Ducks and Swans

This blog is especially for Roxanne – the most gracious swan of all.

I love doing shit that keeps me humble.

Very humble.

The type of things that keep my ego in check by choosing to look anything but phenomenal.

In fact if you ever see me practicing my chosen physical activities you probably think WTF?

I’ve heard some of the most hysterical comments when people think my music is loud so I can’t hear them.

That’s because I’m the most unlikely of candidates on any field or floor.

Turns out this is true for yoga as well.

I sometimes look at myself and wonder what the hell ever happened to the ballet dancer?

I kid you not – I pretty much danced from the time I could stand and was planning a career as a professional dancer until I fucked up my knees at age 18.

I used to consider myself extraordinarily graceful and believed that since I walk like a duck I was destined to be a ballerina.  Looking at myself today I might have been delusional.

Then something went South.

I wish I could blame my age except I know that’s bullshit.

I stopped practicing on a daily basis.

My joints started stiffening up.

I picked up a few more injuries along the way from falling off my bike (on numerous occasions) to overusing my joints to just living like a maniac and abusing my body more often than I would like to admit.

It takes me a while just to get up in the morning and have everything settle back into place.

Which is how I found myself in class this morning at 6:15 doing the very un-yogi thing by looking around and spotting Roxanne.

OMG she just makes everything look so graceful and easy.

A real swan.

Regal, long limbed, inspirational.

And then I looked at myself in the mirror.

Apparently my ‘duck feet’ has spread throughout my body and so now I pretty much just look like a duck in whatever pose I attempt to do.

Think short squatty legs.  Think big bottom.  Think waddle.  Think the opposite of swan.

That’s pretty much me!

I had to giggle.

The duck and the swan practicing side by side.

And you know what – never once does the swan make me feel ugly.  We’re just different and we both appreciate that.

Isn’t life great?

I think it’s our difference that keep it real and I love it!

Roxanne will always be a swan and she will inspire all who watch her by how effortless she makes it look.

I will always be a duck and my life is about inspiring people that we can do whatever the hell we truly desire regardless of anything!

That’s why I became an IronMan athlete even though I couldn’t swim.

That’s why I became a SkyRunner when I was told to throw away my running shoes because my lower back is disintegrating and my hip is merrily tearing me up inside.

And that’s probably why I’m doing yoga.

I don’t ever want people to look at themselves in the mirror and think “Oh I could never do that because I’m not as young, not as fit, not as thin, not as strong, not as tall, not as graceful as the professionals”.

It truly saddens me to see how many people try something new and really love it only to stop doing it because they can’t immediately keep up with the pack.  Or because they try for a couple of weeks and don’t see overnight improvement.

It’s all just ego if you think about it.

Yes some people are born with natural talents (we all are) but talent will never beat hard work.

You can have all the talent in the world and if you don’t use it, if you don’t practice it, if you don’t improve it, you might as well not have it at all.

I’m still not sure what my natural talent is but I don’t let that stop me from working my duck ass off to do the things that bring me joy.

Like taking my feet off the wall this morning and doing that headstand!


It has taken me 153 hours of yoga in the past 5 months to get to this point and I’m stupendously proud of myself.

Because it’s hard for me.

Because the first time I was told to take one leg off the floor I doubted for a moment that I would ever be able to do it.

I was terrified.

And the first few times I looked like a hippo trying to pirouette.

I kept coming back.  Getting that big buttocks and short legs up a little longer.

And viola!

I’m a mere 43 hours away from my certification (hallelujah!).

Am I going to transform into a swan overnight?

Bwahahahahaha!  Hell no Darling.

I believe the certification will only be the start of my journey.

But I’m going to show others that it’s not about perfection – it’s about improvement.  And when you show up for yourself every single day you WILL improve.

This is not just physical improvement.

This includes your mindset.  Your business.  Your relationships.  Your art.

Where attention flows improvement goes.

And when you stop comparing yourself with others to keep yourself small and instead compare yourself to be inspired, you will never stop again.  You will keep showing up because you also want to be able to do that.

And if you’re a duck you absolutely want to practice with the swans.

The swans will inspire you.

The swans will show you what will ultimately be possible for you.

The swans will encourage you.

The swans will keep you humble and make damn sure you never loose your sense of humour.

If you do, come do yoga with me and I will show you that it’s never about how you look but about you get to feel.

Now it’s your turn:

Where in your life have you done something a few times that you absolutely loved and then gave up because you didn’t quite get it right in record time?

Where in your life do you have natural talent that you’re just wasting because you’re not practicing it daily?

Where in your life do you hide from the swans instead of being a proud duck?

Quack Quack Baby.

Because death is inevitable but thriving is my choice.

With love and cuddles


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I would love to but…

When did it start?

The first time that we changed our speech from “One day I’m going to…” to “I would love to but…”

As children nothing is ever out of bounds.  Nothing is ever impossible.

There’s just a knowing that everything is possible even if it’s not going to happen today specifically.

Then at some stage we started changing our language.

Instead of saying one day we started saying the dreaded but.

The cursed but.

The but that in fact states that our desires are simply not going to happen.

That we’re not worthy.

That we’re not capable.

That we’re not masters of our own destiny.

The but that takes away our true power and replaces it with excuses – oops, did I type that out loud?

Know why this is really sad?

It’s sad because our desires are there for a very good reason.  Each and every time we feel a desire it’s an opportunity to investigate and learn a little more about ourselves.

It’s also an opportunity to move towards our true life purpose and magnificent destiny.

If we’re brave enough to drop the but.

Are you ready to drop the but like a hot potato and take back the steering wheel?

Then here’s what we’re going to do:

The first step in reclaiming your childlike trust in you is to investigate if it’s really your desire or if it just looks really cool on someone else.  So often I find that other people are living in joy and it looks amazing but when I take a closer look, it lacks the juice for me.  The fastest way to figure this out is to get real about what’s all involved in having or doing said desire.

So for instance going on an overseas trip could involve research, booking tickets, booking accommodation, sorting out those visas, buying additional luggage, packing, finding a house sitter, what about the pets, do the kids need any shots, have you arranged the currency, etc. etc. etc.

If it seems like way too much PT, then it’s not really your desire.  You simply bought into someone else’s ‘thing’ – different strokes for different folks.

