I used all my loved ones as an excuse for me not to show up for myself.

‘My kids needed me 24/7 so I couldn’t really dedicate myself to my business.  Working an hour here, an hour there, and then praising myself for being able to pay some of the bills some of the time.

My husband was in charge of the finances and I couldn’t possibly ask him for money to invest in myself, and even if I did, there would never be money for working with a coach when there were more important expenses to be made.’

I made them the enemy and me the victim.

Of course always feeling justified in my choices.

I was an expert in saying ‘one day’.

One day I will have the money to work with my soulmate coach.

One day I will have the courage to build that empire.

One day I will have the time to really train like an elite athlete and rip my body.

One day I will have the smarts to handle my own finances and take back my independence.

Wanna know what happened?


Until I decided to turn One day into Today!

I decided to stop being a pussy and to start taking a leap of faith.

In myself.

To take a chance on me.

To believe that once I’m committed to an outcome, I step into my potential and I’ll always know what to do next.

I became available for failure.

I became available for learning.

I became available to saying yes instead of always saying not now.

I became available to see the truth I did not have the courage to see before.

And what I found was that the enemy was never ‘out there’.

Nobody else was to blame for my life.

The only enemy is and always will be ME!

It’s not an enemy that you can defeat forever.

She is your training partner in life, there to make you stronger.

Every time you slay her down, she will rise again.

Which means a daily recommitment to the work.

The real work.

The work where you train your mind to see past the illusion and discover the truth.

The truth that you’re not a muggle.

You might be surrounded by muggles.

You can love muggles.

But you, my sexy beast, are a magician!

You are a magical being.

And the magic will NEVER go away.

Your choice in life is to either embrace this, unleash it, create your art,

or suppress it.

Deny it.

Living in constant pain, depression, sickness, secretly resenting those around you for clipping your wings.

For putting you in a gilded cage.

I’m sorry to tell you my friend, but YOU climbed into that cage because your power scared the shit out of you.

You climbed in and you locked that door behind you.

You stuck the key in your ass-pocket and conveniently forgot about it.

So you sit there and sing your song of sorrow and regret.

Your voice is so sweet it brings others to tears.

Other sitting in their own cages.

Forgotten keys in their grasp.

You keep waiting for things to change so you can make different choices.

But it doesn’t work that way.

You have to make different choices for things to change!

Every time you say NO to your soul, every time you say NOT NOW, letting opportunity pass you by, you’re choosing regret.

You’re choosing to sit in that cage year after year continuing the madness.

I’ve seen this pattern enough times to recognise it well.

People reaching out to me and then pulling back.

Saying now is not the right time.

That they have enough to go it on their own for now.

They’ll just go watch motivational videos on YouTube and take action from there.

Only to have them come back two, three, five years later, even more depressed.

More bloated with suppressed magic which is literally ready to have them explode!

And never once do I hear “I don’t regret waiting”.

Not once.

So this is my invitation to you today my Darling:

I invite you to wake up the warrior inside of you.

I invite you to feel that key in your back-pocket.

I invite you to find just twenty seconds of insane courage and to take the leap of faith in yourself.

You can do ANYTHING for twenty seconds.

Even be the most courageous bitch to ever walk the face of the earth.

And in those twenty seconds I invite you to sign up to that thing you’ve been holding away from yourself.

That thing that has you shitting yourself with fear? with excitement? with soul-thrive?

Whether that is the race everyone told you you’re not ready to do.

Or to press play on that business you were told you’re not ready to start.

Or to sign up with the mentor you were told you’re not ready to afford.

Whatever that thing is.

Twenty seconds.

Don’t ask permission.

Don’t ask for someone else to approve.

Ask yourself.

Go inside.

This is YOUR life.

If you truly desire freedom and liberation, joy and untold treasures, you have to start trusting YOURSELF.

You have to start listening to the inner voice.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,



Ready to say YES to being challenged on the programming that’s running your life?

Ready to say YES to being held accountable for going full out for your dreams?

Ready to say YES to never again sleeping away your life in a drug-induced stupor?

Ready to say YES to living TODAY?

I’m here, ready to supportively kick your sweet bullshit to the curb and to liberate you from the monsters in your head keeping you small.

But you have to rise to the invitation Darling.

Check out Liberation and if it speak to your soul find your twenty seconds of courage and apply.



How are you SHOWING your gratitude and appreciation?

I know you’ve heard it before – the fastest way to manifest is through gratitude.

