It’s time for us to stop hiding behind the ‘nice-girl’ persona

I’m just going to come right out and own it – I’m a bitch!

And proud of it.

For as long as I can remember I’ve looked at the idea of being a ‘nice girl’ and feeling bile rise up my throat.

Because according to my cultural definition of being a ‘nice girl’ I had to shut the fuck up and do what I’m told – without question.

I had to look pretty but not expose too much skin because that would make me a slut.

I had to decorate myself with lace but not tattoos because that would make me evil.

I had to speak in a demure manner and never curse because that would make me disrespectful and mean.

And I would NEVER EVER speak my truth without a million filters in case I possibly caused a painful reaction in the person who listened to my words.

In other words – I had to be an ornament, not an instrument of change.

And that my Darling, is not what I signed up for in this lifetime.

I signed up to experience a system of conformity and oppression so I could choose freedom.

I signed up to experience a culture where others could mutilate our bodies, our minds, rip out our hearts and we just had to take it silently and then paint on a pretty smile with Chanel lipstick and make them shine so I could find the beauty in my scars, my bruises, my blood and wear it with pride.

I signed up to disrupt the status quo by demanding people think for themselves and live through conscious choice.

And yes, sometimes, ripping off the band-aid hurts like hell!

Sometimes speaking my truth so raw and unfiltered that it penetrates the ego is not a pretty thing to witness.

I don’t get an ounce of joy in the pain of others.

But personally I would rather bleed profusely for a moment and release the poison from my veins than to die a slow death of existence.

At this stage of my life, my love for others simply overrides any need for me to be liked.

Now, some women get to do all of this and more through sweet caresses and soft whispers, and I’m thrilled that we get to each bring our unique flavour to the world as our people respond differently to different stimuli.

Me, I don’t have patience to wipe ass.

I don’t have the voice of a canary that sings hypnotic melodies.

Instead, I roar my pain into the darkness understanding that my warriors heed my call and take up their swords to join the fight.


I am a warrior!

I am a fighter!

I am a bitch!

And I’m proud of it.


For too long have we been silenced because we sound different to the good girls.

For too long have we played by the rules carved out by those who would not have their authority questioned as it would highlight how selfish and fucked up most of their decisions are.

For too long have the bitches put on granny panties and blush lipstick, thinking their words to death, watering down their passion.

I’m taking a stand for YOU today to burn those offending cotton ‘ouma’ nappies, to put on the ‘Slut Red’ lipstick and to say it the way you see it.

Will you piss some people off?

Only if you’re doing it whole-heartedly.

Will you have the fakes running for the hills?

Faster than you can say ‘peanut-butter-jelly-time’.

Will you feel authentic?

For the first time in your life, yes!

But it comes down to what YOUR truth, YOUR purpose, YOUR mission is.

What I do take a stand for is you being authentically you.

Warts and all.

So today I ask you – who would you be if you didn’t give a shit about what others think or say about you?

What would your message be?

What would your voice sound like?

What would you wear?

What would you eat?

Who would you surround yourself with?

How big an impact would you be making?

You get to do you on your own terms.

If you have the brass ovaries.

For only death is inevitable

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  I believe that within each of us there lives a lover and a bitch.

Both of these are powerful.

Both of these are necessary.

Especially if you’re building an empire of impact.

Yet how often do you meet a woman who has her bitch under lock and key, struggling to succeed because charming them with honey doesn’t always get the desired results.

I believe as an empress there’s a time to be the queen, there’s a time to be the lover, and there’s a time to be the warrior.

It is when we masterfully blend these that business and life flows.

If you’re curious about how this will look in your life, what the mindset of an empress will do for your success, what difference a little bit of discipline and accountability will make for you, then book your free consult today and let’s get you seeing your possibility to thrive!


How aware are you of your creations?


Just for a moment I want you to drop into your body.

Feel into it.

Feel into your gut area and ask yourself, how is it feeling in there?

Is it feeling strong?



Is it maybe even feeling a little queasy?

How is your posture feeling right now?

Are you slightly slumped over?

Maybe your tummy muscles are feeling the weight of your shoulders hunched over your heart.

Closed off.


Or maybe your sitting upright, shoulders back, heart open to the world, chin slightly lifted and your throat exposed to speak your truth confidently.

Now take your attention to your feet.

Are you feeling the connection with earth?

Or have you somehow floated away?

Are your feet maybe aching, feeling squashed, feeling trapped?

Ask yourself, how grounded are you feeling in your life right now?  How connected are you feeling to your loved ones, to your purpose, to your lifestyle?

Look at your surroundings.

What are you seeing?

More importantly, what’s the feeling your environment evokes?

Are your surroundings leaving you feeling uplifted, creative, expansive, filled with new ideas, hope and love?

Or do you look around and feeling even more chaotic?  Unkept?  Trapped in a box existence that has you tirelessly cleaning without ever feeling like you can breathe a little deeper?

All of this matters!

It matters because YOU have created it all.

And if you’re not feeling amazeballs, you’re not creating very consciously right now.

It needs to change!

Your body is not just an object to be decorated with pretty labels and gold chains.

She is your barometer of how aligned your life is to your true values and desires.

It’s time for you to start paying attention and connecting these dots Darling because the longer you ignore the sensations in your body, the longer you will suffer.

