Sometimes you just have to say ‘fuck this shit’

You get what you tolerate.

Let me say that again because this is a game changer.

You get what you tolerate.

Not what you’re striving for.

Not what you’re working for day in and day out.

You can put in the most insane amount of hours, but as long as you tolerate bullshit, you won’t get your potential results.


I don’t have a scientific explanation for you.

I do know that somehow it contaminates your energy.

It breaks down as fast as you build up.

It’s like a virus that attacks from the inside, destroying the integrity of your very core until you crumble.

And sadly, most people aren’t even aware of how much they tolerate.

I suspect it’s because very few people truly LOVE themselves.

Few take the time to even figure out who the hell they are or what they stand for.

They put others on a pedestal above themselves and then,

They sacrifice

their standards

their dreams

their values

their honour

their passion

their truth

all because we’ve been told that we always have to put others first.

The alternative makes us selfish, irresponsible, a bitch, unlikeable!

The other ‘universal truth’ I grew up with is that the ultimate indication for worth is how many people like you.

If you’re liked by many you’re a winner.

You are awesome – go you!

You are worthy.

If you’re liked by few you’re an outcast, a failure, a rebel without a cause, a reject.

You’re broken.

Unworthy of love.

Go sit in the corner and hang your head in shame.



As far as I’m concerned the more I am my true self, the fewer people will like me and I’m okay with that.

I’m not here to win a popularity contest.

I’m here to speak my truth as I see it in this moment, knowing that as my journey continues, and I continue to grow, that truth will change.

As I change.

My true self don’t filter my words just in case it doesn’t make sense to everyone.

I don’t say the ‘right’ thing in the ‘right’ way that always makes people feel good.

When we only feel good all the time we’re not fully living.

Hell, most of the times I receive my words and exclaim “BITCH, OUCH!”

Because I speak to myself more than I speak to you.

I have no desire to only feel good all the time.

I desire to THRIVE!

For me, thriving is the full spectrum of emotions available to me at all times.

Just look at nature – she’s not rainbows all day every day.

Nature is raging storm.







All of it.

Why on earth would we NOT want to experience all of life?

That means that sometimes I’m soft and cuddly and soothing.

Other times I’m raging and cursing and storming into the night.

Other times I’m quiet, contemplative, introspective.

And me not sharing all of me with you

Is bullshit.

Why wouldn’t I?

Because you will judge me?

Well you’re judging me right now, aren’t you?

Whether the judgement is coming up positive or negative, it’s still happening.

What I found was that when my results was dissatisfying it was because my bullshit tolerance was WAY HIGH.

I would tolerate the bullshit intrusions of others to eat up my time.

I would tolerate the bullshit opinions of others to dictate my behaviour.

I would tolerate the bullshit expectations of others to filter my words.

I would tolerate the bullshit fear of others to limit my crazy.

Or so I told myself.

Do you see what I see?

It had nothing to do with anyone else.

It’s all MY own bullshit that I was tolerating.

I simply didn’t want to own up to it, so I would look outside of myself for another’s arse to pin it on.

As hard as this was to admit to myself,





I was telling myself stories of how others were dictating my life, my environment and how I was tolerating their stuff.

In truth it was only my own ego I was tolerating.

My Ego was telling me that I always had to be available for others – otherwise they wouldn’t like me or find me valuable.

My Ego was telling me that the opinions of others should matter – otherwise I’m not a good person.

My Ego was telling me that I should always put the needs of others first and then get to my own things later – otherwise I’m not a team player.

My Ego was telling me that I should be considerate of others fears – otherwise I was causing them pain which made me an inconsiderate bitch.

All my own bullshit.

My own excuses to not face my fears.

My own excuses not to rise to my potential.

My own excuses not to live my dream.

My own excuses not to be free.

And the moment I stopped tolerating my own bullshit,

the moment I DECIDED to stop tolerating my own bullshit,

the shackles fell off.


Because enslavement feels safe.

Yes, you might be imprisoned, but you get fed, you are guaranteed a place to sleep, the guards might be keeping you in but they also keep others out.

And when you are free, all of that disappears.

Now you are responsible for yourself.

You are responsible for your own stories and how they impact your actions.

You are responsible for your own feelings and how they drive you or hinder you.

You are responsible for your own actions and the results they create in your life.

You keep saying you want to be free Darling, but do you really?

Or is it easier for you to tolerate your own bullshit?

Saying you don’t have what it takes to make the change.

BULLSHIT.  You have everything you need inside of you.

Saying you don’t have the resources needed to rise to the challenge.

BULLSHIT!  You have everything you need inside of you.

Saying you don’t have the support you need to go next level.

BULLSHIT!  You have everything you need inside of you.

All you need to do is take that key that’s in your pretty hand and unlock the prison door.

That’s not going to happen until you stop tolerating your own bullshit!

So real talk – if you dare:

Where in your life are you miserable because you’re tolerating your own bullshit?

Where are you not rocking it out because you’re tolerating your own bullshit?

Where are you playing slow because you’re tolerating your own bullshit?

Where are you feeling sorry for yourself because you’re tolerating your own bullshit?

Where are you drowning your sorrows with more booze because you’re tolerating your own bullshit?

Where is the fat bulging in the constraints of your clothes because you’re tolerating your own bullshit?

Victimhood is a mother-trucking choice Darling.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  Are you done tolerating?

Have you had enough of that pathetic voice in your head always telling you what you can and can’t do?

Are you ready to stop playing small, stop fitting in, stop being one of the faceless crowd?

Are you ready to be who you truly are?

Are you ready to be Legendary?

Get the details here and if you’re ready to partner with an insensitive bitch who simply won’t tolerate any bullshit excuses, apply.



How do you become an IronMan? One training session at a time.

As you stand on the beach, anticipating the canon fire, the oldies tell you the hardest part of the journey is behind you.

That the real challenge is not getting to the finish line, but to the start.

When I heard this I thought they’d been smoking pot.

They weren’t.

The journey to becoming an IronMan is gruelling.

Entering my first event I honestly didn’t have a clue what I was letting myself in for.

I didn’t do any research.

I didn’t speak to anyone who had already done it.

I saw the YouTube clip.

I said HELL YES.

I paid.


And then I sat down and looked at what the race entailed.

3.8 kilometer swim – okay, so I couldn’t swim and was petrified of water.  A challenge.

180 km bike ride – I was pretty confident I could do this.  After all, I had been racing for about 5 years and even managed podium at national level a couple of times.  If I could ride 100 kms I could get another 80 kms into my legs.

42.2 km run – another little obstacle.  Not only am I slow AF, I have a bone fragment in my hip making running painful.  Luckily I wasn’t aware of my hip condition when I first entered, that would come out in the wash once my training commenced.

