When you’re done putting your results in the hands of average…

The lines have been drawn.

War has been declared.

It’s time for people to make the ultimate choice.

Are they ready to soar, to rise to their best version self, to walk the path of the warrior, the achiever, the leader?


Are they determined to stay enfolded in the arms of the masses, thinking that there’s safety in numbers, delusional that average is honourable?

Make no question my friend, the time to choose is now.

And it sounds way easier than it is.

To choose the path of the achiever takes the courage to question, to fight the system, to become more than you are today.

For we have been programmed from infancy to be in service of the community.

To bow down to the cultural norms and will of the few in power.

That we had to strive for peace until they hunger for more and then we have to murder, plunder and rape in the name of the government.

We’re put in classrooms and we are trained to conform, to think only enough to serve but not enough to question, to regurgitate the truth of others as told by the authors of prescribed books and if we dare have a different opinion we are marked to fail, labeled as stupid, squashed back into place.

Our lives up to this point has been all about putting everyone else’s needs before our own, even to the detriment of our happiness. That we were responsible to make others feel supported, worthy, happy, thriving.  And in return we had to hope to god that we meet someone who doesn’t see how fucked up and insufficient we are, who deem us worthy of some praise, some love, so for a moment or two we can feel happy.

Except the instant we put our happiness and worthiness in the hands of others we are at the mercy of their ego, their moods, whatever is going on in their lives.

A recipe for disaster if you ask me.

Even worse, as high achievers we’re on fucking fire with action.

We don’t want to sleep late.

We have no desire to slow down and rest.

We adore the hustle.

We welcome obstacles.

We find honour in the cycle of the heroine knowing that rock bottom is simply a part of the journey and we will hit it time and again.

All of which has been shrouded in shame by a culture of mediocrity, a culture where entertainment is valued above wisdom, where comfort is seen more honourable than strive.

We live in a time where we are more addicted to sugar and alcohol than any other drugs, yet they are legal!

Even for kids.

In fact, advertising is geared towards rewarding yourself by putting more chemicals into your body.

Because you deserve it they say.

And it’s oh so easy to fall into the trap.

What harm can it possibly do?

Just one more glass of wine.

Just one wee chocolate.

You’ve worked so hard to get results in your business, your finances, some in your health, you’ve earned it dammit.

But that’s exactly it!

Every single time you give in to the habits of the average, you’re fucking yourself over.

And understand that it’s not about the weight gain or acting like a complete fool when you’ve had one too many beers.

It’s not about the fact that your spouse will sulk for the next few days because you’ve once again gone back on your word.

It’s not about any of this.

Instead it’s about the fact that you’ve given away your power.

It’s about the fact that you’ve taken yourself out of alignment of your best self energetically.

It’s about the fact that you’ve settled a little.

Bought into the bullshit of their idea of fun.

You have ultimately abandoned your path of excellence.

And it always bites you in the ass.

There’s always an element of dissatisfaction because you know you can do better.

There’s always a hint of guilt which has you shrinking just a little smaller.  Not as confident.

There’s always a price to pay, and the price is your thrive.

And until you start understanding that this is exactly why the culture of average is winning over the masses, you will be in their folds my darling.

You’re talking a big game whilst holding hands with the enemy.

Know as well that every time you blame them for your weakness, they win, you lose.

It takes you square out of the driver seat of your life.

Stop bitching and moaning that you had no choice.

You always have a choice.

Stop saying that it’s just the way you were brought up, just the way you are.

If the indoctrination of generations before does not have you living your most iconic life, it’s your responsibility to question and to change it.

You’re not a fucking robot helplessly following the code of a programmer.

All of these beliefs are simply ego-driven bullshit which you can rise above at any given moment.

Hey, if it really doesn’t bother you, if you’re really happy to settle for 60%, then great for you.  Continue sitting on the side lines stuffing your face with another hot dog, criticising those on the playing field.  Those who are prepared to sweat.  Those who are prepared to bleed.  Those who are prepared to lose today so they can go back to the game-board, learn more, train more, come back for more.

That’s the way of the achiever.

We don’t talk, we do.

It’s never about the current game.

It’s about THE ultimate game.

The game of life.

The finish line is death.

Everything before that is simply opportunity for betterment.

So Sweet-pea, which side will you choose today?

I happen to know that if you’re in my space, you’re a born leader, a creative, an achiever.  But just because you were born to be, doesn’t mean that it will come to pass unless you’re prepared to do the work.  Unless you leave the smothering comfort of average.

It’s always a choice.

Today I invite you to take a look at the tricky little ways in which you’re holding yourself out of alignment of your best version self.

And everything counts.

For me personally, even the fact that I still don’t drink enough water each day is weakness on my part.  The fact that I still eat products such as yoghurt which contains sugar, keeps me two steps behind.  The fact that I still tolerate some average people in my space out of loyalty, slows me down.

It sounds harsh, but this is my life I’m fighting for.

Mine and yours.

I’m not here to serve the masses.

I’m here to inspire those who are truly committed to thrive.

Awareness is the first step.

And even this very first step takes balls!  Because you have to own up to the fact that it’s all in your hands.  All the power that you seek.  Nobody can force you to do anything you don’t want to.  It’s up to you what you put first – yourself, your life purpose, your happiness, your thrive, OR your programming?

Death is inevitable.

Thrive is a harder choice than most think.

With love always


PS:  We are in the final weeks of 2017 which also means you only have three weeks left to grab your Ignite session.

This is for the ones who are drawing the line and who are determined to set the true goals that are in alignment with their core values, their ultimate vision, their best version self.

It is 90 minutes of pure clarity and passion.  Where you uncover that which you’ve been afraid of owning in public because your fear that they will criticise you, say that you’re full of yourself, that you want too much.

That it’s impossible.

Let me tell you now that Impossible Is Nothing!

Anything that you can dream is already available to you right now.

But you have to own your desires.

You have to make them non-negotiable.

You have to do the work.

You have to rise above the masses.

It starts today with you claiming your spot.

Ignite your passion!

Let’s play.


It’s actually not about having blind faith…

I don’t believe in having blind faith.

When I say it’s already done, it’s because I’m a fucking control freak.

I’m a control freak who woke up one morning feeling completely out of control.



A pathetic victim being shoved around by ego-driven people who tried their best to break my spirit.  To bend me to their will.  To have me conform.

I knew something was terribly wrong and nothing that I had been taught up to that stage made any sense to me.

From my traditional family, to the schooling system, to my religious upbringing, it all felt wrong.

Like so many of my generation I was punished for questioning – either by receiving detention in school or a scolding from an elder towering over me shouting “Because I said so!”

I was told to have blind faith.

To live by their rules or burn in the fires of hell for all eternity.

I was told that I had to give away all my power to those who are older than me, those who have testicles, those who have a title.

But for as long as I can remember I knew inside that this way of thinking and living was crazy!

The system was killing me so I chose to rebel against the system.

It’s been decades of work but as I sit here writing for you, I am finally in a space of complete pride in self for how I have chosen to live my life.

I took the time to question.

I took the time to go learn how the unfolding of our experienced reality works.

