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Do it in a way that lights up your SOUL!

Call me stubborn.

Call me obstinate.

Call me wilful.

Call me whatever you like.

It doesn’t really matter.

I’ve made the decision that I would rather listen to my soul, continuously ‘failing’ according to some social standards, than do the shit others think I ‘should’ be doing in the way they think I ‘should’ be doing it.

My soul knows.

She knows what I’m here to do.

She knows how I’m here to do it.

She knows what lights me up and what dims my enthusiasm.

And I’m very fucking enthusiastic about thriving Darling.

I suspect that the amount of information available at our fingertips, is both a blessing and a curse.

A blessing as it’s simply never been easier to connect with deep wisdom of those who so freely share from a space of genuine love and care.

A curse as it’s never been easier to get overwhelmed, to doubt yourself, to stop creating from within because you think your way is wrong.

I believe that there’s tremendous value in exploring new ways, new thoughts, new input,

but where it becomes a nasty tangle of frustration,

is when you start thinking that you have to do it ‘just so’ if you’re going to succeed.

That if you miss a single step you’re fucked!

If you don’t follow the exact methodology you don’t deserve the epic results the teacher is exhibiting.

So you keep piling on.

One thing on top of the other.

All of the time your fear rising.

It feels like too much.

You feel like you’re going to explode.

Lying in bed at night running that mile long to-do list through your head, freaking out because you missed out a crucial step.


Get up.


Don’t wake the house.

Get on your knees and ask God for the strength to do that final item before passing out.

Begging for mercy from the lords of lists.

Crying out that it was an oversight – you’re just human after all.

All that beautiful information you’ve been gathering like the dutiful student,

has turned into another insatiable monster eating your dreams alive.

I don’t know about you,

but personally I’m tired of the idea that I’m constantly getting it wrong.

I got fed up with the notion that I was stupid or not good enough.

I never agreed with the schooling system of regurgitating for approval,

that your disagreement or curious nature was a sign of failure.

And failure was seen as the ultimate humiliation,

of yourself,

of your parents.

Followed by swift punishment.

Well hun,

‘not good enough’ bedamned.

YOU are perfect just as you are.

YOU already know.

YOU already have everything it takes.

YOU simply have to start believing in yourself and start listening to your body and your soul.

One of my greatest insights recently was around meditation.

The way that’s it’s being taught doesn’t light me up.

Instead I decided to figure out what’s the purpose of meditation for ME.

It’s to connect with my higher self.

It’s to connect with love.

It’s to connect with my future self and bring her wisdom, her energetic vibration into my present experience.

It’s to shut my ego up.

It’s to connect deeply with my body – feeling her, the energy inside, the life force, the brilliance of her working mechanism.

It’s about telling Creator what I truly desire and then listening for the guidance.

Now I have to be honest,

this doesn’t happen for me when I’m lying down, eyes closed, trying desperately not to sneeze or itch or fart.

For me this happens out on my bike.

Running through the forest.

Holding my head stand.

Writing in my journal.


And I fucking LOVE it.

It feels right.

It feels good.

It’s soul aligned Baby.

Do you have any idea what a sense of relief it is to do something in a way that feels fabulous??

No longer thinking that if I don’t do it ‘just so’ I’m doing it wrong?

Be honest now, how many things are you doing at the moment that feels absolutely horrible???

Thinking that if you just keep doing it long enough you will learn to like it?

Maybe even love it?

All the while hating it.

Feeling like a failure.

Feeling like there’s something wrong with you because you’re not getting the results everyone else is.

How about we get a little bit into reality here.

What’s working for a million people doesn’t necessarily work for ten million others.

Just because only those with the results comment on the post doesn’t mean that it’s actually working for everyone else.

Everyone else is just not saying anything.

They feel there’s shame in their failure.

So they give up.

Instead of taking the tools that is being shared, digging down into the purpose of the tools, and then finding unique ways to achieve the results in a way that feels


It’s Monday – the best day for setting new intentions for the week ahead, to do things differently.

My invitation to you today is to take ONE thing that you’ve been struggling with.

One thing where you can see the VALUE in doing, but how you’re being told to do it feels like shit.

There’s a disconnect inside.

Then, go deep into what would be the PURPOSE of doing said thing.

And then,

the sprinkle on top,

HOW can you do it that feels enchanting?

Then do it for a week,

come on,

you can commit to a week,

and see the difference in result!

I would love love love to hear from you.

What did you choose, why, how did you do it, and what was the outcome.

If nothing else, you will be having way more fun.

Don’t you want to have fun???

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With love always,


PS:  It’s been my experience and observation that when a woman allows herself to have fun, her business thrives.

For this to happen, she has to liberate herself from all the social conditioning that has her cloaked in slave-girl rags.

Sounds easier than it is.

Simply because most of the times they’re so entrenched in their stories, they’re simply not able to see that they are the ones wielding the pen.

So they create drama and heartbreak and overwhelm.

I work with women entrepreneurs who take a stand for being conscious creators of their results.

Women here to build empires of impact.

Women who understand that her empire includes everything – her business, her money, her health, her relationships, her lifestyle.

Women who use their kids for inspiration, not excuses.

Women who take full responsibility for self.

If you know in your SOUL that you’re that woman and you’re done feeling like a failure because the cookie cutter doesn’t fit your curves, let’s connect and see if this partnership can strip you of the restraints and set you free to thrive.