It’s not about the results but what they represent.

Do you ever wonder why we get so emotional when we witness high levels of success?

Whether financial success, professional success or physical success.

We stand in awe of those who have achieved an exceptional level of achievement in their chosen field of focus.

Some feel jealousy.

Some feel anger and resentment.

Some feel the call, an insatiable hunger.

And all of this gives rise to some form of action.

I have witnessed people pulling back their lips in vicious snarls, spewing poison, attacking those who either have the acclaimed success or others who admire and cheer them on.

I’ve been accused of causing mental illness in others with my choice of inspirational images depicting those who have the discipline to bring out the potential power and beauty in their physical form.

I have witnessed people using the success of others as fuel to their egotistical bullshit, pulling their heads in like a tortoise thinking that they are safe within their shells.

I have also witnessed magnificent beasts who use the success of others to fuel their personal hunger.  To raise their standards for themselves.  To bust through their glass ceilings of fear.  

Who understand that any emotion that is triggered inside of us by the success of others is the potential within self to equal or better the result.

Those who understand that it’s not action that determines your level of success.

That it’s not environment that determines your level of success.

That it’s not talent that determines your level of success.

That it’s not genetics that determines your level of success.

It’s your mindset.

We stand in awe of those who rise to the top because we know inside our souls that those who achieve the enviable results are those who have the audacity to dedicate their lives to their passion regardless of the haters, the loving naysayers who tell them to stop the insanity and to conform.

We admire those who take the steps in the face of their fear.

Rising above their self-imposed limitations.

Determined to prove the voice of ego wrong.

To bleed for their art.

To sweat for their effort.

We see them and we know we are no different from them.

We have the same choices as them to make.

We have the same demons as them to slay.

We have the same resources available to us.

That’s simply how the universe works.


We are all equal.

Yet society has stacked the machine against us, cutting us down at the knees at every opportunity through a culture where your reproductive organs determine your role.  Where our greatest creative power, SEX, has been shamed and used to keep us in the shadows, disconnected, struggling.

Maybe you were blessed to be born into a more progressive country where true equality of the sexes were valued – true equality.  Not this equality of the sexes as long as you do your duty as a man, as a woman, first or have to endure the criticism of your friends and family.

Maybe you were blessed to be raised in a neighbourhood where it was always safe to authentically express yourself and where you were encouraged to think freely, encouraged to fail and explore and live outside of the box.


I doubt it.

You and I, we didn’t come here to have it easy Darling.

We came here to bring change through surviving the pain of being squeezed into a square box even though we are star-shaped. 

We came here to break the mould because the pain of mediocrity and suppression becomes intolerable and we eventually choose to thrive.

Cutting loose.

Breaking down the boundaries raised by others.

And nobody breaks down a wall without bleeding.

Without crying out in pain.

Nobody gets to build an empire on a wonky foundation.

So we go deep.

All the way down into the pits of our darkest selves that few have the courage to face.

This is the way of the true warrior.

And you know it when you see them.

When you see that six-pack, the private jet, the millions of raving fans, you realise on a deep level that it’s not the result that triggers a reaction, but what it says about the mental state of that person.

Then you get to choose.

You can choose to button that shirt all the way up to your stubborn chin, suffocating your soul, and you can spew your venomous hate because you refuse to look in the mirror and instead choose to blame.

You can choose to hunker down, rocking back and forth, chanting your weakness and shrinking ever smaller eagerly anticipating the after-life.


You can choose to walk to the mirror.

You can choose to look yourself in the eye and understand that you are magnificent with zero limitations.

You can choose to admit to yourself that any lack of success is not due to a lack of resources, not due to any blocks, but a lack of hunger for success.

What you lack is the discipline it takes to show the fuck up for yourself every goddamned day of your life regardless of what the calendar says.

You lack the courage to find your fears under the bed, to grab them by the ankles and pull their thrashing bodies out from under there so you can look them squarely in the face and name them.

For the moment you name your fears you make them your bitches.

And that my friend is when you stop fart-assing around.

You set the goals.

You take the action.

You smash the ceilings.

You fall.

You get back up.

You keep going understanding that the only failure is the moment you give up.

You become everyone you have ever admired and you walk proud in the face of all those who get triggered by your shine!

What will it take for you to get to this point?

What will it take for you to rise from the ashes and to become all that you were born to be?

What will it take for you to choose the truth – that you have no limitations?

I dare you to seek out those you admire from afar.  Those who trigger the fuck out of you.  Those who have the levels of success you have historically put out of arms reach.

Understand this:

You are only shown what is possible for you.

Right now!

Not in a decade from now.

If you weren’t ready for it, you would not have seen it.

Also know that all you desire – especially the stuff you don’t dare admit you desire – wants you too.

It’s the law of attraction.

Oh you can absolutely waste another year by stating that it’s not your time yet.

But we both know that’s chicken shit!

You can waste another year by doing it on your own.

But we both know that’s you sabotaging yourself.  It’s born from scarcity mindset.  Not believing that you’re worth the investment.

Except what if you don’t have another year to waste?

What if this is it?  Your last chance?

Are you seriously going to blow it?

Are you?

Death IS inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Ready?

Let’s play.


Show me your will to win!

It’s January second.

Have you made the first count?

Really count?

Have you set your sweet ass down and committed to your outcomes for the next year, the next ten years with absolute resolve and faith that it will be so regardless of the road ahead?

Have you reconnected with your purpose for drawing breath?  Have you reconnected with your purpose for getting up in the morning?  Have you reconnected with your passion?

If not, what the fuck?

Do you seriously think that just one more day won’t make a difference?

Can anyone still be that ignorant?

Surely not in my space.

Not in my tribe!

I look around and I see the average masses sleep late.

I see them bloated with overconsumption because they choose to buy the lie that the best way to celebrate and have a good time is by poisoning your body.

Clogging up your arteries with saturated fat.

Fogging up your brain with alcohol.

Because they’re lazy motherfuckers who don’t want to do the real work to take control of their thoughts, their stories, their emotions, their destinies.

It’s just so much easier to stay comatose and comfortable.

Slowly boiling to death.

Feeling like a victim.

Oh poor me – my partner has left me, I’m broke, I’m bored, I’m exhausted all the time.

What will it take for people to finally question the horrendous toxic bullshit that we’re being fed on a daily basis and instead to make conscious choices based on their committed outcomes?