I took the time to investigate my relationships and all the beautiful lessons each and every one was able to teach me.  Yup, I’m a slow learner but then again the lessons are gold!

I took the time to step into my power and take the reigns of my thoughts finally understanding that I have this voice running a script and she is a drama queen!  Addicted to soapies, that is all she will tell me day in and day out if I let her.  So instead I feed her coffee and tequila and I put her on the backseat for one helluva ride.

I take the time to navigate according to my emotions.  Checking in frequently.  Is this making me feel amazing?  Then I’m on the right track.  Is this making me feel like shit?  Then I have to course correct because I’m moving away from my desires.

I keep doing the work!  I get up at 5 am, I take out my journal, I dig, I choose, I create, I meditate, I take the action.

I keep learning.  I keep finding the teachers and mentors who share their wisdom (not knowledge) and I incorporate what enhances me from a space of love and let go of the rest.  I feed my mind with truth every single day understanding that society is geared towards fear driven propaganda which I get bombarded with all the time – even through the energy of others who are addicted to the news.

I stay focussed on my desires.  My goals.  Every single day I take out my committed goal sheets and I reconnect with my big why, what has worked, what needs to change, what else I can do.

And then I know that it is done!

Because I asked for what I want, I’m taking the action, I’m staying in alignment.

Law of Attraction states it HAS to work.

Energy my friend – it’s all about your energy which stems from your thoughts which you have absolute control over.

I believe that we are powerful co-creators of our lives and that everything we experience we have created in some form or part.

Whether that was to experience a moment of bliss.

A moment of chaos to provide us with the opportunity to unlock our potential resilience and creativity.

A mirror of our blind spots which is keeping us out of alignment of our desired life.

We have co-created every single piece of it.

Even the natural disasters.

You are not a victim.

You’re not the helpless pawn created by a sperm and an egg.

You’re soul in human form.

You chose to live in this time.

You chose to be a part of the massive transformation that humanity is currently undergoing.

You knew every potential time-line and you said “Hell yeah, I’m up for that ride!”

Own it.

It’s going to sting like a bluebottle for a while and then you will feel the sweet relief as you shift the power back into your hands.

The interesting part for me is that those who are too lazy to get off the hamster wheel, to do the real work, to take responsibility so that they can empower themselves, are the ones who complain the most to those who are choosing to thrive.

They complain they’re tired.

They complain we don’t understand, that we are hard, unsympathetic bitches.

They complain that nobody wants to play their game – you know, the one where you twist yourself into a pretzel so they can smile.

They’re miserable AF all the time and then complain because you don’t want to hang with them.

If you’re not happy today, it’s on YOU my friend.

Stop asking random strangers how you can become happy.

Stop bitching and moaning, criticising those who have the chutzpah to go for their dreams and instead choose differently, or at the very least own the fact that you like being a grumpy old bastard.

And know this as well, society IS changing.

We are living in a time where each and every person is being forced to choose – awakening, madness or suicide.

Those are the choices.

The people who are choosing to wake the fuck up, the ones who are doing the work, the ones who will not settle for existence anymore, they are losing their patience with the rest.


Because we respect that we are not special.  That anyone can choose at any time to stop their shit and rise.

But we also realise that they’re energy is poison to us.

Doing the mindset work is challenging enough without having to please those who have no wish to change their circumstances.  Those who have no true desire to achieve iconic levels of success.  Those with empty words.

I no longer listen to words.

I observe actions.

Not the ones taken in public, but the ones done behind closed doors.

You can feel it in energy levels.

You can see it in bodies.

It’s weekend which means it’s the perfect opportunity for some deep dive journaling.

  • Are you happy?  I mean really happy – high vibing, excited, joyfully happy.
  • If not, what is the message?  Where are you out of alignment with your desires?

Break it down:





Health and Fitness


  • How are you out of alignment?  What are you tolerating?  Where are you showing up fake?  Where are you doing shit that’s killing you inside?  Because you know you’ve abandoned your truth for complacency.

And then the biggy –

  • What do you choose right now?

Do you choose to keep existing?  Then own it!

Do you choose to draw a line in the sand and state “Enough and no more”?

  • What will you be doing differently from now on?

Not from Monday.

Not from the 1st of January.

Immediately!  If you’re going to start tomorrow you’re bullshitting yourself.

Commit to it.

Write it down.

Put it in your calendar.


You don’t need blind faith.

Instead my Darling you can choose to own what you are truly capable of and you can start co-creating consciously today.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Getting to the point of decision takes no small amount of courage.

True decision.

When you look at your life and you’re no longer willing to settle for mediocre results or experiences in any aspect knowing that success in one area and failure in another means that YOU are NOT successful!

Success comes from an aligned life!  All of it.

If you’re done settling and ready to thrive, I invite you to book your free consult today.

Should we be a good fit we will create your unfiltered vision, set your goals, anchor it down with purpose, align it with your values, and have you take massive action to achieve iconic results.

We’ll be uncovering your beliefs – those who serve you and those keeping you stuck.

I will hold up the mirror so you can identify your blind spots, your self-saboting behaviour, your bad habits.

It will be a journey such as no other where you will experience discomfort at times.  You will feel challenged.  You will grow and that does include some measure of pain.  But I also happen to know that you’re a fucking a warrior and you’re up for the ride.

Let’s play.







What is your brand of self-sabotage?

I fucked up.



Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Why do I continuously step out of alignment with my true self?

Why do I keep losing focus at the end of the day and unconsciously reach for the packet of M&M’s.

Popping them into my mouth one after the other.

Not even savouring the sweetness but instead gorging mindlessly.

I push past the discomfort I started feeling in my stomach after the fifth one.

I ignore the voice inside shouting “Hey Anel – Wake UP!  Look at what you’re doing!  This is NOT who you are!  WAKE UP!  WAKE! THE! FUCK! UP!”

I tilt the packet.


It’s empty.

And finally, I register.

I’ve done it again.

In a moment of slumber I gave into my old self-sabotaging behaviours which was made oh so easy as a loved one gifted me with the packet of M&M’s at the end of a full-on day.

No, I’m not passing the blame.  I take full accountability.

I sit with the energy and start looking at what is really going on.

Things are changing faster than the Flash can run at the moment.

It’s all good. REALLY good.

It’s what I’ve been working my ass off for.

It’s what I truly desire in my heart of hearts.

It’s my purpose manifested.

But my ego is a relentless bitch and lately she’s been whispering her poisonous lies into my subconscious.

Lies that I am not good enough.

Lies that I’m not safe.

It’s not safe for me to speak my truth so openly.

It’s not safe for me to be seen on this big a scale.

People won’t like me anymore.

They will turn their backs on me.

They will hate me and they will crucify me.


I will end up alone.

I sit in this energy and I question.

Always questioning.

Is this love?  For love is the only truth.

If not love, it’s bullshit.

Even when covered in deliciously sweet chocolate.

So I take a deep breath and I exhale.

Okay, so I ate the packet.

That kinda sucks for me.

But hell, I could have had a more painful reminder that this work is 24/7 so I’m grateful and appreciative of the opportunity to take stock.

And the old me would have gone straight into motherfucking guilt and shame.

I would NEVER have shared this moment of weakness with you.

