Find the courage to see how YOU are stopping yourself!

You hear it all the time –

You can be, do and have everything you desire.

To be completely honest, there was a time I was so SICK of hearing this because NOTHING was working in my life.

I felt frustrated,


ready to punch the next bitch who told me this.

Thankfully, I’m one of the lucky ones,

I don’t get mad, plummet to sad and then go into a state of defeat.

Instead, I get mad 

I use that energy to fuel my passion

I strengthen my resolve

And then I go where I’ve not been willing to go before.

This pattern of behaviour has led me to call myself determined.

Others call me stubborn and stupid.

Whether that’s going for a run in complete darkness to amplify the fear

Or sitting my ass down with my journal and challenging myself to delve into my subconscious

I do whatever it takes Baby.

Personally, I love proving people wrong (I know I know, I shouldn’t be saying that out loud)

On the flip side, I‘m tickled pink when I prove them right!

So it was with the fact that we TRULY can have EVERYTHING we want to be, do or have.

Except there’s some work to do Butterfly.

You have to be PREPARED to receive.

Think of yourself as a container.

Now most of us have been living in denial and self-deprevation for so long that our container has the depth of a saucer.

Yet we’re asking for a flood.

I remember the first time I recognised this in myself.

I was asking for the bucket load when emotionally I simply did not have the capacity to receive and appreciate and ENJOY that which I thought I wanted.

Instead every time I received a glimmer, I would feel uncomfortable, I would squirm, I would run away as far as my short legs could carry me.

Ultimately what we desire is to FEEL BETTER.

When what you’re asking for makes you feel worse, you’re gonna throw that shit away like a hot potato.

Even when you see others enjoying it all over the world and wonder what the hell is wrong with you???

How can you not thrive in the same environment as others?

I had to learn that as the dehydrated traveller, I had to take little sips at a time until I finally had the capacity to drink the glass without throwing it all up again.

Can you relate?

Once I had increased my little saucer to a soup bowl I could go deeper into the process of receiving.


If you’re NOT receiving the results it could be because you’re self-sabotaging.

They say you’re blocked – I say you’re constipated.

Who the hell wants to admit that they’re self-sabotaging??

Do you want me to put it more gently for you Love?

How about you’re simply not playing full out?

You’re not taking ALL the actions you could be taking.

You’re not seeing ALL the resources already available to you.

You’re not asking ALL you could be asking for help.

You’re not showing up ALL the way, keeping one foot in the door just in case you need to bolt.

It’s been my experience that until I name and claim that which is making me tippy-toe in uncertainty, I hold back.

Yes, my holding back looks like playing all out to many others so I can get away with a lot when I compare myself to the average person on the street.



And because we’re having a HUMAN experience, and the fastest way for our soul to experience is through other humans, it normally involves relationships in some shape or form.

There’s an incident of hurt or disappointment or embarrassment that I hadn’t dealt with that is lurking in the corner, teasing me with their giggles and whispers until I shine the light directly onto them.

As long as I carry this baggage with me, my progress is slowed.

It creates open loops through which we continuously recreate the past by bringing it into the present.

You’re welcome to continue doing this of course – most people do.

They cling to that shit as if their lives depend on it.

As if they would be lost without all their drama and their pain and their resentment.

They dread the moment when they don’t have anything to complain about thinking they won’t have anything to say.

That they won’t be interesting without the drama.

That if they have nobody left to blame for their actions today they would actually have to take responsibility for themselves.


Damn, my sarcasm is thick today – sorry.  Not sorry.

So what are some questions you want to ask yourself?

How can I possibly stop myself from receiving this?

Why would I stop myself from receiving this?

If I’m not receiving this, why not?  What’s missing?  What’s not been dealt with?

Fair warning – if you’re a high achiever that voice in your head will go off like a siren!

This level of vulnerability is not pleasant.

Then again, what the fuck have you got to lose?

Nobody is going to see this except you.

Yes you can go into the whole shame cycle – yawn!

You can delve up relationships and events you thought you had dealt with and the pure fact that your pen reveals them onto the paper means there’s more work to do around it.


Deal with that shit and burn that piece of paper and LET GO!

Once you’ve decided you’re finally DONE, you’re done.



Ready to shake yourself like a water-logged shaggy dog and then run like a motherloving rock star!

This is what I love about goals.

Not only do I grow into the best next version of myself who achieves said goal;

Not only do I get to bask in the satisfaction of achieving my goals;

I am also creating opportunities to finally deal with all the junk in my trunk and move forward lighter, wiser, strutting my stuff!

You convinced yet?

Let’s create a new culture.

One where we stop blaming others or shaming ourselves.

Let’s create a culture of true curiosity.

Let’s create a culture of brave.

Let’s create a culture of conscious creation.

I’m taking responsibility to create this culture within myself.

I can only invite you to do the same.

It’s a choice – no judgement.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

I love you,


PS:  I’m just going to be straight-up with you today.

One of the ways I see most people stopping themselves from achieving their goals is with the story that they can do it on their own.

That they’ll simply read more books on the subject.

That they’ll buy the DVD or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

You’re welcome to keep telling yourself that.

It’s been my experience that this is not true.

There’s a reason why professionals work with coaches – whether that’s professional athletes working with sports coaches, professional business moguls working with coaches and mentors, professional coaches working with their mentors.

Coaching holds up an untainted mirror.

It gives you a level of accountability that nobody else provides.

It’s a sharing of tried and tested tools which you can integrate or reject, creating an opportunity for invention.

It’s a space of trust, honesty and unbiased feedback from someone who has no vested interest in the outcome.  They respect YOUR journey and see failure as learning and progress.

I don’t work with individuals seeking excuses to fail.

I don’t work with individuals seeking problems to solutions.

I work with those who have DECIDED to succeed.

I work with those who are COMMITTED to succeed.

I work with those who have achieved the impossible before and are ready to achieve their next impossible.

I work with those who take full responsibility for their results and who are prepared to fail on their way to success.

If this is you, let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit.






You’re made from the stuff of miracles so stop pretending you’re ordinary!




Stop thinking life is hard and nothing’s working as it’s supposed to.

Stop telling yourself that you don’t know the answers and that you’re stuck.

It’s impossible to be stuck.

It’s impossible not to know YOUR answers.

Stop thinking that just because you’re not where you want to be that you’re a failure.

How about, instead you stop drugging yourself with chocolate and Netflix so you can have clarity of thought?

How about you stop numbing yourself with that glass of wine so you can connect to the power and the messages of your emotions?

Why don’t you stop pretending to be so ordinary when you and I both know that you’re made from the stuff of miracles.

Do you hear me?


In fact, your mere existence is a miracle.

I am so appreciative of you.

I am so in love with you.

Your essence.

Your power.

The fact that you chose to come and play on this time-space dimension.