What will it take for people to finally stop tolerating all that stands in their way of thriving?

What will it take for people to remember what it truly feels like to be hungry?

Hungry to the point where you stop telling us how much you want it.

You don’t tell us because you don’t have time to waste on trying to convince everyone else of how much you want to succeed.

You don’t have time because you’re too busy taking action.

Showing the fuck up.

Relentless execution.

And you have more energy than the assholes watching TV because you’re a goddamned beast!

The beast who knows that there is a winning strategy to endurance.

The beast who fuels her body, her mind, her soul with excellence.

The beast who works in intervals understanding that there has to be recovery for next level accomplishment.

The beast who surrounds herself with like-minded badasses because she doesn’t have time to feed the vampires who are too lazy to hunt.

The beast who executes elegantly shutting out the haters and naysayers understanding that their hate is not directed at her but at their own lack of achievement.  Too scared to show up for themselves so instead they waste their precious time attacking those who have the balls to show up for their dreams.

The beast who has the will to win.

I close today with a timeless poem.

I invite you to use this poem as your new minimum standard of acceptance for your goals.

That any goal which does not meet this standard will be banished so that you may focus only on that which will truly make you unstoppable.

May it set your ass on fire!

The Will to Win – by Berton Braley

If you want a thing bad enough

To go out and fight for it,
Work day and night for it,
Give up your time and your peace and
your sleep for it

If only desire of it
Makes you quite mad enough
Never to tire of it,
Makes you hold all other things tawdry
and cheap for it

If life seems all empty and useless without it
And all that you scheme and you dream is about it,

If gladly you’ll sweat for it,
Fret for it, Plan for it,
Lose all your terror of God or man for it,

If you’ll simply go after that thing that you want.
With all your capacity,
Strength and sagacity,
Faith, hope and confidence, stern pertinacity,

If neither cold poverty, famished and gaunt,
Nor sickness nor pain
Of body or brain
Can turn you away from the thing that you want,

If dogged and grim you besiege and beset it,
You’ll get it!


For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,



PS:  This year I’m dedicated to motivate and empower the born leaders, creatives, artists, healers and achievers to create iconic results through conscious choice and massive aligned action.

To liberate them from their bullshit that is keeping them from the level of thrive they know they were born to achieve.

To unlock the wisdom that resides within so they can reach more, do more, have more, leave a legacy.

If you’re ready and truly committed and you KNOW that I’m that loving bitch that will shift you, now is the time to book that consult. 

Not next week.

Not next month.

Not once you have figured out how you will afford it.  Quite frankly darling you can’t afford NOT to get the space, the support, the truth that will set you free.

Not once you have hit rock bottom.  You don’t have to go all the way down for you to go all the way up.


Let’s play.


What are you prepared to sacrifice for your thrive?

As I sit facing the rising sun, my legs curled under me for support and connection to Gaia, I open myself up for a deeper level of introspection.

It’s time.

It’s time for me to get real with myself and my Creator and see the clues of alignment that I’ve missed along the way of traversing 2017.

I watch in fascination as my hand dictates the movement of the pen which flows so effortlessly across the page, unleashing from within me the wisdom so eager to be integrated so that I can move forward into 2018 without the need to relearn the same lessons.

2017 has been a tough motherfucking year.

It’s been a year where everything which had the tiniest of cracks was ripped wide open.

Cracks in my body.

Cracks in my relationships.

Cracks in my business.

Cracks in my womanhood.

Cracks in my faith.

No amount of Polyfilla was going to fix that which was out of integrity.

Instead my soul demanded that I go down – all the way down – and find the root cause of the instability and from this place of complete vulnerability, I get to choose.

I get to choose what I’m going to do from this point going forward.

I get to choose who I forgive so that I may move on without any guilt or anger or resentment.

I get to choose what I put into my body understanding that she is a magnificent machine who demands the best fuel for peak performance.

I get to choose who I desire to serve and in which ways I am here to serve them.

I get to choose the people I bring on board to support me so I may live in my zone of genius.

I get to choose how I heal or not heal my femininity and what I embrace from this point going forward.

I get to choose if I go on my knees and release to Creator that which is not in my power, or if I stubbornly try and stand on my own two feet, insisting to struggle every step of the way.

I’ve taken a ton of time in the last week to get crystal clear on what I truly desire.

Without any limitations.

Without any shame around just how big my dreams are.

Without any false modesty about just how many people I desire to impact.

It’s from this space that I now choose.

My choices start with what I am willing to sacrifice.

For we are unable to bring in the new without clearing out the old which no longer serve us.


I now choose to sacrifice my addiction to sugar.  For me, addiction is weakness.  Addiction means that there’s a ‘thing’ which is stronger than my will which I bow down to.  Addiction means a temporary loss of control and I’m not tolerating any form of weakness within myself anymore.  There is only ONE mistress in my body and that bitch is me!

I now choose to sacrifice my little girl hunger to be liked.  A hunger that still on occasion sees me kissing ass.  A hunger that still on occasion sees me biting me tongue and not speaking my whole truth.  A hunger which quite frankly will never be satisfied as this behaviour is revolting to me and in truth, if I don’t like and love myself, all is lost.

I now choose to sacrifice my self-sabotaging behaviours of not living in my wisdom.  The asinine stories I tell myself that there’s another thing I need to learn before I have all the lego blocks to build the model somebody else designed.  The self-doubt in my abilities which constantly has me looking for a ‘guru’ who will show me ‘the’ way.  Fuck that shit!  Instead I choose to work with the coaches who hold up the mirror so I may find my unique answers and get the creative solutions.  The coaches who ask the tough questions nobody else has the balls to ask me so I may get out of my own way and rise.  The coaches who don’t give a rats’ ass if I like them or not and so they don’t pull the punches because they know that I will bleed for my art, for my purpose, for my desires.  The coaches who has me dropping F-bombs like its World War Three because my passion erupts from the confinements I’ve put around myself.

I now choose to sacrifice any relationships where I do not honour myself, my values, my spirituality, my passion, my purpose, my truth.  The relationships where I’ve been carrying others because I am strong enough to bear more than just my weight.  The relationships where I’ve played the role dictated by a society that says women should take care of others before taking care of themselves.  I’m not that woman.  I’m not here to save anyone.  I’m not here to help anyone.  I’m here to empower people to make conscious choices so that they can take complete accountability and responsibility of their lives.  And that means allowing people to stand on their own two feet because I believe in them even when they don’t believe in themselves.  That means walking with those who choose the path of growth, of purpose, of thrive failing which being prepared to walk alone knowing that I’m never truly alone.