I would have gone out and trained harder than ever before – punishing myself for being such a pathetic weak little bitch.

I would have gone out and ripped my muscles past the point of recovery and then relished in the pain because this is what I deserved.

I would have gone out trying to make amends with Creator because I had sinned once again so if I punished myself enough she wouldn’t have to.




Fucked up.

This was my old behaviour.

Beautifully plastered in shame.

I’m not standing for it anymore.

I have made a choice to reject shame.

I have made the decision that shame was never mine to own.  That it was simply passed on to me by others because they didn’t have the brass ovaries to deal with their shit.

I do.

I deal.

Breaking the cycle for generations to come.

I compassionately forgive myself and I move the fuck on.

I light some candles, put on some of my favourite tunes, and I gently massage the stress of the day out of my body.

I go stand in front of the mirror, look myself in the eyes and I tell my reflection that I approve of her.  That I love her.  That I accept her unconditionally.

And instantly I step back into alignment.

No pain.

No punishment.

No bullshit.

Because the whole guilt, shame, punishment cycle we go through when we fuck up, is part of the self-sabotage.  It takes us further away from our dreams!  It puts us on a freight train heading back to Shitville.

Today, right now, you can choose to get off.

Knowing that every now and again you will slumber, that the ego will seize the opportunity to take you off track, and yes you might even fuck up.

But that is part of the journey, part of the growth, part of the victory.

I invite you today to take a look at where and how you’re keeping yourself out of alignment with your dreams?

Is it the packet of chocolate?

The bottle of wine?

The excessive torturous exercise not for the joy and the health, but for punishment and revulsion at the image in the mirror?

Is it channel hopping way past ten?

Is it hitting the snooze button at 5 am and then having to skip your journaling, your meditation, your power hour?

Is it procrastinating in signing up with the coach that you know you are meant to be working with?

More importantly, how do you react to this?

With love and forgiveness OR shame and contraction?

What will it take for YOU to break the addiction?

What will you focus on that has you willing to do the work 24/7 because the pain of living out alignment is simply unbearable?

Who will you ask for support, accountability, reflection?

Not your loved ones – for they will always reinforce your old patterns.  They can’t help themselves.  You’ve trained them to act in this way.

Which means if you’re serious about change, it’s time to bring on the big guns.

To set yourself up for success.

To stop fucking around and make thrive your only option.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  It has taken me decades to reach this point in my life where I am compassionately course correcting and quantum leaping to higher levels of success in next to no time.

It’s taken working with some interesting coaches and working with some powerhouse coaches to get here.  And I continue to work with the powerhouses because for me, failure is simply not an option.

Powerhouse is what I bring to my clients.

I hold a space of zero judgement and limitation for you.

A space where you can uncover your true desires without anyone telling you it’s impossible.

A space where you can finally witness your self-sabotaging behaviours and put the structures, the habits, the support in place that will keep you on track regardless of your environment.

I kick ass – because I love and respect.

I demand your best version self.

I demand your excellence.

Because I believe in you.

I know that once you are tapped in and turned on you can be, do and have it all.

But it takes work.

The true work.

If you’re ready, book your free consult today and let’s break your addiction to self-sabotage.





Hell NO – I won’t be that girl.

I almost caved.

I almost gave into the temptation to fit in – just a little.

What harm could it possibly do to give an inch to the system?

The system which I have taken a stand against the day I chose NOT to drink the pills.

To fucking fight for my life.

To reignite the flame of passion.

To honour who I truly am and knowing that I am worthy, I am enough.

And I do the work every day of my life.

The physical training unlocking the potential within my cells.

The mental training unlocking the resilience in my mind.

The spiritual training unlocking the wisdom that only comes from within.

Here’s the truth though – it never gets easier.

Easier is simply a lie the mediocre masses tell you out of ignorance to make you complacent.

They tell you when you start a new training regime that it will stop hurting so much the next day.  That exercising will become easier for you to do.  That there will come a day when it will feel natural.

Let me tell you my friend, if that day arrives you’ve simply given up the fight!

Again, they have put a glass ceiling on you and you’re buying into the bullshit.

This way of thinking is why so many people go through the pain to get started, only to hit a plateau and then slide backwards because the gains were not as great as they thought it would be.

The allure of comfort becomes the pot boiling them to death.

The frog is simply a little leaner than before.

He’s still dying.

For those of us committed to the path of the Warrior, it never gets easier.

Your hunger is insatiable and therefor your pain threshold goes up and you keep pushing.




And this is exactly the way Nature designed you.

Stop listening to the normal people who want to tell you that you’ve done enough.

That it’s time to rest.

That you’re already awesome so you can afford to slow down a bit.

They will never get it.

They will never do the work.

They will lull you with false promises and slowly but surely they will bring you back into the fold.

In the sweetest voice they asked me to write for them.  Offering me a platform which reaches more people on a monthly basis than Oprah.

I confess, I felt flattered.

For a fleeting moment I felt that all my hard work is finally being recognised by the ‘powers that is’.

Except there was a condition –

They will replace fuck with f*ck.

And I have to go on their writing course so I can change the way I write to be more mainstream.

It’s just a little mindset shift, they say.

And THEN I will rock!

I have to admit – I was tempted.

Seriously tempted.

What damage could come from going on a course and learning how to write ‘professional self-help’ pieces to serve the masses?

What does it matter if they replace a little ‘u’ with a star?

Except it fucking matters to me!

Because for me to give an inch to the system is a betrayal of myself, who I am, what I stand for.

It is me saying that YOU are not important enough for me to keep walking the path.

And I’m not prepared to become another traitor for the system.

I’m not prepared to break my word to myself to always be authentic.

To say it the way I feel it.

To take a stand for the fact my passion will not be toned down by a star!

For what?  Faceless recognition??

So I declined.

I’m not here to serve the system.


I’m not here to speak in the whisper that keeps people exactly where they are.  Docile.  Comatose.

I’m not here for the masses who choose existence on a daily basis.

I’m here for YOU.

Because I know that you wake up in the morning and you fucking fight for your life every single day.

You are the warrior who bleeds, who cries, who rage against the machine!

You have the courage to question all you’ve been taught and shut out the voices so you can hear yourself think.

You make the choice to stop existing regardless of the sacrifice.

Our purpose is worth any sacrifice.

And if that means that I have to listen to the endless criticism of those who tell me that my swearing is a lack of self control, then bring it on bitch.

They don’t know me!

They don’t know what I stand for.

They don’t know what I fight for.

They don’t know what I will do for thrive.

They don’t care to ask.  Instead all they want is for me to climb into their little box so they can stop feeling so uncomfortable in my presence.


Acknowledge that you are not here for comfort.

That comfort kills your passion.

That comfort keeps you smaller than your soul desires to be!

And the pain of settling is smothering you oh so slowly that you’re lying on the floor gasping for air like a fish out of water.

Get back into the ocean of truth and swim Darling!

Out to sea where the storms rage.

Where the powerful beasts reign queen.

That’s where you belong.

You know you do.

I can see it in your eyes.

I hear your tummy grumble with the hunger for greatness, for change, for impact, for abundance, for joy, for passion, for pleasure, for thrive!

The fight for your truth is relentless.