Even as I sat staring at the breakdown, silently shitting myself, I knew I would do it.

I didn’t know how.

But the HUNGER was insatiable.

The moment that I heard the words “John, You Are An IronMan” I knew, I knew that I would fucking DIE to hear those words with my name.

I know this sounds absolutely insane.

Soul hardly ever makes sense.

Which is probably why so few people follow the call of soul.

It’s scary.

It’s crazy.


I’ve learned to trust the call.  To swallow my fear.  To commit before over-thinking.

And then

To put my head down and do whatever it takes.

Training for IronMan was humbling!

As an achiever I push hard and I play with the boys in front.

On my bike this had become possible.

Now at age 38, I had to learn how to swim.

Fuck, three year old toddler swim better than I do.  Even after three IronMan events.

I had to swallow my pride and do hours of shark-fin drills in the pool in front of people staring at me.

I had to spit my shame as I would stand crying next to the lake, unable to get myself to swim in open water.

I had to shut out the voice in my head as lap after lap my ass would sink to the bottom of the pool and defeat could easily have overcome me.

Morning after morning I would get in my car after training, crying in frustration and embarrassment.

Was this really worth it?


The running wasn’t going much better.

It didn’t take too long for injuries to start popping up.

First my right knee started hurting.


My lower back was killing me.

It got to the point where I couldn’t get further than 500 meters without puking as pain racked my body.

Off to the experts – therapy, x-rays, inserts in my shoes, injections, off to more experts.


Eventually I was sent for scans which revealed the protruding bone ripping up the inside of my hip.

I was told to throw in the towel.

To have an operation and then, hopefully, if nothing went wrong, I could try the following year.

Not an option.

Not for me.

So I had to run in a pool.

For up to three hours at a time.


Not allowing yourself to stop, touching the side, turning around, keep going.

Don’t think about how stupid you look.

Don’t think about how fucking bored you are.

Don’t get out after 2 hours 56 minutes.

Four minutes sacrificed now, is four minutes lost on race day.

As your training progresses, you get to the point where you hope shit will go wrong.

That you will get a flat out on the road.  That it will start raining.  That the wind will blow you off your bike.

Knowing that every time something goes wrong, you learn how to overcome.

You learn how to change your tube in record time.

You learn how to huddle down lower.

How to protect your vision when it comes pissing down.

You learn how to be super selfish, organised, disciplined.

Because it’s not as if you put your life on hold whilst training for IronMan.

You still have the business to run.

You still have kids to raise.

You still have a partner to keep happy.

There were days when I had to get up at 3 am just to get everything in – refusing to drop any balls.

There were times when I would get back from a training session, so exhausted, hurting so much, I was elated to find nobody home.

Just so I could lie on the floor and sob.

Just so I could crawl to the couch and pass out in the sun.

Just so I wouldn’t have to lie about how awesome it was going when I didn’t know how I would find it in me to show up for the next session.

Wanna know how I became an IronMan despite all the cards being stacked against me Darling?

I NEVER missed a training session.


Regardless of how much I hurt, how tired I was, how shit was hitting the fan in my life, the stormy weather.

Every session completed was a mental win in the bag.

And when you get to the start line, you want a huge mother trucking bag of wins!

As you go through the day, as you hit your low points, you simply go into your bag of wins, you remember the hundreds of hours of training.  You dig up all those tears, all the humbling moments, all the cuts and bruises.  You pull out every sacrifice that you made along the way.

THIS is how you become an IronMan.

It’s not even about the day.

It’s about every single hour leading up to the day.

It’s the training sessions that give you the physical skills, the mental resilience, the focus, the discipline, the power.

It takes patience.

You have to slow down to speed up.

You have to trust your coach and when she tells you to sit your ass down in the saddle to keep your heart rate down, you don’t discuss, you just fucking do.

You have to trust your equipment will get you through the tight corners with the right momentum.

You have to trust that your nutrition will sustain your energy.

You have to trust yourself that you have what it takes – you have proven it in your training.

Why am I telling you about IronMan today?

Because everything in life works this way.

You have to set the soul-goals!

You have to commit to putting in the hours, to do the training, to be humbled, to show up every single day.

You have to DO THE WORK.

You have to trust your coach, your equipment, your process and above all YOURSELF.

Nothing for nothing Darling.

Stop thinking everything has to happen overnight.

Stop thinking everything has to go smoothly – how will you ever learn to overcome adversity??

I invite you today to ask yourself where are you walking away from your desires because you think it’s too much to bite off?

Where are you giving up because you’re not willing to show up as the student when your ego tells you that you should be a master?

Where are you not putting in the hours – the real hours.  The hours of learning, open to making mistakes, open to screwing up?

At the end of the day it’s your choice.

You can keep only doing the easy shit, to only do what you get right immediately, to not challenge yourself.

You can choose to give up because others look better than you and you don’t want to look like an asshole.


You can go all out and set the goals that really light you up.

You can take the time, put in the hours, and master one skill at a time.

Everything comes down to choice.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

Love ya,



PS:  It’s been my experience that the reason most people ‘fail’ in business is they don’t have a big enough WHY.  They think that business is about keeping the pot at home cooking and when things get really tough, it’s hard to stay motivated.  My coaching style is purpose driven, ensuring my clients have the drive and motivation to not only set bigger goals than ever before, but to relentlessly take the aligned action to ensure goal achievement.

Because when you understand that you are wired for success in every aspect of your life. including your business, you have the belief in self that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

You change the way you show up.

You change the way you think.

You change how you feel about yourself.

You change your energy levels.

You change your results.

Because you get to clear the noise of doubt in your head which normally makes you hesitate, running around in circles.

Noise reduction leads to faster more effective decisions.

And what that really means is seeing real results, building that bag of wins, spiralling you up!

For more than a decade I’ve had the privilege of working with entrepreneurs who have transformed their businesses and lives by connecting with purpose, passion and understanding how this drives their careers.

If you’re ready to receive a new level of support, clarity and practical performance tools you can implement immediately, let’s connect to see if this would be the right partnership for you at this time.

Eventually we all have to choose – certainty or change.

It’s crucial that you understand that we all have seemingly contradictory basic needs.

Two of those are the need for certainty, and the need for uncertainty or adventure.

It’s when we don’t pay attention to these opposite pulls that we seem to default to certainty.

Let’s be honest here, most people are terrified most of the time.

There’s a level of ‘safety’ in certainty.

Why do people stay in abusive relationships?


Because there’s certainty.

They know what they’re in for.

They know when to expect the blow, the hurtful words, the humiliation, the floor.

And they know there will always be ‘love’ afterwards.  There will always be a tender look or a soft touch.

Leaving this insanity is terrifying.

Because they don’t have a clue of what else is available to them out there.

