Clear the clutter to rediscover the beauty that’s been there all the time.

I’m still in the turbulent throws of up-levelling.

Things are shifting.

Things are changing.

Things are more than a little scary to say the least.

I’m continuously guided to take action which on the surface appears inconsequential but they’re revealing hidden truths.

Such as the need to clear out my cupboard yesterday.



I’d done it not so long ago.

But the feeling persisted so I opened my doors with the expectation of throwing out one or two items.


I set the intention that anything that doesn’t make me feel sexy, powerful, feminine, opulent, has to go.

I emptied out the first rack and as I sorted the items into ‘stay’ and ‘release’ I was more than a little surprised that the ‘stay’ pile was smaller than the ‘release’.

Fear sprung up unexpectedly.

Ooooh, yum!  A message!  What was this all about?  What were the surface thoughts that sprung to mind?

What if the weather changes all of a sudden and I need these items?

What if never make another cent for as long as I live and I can’t replace any of them?

What if I go into that big corporate boardroom and I need the stuffy shirt after all?

Which is fucking insane!

But human.

Funny thing is, I could get rid of three quarters of my wardrobe and I would STILL have clothes to wear every day regardless of the temperature.

I’ve already made the decision that if another corporate chooses to work with me it will be because they resonate with my truth, not with my image.

Just keeping it real.

I continued.

Rack after rack.

Finally as I stood back I was amazed at the result.

Not only has my wardrobe significantly shrunk in size, but I rediscovered items I had long forgotten about!  Really gorgeous items such as my Chinese Silk PJ’s.

My wardrobe is filled with beauty.

My wardrobe is now beautiful to look at in itself.  A collection of art on display.

Here’s the thing though – I know that everything is connected.

Everything in our outer world is a reflection of our inner states and beliefs.

Which meant that once again it was time to investigate what’s going on for me.

Why did I default to wearing really shapeless boys pyjamas when I had these???


It felt safe to wear boys PJ’s.

I felt invisible wearing boys PJ’s.

I suppressed my feminine talents by wearing boys PJ’s.

And shapeless tops.

And baggy Jeans.

And old tracksuit pants that don’t fit me properly.

I call them ‘comfortable’ and ‘easy’ to slip on.

But that’s bullshit.

In truth they are ‘safe’ and ‘average’.


They are cleverly disguised tools I’ve used to fit in with my surroundings like human bodies painted to melt into the background.

To not stand out.

To not get noticed.

Which made me look even further for evidence of where we as a family tend to use the ‘cheap and cheerful’ things which has an impact on our energy.

This coming Saturday we’re unpacking ALL the cupboards!

And the garage courtesy of the Universe as it got flooded by the washing machine outlet yesterday.

Here’s the learning though – safe is fucked up!

Safe had me wearing boys PJ’s at night which is the time I dream my most femininely empowered visions for God’s sakes!

Safe had me drinking out of cheap glasses when I have crystal in the cupboard!

In truth safe is not keeping me safe at all.

Safe is killing my soul!

For my soul is hungry for adventure and growth and expansion and impact.

My soul is starving for beauty and opulence and freedom.

My soul salivates with the desire to thrive!

As I unloaded the bundles of clothes into the charity bin I felt an immense sense of gratitude wash over me!

It was as if a steel band was unlocked from my chest and I could breathe freely again.

Every item will serve someone else beautifully.

A boy will have cozy PJ’s to curl up in and dream of naughty shenanigans for school.

A woman will have a pink leather jacket that has her strutting into her next interview with confidence, changing her future forever.

It’s all connected.


We’re here to serve by not holding on out of fear but to continuously expand and relax into the flow of things.

That includes our ‘stuff’.

Things that served us once upon a time but now keeps us restricted.

And trust me – quantity never trumps quality!

Not for me anyway.

Exceptional quality is one of my core values which demands that I honour it every day for me to be in alignment.

And alignment has become a non-negotiable for anything else is just normal.



And I’m done with all that shit.

I’m going magical.



Are you joining me?

I promise it will be a little scary.  It will be filled with uncertainty.  It will ask you to have faith like never before.  In the Universe, in yourself.

But it will be an adventure!  Thrilling!  Fun!

If so, I invite you to start with a simple action such as your wardrobe.

Set your intention of how you want each and every item to make you feel.

And be ruthless.

Be courageous.




But I also want you to do this consciously.  Curiously.  Wanting to understand what’s the connection for you.  What’s the meaning of certain items that maybe have you feel less that magnificent.  Start making the connections.  Otherwise it’s just another action.

And you and I are done with just taking mindless actions.

We’re taking conscious action.

We’re taking aligned action.

We’re taking purposeful action.

For that’s just how we roll.

I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you.

What did you let go?

How did it feel?

What does this new space allow in?  And with this I’m not referring to new clothes.  I’m referring to new creative energy.

For there was a time to hide.  But that time has passed.

Now is your time to rise Darling.


For death is inevitable.  Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


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