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Only YOU get to decide – EVERYTHING!

Resistance is real.

It’s a constant in the lives of the driven,

the creatives,

the artists,

those who desire to leave behind a legacy.

Nobody is immune to waking up some mornings, thinking they just couldn’t be fucked.

To get up at 4 am

To go out to ride when it’s cold and wet and dark

To sit down in front of their laptops and create their art

To put themselves out in the world for all to see and judge and criticise.

Nobody is immune Darling.

This is the wonder of a life filled with contradictions and opportunities of choice.

Everybody gets to decide.

Which they give in to today –

the fear


the drive.

The one that wins today, is simply the one you feed.

You’re either feeding your negativity with your thoughts, your stories, your beliefs,

understanding that by feeding your bullshit

you’re starving your vision.

Or visa versa.

The one that wins tomorrow, is the one you feed consistently.

And stop thinking that you’re alone in the fight against resistance.

Stop thinking that those who are ahead of you in the journey has it easier.

Stop saying to yourself that you simply don’t have what it takes.

What it takes is training.

Do you remember what training looks like?

It is showing up every single day.

It’s about repetition.

Again and again until you achieve a certain level of mastery and then keeping it up.

Knowing that when you stop training, muscle atrophy sets in again.

Everybody is born with the same spark of magnificence.

Some simply choose to develop and grow the spark.

Millions don’t.

Millions are lazy little fuckers.

They keep themselves exhausted with their endless to-do lists.

They keep themselves drained with their ‘responsibilities’ and codependent relationships.

They keep themselves disconnected from their desires, their passion, instead choosing to be martyrs.

They’re bored.

They want instant gratification.

The next high.


Because most people couldn’t be bothered to develop their minds.

From the moment we open our eyes we are conditioned to conform.

To take the words of others as truth.

We are rewarded for parrot work.

Praised for kissing ass and fitting in and being obedient little boys and girls.

Yes, you can use the system as your excuse for not showing up for yourself.

But we both know that no system can ever be more powerful than YOU.

Question is –

do YOU believe that you are more powerful than a system?

Because if you don’t

you will always be a slave

to the system

to existence

to the addiction of failure.

I respect your choice Darling.

I simply want you to start making it consciously.

I want you to stop thinking you’re a motherloving victim of circumstances.


Which means that you have within you the power, the resourcefulness, the magic, to create the opposite.

I want you to stop thinking that doing everything for everyone else is praiseworthy.

It’s fucking ridiculous and selfish!

You walking around like a clown-painted zombie is not honourable.

It’s not admirable.

It’s a waste of who YOU came here to be.

I want you to stop thinking that success has to be easy and doesn’t require any work.

When those further ahead tells you it’s easy it’s because they have forgotten the work they’ve put in.

It’s like me getting on my bike going out for a hundred kilometre ride when I’ve been training seven days a week.

Do you think I even feel the first two kilometres?

The first ten?

The first twenty?



the first time I went out on my bike I did an entire 2.3 kilometres and I was SMASHED!!!

It took months and months of dedicated training working with a professional coach to reach a level of racing 100 plus kilometres.

I want you to stop thinking you don’t have a choice.

Everything in life is a choice.

You get to choose if you’re going to make your life a warning or an encouragement.

You get to choose if you’re going to use your kids as your excuse or your inspiration.

You get to choose if you feed your fear of your dream.

You get to choose if you hang out with assholes or empowering, solution-focused, badass rebels.

You get to choose if you treat your body with respect or as a garbage disposal unit.

You get to choose if you stay on the hamster wheel or if you jump off, risking it all for your happiness.

You get to choose how you feel – every single moment of the day.

The only time you think you don’t have a choice is when you’re making them unconsciously.

Deciding you don’t have a choice is in and of itself a choice Sweetheart.

Time to make smarter choices.

Conscious choices.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With love,


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