It’s not your circumstances that need to change.

When last have you connected?

With yourself?

With your body?

With your thoughts?

With your feelings?

Every single day I get to chat to people who are driven to achieve magnificent levels of success.

They are determined to go from where they are to their next level.

Yet I also see how they are completely focused on the external.

They are focused on their bank balance and what that does and does not allow them to do.

They are focused on their relationships and what that does and does not allow them to do.

They are focused on their work and what that does and does not allow them to do.

They are focused on their socially determined roles and what that does and does not allow them to do.

In this external focus they have become so disconnected to themselves that they have no fucking clue that what is going on inside in fact CREATES what they are seeing reflected in their lives.

The stories that they are telling themselves regarding their money, their partners, their colleagues, their bosses, their clients, their homes, their cars, the shape of their bodies, their friends, their levels of energy, their creativity, their smarts, all of it.

These stories triggers feelings inside.

Feelings ranging from joy and pleasure and expansiveness and freedom to resentment, rage, jealousy, victimhood, deterioration, implosion.

These feelings cause a specific energy vibration within their cells.

And it’s this energetic vibration that determines the outcome of their actions.

Which is why you so often see people working themselves into a coma yet not becoming successful.

If we dig a little deeper it’s because even though they are going through the right motions, ticking all the right boxes, their driving emotions are resentment, depression, anger, repulsion, self-hate and disgust.

Sorry to tell you Love, but all you’re doing is attracting more evidence into your life of the shit-festival that’s going on inside of you.

Then you see other people apparently working with less than half the effort yet they receive avalanches of success – daily orgasms, tons of money, romance and fulfilling relationships, running marathons, rocking a bikini-body, the works.


Because on the inside their having a celebration and that energy is infused into every single action.

OF COURSE they are going to attract more of that into their lives.

Here’s the other thing I need  you to know: the latter, the ‘lucky’ ones, they chose to be happy BEFORE they became wildly successful on the outside.

That is because the vibration of success is JOY!

You simply cannot attract joy aka success when you’re a miserable bag of bones!

Quite frankly if you’re not finding joy in your current circumstances stop fucking focusing on your current circumstances.

Go to the one place where you have complete power and from which you create – INSIDE OF YOU!

Start taking control of your thoughts (sounds way easier than it is but you’re a rock star so I know you can do it).

Start taking control of your feelings (takes some practice this one but you’re strong so get to it).

Change your narration and stop telling us an endless violin inducing day-time soapie replacing it with a kick-ass adventure filled with shrieks of excitement and thrills.


if you’re really catching on to this,

do it without any of your previous limiting bullshit rules!










You get to choose the flavour and texture and decoration.

You get to choose if you want to eat it on fine china or sitting on the beach cradling the delectable slice in the palm of your hand, letting the crumbs fall freely into your lap.

Shit, you even get to choose who licks the crumbs from your thighs.

All of it.

Start small and grow into this.

Start by paying attention to the voice in your head.

Oh stop it, I know you hear it too.  No use in denying this to me.

Pay attention as to what she is talking about moment to moment.

You will soon start finding your obsessive focus and chances are that in the beginning you’ll be horrified at the shit you’re telling yourself.

Start paying attention to the emotions these stories are creating in your body.

Is your body filled with tingles of excitement?

Adrenaline pumping fear?

Nauseating resentment?

If you don’t like the way your body is feeling, move her!

Get on your bike and ride your ass off.

Get in front of a punching bag and hit that sucker until your arms are on fire!

Lace up and run Forrest RUN!

Change the vibration.

That’s all for today.


just start getting into these two connections and your life is already going to transform.

Because nobody really wants to be a victim.

Not really.

I know it’s easier in a society ruled by sheople but it sucks nickerballs.

It’s been my experience that ones people become aware of their pathetic, boringly depressing stories, and they start moving their bodies to change the vibration, they, like me, get addicted to endorphins and start seeing immediate change in their lives.

I’ve done my part today.

I’ve created awareness for you.

Now it’s over to you.

What action are you going to take the moment you get to the PS?

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

And it always takes action.

With love always,


PS:  I don’t work with superheroes.

I don’t work with aliens in human disguise who have secret powers.

I work with ordinary people who understand that they have the power to create change, not only for themselves, but for generations to come.

I work with those who finally stop looking outside and do the hardest work of all – breaking down the barriers they have erected from a place of pain, not knowing that love transcends all fear.

I work with those who speak less and do more because they understand that without action no results will ever be achieved.

I guess my question to you is, are you a talker or a doer?

If you’re ready to do the real work, if you’re ready to become the conscious creator of your life, if you’re ready to stop piddling around and start doing your real purpose work, then it’s time we connect to see if I’m the coach that will support you in getting from where you are to where you want to be.

Let’s play.