Walk away from it and go back to the drawing board.

If indeed it IS yours to own, then step number two is to set a goal!

You might think that goals are bleugh or only for business, but let me tell you that every epic thing in my life started off as a goal.

I firmly believe that a goal is a dream with a deadline.  If it’s not written down, if there’s no deadline, it will always remain a dream.  I don’t know about you but I prefer riding my bike, feeling the adrenaline, the exhilaration of my legs pumping, the burning air in my lungs versus spending my days in a Lala Land because my reality sucks.

The third step is then to find out what’s really behind the desire.  It’s never about the thing or the experience, it’s about the emotion we believe we will feel when we have said desire.

This is a game-changer by the way. So often you will find that there’s many other ways in which to obtain the desired feeling AND sometimes those other ways bring you even more joy and flow.  Just saying.

Once you understand the feeling you’re really after and you can find it inside of yourself REGARDLESS of the physical manifestation of the desire, whatever you desired will just appear.  Viola!  It’s fucking magic.

That’s what happened with my move to New Zealand!

I desired to feel safe.

I desired to feel free.

I desired to see beauty when I rode my bike.

So I started doing some crazy things that had me feeling safe, free and seeing beauty.  I went inside and found that nobody could ever take my freedom away from me.  I found that when I owned my power and my connection to the Universe I felt safe and protected.  I found that the most beautiful place I can ever be in is in my heart.  Next thing I knew the plane touched down in paradise.

However none of this would have happened if I had said “I would love to but…”

Instead I said “I have no fucking clue how, but I’m waking up Christmas morning in New Zealand. It is done.”

And just so we’re clear, I didn’t exactly have a team cheering me on.  Oh hell no!  Instead I had a whole bunch of ‘realistic’ people telling me that it’s a nice dream but –

  • It takes a lot of money and you don’t have it
  • It’s hard to find work in New Zealand
  • The red tape to go to New Zealand is almost impossible
  • You have to sell your house and that takes time
  • You have to sell your cars and that doesn’t happen overnight
  • It takes months if not years to organize a big move like this
  • Blah Blah Blah

Fuck that shit.

I desired.

I set the goal.

I believed.

I received.

End of story.

Take BUT out of your vocabulary because unless you’re a Minion, it simply doesn’t serve you.

Anything that you’re given as a true desire, is yours for the receiving.

Claim it for yourself.

Set that baby as a goal.

Take inspired action believing that regardless of what things might look like right now, it’s yours for the receiving.

And then receive it!

Every time you say “I would love to but” you’re in fact saying that you don’t believe it’s possible for you.

And that’s bullshit.

Everything and anything is possible for you.

It might not always feel as easy but nothing is impossible.

You and I both know that the word in itself says I’M POSSIBLE.

My invitation to you today is to have a look at where you’re saying “I would love to but…” and investigate that.  Is it truly a desire for you or does it just look nice on someone else.  Then set a goal.  Figure out what the desired feelings are and journal those out every single day.  Keep believing and take inspired action.

And receive!

I truly hope today inspires you to stop denying yourself anything that you desire.


Because what you believe in one area of your life you will believe in another as well.  It’s simply not worth screwing yourself over this way.

Ultimately you know by now that death is inevitable but thriving is a choice.

With love always,


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Allow yourself…

I should have seen it coming.

In fact in a way I did.

I knew this morning as I woke up that today was going to be different.

Last night I found myself feeling less than fantastic – a weird feeling right now as my norm is on fire.

Which meant it was time for some introspection.  It was time to investigate what was out of alignment for me.

That’s when I realized that I’ve had so many massive shifts in the last month that I’m shitting myself!  Except because I’m such a bad-ass, I didn’t acknowledge the fear so instead I started sabotaging myself in the sneakiest of ways.

Not taking my power naps in the afternoon.

Not preparing my meals before the time and then eating cheese whilst preparing lunch cause I’m so hungry.

And then there were the cookies!

OMG I ate so many cookies last night it was ridiculous.

For most people these might seem really minuscule, but when you’re on full power blast everything matters.

The moment you go back to your ‘old’ ways of doing and being, you slip.  You go back to being the person you were before you moved to your next level epic.

And going back is simply not an option for me anymore.

I’ve taken that possibility off the table.

Not happening.

Not now.

Not ever.

Now I could have gone into the whole bash myself over the head scenario and feel guilty for eating the cheese and the cookies.  I could have felt like a failure and have a pity party over the fact that I’m human after all.

But how would this serve me?

It wouldn’t.

It would only serve my ego and make me slide back even further.

So I chose not to go that route.

Instead I bundled myself up in bed at 8 pm, closed my eyes and had a serious conversation with God.  We came to the agreement that I would stop sabotaging myself and he would lovingly make me aware any time I do in order for me to stop that shit.

It was a good talk.

I slept.

This morning as I opened my eyes I felt the change.  I simply couldn’t even think about another piece of cheese.  Instead part of my planning for today is my next level menu and ordering everything that I need to go super clean in my fuel.

It is done.

I have two new clients booked in for their intro sessions which is going to be super high vibe – I hope they’re ready for it.

So why on earth would I be surprised when I walked into my first yoga class only to be informed that I would be presenting the class?

I could have refused.

I could have thrown a wee tantrum.

I could have gone into the whole story of I’m not prepared and don’t feel qualified to do it.

But that was the previous level me.

Instead I said “Good morning ladies let’s start in easy seat, hands in front of your heart in prayer position and bring your focus to your breath.”

I creamed it.

It just flowed out of me.

One posture into the next into the next.

It felt amazing.

I felt at home.

This is where I belong.





Replacing fear with love.

Here’s what I really want to share with you today.

Yes it is fantastic to grow and to become more successful and to go higher vibe all the time.  But what nobody ever talks about is the fact that it’s scary as shit.  It’s scary because you have to leave behind your old ‘normal’ way of doing, being, thinking.  You have to leave behind the tatty ‘comfortable’ clothes.  You have to leave behind the ‘comfort’ food.  Sometimes you even have to leave behind relationships.

You have to take trust to a whole new level!  Trust in the Universe.  Trust in your purpose.  Trust in your journey.  Trust that everything is happening for you.  Trust that everything is happening in divine timing.  Above all trust in yourself.