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose initial reaction was indignation and a little bit of a sulk.

I mean sure, it’s really easy to be grateful when things are all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns.

But life is never THAT perfect ALL of the time in ALL ways, right?

There’s always some asshole who apparently didn’t receive a copy of our personal rule book and they’re not playing game.

There’s always an unexpected expense that fucks up the carefully laid out budget and then, just for good measure, someone pays you late.

You always get sick at the most inopportune time.

Your car always breaks on the way to an important meeting.

And then they tell us we have to be grateful?!

Or maybe I’m the only spiritual toddler alive at this time.

But I kept working on it.

I kept writing down my gratitude lists.

Every day.

I stayed open to the process and slowly but surely I started experiencing some results.

I found that I could SEE MORE to be grateful for.

My attention shifted from that which wasn’t working, to the blessings that I already had in my life.

I started feeling pretty good about myself.

A higher vibration results in a higher attraction.

I grew to love gratitude.

At which stage my next teacher arrived.

She told me that gratitude for the good was no longer enough.

I had to be grateful for the good AND the not so good aka the shit.

You’re kidding, right?

Please tell me you’re kidding!

Why the fuck would I be grateful for the bastard who once again told me I’m not good enough?

Because everything happens FOR you”, she told me.

Couldn’t get my head around this.

So it was back to my faithful journal.

It took months for me to drop into this one.

First of all, I came to the realisation that unless I was connected with my PURPOSE, my life MISSION, I simply couldn’t connect the dots.

It was only once I claimed my soul vision, that I could sit back, view the landscape from a bird’s eye view, and see the incredible unfolding of my life.

I could finally comprehend that all those who I THOUGHT was against me, was in fact the pawns on MY chessboard, and they simply kept showing me ways to make conscious choices thereby empowering me to continue moving towards fulfilling my soul work.

I could finally see how some doors were closed to me as they would have led me down a completely different path and even though I believe in my heart that all roads have the potential to reach my destiny, it would have taken me an additional decade or two to get back to the spot I’m in now.

By now I was starting to think I’m not so spiritually retarded after all!

Not a bad feeling my friend.

But then I came across a video that said gratitude is only the first step, we have to also appreciate!


I had to go look up the difference – I always fall back on to the excuse that English is not my mother tongue.

And found that gratitude is being thankful with a readiness to show appreciation

It’s not just lip service.

Appreciation includes ENJOYMENT


So I’ve been journaling on appreciation for months now.

Every day,

I am so grateful and appreciative of my home, my health, my relationships, my bikes, my car, my clients, my business…

Blah blah blah


a few weeks ago,

my pen kept moving,

and the questions appeared on my page,

‘If you’re appreciative of your car, how are you showing your appreciation in a celebration of enjoyment?   What are you doing to make your car feel appreciated?”


The car?

And what did my soul even mean by how did I show my appreciation to my car?

So I went outside and I took a critical look at my car.

With all the sand on the seats from taking the dogs to the beach.

The empty coffee cups from various trips to the shops.

The dust on the dashboard.

And I thought to myself, if I was the car, always ready to transport my mistress, reliable, trustworthy, and she allowed me to look like a dustbin, would I feel appreciated?

Talk about a bucket of cold water!

In that moment I realised that appreciation is not a word, it’s an act.

It’s an energy.

It’s a bringing together of our best selves to be in service to each other.

And that includes everything!

I arranged to have my car cleaned immediately to bring out her beauty and to show her my appreciation for always transporting me to wonderful experiences.

I started looking around me – where else have I not been showing true appreciation?

To my home, my bikes, my laptop.

Everything could be polished a little more to make them shine.

Not from a grumpy, begrudging space but from a space of true love and as a way to say thank you!

Then I looked at my relationships.

Where have I not truly shown my appreciation for all the people in my life?

Where have I taken them for granted or maybe just became so used to them that I wasn’t fully present in the privilege of sharing their energy with me?

Even those that I’m at logger-heads with at the moment.

The teachers who are a pain in my ass.

And if I truly dropped into gratitude and appreciation, how would I be showing up for them?


This, is my new daily practice.

Not only do I write down my gratitude and appreciation list, I ask myself HOW I CAN SHOW MY APPRECIATION TO THOSE I CHOSE TO LIST TODAY?

Today I’m taking the Cookie Monster out for a ride and I’ll be giving her a good scrub down afterwards in appreciation of the hours of joy and adventure she’s gifted me with.

