Are you hiding behind the skirt of your fear?

Aaaah Nunu, you a little scaredy-cat?

You think that you’re the only little girl afraid of a little fear?

The only one who grew up in a big scary world?

The only one who has failed before?

Who has been criticised?

Who has had some nasty people knock you down?

So you walk around saying “I’m afraid.  I need to first do another course before taking action because I’m afraid.  I have to put another system into place before taking action because I’m afraid.  I have to first fix myself before taking action because I’m afraid.  I have to first find my Prince Charming before taking action because I’m afraid.  I have to first look after my kids before taking action because I’m afraid.”

Well boohoooo Sunshine.

I have some sobering news for you – everyone is afraid!

All the time!

It’s simply part of our human make-up.

And you’re going to be scared until the day you die.

It’s called life.

Suck it up.

Now you get to choose – you can choose to use your fear as an excuse to be another big talker who lives in mediocrity.  Another one of those who make promises left right and centre, to yourself, to everyone else, and never keep them because your honour is stuck at the bottom of your fear.  Another one of those who get to mid-life and hit rock bottom because you have abandoned yourself such a long time ago that you have forgotten who the fuck you really are and have embodied the identity of fear.  Feeling like a wimp and a victim as fear tends to create chaos in life.


and this your ray of sunshine

You can choose to embrace your fear and use it as your compass to greatness.  You can choose to chase fear down with a ferocity that has it whining like a little bitch.  You can choose to put a desire in front of the fear that has you salivating with hunger and NEVER again stop taking forward action because you REFUSE to live without your desires a moment longer.

Did you hear me?


Not once the kids are grown up.

Not once your man has transformed from a couch potato to Captain America.

Not once you’ve won the lotto and have shit tons of money.

Not once you have miraculously lost ten kg’s and your ass has jumped back into place.


The ONLY way you’re ever going to do this is to make your PASSION bigger than your FEAR.

Understanding that your fear is going to fight back relentlessly – it’s what she does to seperate those who are truly hungry from those bloated with average.

Which also means that you have to relentlessly reconnect to your passion – every hour of every day!

To ensure that fear doesn’t sneak up on you whilst you’re lazing by the pool and overtakes you from the bottom of your martini.

I want you to make a commitment to yourself today that you will NEVER again use fear as an excuse not to thrive!

And yes, it really is only an excuse.

Fear is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real.

Do you get that?


You’re rolling around in the smooth brown stuff thinking you’re covered in chocolate but in fact you’re simply saturated with shit.

And it reeks!

Do you choose to stay in the stink?  Or do you choose to finally be the badass leader you came here to be?

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is a choice.

With love always,


PS:  I’m the same as you.

I too wake up in the morning and feel the cold tendrils of fear creep up my neck.

I too look at my goals and think “HOW???”

Yet I’ve learned how to use the energy created in my body (adrenaline) to take action!

How to set myself up for success by connecting to my passion, my purpose, my drive, my desires in such a way that my fear has zero chance of stopping me.

I work with the coaches who keep me accountable, who push me relentlessly out of my comfort zone, who push my buttons ensuring that I stay the course.

And this is exactly what I bring to my clients.


I dig to your core and connect you with your true desires, your true passion, your true purpose and I guide you to set the goals that has your ass on fire.

I show you the big picture that you’re too close to see yourself thereby illuminating your strengths, your weaknesses, your bullshit stories, your empowering beliefs.

I hold you accountable so you move forward regardless of your fears – I’m told I’m more scary than the monster under the bed.

What does this mean for you?

It means that you finally set the goals that not only lights you up, but has you grow at a phenomenal pace.

It means that you get to cultivate an indestructible mind-set that has you achieve anything you desire to achieve.

It means that you get to build the business of your dreams in a way that feels phenomenal, working with clients that has you on fire, making the money that supports you living a life of freedom.

It means that you get to show up as your best version self and bringing that to all your relationships thereby finally feeling loved and appreciated because quite frankly Darling, you love and appreciate yourself.

It means that you get to stop living IN fear and you get to live IN passion.

But you first have to get out from behind that skirt and book your consult.

You coming?