The beliefs I adopted which changed the game.

I am obsessed with personal growth.

I am obsessed with mindset.

And for good reason.

For the first few of decades of my existence I was forever looking to others to save me from myself and my bullshit stories of who I am and what I am capable of.

I would search for the gurus who apparently had it all figured out except each had a different methodology which had me going side to side with very little forward movement.  In fact I would leave feeling more inapt then before I met them.

I would ask for the steps that would make me successful except each person went in a different direction and majority of the time I was taking action which felt so out of alignment with my truth, exhausting and bankrupting me in the process.

I would pay thousands to anyone in the desperate attempt to remove my ‘internal blocks’, to end my ‘karma’, to fix me, except the more they seemed to find the more fucked-up I felt.

More helpless.

More trapped.

No wonder I ended up in a heap of depression with the only possible option I could see, ending my life.

Thankfully the Universe knew better.

She knew that if I had to push the reset button without giving it my all I would wake up on the other side disappointed AF and irritated with my lack of effort.

So she sent me to the dojo.


At first I punched that bag as if my life depended on it, because it did.

I stopped overthinking – shit, I didn’t have the energy to think.

I learned to sink into my body and to stay grounded.

Stay entered.

To build my mind-muscle along with my core muscles.

From the bag I progressed to sparring and before I could stop myself I stood in front of a big-ass man who punched me straight in the face, tears embarrassingly pouring down my cheeks, stars blinking in front of my eyes, blood trickling out my nose.

That was my next wake-up call, a powerful lesson in life.

At first I stood there session after session, hunkering in, doing all to protect myself as best I could from the punches that rained down.

Then one day I decided enough and no more.

It was time to stop reacting to the assholes and to take back my power.

I studied my opponents.

I decided where I wanted to take the match.

I stepped forward instead of back.

And all of a sudden the most amazing thing happened – these towering men had no choice but to retreat. 

To protect themselves from the rage inside this tiny packet of dynamite that unleashed her will upon them.

I wasn’t physically stronger than the session before.

I wasn’t more skilled than the session before.

What really changed?

I changed my beliefs about myself and my destiny.

I decided in that moment to believe in myself and that no matter how much I have fucked up before or how much I will do so in the future I will always come out on top.

I decided to believe that I can always win regardless of the hundreds of times I have lost in the past.

I decided to believe that no matter what size no man will ever be mentally stronger than me and that as long as I have an indestructible mindset I will thrive.

I decided to believe that with focus, dedication and determination I will always make progress towards my ultimate goals.

I decided that I wasn’t blocked, just full of shit and that the moment I got out of my own way I can create anything I wanted with ease and flow.

Does this mean that in a matter of seconds everything in my outer world changed?

Of course not.

It meant that I took a step forward and he took a step back and I landed three punches on his surprised face leaving him breathless.

It meant that my I took my life path 1 degree to the right and changed the projection massively.

It meant that I am in a position to aim higher, train harder, sweat more, bleed more, and go to bed satisfied at night.

It meant that I started aligning my profession with my purpose and received more wisdom, more opportunities for contribution, more joy.

It meant that I stopped being a pussy, feeling like a victim, drowning in my pathetic stories of how hard life is and how weak I am and how unfair it all was and I started being a warrior knowing that I am a powerful manifestor here to create massive change for my soul clients.

I’ve stopped blaming others for the unpleasant learning experiences understanding that I created those through my action or sometimes inaction.

It’s a work in progress Darling.

But it’s spectacular.

And you can do the same.

You can stop looking for mechanics and start doing the mindset work understanding that this is 80% of the game.

You can stop creating blocks in yourself by letting go of your bullshit – your resentment, your bitterness, your depression, your procrastination.

You can stop defending yourself and instead you can believe in yourself and advance.

It all comes down to your choices.

And your choices are based on the stories you tell yourself of what is and what is not true.

Your stories of what is and what is not possible.

Hey, I’m not here to judge your stories.

The only person whose judgement matters after all is yours.

You get to decide if you choose to keep your current stories because they’re empowering you with your actions and ultimately the results as shown in your life;

or not.

What I do absolutely insist on today is that you take complete ownership of your life.

That you stop blaming others.

Get out of their business and into your own.

That you take the time to get clear and focused on what you desire to create in 2018 regardless of your past or your current circumstances.

I absolutely insist that if you’re still reading this that you understand on a deep level that you are a born leader and it’s time you start leading beginning with yourself.

For death is inevitable.

But thriving is a choice.

With love always,


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To your life?

To your purpose?

To your joy?

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