Same thing happens when people go through radical change.

You witness the breakup of relationships when the addict becomes sober.

Everyone looks at you screw – what is wrong with you?  He’s finally sobered up and now you leave?

Well yes.

Because you KNOW the drunk.

You don’t KNOW this stranger.

You don’t KNOW how to behave because your trained actions are eliciting foreign responses and you don’t know how to cope with the uncertainty.

You see it when a person goes through massive personal growth and transformation.

Their partners haven’t taken the same journey and all of a sudden they find themselves waking up next to a stranger and they think “I didn’t sign up for this shit.  I’m outta here!”

Why do so many marriages crumble in the IronMan world?

Not the professionals – the ordinary folks.

Because training at this level, being this obsessed, willingly enduring this level of physical pain, changes you.

Partner is still sitting on the couch.

Sick and tired of hearing about saddle sores and recovery drinks.

Who are you?

You’re not the person who used to party with me every Friday night.

Adios Monchachos.

One partner prefers sameness, certainty.

The other now seek challenge, adventure, risk, uncertainty.

And we seem to fluctuate between these.

I personally used to value certainty above all.

I needed that sense of security – the fact that it was mostly false wasn’t relevant.

Then one day I took a step back and I started questioning.

Is this state of existence truly what I desire?

Do I really feel safe if I have to stay in situations because I’m scared to leave?

Am I happy?

Am I thriving?

Is this how I want to live my life – from the outside wrapped in cotton wool, insulted and battered behind closed doors?

What is the worst thing that could happen if I embraced uncertainty?

If I start taking risks?

If I admit to my fear and go challenge myself to see how far I can push the needle?

I could die.

Keeping it real.

What is the worst thing that could happen if I embraced certainty?

If I stayed?

If I gave into the old belief of ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t?’

I could merely exist from day to day.


Eyes open.

Dead inside.

Until I die.

Either way, I’m going to end up dead.

I decided to flip the switch.

I started off small.

I signed up for kickboxing classes and progressed from bag-work, to contact, to full contact with the boys.

I took my psychology training and complimented it with life coaching training.

I started riding my bike – an affair that still heats my blood.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

I continue on this path of continuously reviewing my life choices and asking myself, do they reflect a need for certainty or a desire for adventure.

I get to choose – without judging either as good or bad – which I will embrace in each situation and life category, knowing that both are completely human experiences to want.

What I am discovering is that the older I get the less I’m choosing certainty.

This could be because I know my time is running out and I have no desire to go to the grave well preserved, my story boring AF.

It could be because I used to give a shit what others thought about me, what they said about me, now I don’t really give a rat’s ass.

Quite frankly Darling, if they have time to talk about me it’s because their own lives aren’t stimulating enough to hold their focus.

I am not responsible for how others choose to experience me.

I am only responsible to continue striving for improvement and being my best self, ALL of myself.

It could also be because I’m not willing to hold myself back for others anymore.

Yes, like many a natural born achiever, I used to go half-pace because loved ones were continuously falling behind.

And I loved them goddammit.

It hurt leaving them behind.

Now I know it’s not up to me to hold back.

Because their lives are theirs to live, mine is mine and mine alone to live.

I have no idea who will stand next to my death bed, but I know sure as hellfire that I will be lying on it.

I’ve come to understand that this obscene idea of ‘until death do us part’ is nothing more than a need for certainty.  And it might have worked for people two hundred years ago, it might be working for others right now, but not for me.

It’s still scary.

It still hurts to make the sacrifices at times.

I still feel a lot of resistance.

But it’s a choice.

All I want is for you to start consciously choosing.

To decide what you really want and which you are prepared to prioritise – certainty or adventure.

No judgement.

It’s your life.

Not mine.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  Is your life serving as an inspiration or a warning Baby?

Do others look at you in awe or shaking their heads at the loss of your wasted potential?

Legendary is HERE!

ONLY for those ready to break those mothertrucking shackles and play full throttle.

ONLY for those ready to set MASSIVE goals AND do the work to achieve them.

Whatever it takes.

I’m talking OBSESSION my friend.

I’m talking DEDICATION.

I’m talking DISCIPLINE.


You will demand your own blood, sweat and tears because this is where you feel most alive.

And then you will give me some more.

I welcome your application.




As long as fear is your driver, you are the slave.

Yes, we all feel fear.

Especially those of us who set those big mother-trucking goals.

Fear is a constant companion.

She is there when you wake in the morning.

Waiting for her moment to slink up to you, wrap her seductive arms around you, French kissing you deeply.

And you can anticipate her.

You can wake up ready for her.

You can choose to kiss her right back with so much passion that she’s the one left breathless.


and only then,

she becomes your ally.

However this is not what I witness in most people.

Instead I see people fearing fear.

Dreading waking up because they know she is sitting patiently waiting for them to regain consciousness.

They constantly say they want to be fearless.

Thereby implying they’re marinated in fear.

Then they wonder why they are not achieving their desired goals.

They are frustrated by their lack of results.

They don’t understand why they are taking action every single day but the needle is not shifting.

The reason is because fear is their main driver and they are the slave.

You’ve heard this a gazillion times before Sweetpea, whatever you focus on you create more of.  Whatever energy you are vibrating on you attract more of that as evidence.

So if you’re constantly terrified, if fear is the foundation of your goals, you only create more shit that keeps you stuck in fear.

You can set the most amazing goals in the world, they can look wonderful, inspirational, however if you don’t take the time to figure out the driver for this goal you’re screwed.

If you’re currently going through a particularly challenging time and you’ve set a goal thinking it will turn things around for you, the goal that will save you, the one that will make it all better, that’s FEAR baby.

There’s a sense of distress and you will bring that crap to your beliefs, your actions, your words, everything.

How do you know this is true?

You ask yourself why this goal is so important to you and the answer smacks of desperation.

A ray of hope to hold on.

Maybe the goal will make you feel better, or you think it will make you look better, get you more applause and recognition.

I’m sorry to tell you this but if that’s your driver, and if it truly is a kickass goal, you’re doomed.

Because the transformational goals DEMAND a big why.

One that takes you by your gut, it rips up into your heart, it raises you to a new perspective which you refuse to let go of.

Those transformational goals DEMAND sacrifice.

And if you’re already trembling in fear and scarcity you will hold on to what you know with everything you’ve got – even when what you know is fucking you over.  Even those codependent relationships that has you shrinking smaller every day.  Even when you know that bottle of wine makes you weak, your thoughts foggy, has you losing moments of time.

Those transformational goals DEMAND that you grow.

And growth, in my experience, is uncomfortable AF and scary and yes, at times it’s painful.

My pain is part of my story and I wear it with pride.

Those transformational goals DEMAND that you take full responsibility for your life, for your creations, for YOU.

