The Silent Warrior – A letter of gratitude to you

This is my personal truth

Dear Fellow Traveler

I see you and I am in awe of you.


I see you wake up some mornings, still exhausted.  Finding it so hard to remember your purpose, your drive.  Yet you keep going.  Your feet hit the floor, your legs carry you to the kitchen, you make a cup of coffee.  Your will-power to keep going is astounding.  Thank you for showing me perseverance.




Isn’t it crazy how we have created a society where happiness seems almost elusive for most people?  And yet, you find moments of laughter and pure joy no matter where you are.  You still remember how to smile, and when you do so, you brighten up the day for everyone around you.  You make me smile.  You show me how to sing and dance with abandon!  The twinkle in your eyes light up my existence.  Thank you for showing me joy.most7


Some days you look in the mirror and you cringe.  You judge the extra weight that you carry around your belly or the over-sized clothes that you use to hide your beautiful curves.  Be gentle with yourself today.  Instead of judging the weight, try to understand the purpose of it.  What is the story it is telling you?  About the pain that it is trying to protect you from.  About the danger that it tries to hide you from.   Be gentle.  Understand.  Forgive.  I do.  Thank you for showing me vulnerability.

You deal with so much stress on a continuous basis.  You carry so much responsibility, not just for yourself, but for those who choose to be in your life in whatever role or duration of time.  You carry this in silence.  Not wanting to share your burden.  Not wanting to make it harder for those around you.  You are strong beyond even your own imagination.  You just don’t see it the way I do.  Thank you for showing me courage.



There are times when I know you have come to the end of the line and you are completely at a loss of where to from here.  In a world that demands perfection you reach a point whereby you acknowledge to yourself that you are not the Superman of your childhood and that sometimes so much shit hits the fan that all you can do is crouch down and cover your head.  Thank you for showing me humbleness.



At times the pain becomes almost unbearable and your body seeks release through the out-pour of tears and you scream your torment to the Universe!  Yet you never throw that excruciating pain my way.  Instead you wait for the storm to pass, you find strength through a higher power and you show me the stars shine even in the darkest night.  Even in your time of hurt, you find ways to support others.  Thank you for showing me compassion.



My Dear Fellow Traveler, I see you and I am in awe of you.  You are the reason I get up every day.  You are the reason I continue to grow as a person, as a coach, as a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend, as a human.  You are the inspiration in my darkest hours.  You are the reason I continue to seek out my fears.  You are the reason I keep believing in the good of humanity.  Because no matter how bad things look, there is always a magnificent light within you which I see.  And I am in awe of that light.

My Dear Fellow Traveler – Thank you.most1



Why on earth are you setting goals?

This is my personal truth.

I find it fascinating how society keeps taking powerful tools and turning them into ways to keep the masses average.   One of the ways in which this is done is through information overload partnered by a lack of wisdom.

Confused? Let me explain through example.

Goals – we’ve all heard how important they are to set and that this is what sets the elite performers apart from everyone else.  So everyone got onto the band wagon and started setting goals.  They started off with really big goals, but few managed to achieve them.  So the goals got smaller, and still people are not achieving them.  Why?  Because mostly people are setting the wrong goals for the wrong reasons and therefore lack the motivation to push through the hard times.

In my opinion the purpose of setting a goal is to change an aspect of my life and the person who I am today compared to the person I will become when I achieve my desired outcome.

So first of all, it is personal!  It is never about pleasing other people.  It is never about living some else’s life for them.  It is about me, my life, and my personal growth.

Second, you can’t possibly set 5 to 10 life-changing goals and expect to put in the work that it will take to achieve them all at the same time!  My magic number is 3.  One is always physical (my body is my play-ground for mental toughness), one is always around my profession (turning my craft into mastery), and one is always around love (with all the magnificent people in my life, as well as my relationship with myself and the Universe).

Third, a goal is non-negotiable.  The pain of not achieving it should outweigh any pain that you will go through on your journey to achieve it.  And make no mistake:  magnificent goals means challenge and growth which always entails some measure of pain and discomfort.  If you are willing to walk away from a goal, then rather don’t set it!