I see it all the time.

People with bad posture not even aware of the messages they are screaming out to all who witness their appearance, attracting more vampires, repulsing the high vibers.

People living in chaotic environments wondering why they’re not creating abundance and luxury in their lives regardless of the amount of action they’re taking.  Except there’s zero space to allow in the new, instead the old keep moving around in a senseless pattern of insanity.

People making shit tons of money yet going to bed at night feeling sick to their stomachs because they’re lives are so out of whack that they’ve forgotten the reason they started making money in the first place!  The impact they desired to make.  The legacy they desired to leave behind.  The relationships they desired to empower by showing up as their best version selves.

Today I want you to set your alarm to go off every hour and each time it does, I want you to do a quick scan.

How does your body feel?

Is there pain and stress in your back?

Are you feeling bloated?

Are you feeling rock solid ready to rock out the next hour?

I want you to look up and take in everything in your environment.

Does every little thing in your surroundings lifting your spirits or bringing you down?

No judgement.

No criticism.

Just awareness.

Ask yourself, considering the vibration of your being right now, what is it that you’re creating?

If your vibration is low, drained, stifled, frustrated, suppressed, I want you to own the fact that you’re actively creating more of that shit in your life right now.  Stop whatever you’re doing and go do something fun for the love of God!

If your vibration is high AF, feeling passionate, expansive, exuberant, creative, keep doing what you’re doing Sunshine.  You’re rocking it out!

I want you to understand just how powerful you really are!

I want you to get in your bones that you truly ARE creating everything you see around you.

And how you feel from moment to moment, matters!

If you stay disconnected to your body, your emotions, you’ll always be creating unconsciously.  And I’m yet to meet the person who creates epic magic unconsciously.

If on the other hand you start training that beautiful mind of yours to be mindful, you will be gobsmacked by just how quickly you can start living your dream life.

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Did you see my training on the three foundational pieces crucial for women to build successful businesses?

In it I explain why these elements are non-negotiable, the impact it has not having them, and some tools to ensure that you start implementing right away.

If you missed it, watch it here now and let me know what you loved about it, what you didn’t like about it, and more importantly what’s your biggest take-away and the action you’re going to take immediately to ensure that your foundation is rock solid.

There can be no excellence without discipline.

Holy moly we’ve become a society of lazy turds!

When did being lazy even become such a virtue?

When did being undisciplined become a sign of freedom?

Of success?


I’m yet to meet a truly successful person – I’m talking successful in health, in relationships, in business – who is not disciplined to the extreme.

Disciplined in thought, emotions and action.

I implore you to wake up to the fact that the current social construct is set up to make your brain lazy.  To make life ‘easy’ for you.

You’re brought up in a schooling system which defies free thinking.

You’re socialised in a family structure of unquestioned loyalty and adherence to what the elders tell you to do.  Now in the olden days I could see the wisdom in this, when the elders were well integrated humans who spent time connecting with Nature and Creator, understanding the intricate relationships between life forms and passing this wisdom on.

With all respect to the current elders, most of you fried your brains with acid, alcohol and 20 Camels a day, working like mindless drones until you either fell down dead at your little cubicle desks or waiting for retirement and a slow death of boredom.

Most current elders are filled with suppressed anger, resentment, jealousy and I get it – you have reason to feel all of this.

The gift you brought us is how fucked up the system is so that we can make different choices for ourselves.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative of this!

Yet my concern is for my generation and the ones following who are not waking up fast enough.

Those letting the pendulum swing the other way – from overworked to sitting like mindless sloths!

Sunshine, it’s time for you to get your ass off the couch, for you to get outside and breath in some fresh air, to activate those beautiful little brain cells, to think, to create and to thrive!

Nothing in your life is ever going to turn up roses until you become disciplined!

Until you take control of your thoughts, your words, your emotions and your actions.

Parents need to start installing discipline in their households once more – not from a space of “Because I said so” but from a space of “Because I do so”!

It is in our routines that we create our reality.

Mastered routines come from repetition.

There is nothing quite like “boredom” that will strengthen your resolve, your muscle memory, your power.  Ask me – running up and down a swimming pool lane for 3 hours will kill you if you’re not strong enough to take hold of your mind and keeping it on track.  Having the discipline to finish that last lap so that you don’t give up at 2 hours 57 minutes.

Which is the first hurdle I see most people fail at.

So overstimulated by electronics and gadgets and shiny objects, they demand to have new and bright all the time.

But what is it really costing you my friend?

What is your lack of discipline in your eating costing you long term when you have all that shit sitting in your arteries slowing down the blood flow, the life flow?

What is your lack of discipline in your relationships costing you when you simply couldn’t be bothered to romance your partner anymore?

What is your lack of discipline in your exercise costing you when your hips tighten up so that you ultimately can’t walk pain-free anymore?

What is your lack of discipline in your chosen career costing you when you never reach a place of mastery and always dabble as a Jill of all Trades?

What is your lack of discipline in your spirituality costing you when you stop tapping into your soul and the wisdom that resides within you?

The moment you sit down and get real about the price you’re going to pay in years to come you can start making better choices.

You will start seeing the wisdom in slowing down to speed up.

You will start seeing the benefit in being supported by structures and routines that frees up your creativity.