But I’m really growing impatient with the way in which you’re not leaning into your greatness.

I’m growing tired of the bullshit excuses you’re continuously using as to why you can’t just drop every last mask and show your raw beauty to the world.

I’m so over your continuous retracing of your steps just because you feel uncomfortable and scared.

For fucks sakes woman – what the hell have you got to loose?


If people choose to leave your experience, AWESOME.  It simply means that you’re no longer in energetic alignment and there are others already on your new vibration.


Well you’ve lost it all before and guess what bitch, you keep making more.

Every day.

Your reputation?

Oh please, don’t make me laugh. What reputation?

They already think you’re looney AF and most of the time they greet you with their painted smiles and then walk away speaking in hushed tones about you.

What else have you got for me?

Your fragile ego?

Your ego is not going anywhere Sunshine.  She’s with you to the end.

Your life?


You call this life????

This half-paced shit?

This less than mind-blowing magnificence?

Let me tell you about your life.

Your ‘life’ aka this lifetime is a gift from Creator and she doesn’t do half-assed.

You sat in front of her and pleaded to come play.

You looked at the billions hypnotised by the machine and you salivated with desire to be a lighthouse.

You said that you wanted to bring a message of conscious choice.

She told you that the path you’re choosing is filled with painful lessons and YOU SAID you didn’t care.  You would grow a pair, you would train your body, you would train your mind.  You would carry your scars with pride.

She told you that you would have to forget who you truly are to level-out the playing field and YOU SAID bring it on!  You would do the work, the deep work, the scary work, to break the barriers to your wisdom.  No matter what it takes.

She told you that the opportunities for reconnection to self would be hidden and often times they would feel like such a stretch that you would be afraid of ripping apart and YOU SAID that you would practice downward facing dog until you could kiss your own ass.

So I honestly don’t want to hear how tired you are.

I don’t want to hear how weak you are.

I don’t want to hear that you’re lonely and scared.

You have everything inside of you to overcome, to rise, to create, to BE YOUR BEST NEXT VERSION SELF TODAY!

But you have to choose.

Nobody can do that for you.

Not even me.

This one is all on you.

What do you choose?

Do you risk choosing safe for one more day?

Do you dare choosing to tippy toe for one more week convincing yourself that’s all you need to find the courage to go all in?

Do you gamble choosing to say next month you will have the resources available so you will then do what you came here to do?

If you do, I respect that.

Free will.

But tell me Anel, what does those choices say to you?

Do they say to you that you truly believe in yourself and who you are and that yes, regardless of how much you have failed and how much you will continue to fail you, you know with certainty that you will always rise again?

Do they say to you that there’s no wrong decisions on your path because every decision keeps moving you and the more consciously you choose the more consciously you move into the direction you desire to go?

Or do they tell you that you’re full of shit?

That you’re playing small and quite frankly you’re boring.

The greatest pain is not failure.

The greatest pain is not being judged.

The greatest pain is not being abandoned by others.

The greatest pain is not even being bankrupt.

The greatest pain is YOU not giving yourself permission to bring your best version self for all to experience.

The greatest pain is me running out patience with you and pressing that reset button when you least expect it.

The greatest pain is you stepping out of your body and looking at me with those puppy eyes, tears dripping onto earth as raindrops because you thought you had more time.  You thought you could take a little longer, move a little slower.

The rain you’ve so enjoyed for the last three days – what if they’re not just water but tears of regret Angelface?

I’m telling you today that time is an illusion and all you have is RIGHT NOW – this moment.

If you’re serious about doing the work you agreed to do at this time, this is it!

What say you Anel?

Are you going to trust yourself and jump?

Or not?

You know I love you.


PS: Welcome to my world fellow traveller.

Yes, I understand that most of the time we sound crazy to others.  Hell my friend, we even sound crazy to ourselves.

So what?

What is crazy anyway?

Is crazy opening yourself up to a full experience of what this life can offer even when opening up entails questioning everything that you’ve been told to believe?

Is crazy sometimes posting the MOST UNCOMFORTABLE blog because that’s the message that wants to come through today and your life was never meant to be yours alone to experience but yours to share?

Is crazy giving yourself permission to step up and do what others say is impossible because quite frankly, their opinions stopped mattering?

Or is crazy existing from one day to the next with your socially approved masks firmly in place?

Is crazy us only sharing the thoughts and voices that we feel certain won’t be judged thereby not giving ourselves or others permission to bring back courage, honesty and honour?

When you look at it from this perspective, are we not all crazy?

Which means the only question is – which flavour of nuts do you choose?

I choose to work with those who dare to be ridiculously courageous.

Those who risk being ostracised because their passion, their purpose, is their obsession.

I choose to work with those who chance being mocked today so they can be remembered as legends of history.

If there’s a voice inside your head insisting that it’s your time now and that you ARE indeed ready for that next step now, let’s connect and discuss the possibility of me accompanying you on this part of your journey to thrive.





How long can you hold the excitement?

Remember when you were a little kid?

When only two months really mattered – your birthday month and of course Christmas if your family practiced this holiday?

When a year seemed like an eternity because you were constantly counting down the days to presents?

I sometimes think this feeling of excitement is what slowed down time to a snails pace.

I could never understand why adults were constantly rushing around, complaining there’s just never enough time, that time was flying by.

What were they talking about?

My language leaned more towards time was dragging her feet and should hurry up!

I would wait in anticipation, eager to see what the wrapping-paper would reveal.

Would I get that doll this time around?

Would I get the new ballet slippers?


I NEVER took my time to carefully and deliberately unwrap the presents.


I would rip that paper like a savage beast with pieces flying left right and centre.

Sometimes the wrapping revealed the exact thing I had been asking for, wishing for and I would be over the moon!

Other times not so much.

I’ll never forget the Christmas I received underwear.

Cotton briefs.

I’m not even kidding you.

But you know what,


A child is way more realistic than that.

Instead, by the next day my imagination was back to plotting and planning what else I could ask for.

For next year.

It didn’t matter.

As a child, disappointment was fleeting.

Excitement was the norm.

I’m not sure at which point this changed for me.

It probably happened slowly, creeping into my subconscious mind infused with new ‘truths’ as evidenced by the gifts I received.

It was a subtle shift.

I would ask for my true desires and receive something similar but not quite what I wanted.

And I would tell myself not to be silly.

That it didn’t matter.

I learned quickly to hide my disappointment as I would be berated for being ungrateful and making the giver feel bad.

What I do know is that excitement was replaced with an expectancy of disillusionment, until I stopped asking completely.

I figured I would rather not ask thereby eliminating the possibility that I could receive less than I truly desired.

This change in energy brought with it a change in my experience of time.

Like so many others I started chasing time.

I took on the belief that NOT receiving my desires meant that I was simply not doing enough, not being good enough, not enough.