Fourth, a goal is specific down to a T!  Please stop with the fluffy goals that mean Jack sh*t!  “I want to be in better shape” is not a goal!  That is you wanting to beat yourself over the head every time you get onto a scale or look in a mirror.  What does that even look like?  Or feel like?  And if it is going to be life-changing, why are you not in better shape already?  What do you value more than being in better shape that you got out of shape in the first place?  What is the real goal?

I don’t mean to sound cruel, but cruel is setting goals that you think will make you a better person but that has nothing to do with your purpose or true values. So you end up setting these goals that you have no true desire in achieving only to tell your subconscious mind “see, I told you you’e a failure!”  Stop being cruel to yourself.  Set specific goals that you WILL achieve no matter what and change the voice in your head.

We are officially half-way through the year.  There is no better time than today to review your goals and see if they really matter.  If you are stretching, aching and growing in your journey to achieve them.  Review your goals today, and if you are not working on them every single day, if they are not important enough to sacrifice for, change them!

If you are feeling stuck and would like to discover if elite performance coaching can take you to the next level in your life, I invite you to book a free discovery session here.  I stand for the goals that will change your mind, your body, your business, your relationships, your life.

Walk with honor!

The Silent Warrior – Finding your Big Why

This is my personal truth.

Can you imagine going to war, preparing yourself to die, without understanding your purpose?

Why would you keep fighting, even when you bleed, when the pain is ripping through your brain, when all seems lost and it would be so easy to just lie down and wait for it to be over?  Why would you keep fighting to your last breath without a big why?

The life of an entrepreneur is very similar to that of an ancient warrior.  If you don’t know why you are doing this in the first place, chances of failure is good.  That is because the life of an entrepreneur consists of many battles.  Of facing the possibility of failure, the death of your company, the pain of unpaid bills, the continuous fight when all around you business are closing down.  Only the entrepreneurs with purpose will survive.

My mentor once said that ‘your business is in service to your mission (not the other way around)’…  Those who start with ‘the why’ live an inspired life and have the ability to inspire those around them.’

That is because your why becomes this burning desire inside of you that drives everything that you do relentlessly.  A desire that refuses to give up no matter how hard circumstances may appear.  A desire that makes sense of chaos and when people question your truth.

To find your big why, take some time out to answer the following questions:

1. When you think about being in service to others through your work, what really lights you up?

2.  What comes most naturally to you that you absolutely love doing?

3.  What could you do for free all day long and never notice the time?

Be honest with yourself.  So often we are conditioned to give the ‘right’ answers to please others thereby missing the opportunity to discover our authentic self and the gifts we were born to share with the world.

Pleasing others = mediocrity.  Sharing our true gifts with others = empowerment and elite performance.

Once you have identified your three passions, see where they overlap.  What is the theme that comes to light – that is your big why.  Once you are able to articulate your purpose, it will drive you relentlessly, it will form the anchor for your business, and always keep you centred.

Today is your chance to listen to your inner warrior.

Find your big why.

Walk with honor.



It’s time for the Warriors to Rise!

This is my personal truth.

Weakness. Weakness of body and weakness of mind. Lack of purpose. Lack of pride. Lack of ambition. Rubbish food. Rubbish habits. A sense of despair. A sense of helplessness.

Where have the warriors gone?

For me, 2015 thus far been one of the most interesting years of awakening and new awareness. It has been a year of questioning and questioning even more. Of asking for guidance and finding my true life purpose. And I have to be honest, in the beginning I thought that life purpose was to assist women to step into their authentic feminine power. After all, it was once I stopped ‘competing’ in the professional arena and instead embraced my true feminine identity which is empowering, that things really started happening for me. And I wanted to share that knowledge and experience with other women.

Yet my coaching practice kept filling up with men. As I watched these frustrated, often confused, sometimes defeated men take back their power, becoming the warriors in our society fighting for a purpose greater than themselves, I knew this is the playing field where I belong.