You have to do things that you’ve previously said no to.

It’s uncomfortable.

It’s scary.

It’s a little messy.

Sometimes it’s a lot messy!

And unless you are present in this process you will default and start sabotaging yourself – first in really small ways (maybe having more chocolate than before or drinking coffee even when your head is pounding) and then in bigger ways (not keeping track of your appointments and eating a really big meal half an hour before your yoga class – not recommended!)

So here’s what I want to invite you to do today:

  1.  Have a look at the change you have created in your life this year and how you’ve grown.  Really acknowledge how far you have come!
  2. Acknowledge any fear that you may be experiencing with zero judgement – only love, acceptance and appreciation of yourself.
  3. Notice any little ways that you’ve started sliding or sabotaging yourself, again without any blame.  Just be curious.
  4. Have a conversation with yourself and journal the living daylights out of this.  Empathize with your old self and thank her for everything that she’s done for you.  Thank her for getting you to this point and assure her that she will always be a part of your legacy.  Then let her go and fully step into your new version self.
  5. NOW – what are the support structures that you need to put into place to keep you on track?  For me it was God, my coach, a magnificent mastermind group, a new menu, etc.  What are you putting in place?  Because if you don’t you’re seriously setting yourself up for failure.
  6. And finally say YES to something that you would have said no to before and just fucking do it!  Right now!  Don’t overthink it.  Just go for it.  It will be fun (she says with a wicked grin and an evil chuckle).

So here I’m sitting in a high vibe cafe, drinking my large Soy Flat White, headphones on with Springsteen pumping into my fingers, a smile on my face whilst I’m sharing this with you.  Because this is my new chosen normal and it’s fucking epic!

My wish for you is to create your next level epic today.  Why wait?

I’m serious – why would you want to wait?

You can choose to have it all today.

You can choose to change right now, in this moment, adios shitty habits.

Just fucking do it Darling – because death IS inevitable.  But thriving, Oh Thriving is such a wonderful choice to make.

With my love always,


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Don’t EVER dim your light for their BS

WARNING:  This is going to be a highly controversial blog and piss people off, but it has to come out of my heart before I explode!

I seriously wonder sometimes if people actually listen to what they’re saying!

Such as when a teacher, a coach, a leader makes the statement that their knowledge should be guarded.

Or one that I hear so often, that humans are inherently bad.


I disagree.

I believe that all people are inherently good and deserve to learn all that is available out there.  I mean come on guys – if you honestly believe that we are part of a creation from a Source that is pure love, do you really think he/she got it wrong?  What, you think God has two recipes that is run on automatic, some baking good people and some baking bad people?

Just stop and think about this for a moment.

What instead if you believed that all people are good?  Would you show up differently?  Would you let your message rip from your throat in an ear-piercing howl so that all could hear and then choose which way they want to turn?

What if you believed that at their source people are pure soul simply here to have an experience?  Would you be on a mission to bring them joy and belief in themselves so that they can see what you see and spread THAT instead of the BS that people are bad.

What if all the souls are simply trying to find their way back to truth before the human body kicks the bucket?

I’ve witnessed and experienced that sometimes the mind gets to connect with a glimmer of absolute truth and the person shows up fully and their on fire with their passion and their joy.  I’ve also seen and experienced that sometimes the mind simply gets lost in all the noise and the blinking lights and the noise of the world, which puts said soul in pain and just like any animal who hurts, they simply react in any way they can find in the moment to try and alleviate the torment.

Sometimes they become violent and do dumb-ass shit like hurt others so they can just for an instance feel back in control and transfer the attention of pain.  Sometimes they take chemicals to try and remember what it feels like to feel good.  Sometimes they steal, sometimes they corrupt, sometimes they kill.

But they’re all just fucking hurting!

Do you get that?

Do you get that as a teacher it’s NOT your place to judge all humans as bad just because the noise has increased and more and more people are fucking trying their best but sometimes that best is just messed up.

I refuse to buy into this bullshit.

I’ve screwed up royally.  I’ve smoked pot.  I’ve abused alcohol.  I’ve starved myself to the point of anorexia because I couldn’t stand the image in the mirror.  I’ve drowned myself in food because I couldn’t stand the image in the mirror.  Does this make me inherently a bad person?

Well if that’s what you want to think of me then whatever Darling.  My behavior does not define my soul and quite frankly I am grateful for every shitty thing that I’ve done and that’s been done to me because they have provided the opportunities to learn and grow and to show up as the woman I am today.

A woman who is on fire to un-fuck 10 million people because I believe in the good of humanity!

And it’s statements such as we have to keep the knowledge from people because they’re not worthy that has brilliant people doubting themselves because every time you have the thought that humans are bad energetically that fucks somebody up!

How dare we?

How dare we do this to those who are ready to awaken and learn and take a stand for their magnificence?

Oooooooh I get so mad!

Screw.  That.  Shit.


Believe this.  Believe this and know that there will always be those who are here to keep others in ‘their place’ but on the reverse side of the coin there are also those of us who are here to help you scrape off the mud on your lenses so that you can start showing up as your true powerful self.

The true powerful self who can be, do and have anything that you desire because it’s all good.  The true powerful self who inspire others to wake the fuck up just by standing in your truth and living a life of growth, learning, joy and love.

That’s who you truly are.  Anything else is just part of the journey.

So my challenge for you today is around waking up and becoming aware of two things:

  1. I want you to start paying attention to what people around you are saying as statements of truth all the time (this is crucial for you to start understanding who you choose to hang with understanding that they are imprinting their thoughts and beliefs onto your subconscious mind).  Are you spending your precious time with the people who are empowering you on your path?  Truly?
  2. I want you to start paying attention to what you are saying to yourself and others and really start questioning if you’re empowering others and spreading the love or if in fact you are spreading some of the darkness?  This is not about judging yourself as good or bad.  Leave that to those who sit on their high and mighty thrones because they’re going to judge you anyway.  This is about awareness and making choices from that place of being awake instead of just reiterating what you’re probably hearing on a continuous basis (refer to 1)

That’s it.

You can do this right?

If you have some huge realizations and you want to share them you know where to find me.  Hit me a comment or drop me a message at

Because ultimately if you’re reading this, if you’re in my space, you know that this is true.  You know that as long as we keep saying BS such as people are bad we’re never going to fully show up for ourselves or for them.  Then what’s the point because your purpose is to bring light, to show truth, to inspire.