I’m taking the pups to the beach and letting them run wild to their heart’s content in appreciation of their unconditional love and yes, I’ll be vacuuming the car afterwards.

I’m taking my boys out to lunch in appreciation for their presence in my life and for choosing me to be their mom.

I’m calling my mom tonight in appreciation for just being the most wonderful inspiration in my life.

I’m kicking some soulmate client ass in appreciation for their trust in me and for their willingness to show up for themselves, having the courage to follow their purpose and building their empires.

These are some of the things on my list today.

What’s on yours Darling?

I would love to hear.

I would love hear from you if this piece created a new awareness for you.

That maybe you’ve been saying that your grateful and appreciative but you’ve not previously made the connection of showing and enjoying?

Or not.

Maybe, like the younger me, you’re thinking this is all just airy-fairy bullshit and that you have no desire to appreciate the pricks in your space.

It’s all perfect to me.

After all,

only death is inevitable.

Thriving, which by the way is filled with appreciation, will always remain a choice.

With love always,






Where are you stopping yourself from having EVERYTHING you say you want?

I know you don’t want to hear this.

I know that you’re fighting this truth with every fibre of your ego-driven being.

I know that every time you hear this truth you get triggered and you want to lash out at me, spitting “YOU DON’T FUCKING UNDERSTAND!” into the air around you.

You snarl.

You growl.

You’re hurting and you want the pain to stop.

You think that by blocking out my words the ache will subside.

You switch on Facebook scrolling in an attempt to distract yourself.

Maybe you even go post about this inconsiderate, insensitive bitch continuously writing bullshit about how we create our own realities and who the fuck does she think she is?

You might reach for that bottle of wine, that block of chocolate, that tub of lard, call your sympathetic cronies, partying away your soul, mistaking intoxication for joy.

You don’t fool me Gorgeous.

I know how fucking frustrated you are with the constant struggle that is your daily existence.

I know the depression which is the direct result of YOU suppressing your art.

Your purpose.

Your awesomeness.

Like you, I used to wear those masks with pride at my ability to fool everyone around me.

Fooling them to think that I was happy because I was ticking their boxes of socially stated success.

Fooling them to think that I was no threat to those who chose mediocrity – that I was the same as everyone one.

It nearly killed me.

I almost chose death above self-love.

Until I didn’t.

Until I finally got my spine back and I INSISTED on discovering the truth for myself.

From inside.

From my heart.

From my soul.

The truth that we are powerful beyond our wildest imagination and we’ve been programmed by our society to FEAR our power.

We’re told that power and wisdom got Adam and Eve expelled from the garden of Eden because God didn’t want them to own their shit and of course because it’s written in the bible it has to be absolute truth!

Come on people – and yes, I fully realise that I’m respectfully kicking the hornet’s nest here – do you seriously believe in an all-loving, all-powerful Creator who feels threatened by her creation and then has to keep them in Stupidville?


You don’t obey my rules and so you get tossed out?

That would be like me saying I never want my kids to reach their full potential because it will make me feel like a fucking failure for not doing the work, for not owning and realising my ultimate success.

Sadly this is what we see all the time.

Parents keeping their kids ‘in their place’ by threatening them with abandonment if they dare defy the rules.

Children taking responsibility for their parent’s happiness because their parents are always frustrated and angry and since they’re continuously getting scolded it must mean that they are the CAUSE of their parents misery.

Thinking that because someone calls them son or daughter, they have no power within themselves.


We’re told that when we own our power we’re too big for our shoes.

We’re punished for individual thought, for colouring outside the lines, for standing up for our beliefs.

We’re labelled and expelled for not conforming.


We’re told that in order for us to ever make it in the world we have to find the RIGHT strategy, take the RIGHT steps as dictated by the university approved books.

We’re told that there’s a few people smart enough to figure out the workings of the world which is simply out of reach to the average man on the street so we must just do as we’re told.




And it hurts like a motherfucker!

Because ultimately we just want to share our love and our art and our truth.

We simply want to give ourselves permission to be our best version selves so we can share our brilliance with everyone around us.

We want to be happy and from this space create and elevate all around us to their own truth, their joy, their fucking THRIVE!  Completely independent of us.  We can love without putting a ring on him – as if we’re fucking pieces of property that can be owned by another.

Except in a world where people have stopped thinking for themselves, they believe that our shine will cast others into the shadow.