That means YOU and only you raise your standards to a new level of excellence and you fucking REFUSE to ever bow down again.

You leave those fuckers behind who ever made you feel shit, who made you doubt your power, your sanity, your worth.

You surround yourself with the real players even though you don’t feel worthy in the beginning, even though you feel uncomfortable to start with, even though you feel slightly embarrassed at the outset.  And then you work your sweet ass off, learning from them, using them as inspiration of what is possible, modelling their behaviour until you find what works for you.

It’s up to YOU!

Nobody else is going to save you.

Nobody else is going to do the work for you.

Yes, you can have the best coaches teaching you the best strategies in the world, but if YOU don’t implement with gusto, if YOU don’t bring your A-game, if YOU don’t load it with intensity, you will NOT show the results.

Do you think any of this happens when you slink around in the shadow of fear Darling?

Not a fuck!

I wake and face my fear head-on.

I dare her to take me back to hell.

I have been there before.

I have been burnt to the ground by the fires.

Now I am the fucking fire bitch.

And still I rise.

Fear has nothing on my passion.

I am driven by SOUL.

I am driven by PURPOSE.

I am driven by the fact that I came here to lead, to inspire, to wake up the masses who are ready to thrive, who are hungry for change, who are willing to make conscious decisions and take the results on as their own.

I will not be stopped by fear.

Previously she had me whispering.

She had me pissing my wetsuit.

She had me crawling on the floor, unable to breathe, terrified to live.

And still I rise.

I have no desire to live without fear.

I welcome her into my life.

I use her as an indicator of where my growth lies.

But not without reconnecting with my drive.




I reconnect.

I prepare myself for whatever is thrown my way.

I get dispondent at times.

I reconnect.

I get tired.

I reconnect.

I get frustrated.

I reconnect.

I get furious.

I reconnect.

Always coming back to why the hell I set the goal in the first place.

And if it doesn’t light my ass on fire,

I’ve set the wrong goal.

Back to the drawing board.

If your foundation is shit, your results will be shit.

Take more time with the ground work.

Figuring out the right goals with the unbreakable drivers!

Successful people know their why.

Living with fear VS living in fear.

It’s a choice.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  Legendary is coming!


You’re either going to do what it takes, or you’re not!

I had some real talk with myself this morning.

Shit, it’s astounding just how much we can deceive ourselves.

How we can fill up our time to hide the fact that we’re not really showing the fuck up.

Well, enough and no more.

Here’s my truth:

If you’re a high achiever, you have EVERYTHING you need inside of you to achieve WHATEVER the fuck you DECIDE on.

But you have to be willing to wake up,

show up,

do the work,



day in and day out,

until you cross the finish line.

Understanding that it’s not done UNTIL you have succeeded.

You keep focused

You keep eliminating distractions.

You keep delving into your mind and rip out the bullshit limitations you’re setting on yourself.

You keep taking off your speckled glasses and see what’s really in front of you.

You keep taking the knocks and you get your fucking ass back up off the floor and you move forward.

I don’t give a damn how tired you are.

I don’t want to hear how much it hurts.


Because let me tell you my friend, there’s millions of victims out there who are bitching and moaning all day long about how much they want to be rich and have a six-pack and be happy but that’s all they do – TALKING THEMSELVES AND THEIR AMBITIONS TO DEATH.

And just because you get angry at your lack of results doesn’t mean that you’re not being a little bitch.



And for how long have you been doing it every single day?

Because if you tell me for a month or two months and you’re frustrated because clearly it’s not working, I’m going to bitch-slap you.

That is loser talk.

Every high achiever knows that the real results come from months and months of dedication, obsession about their goals.

They understand that it’s about showing up regardless of how they feel today, how full the moon is, what crises Mercury is creating.

They understand that you can feel angry, exhausted, terrified, down and out, so they work with a coach.


Because for those of us serious about our goals, setting ourselves up for success is a non-negotiable.

I know I’m very human and I, like everyone else, have my dark days.  I know that I hit the bottom repeatedly and when I have my pity party,

when I’m tired,

when I feel like I just don’t know anymore,

my coach looks at me with compassion and understanding and then he kicks my mothertrucking ass by throwing me off the cliff.

Fly or crash Hunny-bunch.

Fly or crash.

He never saves me, he never pities me, he never tells me the one truth and answer to all my obstacles.

Because it’s not his journey, not his goals, it’s mine.

And for me to become the one strong enough to live at the vibration of my goals, I need the strength in my wings to fly!

So I start flapping those babies harder than ever before.

I go into my core,

I go into my power,

I go into my darkness if I have to,

and I find whatever I need to find.

To break through,

and then


Maybe you’re not like me,

maybe you read this and you think I’m completely insane.

You might think that poor me, I still haven’t figured it out, how easy it’s supposed to be, that I don’t have to work so hard, that I’m going to burn out.

That’s because we’re different.

You’re not right for me and I’m not right for you.

I was born for the push, for the grind, for the hustle.

I thrive when I push my limits again and again, lungs on fire, legs screaming, mind shutting down and going into the zone.

I have no desire to automate my life – I desire to LIVE it.

On the other hand, maybe you’re one of us.

One of the insanely passionate, dedicated to keep breaking the glass ceilings, to keep unearthing your wisdom, so that you may show up as your best version self.

If you are, I want you to decide today Darling – are you going to achieve your goals, or not?

It’s a decision nobody can make for you.

And if you decide that it’s done, I want you to cap your pity-parties to one hour max.

Yes, you can wake up feeling like shit, look at that bank balance and burst into tears,

Go there.


Get despondent.

And then, when your hour is up, you wipe off those tears, you blow out that snot, and you pull your shoulders back.

Go run and move that shit out of your system.

Set the intention that by the time you get back you will have reconnected with your why, with your passion, with your purpose.

Decide that you will know the next step to take and then COMMIT to taking that action regardless of how scary it is.

Just fucking do it!

There’s no more time to waste.

Humanity is picking up the pace.

Those who have chosen to thrive is moving at warp speed and they’re not going to wait around for you.

Those who are choosing to stay behind is drinking and eating more than ever before.  People are dropping like flies and still, you want to drag your feet????

Are you fucking kidding me?

Decide TODAY!

Decide NOW!

What are you committing to?

And then, show me!

I have no desire to hear about your ambitions and your commitment.

Action trumps words every single time.

The raw truth is that either you’re going to leave it all out on the floor, give more than you ever thought humanly possible, get up time and again, shoulder the failures, course adjust, until you succeed,

or you’re not.

You’re going to give up – and that my darling is a choice!

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love,


PS:  Legendary is coming!



Are you taking the time to figure out how you want to feel?

Think about it for a moment –

We are here, in this time-space dimension, to have an experience.