I now choose to sacrifice my desire to control everything in my life and instead I embrace surrender.  This is probably the most challenging of all my sacrifices because let’s face it, I’m a fucking control freak!  And it has served me up to a point.  But I’ve also learned that there’s a difference between being an independent woman and being terrified of letting go.  In bed.  In business.  In life.  Letting go comes from a space of deep trust and faith.  Faith that everything happens for us.  Faith that our needs and desires will always be taken care of.  Faith that we are safe.  Faith in our decisions and choices.  Faith in our bodies.  Faith in our minds and decisions.  Faith in ourselves.

And I now choose to let all of this go with ease, love and grace for the greatest good of all involved.

Everything is a choice my friend.

You can choose to sit with your head up your ass, blaming everyone and everything around you, feeling like a victim, recreating the same shit over and over again in our life, OR you can choose to take complete responsibility.  You can choose to do the deep introspection from a space of true desire to understand, to learn, to grow.  You can choose to let go of all that no longer serves you so that you may make space for your true desires, your true dreams, your thrive.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving ultimately is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  I would love to hear from you and what you are prepared to sacrifice at this time so you may move forward unburdened by old patterns of sabotaging behaviours.  Hit me a reply at Announcing it out loud is the first step to commitment to change.


My final message for 2017

Wow, what a year it’s been.

As I connect with my breath and exhale, I know it’s time to honour my body and mind and to rest.

It’s time to go within, to connect, to heal on a deeper level, to hear the eternal wisdom so that I may be of greater service to you.

So it’s with much gratitude and appreciation for all that life is offering me, that I share this final message for 2017 with you in the hope that it brings you whatever you need to hear today to be inspired to find your personal truth.

If you don’t take anything else from me this year, I pray you take this:


my Darling,

are perfect.

You are the most wonderful, powerful, worthy person alive today.

You have everything that you need to create your dream life within you.

Your only responsibility is to do everything possible to be your best version self and to share that with the world.

Each time you heal yourself, you heal humanity.

Each time you invest in yourself, you invest in humanity.

Each time you create abundance for yourself, you create abundance for humanity.

Each time you fall in love with yourself, you give humanity permission to love.

Can there be anything more worthy than this?

Can there be anything more worthy than you?

And it’s time for you to witness this immense beauty and to shine.

I want you to know that it’s your birthright to thrive and that everything in your life is a choice. 

Even when you’ve been told that it’s not.

Even when you’ve been indoctrinated to believe that you are responsible for the happiness of others and that you should sacrifice your own happiness for the greater good.

YOU are the greater good.

I want you to know that you have a stunning soul purpose and that at any given time you can find the courage to do the work.

The real work that you came here to do.

And it doesn’t matter what form it takes, whether you clean bathrooms or run boardroom meetings or speak on stages, the form is irrelevant.  It’s the purpose that matters.  It’s the impact that matters.  It’s how you leave people feeling energetically that matters.

I want you to know that all emotions are internal and therefor in your power to choose.

Nobody can make you feel anything.  It’s all your choice.  And the most liberating thing you will ever do for yourself is to take complete ownership of this.

There’s no good or bad emotions and they are after all simply indicators of our life choices.  But you have to start paying attention to what your emotions are telling you.  You have to start paying attention to how you are feeling and then take the action that has you steering towards the good-feeling emotions.

I want you to know that shame is not serving you in any way.

Shame is nothing more than an ill-disguised control mechanism of the bullies who desire to herd humanity like sheople.  Shame is nothing more than bullshit values handed down to you by others who served under a different system at a different time.

The tide is turning and we are being called to reconnect with our truth, the only truth, that there is only love.

Where there is love, there cannot be shame.

When we take the time to connect to our personal values, we find that our actions are always in alignment and therefor there’s no cause or reason for shame.

But you have to start being true to yourself.

You have to stop betraying yourself.

You have to start loving yourself enough to honour who you are even when society at large thinks you’re crazy.  Welcome to my world of insanity.

I want you to know that you are a blessing – in my life, in the world, in the universe.

Even if we’ve never met in person, my life would be emptier without you.  That’s because you and me have an energetic link my friend.  And that link is pure.  It uplifts us both.  And I appreciate you.  I appreciate your choice to share this link with me and I never take it for granted.

It is my wish, my desire, my prayer, that you will take this time to reconnect with yourself, your values, your truth, your desires.  That you too will nourish yourself and take excellent care of your physical and emotional needs.  That you will do the introspection required to find the wisdom, to make the changes that will have you thriving on a higher level in 2018.

For you are loved.

Now and forever.

And never forget, that only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  During the next week I’ll still be playing with the ladies in my tribe so if you’re wanting a deeper connection with some like minded Wild Woman Rebels, come on over.  Our doors are always open to you.




Have you made yourself proud this year?

Two weeks.

Two weeks and all the hype of I January 2017 will be forgotten, only to be replaced by the hype of 1 January 2018.

Looking back, 2017 has been one of the most empowering, most transformational, most insane times of my 45 year existence.

It’s the year I will always remember for facing my greatest enemy – victimhood dressed in resentment – and slaying the bitch through forgiveness, responsibility and ownership.

I will always remember that this was the year that I stepped into my true power and connected with my birthright.

I will always remember that this was the year that I fell in love with myself and am filled with pride for who I am, for what I do, for the choices I make.

I will remember 2017 as the year I dedicated my life completely to be in service to my soul clients.

To create a space of introspection, motivation and empowerment for others to live conscious lives of choice and thrive.

It’s not been an easy year by any stretch of the imagination.

Yet I can’t remember a year where I’ve been happier.

More connected to Mother Earth.

More connected to my Higher Self and my Creator.

This has been a year where I’ve embraced my role as leader.  Investing heavily in my personal development.  Doing the work when others were sleeping and reaping the benefits.

How about you Darling?

How do you feel about 2017?

Have you made yourself proud?