So I would cram MORE into every minute in a desperate attempt to be rewarded for my exceptional work.

Was I in for a rude awakening?!

I have since learned that receiving my desires has nothing to do with my actions!

It has EVERYTHING to do with my mindset.

My beliefs aka the stories I tell myself, impact my energy.

When I’m in an energy of struggle and strive and expecting disappointment, guess what I get?

That’s right Sweetpea – I receive more evidence of struggle and strive and disappointment.

I decided that this shit wasn’t really working for me.

For one thing I was miserable and exhausted all the fucking time.

And if you’ve met me you’ll know that I’m actually a joyful little motherfucker who love sprinkling fairy dust all around.

I love shaking my ass.

I love having fun.

I love laughing.

I love expecting the best.

I came to the understand that if I wanted my life experience to change, my life expectancy had to change.  And only I could do that.

My mind, my beliefs, my attitude, my responsibility.

I started going deep into mindset work and manifestation (making shit happen like magic).

I grew the fuck down and I started feeling excited about possibility again.

The more excited I get, the more I slow down time.

The more I slow down time, the more time I have to dig into my true desires.

The more I dig into my true desires the more I get to open my mind to new possibilities AND because all my desires are GOOD and MINE TO OWN I also receive new ideas and inspiration of actions I can take to receive what I want even faster.

As I stay excited and optimistic because, you know, I ALWAYS receive my true desires that are for my highest and best good, I am willing to continue taking action UNTIL I receive what I want.

Some actions reap instant rewards, others are epic failures.

I agree that failures are never very pleasant and yes there’s a moment of disappointment but I’ve also learned that I can sit and moan and bitch about how that sucked and life is not fair and blah blah blah.

Or I could feel the disappointment, drop into appreciation, receive the learning and refocus on how fucking fabulous it’s going to be when I look back with my prize in my lap, laughing at all the silly mistakes I made along the way.

I can always choose to see why things didn’t work and do it better next time around.

CANI – Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

Unfortunately most people start taking action and because they don’t get the results they want in the time they believe they should get it, they say nothing’s working.

They wake up in the morning feeling disheartened.

Disheartened plants the seeds for quitting.

Thing is Darling, failure and defeat is temporary.

Quitting – that shit is permanent!

Instead, tell me, how would it feel to just become excited again?

How would it feel to press the reset button when you go to bed at night and decide to wake up with a sense of expectancy and eagerness?

Your feelings are a choice, like everything else.

You think they’re not because you have programmed yourself that certain events has to equal certain feelings.

You’re more powerful than your programming!

If your current blueprint isn’t feeling empowering, change the fucking blueprint.

Every single mindset piece takes training  to increase capacity.

You won’t expect to walk into the gym for the first time and bench-press 200 kg’s.

So be patient with yourself.

Allow yourself the journey of getting stronger.

Expecting to wake up one day and feeling like the motherloving rock star you truly are!

And as you consistently choose excitement and you enthusiastically take action understanding that even failure moves you towards your goal if you receive the learning, your life will transform.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

Love you,


PS:  Coaching is powerful and impactful. It’s about making the smallest changes in trajectory that leads to an entirely different outcome.

A high-performer myself, I know there’s always a way.  I’ve invested and continue to invest in myself through study, implementation, working with exceptional coaches and mentors, physically challenging events and above all dedication to my craft, to have the resilience, strategies and innovation to find the puzzle pieces that has me create the outcomes I truly desire.

But the deepest truth is that I lived most of my life feeling like an imposter. I could appear confident on the outside whilst dying on the inside.  Regardless of how much I achieved in life, I envied those around me who always seemed to create more or bigger or better than I ever could.

Turns out that this feeling of inadequacy and relentless drive for more eventually became my gift in working with high performing men and women. You see, I am exceptionally gifted at seeing the true power in people—even when they can’t see it for themselves.

My clients do things that few ever dream of. They are dynamic, passionate and successful, yet whatever is coming next still feels like a really big leap of faith.

I help courageous people who already achieve ‘impossible’ goals to achieve what still looks ‘impossible’ to them.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good partnership.


WTF? Is this pity-party season?

I highly recommend you only read this if you’re ready to stop feeling sorry for yourself and reconnect with the warrior that’s always inside your soul.

I get criticised for my pain tolerance all the time.

Shit, I even criticise myself.

For staying on my bike long after I hurt like a mofo.

For picking up the weights I know will make me scream and still, pushing through to the very last rep.

For not turning around and going home when I’m exhausted, limping, at times even crying, just because the distance I promised myself to conquer today is not yet complete.

As much as you might think I’m insane,

I choose insanity above self-pity every single day.

Yes, I get down on myself too.

Yes, shit hits the fan in my life too.

Yes, there’s days when I just don’t know how the fuck I’m going to keep pushing on.

I’m human – inhuman – human.

Every time I get to that point I remember my choices.

I can choose to stay down there.

I can choose to completely buy into the drama.

I can choose to feel like shit for god knows how long.

I’ve chosen that before.

Which is why I know how dangerous this slippery slide is.

When I hit the lows I did it with such force that my heart ripped open.

I oozed pain onto the pavement and life went dark.

Pitch black.

It was during this time that I received everything that you’re constantly told you need to make you feel better.



Words of encouragement.

People telling me it’s okay, I’ll be okay, they’re here for me.


I didn’t need someone to wrap me in cottonwool and treat me with kit-gloves.

I didn’t need anyone to tolerate my pathetic behaviour.

I sure as fuck didn’t need the drugs the doctor prescribed.

All these remedies simply kept me stuck.

Going deeper down the rabbit hole.

Drawing my next breath became torturous.

All I wanted was to close my eyes and sink into the tempestuous arms of darkness.

Oh how sweet her call – the promises she made.

No more pain.

No more existence.

No more.

It was a close call.

It would have been so easy to swallow the pills in my hand – and you and I would never have connected.

But there was another option available to me.

I could choose to fight.

For my motherloving LIFE.

It wasn’t easy my friend.

When you’re the shit people scrape off their shoes, you don’t just bounce back.

First step for me was to get MAD.


I took all of that raw emotion to the bag and I started hitting that bitch until my arms felt like they were falling off.

I kicked until my legs hurt so much I couldn’t sit down to pee the next day.

And I kept going back.

Day after day.

Until one day there was a shift.

I wasn’t angry.

Instead my core had strengthened.

I stood a little taller,

My focus clear.

I started hitting THROUGH the target.

Go further.


Warrior One.

Pitiful Little Bitch Zero.

I learned so much from this chapter in my book.

I learned that pity-parties, although a natural part of life, needs a lid.

When I give myself permission to go ‘there’, I create a container of time and when it’s done, it’s done!

This allows me to break down, break through, and rise in super fast time.