For me, experience is all about the feeling I’m left with.

Whether it’s of an event or a person or a thing – it’s never about the physicality but instead about the feeling.

Which means all of this, this journey, this crazy-ness, revolves around emotions.

Emotions are not set in stone.

We have a spectrum of emotions available to us, and at any given moment we get to choose which one we want to pin to ourselves.

Regardless of what is happening around us.

This is why there can be a thousand people in a room, listening to a single speaker saying specific words, yet one thousand different experiences will be had.

This is powerful shit Darling.

When you start understanding this, your life can transform in an instance!

So why then have we given away this precious gift to a bunch of stupid rules that make no sense?

Things like we should only feel certain emotions which has been defined as good, and the rest is bad, to be avoided at all cost.

In fact, the insanity of this labelling of bad emotions have lead to an epidemic of mental diseases.  When you feel deeply and it’s not a ‘nice’ feeling, all of a sudden you’re given a pill and referred to therapy for help.

No emotions will be denied.  So the more you make it bad, the more you make it dark, the darker you will feel.

From here it’s a slippery slope downwards as society has conveniently turned emotions into badges of ‘treatable conditions’ so instead of just feeling down and depressed, you now have depression.  Instead of shitting yourself you have anxiety.  Taking it a step further now you ARE depressed.  You ARE anxious.  It’s become an identity.

We’re told to fear the emotions, as feeling too much will lead to your self-destruction.

Hell, we’re even told that we shouldn’t feel TOO happy, because apparently we can’t cope with that and will end up committing suicide.

Do you see that it’s not the emotions that’s killing us but the stories we tell ourselves about the emotions?

One of my personal favourites has to be that we should stop being so emotional in our work as it’s unprofessional.

You know, it’s professional to go sit in the pub with the team, but heaven forbid you should drop the F-Bomb out of passion.

Why are we choosing to deny our emotions and we’re willing to literally poison ourselves with pills, booze, drugs, food, whatever it takes to dull the pain of feelings denied, instead of embracing emotions as part of our wonderful experience of life with a richness that we all deserve?

Why are we choosing to dull our intuition and our inner knowing which is only available to us when we freely FEEL our emotions, our gut instincts, all in the name of looking ‘professional’ or ‘grown-up’ or ‘normal’?

Thank the blessing which is peanut butter that I decided to stop being normal.

Because normal at the moment is fucking vanilla.

I never signed up for a vanilla experience of life!

I came here wanting a double chocolate, espresso, fudge swirl with a hint of chilli on the side experience.

And that entails a myriad of emotions – all of them good!

I desired a journey of contrast and I’m more than happy to have gone and to still go to the mothertrucking bottom of the barrel when it means that I also get to go play in the clouds!

Plus, the further along I go on my path, the more I realise that I am in control!

That’s right Gorgeous,

I, and you, have free will!

That means we get to decide how we feel!

We get to decide how we experience people, relationships, events, countries, finances, toys, all of it.

Most people are simply doing so unconsciously.

And because they’ve denied the power and rightness of their emotions, they have forgotten what is available to them.

Most people don’t even know the words to describe accurately how they are feeling so instead they just stick to the same-old-same-old shit they’ve been using for however long.

They tend to use the ‘flavours of the moment’ which is so readily available from our friends the advertisers.

When last have you gone onto Google and searched feeling words?

Abundant, accepting, acclaimed, accommodating, accomplished, accountable, accurate, achieving, acknowledged, activated, active, adaptable, admirable, admired, adored, adoring, adventurous, agreeable, affluent, ageless, agile, alert, alive, alluring, altruistic, amazed, amazing, ambitious, amiable, amicable, amused, amusing, adorable, adoring, angelic, animated, anticipation, appealing, appreciated, appreciative, appreciating, aroused, assertive, astonished, awakened, awesome.

On and on – the list is HUGE!!

Quite frankly, if you don’t take the time to figure out what is available to you, of course you’re going to stick to the old tried and tested mad, bad, sad and glad.


Plus, in my experience, grossly inaccurate.

Of course, it always comes down to the quality of life you desire.

If you’re happy with average, if you’re content to just mosey along, then good for you.

But if you’re determined to THRIVE, it’s time you put in the effort Darling.

Not doing the same boring stuff you’ve been doing for years.

Not the to-do lists.

Not the dictated behaviours someone decided hundreds of years ago you need to display in order for you to be a successful woman, wife, mother, lover.

It’s time to get real.

It’s time to get creative.

It’s time to remember!

Who you are.

At your core.

What is truly available to you.

And the fact that you’re one POWERFUL creator with EVERYTHING you need already INSIDE of you.

It’s Monday, what better day to start doing it differently?

My challenge for you, should you accept, is to take this week and go immerse yourself in feeling words!

Create a HUGE mother of a list of everything – the good, the bad and the extraordinary.

Start looking at these words.

FEEL these words.

Feel the energy of the words.

And start using NEW words to more accurately describe your experience of all that is your life.

Once you’re happy you’ve immersed yourself in this, I invite you to then start CHOOSING your feelings by choosing your words.

Around everything in your life!

How do you desire to feel about your body?

How do you desire to feel about your relationships?

How do you desire to feel about your purpose even if you haven’t quite figured out what it is?

How do you desire to feel about your home environment?

How do you desire to feel about your profession?

How do you desire to feel about your money?

How do you desire to feel about your toys?

How do you desire to feel about the Universe and Creator?

How do you desire to feel about yourself?

And then, just fucking choose!

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a powerful choice for the brave.

With love,


PS:  Are you one of my soulmate clients?

Are you one of the few who are choosing to find the courage to thrive?

Are you one of the few who are ready to choose happiness?

Is there a spark inside of you that’s just had enough of all the bullshit that’s been fed to you all your life even when it has never felt right?

My mission is to liberate men and women from the fog of socialisation which quite frankly has imprisoned millions into mediocrity.

And I fucking LOVE my work.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than creating a space of non-judgement and safety where people like you can finally remember who you are, what you truly desire, and then scrape back all those limiting beliefs and pain-inducing stories that has kept you stuck.

If you promised yourself that 2018 was going to be your year of freedom, joy, success and liberation, but you look at the fact that we’re almost halfway through and you’re not quite there yet, I invite you to connect with me today.

No you don’t need me.

You don’t need anyone.

However I BELIEVE in the power of coaching.

For more than a decade I’ve witnessed the transformation that comes from an outside perspective – in the lives of hundreds of clients as well as in my own.

Yes, I believe and therefor I work with my own coaches.

No I don’t need a coach.

I CHOOSE to work with a coach because I believe I deserve that level of support.

If you’re choosing a new level of support for yourself, because you desire accelerated growth, a fresh perspective, a high level of accountability, drop me a mail and let’s design the perfect plan for your unique journey.