Have you dedicated your life to leaving a legacy of impact, love and change?  More importantly, have you taken daily consistent action towards building your legacy?  Did you ensure you have the support you deserve because your life mission is worth everything?  Have you taken the time to get crystal clear of how you desire to bring value to humanity?  How you want to make others feel every time they have dealings with you?  Who you want to partner with to bring your vision to fruition?  Have you moved forward in the creation of your impact?

Have you fallen in love with yourself and romanced your socks off?  Have you taken the time to get truly connected to who you are and how wonderfully perfect you are in the creation of the universe?  Have you showed your love of self by treating your body with respect and adoration?  Nourishing her with the best food available to you.  Moving her in ways that leaves her feeling energised, flexible and strong.  Caressing her in ways that unfurls your sensual power and weaving that into your life creation thereby allowing your dreams to blossom in the most delicious way with your perfumed essence lingering in every room you enter.

Have you formed deep, true, joyful relationships with others?  Have you honoured yourself and everyone else by being super selective of who you allow into your space?  Understanding that we are vibrational beings and that when we surround ourselves with lower vibrating people we are causing pain to both them and us.  Have you surrounded yourself with those you trust so that you can bless them with your authentic self – all of you.  No hidden parts due to fear of judgement and ridicule and abandonment.  Understand that the only true abandonment is that of self.  The only true betrayal is the betrayal of self.

I should know – I betrayed myself, my desires, my power, my truth, for so many years I forgot what they were.  But now I remember, and I honour myself, my desires, my power, my truth above all else.  After all, this is what I came here to share with other like-minded badasses such as you.  Why on earth would I hide my brilliance any longer out of fear of rejection?  That would just make me a wimp and I simply don’t tolerate my own bullshit anymore.

Have you lived a lifestyle that fills you with complete and utter pride?  Where you feel true to yourself and knowing that if anyone chose to use your life as a blueprint for success, they would thrive?  Are you living the way that you want your loved ones to live?  Are you living the way you desire your children to live one day?  Are you living the way that has you showing up as your best version self every day?

I’m still hearing way too many adults saying that they don’t want their lives for their children.

Well then, fucking change it!

How dare we as grownups live cowardly, making crappy choices and then putting it on future generations to do it better?

Our children will honour us by recreating our choices Darling so if we want better for them, we better start wanting and making better for ourselves!

I hope that you’re taking the time this week to really deconstruct 2017 and that you sit there, your chest expanding with pride.  Your chin lifting.  Your lips curling into a smile.

I pray your heart is filled with love and your cup is overflowing with joy.

I dare to believe that you are bringing your best version self to humanity because you are so needed, and so powerful, and so beautiful that it would be a bloody sin for you not to share that with us.

And please remember that life is not about noddy badges.  It’s not about seeking approval.  It’s not about keeping the status quo.

Life is about growth.




Life is about you doing everything you can to be your best version self by healing the past and connecting to your purpose.


Life is about sharing all of you with humanity and knowing that that is all we require from you.

We don’t require you to be something that you’re not.

We don’t require you to create something that has never seen before or do something that has never been done before.

All we need is you.

All we want for Christmas, is you.

The real you.

All of you.

That my magnificent beast, is how you look back on the year with pride.

How are you feeling about 2017?

More importantly, how will you choose to feel about 2018?

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Are you ready to take what you’ve learned from 2017 and create outstanding in 2018?

Are you ready to receive the support, the ass kicking, the expansion that I gift my clients?

Are you ready to finally say enough and no more, take complete ownership of your results, demanding excellence and creating your reality consciously?

Ignite is 90 minutes of deep diving to gain clarity on your values, your beliefs, your vision and your goals.

I only have a couple of spots available and they are filling up.

This is only for those who are willing to play full out.

Are you ready?

The ball is in your court.


It’s time to find the nuggets of golden learning.

We’re in the home stretch of 2017 and I find it fascinating to see how few people are still moving forward.

Most are sitting down.


Slightly defeated.

Throwing themselves vigorously into mind numbing activities just so they don’t have to do the introspection, take responsibility and heaven forbid, change.

They break the routine for a couple of weeks thinking this is the answer to their monotonous lives of  hamster wheel existence they endure throughout the year.

Thinking they can go into 2018 the same person they were in 2017 believing that THIS time around it will be different.

Their luck will change.

That perfect job is going to land in their laps.

Their companies will fall into good times and soar.

Their imperfect partners will finally see the light and change so that they can have a happy relationship.

Someone will have discovered the magic pill that simply melts away the fat whilst they continue eating McDonalds.

If this is not the pure definition of insanity, I simply don’t know what is!

Yet this seems to be the norm for the average masses.

Don’t let this become your cycle of destruction!

After twelve months of emotional rollercoasters, loss, deception, awakening, breaking down bullshit beliefs, triumphs, fun, and a journey filled with more growth than the past ten years put together, I’m not only still going, I’m on fucking fire!  I’m picking up the pace.  My hunger is more insatiable than ever before.

To live my purpose.

To make an impact.

To wake people the fuck up to their true potential, the power of their choices, the secret which is unlocked through the trilogy of mind, body and spirit.

What’s the difference?

I’m digging for the gold Baby.

Every morning I’m sitting my sweet ass down and getting the learning.

I have the balls to ask my higher self to see what I’ve been too chicken shit to see before.

I am holding up that mirror and instead of deflecting, I’m owning it all.

All my imperfections.

All my fears.

All of my power.

All my beliefs that have kept me standing in the corner, tippy toeing into the light.

I have tipped the scales and I’m fucking leaping!

I’m trusting.

I’m thriving!

I finally understand that everything happens FOR us.  Which means that every single experience is not about the experience but about the learning.

Before you were a speck in your mother’s womb, you were a soul.

A soul creating universes with your mere will and you decided that it was time for an adventure!

What can be more adventurous than hiding away all your power in your heart and going on a scavenger hunt to remembrance?

So you set a destination and gave your first shrill scream of breath declaring your arrival to all in the delivery room.

Everything that happens along the way to your reconnection with your authentic self, is simply opportunities to grow.  Opportunities to remember what you came here to do.  Who you wanted to play with.  What you wanted to learn.  What you desired to leave behind as your legacy.


You also chose to come and do this at a time of chaos, destruction, breaking down of archaic thought-patterns to take it to a whole new level of fun.

A time when humanity has taken the neatly rolled up bail of wool and like a playful kitten messed up the ball into a million tangles and knots.

