What are you making of the headwinds?

I love training laps on Artemis.

I’ve found this to be the most powerful mindset training.

Every lap is filled with temptation to sit up, to give up.

To come up with the BS excuses as to why I should turn left and go home.

Especially as the weather tends to deteriorate every time I come around.

I’ve learned that for me to successfully complete this session I have to fucking COMMIT to how many laps I’m going to do BEFORE I go out.

It has to be a non-negotiable.

Each time I complete a lap, I recommit.

To the outcome.

To the distance.

To the number.

To the process.

For the Average Jacqueline (AJ) this seems inconsequential.

Except it’s not.

THIS is where I train for my motherfucking life.

All outcomes has the potential to be determined on my bike.

And I love the support God gifts me on these rides with a myriad of natural challenges.

Such as headwinds.

As I came around for round two yesterday, I unexpectedly hit a wall as the gust almost ripped me off my bike.

At first my natural instinct was to shrink.

Attempting to make myself as small as possible,

For when I’m huddled in, there’s less resistance.

Such was my life.

In the past when I hit unexpected challenges my natural reaction was to be to hunker down.

Desperately attempt to become invisible.

So they will forget about me and life can go back to ‘normal’.

Except normal was horrible!

It was suffocating and oppressing and quite frankly, I didn’t much like the little bitch in the mirror.

I hated the low vibration of my whining and moaning.

The sound grated my tits – Freddy Kruger dragging those nails down a black board.

The puny victim being tossed around helplessly in the storm of egotistical bullshit around me.

I remember my journey and I drop a gear.

Take a swig of water.

Sit up.

Time to strategise.

To adjust the original plan which didn’t include this wind!


I can use the headwind for active recovery.

I can push hard with the tailwind which will really push up my average and then catch my breath in the headwind whilst still working some leg strength.

The high average will make me feel like a rockstar.

Some bragging material.

Except bragging means jack shit when you lose out on the potential improvement this training session is offering.

And I already know that what will make me stronger is to do motherfucking intervals INTO the headwind.

Which is going to hurt like HELL!

Emptying out the tank every time I turn into her and then recover with the tailwind.

This will seriously reduce my average speed.

I could get off my bike and be aghast at how long it took me to complete the distance.

I will be hurting.

Yet, tomorrow, when it counts, I will be stronger.

Physically and more importantly, mentally.

I get to choose – ego or growth.

Yesterday, I chose growth.

I committed to wind-intervals.

I put that gear back up.

I connected my core.

I committed to finish to the end of the road sticking to the beat pumping through my ears.

Halfway down the street I started debating against myself.

The arguments came fast and thick from my head.

‘This is stupid.

I’m not fit enough to do this.

I don’t have anything to prove to anyone.

Nobody is even out in this obscene weather to see and admire my effort.

I’m not racing so I don’t have to push so hard.

I can always build up to doing this shit.’

It’s in moments such as these that you get to dig deep Darling and you connect with your very soul.

You commit to an indestructible mindset – Drive, Dedication, Discipline and Determination.

You commit to your best version self understanding that it’s never about what you’re doing but who you’re being that will ultimately dictate the results in your fitness, your relationships, your business, your life!

You commit to the growth which entails pain, failure, mind games, and a higher power.

You commit to being a woman of honour, a woman who keeps her word to herself, regardless of how big or how small that promise to self is.

And you better know that every time you give up,

every time you listen to the weak, tired, frightened little bitch inside you

you lose!

The battle.

For your magnificence.

For your dreams.

You choose to abandon your word and you give up on the woman who runs her Empire!

You let the darkness, which resides in each of us, win.

I’ve learned by now that your ego keeps score.

Every time that you decide to start stepping up, to make that investment in yourself, in your dreams, in your life, she will bring out that book and show you all the times you SAID you were going to rise, each time you SAID you were going to get to the finish line, every instance you PROMISED that you were going to be successful, and she presents the evidence which contradicts your claims.

Unless you’ve collected enough instances when you DID keep your word to yourself, you WILL GIVE UP.