Those hidden opportunities for expansion

Life is such a wonderful opportunity for growth.

If we choose to see it as such.

I have to admit, I haven’t always experienced it as such.

Like so many others, I have used social constructs to measure my sense of self-worth.

I used the medals and the certificates and my bank account as a reflection of what I deserve, what I am worthy of.

Whether I’m a success or a failure.

Note that I didn’t say I failed, I defined myself as a failure.

I took it on as an identity.

And it felt horrible.

I felt horrible.


Contracting each time I didn’t make top grades, didn’t receive the award, wasn’t able to pay my blessing received on time.

I would hang my head in shame, berating myself for not doing better, not being better.

After all, I am a high achiever.

Anything less than excellence of myself was simply not acceptable.

However, when we move into an energy of contraction, when we take events and circumstances on as our identity, it’s really fucking hard to find creative solutions or innovative ways in which to grow beyond said event.

All because of shame.

How tragic that we live in a culture where human worth is defined by anything other than the beauty of who you are?

Your uniqueness.

Your gifts.

Your passion.

Your laughter.

Your tears.

Honey, fuck shame!


I came to the realisation that no event could ever define me.

Not my successes.

Not my failures.

Instead, I get to define myself based on my values.

I get to decide what is important to me and I get to live in integrity with that.

When I do so, I go to bed at night with a sense of pride and joy.

A celebration of deep appreciation of all that had transpired during the day.

Even when, at the time, it didn’t always feel so great.

Not feeling great, is still a beautiful gift.

The gift of contrast.

The opportunity for course correction.

The opportunity to step up and be the woman who meets her failures with her chin raised.

This was such a powerful one for me to start taking risks – as I believe very little growth is available to us if we’re always risk averse.  Yet with risk comes failure, and it’s this failure which makes it such a brilliant opportunity to go beyond where we previously dared tread!

Or the opportunity to remember what was impactful or effective before and reimplementing that.

And it’s always the basics,

the foundational pieces,

the simplest of things,

that makes the biggest difference.

I was chatting to a client this morning who’s going through massive growth right now.

And as with all quantum leaps, it can feel overwhelming at times.

When we dug a little deeper, I found that her sense of overwhelm came from her belief that there is a finite amount of time available to her.  And as she grows her company, she is trying to fit MORE in the same size container, thereby sacrificing some of the most fundamental aspects of her personal well-being.

Stuck in the way that things ‘should’ be done for them to have any benefit, she took on an all-or-nothing stance.

So instead of training 15 minutes a day at home, she stopped training all-together because she couldn’t make an hour long class at the gym.

She stopped drinking water not realising that dehydration also dries up clarity of thought.

A lesson I learned the hard way.

When growing our lives, whether it’s adding a business or a new fitness regime or a new relationship, it’s about learning how to expand!

How to create MORE time to do all you love.

How to create MORE money to have all you love.

How to create MORE energy to get everything done that you desire to do.

And for me to always comes back to


When we start looking at our lives there’s so many time-leaks it’s not even funny.

We tend to fill our days with things we think we ‘should’ be doing.

We prioritise everyone else’s agendas above our own and then wonder why we feel so unsatisfied, frustrated and resentful all the time.

We have allowed technology to eat up our minutes through constant interruptions and blings and buzzes and alarms going off.

OMG switch off the fucking alerts on your phone!

In fact, if you’re serious about creating additional time for YOU, take all those apps and social media banners off your phone.

I promise you you won’t have an empty life just because you don’t spend an hour a day on Facebook browsing for heaven knows what?

You’re never going to find the answer to life on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube.

Because whatever answers are given on there is for the people who post it.

YOUR answers, are INSIDE of YOU.

And they are only accessed through silence and clarity and introspection and trusting yourself.

It’s during these times that you will find the way to expand in order to rise above your current challenges understanding that life will ALWAYS gift you with challenges.

After all, life is all about growth.

Today I invite you to drop any shame that you may have in any area of your life Darling and to open yourself up to expansion.

Take any challenge you have, whether it’s around money or relationships or addiction or the state of your body, and drop into appreciation!

Knowing that everything happens FOR you, this circumstance was created uniquely for your growth.

Once you can appreciate the discomfort, you can find the learning, the opportunity.

From this space, you can celebrate this amazing insight and then ask yourself what is the aligned action to take to feel back in control.

It’s truly that simple.

Oh, and of course you have to courageously take the aligned action.

Whether it’s making that phone call or having the conversation or coming up with a proposal or cleaning out the kitchen cupboard.

This is the way to your sense of freedom.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice.

With love,


PS:  Are you craving growth and expansion?

To clear away the cobwebs that seems to dull your mind and senses?

Are you ready to liberate yourself from the shame and instead claim a life of celebration and enjoyment?

I partner with clients who have made the decision to thrive.

Those who are ready to fully experience this gift called life and who are not afraid to step up and prioritise themselves.

I partner with those who are committed to doing the work, those prepared to push through the discomfort, the resistance, taking full responsibility for themselves and their happiness.

If you’re ready for this level of partnership, I welcome you to apply today by sending me a mail and find out more about private coaching with me.


What do you want today to be remembered for?

Maybe it was just me.

Always living anywhere but in the present.

I would catch myself continuously in the past, reliving the same shit over and over again.

Telling myself I was simply trying to make sense of it all.

That once I figured out the past I would be healed and good.

Alternatively I would find myself in the future.

Focusing on everything that I still wanted to be, do or have.

Stressing over ‘blessings received’ which you might know as bills.

Constantly worrying about my kids.

Thinking that I was responsible for ensuring their success.

Now I will admit that even living everywhere but here, I still accomplished some epic shit.

But I always felt slightly cheated at the moment of goal completion.

Like anticipating your favourite doll at Christmas only to open up a parcel full of underwear.

I discovered two things:

  1. I had no business in the past and the future.  One is gone.  Over.  Done.  The other, has not yet happened for a reason.
  2. The reason I was focused everywhere except the present was because the present was chaos.  It sucked most of the time.  I was living out of integrity.  And I was too much of a coward to deal.

No I’m not shaming myself Darling.

It was perfect.

I needed to go through all of that to seriously appreciate my present tense today.

Now I also have to tell you that it’s been my experience that living in the present takes some seriously big brass ovaries.

Mostly because the accepted norm is NOT to do so.

Instead we are encouraged to keep ourselves distracted as much as possible.

We constantly have earphones plugged in to drum out the voices in our heads.

Our eyes glued to a screen majority of the time – whether that screen is a television, a laptop, a phone.

We drink alcohol to ‘relax’ and destress after a hectic day at the office.

We eat sugar to give us a quick ‘high’ before nose-diving back into a slump.