I believe people are good.

I believe people are more powerful than we can ever comprehend.

I believe YOU ROCK and that you’re doing great even when it doesn’t necessarily feel like it in the moment.  Just keep moving forward Babes.  One step at a time.  Just keep moving forward and you will not only find the right teachers that will get you running, but you will find your people who will be having a party with you that rocks the heavens and has those angels beating drums!

I believe in YOU!

Don’t ever believe anybody who says anything else.

And as always when you take your next breath remember that death is inevitable.  But thriving is a choice.

With love always,


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There will always be days when…

You and me, we’re pretty fucking spectacular Darling.

We were born to make a huge impact in this world.

I’m not necessarily talking about ending world hunger or stopping. war.

I’m referring to showing up as our best selves thereby inspiring others to go beyond the self-limiting social bullshit that we’re programmed with.

This sounds almost too easy to be true.  Which is probably why most people don’t believe it.

Instead they think that in order for us to be really valuable and make an impact we have to create something new and spectacular.  Something that’s never been done or seen before.

So instead of actually just doing the work they are here to do – aka be their best selves – they give up and say well if I can’t be THAT, I’ll just sit on my ass and observe the world and life passing me by.

This is a cop-out by the way.  Of epic proportions.

When we start buying into the lie that who we just are is not good enough, we’re simply feeding the commercial industry by numbing the pain with eating too much, drinking too much, smoking too much, asking for too much entertainment.

Instead of doing the real work.

The work that has us focusing inwards.

Stripping away the layers of false perceptions and self-fulfilling prophecies we have picked up over the years and finding our own truth.  The truth that you have a powerful body that desires nothing more than to move and take you on epic adventures.  The truth that what you think and what you have to say is important to your people.  The truth that you must have everything that you desire because each desire is there for a specific reason even though you might not understand it.

In The Science of Getting Rich,Wallace Wattle shares so beautifully that in order for us to have a true impact, we have a responsibility to show up as our best version selves and that means taking care of our bodies, our minds and our souls.

That starts by trusting what you’re being guided to want.

Over the years I’ve learned to follow my intuition even when it doesn’t make sense at the time.  That’s how I became an entrepreneur, how I became a life coach, how I became an IronMan, how I became a SkyRunner, how I moved to New Zealand etc.  None of it made any sense at the time and when people asked me why I wanted to do or experience it, I had no idea.  Yet looking back it makes perfect sense!  Each of these have been in service of my purpose.

Which is why I continue to trust that crazy little voice inside my head.

Okay so she’s not so little but she sure as hell sounds crazy at times.

Currently I have so many people asking me why I’m doing my yoga certification.  Am I going to start working at the studio where I’m completing my practical hours? Am I going to start up my own studio?

And the answer is a resounding NO!

In truth I have no clue why I’m doing my certification.  All I know is that I had a nudge to do so and the moment I said ‘Oh Okay I’ll do it’ everything just appeared and fell into place.  Like magic.

So I know it’s part of my journey and that it is in service to my soul tribe.  Only time will tell exactly how it all fits into the picture.  For now I just trust and I continue to show up and do the work.

It’s important to understand though that just because your only purpose is to be your best version self, doesn’t mean that it always feels easy.  Not by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, it’s probably the hardest fucking thing in the world especially when you’re in the beginning or the middle of the process.

When all around you you see mediocrity.

When people look at you skew as if you’re bat-shit crazy.

When your loved ones start ignoring you because they think you’re obsessed.

When you look in your bank account and there’s fuck-all abundance in there (except an abundance of emptiness).

This is why most people rather cop out and say ‘Oh I’ll never end world hunger so I’m just going to settle for what I have because it’s good enough’.

If it was easy everybody would be doing it Darling.

And there will be days when you’re on fire and feel like you’re unstoppable.

And there will be days when you just want to say ‘fuck this shit!’ and be like everyone else, grabbing a tub of ice-cream and the entire series of The Hobbit.

Those are the days that has the potential to turn into your most inspiring stories!

The days when you say ‘fuck this shit’ and still sit down and do the mind-set work.  When you take your time and reconnect with your reason why you started in the first place.  When you break through that glass ceiling and look back and think how easy it really was the moment you decided it was already done.  The moment you exclaimed to all who would hear that you’re a badass MOFO who will not be defeated.  Not today.  NOT TODAY!

It’s about just not giving in this time to the pain and the evil voice of the scared ego who wants nothing more than to have people like you.  But you know what?  Like will fucking suffocate you if you’re in my world.  Because if you’re in my world chances are excellent that you’re a born leader, rebel, creative, achiever.

We don’t do ‘like’ Darling.

Like is for the vanilla people.

Are you vanilla?

Are you feeling vanilla today?

How long are you going to stay vanilla?

No two days are created equal.  There will be good days and there will be challenging days.  What you have to ‘get‘ is that all of these days are happening FOR you.  All of them serve a purpose to unlock more of your awesomeness.  If you only want the good days you’ll never break the glass ceilings that leads to the epic days.

You and I both know that obstacles are put in your way to show you how much you truly want something.  And quite frankly if you’re not prepared to get over the obstacles then get off the fucking course.  Because others will find a way and you will sit there on your couch and keep saying “Oh how I wish I could do that”.

Well you CAN!

Nobody is stronger, more enigmatic, more important, more special, more awesome than you are.

But you have to put in the work!  The real work!  The scraping off the bullshit work!  The mind-set work!  The setting the goals and intentions and taking a step forward every single day REGARDLESS of how you’re feeling.  Change your feelings.  It’s all in your power.  But you have to want it.

What are you saying YES to today?

What are you saying ENOUGH AND NO MORE to today?

Because if you don’t take that stand right here right now, chances are you never will.

Believe in yourself!

I believe in you.

I desire nothing more than to see you on fire and succeeding in your life – however you choose to define success.

But you must want it more than I want it for you.

It’s your life Darling.

Are you going to live it as your best version self?


Because death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love,


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Take a stand for the AND to see what you’re really made of

You’ve heard me say it a million times before – I believe that you are here for a purpose far greater than you.