You will either back down.

Backtrack as fast as you can.

Find every excuse NOT to go ahead and be your badass self,

pulling out all the cards which society has so generously handed you to stay average:  spouse, kids, bills, responsibilities, social expectations

Or you will self-sabotage.

You will give away your power by not taking full responsibility for your outcomes.

You will blame everyone and everything for your lack of success.

All because you’ve given up on that interval.

You’ve chosen to let the headwind defeat you.

You’ve chosen to let the headwind define you as weak.

You’ve chosen to let the headwind come between you and your promise to yourself.

Life is filled with headwinds my friend.

Not just on your bike.

In your business.

In your health.

In your relationships.

At some time in the past hundred or so years, society decided to breed whimps and we gave obstacles, struggle, headwinds a bad name.

We’ve turned them into opportunities to sit up and be justified in our moaning and complaining.

We’ve turned them into an excuse to settle for less than epic.

I want you to wake the fuck up and see what’s happening.

OF COURSE those in dark power will want the masses to stay weak-minded.

It’s the way in which to control you to do their bidding.

To keep you disconnected from your life purpose.

To lead.

To create.

To liberate.

To rebel.

To change.

You can’t do any of these unless your mind is indestructible.

The Universe in it’s eternal love gifts you headwinds not to punish you!

Not to say that you’ve been a bad girl so you have to be beaten down.

It’s a motherfucking opportunity for you to RISE and CHOOSE TO BECOME STRONGER.

Again and again.

I also want you to know that you don’t ever reach a level of success where everything just becomes ‘easy’.

There’s no lack of headwinds for the elites.

They simply MAKE IT LOOK EASY because they’ve trained this shit and become stronger.

They simply push harder.

They take on more and don’t back down.

Because they’ve trained in the headwinds, on their own, on a Sunday morning, on a bike named Artemis.

Today I want you to define your headwinds.

  • Where in life are you feeling like you’re hitting a brick wall?
  • And what are you going to choose to make of this?

Are you going to bitch and moan to everyone who will listen and give you sympathy, justifying your choice to give up?

I’ve learned the hard way that true achievers don’t listen to the wailing of those who choose average which means all those sympathetic clucks are made by other AJ’s.

The achievers will leave your ass behind.

Are you going to use that headwind to sit up and recover?

Knowing that sometimes this is the right strategy for your ultimate desired outcome.

Or are you going to use that headwind to make a you motherfucking powerhouse?

Knowing that it’s going to hurt.

Knowing that you’re going to have to go inside and connect with your true power.

Knowing that you and you alone will dictate the results.

I believe everything happens FOR me.

I believe that headwinds and obstacles are God’s way of gifting me opportunities which can make me stronger.

I believe in keeping my word to myself.


To finish what I’ve started.

Even when I cry or puke or scream or curse.

As always, what I choose is not important.

It’s your choices today that will define your results tomorrow.

Not mine.

I would love to know what you choose.

How will you choose to define your headwinds today?

How will you choose to use your headwinds today?

Send me a message and let me know.

Remember that consciously choosing to use your struggles to give up on your dreams is still more powerful than doing it unconsciously.

No judgement.

Your decisions are always perfect.

Your journey is always perfect.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving will always remain a choice.

With love,


PS:  For me, liberation doesn’t mean free from struggle.

It means turning struggle into potential power.

For me, liberation doesn’t mean free from fear.

It means using fear to be courageous.

For me, liberation doesn’t mean having everything dropped in my lap.

It means working my manifestation muscle every day and taking full responsibility for my results.

It’s about staying connected to my truth, my value, my self-love, my purpose, my art, my magic.

It’s about trusting myself to the point where I no longer require someone to show me the strategy – instead I take daily, hourly, aligned action and I know that I always make the right decision for my journey.

It’s about understanding that my entire LIFE is my empire and I get to show up as the Empress thereof.

How do you define Liberation Darling?

If you’re ready to liberate yourself then check out what a three month journey alongside me will look like.

And if it’s a SOUL HELL YES for you, then and only then, apply to play.