Coffee – strong, black and bitter: Evidence of next level thrive!

Have you ever had it happen to you?

Where you’ve made the decision to go next level.

You’ve taken the time to get very fucking clear of what that looks like.

You’ve done the real work.

You’ve drawn a line in the sand.

And then you wake up wanting your coffee strong, black and bitter.

That’s what happened to me.


Historically I couldn’t drink my coffee black and bitter so it’s always been either milk or sugar.

But my next level bitch drinks the stuff as nature intended:  just add water.

And so it is.


The shift happened so fast that I’m reeling a tad.  I can feel the demand of my soul for complete cleanse, release, expand, return to my true nature.  My authentic expression of creativity in human form.

This has happened to me twice before.

Once when I made the decision to become an IronMan and the other when I decided to move to New Zealand.

What I’ve found is that the moment we have TOTAL fucking commitment and we make the decision that it is done, the forces of nature takes on a whole new dimension and shit happens fast.

Fuck traditional wisdom, red tape and circumstances.

All of that is transcended we’re shown the potential power that resides within each and every one of us.

It’s magical.

And it’s also scary as fuck.

People who loved us before all of a sudden feel threatened and become aggressive – desperate to protect their egos just in case you actually expect them to do something extraordinary as well.

All your previous excuses of why you were still in the same position as you have been for the past ten years become just that – excuses.

In fact I was chatting to God this morning and saying how funny it is that we humans are all up in arms about freedom of choice except when we look at our lives and we’re not exactly thrilled with what we see, we say we don’t have a choice.

We HAVE to work in the dead-end job to pay the bills because we’re responsible.

We HAVE to eat meat because our bodies need the protein and everyone knows how unhealthy vegetarians are.

We HAVE to drink a bottle of wine at night because we’re so stressed out and it helps us relax.

We HAVE to smoke another cigarette because we are addicted – helpless, we don’t have the willpower to break it.

We HAVE to work ourselves into a coma because the economy is unpredictable and what if this is the last good season before we lose our clients.

All such valid reasons as to why we’re living our current lives and then bitching about how stressed and burnt out we are.  How nobody understands us and what we’re going through.

How fucking insensitive Anel is and that she just don’t have any compassion.


Except you know what Darling, I probably have more compassion than your entire neighbourhood put together.

I absolutely have compassion for the suffocating soul within the body dying to be let out and play just a little freer.

I absolutely have compassion for feeling powerless and trapped and lonely and broken.

At times I still tell myself the same bullshit as everyone else.

I still tell myself I don’t have a choice.

I still tell myself it’s just how it is.

But then I talk to God and we both laugh at my bullshit and I get up and have my coffee black and bitter.

I take out my moon ring and I magically write my day into existence because why wouldn’t I?

Why would I start my day with a blank page for everyone else to write on?

Why would I just wait until I’ve read my emails to see who’s shouting louder than my dreams to dictate what I’m going to do next?

Fuck that shit.

I choose to take complete ownership of the physical expression of my choices.

Some I adore.

Some I’m looking at with a raised eyebrow and saying “Seriously Anel?  WTF girl?”

And those I’m choosing to change.

Because I know that I can.

I know it starts with a decision.

I know it starts with drawing a line in the sand.

I know it starts with me stating to the Universe what I’m no longer willing to tolerate it and MEANING it.

I know it starts with me getting crystal clear on what it is that I’m creating next and then taking aligned action no matter how uncomfortable it feels at times.

Because aligned action doesn’t mean easy action.

Aligned action doesn’t mean zero effort.

Aligned action means the action that takes you from where you are to where you want to be and that entails growth Darling – personal growth, spiritual growth, mental growth, emotional growth.

And growth is not a comfortable thing.

Not at all.

You have to be willing to say “Bite me”  and then bleed when someone decides to take you up on it.

You have to be willing to say “Adios Monchachos” when you’re asked to slow down, to stand still, to shut the fuck up.

You have to be willing to see the evidence that the Universe gifts you with every single day – like spotting your next tattoo design and exclaiming YES!  Like making that cup of coffee and putting the milk back in the fridge because your tummy starts turning at the mere thought.

You have to be willing to work when others are sleeping.

You have to be willing to colour outside the lines and being criticised because your art is ugly for those who like the lines.

You have to be willing to say no to others when they cross your boundaries.

Fuck you need to be willing to HAVE boundaries!

And then you have to be willing to thrive Darling.

You have to be willing to absolutely start laughing for no reason because you simply can’t get over the fact that life is magical!

You have to be willing to receive with grace and gratitude and joy and opulence because life force is going to rain down on your head drenching your soul with everything that you’ve desired for such a long time.

You have to be willing to step up and be the leader you were born to be.  To be the change catalyst.  To inspire others by being true to your authentic self.  To prick the bear’s balls to wake him from his slumber.

Just because that’s why you’re here in the first place.

And when you start living your purpose fully, your definition of fun changes.  Your heart expands and instead of caring less you start caring so much more.

You start showing up for you tribe.

You start showing up for you.

And it’s one helluva ride!

Why the fuck wouldn’t you want to?

Because it’s scary.

I know.

It’s not a life for the weak and the meek.  It’s a life for the brave.

For it all starts with having the courage to make a powerful statement to the entire universal force of creation.  And we were taught to whisper in prayer rather than stating from a place of authority.  We were taught not to anger the gods for they will unleash thunder and lightning and the sky will fall on our heads.

I don’t think so.

Not my God anyway.

My God listens to me rant and rave at 5 am until I start seeing how ludicrous it is and then we both roll around on the floor laughing our asses off.  And then he says “Okay Anel, now stop fucking around and get to work.  It’s time”

It’s time.

It’s your time too.

Take me hand.

For death is inevitable. But thriving is a choice you can make today by taking a single courageous step.

With love always,


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