A purpose that impacts the lives of others in a beautiful way.

What I probably should add for clarity is the fact that I believe the way in which we live this purpose most powerfully is when we are phenomenally fucking happy.

When we do the shit that lights us up and makes us smile and laugh.

When we have surroundings that make us sigh in delight because it’s so beautiful and expansive and raises our vibrations.

When our relationships are fun and mutually supportive and lends itself to an upward spiral like gorgeous trapeze artists rolling up in the sky.

In order for us to reach this stage we have to allow ourselves to have it ALL!

And you can!

And you can have it all at the same time!

And you can have it all now!

I believe that society has really done a job by convincing us that to live a purposeful life we have to sacrifice joy in some form or another.  We have to give up our dreams or put them on hold whilst building a relationship and trying to convince the other person that we can make them happy.  We have to stall our ambitions because we’ve chosen to have kids and the right thing to do by our children is to be available to entertain them all the time.

Of course anything different from this we are labelled as selfish.

This is such a load of crock.

I should know because I’ve tried that approach and I nearly died!  I abandoned my truth and instead of thriving, I turned into a miserable, depressed, shouting bitch who scared the bejeesus out of my boys every time they dared to intrude on my private hell.

I wasn’t born to be a full-time mother.  Don’t get me wrong – I ADORE my kids.  I would die for my kids and I would even kill for my kids.

But they are a part of my life.  They are not my whole life.

The pain that I caused myself through self-abandoning was unbearable.

On the inside I knew that I’m here to make an impact.  To go on epic adventures that would inspire others to take a look at their own lives and ask the questions that truly matter.  Questions such as where they might be holding back because of a false belief that was handed to them by someone else.  Questions such as what their lives would look like if they gave themselves permission to go full throttle even when others continuously criticized and insulted them (jealousy makes you…)  Questions such as how they could possibly do it all when they are already so tired!

Here’s what I’ve found:  The more I do (and I’m not talking about keeping busy, I’m talking about doing the magnificent things that light me up completely such as building my business, racing, raising leaders, challenging my body and splashing in mud), the more energy I have.  It’s like I’m permanently plugged into some nitrogen that has me going on and on and on.

Screw Energizer Bunny – he has nothing on me.

The more I allow myself to say yes to the AND, the more I tap into my true potential and life force.  I continue to expand and to grow and to thrive.

Which is why I started taking a stand for the AND.

I can build a very successful business AND

I can be a kick-ass inspirational loving mother AND

I can be a sensual exciting lover and wife AND

I can be a competitive cyclist AND

I can be working towards my yoga certification AND

I can be a hard-core coach AND

I can be a thought-provoking author AND

I can be spiritually attuned and aligned each and every day.

AND yes – I do all of these every single day with a smile on my face – a genuine radiant smile of joy on my face – and I still have the time to notice the sunrise and the snow on the mountains and the birdsong at random times and the construction worker wolfing down his breakfast at the table next to me soberly contemplating his next move in life.

The reason why I can do all of these successfully is because I decided I could.  I decided that I didn’t want to buy into the notion that we have to sacrifice true joy to be good at anything in life.

But I will also tell you what I did say no to – I started saying no to mindless distraction and senseless ‘entertainment’ because I realized that all of these things were simply eating my time and energy without any true benefit or joy.  I’m not saying I never watch a movie – I happen to love a good movie.  But I choose what I want to watch.  I have also found that listening to interesting and inspirational podcasts bring me more joy than listening to the news and endless advertising on the radio.

Just by cutting out distractions my energy, focus and time has expanded dramatically.

It always comes back to questioning the norm, choosing your own truth and then living the life that your soul is craving!  The life where you wake up happy and go to sleep happy and feel happy in-between as well!

When you’re finding that smile is your constant companion, you know you’re on the right path Darling.  If instead you’re keeping company with mister frown you need to start questioning your choices PLEASE!!!

It’s not rocket science.  Stop believing the lies and reconnect with your truth.  Reconnect with your inner knowing.  Dare to be different.  Dare to give mediocrity the middle finger.  Dare to be true to yourself.  Dare to be happy.

I dare you.

Because death is inevitable but thriving is a choice which entails taking a stand for the AND.

With love always,


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Just when you think you have nothing left to give.

I’m going to fess up here – doing three hours of yoga a day is seriously challenging me.

As is my normal habit I’ve bitten off way more than I think I can chew and both my body and mind is feeling the increased intensity.

But a promise is a promise.  And ultimately I have made a promise to YOU to up my game, to collapse the timeline of manifesting my certification and doing whatever the hell it takes.

I’m not planning to go back on my word no matter how much my muscles ache or my mind wants to slip away into sweet slumber.

So it was that I found myself in class number three yesterday afternoon.  My body was dripping sweat and stars were periodically flying in front of my eyes.  All I wanted to do the entire time is to collapse into Shavasana (corpse pose) and lie there like the living dead.

I didn’t.

Each time the teacher instructed the next pose I would shake my head, dig a little deeper, take a huge breath and move into the fucking pose.  And held.  And held.  All the time craving Shavasana.

Then an interesting thing happened for me.

Around 45 minutes into the class I told myself to remember why I was here.

I’m not here just to move from one posture to the next dammit.  I’m here to become the best goddamn yoga teacher this side of the equator.  That’s going to take a hell of a lot more than just holding plank.

It’s going to take focus, dedication and mindful practice.

Why do I want to be the best teacher?

Because my tribe needs me to step up and guide them on a whole new and exciting journey where I combine body and mind into a  powerful unit to release long held trauma and bullshit from the body, unleashing the power of the mind so they can have extraordinary results in their lives.

That’s ultimately why I’m standing here in Warrior One with trembling thighs, screaming shoulders and arms, stinging salt sweat dripping into my eye making me blink furiously.

So I hold on to that and I hold mindfully.

As the connection is made my teacher gives the instruction “Okay, lie on your backs, legs apart, arms away from the body and relax in Shavasana”.


Always choices.

I get up.

I put my head on the floor and I do headstand for the entire time that the rest of the class sleeps.


Next level Baby.

Another glass ceiling shattered.

There is an interesting dance that happens between your thoughts and your muscles.  A dance where one starts humming a melody and the other puts in the words.  If the melody is upbeat and powerful, the words are uplifting and strengthening.  When the melody is soppy and sad, the words will always spiral you down into a pity party of epic proportions.