You will start seeing the joy in living at peak performance Baby.

Sadly, most will never take the time.

They might read all the way to the end of this blog and then carry on to the next one.

Seeking something more fun and stimulating.

But they are not my concern – only YOU are.

What will you do with this awareness today?

Will you sit down and work out the cost?

Will you take the time to see where in your life you have become lazy and the ripple effect it’s having?

More importantly, will you commit to a new lifestyle where discipline forms the cornerstone of your divine success?

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is truly a choice which you have to be disciplined in making every single day.

With love always,


PS:  I believe in four pillars for an indestructible mind-set:  Drive, Dedication, Discipline and Determination.

Not negotiable.

Not all agree with my methodology and I respect that.

For my clients, those who resonate with my values, these pillars transform lives.

It’s how they go from struggling, exhausted and hardly making ends meet to having their toes painted gold whilst feeling fully supported in their thriving businesses before picking up their kids for play-time.

It’s how they effortlessly slim down having fun in the process and feeling more energised to build their empires.

It’s how they have a full day making a difference in the world and then showing up as a goddess in bed.

It’s tough as nails in the beginning Darling – all change is.

But if mediocrity is simply no longer acceptable to you, if you’re ready to push through the discomfort to relish the reward, let’s connect today.




What is the real commitment about?

Once again there’s a lot of speculation on whether or not goal setting is indeed effective and powerful.

There’s a rumour that we’re too hard on ourselves when we set the goals and don’t always hit them first time around.

That there’s too much shaming in the process.

It’s not the most loving way to live.

Well okay, I get that if you’re going to approach this process like a first grader you’ll feel this way.

And we all had to start in kindergarten Darling – even I used to set goals in isolation, made it all about the ‘prize’ and then pinned my identity on whether or not I achieved it.  If by chance I got to the finish line I was a badass rock star who could fly to the moon.  If I didn’t I was a complete failure, a pussy who just doesn’t have what it takes and hung my head in shame because what would they all say about me now?

Maybe you too had the unfortunate experience of setting a goal that was challenging and maybe, heaven forbid, you didn’t hit the target.

So you felt bad.

You made it personal.

You decided that it feels shit and you stopped setting goals.

Or maybe you’ve fallen into a pattern of setting goals and then not understanding why you keep sabotaging yourself and so you create the belief that it’s just not worth going through the process again and again if you’re not getting ahead.

I respect your choice, your journey.  There is another way for you.

For my people, goals rock their world!

It took me decades to understand that setting goals is not about achieving goals.

Setting goals is simply giving you the direction for growth, keeps you focused, opens you up to a new way of showing up.

It’s about who you have to become in the process in order for you to achieve said goal.

This can only happen if you set the specific goal and then expand the view to see the totality of life of the person who achieves at this level.  When you set the business goal you need to understand what this person’s fitness looks like, what their relationships look like, what their routines look like, what their diet looks like, what their team looks like, what they think about, what they believe, what brand of toilet paper they use.

Change will be required in ALL areas of life to facilitate success of the singular goal.

And this is where most get tripped up.

Where they don’t take the time to understand what commitment it’s really going to take and then when they start taking action it feels like too much.

You have to not only be committed to the desired outcome, you have to be committed to the CHANGE.

If there’s no growth demanded from you, no change in the way you think, the way you take action, the way you show up, it’s not a goal!

It’s bullshit.

It’s a waste of time.

And change means that there’s going to be a ripple effect in your life that your subconscious mind has already figured out!

If you don’t get ahead of this effect your ego gets activated full blast.

That means your FEAR button gets stuck at the bottom and OF COURSE the bitch is going to sabotage you at every opportunity UNLESS you make the change a NON-FUCKING-NEGOTIABLE in your life and you are prepared to SACRIFICE whatever it takes for you to win!

Sacrificing bad habits.

Sacrificing small thinking.

Sacrificing comfort.

Sacrificing addictions.

Sacrificing codependency.

Sacrificing fitting in with the old crowd.

Sacrificing toxic relationships.

Sadly most people are more committed to the current state of relationships, health, misery and comfort than what they are to the change!

They are committed not to upset the boat too much because the rats feasting on their souls might not be able to swim and since they feel responsible for everyone else they’re prepared to sacrifice their personal purpose, their personal joy, their personal thrive.

They say that they’re fine for now.

They can wait another twenty years until the kids are out of the house.

They’re dreams are just dreams after all.

The goals don’t need to be set because they don’t have the time, the money, the energy, the freedom right now to do what it takes to achieve them.

Or the economy isn’t quite right.

Or the market is saturated right now.

Or they’re just too overweight.

Or just too tired.


Goals demand commitment!  True commitment.  

Commitment to your purpose.

Commitment to your thrive.

Commitment to your personal growth.

Commitment to things changing drastically.

Commitment to the only person you’re truly responsible for – YOU!

Which kinda goes against everything we’ve been brought up to believe.

You call me selfish.

You call me hard.

You call me insensitive.

You call me a bitch.

And I guess I am.

Because quite frankly I love too deeply for me to tolerate suffering.

I love too deeply to sit back and watch people existing in mediocrity when they’re here to lead.

Here to create.

Here to disrupt the status quo.

When I can see that inside of them is the wisdom, the ability, the drive, the hunger – but they’ve shut it down because others are not prepared to do the work.