Instead we’re told by those in power to dim our lights so we can live in semi-darkness.

Always filled with a sense of fear.

Monsters patrol the darkness.

They walk amongst us, consoling us with false words of hope and love, ensuring that we believe they hold the key to our happiness, success and safety.


They tell you that you have to fit in to be liked, to be claimed by another to be loveable, to constantly seek a stamp of approval that will be prove you’re not faulty AF.

To choose this system, my Darling, is to choose fear over love.

And as long as you choose fear, you will continuously stop yourself from having all you say you desire.

You will convince yourself that your power lies outside of you.

That once you’ve jumped through enough hoops you’ll be happy.

That once you’ve done your duties to everyone else there will be time to do what you truly desire to do.

That once you’ve made the money you will be confident enough to make the tough decisions and to trust yourself.

The fear will have you doubt yourself.

The fear will tell you that your joy takes away from others.

The fear will tell you that you have to share your toys because there’s a finite number of trinkets that has to be shared between billions.

The fear will have you spending your time slaving away to keep everyone else ‘happy’ when in fact your choice makes you part of the problem.

As long as you sacrifice your happiness for others, you’re unhappy, they’re unhappy, everyone is fucking miserable.

Your being a good little woman putting her dreams on hold is a selfish act of bullshit!

Think about it – opposite energies simply cannot co-exist in the same space.

Which means that if YOU’re unhappy, your entire family is unhappy.

Even if they’re smiling.

They’re simply doing what you’re teaching them to do – to wear a fucking mask with a smile painted on for good measure.

They’re simply playing along with the chess board you’re controlling.

If you’re lying to your kids saying your phenomenally happy and fulfilled when you’re just waiting for them to grow up and leave the house before you will start that business instead of having a hobby, leave the unfulfilling relationship, reclaim your wild side, they’re going to lie right back to you saying they’re phenomenally happy and fulfilled, waiting for the time they can leave your home so they can create their art, rebel against the suffocating system and reclaim their wild side.

Think about it.

I’m also going to say this to you today Darling – it takes titanium tits to get out of your own fucking way and thrive!

It takes immense courage to truly do the work and reclaim your freedom.

It takes an indestructible mind to liberate yourself from the fear-driven system of artistic oppression.

The first step is always the hardest because you feel like you have to leave everyone and everything behind and go into the wilderness without any equipment or company.

Well, it’s not true.

I want you to know that there’s millions of badass rebels in that forest choosing to live a life of thrive.

I want you to know that the moment you choose to be happy, you finally give your loved ones permission to choose happiness for themselves.

I want you to know that when you choose to liberate yourself and to do the soul purpose work you came here to do, the Universe always gifts you with the right mentor to guide your way until you’re strong enough to walk on your own.  If I keep popping up on your radar I want you to know that the next move it up to you.

That’s how it works.

Free will.

I want you to know that when you finally decide to be happy, to love unconditionally, to step away from the fear, those who are already on the path will always welcome and encourage you.

But you have to take the first step.

You have to make the decision.

You have to ALLOW yourself to RECEIVE all your desires.

You have to choose.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always YOUR choice to make, and nobody else, not even Creator, is going to make it for you.

With love always,



The resistance that you feel is real and completely fake all at the same time.

It’s the scariest thing in the world – saying yes to your life purpose.

Yes to your freedom.

Yes to your liberation.

In an ironic twist of fate, stepping into your truth is always received with resistance.

Resistance from your loved ones, those who feel that your rise to potential power is a threat to the family unit, a threat to their happiness.  That your desire to fulfil your purpose and be truly joyful will somehow make their role in your life obsolete and they don’t even want to contemplate what life on their own would look like.  So they distract you with your obligations and expectations.  They burden you with guilt for wanting to put yourself before the family.  They pile those responsibilities on so high that you don’t know how the hell you will ever get out from under there.

Resistance from your friends who feel that your stepping into success is an insensitive reminder of the potential they are saying no to.  In truth, they feel shit about themselves and your dedication to breaking through the glass ceiling is a constant reminder of their choices to stay average.  They keep inviting you to distracting parties and harass you when you turn them down time and again.  They say you’re becoming boring.  That you’re no fun to be around anymore.  That you’re getting too big for your shoes.  That you’re turning into a real bitch and that maybe it’s time for you to leave the clan because really, they have nothing in common with you anymore.