Here’s the thing though – at any given time YOU can change the tune!

In my head it normally sounds like “Stop your shit Anel.  Harden The Fuck Up.  Remember why you started and go next level.  NOW!”

I’m not saying that your voice has to sound the same Darling, but you have to start becoming aware of that voice and you have to start choosing the words that are floating around you.

The only way to get to this level of mindfulness is to practice it again and again and again.  To find some supportive tools that gets you in the habit of becoming aware and choosing.

Lately I have upped my journaling to between one and three hours a day!!  I’m finding the instant transformation addictive and it’s showing in my actions and my results.

Whenever I find there’s a slump in my energy I simply sit down and start asking myself what’s going on here?  What has shifted out of alignment that has me feeling this way?  That’s because I’ve made the decision that my normal is a pumping, driven, inspired kick-ass high achiever and anything else is a sign that something has gone haywire.

Then I write whatever comes up for me and look at it with intrigue and genuine interest.

Then I get to choose.

I start with “Everything that I write down is true in my physical reality” and I start writing affirmations like there’s no tomorrow.  EVERYTHING that I want to be, do, have, eat, think, say, experience – I write them down as if they already are because I know on an energetic level they are.

Try it.

I’m finding that the shift in energy happens so fast in my body that it literally feels as if someone has switched a heater on in my tummy!  I’ve even started sweating just from journaling in the last few days.

I’m instantly more energized and taking way more action than I thought was possible for me in a day.  My results have sky rocketed.  I no longer feel the desire to ‘relax’ because every time I write down my true life I am shifted into my next level energy and I have access to everything that she does.

And Anel 2.0 does three hours of yoga finishing off with a headstand.

Where are you feeling sluggish in your life or even day?  Have you sat down and investigated what’s really happening for you and what the gift of learning is?  Are you choosing to take control of your thoughts and transform your beliefs?  Are you dancing to the beat of your drum with abandon and joy?

This love letter is for YOU to become aware, to choose empowering tools and to step into your next level self in super fast speed.

Because as always death is inevitable, but thriving is a choice I pray you make.


With all my love,

Your stretched out yogi

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At which stage does knowledge stop being power?

I adored my grandfather.  I remember him encouraging me to always be open to learning and continue my education for as long as possible.  “Knowledge is power which nobody can ever take away from you Anel” he would say in his gruff voice, the skin by his eyes permanently wrinkled from his contagious laugh and wicked sense of humor.  Darling man.

Then we entered the age of information and I can’t help but see the ensuing chaos and confusion lying in its wake.

I believe knowledge is potential power.  Knowledge in and of itself doesn’t do jack-shit.  It’s only when applied that the knowledge becomes power.

So why in a time when information is so freely available are more people not more powerful?

I’m finding people become paralyzed from information overload.  They’re bombarded with way too much information to possibly absorb especially when they’re not being given the time to process and apply.  What this leads to is more uncertainty so what do  they do?  They try and find more information to alleviate the pain only to feel even worse off than before.

The next trend I’m picking up is that people are not ready for the information they are given.  Remember the ancient saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”?  Well nobody gives a shit if the student is ready or not – just teach them more!

But it’s futile.  If your mind, your energy is not ready to receive and process the information you’re simply piling on an already fragile foundation.  One of two things will happen – something will be lost or something will break.

Wonder why so many people are burnt out??  Think about it!  I believe this is exactly why.

My next observation is that people are putting the cart before the horse.  They’re so eager to learn new skills yet they haven’t taken the time to figure out WHAT they need to learn.  They haven’t created the energy of their next level self who will require new skills so instead they waste their time by learning all the wrong things.

I feel like I’m not explaining myself well so let’s take a different angle:  Any learning you do should have purpose.  Just like every goal you set should be aligned with your next level best self and who you ultimately desire to become, ultimately living the life you desire to live.  The fastest way to achieve any goal is to first understand who the person is who achieves the goal.  It’s a simple matter of stepping into that energy.  Of trusting yourself that you already know because ultimately every desire you have is a clue of the life you are destined to live – if you choose to do so.  And if you allow yourself to become that person.

Now the moment you step into the energy of your next level self, you intuitively KNOW what you need to learn, what the missing steps are, what the missing routines are.  How you are not showing up right now and how you would be doing things differently from that space.

It’s seriously powerful stuff.

So instead of just bombarding people with more information, I believe the very first step is to help people connect with their true desires, their next version self, and then ask them what it is that they require to learn to facilitate the process.

Very different approach right?

Now all of a sudden we allow people to step into their true power and adding the essentials instead of just taking on other peoples agendas and what THEY want them to learn and become.

Think about the impact it would have on companies.  No longer will they be spending thousands on ‘one size fits all’ training days but instead provide the correct mentors to employees to become their best version self thereby elevating standards, loyalty and the value add from each and every person.  It sounds like a costly affair but really it’s way more cost effective than the frustrating spray and pray approach.

Entrepreneurs, creatives, housewives would set amazing goals, get to identify their next level best selves and thrive as they eagerly learn the information that is in complete alignment with their desires.  No more frustration, no more overload, no more wasting time.  Super lean, productive, stimulated, on fire!

It’s hard to understand this if you’ve never trusted yourself and the fact that the truth already resides inside of you.  I’m not saying you should never again invest in learning and growth – hell no!  I’m saying first invest in your personal growth so you understand what learning to invest in.

Because until you become the person who understands the information you’re being taught, you will never learn it and you sure as hell will never apply it!

It’s pure insanity if you think about it.

And here’s the other thing:  when you step into the energy of the person who is already applying the learning, connecting the dots become super easy and super fast.

This is how I became an IronMan in a mere four months even though I couldn’t swim.  I simply claimed that energy for myself, stepped into it, and then my mind and my body could make the connection super fast.

So here’s your assignment for today:

Sit your beautiful self down, take out that big journal and ask yourself “Who is my next level self?  What is the goal that she is working towards?  What does her environment look like?  Who does she hang with?  What does her day look like?  What is she doing, what is she saying, what is she reading, what is she learning?”

Then free flow that baby and see what comes out for you.

Now you have to trust that what you are writing is your truth!  Because it is.