I learned that I have zero fucking tolerance for sympathy.

When shit hits the fan, I pull into myself.

The only person I trust is my coach.

My coach who never EVER tries to save me.

He kicks me over the edge expecting me to fly.

Yes, hardcore works for me.

I know it’s not for everyone – you get to know yourself and what works for you.

I learned that focusing on a target keeps me in the zone.

Without goals that light my soul on fire the temptation of distraction becomes annoyingly powerful.

Without goals that keep me looking forward my ego gets bored and she starts creating shenanigans in my life creating sharp contrasts often resulting in a bite out of my ass.

I learned that the masses love victims.

Look around you.

One of the reasons so many people choose to be miserable is because of all the attention they receive.

Every victim creates the stage for another to play the hero.

When someone gets to feel like a hero they give you TLC and you smile.

Thinking you’re happy.

You’re not happy – you’re fucking codependent!

There’s no true joy in codependency.

And before you tell me that you have to stay in your unhappy circumstances because you love your partner too much to leave, or you love your kids too much to risk the change, or there’s too may people depending on you, or you’ve been friends since you were five, or whomever you’re using as a shield from admitting that you’re just shit scared, how loving is it to be around people with your toxic energy knowing that it seeps into their minds and impacts them?

How dare we put our misery on the shoulders of others???

Full disclosure – this was ME!!!!

Inconsiderate, selfish motherfucker.

I’m deeply appreciative of the mirror that was held up for me so that I could finally see my truth.

I say mine – it’s not necessarily yours.

My truth is that I am fully responsible for my happiness.

My truth is that I create EVERYTHING in my experience.

My truth is that I have the responsibility to do the work it takes for me to show up as my best version self for where I’m at and with what I have at the time.

My truth is that I’m NOT responsible for how others choose to experience me.

My truth is that I’m NOT responsible for the happiness of others.

When you connect with this flavour of truth you don’t really have much tolerance for your pity-parties.

And honestly Darling, they’re so 1900’s.

I don’t see your drama.

I don’t buy into your stories.

You want to start comparing scars?

Bring it Baby.

What I see when I look at you is a MAGICIAN.

I see a creator with zero limitations.

I see someone who might have created epic amounts of chaos and pain in their lives which means they have the ability to create the same and greater levels of joy.

So how about you dry those tears, blow your nose and lift that pretty little chin of yours?

How about you stop looking for sympathy and start turning things around for yourself?

How about you get a little mad?

If that means using this piece as a trigger to get upset, go for it!

I would much rather have you get angry and actually DO SOMETHING than sit there in the corner stuffing your face with food, alcohol, cigarettes, happy pills.

Existence is NOT living.

Existence is NOT thriving.

Existence IS optional.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

I love you too much to feel sorry for you,


“Getting my bitch back!

My work session with Anel was the eye opener I needed to help me see where I need to build in order to push to the next level. The clear no-nonsense talk was and is exactly what I need to see myself more clearly and to break out of those of my patterns that are holding me back. I left the session with more clarity, clear goals, increased confidence and some tangible action points. Anel’s approach is honest, clear and to the point. I loved the naked truths and the bold look at even sensitive situations making these very tangible and highly actionable.”

Dorte Ertboll Loken

I’m often the only person in my client’s world not there to please them. I won’t sprinkle it with candy to make it sweet. I won’t let your fears keep you in the corner. I won’t believe your ‘stories’ regardless of how convinced you are of their truth. And I won’t buy into your bullshit. I’ll tell you how it is. I’ll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. And I’ll do that from an authentic, vulnerable and loving place.

When you’re ready we will talk about forming a potential partnership.

And your life WILL become legendary.

Contact me for a powerful conversation.



Mirror Mirror Oh My Soul

Fascinating –

how we trick ourselves.

Telling ourselves that our academic knowledge makes us wise.

Except wisdom is the training of knowledge.

It’s when you take that which you’ve learned and you train it into the very fibre of your being.

Training involves repetition.

When others say it’s boring, they’ve done it before, they want something new, the masters know to bring the same intensity to number 1000 as they did to number 1.

It’s when you not only say the words but live the actions.

You integrate it into your everyday life.

For me one of the greatest gifts of my purpose is the way in which I create a life filled with opportunities to train the powerful tools of growth I receive.

So it is with the understanding that people are our mirrors.

I came across this concept years ago.

For a while I even practiced it.


Sort of.

I told myself that I was looking at the mirrors except I would do so in a way that didn’t have me feeling too shit about my true behaviours.

At first I would only find those that I admired and I would say ‘Oh goody, look at the potential magnificence mirrored back to me!  Because if they can do it, so can I.’

Then I would find those that I found painful to be around and I would console myself with ‘Clearly they are showing me what I don’t want to be spending my time on.’

Do you see what I’m seeing?

I wasn’t looking in the mirror.

I was simply interpreting the concept in a way that didn’t demand responsibility.

I was putting a new spin on the idea in a way that didn’t make me feel into my truth.

For me, the truth is that people weren’t mirroring potential or what I didn’t want to be doing.

They were and continue to mirror what I AM and AM NOT DOING.

Just because the physical expression is different, doesn’t mean that the essence isn’t the same.

It took me a while to find the courage to truly practice the concept of mirrors.

It’s one that I now implement on a regular basis in my journal.

Her pages filled with individuals who are in my current experience and then delving into the truth of what the mirror is showing me which I didn’t want to see in myself.

This goes both ways by the way.

The self-sabotaging behaviours and also the beautiful behaviours.

I personally find it way easier to embrace the ‘negative’ mirrors – Thor knows that nobody is harder on me than I am on myself!  And yet I would whitewash the impact of said behaviours.  What I’ve come to learn is that every time someone really pisses me off, every time someone makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up, every time that I would despise the behaviour in others, I am showing same said behaviour in some aspect of my life.  OUCH!

The gift in this is that I now get to choose consciously.

I get to choose if I want to continue with that behaviour and simply deflect my bullshit on others, or if I choose to own this for myself and change my behaviour.

Knowing that my behaviour does not equal who I am.

I really want you to understand this today – your behaviour doesn’t equal who you are!!  It does not define you.

It’s the belief that behaviour = identity that keeps so many people hiding in shame.

What do we say to this?

Fuck that shit!

The effect of owning this in myself is that there’s not a single person I hate anymore.

You might be shocked saying how could I hate???   I’m gonna go to hell for hating.

Well hun, clearly I desired to experience deep love so I created in my life opportunities to feel deep hate.

Opposite sides of the same coin.

Yin and yang.

More than the ‘bad’, I struggled for the longest time to recognise the mirrored good in myself.  The fact that I have a tremendous heart and uncapped love.  The fact that I have an ancient wisdom inside of me that I have promised to remember and share with you at this time.  The fact that I have the soul of a warrior and I bring my resilience, my honour, my dedication to the world at a time filled with disconnection and laziness.