Breaking away from the mediocrity of society and becoming a warrior takes guts! It takes the mental strength to really question your reality and all the stories that you have been telling yourself to keep you stuck. It takes tremendous power to look at your life and stop being a victim and instead take complete accountability for every single thing that has not worked out the way you planned when you were five years old, to find the learning and applying it to the missing gaps! It takes discipline to break away from that all too easy excuse of not having enough time and get your ass in the gym or on the track and work your body until your lungs want to explode and your muscles feel like they are ripping apart – because your body is your vessel and no matter what you tell yourself, you CANNOT be truly powerful when you look like the Oros man!!! (by the way, if you have a look even he has slimmed down over the years). It takes determination to not back down from pain, but to push through the barriers understanding that pain indicates areas of growth and potential and that only a handful of men are prepared to embrace the pain as a part of their product. It takes balls to stand in front of a mirror and admit to yourself that the biggest enemy that you fight on a daily basis lies WITHIN YOU!

This is what you were designed for. Your body was designed perfectly to be strong and ripped. Your mind was designed to be strategic and find the gaps. To analyse situations and to see what others can’t so that you can get ahead and succeed. You THRIVE when you bring true discipline into your life. You conquer when you embrace death as inevitable and live every single day as if it is your last because that is when you kick into overdrive, adrenaline pumps into your system and you become invincible!

The way of the warrior is one of simplicity. It is one of training the body to perfection which then houses a laser- sharp mind. It is about fueling the body and mind to maintain peak condition. It is about having definiteness of purpose, understanding why you exist, who do you exist for, what you are working for. It is about having honor, compassion and faith which fuels your courage to NEVER GIVE UP! It is about having the discipline to get up when everyone else is sleeping because you KNOW that you have what it takes to win.

Understand this and know it to be true – within you there lies a warrior. Maybe he is already awake, maybe he is asleep. You can keep him asleep and fit in with the masses. You can keep him sedated for the rest of your life and numb his pain with overeating and drinking. You can get to your death bed and see him standing beside you with fury in his eyes for wasting his life, his mission, his purpose.


right now, in this moment, you can choose to wake him up and feel his power roar through every cell of your body. You can embrace being born a warrior and feel what it feels like to be truly alive!!!!

I know that I’m ready for the warriors of this world to wake up and take their place. Are you?

Walk with honor.

The Achilles heel of a modern warrior

This is my personal truth.

The hardest thing for me to do, is slow down.  To hold back.  Especially when it seems that everyone else is passing me.  After all, I was born the achiever, the competitor.  I am wired to win!

Welcome to my world.

I hit the trails this week-end with my coach’s instructions firmly in my mind, the training zones and time goals entered into my App.  The dreaded zone 2!  That zone where my heart-rate has to be kept so low that my pace is that of a turtle wading through an ocean of peanut butter, going backwards.

I hate zone 2!  Every single person out on the trail runs past me.  I simply smile with my lips and greet them.  In my mind there is a myriad of passionate words being shot off faster than a machine gun.  I look at my heart rate monitor – upper level of zone 2.  I need to slow down. &^$@$!

Up ahead, a group of mountain bikers standing in the sun, resting and having some water and a chat.  “Is that really the fastest you can go?” comes the taunt.  “Yiiiip” is the only reply I give them.  Laughter.  Dicks.

Zone 2 training is not just about base training.  It is not just about building those fast-twitch muscle fibers that will enable me to run the 65 kms over the mountains in November.  Zone 2 training is about giving me something that 99% of people in today’s society don’t have – Discipline.

You see, it is easy to give in to the ego when there are other people around who overtake you and taunt you.  It is easy to give in to your ego when you look at your stats and it is so slow that your mother can go faster than you.  It is easy to give in to your ego when your child overtakes you and shouts comments in the line of old-age and picking up some weight.

But easy doesn’t get you anywhere spectacular in life.