Next ask yourself “If I was already that woman, what would I tell my current self to learn next?”

THAT is what you want to invest in.  Because that is what you are ready to not only learn but to internalize, implement and use to your advantage.

I would love to hear what you’re investing in next to thrive so hit me a reply at and share!

Because death is inevitable but thriving is a choice Darling.

With love always,


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The tools doesn’t make the man – but can it hinder him?

Look what I received yesterday!  Aren’t they just gorgeous???

Yeah Baby, a brand new pair of mountain bike shoes.

I suspect my previous ones had probably been my companions in excess of eight years.  And after thousands of kilometers of mud, sweat and puppies they were exhausted.

But you know what – they served me beautifully and I’m a little in love with them.  Tatty and all.

Yet the woman in me couldn’t help but squeel with delight as I unwrapped the package with my brand new babies.  I can’t believe I had the discipline to keep on working instead of jumping  on my bike and hitting the trails.  But wait, for weekend is approaching and I know they will be a joy to wear.

This gave me pause to think of my cycling (and other sports and even work journeys) and an interesting observation came to light.  I’ve always been the type of person who will find something that I want to try – knowing instinctively that it will light me up, be in alignment with my purpose and desires, and take me next level – and then wanting to start with the bare necessities.

My loving husband immediately wants to run out and buy the best equipment money can buy.  But not me.  I don’t ever want to start off with the best of the best.  Instead I invest in a low end product that gets me started.  Then I want to work my sweet ass off, see what I can achieve, reward myself with small upgrades until I feel I can fully commit to the long run, to the more serious players.

At this point I will start investing in the best of the best.  Never before.

Now you might argue with me here and say this is a lack of commitment or a scarcity mentality or whatever.

But I know myself and I also know that in my world of high achievers, working for reward is essential to the joy we receive in succeeding.

And here’s the other thing I’ve noticed.

People who start with the best of the best tend to be a little ‘lazy’.  Thing is you have to work a shit ton harder with the basic equipment.  Now whether that is an entry level bike with no trimmings or starting a company without the fancy website, the paid team of experts, etc.

When you start off with the basics you have to learn a whole new set of skills without the assistance of advanced technology.  And make no mistake, the technology that goes into even the new bikes and running shoes are absolutely astounding!  And YES, they most definitely make a difference to your performance on race day.

I have chosen to model some of the pro athletes who train or play on entry level bikes knowing that it forces their muscles to work harder.  The response is slower so their instincts need to be sharper.  It’s just a completely different workout.  Then when you get back on your machine not only do you appreciate it way more, the thrill of the ride is intensified and all of a sudden you have all the new power from training which makes you fly!

The other observation I’ve made is that people who start off ‘easy’ with the best of the best don’t always stay in the game for the long run.  Equipment can become an ego thing as well as an excuse for not showing up, for not going the distance, for not keeping at it.

Oh I don’t have the right footwear so I can’t go out.  Oh I don’t have the same level of equipment as the others so of course I was going to loose.  I don’t have money for an upgrade now so I’m just going to wait until my ship comes in and then I can go get the new kit and THEN you’ll see how awesome and dedicated I am.


What will determine your awesomeness is you showing the fuck up every single day.  What will determine your awesomeness is your dedication to yourself and your drive and your passion and your willingness to do whatever it takes from wherever you are and with whatever you have at the time.

THAT is what will ultimately determine your level of success.

Which brings me to my next point that price is not always an indication of what is best for you OR of what is the best.  I know we like to think it is.  Especially with the way that the modern world is driven by clever marketing and the ‘luxury brand image’ that is being held as the one to have.  Be careful that you’re not buying a pretty picture instead of a product or service that is driven by passion and purpose and dedicated masters who invest in always improving their craft instead of building a brand and doing clever marketing.  I’m not saying you don’t have to do the marketing.  If you want to be of service, you need to reach your people.

Having said that there’s nothing wrong with investing in the luxury brands IF they are the best fit for you.  Sometimes what enhances one person actually distracts from another.  A designer suite might make one person feel like a king and another feel like an imposter which only screws them over and has them showing up insecure.

A sad contradiction of intended outcome.

What I’m trying to encourage you to do is to start making your decisions based on what it is that you need right now, what will be best for you in this moment, and what will ultimately take you next level.  Take your ego off the table, stop comparing yourself to others.  Instead go inside and connect with your higher knowing and ask “What is it that I require for my next level thrive?”  And then trust that it will be presented to you.  If you really want me to go completely woo-woo, ask your guides, angels, whoever you believe in, to connect you with the right people and products that will serve your highest good in living your purpose.

Allow the magic to happen.

Sometimes you’ll meet someone and think “No way!  That is just coincidence.  Right?” but you’ll know in your heart that it’s not.

I love asking for help.

I love asking for guidance.

I love asking to be connected with the right people and I always am.

From friends to clients to mentors and coaches.

It’s simply magical.

Today I want you to look at your current goals that you’re working towards and start identifying who or what you need to take it next level.  Is it an assistant, a coach, a new pair of shoes (don’t underestimate the power of the shoes Darling)?


This time around I don’t want you to drop everything and run out and buy the most expensive you can afford on your remaining credit.

Instead I want you to write to your spiritual helpers asking them to show you, connect you, with the right people or products that will greatly serve you at this point of your journey.  And then open your eyes and SEE!

Now here’s the other thing you will notice, when you get shown who or what, the means are there as well.  You will never be shown something and then get told “Oops sorry, you don’t have enough money for this.  Maybe next time.”  Doesn’t work that way.  If you’re looking at your bank account and not seeing the funds, then ask for assistance with that as well.  It might not happen the way you expect it to.  Instead you might have the inspiration to sell something.  You might receive an unexpected gift.  You might receive a discount or see a sale and viola!


Then take action immediately.

Hesitation leads to devastation which I see all the time as well.

Ultimately this is the only truth:  You can BE, DO or HAVE anything that you desire.  It all starts within.  For it’s never a lack of resources which leads to defeat – only a lack of resourcefulness.

Unlock your power from within and then use the resources from outside to enhance.  Not the other way around.

Show me your amazing Darling.

For death is inevitable.  But thriving is a choice you can make right in this moment.