I battled reconciling myself with the good inside because owning this part of me places a huge responsibility on my shoulders.  It means that I actually have to choose whether I’m going to be coy and pretend that I’m just a mousy little old lady hiding in the forest, or if I’m going to share all of me with the world.

Without shame.

Without blame.

Nothing left to hide.

And before you say of course you want to share all of you with the world, I’m going to invite you to ask yourself if this is true?

I’ve found sharing myself with the world is scary AF.

I’ve found that not giving a shit because I care deeply is a double edged sword.

Just because I brush the haters off doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when people attack me.

So I’m going to ask you today Darling, what are others mirroring in you?

What are your dearest friends, admired mentors, inspiring role models mirroring in you?

What are your most frustrating loved ones, your most infuriating clients, your most hated assholes mirroring in you?

Without the shame.

Coming from a space of genuine curiosity and desire to reclaim conscious choice.

For it’s in our conscious choices that we become conscious creators.

And there’s NOTHING that you can’t create in your life.

But you have to get honest with yourself first.

You have to own your current behaviours.

You have to claim your current greatness.

And then,

in a show of brilliance,

you bring all of this to the table and share your best version self with the world.

THIS is your greatest legacy.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is still the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  Hiding who you are because you fear judgement and criticism might be considered acceptable in todays society, but you and I both know that this cowardly behaviour is eating up your soul!

We both know that you have inside of you a gift that is unique and formidable.

We both know that you have everything you need right now, in this moment, to create epic success in every area of your life.

We both know that you have what it takes to be completely FREE!

But we also know that being this person, the one who can achieve more in a day than most do in a month, can be lonely.

It’s not easy to talk freely about your strengths when others experience that as boasting.

It’s not easy to create the life of your dreams when nobody is willing to hold up the mirror for you to fully own your current reality.

I’m often the only person in my client’s world not there to please them. I won’t sprinkle it with candy to make it sweet. I won’t let your fears keep you in the corner. I won’t believe your ‘stories’ regardless of how convinced you are of their truth. And I won’t buy into your bullshit. I’ll tell you how it is. I’ll say what no one else in your world is bold enough to say. And I’ll do that from an authentic, vulnerable and loving place.

When you’re ready we will talk about forming a potential partnership.

And your life WILL become legendary.

Contact me for a powerful conversation.





Change your perspective, change your experience

Find the silence.

Shut out the noise.

The voices of everyone telling you who you are.

Telling you what you should want.

Telling you what you should feel.

Telling you what you should do.

They don’t know you.

Shit, do you even know yourself?

Have you taken the time to figure out who you are, what you love, what you value, what you honour?

Or are you terrified of the silence?

Because it’s in the silence from without that we finally hear the voices within.

I know they can seem motherloving crazy at times.

Screaming at you to take that leap of faith and do what makes YOU happy.

Others bedamned.

Even when they never tell you how to fly.

Even when they never tell you where the bottom is.

Even when nothing they say makes sense according to the laws of humanity.

The voices in your head is not human Darling.

Instead they are what you truly are at your core


For the longest time I refused to believe this.


Probably because I didn’t really like what I saw in my day to day life.

I didn’t like seeing the chaos and pain and negativity I had created.

I didn’t like seeing the average results, the codependent relationships, the bruised and broken body.

The mundane routines.

The uninspired thoughts.

Hours spent sitting in traffic, cigarette lit hand hanging out the window.

Dying to get home just so I could kick off my stilettos and drown myself in a glass of wine.

It was so much easier to believe what everyone else told me.

That I’m simply this little woman who needs a man to look after me because I’m one of the weaker sex.

That I shouldn’t think too much for myself and just have blind faith in the words of men.

That I should blame everyone else for my demise because after all, I was simply a wee pawn on this great big checker board where billions of faceless others make the decisions for me.

That I should feel ashamed every minute of every day because I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, hard working enough.

I wasn’t pleasing to others.

I didn’t say the right things.

I didn’t do the right things.

Always the rebel I continuously found myself in the principals office graduating to the managers office.

Questioning the insanity of the system because the system still doesn’t make sense to me.

I could have continued on this treadmill of existence.

But I knew that ultimately I had a choice to make – a choice that nobody else could make for me:

keep the same style of writing

or choose a new way to express myself.

I have since discovered that YES,


I and I alone get to decide the emotional tone of my chapters.

I and I alone get to decide what I focus on.

I and I alone get to decide if I’m going to tell a story of heart-ache and rage and rejection

or if I’m going to tell a tale of hope and love and freedom.

From the outside the events might look exactly the same

but it’s the experience of the events that truly matter.

And since it’s MY LIFE,

I get to dictate the EXPERIENCE.

When I shift my perspective, I create an entirely new experience for myself.

I get to look at any event in my life and decide the meaning that I give to it.

Now honestly, when I didn’t question the meaning, when I accepted the socialised norm that the end of a relationship meant heartbreak and sorrow and misery, it hurt like a bitch.

When I blindly accepted the socialised norm that failure on the way to my goals meant I failed, I struggled to keep going.

When I simply accepted the socialised norm that not having contact with members of  my family of origin meant that I didn’t belong, that I had nobody, that I would die lonely, I panicked.

Do you see that none of these are true unless I choose to make them true for ME?

Which I now don’t.

I made the decision that nobody can tell me how I am meant to feel about the events in my life.

I made the decision that nobody can tell me how I will feel when I make the hard choices and the outcome isn’t what others think of as positive.

I believe that all outcomes are positive.

Everything happens FOR me.

Every outcome is the seed for my next step in the journey of life.

When I change my perspective, I change my focus, I change my actions, I create new results.

This is the power of your mindset Darling.

You get to dictate how you EXPERIENCE YOUR LIFE.

For me personally, this has been the most empowering understanding of my truth thus far.

Considering I’m probably only halfway through my life, I simply can’t wait to see what I decide to learn next!

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  There are times in our lives when the noise from outside is so deafening that we can’t hear ourselves think.

There are times when we are bombarded with so many contradictory opinions that we feel pulled in a hundred different directions.

I found it’s in times such as these that coaching is my most valuable asset.

Coaching is not about me giving you the answers.

Coaching is about me holding the space for you to find YOUR answers.

It’s about creating the silence so you can clearly hear your voice.

It’s about asking the questions that empowers you to go deeper to connect to your truth.

It’s about guiding you to connect with your magnificent vision and then taking the aligned action to bring it into physical form.

Whether you’re seeking the space to liberate yourself or to become the legend you know you’re meant to be, I’m here to hold that space for you.

Read more about these packages and if they speak to your soul I invite you to apply today.



Are we addicted to the pain?