We’re told to ‘stop and smell the roses’ yet when we do, years of indoctrination has our subconscious screaming like a banshee!  How irresponsible we are.  How lazy.  How we’re wasting time.  How we should be busy.

Well, quite frankly, busy can kiss my sexy round derriere.

I choose instead to live my seconds in a way that supports my thrive.

And my thrive loves to question the norm and what is told to us as truth.

Last night we were having an interesting conversation around the dinner table about species and sub-species and alternate universes.

I came to the conclusion that humans are the least intelligent species on earth even though we think we’re so clever.

Look at any animal.

They are always present.

When they are hungry, they eat.

When they are tired, they sleep.

When they are horny, they screw.

When they want company, they play.

Yes, there is some form of work.  Food has to be gathered.  Shelter has to be found.

Yet they go to the source directly.

We on the other hand, the ‘advanced’ species we are, went and put money, factories, buyers, attorneys and Thor knows what else in-between ourselves and the natural resources.  In most instances we are so fucking far removed that people are starving to death, freezing to death, and nobody seems capable of finding the solution to this crisis.

Yes, real clever.

Humans are busy.

Animals are busy living.

Taking it further, our furry brothers and sisters seem to do whatever needs to be done today, today.

Not leaving what has to be done today till tomorrow.

You also don’t see them in therapy rehashing the past.


So this morning as I sat with my trusted journal, I opened up to my desires.

What is it that I desire to feel?

Where in my human experience do I desire to feel this?

What is the experience that I desire to create for myself at this time?

And then,

a question that’s never come through before,

What do I want today to be remembered for?

Oh I do love when my higher self takes control of my hand – she’s pretty wise and badass.

What really hit me was that if I was to approach EVERY SINGLE DAY as an opportunity to create something MEMORABLE and IMPACTFUL and BEAUTIFUL,

EVERY SINGLE DAY would be fucking spectacular!

None of this, well what am I going to do next week or next month or next year.

No more wasting days and letting them slip through the cracks into emptiness.

No more taking my waking hours for granted.

Because if I am intent on creating a good memory every day, and I don’t know about you but I never remember average anything, I have to consciously apply myself to today.

So let me ask you Dear One,

What do you want today to be remembered for?

What will others witness and think of fondly or laughingly or lovingly tonight?

Tell you what, why don’t we team up for some interesting research?

You keen?

Let’s journal this question every single morning for a week and report on our results.  Just drop me a mail and we can compare notes.

But there’s a catch –

Whatever comes out in your journal, you have to take the aligned action that will ensure that memory is created for real!


I honestly believe that it’s these 1% adjustments to our course that completely changes our trajectory.

I also believe that one of the greatest gifts I ever gave to myself is being present.

Drenching myself in the sunrise.

Filling my lungs with sweet oxygen.

Biting into a wonderful grape with an explosion of juice on my chin.

And I would love to inspire you to do the same.

I believe that today is the PRESENT that Goddess rains down on you EVERY SINGLE MORNING.

It’s up to you whether that present is going to be your favourite dolly or a stack of panties.

Hell at this stage, I will ensure those panties are sexy AF lacy creations which completely turns me on as well.

It’s in my hands.

And it’s in yours.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice Darling.

Love you


PS:  Lilly, thank you for the beautiful memories today my friend.  I love you.

PPS:  This is normally where I put a call to action but not today.

Today I am not going to suggest how to make it a memorable one.

I want you to decide.

How will you remember today?



The ONLY thing you need to do to be happy

When I set the intention on the 1st of January to create FREEDOM in my life in 2018, I had no clue what that was going to entail.

I thought it meant a whole lot of things that I’d have to achieve in order for me to be free.

I was wrong.


The greatest freedom of all

Came from waking the fuck up.

It came from removing the eye-claps that kept me so blind to what was going on around me.

It came from clarity of thought and having the courage to start questioning on a deeper level.

It came from understanding that we are all perfect, whole and complete.

That our natural state is that of love and joy.

However, humanity at large seems to have forgotten this.

We have crafted some powerful stories about what perfect, whole and complete looks like.

And quite frankly,

unless you’re some computer generated photoshopped mirage, you don’t stand a chance of ever attaining socially-defined state.

We’re told that there are more favourable images and personalities and we should all strive to be THAT.

As if a giraffe should hang her head in shame, crawling on all fours to make herself smaller, imitating a lion.

Who ever said that a lion is more worthy or better than a giraffe?

Yet this is what we’re told.

Furthermore we’ve been encouraged to focus on how we DON’T match this illusion of perfection.

How fucked up we are.

How flawed we are.

How sinful we are.

How our bodies are not perfectly contoured to the current fashion so therefore we should be ashamed of ourselves.

We’re continuously bombarded with articles and therapies that will help us beat depression and anxiety and ADHD and narcissism and heaven knows what else.

And the more we are exposed to these ‘helpful tips’, the more neurotic we become, looking for all those symptoms as apparently that will make us ‘normal’.

We both know by now that you will always find evidence for what you seek.

‘Normal’ appears to be pretty fucking miserable.

I’ve been witnessing with some interest the long and winding road that we’re told is necessary in order for us to be happy.

All the boxes that we need to tick in order for us to enjoy a state of bliss.

We have to go back to our childhoods and find the root cause of our pain so that we can heal it and be happy.

We have to be liked by the masses, popular amongst the in-crowd, in order for us to find connection and be happy.

We have to have a successful career in order for us to be driven and be happy.

We have to meet the perfect partner and live in harmonious bliss always fulfilling each others needs to be happy.

We have to amass riches in order for us to feel safe and secure in our old age and be happy.

Blah blah blah.

Is it any wonder that so few people are happy?

Shit, if I had to sit and tick all their fabricated boxes I would be miserable too.

I would also be drinking bottles of wine every night, feeling like a complete and utter failure.

I would also be stuffing my face with fat-dripping empty calories to feel a measure of fullness inside.

I would also be hiding in La-La Land on the playstation, desperately trying to escape the ‘horrors’ of my life.

I would also be seeing a therapist for years on end because lying on a couch kinda justifies my feelings of unhappiness.

And I can joke about these things now because YES, I’ve done them all.

That and some seriously wacky woo-woo shit that promised to give me “THE ULTIMATE TRUTH“.

What I found is that NOTHING

and I do mean NOTHING

outside of you

can ever make you happy.

And NOTHING that you can ever be or do can make someone else happy.

The ONLY thing you have to do to be happy

is fucking DECIDE.

That’s it.

You simply have to decide that you’re happy.

You don’t have to go smoke a cocktail of Thor knows what.

You don’t have to fall in love with your soulmate forever.

You don’t have to heal every painful incident from your past.

You simply have to choose happiness.

It’s been my experience that happiness truly is my natural state.