Resistance from every lazy ass out there who simply refuse to do the work on themselves.  The deep work of introspection.  The hard work of training a resilient mind, focused even during the storm.  Instead they choose to stay distracted, browsing the internet hour after hour, scrolling for someone to hate on.  They spew their insults to everyone who triggers them, thinking that when they cut others down to their low level of existence, they will be safe.  That as long as everyone is down at the bottom, they will feel like they’re rising to the top.  Except they don’t.

But the most powerful resistance of all, is that from yourself.  

I get it.

Saying yes to your path is scary AF.

It’s a path designed to make you stronger.

For in a time when billions are choosing victimhood, incarceration and slavery, the leaders will be those who have the soul, the dedication, the determination, the grit of a warrior.

Therefor the training ground is rife with obstacles, monsters both real and imagined, mirrors highlighting that which you’ve not had the courage to see before, all in service to you becoming stronger.

It’s filled with all your programming which screams in horror every time you step up and dare to question.

Every time that you have the audacity to break away from the status quo and give yourself permission to explore, there’s no shortage of labels made to shame you and your true nature of freedom.

The fear inside of you is real my friend.

And also completely not real.

It’s all smoke and mirrors designed to enforce the culture of codependency, ownership of ‘property’ which includes your ass, and fear.

When you take a step back and study the landscape, you will find that we are living in a time when, thankfully, more and more people are waking up and breaking away from the crowd.

You will find that most of them are introverts at heart.

Empaths who feel the pain of others energetically and so they need times of isolation to recalibrate, reconnect, recharge.

Misunderstood misfits who are expelled from the village for finding the courage to speak their truth.

A truth that mere existence is completely insane.

It’s killing people.

And the safety of the masses is nothing more than a suffocation of creativity.

Which is why the outlook for many is so bleak that they have to spice it up with various addictions and unnatural stimulants in a desperate attempt to feel something other than vanilla.

When you’re squashed in from all sides by those energy vampires who lull you with their words of love so they may feed on your energy, it’s really hard to see anything other than their faces and the empty promises of happiness.

If you never take the time to break away, go inside, connect to your soul, and see the truth, you are likely to accept this as your only possible reality, your only possible outcome, and you will stay in those toxic often abusive relationships, never finding the strength to liberate yourself.

It is in the times of silence that you will finally hear the wisdom of the mage inside your heart.  It is when you find the strength to walk away from the crowd that you will find your soulmate people. It is when you finally believe in yourself that you will make the decisions that will change your destiny.

And it’s when you liberate yourself from your dependency on others that you will fill your cup and share your joy with more people than you ever thought possible.

I know that you hear the whisper every now and again.

I know that you feel the sadness in your heart of a life unloved.

And you call it depression.

Or overwhelm.

When your soul is at war with your ego the energy becomes violent and you call it anxiety.

It’s all of these and none of these.

Every emotion that you feel is nothing more than an indication of the story you’re telling yourself in that moment.

Stories coloured by your social norms and values.

Inside ‘their’ perfect little lines.

And your soul demands that you take that bucket of paint and just throw it at the wall, trusting that it will land in perfect imperfection.  Glorious in its chaos.

The ego can’t cope with the chaos.

Her response is to go off like a banshee in your mind.

It’s in these times that you have to choose Darling.

You have to choose whether you’re going to sit down again so the screaming can just stop!

Understandably this is what most people do again and again.

Which by the way is perfect as well.

Because each time you go there and sit down, you’re still building your willpower.  And slowly, over time, you will find that you can tolerate the screaming a little longer.

Until that day when you are strong enough to stay standing.

Even in the face of the screaming.

It’s on this day that you will finally have the courage to take a stance for yourself.

When you will know that your happiness is the most liberating energy for all of humanity.

Including those you love dearly.

That your liberation will empower them to make their own decisions.

And wouldn’t you rather have your lover by your side out of mutual choice, mutual enjoyment, rather than a sense of obligation or because there’s a piece of paper somewhere that says your legally bound to each other??

Wouldn’t you rather only work with soulmate clients who light you up and who does the work and who gets iconic results?

Wouldn’t you rather have stimulating conversations with your soulmate friends who get you, who enjoy your interactions regardless of how frequent or infrequent they might be?

Wouldn’t you rather live a life of thrive where all the different aspects flow and mingle in a beautiful mural which raises the energy of all who has the privilege of witnessing your journey?

What are you seeking freedom from?

Where are you craving liberation?

When do you find yourself swallowed up with sorrow because you simply don’t want to continue this oppression of your art?