You will never live your true desires until you are prepared to commit to loving yourself.

You won’t do whatever it takes.

It’s that simple.

Death is inevitable.

Thriving takes commitment.

With love always,


PS:  I want YOU to succeed.

I want YOU to understand that true success comes from change in every area of your life.

Which means you really do have to start by creating the big vision in every area and then bring it back to be honest of where you’re at and what actions you can start taking to bridge the gap.

I invite you to grab your free ebook “Get from where you are to where you want to be – FAST” and to start your journey to change.

But only if you’re courageous enough to commit.



Three types of people – know yourself, become a champion.

As I felt the burn in my legs my head started her same old conversation.

Why am I here?

Is it really worth it?

What will it matter if I just stop for a little while?

Blah blah blah

My legs kept going.

In this instance, I’ve out-trained my ego.

Which freed me up to start thinking about my strengths and my weaknesses – truly the only reason I train is for the brilliant insights I get out on the road.

Now when it comes to sport, and as is turns out in everything in my life, I’m slow as shit but I can go for hours!

I’m an endurance baby through and through.

It took me a long time to figure this out.

You can figure it out right now.

For today’s insight we’ll stick to three types of people – sheep, tortoises and hares.

Sheep are those who just want to stand in the herd and graze all day long.  They’re really content to be like everyone else.  They value perceived safety above all.  They’re risk-averse.

Nothing wrong with being a sheep.

I’m just not the gal for you.

I understand you academically but I don’t get you on a cellular level and have no desire to.

Then there are hares.

These are the achievers who love going balls to the walls for a short distance and then sit back and sip a martini to recover.  Their explosive power is nothing short of magnificent.  They tend to be muscular in built.  Their energy is high vibe AF.  They love their toys, they love admiration (and let’s be honest here ladies, who doesn’t appreciate a good six-pack?).  They shine in the spotlight.  You will find them in top management and they quickly build their businesses to outsource as one of their strengths is delegation.  They have the ability to make a shit ton of money in next to no time and don’t mind telling you they’re going to retire by the time they’re forty.  And they often can.

The weakness of the hare is that they can easily get distracted by setting too many goals at once or falling for bright object syndrome.

Hares don’t have the patience to set and stick to really long term goals.  Instead they shine with a longer term vision and short term goals that they can hit hard and then take off.  The secret for them is to build in periods of high intensity followed by complete recovery into their calendars so they can come back and hit hard again and again.

Then there are the tortoises.

Those of us who are also achievement driven but our super power is our ability to set those long term goals and to work relentlessly towards them.  Our bodies, at best, get lean.  Our energy is high when turned on but in secret we’re hermits and we thrive with long periods of semi-isolation.  Our businesses are always purpose driven and we’re in it for the long run.  Till death us do part.  We have no desire to retire and quite frankly when we do it right, our work never feels like a chore.

Our weakness is of course that we take way too long to outsource as we have such massive amounts of stamina that we can do the work of ten.  It doesn’t mean we have to, as this often bottle necks the growth of our empires.

Tortoises excels when then have long-term, medium-term and short-term goals.  They have a deep desire to understand the bigger picture and once they do, they become laser focused, easily shutting out distraction, putting their heads down and getting on with it.  Tortoises have no desire to veg out, and instead we get the best results when we work in periods of increased activity followed by active recovery – in other words for your business it’s building intensity for 3 weeks and then taking one week where you focus more on personal development work, mindset, strategising, etc.

The real power comes from understanding which animal you are and how to use this insight to your advantage.

First you have to stay focused on your own lane.

If you’re a tortoise trying to keep up with a hare in the short term you’re going to blow!  Crash and burn bitch.  Instead you want to periodically train with the hares (think interval training to make you strong) but this is simply part of your long term strategy to go even further.

If on the other hand you’re a hare, stop entering endurance races thinking you can out-sprint the tortoises.  You want to compete in the sprints and every now and again train with the tortoises.  Yes, I know we frustrate the shit out of you in the beginning of the run when you just want to go go go, but we both know that there comes a point when the burn starts kicking in and you’re dying while that slow poke keeps churning it over.  You want to train with the tortoise to build the endurance that you can then bring into your sprint to use your power for longer instead of losing the race in the last 20 meters.

More importantly ladies, you want to figure this out for the sake of your business!  How we do one thing is how we do everything which means if you’re a tortoise in sport, you’re a tortoise in business as well.  Different race, different strategy, different rhythm.

And if you’re in the wrong lane you’ll never make it to the finish line!

You want to start surrounding yourself with both tortoises and hares as coaches, mastermind partners, trusted advisors – staying focused on who you are, who they are, and learning how to use the combination of strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.

I also want you to start getting out of ego and understand that one is not better than the other.  They are simply different.  Each with their super powers and their kryptonite.  It’s about optimising YOUR strength and outsourcing your weakness.

But only if you’re really an achiever.

Only if you’re driven to win.

If not, if you’re a sheep with bunny ears, then you won’t get any of this and you’ll keep doing it the same way and moan about not getting different results.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice.

With love always,


PS:  You need to understand that those who are serious about winning, those who are in it for a PB, they don’t do it alone.  They always, and I mean always, work with a coach to keep them on track.  To keep them sticking to the right strategy for THEM.  The personalised strategy that you simply don’t find in a group program or on Google.