You’ve got what it takes.

But you have to choose!

You have to choose to not give an inch no matter how tempting they make it.

You have to choose to stand by your values no matter how much it contradicts the societal norm.

You have to choose to sacrifice comfort for your honour.

The only thing in life which is inevitable is death.

Thriving is a choice you have to recommit to every single day.

With love eternal,


PS:  With the year coming to a close the temptation to take a break is greater than ever before.

Not just a break from work, but from your values, from your vision, from your boundaries.

To just give an inch.

But there’s another choice.

You can choose to use this time to make the massive changes you’ve not made thus far.

You can choose to use the extra time to set the foundation which will have you quantum leap next year.

You can choose to shut out the noise and reconnect with your wisdom within so that you will thrive.

Ignite is 90 minutes of pure clarity.

You will start before the call by reconnecting with your core values.

You will get clarity on your true desires – unfiltered.

No more playing in the presence of small-minded people.

You will set the goals that has you on fire with immovable purpose.

You will identify the beliefs that you’re currently missing that’s preventing you from already living next level.

Ignite sessions close December 2017 so if you’re still sitting on the fence it’s time to choose.



Are you hypnotised by impending disaster?

As I cut through the single tracks I’m once again amazed at just how much nature continues to change the path.

This is probably one of the aspects of mountain biking I enjoy the most.

You have to really stay alert and expect the unexpected.  Even though you’ve ridden the path a hundred times.  The wind changes the landscape by strewing the path with branches.  Rocks continuously shift and relocate themselves with the help of other riders.

So you scan ahead ensuring that you steer your bike according to the unfolding countryside today.

What is even more fascinating to me is how long it took me to train my brain to stop looking at the rocks which I didn’t want to hit.  It’s almost as if we are programmed to be hypnotised by obstacles, staring like deer in the headlights, stuck by fear.

In our minds we have the voice saying that as long as I keep my eye on the stone, I will miss it because I know it’s there and how to get around it.

But it doesn’t work that way my friend.

We steer where we look.

Which means that the longer you stare at the fucking stone, the greater the likelihood that you’re going to hit it, come tumbling down head over ass and walk away with some scrapes and bruises.

Instead, the trick is to acknowledge the stone and then immediately take your gaze to where you want your wheel to go and like magic you cruise around that baby without a blink.

Free flowing.


Yet you have to train yourself to override your default setting which takes time and many a failed attempt.

The pain of falling eventually becomes greater than the pain of your ego yelling you to disaster.

Stupid ego.

It works the same in every aspect of your life.

Your relationships, your finances, your business.

No matter how accomplished you feel today, how secure, storms always bring change.

Whether that storm is your partner changing over the years or the economy going to hell or technology changing and your business floundering to keep up.

Isn’t it grand???

The way that life changes even when we ourselves are often so resistant to change.

It’s probably because the Big U understands that growth comes from change and challenge – not from comfort and sameness.  By the way, you think you want things to stay the same, but you get bored AF in no time at all.

Things happen.  The road changes.

And what do most people do?

They focus on the obstacles!

They sit there topping over and over what to do with the obstacle.

They make it huge!

It’s all consuming.

Their emotions go all over the show.







No surprise then that they crash and burn.

Of course then they confirm to themselves that this was inevitable.  There was simply nothing else they could have done.  They tried to think of solutions but this was the only outcome from the word go.


First of all I can bet you my sexy derriere that these people do not have a vision that is their obsession.  They rarely have non-negotiable goals.  They’re not connected to their big why.  Hell, I bet you they don’t even know their values.

Thank god you’re not one of those people!

Because when you have your foundation in place you look at the obstacle, acknowledge it, then you refocus on where you want to go.  Your goal.  Your questions simply adjust.

How am I going to get to my destination with this new element on my journey?

Is there a way for me to get over it?

What else can I do?

Who else can support me?

Do I have the tools to blast it to smithereens?

Can I simply go around it, enjoying the longer time it might take but hey, there might be a delightful surprise on the detour?

All of a sudden you’re firing on all cylinders.

Your creative juices are pumping through your veins.

Adrenaline lights a fire in your belly.

You’re even more energised than before.


Thrilled by the prospect that the Universe has decided to challenge you!

“Whoooohooooo – bring it on baby cheeks.

Let me show you what I’m made of.”

It takes a while to rewire your brain to do this which is why I highly recommend you get your ass on a bike!

Honestly, this is the fastest way to train your mind – by using your body!  It’s what she’s there for.

And this works in other sports as well – trail running, car racing (Erm, I wouldn’t recommend this as your training ground without a pro), white water rafting, all of it.

Plus you have the additional element of fun when you train yourself out in nature doing something you love.

You change the scenery which always unlocks greater creativity.

I have my most powerful breakthroughs on my bikes!

It’s a win all around.


and this is a big one

You have to be willing to change the way you do things in order for this to work.

If you’re a couch potato carrying an extra ten kilos or so, you’re going to hate it in the beginning.

What the fuck have you got to loose?  Other than fat, lethargy, depression.

What have you got to gain?

New learning.

More energy.

Increased health and vitality.

An indestructible mind-set.

A new way of doing life.

A sexy body which probably means you’ll get laid more as well.

I guess thriving must really sound shit to people if they still choose existence.

Stop looking at the impending disaster.

Stop focussing on the perceived obstacles.

Get uncomfortable.

Challenge yourself.

Do it differently.

Connect to your desires.

Set your goals.

Toughen The Fuck Up.

Do the work.

Death is inevitable.

Thriving is one rocking choice!

With love eternal,


PS:  Are you done feeling like a victim?  Like you don’t have a choice?

Are you done blaming the world for not being where you thought you would be at this stage of your life?

Are you ready for some radical transformation Darling?

I’m the unsympathetic bitch who will kick your ass into shape – body, mind, soul.

I don’t believe in one-dimensional living or coaching.

You want it?  Then want it ALL!  Work it all.  Have it all.  Stop settling for crumbs.  Raise your standards of expectations.

You CAN have your cake AND eat it.

When it’s done, bake or buy another one.

I believe that inside of you is a vision that will awaken your starving beast.  Your beast that will stop at nothing.  Your beast that will  take the action getting you iconic results in your life.

I will make you uncomfortable.  I don’t pull the punches.  Chances are you will sweat, swear, take more action than you’ve ever taken before.

You will rediscover the power of drive, dedication, discipline and determination.

You will step up to your best version self.

Ready to play?

Book your free consult today and let the games begin.



Screwing around with change is screwing you over.

Change is a beautiful thing.

Scary as hell.

It demands total commitment.

And let’s be honest here Darling, very few people exhibit true commitment in their lives these days.  It could be out of fear that they will be labelled as obsessed, weird, anal, boring.

We both know that the culture of mediocrity adores labels.

For me, commitment is 100%.  Nothing less.

You are either committed, or you’re not.

And like a jealous lover, Change is not prepared to share you with Procrastination.

That is because she knows that change in and of itself, is challenging.

It demands that you question your values up to this point.

It demands that you question your choices up to this point.

It demands that you do some introspection and ask yourself why, if this change is good for you, have you not done it before?

