Beware that you’re not mistaking the vision for the experience.

As a young girl I loved sitting in the auditorium, hypnotised by the grace of the dance unfolding on stage.

The lights.

The long lines from finger tips to perfectly pointed toes.

The breathtaking leaps, rolls, twists, turns.

The designer costumes with cleverly placed sequence and pearls to highlight the movement as the dancer would twirl.


And then I would be called to the back.

I would walk on to the stage, the curtain lowered, the lights harsh as I put resin on my bare feet.

Take my position.

Adjust my vision as the lights go out.

Breathless as the curtain slowly rise.

On cue, the music starts floating through the air and my body executes the moves she has rehearsed for hours.

I would see the brightness of the lights half blinding my vision.

I would feel the burn in my lungs as the exertion was taking a toll on my body.

I would feel the strain of my muscles as I pushed them beyond their previously trained limitations.

I would often feel the skin being ripped from my feet with searing hot pain as I turned or slid across the floor.

It was my privilege, my dream, to create an illusion for the audience.

The same illusion I enjoyed only moments before.

An illusion so powerful that my audience would be emotionally moved to a state of euphoria, vicariously living through my body.

Yet they would never have the full experience.

The journey.

The growth.

That feeling of magnificent accomplishment as the final strands of music dies away and applause thunders through the air.

Applause in appreciation of your sacrifice.

Your hours of dedication to your art.

Your blood.

Your sweat.

Your life.

THIS my Darling is what life is all about for you and me.

Those of us who came here to lead, to inspire, to create, to heal.

Those of us who play the game.

But it breaks my heart to see how many people never choose to go from spectator to player.

Instead they get lulled into thinking that because their bodies have a tingle, a reaction, that they’re actually doing something with their lives.

They think they’re on the field because they set the big goals.

Some of them even create the vision board and get all excited when they look at it.

Some meditate and get themselves into a state of complete exhalation – YES YES YES they exclaim sitting on their pillow.

Hell, some even do the incantations with powerful emotive exclamations.

And because their bodies release the chemicals and hormones that create the illusion of the experience, they fool themselves into thinking that they have achieved.  That they’re happy.

They don’t take any action.

They don’t work with the professional choreographers to showcase their brilliance.

They don’t practice for hours, refining, adjusting, course correcting.

They don’t exert their bodies to experience the burn in their lungs.

They don’t push themselves past their previous limitations.

They don’t ever bleed a drop.

In other words my Darling, they’re sitting in a 3D simulation of what their lives could possibly look like but they never get to live it.

They never get to grow.

They never get to experience the sense of pride, of true accomplishment.

Don’t be one of the spectators.

Don’t just sit on your meditation pillow and not show up for yourself and your dreams.

That’s not living.

Living is about experiencing the full spectrum.

The joy, the sorrow, the elation, the depression, the liberation, the rage.

All of it.

THAT is the journey.

Anything else is just an illusion masking mediocrity.

And we both know that you never came here to be mediocre.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice which demands you get some skin in the game.

With love always,


PS:  Are you aware of the fact that less than 10% of people even know what they truly desire?

They’re so busy living vicariously through others that they haven’t taken the time to figure out what it is that they truly want.

They’re so caught up in comparison that they don’t even remember what is really important to them.

So they try and copy the lives that appears to have others happy.

Except they’re miserable.

And they don’t understand what they’re doing wrong.

They invest thousands to learn the strategies and the systems and the methodologies but something doesn’t click.

So they struggle.




Until one day, something has to give.

And it’s normally them.

Don’t let this be you.

Instead, I invite you today to start from where it matters – your heart.

I invite you to start building a business that not only pays your bills on time, but has you lit up from the inside.

Waking up energised and excited in the morning.

Taking creative action resulting in more soul clients, more impact, more wealth, more passion.

Success that empowers you to provide for your family at a brand new level.

That makes a difference in your kids life so that you can feel proud of yourself AND enjoy your time with them instead of always thinking of the ten thousand other things you still have to do.

All of this and more is possible for you.

But you have to get into the game.

Fall In Love With Your Business is my gift to those who are determined to create empires that has them thriving.

Are you coming?