They work with a coach that keeps them out of ego.

The coach that understands how to set the goals that keeps them motivated.

The coach who keeps them accountable and disciplined.

I work with hares and tortoises.

High achievers who are purpose driven and who understand that in order for them to win they have to play the game from a place of their strengths.

If you’re ready for a brand new level of accountability and results, I invite you to book your consult today.

Can all the normal people please step aside for the unicorns???

Okay, enough already.

Enough of the bitching and moaning.

Enough of the fucking continuous sad-assed posts of how hard life is.


Life is challenging.


Life is filled with ups and downs.


True achievement is not sitting on your ass sucking chocolates.

So what?

Holy shit man, what kind of society are we creating filled with an obsession for numb mediocrity of mere existence?

People don’t want to feel anymore.

They don’t want to feel angry.

They don’t want to feel sad.

They don’t want to feel frustrated.

They don’t want to feel challenged.

They don’t want to feel depressed.

They don’t want to feel scared.

They don’t want to feel the sting of failure.

Now I’m told they don’t want to feel happy either.

You could have knocked me over with a feather last night when I was told that there’s an alarming increase in suicide because people can’t cope with feeling too happy.

Can someone please develop a WTF app for my phone???

Well okay, so freedom of choice.

It’s your choice to end your life.

I respect that.

And I’m really cool with being told last night that I’m abnormal because being obsessed with my goals are not normal, and being motivated by extreme pleasure and pain is not normal, and welcoming a bitch slap for deep introspection is not normal and having zero tolerance for complaining is not normal.

Thank the lords of peanut butter for not being normal.

But I do want to say is that if you want to be normal get the fuck out of my way.

My unicorn wants to run free!

And if you want to be normal, I’m happy for you, but stop being a hypocrite telling everyone you want to be phenomenal.

The truth is that most people simply don’t know how to handle being magnificent because they don’t have the balls to play game.

So they sit in the stands and they talk a big game.

They say they want to impact millions.

They say they want to upset the system and bring change.

They say they want to create epic levels of freedom for themselves, their loved ones, their soul clients.

And then they fill their days with bullshit activities of destraction.

They actually have their phones on so people can call them at all hours of the night and day.

They have notifications for notifications for every social media platform.

Okay, one woman even confessed to me today that she takes her phone to the crapper to stay connected.

Where’s my WTF app???????

Enough already.

I love normal people.  I love the contrast they provide for me.  I love the fact that without normal people we wouldn’t have extraordinary people.


I want you to start owning what you choose to be and then to state it publicly.

I want you to make damn sure that your choice is what your really want and then I want you to stop talking and start showing me your choice.

If you’re hungry, I want to see you hunt.

If you’re brave, I want to see you expose yourself.

If you’re here to bring change, I want to see you stand on your soap box and preach your message until you’re hoarse.

If you’re in the game, I want to see you sweat and bleed and fall to your knees and to get back up.

It’s time for you to lead from the front Darling.

No more bullshit.

It’s your time now.

Show me your choice.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving IS a choice and yes, it includes riding a unicorn.

With love always,


PS:  Are you ready to give yourself PERMISSION to be extraordinary?

To be in a world where goal obsession is the minimum standard?

To actually create results in your business, your fitness, your relationships?

Not just talking about it but making shit happen.

Getting out of your own way, your own fear, your own self-sabotage.

Being held accountable every step of the way so your BS don’t have time to stick.

Welcome to my world Darling.

In my world we don’t do ‘realistic’.

We understand that each and every one of us has a purpose and the moment we find the courage to say YES to that which we’re born to do the Universe meets us halfway and magic starts happening.

We understand that it takes whatever it takes to get to the finish line and that failure simply means we’re not done yet.

We choose to feel deeply and to use our feelings to fuel our passion.

If you’re ready to ride that unicorn bare-back, let’s connect today.


Are you hiding behind the skirt of your fear?

Aaaah Nunu, you a little scaredy-cat?

You think that you’re the only little girl afraid of a little fear?

The only one who grew up in a big scary world?

The only one who has failed before?

Who has been criticised?

Who has had some nasty people knock you down?

So you walk around saying “I’m afraid.  I need to first do another course before taking action because I’m afraid.  I have to put another system into place before taking action because I’m afraid.  I have to first fix myself before taking action because I’m afraid.  I have to first find my Prince Charming before taking action because I’m afraid.  I have to first look after my kids before taking action because I’m afraid.”

Well boohoooo Sunshine.

I have some sobering news for you – everyone is afraid!

All the time!

It’s simply part of our human make-up.

And you’re going to be scared until the day you die.

It’s called life.

Suck it up.

Now you get to choose – you can choose to use your fear as an excuse to be another big talker who lives in mediocrity.  Another one of those who make promises left right and centre, to yourself, to everyone else, and never keep them because your honour is stuck at the bottom of your fear.  Another one of those who get to mid-life and hit rock bottom because you have abandoned yourself such a long time ago that you have forgotten who the fuck you really are and have embodied the identity of fear.  Feeling like a wimp and a victim as fear tends to create chaos in life.


and this your ray of sunshine

You can choose to embrace your fear and use it as your compass to greatness.  You can choose to chase fear down with a ferocity that has it whining like a little bitch.  You can choose to put a desire in front of the fear that has you salivating with hunger and NEVER again stop taking forward action because you REFUSE to live without your desires a moment longer.