Why in fact, have you done the opposite which be default then implies that you’ve done something that was possibly bad for you?

Honest, judgement-free introspection takes balls.

It has to come from a place of total unconditional self-love for it to be effective.  Otherwise you’re still buying into the victim mentality so prevalent.

What do people do?

They listen to someone passionately express their choices, their behaviour and the results they’ve received from embracing this choice.  It’s clear that they are happier than you are.  More at peace.

And you get caught up in their conviction.

So you say YES, I’m going to change!

I’m going to do it differently.

I’m going to get my shit together.

I’m going to do it!

Starting Monday.

Instantly you destroy any chance you’ve had of lasting change.


Because you’re not committing to change from a place of deep inner knowing, conviction, and honour.

Your current behaviour is more alluring than the benefit of change.

Your reluctance is your inner two year old pricking up her ears and saying “HOLD ON BUSTER, I’m not willing to give up anything!  I’m not willing to give up my pleasure.  I’m not willing to sacrifice.  Fuck ’em – they’re lying.  I deserve to smoke.  I deserve to drink.  I deserve to eat as much shit as I want to.  I deserve to hold on to my codependent relationships.  I.  WILL.  NOT.  BE.  MOVED!”

Even though you’re paying everyone lip service of how it’s going to be different going forward, that’s all it is Honey Bunny.  Lip Service.

Do yourself a favour, and rather say Hell No!

Aren’t you exhausted from feeling like a failure?

From waking up each morning and howling “What the fuck is wrong with me?  Why am I always sabotaging myself?  Why can’t I just get it right?”

Well maybe it’s because you’ve been kissing ass for so long that you’ve forgotten who the fuck you truly are!

Maybe you’ve been saying Yes to everything that you want to say No to thereby stacking the deck against yourself.

Saying Yes to things that are contradictory to your core values is failure.

I understand that it takes 66 consecutive days of new behaviour for the neural pathway to be formed, but change happens in a nanosecond.

It comes back to making a decision and becoming a woman of your word.

Not for anyone else.

But for YOU!

If you can’t begin to trust yourself you’re screwed.

You’ll never take the real risks that will lead to iconic levels of health, success, joy and pleasure.

You’ll never honour yourself and your desires to the point where mediocrity is simply not tolerated.

You’ll never love yourself to the point where you can truly love humanity enough to have those boundaries in place, giving people the security they require to have meaningful relationships with you.

And it all starts with making Hell Yes or Hell No choices of change.

If you’re not willing to draw a line in the sand and to say that “I’m changing as of right now”, say no.

I don’t believe that you’re addicted to jack shit unless you choose to be.

I chose to stop smoking in a moment.

I chose to stop drinking in a moment.

I chose to stop taking antidepressants and become well in a moment (with a punching bag).

I’m nothing special.

I’m exactly the same as you.

I simply decided that I’m a woman of my word.

That my yes was a Hell Yes and that my no was a Hell No.

That empty promises is fucking boring and a waste of my time.

That understanding my true values, have clarity on my vision, committing to achieving my goals, makes my life super easy and quite frankly I’m here for a purpose and that purpose doesn’t include keeping others happy.

My purpose is kicking ass, not kissing it.

It’s a pity that so many people miss the love in my message and instead choose to get their backs up – but that’s their choice and I always respect that.

We’re coming up to the end of the year and I’m already hearing people say that they’re going to change as of the first of January 2018.


They’re not going to change.

They’re just full of hot air, blowing smoke up your ass so you will approve of them.

So how do you commit to hell yes change?

We go back to the beginning – figure out your values!

I simply cannot over-emphasize this enough.  Your values are the foundation of your life. Take the time to figure out what is truly important to YOU – not your parents, not your culture, YOU.

Connect to your purpose.  YES we all have a purpose.  People who say you don’t have a purpose are just too bum-ass lazy to figure it out.  What is your message to the world?  What is the pain that keeps you up at night, that eats you up inside?

For me it’s seeing people exist.

FUUUUUUUUCK!  It kills me – I have been there and I’m so passionate to empower people to understand that they can truly thrive!  But they have to choose to thrive and they have to do the work!

Create your vision.  Set your goals.  Commit to them.  Death before DNF – which eliminates the whole failure debate.  It’s not over until you’ve succeeded therefor failure is an illusion.  The journey might simply be longer than anticipated.  More learning needs to take place.  But whilst you’re still breathing, it’s not over.

The moment you get to this point everything else is easy.

If the change brings you in alignment it’s a HELL YES, immediately.

If not, it’s a HELL NO.


Stop overcomplicating shit.

And if you haven’t figured out your values, your purpose, your vision yet, then just say no to everything for now!  At the very least it will make you feel like you have some balls to stand up for yourself.  It will not be setting you up for failure – you will start feeling like a winner.

It’s time for your to feel like a goddamned winner.

You are so powerful Darling.

Stop pretending to be a victim.

Stop pretending to be weak.

Stop kissing ass.


For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,


PS:  I work with HELL YES people.  Those who are taking an objective look at their lives right now and saying “It’s time for change.  Right now.  Today.  I’m getting up and I’m moving forward leaving behind all the bullshit that has been keeping me at levels less than my best.”

Are you that person?

Are you done with your excuses?  With your half-assed goals?  With your non-committal to excellence and thrive?

Ignite is 90 minutes to get you up and moving in the direction of your true desires.  Of getting clear on your values, setting your goals, identifying the beliefs that will ensure success.

If we’re a powerful match and you decide to continue on the coaching journey with me, I will offset this investment on your six month package.  If not, you still walk away with clarity, action and purpose.

Is it a Hell Yes for you?


Nothing changes until you change your stories, your choices, your voices.


The crown jewel.

The utopia we all desire.

We set the goals we think will make us happy.

The amount of money that will tip the scales.

The deal that will be the cherry on the top.

The car.

The house.

The designer jeans.

The race.

The promotion.

The client.

The big love of our lives that we want to be with until death do us part.

We manipulate those around us so they can act in a way that will make us happy.

If they don’t conform to our demands, we scream, we sulk, we fire them.

And if we’re not happy, we sniff out blame like hound dogs on the scent of a fox.

The absent lover.  The insensitive friend.  The unrealistic boss.  The uncooperative client.  The vindictive colleague.  The crashing economy.  The debt collectors.  The corporations.

Except all of this is removing us from happiness.

All of these stories we tell ourselves simply has us on a freight train to a station called Disappointment followed by Dissatisfaction.

Stop in your tracks right now!

I know you’re ready for the truth.

I know that you’re ready to stop the madness, the senseless chase, the lies.

I know that you’re ready to shut out the noise and to sit down and reconnect with your truth.

So here’s mine:

I am the centre of my universe.

A soul in human body having an epic experience.

I’m playing a game with no rules, no predictions, no limitations.

Every morning I wake up and I start telling myself stories.

I choose which stories I put on replay.

Sometimes my ego wakes two seconds before me and the little bitch adores drama.

She relishes fear.

So she tells me stories of everything that is not right.

Everything that has gone awry.

Everything that feels wonky, makes me insecure, has me nervously turn around in bed.