Isn’t it just grand????

The really magical part comes in when you realise that at every step of the way you have freedom of choice.

Which means that once you’ve stepped onto the playing field, nothing is predetermined.

You have the freedom to decide if you’re going to play or sit drunk in the bleachers shouting your asinine opinions, criticising those who are in fact getting bloody and sweat-drenched on the field.

You have the freedom to decide if you’re going to be in a support role or the captain of your team.

You have the freedom to decide if you’re going to give up every time you lose a game or if you’re going to go back to the drawing board, assess, learn, and come back a little wiser.  Willing to keep playing.  Willing to score some goals and miss some goals.  Knowing that each game is simply part of a bigger series called your life!

You have the freedom to decide who plays on your team and quite frankly, if they should be in the B-team, you have the freedom to let them go.

You have the freedom to choose awakening or sleep.

You have the freedom of choice at every moment.

I want you to know as well that the Universe is on your side!

The Universe wants nothing more than to see you thrive.

The Universe always arranges the field in the most favourable fashion, even when it doesn’t feel it at the time.

That’s because the Big U believes in YOU!

In your magnificence.

In your power.

In your impact.

So it gives you everything to become your best version self.

And you never asked for easy.

You asked for adventure.

You asked for some challenge to grow.

You asked for some struggle to become stronger.

You asked for some assholes to finally look in the mirror and fall in love with yourself.

None of this is possible unless you take the time to step back and truly find the learning in the events and people in your life.

I invite you today to make that time for yourself this week.

I invite you to deconstruct 2017 – everything that happened in your business life, everything that happened in your financial life, everything that happened in your relationships, everything that happened in your spiritual life, everything that happened in your physical body.

To look at all the challenges and to ask yourself what the learning is.

To look at all the gains and ask yourself what the learning is.

To look at all the loss and ask yourself what the learning is.

To look at all the sacrifices and ask yourself what the learning is.

From THIS place you get to CHOOSE how you will create 2018.

You get to CHOOSE who you will be in 2018.

You get to CHOOSE.

It always comes back to choice.

Just as you get to CHOOSE if you want to feel like a fucking victim or a goddamned warrior!

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

What do you choose for 2018?

With love always,


PS:  I only have three more Ignite spots available.

These sessions are transformational as they bring the clarity you’ve not had before.

Clarity of your true values – the values that support your success.

Clarity of your big vision – the vision that drives you forward relentlessly with passion that is the fuel in your furnace.

Clarity of your next goal – the goal that impacts your entire existence.  The non-negotiable goal that shifts you into your next level self.

Clarity of the beliefs that ensure you step into your successful self, collapsing the timeline of manifestation.

Three more people are choosing to elevate themselves.

Three more people are choosing to believe in themselves and their worth to invest in their dreams.

Three more people are choosing to thrive.

Are you one of the three?





Increase the quality of your results through the quality of your breath

She runs so freely.
With true abandon.
No thought to control the process.
Just pure exhilaration.
I hear it in her rhythmic breathing.
Not rushed in the least but instead a deep inhalation and same length of exhalation.
Chrissie is not just built for speed.
She’s built for endurance Baby.

As I listen to her breathing I reconnect to my own.

I’m instantly reminded of the impact of breath on everything in my life.

I’m not just talking about the obvious – that as long as I breathe I’m defined as alive.

But the small nuances that most people miss.

I first learned about the impact of my breath in kickboxing.

When I connect to my breath and work WITH it, I drastically increase my physical power output.

I draw energy with my inhalation, and I explode force with my exhalation.

On my bike I learned that for endurance and tempo it’s absolutely crucial that I don’t give in to the natural tendency to rush my breath.

For the faster I inhale, the less oxygen I bring to my muscles.

Which means I quickly have to exhale because my muscles are hungry wolves demanding more fuel.

But a quick exhalation results in most of the carbon dioxide remaining in my lungs which means there’s even less space for the next layer of oxygen.

This is why we blow!

Not because we get tired.

Not because we’re weak.

Because we disconnect with our breath and the moment we lose control over it everything goes to hell.

For iconic results you have to stay connected to your breath.  Focus on the inhalation – making it long and slow.  Focus on the exhalation – equally long and slow.

More oxygen in.

More carbon dioxide out.

More power in.

More shit out.

It works exactly the same in business Darling.

The quality of your results is hugely impacted by the quality of your breath so you better start paying attention to it.

Most people have fallen into the habit of shallow breathing.  Which largely means they’re in a perpetual state of stress – stressed bodies, stressed minds.

It doesn’t take much for them to completely get caught up in dramatic stories and the more submerged they become, the faster they breathe and the more anxious they feel.

They start taking erratic action but since the driver is in a space of fear, the quality of the action is poor and the energy is one of desperation.

And of course the results are poor which makes you breathe even faster, spiralling you further down into the abyss of panic!



Slow down.

Connect to your body.


This by the way is why running is so powerful for mindset work.

When you run and you lose control of the breath, you get a stitch which immediately causes pain, bringing you back to your body!

Keep doing this and eventually you will connect to the breath and learn to control it so that you tap into your endurance potential.

If you’re sitting behind your desk and you feel that the world is crowding in, that you’re breathing like a fish out of water, go put on your running shoes and run as if your life depends on it!  Because it does.

Connect with your breath.

Connect with your power.

Feel your mind clear.

Feel the bullshit draining away as the sweat pours down your body.

And then come back,

breathe in,




Except this time around stay connected to your breath.  Become super aware of it.  Slow it down.

Breathing deeply also has a powerful connection to faith in abundance.

You exhale fully because you trust that there will always be more air to inhale.

You exhale fully because you know that there’s an abundance of oxygen and you have no need to fear taking a lot because you’re not taking away from anyone else.

The Universe has set things up perfectly that there will always be more oxygen for everyone regardless of how many people walk on the face of the earth so take your fill Darling.

As the fog lifts from your mind through the increase in oxygen, you start understanding that abundance aka wealth aka money is exactly the same as air.

There’s always more than enough for everyone.

There’s no scarcity so you can stop living in the shallows for the more you exhale the more capacity you have to inhale.

As the quality of your breathing improves, so does the quality of your thoughts.

It’s like magic!

You start understanding that it’s not about how many actions you take each day, but the quality of your actions.

Same as breathing.