Now hold on, before you dismiss the question because it doesn’t make logical sense,

Before you tell me I’m crazy,

Before you turn away from the mirror,

You’re looking at an addict who created her own designer brand when life couldn’t give me enough.

Like most people I was in complete denial.

Who on earth would be addicted to pain?


Until one day when I took a real honest look at my life and what I saw was an ocean of suffering.




When I could no longer stomach this, I created physical pain.

I came to the realisation that I could drown out the screams in my heart with screams in my head.

By piling on more pain.

Considering that my body transformed into a machine I thought it was a win-win for me.

Except as long as you deny the pain, the underlying cause simply amplifies.

We ponder why people overdose on drugs,

Instead, we should start asking why people are overdosing on pain?

What makes this topic even more important is the fact that pain, like fear, is your friend!

She has a message for you.

At times, she’s an indicator that growth is happening.

More often, she highlights that something, somewhere, is out of alignment with your truth, your joy.

What I found was that most of the time it’s not what’s happening in your life that’s the cause of the experienced pain,

it’s your stories about what’s happening!

Okay, so I will speak for myself here.

My experienced pain was caused because I didn’t think my body was in the shape that she should have been in.

My experienced pain was caused by people in my intimate circle not treating me the way that I thought they should have been treating me.

My experienced pain was caused by my financial status not being what I thought it should have been.

Instead of putting judgement aside and finding the truth, I was just covering myself in SHOULDS thereby creating more shame which led to more pain.

Waste of fucking time my friend.

Your experience of life reflects what it is.


I’m not suggesting that I was supposed to just throw my hands in the air and say “Oh well, it is what it is” and be satisfied with it.


Instead, the message was to sit my ass down,

figure out who I really am

what I stand for

what I value and treasure

what my standards are

what I desire to be remembered for

what the change is that I desire to be in the world

what makes me happy


take the actions that would bring me back into alignment with my truth.

Every time that I felt someone was treating my like shit, I WAS TREATING MYSELF LIKE SHIT BY STAYING IN THE RELATIONSHIP!

It had nothing to do with the other person.

They were simply being who they chose to be.

I’m the asshole who chose to remain in relationships which kept me out of integrity.

Every time that I felt my finances were dismal THE QUALITY OF MY ACTIONS WERE DISMAL.

I was focusing on taking the easy actions that I enjoyed taking instead of the challenging actions which would have me grow professionally.

I was speaking to the wrong people, the ones with whom I felt most comfortable instead of the ones who would challenge and inspire me.

I was helping instead of empowering others.

I was hiding my talents.


And it wasn’t about torturing my body back into shape.  I couldn’t beat her into perfection.  Not from a space of disapproval and self-loathing.  That shit doesn’t work.  It simply adds more shame and blame onto the already mile-high pile.

Instead I had to fall in love with myself.

I had to start loving my thighs.

I had to start loving my tummy.

I had to start loving my arms.

And then, from this space of love, I nourish her with the foods that I know fuel her perfectly.  I move her in delightful ways that fills my lungs with life-giving oxygen and I stretch her to keep her flexible and I push her to keep her strong.

LOVE my friend.

Always start with love.

None of this healing took place from a space of self-shaming.

Which in reality is what our ‘shoulds’ come down to.


Pain, fear, when not growth inducing, are simply indicators that we are out of integrity with our true selves.

They are nothing more than yellow lights flickering a warning that if you don’t heed,  leads to self-destruction.

So why are we so addicted to pain?

In my humble opinion it’s because pain is often the only emotion powerful enough to break through mundane existence and provide evidence that we are in fact still alive!

Because when you wake up in the morning with absolutely nothing to look forward to, same shit different day, same unfulfilling job, same unfulfilling relationships, same unfulfilling routines, there’s no spark!

And without spark, there’s what?




You lose your will to THRIVE because you’re bored and you’re boring!

All because you’re not making conscious choices.

Because you’re too shit scared of what your choices could lead to.

Because you’re too lazy to take the action required to truly bring about lasting change.

Because you would rather live a life of lying to yourself about how bad things really are, than get off your ass and going deep and transforming

no, not transforming


your true spectacular self!

Stop surrounding yourself with people who lie to you because they don’t have the balls to tell you the truth.

The ones who tell you it’s not that bad.


If it’s not all you want, all you desire, all you’re capable of

it’s horrendous.

Stop tolerating that shit.

Drop the shame

fuck the blame

get real with yourself

and then

make the decision to do whatever it takes to get back to where you belong.

NO, this isn’t going to happen overnight.

You’ve spent decades living out of alignment with your truth and you have to walk the same distance to get back on track.

It doesn’t have to take as long because you were probably shuffling like a trance-induced zombie and now you can run, jump, quantum leap.  But it’s still going to take time Darling.

So be patient with yourself.

Keep taking stock of where you are now and what still needs to happen for you to arrive at your essence.

And then, with pride in the fact that you’re one of the few courageous enough to return to truth,

take small daily actions.

Only death is inevitable.

Mediocre, boring, bored existence is the choice of the masses.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  When you’ve lived your life surrounded by those who tell you white lies, the truth can sting like a mother!

I don’t tell my clients what they want to hear.

I reflect what their souls are saying.

To get real.

To get conscious.

To take responsibility for their happiness and success.

And then, from a space of conviction and determination, they change their bullshit stories, their habitual behaviour, their outcomes.

My clients get results because we don’t just set goals, they create the vision of the person who achieves the goals and then shift into alignment.



With honour.

Legendary is for those who desire to eradicate average and instead build a life worth remembering.

If you’re ready to strip down to your essence, apply today and let’s see if this is the partnership that will get you back into integrity.




I want to see all of you – the good, the bad, and the magnificent

Hey Beautiful

I’m talking directly to you today my friend.

I know that you think I don’t see you simply because we’re not standing face-to-face.

You’re wrong.

I see you.

All of you.

At night my soul sours far beyond my physical suite and I seek you out.

Why you?

Because YOU my friend are the most magnetic force on the face of the earth.

I find you irresistible.

Your passion, buried deep down inside of you, is contagious.

Your conviction, shifted to the side, is alluring.

Your purpose, always present, waiting for a moment of permission to explode into the world, is compelling.

Your essence is enticing, seductive.

You are my siren and I obey your call.

Why won’t you allow them to experience you in this capacity?

Why won’t you share all of you with those around you?

What are you afraid of?

Are you afraid that they will burn in the heat of your passion?

Are you afraid that they will be blinded by the brilliance of your light?

Are you afraid that they will turn on you and lash out in their terror?

Ripping you apart.

Beating you to the ground with their words.

Leaving you bleeding and crying, alone, lonely.

Are you that desperate for acceptance from those who have no desire to see you soar?

Are you that brainwashed by the words of the oppressors that you will forget who you are?

Your purpose?

Your passion?