And immediately I get to choose if I feed her sweet chocolate, buying into her temptuous voice of bullshit.  Tippy-toeing through my day.  Apologising for my intrusion on others.  Swallowing down my truth in case I offend.  Hiding my desires on a piece of paper at the bottom of my drawer under layers of shame.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many decades I lived like this!


There’s another choice I can make each morning.

I can recognise her voice, her tone, and I can giggle.  I can state my truth out loud over and over again in the form of affirmations ensuring that my voice is louder than hers.

I drown that bitch out with what I know on a soul level.

Who I truly am.

What I am capable of.

What I’m here to do.

Who I am here to serve.

And the fact that I am phenomenally fucking happy!

Others look at me and they don’t understand.

They think it can’t be possible.

They try and tell me why in fact I am crying on the inside even though I’m smiling from ear to ear.  Because I’m not ticking their boxes of what they believe is required to be happy.

And I have so much compassionate understanding for them.

For I used to think that my life had to change for me to be happy.

I used to believe that when I made more money, won more races, drove a newer car, that things would change.

That the happiness fairy would sprinkle some dust on my ass and viola!

But that’s all bullshit Darling.

The only thing that needs to change for you to be happy, is YOUR THOUGHTS AROUND BEING HAPPY!

You simply have to wake up one morning and choose to be happy.  It’s that fucking easy.

And if you don’t remember what happy feels like, go do something that had you laughing as a child.

For me I can go from miserable AF to laughing in delight in two minutes flat on a bike.

Put me on Artemis or The Cookie Monster and I’m there.

It’s a learned trigger – I have outsmarted my ego!

Think of Pavlov.

I’m the dog.

My bikes are my biscuits.

And I have trained myself to salivate with delight when I put on my cleats.

Why did I do this if I know happiness is a choice?

Because I’m still human and things happens that knocks me off kilter and I simply decided I don’t always have the patience and the time to sit and work through all my shit in therapy or journaling or tapping or whatever else.  I’m not always (hardly ever) in the mood to work through all the fucking drama and cry the tears and then work my way back up to happy.

I just want to flick from pissed off, defeated, sad, traumatised to happy.

So I’ve trained myself to get on a bike and flip the switch.


And yes you can too!

Don’t listen to everyone telling you it’s harder than this.

Don’t believe them when they tell you it will take years of therapy and medication for you to just feel a glimmer of hope again.  That you have to work through all the trauma caused by your parents, the murders in previous lifetimes, to hopefully get healed and then maybe you’re still alive to be happy.

The Universe gave you the most powerful tool of all – YOUR BODY!

You’ve just forgotten how to use her effectively.

Train your body to train your mind to train your body even harder.

Find the movement that truly thrills you.

Not everyone loves biking (WTF is wrong with you people??? LOL)

Yet everyone has that one thing that instantly brings them joy.

Do MORE of that!

Wake up in the mornings and take note of the voice in your head.  If he is filling you with doom and gloom start laughing, knowing that it’s just your petrified little ego trying to screw you over.

Write powerful affirmations on your bedroom window, on your bathroom mirror, damn girl,  write it on your toilet paper if you have to.  Start drowning out the voice of doom and gloom and take control of your mind.

Know that you’ve got this.

Always and forever.

Know that you can choose to be happy even as you read this piece.

You can shout out loud “I choose to embody happiness right now!  I choose to be happy!  I am phenomenally fucking happy!”

Come on, do it, I dare you.

Feel the shift.

Feel the heat course through your veins.

Feel the rise inside of you.

I tell you my friend it’s fucking addictive, and if we’re going to be addicted to anything, why not choose to be addicted to happiness?

Death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,


PS:  Are you ready to be happy?

Are you ready to take control of your mind and to drown out the voice that is telling you how you’re just a victim of circumstances?

Are you ready to do it for real this time?

Ignite is ninety minutes of us getting rid of the layers of bullshit and find the heart of your true desires.  Setting the goals in alignment with your values and be happy on the way to achieving them.  Writing the belief systems that is your truth.

We get you focussed so you stop distracting yourself with your fears.

Come ready to leave your drama at the door Darling and to show up as your warrior self.  For it’s your time now!  And I know that you’re ready for your next step now!

Stop topping it over.  Stop trying to find a reason to justify why you deserve to invest in yourself.  You’re worthy – end of story.

Let’s play.



Are you feeling like your engine has run out of juice?

It’s almost the end of the year.

I get that.

People have been through the ringer.

I get that too.

But I also get the fact that it’s time we stop living our lives according to the calendar, to the digital watches on our wrists, to the demands of a faceless machine called industry.

That we stop compartmentalising and only focussing on some of what’s important to us as people and mostly on what is important to others.

That we stay connected to our cups and filling them up every single day.

It’s the most loving thing we can possibly do for everyone.

It’s in the times that we do everything we’re being told to do to the neglect of our joy, our health, our relationships, our purpose, the we go into robotic automation.  We lose our spark.  We lose our creativity.

We become vanilla.

Fuck, I hate vanilla.

I’m as pumped now as I was in January.

About my goals.

About my values.

About my aspirations.

About my life!


Because I’ve stayed connected.

My goals are written in a way that always brings a rumble in my belly and a smile to my face.

They are done with passion and clarity and meaning.

This wasn’t always my experience.

I used to kill myself to achieve my goals and if I hit the mark I would be thrilled for about five minutes and then left feeling deflated, empty, listless.

I used to pull out all the stops and be so focussed on the outcome that the minutes of my life was disappearing down the drain devoid of any pleasure.

And if I didn’t hit the mark, OMG I would crumble into a heap of defeated shame of not being good enough.  That others were doing it which meant something was missing with me.  I must have blocks.  I must be doing it wrong.  I’m a factory reject.

Damn I was a hot mess!

Yet it’s been an incredible journey and thank the dimples on my ass I took the time to do some deeeeep introspection, work with some fabulous coaches who were strong enough to hold up the mirror for me, and get to a new level of understanding.

I’ve come to understand that being a high achiever is not about crossing the finish line, even though it still has me clapping my hands in glee.

It’s about the thrill of the journey to get to the line.

It’s about staying connected with why I set each and every goal.  Not the outcome, but the emotions it brings.

The joy, the sense of being a bad-ass manifestation machine, the sense of accomplishment, the learning that’s taken place, the  excitement of meeting amazing people as I always do, all of it.

It’s about that exuberance I feel when I see that I’ve once again honoured what I value in the face of opposition.

I’m pumped from the adrenaline gained by facing the unknown, the fear, the drive.

I’m revving engines high from the opportunities to really get out of my comfort zone.

Of checking in along the way and asking myself how is this feeling right now?

If it feels hard, bring it on.

If it feels draining it means there’s a better way of doing it.  I simply have to start thinking out of the box and do it differently with the expectation to succeed but the willingness to fail.

If it feels on fire, GIVE ME MORE MORE MORE!

I’m not done.

I’m not feeling like OMG I need a holiday.

Every day is filled with passioned activity that lights me up.

In other words Darling, I don’t need a break from my life!

Yes there’s days where it all comes crashing down and I just want to say fuck it all.

When a particular challenge seems insurmountable and I’m bruised and exhausted from the climb.

When I’ve been inside too much doing what I think has to be done.

