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How ALIVE are you feeling right now, in this moment! Dammit, it’s all you’ve got.


Oh Lordy lord lord

life is simply


Okay maybe not by your definition.

If you think that life has to fit in a little socially approved box of success for it to be awesome, chances are you’re shaking your head.

Suspecting I’m full of hot air.

Let me ask you this:

is that photoshopped box of success bringing you joy?

Are you lit up?

On fire?




Because if you’re not

I’m going to lovingly invite you to burn the box!

For the longest time I had it all screwed up.

I thought that if I had

the honours degrees

the top management jobs

the red sporty car

the handsome husband

the two kids

the right amount of pets

the right clothes

the six figure bank account

that I would have made it and I would thrive!

I was so wrong!

In fact

DEAD wrong.

To the point where I felt like this washed out, worn out, wretched old hag.

Yes, I fooled them all.

Let me tell you Darling, there’s not much that well-applied make-up can’t hide.


well into my forties,

I have nothing to hide

nothing to prove.

I finally reached a point where quite frankly I’ve stopped giving a rat’s ass

of approval

of praise

of belonging to groups that fill me with so much boredom I can hardly keep my eyes open past lunch-time.

I made a decision that if this is MY life

and I get to choose how I live it

I’m going to live it feeling fully ALIVE!

There’s more than enough time for my body to feel dead when I’m



Knowing that yes, my soul continuous,

but I’m not just a soul at this time.

I am a body too!

And this baby is built to have some adventures noteworthy of celebration!

Best of all,

now that I’ve stopped caring what others think

I get to try new things without the dreaded shame of

“What will they think?”

“What if I look like a fool?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if I don’t like it?”

That’s right,

I’ve grown way down!

Look at a little kid – well, I’m not so sure anymore as most of the poor things are stuck in front of televisions when they start crawling – when they are left to their own devices they’re willing to try ANYTHING!

In fact, put them on a playground and moms are all like

“Tommy get off from there!!!”

“Jane, you can’t do that!”

“Sarah stop that!”

Yet Tommy, Jane and even little Sarah are willing to go for it!

They’re willing to taste something (even dog shit) and then either swallow if they like it or immediately pull that little face of disgust and spit it out if it offends!

Then they grow up and they lose their sense of adventure because they’re told they can’t spit out the shit!

All of a sudden a plate is viewed with suspicion and often pushed away with no willingness to smell or even taste.

And if they do put it in their mouths and it’s vile, they will swallow it so others won’t disapprove.

No wonder we stop being open to new.

These days, if I don’t like the taste,

I spit it out.

Yes I get some gasps and raised eyebrows

so what?

And we both know I’m not just talking about food here.

I’m talking about everything in life.

Maybe if we stop putting ourselves through painful experiences for the approval of others, we would be more willing to experience new again.

If we stop pushing on, keep going like little troopers, regardless of how much current circumstances are destroying us, because ‘what will the neighbours say’, we would be more open to receive the good stuff.

Is the mundane job sucking the life out of you?

Change it!

You’re a smart cookie.

Go learn something new and bring that into your life experience and build the next level with it.

Is that codependent relationship feeling like a prison sentence?


I promise you that if you’re unhappy, so is the other person!

The two of you continuously trying to ‘save’ each other and ‘be there’ for each other and try to ‘make each other happy’, is causing both of you to be joyless.

Are you generally bored and listless and feeling like there’s nothing more for you?

Change you circle of friends!

Chances are that they are dull.

That they have fallen into a monotonous routine of same old same old, and they’re stirring you with the same spoon as the rest of their pot of life.

There are some seriously fabulous people out there.

And don’t tell me you can’t find them!

They are everywhere.

You simply have to put yourself in the game.

Oh, and just a little heads up, if you want to hang with interesting people, best you start doing some interesting things Darling.

I know what you’re saying “It’s not that easy, Anel.  My circumstances are different.  It’s more challenging for me.”

I hear you

and I know that your story is feeling like absolute truth to you.

I told myself the same stories for decades and at the time I refused to change my point of view.

We’re really stubborn in holding on to our prisons.

But let me ask you my friend,

is that story making you feel fully ALIVE?

Do you feel like a powerful creator?

Like a magician?

Like an adventurer?

Like an innovator of spectacular solutions?

I know you’re scared and it feels impossible,

but you’ve seen it before,

the word impossible spells

I’m Possible!

Yes you are.

You simply have to believe it.

Look, you’re going to die anyway.

Question is,

will you choose to thrive until then?

I love you,


PS:  I’ve come to the insight that the reason most people are so unhappy and stuck, is because they have no idea where to even start.

Everyone’s heard of setting goals.

They’ve heard of creating a vision.

But these skills are not taught at school and trying to create your vision from a YouTube video only has you creating on the same vibration as you’ve been for eons.

I’m hosting two special Vision Creation Workshops in the next week – one local in Canterbury, one online.

During our four hours together I’m not only going to take you THROUGH the process, I’m going to blow up your perceived limitations and personally coach you past your fear so you can finally reconnect with your true authentic desires.

Small intimate groups ensure you get my full attention, feel safe, AND you’re surrounded by ambitious, audacious souls who like you are ready to up level AF.

From your vision you will set your top three goals for 2018 and identify your immediate actions.

Ladies have launched websites, had break-throughs in their relationships and more within 24 hours of doing this work.

Spaces are filling and yes, you can say you’ll get to it tomorrow.

You can keep procrastinating.

Or you can choose to grow down and just act right now.

Canterbury Workshop – Monday 25 June 10 am – 2 pm (NZT).

Online Workshop – Sunday 24 June 7 am – 11 am (NZT).