Did you hear me?


Not once the kids are grown up.

Not once your man has transformed from a couch potato to Captain America.

Not once you’ve won the lotto and have shit tons of money.

Not once you have miraculously lost ten kg’s and your ass has jumped back into place.


The ONLY way you’re ever going to do this is to make your PASSION bigger than your FEAR.

Understanding that your fear is going to fight back relentlessly – it’s what she does to seperate those who are truly hungry from those bloated with average.

Which also means that you have to relentlessly reconnect to your passion – every hour of every day!

To ensure that fear doesn’t sneak up on you whilst you’re lazing by the pool and overtakes you from the bottom of your martini.

I want you to make a commitment to yourself today that you will NEVER again use fear as an excuse not to thrive!

And yes, it really is only an excuse.

Fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real.

Do you get that?


You’re rolling around in the smooth brown stuff thinking you’re covered in chocolate but in fact you’re simply saturated with shit.

And it reeks!

Do you choose to stay in the stink?  Or do you choose to finally be the badass leader you came here to be?

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  I’m the same as you.

I too wake up in the morning and feel the cold tendrils of fear creep up my neck.

I too look at my goals and think “HOW???”

Yet I’ve learned how to use the energy created in my body (adrenaline) to take action!

How to set myself up for success by connecting to my passion, my purpose, my drive, my desires in such a way that my fear has zero chance of stopping me.

I work with the coaches who keep me accountable, who push me relentlessly out of my comfort zone, who push my buttons ensuring that I stay the course.

And this is exactly what I bring to my clients.


I dig to your core and connect you with your true desires, your true passion, your true purpose and I guide you to set the goals that has your ass on fire.

I show you the big picture that you’re too close to see yourself thereby illuminating your strengths, your weaknesses, your bullshit stories, your empowering beliefs.

I hold you accountable so you move forward regardless of your fears – I’m told I’m more scary than the monster under the bed.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you finally set the goals that not only lights you up, but has you grow at a phenomenal pace.

It means that you get to cultivate an indestructible mind-set that has you achieve anything you desire to achieve.

It means that you get to build the business of your dreams in a way that feels phenomenal, working with clients that has you on fire, making the money that supports you living a life of freedom.

It means that you get to show up as your best version self and bringing that to all your relationships thereby finally feeling loved and appreciated because quite frankly Darling, you love and appreciate yourself.

It means that you get to stop living IN fear and you get to live IN passion.

But you first have to get out from behind that skirt and book your consult.

You coming?





Beware that you’re not mistaking the vision for the experience.

As a young girl I loved sitting in the auditorium, hypnotised by the grace of the dance unfolding on stage.

The lights.

The long lines from finger tips to perfectly pointed toes.

The breathtaking leaps, rolls, twists, turns.

The designer costumes with cleverly placed sequence and pearls to highlight the movement as the dancer would twirl.


And then I would be called to the back.

I would walk on to the stage, the curtain lowered, the lights harsh as I put resin on my bare feet.

Take my position.

Adjust my vision as the lights go out.

Breathless as the curtain slowly rise.

On cue, the music starts floating through the air and my body executes the moves she has rehearsed for hours.

I would see the brightness of the lights half blinding my vision.

I would feel the burn in my lungs as the exertion was taking a toll on my body.

I would feel the strain of my muscles as I pushed them beyond their previously trained limitations.

I would often feel the skin being ripped from my feet with searing hot pain as I turned or slid across the floor.

It was my privilege, my dream, to create an illusion for the audience.

The same illusion I enjoyed only moments before.

An illusion so powerful that my audience would be emotionally moved to a state of euphoria, vicariously living through my body.

Yet they would never have the full experience.

The journey.

The growth.

That feeling of magnificent accomplishment as the final strands of music dies away and applause thunders through the air.

Applause in appreciation of your sacrifice.

Your hours of dedication to your art.

Your blood.

Your sweat.

Your life.

THIS my Darling is what life is all about for you and me.

Those of us who came here to lead, to inspire, to create, to heal.

Those of us who play the game.

But it breaks my heart to see how many people never choose to go from spectator to player.

Instead they get lulled into thinking that because their bodies have a tingle, a reaction, that they’re actually doing something with their lives.

They think they’re on the field because they set the big goals.

Some of them even create the vision board and get all excited when they look at it.

Some meditate and get themselves into a state of complete exhalation – YES YES YES they exclaim sitting on their pillow.

Hell, some even do the incantations with powerful emotive exclamations.

And because their bodies release the chemicals and hormones that create the illusion of the experience, they fool themselves into thinking that they have achieved.  That they’re happy.

They don’t take any action.

They don’t work with the professional choreographers to showcase their brilliance.

They don’t practice for hours, refining, adjusting, course correcting.

They don’t exert their bodies to experience the burn in their lungs.

They don’t push themselves past their previous limitations.

They don’t ever bleed a drop.

In other words my Darling, they’re sitting in a 3D simulation of what their lives could possibly look like but they never get to live it.

They never get to grow.

They never get to experience the sense of pride, of true accomplishment.