Your truth?

Let me tell you my Darling, that for decades this was my choice too.

I was convinced that nobody could possibly match the flames burning inside of me.

God, whenever I showed a flicker I would be doused in venom from lovers.

Telling me that they have to break me because they love me and they are simply protecting me from myself.

Because I would burn out.

Because I would be too weird for society.

That I would be ostracised.

So I lied.

I lied to myself about what was important to me.

I lied to myself about what made me happy.

I lied to myself about who I am.

And it was fucking torture.

Do you know what it feels like to look in the mirror and having to face the eyes of a perjurer?

Do you know what it feels like to loose all faith in yourself and your word because you know that your word means jack shit?

That everything you say is simply to stop the pain delivered by others?

That every word is dipped in bullshit just so they wouldn’t be triggered by your truth?

Because it hurt like a motherfucker!

The blows.

The belittling.

Above all, lying was tearing my soul to pieces.

I would rather die than ever abandon myself again.

Abandonment of self IS DEATH.

Living a life of servitude to the masters of fear is not living at all.

It is merely existing.

And the more we live in a way to please others, the more we are screwing them over as well.

I simply no longer understand why we are committed to relationships where we are criticised and belittled for our truth.

For how loud we laugh.

For how terrible we sing.

For how inappropriately we dance.

For how childishly we ride.

That is not love.

It’s called codependency.

Every time that you adjust your behaviour in a desperate attempt to be accepted and liked, you’re simply reinforcing their behaviour of being an asshole.

They get a kick out of being ‘right’ and in power and quite frankly in my humble opinion


We are all equal.

We are all magnificent.

We are all powerful beyond our wildest imagination.

And we are not responsible for how others choose to experience us.

Our only responsibility is for ourselves.

We are responsible to do the work to remember our purpose.

We are responsible to do the work that has us deeply connected to our feelings.

We are responsible to do the work that has our vibration constantly rising in service to our purpose.

We are responsible to do the work that gives us the strength to leave behind those who do not desire to shine.

Yes, shine is a choice.

Free will Baby.

We are responsible to do the work that has our minds expand to see new possibilities, new ways of doing, new ways of being.

And then

with all the courage we can muster

We are responsible to show the fuck up as our best version self for where we are today and with what we have available to us in this moment.

I used to ride my bike out on HP to get to the Cradle (My Joburg friends will know where this is).

At the robot turning onto the highway was a beggar.

He only had one leg and would wobble along on a crutch.



Yet not a single day did I see him without a radiant smile.

Not a single day did he not greet me with genuine pleasure and love flowing out of his every pore.

Not a single day did he look at me disgruntled that his fate was poverty whilst I was riding Artemis (my gorgeous Bianchi).

THIS is what your best version self looks like with where you’re at and with what you have.

It has fuckall to do with your clothes, your car, your prestige.

It has everything to do with the radiance that you choose to reveal to the world.

His face is forever etched in my mind.

My inspiration.

My role model.

My soulmate friend.

YOU have radiance inside of you.

I see it every night.

And every night I come back for more.

Because you are beautiful.

You are perfect.

You are the most magical force I have yet to encounter.

Please for the love of all that is good in this world, stop hiding ALL OF YOU.

Everyone deserves to see what I see.

I know some of them won’t like it.

But that is their choice.

What about YOU?

What about YOUR happiness?

What about YOUR purpose?

What about YOUR self-respect?

If you can’t love yourself unconditionally how can you possibly love anyone else unconditionally?

YOU are the most important person in the world.

I invite you to go stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and simply look into your eyes and be honest with what you see.

Ask yourself “Who am I?”

Over and over again.

For five minutes.

And finally, hear the truth.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

I love you.


PS:  Beast – it’s time.

It’s time for you to raise the bar.

To excellence.

And I’m ready to hold you to it.

Check out Legendary today and if you’re ready to rise, apply.


PPS:  Image is Peace by Claire Schaper – In the village of the Acholi tribe of Gulu, Uganda, a young girl lets go of her reservations towards the camera and shows peace, not from her hand gesture but from her face.

But what about your dreams Darling?

I’m feeling a lottle (a lot of little) sad today.

I’m feeling a lottle sad because yesterday in a room full of people, only four raised their hands when I asked who had a dream.

Now maybe they all had a dream but they were just too shy to admit it, not wanting others to look at them silently asking ‘what’s your dream?’

Not wanting the attention.

Not wanting the accountability because once you admit to having a dream,  you have a responsibility to make it come true.

Which is even more cause for sorrow.

Why are we not celebrating our dreamers?

They appear to be a dying breed.

Why are we not creating platforms from which to shout out our aspirations?

Why are we not nurturing the dreamer within every man, woman and child?

Why are we not encouraging creation instead of constantly demanding more consumption?

Don’t take todays piece as fact or literal because it’s not.

It’s pure feeling coming through.

My feeling is that we’re living in a time where automation is threatening to kill creativity, spontaneity, invention.

I feel that too many people are following the same goddamned methodologies and steps simply because they’ve stopped believing in their innate ability to do it differently.

They’ve stopped believing in the big dreams because social approval has become more important than ideas.

Doing it ‘right’ has become more celebrated than doing it an a way that is completely unique.

I made the comment a while back that we seem to have an abundance of remakes of old movies.

Yes, I get that technology has advanced and that the special effects are better.

But what about originality?

Where are our story tellers?

Our story creators?

I meet so many people telling me they have a book inside of them, but they first have to finish the writing course so they can write it the right way.

Honestly, and yes I’m speaking under correction here, but I don’t think Shakespeare took that writing course you’re so desperately clinging to.  Hemingway, Dickens, Maya Angelou?

They wrote from heart not head.

I don’t think they sat browsing Facebook looking to see what all the other actors and writers and poets were doing.  I don’t think they only wrote one piece and then gave up because it didn’t receive widespread applause and recognition and accolades.

They created because the muse inside was cherished and loved and yes, safeguarded.

It was pure.

It was from within, not without.

Just like your dreams.

The ones that you gave up so long ago because someone else told you to grow up and do what you’re supposed to be doing to be a responsible adult.

They ridiculed you and told you that you’re just not that talented, not that smart, not that pretty, not that strong.

The dreams long forgotten because you’re exhausted from chasing the next shiny object even though your credit cards are being used to pay off your credit cards.

I truly believe our dreams are given to us for a reason.

Our dreams are given to us because we are and always have been creators of reality.

Do you get that?

You are a CREATOR of reality.

You are not a little pawn on someone else’s chessboard being controlled by some unseen hand in the sky.

There is within you a muse, a spark, that is ready to contribute to this amazing platform called human life but as long as you act like a locust, you will not create.

You will only consume everything in your path leaving behind a desert of nothingness.

Worse, like a locust, you will be hard on the outside, empty on the inside.

