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Fuck the world and all their demands – this is YOUR life. Live it.

How do you feel upon waking each day?

Do you even take the time to check in?

Or do you simply force open exhausted lids, rolling out of bed hoping your feet hit your slippers?

Immersed in existence.

Not thinking.

Simply going through the motions.

Drink coffee.


Get dressed.

Get the kids ready.

Get in your car.


To the day.

Another fucking day.

With more demands being piled on top of you.

Interacting with people you secretly detest.

Feeling drained.

All the time.

Not wanting to admit to yourself

how helpless you feel.

You keep up the pretence of happiness.

Keep lying

to yourself

that this is okay.

That you don’t need more than this.

That it could be worse

so you’ll just be grateful for what you’ve got.

Waiting for the time to get off your aching feet.

Falling into bed




into submission

in service

to the machine.

I remember.

I remember the pain that was coursing through my veins.

Of an unfulfilling life.

Feeling so disconnected

from joy

from love

from Source

from magic

from excitement

from myself.

It felt as though my entire life was a rush from one person’s demands to another.

Chasing the clock,

hungry for their approval,

thinking that if I did more for them,

I would be worthy of their love.

And that would be enough.

Even when their love hurt like a motherfucker.

Vicious words when I didn’t live up to their expectations.

Berated for not playing according to their rules.

Belittled for daring to shine brighter than them.

So I would shrink,

I would run,

I would kiss ass,

I would grovel.

Always wanting to be the star pupil.

I had betrayed myself, my purpose, my joy, my values,

for what?

An outdated culture of obedience?

A mocking of our true power.

A system that enforces conformity.

Modern day enslavement – except most of the poor fuckers don’t see the energetic chains around their throats, keeping them silent, the unseen shackles on their ankles, slowing them down, always shuffling in the line.

On their way to a mass grave of un-lived potential.

The day I finally woke up and connected with my feelings,

my true feelings,

the pain,

the anguish,

the fury,

I saw it all for what it is and I decided in that moment

I would rather walk alone for the rest of my life

than continue being a good little girl.

The rebel in me finally woke up and my life has transformed.

And keeps transforming.

As I create consciously.

Understanding that I can be, do and have ANYTHING I desire.

And that includes me saying no to the shit I don’t want.

I know I frustrate the hell out of the minions,

not answering my phone when they call whilst busy in my soul work,

no longer available until I’m satisfied with my own levels of energy.

Those energy vampires are drying up, starving, no longer able to sink their venomous fangs into my delectable flesh.

And if someone tries putting their responsibilities onto me, I gracefully (not so gracefully) decline.

I’m not available to do what they can do for themselves.

This my Darling, is how I get to spend up to five hours a day on myself.

My spiritual connection.

My physical body.

My art.

Whilst continuing to nurture my relationship with my boys.

Whilst building my empire.

Whilst impacting thousands of lives.

Whilst treasuring friendships.

It will be an interesting exercise for you to keep track of  how you spend your time.

How much time you spend answering the demands of others.

How much time you spend doing shit that others don’t want to do because they value their own time more than yours.

How much time you spend listening to the drama of another, as if you have the capacity to carry their shit on your already hunched over shoulders.

Yes, you can keep telling me WHY you have to be available for others.

You can keep telling me WHY you have to put your partners’ needs first.

You can keep telling me WHY you have to press pause for your kids.

You can keep telling me WHY your business won’t survive if you’re not answering those emails, messages, fb posts immediately.

It’s a choice.

You get to choose to have demanding bullies in your life.

You get to choose to be the submissive (not in the good way).

You get to choose to always be a slave.

Or you get to finally wake up and understand

that there’s more than


people on the face of the earth.

Some being on a path of love.

Real love.



Conscious creation.

You can choose to play with them.

My clients

are never demanding.

I don’t work with toddlers throwing tantrums when they don’t get attention.

My clients are badass spiritual gangsters who understand that I serve from a space of fulfilment.

They honour me as I honour them.

It’s a choice I made.

It’s a choice they make.

What would your life look like,

FEEL like,

if you decided to live it fully?

What would your spiritual practice look like?

What would your physical body look and feel like?

What would your empire look like?  Who would you be working with?  Who would you have working alongside you?  What would be the impact you’re making in the lives of thousands, millions, billions?

What would your relationships feel like?  How would you be interacting with your nearest and dearest?

How would you experience your romantic relationship?  Delicious?  Orgasmic?  Fun?  Deep?  Would you feel like a queen in the arms of your king?

How would you play?

Who would you be playing with?

How much would you laugh?

Would you keep laughing until your belly ached?

When last have you laughed and laughed and laughed?

When last have you woken up with a smile, eager to get the day started, excited for all the wonderful potential ahead of you?


What are you waiting for?

This is YOUR life.

Nobody else can live it for you?

Question is –

are you?

Or are you merely existing?

One foot in front of the other.

Tears falling freely on the inside.



Waiting to exhale your final breath.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


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