Don’t be one of the spectators.

Don’t just sit on your meditation pillow and not show up for yourself and your dreams.

That’s not living.

Living is about experiencing the full spectrum.

The joy, the sorrow, the elation, the depression, the liberation, the rage.

All of it.

THAT is the journey.

Anything else is just an illusion masking mediocrity.

And we both know that you never came here to be mediocre.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice which demands you get some skin in the game.

With love always,


PS:  Are you aware of the fact that less than 10% of people even know what they truly desire?

They’re so busy living vicariously through others that they haven’t taken the time to figure out what it is that they truly want.

They’re so caught up in comparison that they don’t even remember what is really important to them.

So they try and copy the lives that appears to have others happy.

Except they’re miserable.

And they don’t understand what they’re doing wrong.

They invest thousands to learn the strategies and the systems and the methodologies but something doesn’t click.

So they struggle.




Until one day, something has to give.

And it’s normally them.

Don’t let this be you.

Instead, I invite you today to start from where it matters – your heart.

I invite you to start building a business that not only pays your bills on time, but has you lit up from the inside.

Waking up energised and excited in the morning.

Taking creative action resulting in more soul clients, more impact, more wealth, more passion.

Success that empowers you to provide for your family at a brand new level.

That makes a difference in your kids life so that you can feel proud of yourself AND enjoy your time with them instead of always thinking of the ten thousand other things you still have to do.

All of this and more is possible for you.

But you have to get into the game.

Fall In Love With Your Business is my gift to those who are determined to create empires that has them thriving.

Are you coming?


If you don’t like the outcome, change your fucking actions!

I suspect I’m getting old as my tolerance level for bullshit is almost reaching zero.

I remember my gran being such an impatient woman and always wrote it down to her age.

Fuck me.

Here’s the thing though, I simply don’t have patience with bitching and moaning anymore.

For people who make choices, whether those are conscious choices or they are too fucking lazy to do the mindset work so they let their egos run the show, and then they sit and sulk because their lives aren’t turning out roses.


Nobody else.

I’m not sure when we became such a society of wimps, victims and assholes, but it has to change.

People laugh at me when I say that a third of people are going to wake up, a third are going mad and a third are committing suicide.

They can’t see the insanity of the hamster wheel existence where people are literally falling dead on a train because they’re so fucking exhausted they don’t have the strength to breathe anymore.

They can’t see the suicide of drinking yourself into the emotional maturity of a toddler, clogging up your arteries with saturated fat, frying your brain with drugs, spewing destruction wherever they go.

They think all of this shit is normal FFS.

And then they think that those of us who are up at 5 am and still working on our personal development at 9 pm don’t have a life.  That we’re the ones that has something wrong with us.

Come on, they say, get yourself a glass of wine and destress and learn to relax a little.

Which is always fascinating to me because why the hell would I want to execute their actions when they’re overweight, exhausted, grey, bored and miserable?

Today is your call to awakening.

It’s your call to understand that if you want to create a life of joy you have to start paying attention to what the hell is going on in your life right now!

You have to start paying attention to how you’re feeling and acknowledge that if you’re not on fire, if you’re not ecstatic, if you’re not excited every single day, you are making some pretty shitty choices in life that is fucking you over.

You have to start paying attention to the results of your actions and instead of blaming everyone for not understanding what you’re going through and the economy for being bad and for the government for being against you, take full responsibility and change your actions.

It’s time for you to grow a pair of brass ovaries and to stop being so chicken shit that you have to hide behind your children, your responsibilities, your partner, your social injustice, your housecleaning duties, and to start doing your purpose work.

Your real purpose work.

Your soul work.

The thing you came here to do.

The thing that has taken you on a journey that has seen you hitting the floor with so much force that your knees cracked!

The thing that has taken you to hell so you can look the devil in the eye and say “Come on motherfucker, you want me, you have to do better than this because your demons will NEVER break my soul!”

The thing that has you up at night when the world is passed out because your passion burns like a furnace in your veins.

And only that thing.

You have to stop distracting yourself with shit.

You have to stop being a slave girl and own the fact that you’re an empress here to build an empire.

No more excuses.

No more sympathy seeking ‘oh wo is me‘ bullshit.

TTFU Sunshine or stay average and doom your kids to a life of misery because you don’t love them enough to break the cycles of poverty, the cycles of abuse, the cycles of oppression so prevalent in our world.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Are you done yet?

Are you done waking up in the morning and knowing that you have a full day ahead of you and instead of feeling on fire you are filled with dread because you don’t believe you’re going to get the results regardless of your sweat, tears and pleading with the Universe?

Are you done reacting to your environment, exhausted by continuously putting out fires, always worried about how you’re going to pay all the bills?

If you’re ready to step up and start building your empire where you not only make a profit, but you love the work you do every single day, pay attention.

You see Darling, when you’re aligned and you do what you came here to do, you set alight the forces within your subconscious mind that unlocks the creativity required to build a highly profitable business that provides for your family and has your kids proud of you.

You stop working against the tide and you start strategising to let the tide take you to where you desire to be.

That means more success, faster, in a way that feels amazing, has you shine like a star and rocking your life, your family, your stilettos and your orgasms.

But hell, who wants that right?

Well my clients do.