With love always,


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Don’t EVER let them tell you what you’re capable of! EVER.

I find it amusing how nobody ever tells me to aim higher, stretch further, set the goal post on the other side of the world so I can grow more simply to get to the finish line.

Yet the moment I take my head out of my ass and decide to up my game to what I know is more in alignment with my true vibration everyone feels the need to tell me to slow down.  Do less.  Take it easier.


I’ve made the decision to collapse the timeline for my yoga certification even further thereby doing up to three classes a day.

I’ve been feeling under-challenged lately.

If I have to be completely honest with myself I’ve been feeling slightly bored.

I’ve been feeling no pain of exhaustion and pushing the limits again and again.  You know I love the pain.

I’ve been feeling OMG can  I really say it?  Average!  Bleugh!

I can feel my IronMan strength and fitness, both physically and mentally, die away.  That’s what happens.  It’s called muscle atrophy – what we don’t use, we lose.

So I went onto the available class schedule and identified how many classes I can do whilst continuing to transform and grow my business and add even more value to my tribe.  It’s going to be a tight balance upping my productivity, fueling my body cleverly and taking on the additional workload.

In other words Darling,


I’m going to be exhausted.

It’s gonna hurt like hell.

Play mode back ON!

Almost instantly I was advised to back down.  To slow down.  To take fewer classes and maybe one in the morning and one at night.

Not this time Hunny Bear.

I will never again take advise from those who have acclimatized to working with average performers.

Because I know myself in a way that they never will.

They will never know what I am capable of.

They will never hear the voice of purpose-driven passion in my head.

What I’ve learned by now is the more you do, the more you want to do, the more energy you have, the more you can do.  In the same instance the less you do, the less you want to do, the less energy you have, the less you can do.

See the pattern?

We can almost feel sorry for those who exist from day to day, going through the motions.  They look at us and get worried that we’re doing too much.  That we’re going to burn out.  Because they’re operating at 10% of what we do and they’re fucking tired all the time.

They don’t understand that we are a different breed, you and I.  They never will.

For we are the beasts who thrive on pressure.  The stress that kills others is like high octane fuel to our machines.  The goals that scare the pants off others makes us tingle with excitement.

I know because I was awake at 1 am thinking how else I can fit more in.

Not from an energy of panic or overwhelm.

It was from an energy of hunger!  An energy of ambition.  An energy of passion and my Soul knowing that I can sleep plenty when I’m dead.

Right now I don’t want to fucking sleep!

Right now I want to take this middle-aged body and get her lean, mean, sexy machine shape.  Because that’s what I need from her for my next goals.

So I use the ‘concerned advise’ to get me pissed.

Anger is a secret power that the ordinary shy away from.

Anger has taken me places in the past that I’ve loved.

Places that I would have missed out on if I hadn’t tapped into the explosive energy that is available in anger.

I realized this at my very first mountain bike race.  I’d just started cycling with my husband and we decided that we would go race together for fun.  Days before the race he received a request for a meeting a few hours prior to our race and of course he said yes.  “Don’t worry Anel.  I’ll be done in plenty of time for us to get to the race.”

Famous last words.

A couple of hours before the start I receive the message to go so long and he’ll meet me at there.

I could feel my irritation rise.

Standing at the start I was anxiously looking around for him.  I kept sending messages with no response.

The gun shot off and so did the riders.

I was fuming!

I couldn’t believe that he would let me down like this.

To make matters even worse, we hit a cattle crossing around 2 kilometers into the race and I had no choice but to stop and helplessly watch the riders pull away in front of me whilst the cows took their sweet time getting from one field to the next.

By the time that last cow moved her ass out of the way I was piping hot with fury!  I took every last bit of that energy into my legs and I pumped those little babies like Ferrari pistons.  In no time I started pulling in riders.   I held on to my fury.  My husband was in big shit!  Just wait until I got to the finish line.  He better not be there because I was going to fucking kill him.  He better be there or I was going to fucking kill him.

I was so angry I completely lost sight of what was happening around me.

So imagine my surprise when I came around the last corner to hear the announcement “And here is our first lady for the day”.


And people wonder why I’m so hooked on my cycling 🙂

I came skidding over the line and as I pulled the brakes my anger simply evaporated as it was replaced with pure elation.

Hubby never got the dressing down.  I was way too thrilled with my first ever win.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do this time around.

I’m going to get really pissed about the fact that I was told to slow down and I’m going to use every last drop of that to fuel my determination.

Wanna see me rock this out?

Keep your eyes open Darling because it’s going to be epic.

Yes, I’m going to have bags under my eyes and my normal attire will be replaced with sweaty yoga outfits for the next few weeks.  But know this – I’m going to be in my place of pure JOY!

How about you?

Are you feeling less than exhilarated at the moment?  Because that’s a huge clue for you Darling – it’s time to bite off more than you can chew.

It’s time for you to get pissed at all the well-intentioned little people who convinced you to be reasonable.

Fuck reasonable.

Fuck ordinary.

You Were Born for Extraordinary!

Just embrace it because it’s true.

Sit your sexy ass down right here right now.  Take out your journal and write down this question:  “If I stopped believing in limitations, If I stopped listening to others, If I was my most powerful self, what goal would I be working towards right now?”

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Then start writing without sensoring yourself.  Just let it come out.  Don’t stop writing until you know for sure you’re done.

Then have a read over what you just wrote.

Does  THAT set you on fire?

Does it make you tingle with excitement?

Do you feel a smile plastered on your face?

Now commit to it.

Right here right now!

Don’t you dare fucking back down.

Because right there is your truth.

Don’t you dare walk away from it.

Whatever your Soul has just shown you, you are capable of. Do you understand that?  Your Soul will NEVER set you up for failure.  Believe this and trust.

Then take just one teeny tiny action towards that goal.  If that is to enter a race, then do it.  Go on the website and just enter, we can figure out the how later.  If that is to open a separate bank account to save up for your dream vacation then do it right now.  If it is to register a website domain for your new business which you didn’t even know you were going to start, then do it!

One step is all it takes to get started on the journey.

And you’re so worth it.

Because whilst you’re listening to the little people your final breath is fast approaching.  Is it going to be a slow sleepy yawn or are you going to blow it out in a steamy exclamation?

Your choice.

With love always,


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