Easy doesn’t make you stronger

I guess it always comes down to how much you REALLY want it.

Whatever IT is.

For me, by the time that I write it down in ink, I might as well write it in blood.

Because it’s a done fucking deal.

Not ‘done’ as in I don’t have to put in the effort.

But as in ‘whatever it takes’.

Which is probably why I don’t put down a whole bunch of random goals.

In fact, I only commit to ONE BIG motherfucking goal a year.

That one thing that I’m not prepared to live without any longer.

And I bring all of me to the line.

God knows this and she has a wicked way of using my goals to bring out my inner warrior.

My fighter.

My strength.

She takes a long look at my goal, weighs me up, spots my strengths, my weaknesses, where I need to woman up, where I need to become more flexible, and then figures out the most interesting, challenging, growth inducing path that will keep me on my toes every step of the way.

Oh I don’t believe she does this maliciously, but rather from a place of unconditional love and belief in me.

She knows that if there is any remote possibility that I walk away, I was simply fart-arsing around by setting an ego-driven inconsequential goal.

So I commit.

And I show up.

Every day.

Regardless of the weather.

Regardless of my current circumstances.

Regardless of how I might feel.

Yes, there’s days when I’m so tired that I just want to curl up into foetal position and stay in bed.

But winners aren’t made in bed Darling.

So I get up, I lace up, I show up.

There’s days when Mother Nature is in one bitch of a mood and she howls her fury through rain and winds and storms.

I zip up, I lace up, I show up.

There’s days when those around me have a tantrum and put all their personal frustrations at my feet and I have a choice to take it personally and put that shit on my shoulders and bear the burden, or not.

I chin up, I lace up, I show up.

I learned a long time ago that strength is not gained through easy.

Strength is gained when we push past our current abilities.

We rip our muscle fibres apart with the pure force of our efforts.

And then,


during our recovery sessions,

these micro fibres grow back together, build scar tissue on top of it, and make it stronger, bigger.

Whether mental, spiritual, emotional or physical – this is the process.

Which is why I’m so sick and tired of people telling me that it should all be so easy.

I have no desire of having it easy.

When it’s only easy, all of the time, your muscles weaken.

Your physical power.

Your mental strength and tenacity.

Your emotional strength.

Your spiritual strength.

Which means the moment that the shit hits the fan, which is inevitably does because NOTHING ever stays the same, you sit there as a pathetic weakling staring into the headlights incapable of reacting because you’re body and mind is simply not trained for this eventuality.

Stop wanting it easy all the time.

Easy is for recovery.

That means three weeks progressive training, making it a little harder each time, building, challenging, ripping, one week taking your foot slightly off the peddle.

Not completely.

Not sit on your ass and doing nothing.

Just slightly easier.

Just catch your breath.

Reconnect to your goal.

Remember why you started in the first place.

Have your little tantrum if you need to get some emotional shit out of your system.

And then put your head down and go again!

Whether your goal is for your physical body, your relationship, your business, your finances, your lifestyle, your spirituality, I want you to stop listening to the little people!

I want you to stop playing by the rules of the average.

Their truth does not apply to you.

YOU my Darling, were born to lead.

From the front.

Stop following.

Stop hiding behind those who huddle in masses to reduce the intensity of the storm.

Get your ass out in front.

RAGE into the storm even if nobody follows right away.

Stay the course.

Make yourself stronger.

For the real battle is yet to come.

And weak is simply not going to cut it.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  ‘Tough’ starts within.

Sometimes my clients look at me askew as I give them the internal work to do right out of the starting blocks.

The deep work.

The dark work.

They cry.

They curse.

They keep coming back.

Even when they don’t understand why I make them connect to their bullshit when all they want to do is build their empires.

They trust me.

So they keep showing up.


Because I know that once their mental toughness is that of an IronMan athlete, the business building is a piece of cake.

I don’t work with those who only want to do the ‘easy’ stuff.

I don’t work with those who only want to do the ‘comfortable’ things.

I work with leaders.

And true leaders understand that for them to weather the storm takes grit and tenacity.

It takes them going to where they have not gone before, to identify and understand their fears and weaknesses so they may train themselves into their best version self.

I work with healers.

And true healers understand that you cannot heal others from a broken, empty vessel.

It takes them going into their shadow side, to heal their inner child, to fall in love with themselves so they may bring this love to their healing work for others.

I work with creatives.

And true creatives understand that some of your most astonishing creations come from your trauma.

It takes them connecting fearlessly to their pain on a daily basis and to use the gold that lies in the heart of their trials and tribulations to gift the beauty of the heroine’s journey to humanity.

Are you ready for this?

Are you ready to take on yourself and to sculpt your mind, your body, your spirit into your best version self?

If you are, let’s connect.