Are you serious about changing your life this year?

Brand new year.

Whoop whoop!

Oh how excited everyone is!

Everywhere I go people give a hearty “Happy New Year!”

It’s as if they received a dose of hope injected straight into their main artery and everyone is hyped with expectation.

They start telling me how THIS is going to be their best year ever.

How THIS year they’re going to lose the weight.

How THIS year they’re going to make a ton of money.

How THIS year they’re finally going to be happy.

Except when I ask them why, they have zero fucking clue.

So I know they said it just because it sounds like the right thing to say.

As if making the exclamation is going to raise them to a new level of admiration, as if they haven’t been saying the same shit for the last ten years.

In truth NOTHING has shifted internally which is why I’m sorry to say but next year they’ll be singing the same lame out-of-tune song.

If you’re serious about changing your life you have to start understanding that change is an inside job.

It starts with a decision to raise your standards for yourself.

Not what you SHOULD be doing or what your would LIKE to happen, not even what you NEED to happen…

Hell no!

I’m talking about absolute non-fucking negotiable new standards of excellence for YOURSELF.  

Nobody else.

It has to be a statement of passion that excellent health and vitality is a non-negotiable in my life.

It has to be a statement of conviction that growth, contribution, success, creation is a non-negotiable in my life.

I will simply not tolerate anything less.

Failure is not even an option – regardless of what might happen around me.

I don’t give a shit if the markets crash.

I will find another way.

I don’t give a damn if the earth shakes and breaks the neighbourhood apart.

I will still find a way.

I don’t care if I have an accident that puts me ten steps back.

I will adjust my sails and find creative ways.

I will sacrifice all my destructive habits.

I will release my toxic relationships.

I will dedicate my life to showing up as my best version self Every Single Day!

Showing up out of alignment to this new standard is so unacceptable to you that it rips through your body with an intensity of pain that takes you down to your knees.

Praying to your Creator to illuminate the strength you KNOW resides within you because you’re not done yet goddamit!

You have not yet reached your goal and so you have to get back up no matter how exhausted you are.  No matter how much you’re bleeding.  No matter how much it hurts when the haters hurl their insults to you.

You’re not doing this for the haters.

You’re not doing this for the praise.

You’re not even doing it for yourself.

You’re doing it because this is part of your life purpose and a life without purpose is not worth living.

Not for you!

Not when you came here to lead.

Not when you are here to bring change.

To break the silence holding the masses hostage in shame.

To bring down the system of taboo.

That means your only standard is ultimate success.

You simply know it.

You breathe it.

You ARE it.

And you keep going because your standard for yourself is not to stop until you have succeeded.

You might not be able to predict how long it will take.

It takes as long as it takes to succeed.

You might not be able to understand exactly how it will play out.

You’re flexible in your approach and you use what life gives you along the way knowing that everything happens for you.

This is the internal shift that is required for an epic 2018.

And you can see it in the eyes.

When I ask you WHY this is going to be your year and a fire ignites within you, a resolve, a palpable conviction, I know.

THAT’S when I know that you’re going to do it!

THAT’S when I know that failure is not an option.

So let me ask you my friend, how is YOUR life going to change in 2018?

And why?

What are you going to do differently starting yesterday?

What are you going to believe that you have never believed possible before?

And let me ask you this – when do your current beliefs come from?

I can bet you that majority of your beliefs are based on decisions you made when you were twelve years old.

Based on something that someone told you is possible or not possible for you and you took that on as truth.

You lived your entire life thus far based on the egotistical comments and beliefs of somebody else.


Grow a pair.  Break the glass ceilings.  Embody the beliefs of what is possible for you which actually empowers you!


Be willing to get uncomfortable.

Be willing to fail.

Be willing to stand out.

Whatever you do, do NOT go through another year looking for strategies before you’ve done the internal work to shift your game forever more.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving, true thriving, is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  YOUR success matters to me.

YOU are the reason I get up at 5 am every day and do the work.

YOU are the reason I will never settle and become comfortable.

My entire life is dedicated to motivate and empower YOU to break the glass ceilings, to question, to connect with your purpose, your drive, your epic and to create iconic results to inspire the world.

Whether reading my blogs, joining my fabulous Facebook group and being a part of my tribe, doing one of my programs or even working privately with me, I am on a mission to ignite your passion imploding your impact.

And that means I want to have a deeper understanding of who YOU personally are.

I would love to hear from you today!

Send me a mail and let me know what you’re committed to creating in 2018 and don’t forget I want to know WHY?

I simply can’t wait to connect.