Which is why they sign up and show up.

This is not for everyone.

If you want me to listen to your drama and hush you in my big bosom (first hint I don’t have a big bosom) then I’m definitely not the coach for you.

If you want me to rip your fear out from under the bed so you can face that asshole like the warrior you are, if you want me to connect the dots so you KNOW that HELL YES this is what you’re here to do, if you want me to keep you on track and moving forward at a speed that makes most vomit, then yes, I’m your girl.

If you’re done being a spectator and you’re ready to take back your power, it’s time we connect.


It’s not your circumstances that need to change.

When last have you connected?

With yourself?

With your body?

With your thoughts?

With your feelings?

Every single day I get to chat to people who are driven to achieve magnificent levels of success.

They are determined to go from where they are to their next level.

Yet I also see how they are completely focused on the external.

They are focused on their bank balance and what that does and does not allow them to do.

They are focused on their relationships and what that does and does not allow them to do.

They are focused on their work and what that does and does not allow them to do.

They are focused on their socially determined roles and what that does and does not allow them to do.

In this external focus they have become so disconnected to themselves that they have no fucking clue that what is going on inside in fact CREATES what they are seeing reflected in their lives.

The stories that they are telling themselves regarding their money, their partners, their colleagues, their bosses, their clients, their homes, their cars, the shape of their bodies, their friends, their levels of energy, their creativity, their smarts, all of it.

These stories triggers feelings inside.

Feelings ranging from joy and pleasure and expansiveness and freedom to resentment, rage, jealousy, victimhood, deterioration, implosion.

These feelings cause a specific energy vibration within their cells.

And it’s this energetic vibration that determines the outcome of their actions.

Which is why you so often see people working themselves into a coma yet not becoming successful.

If we dig a little deeper it’s because even though they are going through the right motions, ticking all the right boxes, their driving emotions are resentment, depression, anger, repulsion, self-hate and disgust.

Sorry to tell you Love, but all you’re doing is attracting more evidence into your life of the shit-festival that’s going on inside of you.

Then you see other people apparently working with less than half the effort yet they receive avalanches of success – daily orgasms, tons of money, romance and fulfilling relationships, running marathons, rocking a bikini-body, the works.


Because on the inside their having a celebration and that energy is infused into every single action.

OF COURSE they are going to attract more of that into their lives.

Here’s the other thing I need  you to know: the latter, the ‘lucky’ ones, they chose to be happy BEFORE they became wildly successful on the outside.

That is because the vibration of success is JOY!

You simply cannot attract joy aka success when you’re a miserable bag of bones!

Quite frankly if you’re not finding joy in your current circumstances stop fucking focusing on your current circumstances.

Go to the one place where you have complete power and from which you create – INSIDE OF YOU!

Start taking control of your thoughts (sounds way easier than it is but you’re a rock star so I know you can do it).

Start taking control of your feelings (takes some practice this one but you’re strong so get to it).

Change your narration and stop telling us an endless violin inducing day-time soapie replacing it with a kick-ass adventure filled with shrieks of excitement and thrills.


if you’re really catching on to this,

do it without any of your previous limiting bullshit rules!










You get to choose the flavour and texture and decoration.

You get to choose if you want to eat it on fine china or sitting on the beach cradling the delectable slice in the palm of your hand, letting the crumbs fall freely into your lap.

Shit, you even get to choose who licks the crumbs from your thighs.

All of it.

Start small and grow into this.

Start by paying attention to the voice in your head.

Oh stop it, I know you hear it too.  No use in denying this to me.

Pay attention as to what she is talking about moment to moment.

You will soon start finding your obsessive focus and chances are that in the beginning you’ll be horrified at the shit you’re telling yourself.

Start paying attention to the emotions these stories are creating in your body.

Is your body filled with tingles of excitement?

Adrenaline pumping fear?

Nauseating resentment?

If you don’t like the way your body is feeling, move her!

Get on your bike and ride your ass off.

Get in front of a punching bag and hit that sucker until your arms are on fire!

Lace up and run Forrest RUN!

Change the vibration.

That’s all for today.


just start getting into these two connections and your life is already going to transform.

Because nobody really wants to be a victim.

Not really.

I know it’s easier in a society ruled by sheople but it sucks nickerballs.

It’s been my experience that ones people become aware of their pathetic, boringly depressing stories, and they start moving their bodies to change the vibration, they, like me, get addicted to endorphins and start seeing immediate change in their lives.

I’ve done my part today.

I’ve created awareness for you.

Now it’s over to you.

What action are you going to take the moment you get to the PS?

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

And it always takes action.

With love always,


PS:  I don’t work with superheroes.

I don’t work with aliens in human disguise who have secret powers.

I work with ordinary people who understand that they have the power to create change, not only for themselves, but for generations to come.

I work with those who finally stop looking outside and do the hardest work of all – breaking down the barriers they have erected from a place of pain, not knowing that love transcends all fear.

I work with those who speak less and do more because they understand that without action no results will ever be achieved.

I guess my question to you is, are you a talker or a doer?

If you’re ready to do the real work, if you’re ready to become the conscious creator of your life, if you’re ready to stop piddling around and start doing your real purpose work, then it’s time we connect to see if I’m the coach that will support you in getting from where you are to where you want to be.

Let’s play.