You start understanding that when you create your work from a place of deep breathing, your results improve because it’s presented with calm and confidence.


The deeper you breathe the more confident you feel.

So give it a try.

Put your hand on your tummy so you can remember what it feels like to take deep belly breaths.

Close your eyes.

Take a nice deep inhale through your nose, and release it with a sigh through your mouth just letting everything go.  Feel your shoulders go down.  Feel how you sink into your body again.

Hmmm, feels good doesn’t it?

Now focus on your breath.  Four counts in through the nose, hold it for a count of four, exhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four.  Do a minimum of ten rounds.

This is referred to as Pranic (meaning life force) breathing.

It is powerful.

Immediately you feel calm.

You feel focussed.

You feel more energized.

Always come back to your breath.

Set your timer to go off every few hours to check in on your breath and to reconnect.

The more you do, the more connected you will become until eventually you reach a point where you have taken control back of your breathing.  Deep.  Rhythmic.  Nourishing.

I guarantee you that your state will change.

The quality of your actions will change.

The quality of your results will change.

After all, thriving is a mindset.

With love always,


PS:  When last have you checked in with your body?

When last have you connected with your sacred vessel and received the messages she stores for you?

The body, the mind and the soul is you triad of potential.

They are all connected.

Not a single one is more important than the others.

Not if you’re a high achiever.

Not if you’re on a mission to succeed at iconic levels that inspire others to make conscious empowering choices.

Which is why I don’t believe in compartmentalised coaching.

My coaching style is holistic, taking into account all aspects of you, your life, your ambitions.

We often work on the areas you’ve been neglecting and which quite frankly is now causing you to have a lopsided life full of discomfort and frustration.

Because you know you were born for greatness.

You know you’re here to make an impact.

And settling for those average results is simply unacceptable.

Ready to thrive Gorgeous?

Book your consult today and let’s play.

Are you sending God half-assed telegrams of desire?

You know the saying “Ask and it is given”?

Well God wants to know why the fuck you’re not asking properly?

She says that all she’s getting from you is half-assed telegrams and she’s kinda confused as to why you’re bitching and moaning so much about your results (or as you state it, lack of results).

She’s giving you exactly what you’re asking for, so if you want chocolate stop asking for shit.

This is what came through my journaling.

And of course at first I got my back up.

Of course I went into defensive mode.

Of course I threw a wee tantrum exclaiming “What do you mean I’m not asking properly?  You’re God.  Can’t you read my mind?”

She laughed.

When I finally jumped from my high horse and started doing the introspection, getting out of my own drama, taking off my 3D glasses, it finally all made sense.

This is the missing link I see in 100% of clients when they first start working with me.

There is no clarity.

People say they want to be rich.

People say they want to be free.

People say they want to be wildly successful.

People say they want to have a shit hot body.

People say they want to have fabulous relationships.

But here’s the thing Darling – we are all unique.  Which means for each and every one of us these concepts have different meanings!

One person’s rich is another person’s poor.

One person’s free is another person’s prison.

And when we are continuously shooting off these half-assed rockets of desire we get exactly what we asked for and then feel cheated as we’re left dissatisfied because in our minds it looked different.

In our minds we live in LaLa land.

We skip and dance naked without cellulite, riding unicorns and there are no debt collectors.

Everyone kisses our ass and behave exactly how we want them to in order for us to be happy.

Because, you know, the world revolves around us!

Small problem –

For the leader, the creative, the achiever, LaLa land is boring AF.

Your soul detests LaLa land because she’s a powerful bitch who thrives on challenge, learning, overcoming, achievement, expansion.

She understands that in order for you to be happy you first have to get to a space of complete empowerment.

A space where you finally get that YOU are the creator of your reality.

A space where you finally stop the blame and shame and take control understanding that when you master your internal world, you master your external world.

She understands that in order for you to be happy you first have to own your dark side.

Realising that all relationships are mirrors providing the most loving opportunity to investigate your shadow and choose your behaviour from this place.  That means you appreciate relationships for what they are but you also release relationships once the learning is complete.  You stop hanging on to other people for dear life.  Your thrive does not depend on anyone else so you stop suffocating them with your neediness.  Instead you can choose to enjoy them for the time they are sharing your journey in a way that feels amazing for both of you.

Your soul understands that in order for you to be happy you want the odd challenge so you have the opportunity to scratch your head and be creative.  After all, you are a creative force!  You were never meant to be a mindless drone consuming all in your path without a second thought of how to contribute to the thriving of our gorgeous planet.

Everything that you’re cursing in life is in fact your greatest blessings!

Your soul understands that in order for you to be happy you want evidence of your creative power and the only way to do that is to hold a very clear vision and then building it in your world.  This is the point where you finally take the time to dig deep.  To go beyond the surface level work and instead connecting with your soul purpose, your soul desires, your soul wisdom.  This is when you go into the tiniest little details until you can taste it, smell it, feel it in your body.  Where the vision is so compelling you can’t sit still for a moment longer.  You don’t want to sleep.  You don’t want to waste your time with distractions.


Sweet spot Baby, Sweeeeeeet spot!

This is where you thrive.

This is where you are swept up by your passion and you become super-human!

This is where you crap your pants and move through the fear because not creating THIS is simply not an option.

You don’t care how long it takes.

You don’t care how much you have to sacrifice.

You don’t care how little you sleep.

You don’t care what the haters say.

All of that stuff is the stuff of your lower level self.  And the moment you connect with your soul desires you move next level.

This is the time you get the fact that the Universe is always on your side and you are delighted at the unfolding of miracles in your life.

And here’s the funny thing –

You start celebrating EVERYTHING!

Not just the things that you thought you wanted but all the challenges, all the seeming failures, all the disappointments.

Because you now understand that everything happens for you.

And since you are crystal clear on your desires, and you know that you always receive what you ask, your fear evaporates!

This is why most people live in doubt by the way.

They are in perpetual fear because they are vague on what they’re asking and their subconscious minds know this.

So why would they find the blessing in everything when they don’t understand that everything is to keep them on course to your true desires?  After all, the Big U has a front row seat from which to view the entire playing field compared to your limited vision.

My friend, are you ready to stop being one of the 99.9999% drifting around in uncertainty?

Are your ready to stop waking up each morning deflated, defeated, frustrated, angry, fearful?

Are you ready to stop the blame and shame and take back your power?