You are not alone Gorgeous.

If you’re ready to stand in the rage of your ego going off like a fire alarm just long enough to take one courageous action today, I’m here to guide, support and hold you to your path of liberation.

This is my soul purpose work.

Liberating the born leaders, artists, creatives, healers, wise men and women, entrepreneurs who are here to question, to bring change and who choose to thrive, from the fear that holds them bound in average.

I work alongside those who are committed to breaking free from the programming handed down to them in ‘love’ which has clipped their wings.

I walk with those who draw the line and become unavailable for mediocrity.

If there is a whisper in your soul, apply today by messaging me

For only death is inevitable.

It requires no choice or action.

Thrive on the other hand my friend, is a courageous choice few will ever make.

With love always,





What are you making of the headwinds?

I love training laps on Artemis.

I’ve found this to be the most powerful mindset training.

Every lap is filled with temptation to sit up, to give up.

To come up with the BS excuses as to why I should turn left and go home.

Especially as the weather tends to deteriorate every time I come around.

I’ve learned that for me to successfully complete this session I have to fucking COMMIT to how many laps I’m going to do BEFORE I go out.

It has to be a non-negotiable.

Each time I complete a lap, I recommit.

To the outcome.

To the distance.

To the number.

To the process.

For the Average Jacqueline (AJ) this seems inconsequential.

Except it’s not.

THIS is where I train for my motherfucking life.

All outcomes has the potential to be determined on my bike.

And I love the support God gifts me on these rides with a myriad of natural challenges.

Such as headwinds.

As I came around for round two yesterday, I unexpectedly hit a wall as the gust almost ripped me off my bike.

At first my natural instinct was to shrink.

Attempting to make myself as small as possible,

For when I’m huddled in, there’s less resistance.

Such was my life.

In the past when I hit unexpected challenges my natural reaction was to be to hunker down.

Desperately attempt to become invisible.

So they will forget about me and life can go back to ‘normal’.

Except normal was horrible!

It was suffocating and oppressing and quite frankly, I didn’t much like the little bitch in the mirror.

I hated the low vibration of my whining and moaning.

The sound grated my tits – Freddy Kruger dragging those nails down a black board.

The puny victim being tossed around helplessly in the storm of egotistical bullshit around me.

I remember my journey and I drop a gear.

Take a swig of water.

Sit up.

Time to strategise.

To adjust the original plan which didn’t include this wind!


I can use the headwind for active recovery.

I can push hard with the tailwind which will really push up my average and then catch my breath in the headwind whilst still working some leg strength.

The high average will make me feel like a rockstar.

Some bragging material.

Except bragging means jack shit when you lose out on the potential improvement this training session is offering.

And I already know that what will make me stronger is to do motherfucking intervals INTO the headwind.

Which is going to hurt like HELL!

Emptying out the tank every time I turn into her and then recover with the tailwind.

This will seriously reduce my average speed.

I could get off my bike and be aghast at how long it took me to complete the distance.

I will be hurting.

Yet, tomorrow, when it counts, I will be stronger.

Physically and more importantly, mentally.

I get to choose – ego or growth.

Yesterday, I chose growth.

I committed to wind-intervals.

I put that gear back up.

I connected my core.

I committed to finish to the end of the road sticking to the beat pumping through my ears.

Halfway down the street I started debating against myself.

The arguments came fast and thick from my head.

‘This is stupid.

I’m not fit enough to do this.

I don’t have anything to prove to anyone.

Nobody is even out in this obscene weather to see and admire my effort.

I’m not racing so I don’t have to push so hard.

I can always build up to doing this shit.’

It’s in moments such as these that you get to dig deep Darling and you connect with your very soul.

You commit to an indestructible mindset – Drive, Dedication, Discipline and Determination.

You commit to your best version self understanding that it’s never about what you’re doing but who you’re being that will ultimately dictate the results in your fitness, your relationships, your business, your life!

You commit to the growth which entails pain, failure, mind games, and a higher power.

You commit to being a woman of honour, a woman who keeps her word to herself, regardless of how big or how small that promise to self is.

And you better know that every time you give up,

every time you listen to the weak, tired, frightened little bitch inside you

you lose!

The battle.

For your magnificence.

For your dreams.

You choose to abandon your word and you give up on the woman who runs her Empire!

You let the darkness, which resides in each of us, win.

I’ve learned by now that your ego keeps score.

