Are you done flirting with the idea of a business?

In a world where so many claim to follow their passion, building their dreams, going all out, there’s surprisingly few truly successful entrepreneurs.

In the past decade meeting and working with hundreds of entrepreneurs I have come to realise that there’s those who talk big and there are those who walk big.

The talkers are super easy to spot.  They are the ones making excuses as to why they are struggling.  Why they are doomed.  Why they just have bad luck.  Why they can’t afford to take the risks.

Instead of using those ahead in the game as role models and adjusting their habitual behaviours, they put the icons on a pedestal.

They say that the likes of Richard Branson and Oprah must have something special.

They must have been born with a mutated gene that makes them different from the average Jolene.

Or, even more infuriating, they put those high achievers in a different class altogether, no longer belonging to the cult of the ‘ever struggling entrepreneur’.

Yet you and I both know this is complete and utter bullshit.

The only difference between those who achieve exceptional levels of success and those who will always tick over from month to month boils down to a few key decisions.

Number One – These entrepreneurial moguls have a dream that is far greater than their fears!  There’s this illusion that some of us live in fear and some of us are fearless.  That is such a cop-out!  EVERYONE feels fear.  But you have to make a choice each time the cunning bitch raises her head.  You have to choose if she’s going to stop you dead in your tracks or if you’re going to feel her and take the action anyway.  Pissing your pants, shaking in your boots, unstable as can be.  But you relentlessly push forward.  Yes sometimes you encounter challenges and she screams a little louder.  This is when you want to make damn sure that your dream is always bigger than your fear.  If not, you’re not dreaming big enough so go back to the drawing board.

Number Two – Successful entrepreneurs give themselves PERMISSION to go full out for their dreams.  They stop looking at everyone else to pat them on the head, nodding approval for their ideas.  They understand that small minded people will never be able to support them and that as long as they walk around talking about what they desire, they’re wasting precious time which could be used to making shit happen.  So they look at themselves as the ultimate decision maker of their fate.  They look in the mirror and affirm their worth to be successful, to have it all, to be happy.  And they permit themselves to show up for their dreams, making the sacrifices along the way.  Because it’s fucking worth it.

Number Three – Successful entrepreneurs are willing to screw up A LOT!  They understand that the only failure will be giving up and that everything else on the way is simply learning.  And they LOVE to learn!  Not just the stuff that feels easy to them, but the things that challenge them so much that at times they have to go beyond determined all the way to furious to push the fuck forward.  They understand that failure is part of the path to ultimate achievement and when they screw up publicly they shrug and say “oh well” knowing that nobody will ever remember as long as they will.  They move on!

Number Four – Successful entrepreneurs don’t flirt with their businesses.  They take him in their arms every morning and French kiss him so deeply that he spreads himself out on the bed and say “Come on baby, I’m yours!”  No holding back.  No tippy toeing around him.  They get intimate to the extend that will make most folks blush.  And I’m talking every part of him.  Including who they are serving.  Their administrative systems.  Their money.  Their team.  Their marketing.  All of it.  Deep.  With pure abandon and exhilaration. Why do you think they’re vibrating on such a high level?  That doesn’t come from a peck on the cheek Darling.  It comes from unbridled passion!

Number Five – Successful entrepreneurs work with coaches.  I’m not saying this because I’m a coach.  I’m saying this because it’s fact.  Every client I have worked with has achieved way more in our time together than they had on average in the years prior.  Their personal growth continues to get them results long after we’ve parted.  Entrepreneurs (and I include myself which is why I’m always working with my own coaches and mentors) need a trusted person who has zero attachment to the outcome of the journey to guide them and call them out on their shadow side.  Their self-sabotaging rituals.  Their bullshit beliefs.  It is only when your sound board believes in the power of your journey, allowing you to fail, allowing you to succeed, that you tap into your true potential and rise!

Coaching is an incredible investment in yourself, in your business.  It says that you take yourself seriously.  It says that you’re done playing around and are willing to be very uncomfortable most days because you understand that discomfort is where growth takes place.

Have you ever noticed how you have zero resistance to shit that’s bad for you?

Yet massive resistance to the things that you know is a game changer?  That will put you next level?  That will grow you?

This is the beauty of working with the right coach.  They will identify those actions which triggers you the most and you will take the action regardless of your fear and resistance and previous excuses.

Because you’ve made the investment and you rise to the occasion.


So tell me darling – are you done flirting with your business?  Are you ready to have a full-on love affair with him?  One where you wake up early, eager and pumped to get into him?  Where he becomes your obsession and you show up as your best version self for him because he demands the best out of you.

It always comes back to choice.

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  The first step on your road to epic success is clarity.

Clarity on your purpose.

Clarity on your ultimate vision.

Clarity on your values.

Clarity on where you are today.

Which includes seeing your blindspots.

A challenge when you’re already feeling fed-up, already feeling frustrated.

Which is exactly when it’s time to connect with your next level coach.

I don’t work with everyone.

I definitely don’t work with those who only wish to talk a big game and not take action.

I definitely don’t work with those who want to drown in their drama and only desire a sympathetic cluck.

I work with those who understand that they were born to lead, to create, to heal, to fucking achieve.

Those who wake up and declare to themselves that they’re ready to leave their current level of existence and rise.

If you know this is you, if you know that you’re ready to take massive aligned action, if you’re ready to get uncomfortable AF, I invite you to book your free consultation today.