The warrior understands that to be successful requires discipline.  It is about being disciplined enough to get up when others are sleeping.  It is about being disciplined to study whilst others are watching TV.  It is about being disciplined about what you eat when your mates are downing pizza and beer.  It is about being disciplined in your personal development and healing your subconscious mind so that you can live your best version.  It is about being disciplined in understanding your purpose.  It is about being disciplined in who you spend your time with.  It is about being disciplined in finishing every set and session.  And it is about being disciplined by staying in zone 2 when your legs, your ego, your heart and your mind screams for you to go harder!

Test yourself this week and see how disciplined you really are.  Do you plan every single day without fail to ensure maximum impact in the world?  Do you train every single day regardless of the weather or unforeseen circumstances?  Do you eat and drink clean to fuel your body every single day?  Do you spend time with yourself every day in prayer or meditation to ensure that you are clear on your path?  Do you invest time every day to bring out the best in your partner and family?  Is your email clean by the end of the week?

So many people tend to think that if they are disciplined in one area of their life, they can slack off in another.  That is NOT the spirit of the warrior.  The warrior understands that the way we do one thing, is the way we do all things.

Are you a warrior?

Walk with honor.

The Silent Warrior – A purposeful life

This is my personal truth.

Monday morning. 1 am. My soul is restless. Time to get up.

For the last couple of months whilst I was recovering from my operation, I have slowly allowed myself to slip into the coma of average. I have lived my life comfortably, eating a little bit more, sleeping a little bit more, fitting in a little bit more. In today’s world, it is easy to forget who we are. It is easy to forget why we were born. Society makes it easy to just exist because 99 % of society does not want us to stand out, does not want us to wake up to our purpose. So society embraces the coma of average.

But a warrior wakes.

It took a mere 6.9 kilometers for my warrior to awaken and see how I had lost my path. Some of you reading this might think this is a bit crazy, some of you won’t get this at all, but the warriors understand. 6.9 kilometers running single tracks, chasing my competitors. My legs were so bloody sore at one stage I was wondering how I could possibly take another step without them breaking off. My heart was beating hard, my chest was aching and my head kept saying ‘You need to slow down! You can’t possibly keep this up!’ But my purpose is greater than pain. Time to wake up.

6.9 kilometers. Four months ago this would not even have classified as a warm-up. Yet I had allowed myself to forget my purpose, and with that loss I had allowed myself to become soft, to loose focus, to gain weight. Time to wake up.

Purpose changes EVERYTHING in your life! The moment you embrace the fact that you were born to do something that nobody else can in this world, that you were born to bring a uniqueness to whatever it is that you were meant for, life starts making sense. A fire gets lit in your belly that makes you wake up at 1 am because maybe today you can touch one more life. Your mind becomes focused and you start treating your body, your relationships, your work with respect. Your soul becomes strong and you are prepared to stand out knowing the haters are waiting for you to stand out above the crowd so that they can try to knock you down with their public criticism and bitchy remarks in an effort to keep you quiet. I’m sorry if I make you uncomfortable with your choice to embrace mediocrity, but understand that it is your choice. You can choose to wake up and embrace your purpose… You can choose to become a warrior.

One of the things I have noticed is that society has made it really hard for people to understand their purpose by making it ‘that elusive thing that so few can find’. That is simply not true. Your soul already knows your purpose. He always has. He is simply waiting for you to ask the question and the truth will be revealed to you.

For me it was out on my bike one very cold Saturday morning riding alone in the Cradle. It only took a bit of quiet space and the desire to know. ‘What is this all about? Why was I even born?’ That’s all. Ask the question and keep quiet. Your soul will give you the answer.

6.9 kilometers was all it took for my silent warrior to wake up yesterday. Today I am once again focused. I get up at 1 am because the fire in my belly burns strong. If today is a good day to die, I will do so knowing that I took the opportunity to get up at 1 am and write this blog so that I can live my purpose one more time – to inspire.

What will it take for your warrior to wake up? For you to ask the question? For you to ignite the fire through purpose?

Find your purpose!

Walk with honor.