Committed – either you are or you’re not

My arms are shaking.

My chest is aching.

I look at the load.

Do I take some off?

Do I reduce the reps?

What to do?

Oh fuck off, you and I both know that’s not even an option LOL.

Yet as I eye out the weights stacked I can’t help but think how easy it would be to fall into that way of thinking.  That way of operating.  That way of negotiating my life moment by moment to make it a little easier.

That’s what I see most people do.

That’s what I used to do.

Here’s the thing Darling,

When I made a commitment to stop existing and to start thriving, I meant it.

All the way.

I believe in my heart that how we do one thing, we do everything.

Which means if I can break my commitments to myself in one area of life, no matter how insignificant it might seem, I will break my commitments elsewhere in my life too.

Not going to happen.

Instead, I commit prior to starting anything what I’m going to give of myself, what I’m going to achieve, not negotiable.

Even though in my journal it’s written in ink, in my heart it’s written in blood.

And I do it.

Or I walk away from it.

I don’t say tomorrow.

I decided this morning I was going to do chest, shoulders and arms.  Max push 12 reps, min push 8 reps per set.

I committed to the weight at the out-start of each exercise.

No negotiating along the way.






This is how I choose to live my life.

It makes for a seriously reduced workload every day.

If you look at my daily planner there’s a max 10 outcomes I commit to each day (I say max as it rarely goes beyond 6).  That includes every area of my life.  My soul.  My family.  My fitness.  My business.  If it’s not on there it’s not a priority in my life.  If it’s not completed by the end of the day I sacrifice all the good it could have brought into my life.  No carrying over.

Reduce your list!

Trust me when I say to you that you’ll only walk away once.

Then you will get your act together and either start committing to less or start doing more.

Commitment matters.

It’s about keeping your word to yourself more than anyone else.

I believe that if you can’t trust yourself you will never play at full pace.

I believe that if you can’t trust yourself you will never take the risks that could lead to epic adventures.

I believe that if you can’t trust yourself you will only ever exist.

It’s about owning your shit.

I confess that there was a time when I lacked serious commitment.  And it showed up everywhere in my life.

In my body.  In my relationships.  In my business.

It was disgusting.

I hated every moment.

Mostly because I couldn’t meet the eyes in the mirror.

Is there any pain greater than self loathing?

I think not.

It’s about honouring yourself and in the process you will honour everyone else.

Today I embrace commitment fully in my life.

I never doubt my word.

Which is interesting when others try and put their shit onto me asking for guarantees that I will push through.

Here’s my gift to you today Darling – where are you betraying yourself that you feel the need for guarantees from others?

Hurts like a mother I know, but if we’re not prepared to start looking in the mirror we will never free ourselves from our bullshit.

For me, personally, I don’t ask for guarantees from anyone.

I don’t give a rat’s ass if you offer a money back guarantee.

In fact, please don’t even suggest it to me.  Nobody and nothing can guarantee results except for ME.

If I choose to invest in something, I also choose to commit to getting results regardless of what the product or service promises.

The bus stops with me.

Because I know I’m a badass manifesting creative rock star who will always receive what I truly desire and work my ass off for.

Including results from working with my coach.

This level of commitment is the most empowering piece I can possibly offer you!

No longer do you have expectations of others to do the shit that you think you can’t do by yourself.

No longer do you feel disappointed because it just didn’t work the way you had painted in your head.

No longer will you walk past the mirror without making eye contact with your brilliant self.

No longer will you make empty promises and not follow through.

No longer will you play at 50%.

THAT is worth the shaking arms.

THAT is worth the aching pecs.


In everything.

Regardless how small.

I invite you today to start paying attention to your levels of commitment in everything that you do.

How you choose to eat.

How you choose to show up in your relationships.

How you choose to do business.

How you choose to pray.

How you choose to train.

How you choose to dress.

All of it.

There is no right or wrong here.  It’s just about becoming aware of what you said to yourself when you wrote down your goals, when you wrote down what you will no longer tolerate, when you wrote down your values – the stuff you said you were committed to.

Become curious and have fun wit this.

Keep a sense of humour because I can almost guarantee in the beginning you’re going to be gobsmacked to see how you cheat yourself on a daily basis.

It’s simply not worth it.

Not if you want to thrive.

It was my experience that existence was worse than death.

But what do I know?

I don’t know how committed you are to thrive.

Do you?

With love eternal,


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