Ticking the boxes.

Yes, I still tick my boxes.

I have no shame in giving myself permission to throw a tantrum.

To get it out of my system.

To rant and rave at the Universe and anyone who is unfortunate enough to be walking in the vicinity.

It’s part of the deliciousness of being human.

The ability to lose your shit.

And when I say fuck it all I walk away and go do something completely out of my routine.  Out of my schedule.  Out of my norm.

I go ride my bike regardless of what the time is.

I go sweat the gym.

I go eat an ice-cream.

I go sit outside and have a glass of wine.

I remember it’s just a journey.

And I’ve made the choice that I want to be present in my life and get to the end of each year feeling even more alive than the year before.

That I want to grow old and have wonderful stories to share with anyone who wants to listen.

So every day I consciously choose how I experience my life.

The very first prompt on my daily planning sheet is “Today I choose to feel…”

Today I chose fun.

I had an incredible bike ride through grass so long and wet that I had water dripping of my helmet.


I coached a badass woman who is changing the system.


I’m sitting in the sun, barefoot and smiling, writing this piece for you with music pumping in my ears and the dogs running around like wild rabbits.


It’s available to you too!

But you first have to disconnect from the drama.

You have to stop believing the bullshit you’re being fed of what will make you good.

If you’re not feeling on fire, if you’re not excited, thrilled, happy, feeling free, feeling inspired, feeling creative, then something is wrong!

Stop thinking that just because everyone around you is complaining about the same stuff that it’s normal.

It’s not normal!

You were born to thrive!

You were born to be happy!

That’s your default setting.

Everything else is just a signal that there’s a misalignment.

I invite you to throw your hands up in the air and just say ‘Fuck It!”

I invite you to book a day sick leave (even if you’re the boss) and play hookey and remember what fun feels like!

Here’s a clue for you – YOU’LL BE RADIATING!

Smiling from ear to ear.

Laughter will be bubbling up from inside of you.

Your body will be breaking into spontaneous movement.

You might even, heaven forbid, howl!

This is the energy from which you want to set your goals.  From which you want to take action.

You say you don’t have time?

Well do you have time to be dead?

Because if you’re on that godforsaken hamster wheel that’s exactly what you’re doing Sweetie.

You’re zombified.

Death is coming soon enough.

Do you choose to thrive until then?

With love eternal,


PS:  Boundless energy, grit, passion comes from clarity.

It comes from setting the goals that are in alignment with your purpose, your joy, your values, your thrive.

It comes from taking the time to understand the emotions that you’re secretly craving which you believe will come from achieving those goals and then stepping into them right now!

Because you’re the boss.

It’s about training your mind to stop fighting you with the drama, with the continuous degradation which we so often hear from our ego by identifying the belief systems that will empower you to greater levels of achievement.

This is the purpose of Ignite sessions.

90 minutes of deep dive, clarity, passion, bullshit elimination to get your ass in gear for iconic living.

Because that’s where you are born to play.

But only if you’re done with seeking sympathy and Molly coddling.  I don’t hold hands and I don’t play the violin.

I see your magnificence and I don’t settle for anything less.

Let’s play.





It’s time for the lies to stop.

It’s time we start talking about the lies.

This is something that I’ve become sensitive to lately.

Listening to what people are saying and not saying to each other.



“How are you doing?”


“How was your day?”

“Good and yours?”

All such a waste of time and complete bullshit.

Conversations as devoid of sustenance as instant food is empty of nourishment.

I remembered a time when I was young, constantly berated for speaking my truth.

Told that I simply couldn’t say that!

That I had to be more proper.

That I should stop asking inappropriate questions.

That we never tell others what’s really going on at home.

As if a child deserves to bear the shame of adults screwing up their lives.

In other words, I was taught to lie.

I’m a smart cookie and it didn’t take me long to realise that life is nothing more than a game.

You can be the player or you can get played.

So I started telling people what they wanted to hear, manipulating them to get the desired outcome without them ever getting clued in.

It was the easier thing to do.

It was way easier than standing up for myself.

You know what I’m talking about.

We all do it.

Well, we do anyway.

We figure out that the little people will always hear what they want to hear and all they want is for society to blow smoke up their bums so they can feel good about themselves.

So that’s what we do.

We play them like puppets on a string.

The problem with this is that there comes a point where the lies flow so easily off our tongues that we start lying to ourselves.

We get tired of dimming our shine, of downgrading our expectations of others, so we tell ourselves we’re okay with settling.

We’re okay with waiting for others.

We’re happy with just enough.

That’s when the shit hits the fan!

Because you were born an achiever my friend and settling is poison to you.  At some stage your soul will stop tolerating the lies and if you’re not ready to rise, she will rain chaos down on your life that rips your world apart!

She will bring forth all that you’ve hidden in the shadows.

She will bring to the surface all you’ve desperately suppressed in an attempt to play on the baby field.

She will empty out your bank accounts until there’s nothing left.

She will make your bullshit relationships pure burning hell.

She will take away all your possessions, your health, your will to live.

And you will fall onto your knees Darling.

You will find yourself on the cold tiles, your body torn by your sobs.


You will have to choose.

You can continue the lie of existence understanding that this time around you will have consciousness and the pain will crush your spirit!


You can choose to stop the lies, stop swallowing your desires, stop tolerating mediocrity, stop waiting for everyone to catch up.

You can choose to get off your fucking ass and to set your course.

You can choose to courageously face all the naysayers and start taking action.

You can choose to leave behind all that has kept you in bondage and instead stand on your own two feet, independent, shaking with adrenaline, indestructible.

The beast unleashed!

This is the time when you start speaking your truth, embracing your destiny, knowing that you’re not here to keep the pond smooth, but to cause the ripples that will bring change with the force of a tsunami.

That within every person you meet there is an almighty soul that can endure whatever life throws at them, if given the opportunity to make that powerful choice.

And it’s always their choice.

We are not responsible for the decisions made by others.

We are not responsible for the actions of others, but we are responsible for the impact we allow them to have on us.

It’s that simple.

When you get up off that floor and you unfurl your warrior self, you leave behind those who choose to embrace the mantle of victimhood.

And you rise!

I’ve been on the floor.

I’ve lain there feeling tears and snot drip into my gaping mouth, my eyes staring unblinking into nothingness.  Praying for release.  Praying for darkness.  Praying for death.

You don’t have to hit rock bottom.

Enough people have gone there before you.

You hear our stories everywhere.

Why do we share it?

Not because we enjoy revisiting those moments in life we’ve been taught is our greatest shame.

Fuck shame – it has no place in the life of a warrior.

We share it because we know the pain that the real achievers are going through in a world that has made average a badge of honour.

We know your pain and we are reaching out to you saying that you can choose to rise from where you are!

Right here.

Right now.


Don’t wait for disaster to strike.

Don’t wait for the cancer diagnoses.

Don’t wait for bankruptcy.

Don’t wait for the abuse to become unbearable.

Rise from here.

Make the decision that as from right now you are no longer available for anything but pure excellence.

That your desires are magnificent and worthy.

That you are powerful beyond measure and that you CAN do whatever the hell you set your mind to.

That you will make the impact you came here to do, no matter what.

