It’s actually not about having blind faith…

I don’t believe in having blind faith.

When I say it’s already done, it’s because I’m a fucking control freak.

I’m a control freak who woke up one morning feeling completely out of control.



A pathetic victim being shoved around by ego-driven people who tried their best to break my spirit.  To bend me to their will.  To have me conform.

I knew something was terribly wrong and nothing that I had been taught up to that stage made any sense to me.

From my traditional family, to the schooling system, to my religious upbringing, it all felt wrong.

Like so many of my generation I was punished for questioning – either by receiving detention in school or a scolding from an elder towering over me shouting “Because I said so!”

I was told to have blind faith.

To live by their rules or burn in the fires of hell for all eternity.

I was told that I had to give away all my power to those who are older than me, those who have testicles, those who have a title.

But for as long as I can remember I knew inside that this way of thinking and living was crazy!

The system was killing me so I chose to rebel against the system.

It’s been decades of work but as I sit here writing for you, I am finally in a space of complete pride in self for how I have chosen to live my life.

I took the time to question.

I took the time to go learn how the unfolding of our experienced reality works.

I took the time to investigate my relationships and all the beautiful lessons each and every one was able to teach me.  Yup, I’m a slow learner but then again the lessons are gold!

I took the time to step into my power and take the reigns of my thoughts finally understanding that I have this voice running a script and she is a drama queen!  Addicted to soapies, that is all she will tell me day in and day out if I let her.  So instead I feed her coffee and tequila and I put her on the backseat for one helluva ride.

I take the time to navigate according to my emotions.  Checking in frequently.  Is this making me feel amazing?  Then I’m on the right track.  Is this making me feel like shit?  Then I have to course correct because I’m moving away from my desires.

I keep doing the work!  I get up at 5 am, I take out my journal, I dig, I choose, I create, I meditate, I take the action.

I keep learning.  I keep finding the teachers and mentors who share their wisdom (not knowledge) and I incorporate what enhances me from a space of love and let go of the rest.  I feed my mind with truth every single day understanding that society is geared towards fear driven propaganda which I get bombarded with all the time – even through the energy of others who are addicted to the news.

I stay focussed on my desires.  My goals.  Every single day I take out my committed goal sheets and I reconnect with my big why, what has worked, what needs to change, what else I can do.

And then I know that it is done!

Because I asked for what I want, I’m taking the action, I’m staying in alignment.

Law of Attraction states it HAS to work.

Energy my friend – it’s all about your energy which stems from your thoughts which you have absolute control over.

I believe that we are powerful co-creators of our lives and that everything we experience we have created in some form or part.

Whether that was to experience a moment of bliss.

A moment of chaos to provide us with the opportunity to unlock our potential resilience and creativity.

A mirror of our blind spots which is keeping us out of alignment of our desired life.

We have co-created every single piece of it.

Even the natural disasters.

You are not a victim.

You’re not the helpless pawn created by a sperm and an egg.

You’re soul in human form.

You chose to live in this time.

You chose to be a part of the massive transformation that humanity is currently undergoing.

You knew every potential time-line and you said “Hell yeah, I’m up for that ride!”

Own it.

It’s going to sting like a bluebottle for a while and then you will feel the sweet relief as you shift the power back into your hands.

The interesting part for me is that those who are too lazy to get off the hamster wheel, to do the real work, to take responsibility so that they can empower themselves, are the ones who complain the most to those who are choosing to thrive.

They complain they’re tired.

They complain we don’t understand, that we are hard, unsympathetic bitches.

They complain that nobody wants to play their game – you know, the one where you twist yourself into a pretzel so they can smile.

They’re miserable AF all the time and then complain because you don’t want to hang with them.

If you’re not happy today, it’s on YOU my friend.

Stop asking random strangers how you can become happy.

Stop bitching and moaning, criticising those who have the chutzpah to go for their dreams and instead choose differently, or at the very least own the fact that you like being a grumpy old bastard.

And know this as well, society IS changing.

We are living in a time where each and every person is being forced to choose – awakening, madness or suicide.

Those are the choices.

The people who are choosing to wake the fuck up, the ones who are doing the work, the ones who will not settle for existence anymore, they are losing their patience with the rest.


Because we respect that we are not special.  That anyone can choose at any time to stop their shit and rise.

But we also realise that they’re energy is poison to us.

Doing the mindset work is challenging enough without having to please those who have no wish to change their circumstances.  Those who have no true desire to achieve iconic levels of success.  Those with empty words.

I no longer listen to words.

I observe actions.

Not the ones taken in public, but the ones done behind closed doors.

You can feel it in energy levels.

You can see it in bodies.

It’s weekend which means it’s the perfect opportunity for some deep dive journaling.

  • Are you happy?  I mean really happy – high vibing, excited, joyfully happy.
  • If not, what is the message?  Where are you out of alignment with your desires?

Break it down:





Health and Fitness


  • How are you out of alignment?  What are you tolerating?  Where are you showing up fake?  Where are you doing shit that’s killing you inside?  Because you know you’ve abandoned your truth for complacency.

And then the biggy –

  • What do you choose right now?

Do you choose to keep existing?  Then own it!

Do you choose to draw a line in the sand and state “Enough and no more”?

  • What will you be doing differently from now on?

Not from Monday.

Not from the 1st of January.

Immediately!  If you’re going to start tomorrow you’re bullshitting yourself.

Commit to it.

Write it down.

Put it in your calendar.


You don’t need blind faith.

Instead my Darling you can choose to own what you are truly capable of and you can start co-creating consciously today.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Getting to the point of decision takes no small amount of courage.

True decision.

When you look at your life and you’re no longer willing to settle for mediocre results or experiences in any aspect knowing that success in one area and failure in another means that YOU are NOT successful!

Success comes from an aligned life!  All of it.

If you’re done settling and ready to thrive, I invite you to book your free consult today.

Should we be a good fit we will create your unfiltered vision, set your goals, anchor it down with purpose, align it with your values, and have you take massive action to achieve iconic results.

We’ll be uncovering your beliefs – those who serve you and those keeping you stuck.

I will hold up the mirror so you can identify your blind spots, your self-saboting behaviour, your bad habits.

It will be a journey such as no other where you will experience discomfort at times.  You will feel challenged.  You will grow and that does include some measure of pain.  But I also happen to know that you’re a fucking a warrior and you’re up for the ride.

Let’s play.