How much fun could you possibly cope with?

Hold on to your seat Darling, because yes, I’m actually going there…

As I lay in the throes of ecstasy, allowing the buzz to penetrate every cell in my body,

allowing myself to receive the full expression of orgasm,

allowing myself to receive the healing of pleasure,

I laughed

and laughed

and laughed.

The pure joy of receiving was flushing away all that which no longer served me.

I put my hand on my heart and just breathed into it.

Feeling so alive with love.

My thoughts started drifting into gratitude,

for my amazing life.

I never get tired of looking up and witnessing the beauty of what I now get to call home.

I never get tired of waking up and feeling safe in my core.

I never get tired of standing in my back garden and drinking in the fiery sunrise over the ocean.

I never get tired of riding my bike and howling the pure exhilaration of that which now is.

I never get tired of moving my body in the most delicious ways feeling the strength I have gained from flexibility.

I never get tired of anticipating good things to flow to me every single day.

And then I wondered,

what if it was all supposed to be this much fun?

This pleasurable?

What if our relationships were never meant to be hard work, the way I was brought up to believe, but instead, they were supposed to be tremendously fun?  Two highly compatible individuals coming together for a period of time and exploring together, stimulating each other, laughing together, loving together, and then, if they grew in opposite directions, they simply parted without all the useless anger and resentment and feelings of betrayal.  A pure continuation of love even though the dynamics of the relationship has changed.

What if our work was never supposed to be draining and taxing and hard, but instead, a fun expression of the gifts we have to share with the world?  A delightful approach where each day has the potential to learn something new, try out something new to see the effect and then to keep doing it if we love the outcome or to do something different if we’re not satisfied with the results.  Each day simply the platform to connect with someone on a meaningful level and touching their heart in a way that leaves them feeling slightly changed.

What if work was just play every day?

What if our spiritual practice was never supposed to be fear-based, grovelling, toeing the line, but instead, a liberated expression of appreciation?  A simple connection with all of creation and Creator herself where we allowed ourselves to use our bodies, our words, our thoughts to connect to her magic and to use said energy to create something pretty in her honour.  Just to say thank you for this platform of experience.

What if our kids were never meant to drive us to insanity, what if they weren’t here to test our patience, but instead, they were our daily reminders to grow down, to be present, to live for pleasure?  Imagine if we stopped putting so much pressure on our children and ourselves to reach their developmental milestones at the dictated time, if we didn’t worry about having them school-ready at a younger and younger age, if we didn’t think the sky was going to fall down if they didn’t conform to the current system and ‘successfully’ come out at the other end of the machine.  Imagine if raising kids were a new exploration of possibilities and fun!

What if all of it was meant to be this much fun?

Could you even handle it?

To have a seriously fun-filled life?

One where you wake up every morning and simply played the game of life?

Approaching it with giddy excitement and curiosity.

If you took the lessons in good stride and then moved on without dragging the shit with you day in and day out.

You know what I’m talking about.

The shame.

The heartache.

The embarrassment.

The disappointment.

The anger and resentment.

The jealousy.

The depression.

What if instead we remained more child-like?

They get hurt too.

They fall off the jungle gym, blood, tears, snot everywhere.

They don’t hold back or hold in, they howl and scream and go next level drama in the expression of their emotions.

And then, when it’s done, it’s done.

By tomorrow they’re back at it.

Even though YOU’RE sitting there on edge, waiting for the inevitable, tense, living in the past, worried every second that the same accident is going to happen at any moment,

that little squirrel seems to have pressed some reset button during the night erasing all memories of the pain.

Which is probably why they seem so fearless.

They’re just having way too much fun to sit and think about the pain of yesterday all the time.

Or worry about the possible pain that could be in their tomorrow.

We can learn a lot from little kids.

So what are your thoughts Darling?

Is your mind just boggling right now?

Is the voice in your head screaming this idea is insane, ridiculous, unrealistic?

That life couldn’t possibly be THAT much fun?

That I should grow up?

Granted, the pharmaceutical companies would hate us having fun each day.

All those happy hormones rushing through our bodies.

Keeping us on a high vibration.



They would go bankrupt.

So fun and happiness definitely would not be good for the drug companies.

The mental health profession would probably not like us having fun each day.

All that laughter would keep the couches empty.

They would find it hard to stick a label on your ass whilst you’re skipping through the fields of daisies.

The government would not like us having too much fun each day.

We would be energised and clear minded enough to think for ourselves.

To not be scared shitless every day buying the lies that we need them for protection.

We would have creative ideas and find alternative solutions, no longer having to support the old-boys club mentality of upholding the ‘hard work’ patriarchal way of existing.

Yeah, a lot of people would be really unhappy if we were happy and having fun each day.

I’m not saying that we don’t want the experience of pain, heart-break, sadness, sorrow, anger,

I believe in all of them.

It’s what makes our experience of life so divinely rich and diverse.

I’m just asking if there could possibly be another way of approaching life?

And I can’t help but wonder if this is an alternate reality.

One where kids are raised with the belief that Goddess is pure love, and love and fear are not bedmates.

A reality where kids are raised in play.

Where fun and pleasure and joy is the norm.

Where individuals are praised and appreciated for their uniqueness and encouraged to do things differently, in a way that feels good to them.

Where each person takes responsibility for their happiness, their thrive.

I believe this is our truth.




A belief that I’m finding more evidence for in my life each and every day.

The more I play, the more fun I have, the more soulmate playmates I meet, the more I get to play.

The more I love, the more I find to love, the more I get to love.

The more I receive, the more I open myself up to receive, the more I get to receive.

It’s pretty amazing my friend.

You should give it a try.

But only if you want to be happy.

Only if you want to feel ah-ma-zing.

Only if you want to let the pleasure of orgasm penetrate every cell of your body.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving always remains an individual choice.

Love ya,


PS:  Are you curious about the stories that might be capping your capacity for joy?

Are you starting to think that maybe all that you’ve been told to believe could be holding you back from living your full potential?

Are you interested to see what could change in your life if instead of being imprisoned by stereotypical labels of who and what and how you’re supposed to exist, you give yourself free reign to believe in yourself, trust yourself, love yourself?

Liberation could be the next step in your journey.

It’s not for everyone.

It takes courage to liberate yourself.

It takes a decision that you will not back down from fear.

It takes a willingness to be vulnerable, opening yourself up to receive unconditional support and acceptance of you.

It takes you taking action.

If this is that moment of decision for you, and if you know that I’m the guide on your next step, send me a mail to find out more about Liberation.