But you have to make the choice.

You have to stop swallowing the bullshit they’re feeding you so that you can remember what hungry feels like.

And when you are starving, you will stop at nothing.

Death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

Make the fucking choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  Now is the time of year when average people are winding down.  They are giving up on the goals they set in January thinking there’s no way in hell they can still make it.

But not you.

You know that now is your time to get real.

Now is your time when you are prepared to take a look at all that’s truly transpired this year.

To get the learning.

To become stronger.

To set your next level goals armed with your tenacity, your values, your desire, your truth.

And to take the actions that will make your dreams come true.

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What are you waiting for now?

Every now and again a song gets released that has people sit up and take notice of their lives.

An artist that combines the beauty of words with the power of sound to stir up a heightened level of emotion in a time when majority of people are doing everything they can to numb out that which they don’t want to feel.





One such song was released in 2014 – ‘What are you waiting?’ for by Nickelback.

“Are you waiting on a lightening strike?
Are you waiting for the perfect night?
Are you waiting till the time is right?
What are you waiting for?
Don’t you wanna learn to deal with fear?
Don’t you wanna take the wheel and steer?
Don’t you wait another minute here!
What are you waiting for?”

I sat in wonder at how many people were raising their hands and exclaiming that they’re done waiting.

That hell yes they’re ready to face their greatest fears.

That yes they are taking control of their lives, turning it around, taking it next level.

2014 was going to be the year that everything was going to change for them.

And then what did they do?

The same shit they’ve done up to that point.

They set New Years resolutions.

They printed a free program off the internet and joined the gym.

They went to the pharmacy and bought the starter pack – fat burners, appetite suppressants, protein shake.

They smoked the last cigarette and threw away the lighters.

They decided that they were going to start paying off their debt.

They were going to work harder to be noticed and tell their boss that this year they want a raise.

Maybe they even quite their jobs and decided that they’re finally going to start their dream company and become the entrepreneur they were born to be.

They joined another group program.

Nickelback was the petrol needed to light their fire!

But do you know what happens when you throw fuel on fire Darling?

There is this big poof of smoke and flames which burns ferociously.

For a few minutes.

Then, if you didn’t take the time to build the pyre properly, and if you don’t continue to feed the flames, it burns out in record time.

This is exactly what happened to all those people

In fact, if you take their lives today and you put it next to 2014, there’s little to zero difference.

I’m not writing this to be a bitch.

I’m not writing this to criticise.

I’m writing this piece because I have so much love for humanity in me and it breaks my fucking heart to see how many people truly want to wake up, truly desire to turn their lives around, to stop existing, but they have no idea how to do it.  They do the best with what they have from where they’re at, but that’s simply not enough to make lasting change.

So I’m going to break it down for you today.

And if you’re truly serious about drawing that line in the sand and turn it around, you will not only follow these steps, but you will invest in yourself and work with a coach to ensure you stay on track.

  1.  Start where you’re at!  You have to get real with yourself.  You have to stop bullshitting yourself that things aren’t so bad.  If you’re not lit up by your life it’s a fucking catastrophe.  You want to have a look at what’s truly happening in your livelihood, in your abundance (money), in your health, in your relationships, in your appearance.  Stop saying you don’t look too bad for your age – you’re either hot AF or you’re out of shape.  You’re either lit up by the conversations or you’re bored.  You’re either financially free or you’re enslaved by bills.
  2. Figure out what’s truly important to you!  Your values.  Your true values.  For various reasons – one being that you want to set the goals that are in alignment with your values.  Not doing so will result in self-sabotage along the way.  Your ego driven goals will never be more powerful than your soulful values.  Secondly, when you’re secure in your values you won’t give a shit about the criticism of others who have different values from you.  You stop living your life by the rules of others, you stay in your own business, and you do what has you sleeping like a baby at night and jumping in joy during the day.
  3. Set your goals!  Proper goals.  SMART goals. Specific.  Measurable.  Attainable.  Relevant.  Timed.  If they don’t meet these criteria they’re not goals.  They’re dreams.  Like Puff The Magic Dragon.  What is your resistance to setting SMART goals? Is it too much commitment for you?  Have you historically not achieved them and so you’ve lost faith in yourself?  Do you really want to continue creating your life based on the past or are you ready to look forward?
  4. Get an Indestructible Mind-set!
    1. Drive – this comes back to purpose.  What drives you?  What makes your goal an absolute non-negotiable for you?  Honestly, if your goals don’t bring radical change to you and your life then you’re just wasting your time.  You’re just splashing around in the baby pool.  Jump into the deep side and fucking fight for your life!  Because you are.  When will you understand that not thriving is death?
    2. Dedication – I’m talking obsession Darling!  I’m talking eating, sleeping, talking your goals until average people simply cannot stand to be in your company any more.  I’m talking that you dedicate your life to doing whatever the hell it takes to achieve your goals.  You bring the best support team on board.  You cancel Netflix and you study at night.  You let go of the vampires, the leeches, the bullshit and you are 100% focussed.
    3. Discipline – no magnificent goal is ever achieved without discipline.  Making the routines non-negotiable.  Showing up for yourself and your dream every single day regardless of the weather, of your bank balance, of what everyone around you is saying.  It’s about going to bed at the right time so you can get up at 5 am feeling completely rested.  It’s about cleaning out the food cupboard so that you’re not tempted because you simply don’t want to waste your precious willpower.  It’s about just showing up and doing the work.  Every day.  EVERY FUCKING DAY.
    4. Determination – grit Baby.   Stop bitching and moaning about all the challenges.  Challenges are your best friend.  They show you how much you want it.  They thin out the playing field.  They give you the opportunity to dig deeper and get creative and do things that you’ve never thought of doing before.  But as long as you complain like a two year old who wants his lolly you’re not making the most of the journey.  How much do you want it?  How hungry are you?  Because if you’re not, you will give up.  Thank you for sitting down again so that the true achievers can get even further ahead.
  5. Take action, take stock, adjust, take more action.  Every day you look at your goals and you ask yourself the following questions:
    1. Which actions have I taken so far that got excellent results?  How can I do more of that?  How can I do it even better?
    2. Which actions have I taken so far that got jack?  Why didn’t they get results?  How can I do them differently?  What else can I do?

That’s it.

You take action until you achieve your goal.

Never stopping before then.


It’s time for you to start fighting for your life Darling.  It’s time you start fighting for you dreams.  It’s time you stop waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect person, the perfect illusion.

Create what you desire.

You’re THAT powerful.

For death truly is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,


PS:  It’s been my experience that most people fail in achieving their goals because they don’t take the time to build the pyre properly.  They think that they can simply take ten minutes in a moment of inspired passion fuelled by a song and write out their next goals and this time around it will be different.

But I know you’re not that person.  I know that you’re ready to do it better.  I know that you’re ready to do the foundational work which is required for epic achievement.

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You will receive an orientation document which has you connect with your values and your desires.  We take off the rose-colored glasses and get you into your reality.  And then we set the SMART goals for your future self.

This is a stand-alone service which I’m offering for those who are ready to invest in their dreams and if you feel I’m the coach to get you to the finish line, I will offset Ignite on your coaching package.