Every time I find myself moving away from this, it’s because of some bullshit story I’m telling myself of how life isn’t ‘perfect’.

Of how someone doesn’t like me or love me and without their approval there something lacking in me, in my life, somehow I’m not good enough to be liked.

Quite frankly Darling, your experience of me has fuckall to do with me.

It’s YOUR experience of me.

The only thing that truly matters is MY experience of me.


So why are more people not choosing this?

Well because for one thing it just seems too fucking simple.

For another they would have to take full responsibility for their own happiness – and it’s way easier to pin that shit on someone else.  Especially if we choose NOT to be happy.  Who wants to own that??  So I blame my kids, my partner, my business associates, the government, my parents, my dead grandparents, my forefathers.


Another reason I see people not choosing happiness is because they’ve forgotten what makes them happy in the first place.  They’ve turned off their desire tap such a long time ago that they have completely disconnected with their joy.  So they turn to the beautifully posed pictures of skinny models and luxury yachts, and since said model is laughing they think THAT is what they need to make them happy.

Maybe it is.

In my experience, for me, it’s not.

It’s the simplest things.

Looking at the sunrise in awe lights me up.

Riding my bike laughing my ass off makes me happy.

Turning on my favourite tunes and dancing in the buff makes me giggle.

Hell, even singing with my extremely out-of-tune voice makes me happy.

Walking the dogs.

A stimulating conversation.

Saying I love you, even to random strangers, and meaning it.

I could be sitting on the couch and just consciously choose happy and boom, I feel it.

So what are you choosing today my gorgeous unicorn?

You don’t even have to choose for forever.

Just for right now, in this moment.


Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always a choice.

Love you,


PS:  Is this message resonating with you?

Before you go into pulling it apart so that you can find fault with it?

Before you start criticising it because you simply don’t want to own your truth for yourself?

I know that is what happens.

Every time that we are presented with an alternative truth to the one we’ve held on to for such a long time, we make it wrong.

But I’ve also learned to trust those intuitive nudges I feel before my ego takes control.

And it’s that part that I’m speaking to right now.

If you’re ready to make different choices, to question the paradigms in your mind, to break the self-defeating patterns that keep you stuck in anything less than happy, then I invite you to connect with me today and to find out what a journey of private coaching would look like.

You’re happiness is worth it.




There’s no reason for you to keep feeling so stuck in existence!

I’m feeling the bitch strongly this morning.

She’s tired of people being lied to all the time.

Tired of people lying there feeling helpless.

What really pisses the bitch off, is that most are so exhausted from a meaningless existence consisting of boxes and to-do lists, that they don’t have the mental capacity or strength to question the shit that’s trapping them, that’s killing them, slowly.

They get so wrapped up in that spiders web that they eventually stop struggling and just wait for someone, something, to come suck the life out of them.

Depleted, frustrated, crying alone in the dark when they don’t have to face the eyes in the mirror.

But still not breaking free from the insanity.

Because to break free takes an enormous effort, especially in the beginning.

Think of it as a rubber band holding you.

There’s this sense of restriction.

Maybe you get tired of it because your wings want to fly or just because you’re tired of not living your potential or you’re just done being bored.

Maybe you’re done waking up in the morning with no real passion or excitment or a sense of adventure.

So you start straining against it.

Until your arms are shaking.

It holds.

You cry and release the effort.

You stay inside the band, arms hanging limply by your side once more.

Until you lift your slumped head and decide to give it another go.

So you strain even harder.

“Come on!!”  You scream into the emptiness.

The fucking band holds.

You give up, give in, exhausted.

Now you have a choice to make.

You can decide that the band is stronger than you and just settle to living within the confinements of the rubber band for the rest of your life – no harm done, millions do this every single day so you’ll have plenty of zombies to keep you company;


You can get fucking mad.

And let me tell you my friend,

RAGE is a powerful energy when you channel it correctly.


You can dig deep,

deeper than you think is available to you,

and then,


You can RIP that shit apart.



Most people feel the strain and think that this is what it will be like all the time.

Forever and ever.

When you rage against the machine.

And they simply give up.

Feeling that it’s too much to ask of themselves, and for what?

Just more strain?

That doesn’t seem like much reward for all that effort.

In fact, most people can’t even comprehend what true freedom would feel like, would look like, in their lives.

Plus, what about all their loved ones who are banded around them?

Do they have to then break all of them free as well?

Which will probably take up the rest of your life and you’ll still have nothing much to show for the struggle.

Or do you have to leave them behind? Go it on your own? Who wants to be alone for the rest of their lives?

So let me highlight some options for you from my experience, understanding that yours will be different. This is simply to get your creative juices of possibility flowing.

It’s been my experience that the first effort, was the most challenging. Breaking that rubber band which held me terrified and miserable was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done – and I’ve done some tough shit.

But it was so worth it!

The moment I burst loose everything changed for me.

My entire perspective of life.

My beliefs of what is and what is not possible.

Breaking the rules of dead nameless people that never made sense to me in the first place and then writing my own that is in support to my thrive is pretty epic.

Living my life in a place I adore doing work that completely lights me up with people I respect and love is iconic.

I did find that once I was free from my own restriction, it wasn’t my responsibility to break others loose. Like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon, we require that struggle to build the strength which is needed to live a life of freedom. Especially mentally.

My sole responsibility was to break myself free and that resulted in some of my loved ones feeling truly inspired thereby finding their own inner strength to break the chains and walk forward, others looked at me with defeat in their eyes and told me to leave them behind not willing to put in the effort, others still spat in my face, called me colourful names and hurled insults after me.

It’s all good.

This, I believe, is the true beauty and power of the journey of life – FREE WILL.

I can also tell you that since making the decision to free myself, I keep meeting the most incredible fellow travellers who do the work, keep getting stronger, keep inspiring, keep thriving.

The journey gets easier simply because you get stronger.

And because you want to keep growing, of course you create wonderfully challenging events and relationships that places another rubber band around you. But this time you know where to go – inside – to find the strength and to break loose once more.

You have what it takes to break free!

I know you do.

Every single person alive today has what it takes.

There are no victims.

Only a victim mentality.

Yet me knowing you have what it takes doesn’t mean anything in your life.

YOU have to believe it.

YOU have to believe in yourself.

YOU have to find your reason to break free.

YOU have to go inside and find your strength.

YOU have to decide who you are willing to leave behind if they choose to stay.

YOU have to decide what you are willing to do in order for you to thrive.

YOU have to decide what you are willing to sacrifice – the poisonous food, booze, drugs, distractions – for you to succeed.

It’s all up to YOU.

It’s all YOUR choice.

I do hope that this has inspired you to do the introspection that will ultimately have you choose consciously.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice very few people are making.

Love you,

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