Every time that you decide to start stepping up, to make that investment in yourself, in your dreams, in your life, she will bring out that book and show you all the times you SAID you were going to rise, each time you SAID you were going to get to the finish line, every instance you PROMISED that you were going to be successful, and she presents the evidence which contradicts your claims.

Unless you’ve collected enough instances when you DID keep your word to yourself, you WILL GIVE UP.

You will either back down.

Backtrack as fast as you can.

Find every excuse NOT to go ahead and be your badass self,

pulling out all the cards which society has so generously handed you to stay average:  spouse, kids, bills, responsibilities, social expectations

Or you will self-sabotage.

You will give away your power by not taking full responsibility for your outcomes.

You will blame everyone and everything for your lack of success.

All because you’ve given up on that interval.

You’ve chosen to let the headwind defeat you.

You’ve chosen to let the headwind define you as weak.

You’ve chosen to let the headwind come between you and your promise to yourself.

Life is filled with headwinds my friend.

Not just on your bike.

In your business.

In your health.

In your relationships.

At some time in the past hundred or so years, society decided to breed whimps and we gave obstacles, struggle, headwinds a bad name.

We’ve turned them into opportunities to sit up and be justified in our moaning and complaining.

We’ve turned them into an excuse to settle for less than epic.

I want you to wake the fuck up and see what’s happening.

OF COURSE those in dark power will want the masses to stay weak-minded.

It’s the way in which to control you to do their bidding.

To keep you disconnected from your life purpose.

To lead.

To create.

To liberate.

To rebel.

To change.

You can’t do any of these unless your mind is indestructible.

The Universe in it’s eternal love gifts you headwinds not to punish you!

Not to say that you’ve been a bad girl so you have to be beaten down.

It’s a motherfucking opportunity for you to RISE and CHOOSE TO BECOME STRONGER.

Again and again.

I also want you to know that you don’t ever reach a level of success where everything just becomes ‘easy’.

There’s no lack of headwinds for the elites.

They simply MAKE IT LOOK EASY because they’ve trained this shit and become stronger.

They simply push harder.

They take on more and don’t back down.

Because they’ve trained in the headwinds, on their own, on a Sunday morning, on a bike named Artemis.

Today I want you to define your headwinds.

  • Where in life are you feeling like you’re hitting a brick wall?
  • And what are you going to choose to make of this?

Are you going to bitch and moan to everyone who will listen and give you sympathy, justifying your choice to give up?

I’ve learned the hard way that true achievers don’t listen to the wailing of those who choose average which means all those sympathetic clucks are made by other AJ’s.

The achievers will leave your ass behind.

Are you going to use that headwind to sit up and recover?

Knowing that sometimes this is the right strategy for your ultimate desired outcome.

Or are you going to use that headwind to make a you motherfucking powerhouse?

Knowing that it’s going to hurt.

Knowing that you’re going to have to go inside and connect with your true power.

Knowing that you and you alone will dictate the results.

I believe everything happens FOR me.

I believe that headwinds and obstacles are God’s way of gifting me opportunities which can make me stronger.

I believe in keeping my word to myself.


To finish what I’ve started.

Even when I cry or puke or scream or curse.

As always, what I choose is not important.

It’s your choices today that will define your results tomorrow.

Not mine.

I would love to know what you choose.

How will you choose to define your headwinds today?

How will you choose to use your headwinds today?

Send me a message and let me know.

Remember that consciously choosing to use your struggles to give up on your dreams is still more powerful than doing it unconsciously.

No judgement.

Your decisions are always perfect.

Your journey is always perfect.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving will always remain a choice.

With love,


PS:  For me, liberation doesn’t mean free from struggle.

It means turning struggle into potential power.

For me, liberation doesn’t mean free from fear.

It means using fear to be courageous.

For me, liberation doesn’t mean having everything dropped in my lap.

It means working my manifestation muscle every day and taking full responsibility for my results.

It’s about staying connected to my truth, my value, my self-love, my purpose, my art, my magic.

It’s about trusting myself to the point where I no longer require someone to show me the strategy – instead I take daily, hourly, aligned action and I know that I always make the right decision for my journey.

It’s about understanding that my entire LIFE is my empire and I get to show up as the Empress thereof.

How do you define Liberation Darling?

If you’re ready to liberate yourself then check out what a three month journey alongside me will look like.

And if it’s a SOUL HELL YES for you, then and only then, apply to play.