It all starts with a decision.

Let me here you shout it out loud!



Now sit your sexy ass down, take out that journal and pen and start digging.

Here’s you question – “What do I have on desire?”

Set your timer for 1 hour!

And you keep asking yourself that question and going deeper and deeper.


Get it all out on the paper.

Nothing is too big or too small.

But make sure you’re being true to yourself and your soul.

No ego allowed.

Oh I’m so excited for you.

You truly are magnificent my friend, and you have just taken the first step into your next level self.

How does it feel????

Write me a mail and let me know!

It’s important to share this stuff.

Don’t keep it in any longer.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  We are in the final two weeks of Ignite session!

90 minutes of pure clarity, kick-ass goals and solid beliefs.

Limited spaces are available so stop thinking and start doing.

I’ll see you on the other side.




Are you living in a perpetual state of pain or pleasure?

When I first heard that we all have two main driving forces – getting away from pain and heading towards pleasure – I thought, how wonderful and simple.

To have a phenomenally happy life all I needed to do was identify what causes me pain and run the fuck away from it and pinpoint what will bring me joy and chase that.


Well kinda, but it goes deeper than that.

What I discovered is that I can’t run away from the actual thing which causes me pain aka the stories I tell myself about people, about things, about life.

I also can’t cross an actual finish line and all of a sudden find I’m happy.  For joy is a feeling and as with any emotion it’s internal based on the stories I choose to tell myself about people, about things, about life.

For the longest time I fell into the same trap I see so many others stuck in – I made my happiness dependent on other people and things and as that’s impossible, I was in perpetual misery.

So I would use substances to dull the pain of the story in my head of how it’s never enough which means I’m not enough, which means I’m worthless.  And of course I would attract every asshole in a fifty kilometre radius to confirm the bullshit.

I started over drinking, over eating, over training, anything and everything that was socially acceptable to some extend.

I went from being critically emancipated to a fat bitch with rolls hanging over the top of my jeans to skeletally thin to chubby cheeked.

Sunday I would be fall down drunk puking my lungs out and Monday I would write the exams to get the acclaimed honours degree.

I would set the goals that I believed would make me happy as it would provide social recognition and what could possibly be better than having the social noddy badge of success?

The husband, the kids, the house, the business, the sporty red car, the degrees, the dogs, the cats, the hamsters which got eaten by the cats, the fish which got eaten by the cats, the holidays.



Ticked the boxes


When you abandon your truth, you personal values, your love for self, you’re miserable AF.

You might tell yourself it’s not that bad, but if you’re not happy, you’re sad.

There’s no middle ground.

There’s no grey area.

If you feel like there is – that you’re neither here nor there – you’re simply drifting in the hypnosis of existence.

For me existence is worse than death.

It’s mind numbing pain that cuts your soul to shreds.

Been there, done that, flushed that toilet.

Instead I choose thrive.

Thrive means that you nourish your body so that she feels on fire with passion and sensual energy and creativity and exuberance and mobility.

Thrive means that you take hold of your mind and you choose what you believe in a way that empowers you and has you living your best version self.

Thrive means that you recognise the power of your soul and allowing her full expression of her potential by getting out of your own way and letting the art through.

The art that you’re here to create.

The art that is pounding in your heart, begging for release, for holding it in becomes unbearable and your soul will only tolerate it for so long before brining you to your goddamned knees so you will bow down to the power that is you!

It is only in the release of your potential that you will ever find true happiness.

When you recognise the bullshit and choose consciously what you think.

About people.

About things.

About circumstances.

And in order for you to start steering your ship you HAVE to start becoming aware of what you’re saying.

To yourself when you think nobody is listening.

To yourself when you’re not even listening.

To others.

Your words are your wand and everything that you choose to form with letters you choose to form in your material experience.

So if you’re continuously telling yourself that your boss is a doos, you will always experience him as such.

If you’re continuously telling yourself that you’ll be unhappy, unworthy, unloved until you become rich, you will always experience yourself as unhappy, unworthy and unloved regardless of how much money you have in your bank account.

If you’re continuously telling yourself that nothing will ever change until it changes but you don’t take different action, you will always experience nothing changing.  Except it is!  For nothing stays static.  Which means even when you think it’s remaining the same it’s fucking deteriorating!  Without expansion there is only death.

Which all comes down to the truth that you can’t move away from pain or towards pleasure.

What you can do is to start identifying the stories that you’re telling yourself and feel into which ones cause you pain and which cause you pleasure.

Change your stories and you will change your experience of life!

Does this mean that you will stay in the miserable job, the passionless relationship, the out-of-shape body?

Of course not!

Your natural state is thrive and when you start aligning your thoughts with joy, your actions automatically changes and so does your results.

Your external world is simply a reflection of your internal world.

So if you think your life stinks it’s because your thoughts are shit.

If you think life is box of chocolates you know that your thoughts are setting you up for a good time so you want to think more of those!

And life is about continuous expansion.

Which means the more you thrive, the more you want to thrive!

The more you thrive, the more humanity thrives!

But it’s the choice and responsibility of every single person to wake up!

To fight for their lives by questioning the voices in their heads.

The values handed down to them by an outdated system.

The senseless pursuit of external happiness.

It’s time to stop fooling yourself Darling and to take a good hard look in the mirror.

Are you happy?

I mean really happy?

With who you are?

With the choices you’re making in life?

With your relationships?

With your vocation?

With your body?

All of it counts.

And if you’re not happy, own up to the fact that it means you’re sad.

Own the fact that sad is a choice and ask yourself why are you choosing to be sad right now?

Why are you choosing to play that broken record of stories which bring you pain?

Why are you choosing to be a victim to bullshit?

Make no mistake – being a victim is way easier than being a warrior.  Victims get Molly-coddled.  Victims get sympathy.  Victims get saved by Prince Charming except Prince C is a codependent narcissist who will continue your story of despair.

I spent many years in the guise of a victim.

Sucked the fucking life out of me.

Today I choose to be a warrior!

I choose to bleed for my art.

I choose to rise and continue the fight.

I choose to be aligned with my truth.

I dictate the story in my head.

And my story brings me joy.

Death is inevitable.

You can choose to thrive until then.

With love always,


PS:  Mindset is everything!

That is because your mindset dictates your beliefs, your emotions, your actions, your results.

