Hell NO – I won’t be that girl.

I almost caved.

I almost gave into the temptation to fit in – just a little.

What harm could it possibly do to give an inch to the system?

The system which I have taken a stand against the day I chose NOT to drink the pills.

To fucking fight for my life.

To reignite the flame of passion.

To honour who I truly am and knowing that I am worthy, I am enough.

And I do the work every day of my life.

The physical training unlocking the potential within my cells.

The mental training unlocking the resilience in my mind.

The spiritual training unlocking the wisdom that only comes from within.

Here’s the truth though – it never gets easier.

Easier is simply a lie the mediocre masses tell you out of ignorance to make you complacent.

They tell you when you start a new training regime that it will stop hurting so much the next day.  That exercising will become easier for you to do.  That there will come a day when it will feel natural.

Let me tell you my friend, if that day arrives you’ve simply given up the fight!

Again, they have put a glass ceiling on you and you’re buying into the bullshit.

This way of thinking is why so many people go through the pain to get started, only to hit a plateau and then slide backwards because the gains were not as great as they thought it would be.

The allure of comfort becomes the pot boiling them to death.

The frog is simply a little leaner than before.

He’s still dying.

For those of us committed to the path of the Warrior, it never gets easier.

Your hunger is insatiable and therefor your pain threshold goes up and you keep pushing.




And this is exactly the way Nature designed you.

Stop listening to the normal people who want to tell you that you’ve done enough.

That it’s time to rest.

That you’re already awesome so you can afford to slow down a bit.

They will never get it.

They will never do the work.

They will lull you with false promises and slowly but surely they will bring you back into the fold.

In the sweetest voice they asked me to write for them.  Offering me a platform which reaches more people on a monthly basis than Oprah.

I confess, I felt flattered.

For a fleeting moment I felt that all my hard work is finally being recognised by the ‘powers that is’.

Except there was a condition –

They will replace fuck with f*ck.

And I have to go on their writing course so I can change the way I write to be more mainstream.

It’s just a little mindset shift, they say.

And THEN I will rock!

I have to admit – I was tempted.

Seriously tempted.

What damage could come from going on a course and learning how to write ‘professional self-help’ pieces to serve the masses?

What does it matter if they replace a little ‘u’ with a star?

Except it fucking matters to me!

Because for me to give an inch to the system is a betrayal of myself, who I am, what I stand for.

It is me saying that YOU are not important enough for me to keep walking the path.

And I’m not prepared to become another traitor for the system.

I’m not prepared to break my word to myself to always be authentic.

To say it the way I feel it.

To take a stand for the fact my passion will not be toned down by a star!

For what?  Faceless recognition??

So I declined.

I’m not here to serve the system.


I’m not here to speak in the whisper that keeps people exactly where they are.  Docile.  Comatose.

I’m not here for the masses who choose existence on a daily basis.

I’m here for YOU.

Because I know that you wake up in the morning and you fucking fight for your life every single day.

You are the warrior who bleeds, who cries, who rage against the machine!

You have the courage to question all you’ve been taught and shut out the voices so you can hear yourself think.

You make the choice to stop existing regardless of the sacrifice.

Our purpose is worth any sacrifice.

And if that means that I have to listen to the endless criticism of those who tell me that my swearing is a lack of self control, then bring it on bitch.

They don’t know me!

They don’t know what I stand for.

They don’t know what I fight for.

They don’t know what I will do for thrive.

They don’t care to ask.  Instead all they want is for me to climb into their little box so they can stop feeling so uncomfortable in my presence.


Acknowledge that you are not here for comfort.

That comfort kills your passion.

That comfort keeps you smaller than your soul desires to be!

And the pain of settling is smothering you oh so slowly that you’re lying on the floor gasping for air like a fish out of water.

Get back into the ocean of truth and swim Darling!

Out to sea where the storms rage.

Where the powerful beasts reign queen.

That’s where you belong.

You know you do.

I can see it in your eyes.

I hear your tummy grumble with the hunger for greatness, for change, for impact, for abundance, for joy, for passion, for pleasure, for thrive!

The fight for your truth is relentless.

You’ve got what it takes.

But you have to choose!

You have to choose to not give an inch no matter how tempting they make it.

You have to choose to stand by your values no matter how much it contradicts the societal norm.

You have to choose to sacrifice comfort for your honour.

The only thing in life which is inevitable is death.

Thriving is a choice you have to recommit to every single day.

With love eternal,


PS:  With the year coming to a close the temptation to take a break is greater than ever before.

Not just a break from work, but from your values, from your vision, from your boundaries.

To just give an inch.

But there’s another choice.

You can choose to use this time to make the massive changes you’ve not made thus far.

You can choose to use the extra time to set the foundation which will have you quantum leap next year.

You can choose to shut out the noise and reconnect with your wisdom within so that you will thrive.

Ignite is 90 minutes of pure clarity.

You will start before the call by reconnecting with your core values.

You will get clarity on your true desires – unfiltered.

No more playing in the presence of small-minded people.

You will set the goals that has you on fire with immovable purpose.

You will identify the beliefs that you’re currently missing that’s preventing you from already living next level.

Ignite sessions close December 2017 so if you’re still sitting on the fence it’s time to choose.