Nobody gets spared from the fire. Will it melt you or mould you?

I get it.

Challenges happen.

Things get tough.

At times life feels like a continuous shit storm and you appear to be the only ass left on the pavement without an umbrella.

Not the most celebrated of times.

But I’m also getting to the point of zero fucks left for the chronic victims who quite frankly have practiced their pathetic whining and puppy eye manipulation to a fine art.

I’m getting to the point where my very scarce reserve of sympathy is drying up as fast as a single drop of water in the baking desert sand.

I simply don’t get it.

How does feeling sorry for yourself day in and day out make your life better?

How does opening that bottle of rum before lunch to drown your sorrows make your life better?

How does your continuous doom and gloom accounts of the worst news highlights make your life better?

And then they have the audacity to point a finger at those of us doing the fucking work and calling us lucky.

They say that we’re living in a fantasy world and that we have to start watching the news so we can know what’s really going on.

They say that we don’t understand how hard it is.  That we’re insensitive.  That we’re bitches.

Bitch please.

Here’s what I know to be true for me:

Life is one magnificent journey of learning and remembering.

Life is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and at any given moment you get to choose if you want to label your emotion as terror or exhilaration.

Life is forged in the fire and the ice.

Nobody has it all roses from the day they’re born until their last breath.

Yet our power comes from our chosen approach to this experience.

Now personally I did the whole “Oh woe is me” thing for a long time and I confess it sucked.

I didn’t thrive when I chose to feel like everyone was oppressing me and pulling my strings.

I didn’t thrive when I chose to feel like the big bad world is scary and in order for me to not get bruised I had to stay hidden behind closed doors and pray that nobody looked my way.

I didn’t thrive when I chose to set pathetic goals and then give up at the first sight of an obstacle, blaming everyone and everything around me for my weakness.

I didn’t thrive when I drank to the point of vomiting and passing out because I was screwed up enough to think that life was more fun with copious amounts of alcohol.  That I was more fun, funnier, when I could hardly stand on my own two feet.

I didn’t thrive.

Which means that I only existed.

And in my opinion existence is worse than death.

There had to be a turning point.

There always is.

That moment in time when you come face to face with your raw ugly dark self and you have a choice – continue on the path of self-destruction or draw a line in the sand, clean up your act, and start breathing again.

I chose to breathe.

I chose to start kickboxing to the point where I was huddled over gasping for air, sweat dripping down my body releasing years of pent-up bullshit and toxins from my body.

I chose to ride my bike to the point where I collapsed on the floor gasping for air, dripping sweat down my body releasing years of pent-up anguish and shame from my body.

I chose to run to the point where I collapsed on the floor gasping for air, dripping sweat down my body releasing years of pent-up fear and rage from my body.

I chose to finally understand that my body is one powerful motherfucking vessel gifted to me in this life to unlock the patterns of greatness which reside in my mind and my soul.

I chose to understand that every time I pushed my body to new heights there was a magnificent prize to gain and that prize included renewed belief in myself, renewed respect for myself, renewed love for myself.

A gift that I continue to share with others.

In various forms.

Whether on a spin bike, a yoga mat or in a coaching session.

I have witnessed the transformation in people from their bodies, to the relationships, to their professional lives, to their financial lives when they stop their bullshit and start moving their bodies.

They unlock the power residing in the solar plexus which is lit by the fire in their muscles.





Every time I am blessed enough to see the phoenix rise I get goosebumps.

Every time I am blessed enough to witness the moment of awakening I cry.

Because for me it’s the most beautiful sight in the world – the rise of a once defeated human.

And I truly believe that it is within every person to rise.

I truly believe that every person is capable of living their dream life but first they have wake up from the nightmare.

They have to put a t-spoon of cement in their coffee and HTFU!

They have to set a physical goal that scares the bejesus out of them and then conquer every obstacle on the way to the finish line.




As I write to you today I don’t know your current circumstances.

I don’t know your fitness levels.

I don’t know your heart.

What I do know is that you are precious.  I know that you were born to do something really important.  I know that regardless of your current status you can achieve even greater levels of success in every area of your life.

I know this as I know the beat of my own heart.

It all starts with a choice.

Your choice.

Drawing a line in the sand today and saying that whatever has come before no longer defines your next level of excellence.

A level of excellence which includes iconic fitness, iconic mindset, iconic impact.

Your choice my amazing friend.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love eternal,


PS:  If there’s another thing that I know it’s that those who achieve the results they have not achieved before, work with coaches and mentors.  Why?  Accountability for one.  Blind spots for another – when you are IN your story it’s hard to take the bird’s eye view.  Patterns which have formed that’s keeping you operating at your current level hidden by the ego from your conscious awareness.  Not knowing what you don’t know.  Structure.  Vulnerability.  Sounding board.  The list goes on.

I know that if you’re serious about going next level you have to invest in yourself, in your dreams, in your goals.

I know that if you’re serious about breaking the glass ceiling you have to set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with the support you deserve.

I also know I’m definitely NOT the coach for everyone.  And quite frankly, if you’re just wanting to dip your toe in the water I request that you find another.  There’s plenty of more PC coaches out there.  There’s plenty of softer coaches out there.  And their approach might be more suitable for you.

But if you are ready to get the hell out of your comfort zone, to set the ‘impossible’ goals, to work your sweet ass off, to curse, to sweat, to thrive, then today is a good day to draw that line in the sand and use that same finger to book a consult.  Just press here and let’s press play.