Whether you’re ready for a change in your physical body, your relationships, your wealth or your business, it all starts with mindset.

It starts with unearthing that which is in your subconscious so you can choose to release what no longer serves you.

It’s about learning how to install the beliefs that will support you in creating your dream life AND being happy on the journey to your destination.

Thrive is a choice my clients make because being miserable brings no measure of true expansion and my clients are the leaders, creatives and achievers who are on a mission of living iconic lives.

Lives of legacy.

Lives creating more abundance for all.

Lives of passion.

Lives of purpose.

If you’re ready to choose thrive then book your consult today and let the games begin.

But only if you’re serious about being the captain of your ship.




Beware the energy vampires in leadership clothing

Everything matters.

Everyone matters.

In your personal space.

In your social space.

In your online space.

It’s called emotional contagion – the psychological phenomenon where we start taking on the personality traits of those we spend our time with.  We start becoming like those around us.

This includes vibrating on the same level as them.

And there’s a lot of fucking low vibrating vamps out there at the moment Darling bringing others to the ground without them ever realising they’ve bent their knees.

Their hunger is insatiable.

Their hunger for sympathy.

Their hunger to suck the high vibration out of those who are dedicated to their art and doing the work.

The real work.

The work that has them showing up as true leaders for their soul tribes.

Whether that soul tribe is clients or family or friends.

These vamps are vibrating on the bottom of the ocean and it’s their mission to bring everyone down to their own level.

And they’re oh so crafty about it.

They don’t walk around with a big sign stating “I’m taking you down with me!”, sharpened teeth overhanging their lower lips, energetic blood dripping down their chins.

Oh no!

Instead they worm themselves into positions of trust, where they say the right words, have the right titles, make the right claims, except there is an energetic discord between what they are saying and what they are doing.

They are very likeable.

They pull you in with their charm and their promises and then slowly but surely they start complaining a little here, a little there.  Next thing you know they share their constant struggles and have mini meltdowns on social media.  They come into your space and sit with slumped shoulders waiting for you to kiss their booboo.

Seeking sympathy.

And OMG do they receive an abundance of sympathy!

Every Tracy, Henriette and Sally throws their energetic arms around them, soothing, rocking, comforting.

Smothering them with words of ‘sorry’ and ‘it will be all-right’ and ‘hang in there’.

The vamp gets exactly what she wanted.

She starts smiling.

She raises her chin.

Yeah!  She’s overcome everything!

Just look at her – what a real little trooper.

But what the sly bitch has done is bring all the sympathisers to an energetic pause in their lives.  For a moment they lowered their vibration to be equal to hers in a show of sisterhood and instantly they’ve taken themselves off their previous trajectory.

Tell me honestly:

Are you an energetic vampire?


Are you a vampiric feast?

This sounds harsh but quite frankly the world is changing too fast and there’s too much turmoil for us to continue tolerating this behaviour.

Who is it serving other than those who are working to keep you small?

Know that it’s not your responsibility to save anyone else!

Your soul responsibility is to become your best version self thereby inspiring others through your example to pull up their proverbial socks, do the fucking work, and choose to thrive for themselves.

As a leader it’s your responsibility to surround yourself with other leaders who focus on creative solutions NOT the losers who only see the boulder stating it’s a mountain.

Where in your life are you still tolerating the slow suck of a vampire?

Everywhere counts!

Are you hanging in groups where there’s a shit ton of vamps thinking that as long as you don’t get caught up in their posts you’ll be okay?

You’re fooling yourself Gorgeous.

They only need your energetic stamp in the group to hook you.

More importantly, why are you tolerating it?

What is the value, the belief system, that says it’s your fucking responsibility to save those who are too bloody lazy to save themselves?

Everyone has the ability, the capability, of rising above their challenges and thrive!

Sympathy doesn’t provide the foundation for strength.

So the more you sympathise, the more you are feeding their addiction to victimhood.

Does this mean that leaders don’t have meltdowns?

That leaders are fearless?

That leaders are always confident and have their shit together every single minute of every day in every area of their lives?


But true leaders take up the calling knowing that stepping into the front means you have a massive responsibility to show up for your tribe as your best version self.

This is why true leaders always have the professional support required to keep it together.

They work through their private shit in private with trusted advisors, mentors and coaches.

They do the mindset work every single day to ensure that they have the grit to weather the storm.

To instill confidence in their followers.

Never once have I seen a true leader expect to be sheltered from the storm.

A true leader takes the brunt of it knowing and believing that every obstacle, every hardship, every challenge, is a gift for learning and strength.

A true leader feels the fear and takes the action regardless.

Leadership is different for everyone.

Maybe you’ve chosen to be the leader of your family.

Step the fuck up and lead!

Maybe you’ve chosen to be the leader in your company.

Step the fuck up and lead!

Maybe you’ve chosen to be the leader in your community.

Step the fuck up and lead!

Lead with honour.

Lead with conviction.

Lead with faith.

The warrior doesn’t stand on the battle ground telling everyone around him how terrified he is.

He sucks it up.

He puts his game face on.

He prays to his maker and he makes his peace to die today if that is what it will take!

Will you die for your tribe?

Will you?

If not, get off the pedestal, go do the work, and come back.

Or stay in the back.

There is no shame in being part of the crowd if that is where you truly desire to be.

There is only shame in dragging those who trust you down into your pity party.

It’s time for the true leaders to step up and ruthlessly evict the vampires!

My castle.

My rules!

What are you choosing today?

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving, leadership, is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  I am the least sympathetic coach you will ever come across.

That’s because I believe in you.

I believe that you are capable of eradicating your self-limiting beliefs, reset your emotional set point, and succeed!

I believe that anything you can possibly dream of, you have the ability to achieve, regardless of how impossible it may seem at the outset.

I believe that whatever you see in another that triggers a desire in you is available to you as well.

But I also believe that you have to stop playing around with your goals.

I believe that for you to become the leader, the creative, the achiever you claim to be you have to do the work.

The real work.

And you need to fight your demons in a sacred space created just for you out of the public eye.

That is the space I hold for my clients.

A judgement free, bullshit free space where you get to make empowered choices of how you show up.

A space where you get to cry, curse, shake and tremble knowing that by the time we part ways you will have the t-spoon of cement in your espresso to go back and kick ass.

I work with those who choose to thrive.

If you’re ready for the ride book your consult here.