It’s our dreams that open us up to new possibilities.

To growth.

To expansion.

To flexibility.

It’s our dreams that has us think in new ways, act in new ways, speak in new ways thereby creating new ways.

You have to be faithful to the dream.

And you have to take full responsibility to bring that dream into manifested form.

Now I understand that majority of the time that dream is so big and seems so way beyond your capabilities, yet that’s the whole point.

Every dream demands that you BECOME the person who brings the thought into the tangible.

It’s the power of heart combined with soul backed by body that opens the mind.

You’re never supposed to know the HOW at the out-start.

You’re simply to be besotted with the dream, recommitting your dedication to her upon waking, believing with all your being that it will eventually be so.

And then

without attachment

you take the smallest of steps every single day.

Maybe that step is simply writing her down on paper – making her more real for yourself.

Maybe that step is finding a picture that represents the essence of her and putting it on your vision board.

Maybe that step is having a conversation with a trusted confidant about the excitement you feel for the new possibilities you’re allowing into your life.

Maybe that step is thinking of new beliefs that will support confident action.

Above all, stop worrying about what others think of you.

Honestly, most people are too goddamned cowardly to dream.

They are too lazy to dream because they would actually have to use their muscle of potentiality.

They are the life-wasters going around ridiculing others because they don’t want to focus on themselves.

Screw them.

It’s YOUR life.

Stop allowing others to tell you what you can or can’t do.

Stop doing it the way that everyone else is doing it.

Stop comparing yourself – until you stop comparing you’re not giving yourself the chance to even discover who YOU truly are.

It’s time for the dreamers to come back to life.

It’s time that the dreamers create life.

It’s time for YOU to find the courage to dream again Darling.

For life without dreaming is lack-lustre, stale, boring, depressing.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  Legends are nothing more than ordinary men and women who dared to dream big.

They are the ones who remained faithful to the vision.

Prepared to dedicate their lives to the dream.

Prepared to die for the dream.

Legends are ordinary men and women who dared to be brave.

Who believed in themselves more than they were willing to believe the criticism and proven theories of others.

Yes it takes courage to become legendary.

Yes it takes conviction to become legendary.

Above all, it takes making a decision that you WILL BE legendary.

If this is speaking to your heart, to your soul, then I invite you to apply today to see if ours is the partnership that will support you in manifesting your extraordinary dream.






I will sleep when I’d dead

It’s 4:30 am.

I’m already 90 minutes into my day.

No, this is not my norm.

I’m a 5 am girl.

But today is different.

I had the opportunity to be mentored by an extraordinary man at 3 am.

I have my HIIT training to do.

I have the privilege of sharing my story with some amazing ladies at a charity breakfast at 7 am.

And the art

demanded to be unleashed.

The message was loud and clear.

It will not be kept inside so I can get some more zzzz’s.

It’s time for us to wake the fuck up.

It’s time for us to choose conscious living.

It’s time for us to be seen, heard, share, do the work we came here to do.

Or not.

You have free will Darling.

You can absolutely choose to keep on sleeping.



I will fucking sleep when I’m dead.

Now before you think I’m this worn out, burnt out, washed out bag of bones, don’t be silly.

I train insane with purpose and technique.

The reason I push my body, why I make her strong, why I keep her fit, is so that I can pull 3 am stints when need be.

The reason why exquisite self care is a non-negotiable for me is so that I can have the energy in the tank to put out more when my soul demands it of me.

The reason I don’t burn out is because I’m very present in my body.

I don’t numb her with toxins and drugs and alcohol because I need to FEEL her.

I need to know what’s going on inside of her.

I need to know when I can push hard and when I have to pull back.

The reason why I’m such a hermit is because I selfishly protect my energy from the millions of vampires out there who are not prepared to put in any work, instead draining the life force of everyone around them so they can continue their mindless existence.

I love you but you can just go play somewhere else and I’ll see you on the other side.

Where we all meet again.

And we get to look back at the choices we made in this experience called life.

I figure some are going to wake up on the other side, sit back and say “Well that was a bit of a waste wasn’t it?”

Others are going to open their fourth eye and say “Wow, that was pretty intense.  Not quite what I had expected, but intense.”

Some of us are going to skid in sideways hollering “Wooooohooooo that was fucking AWESOME!  Again!  Again!”

It’s up to us to choose.

Each of us.

We don’t get to save others thinking that OUR experience is the right experience.

We don’t get to change others thinking that OUR way of living is the right way of living.

Who are we to judge?

But I do think it’s our responsibility to share our experience with others, to provide contrast, so they can then choose more consciously.

My mom told me that very few people will ever choose my experience.

She finds me intense.

I think she finds me a little crazy most days – and I adore her for it.

I am thrilled that she can appreciate my difference with so much love.

Furthermore, I don’t want the experience of the masses.

I have no desire to sit around all day counting my fingers and toes.

I find no thrill in doing what everyone else does, the way that everyone else does.

Maybe I’m just being stubborn.

Stubborn serves me well at times.

I love figuring shit out for myself and yes, if that means that it takes me longer than others to get the results, then so be it.

I adore the burn that comes from straining my muscles, from over exerting my lungs to provide sufficient oxygen to keep going.

Not exactly everyone’s cup of espresso.

I don’t believe that my life is meant to happen overnight.

I believe it’s a journey and I’m hoping that it will still be quite some distance to the finish line.

But who knows.

I could have a car accident on the way to the talk this morning and boom – I’m toast.

Why the hell would I then slumber a little longer and not get this message out into the world?

That would be selfish and inconsiderate and just wrong!

As always though this has nothing to do with me.

This is about providing a mirror to you.

This is about you going inside and asking yourself – are you living your life at full capacity in a way that lights your ass on fire, fills you up with joy, leaving you satisfied?

Or are you living your life at a pace that bores the shit out of you?  Are you reluctantly opening your eyes when the alarm goes off, still exhausted, no desire to get moving because the next seventeen hours just feels so mundane?

Are you pushing your boundaries, willing to be uncomfortable so that you can experience more, learn more, make more conscious choices, creating your reality in a new way every day?

Are you finally starting to understand that everything that you see, feel, hear is up to you?

That YOU get to interpret the signals and give it meaning.

That YOU get to listen with filters and decide what message you will receive.

That YOU get to interact with others and interpret the impact they potentially have on you.

YOUR thoughts.

YOUR feelings.

YOUR actions.


You can choose to continue sleeping my friend or you can choose to start living full out and sleep when your dead.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  Legendary is for those who choose to thrive.

Those who don’t make excuses because they make shit happen.

Legendary is for those men and women who desire to have an accountability partner on their journey who will not let them slumber when there’s work to be done.

For the warriors who don’t have time for pity parties when there are wars to win.

Is Legendary for you?

Only you get to decide.