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How would you live your life if you didn’t have your precious labels?

When did life become so serious?

To the point that it appears most have left their sense of humour behind in the previous century.

I suspect it came along the same time as the rise of the fathers of psychology.

Oh Yes, I’m going there today.

I’m stirring the pot with my shit-spoon 😉

Simply because I’m tired of people feeling helpless, feeling that they need saving, that they need a pill, that they need a glass of whiskey to get through the day.

Here’s what I want you to know today:

Your Emotions Are All Natural and Perfect!

Humans have always had emotions since Adams’ first breath.

They’ve felt happy.

They’ve felt sad.

They’ve felt terrified.

They’ve felt worried.

They’ve felt fury.

It was considered natural.

When they were happy, they used the vibrant energy and danced to feel even happier.

When they felt sad, they withdrew, they mourned.  They understood that there was a lower level of energy available to them in their bodies, and like nature in winter, they would allow the stillness required for death to be honoured and released so the new can blossom.

When they felt scared, they used the adrenaline pumping through their veins, stoking a fire which had them break out in a cold sweat, and either fought or ran like a motherfucking rabbit.

No shame for any feelings.

No blame for any feelings.

Life flowed on.

In beautiful harmony of what is gifted to us.


Oh My Thor,

some well-meaning ass decided that he needed to UNDERSTAND.

He had to figure out what it all meant, what it resulted in, what has to happen for people to return to homeostasis,

and we were given


Now, I’m sure that he meant it out of the goodness of his heart.

I’m sure he had a true desire to be in service to others.

To make them feel better.

Because god forbid anyone should not be operating in a ‘pleasing’ manner,

upsetting the apple cart,

making it uncomfortable for others to be around.

There’s no way in hell that he could have predicted the insatiable desire of the sheople to keep the status quo at flatline.

For the longest time I bought into all of this myself.

I even dedicated years of my life to the study of psychology to get the degrees that would say “I now understand what the fuck is wrong with you and I have the solution”.

Once you know the label, you can prescribe the treatment.

And that’s when the Universe blessed me with the experience of one of our most popular labels, depression, only to find that the ‘cure’ prescribed by the profession, was killing me even faster.

My feeling of deep depression had a serious message for me.

One which I couldn’t hear when I was drugged.

One that had nothing to do with my childhood.

It had EVERYTHING to do with my current choices.

It never intended to define me, only to get my attention.

What I’ve come to realise is that people take these labels on as their identity and it becomes their self-fulfulling prophecy.

Crafting their lives around them.

Thinking there’s something seriously wrong with them.

Drinking some form of ‘medication’ to numb out.

And because this behaviour is underwritten by the official powers, others treat them differently.

Makes them feel special.

Let’s get some perspective here:

Do you honestly think that the cave man didn’t feel anxious as he hauled ass out into the big scary world to hunt a dinosaur??

Do you not think that he stood there shitting himself as T-Rex appeared unexpectedly and he knew that unless his mate Tom was slower than him, his goose was cooked?

Do you think our brave warrior went and sat on a couch telling Fred that he doesn’t understand why he gets so freaked out that he can hardly breathe?

Do you think Fred told him he has what’s known as anxiety which is a debilitating condition that can be treated?  Just take a day leave, drink three chill pills and meditate every day to calm the fuck down.

I think not.

I think our boy, being the clever caveman he was, felt anxious, and thought to himself:

‘OMG there’s danger!

I have two choices:

Charge that motherfucking beast and fight, maybe getting a kill in the process and feeding the clan for a week,

or not,

could lose the battle and feed T for the day,


Run my ass off and maybe live to tell the tale,

or not,

T could be faster and I’ll end up being breakfast.’

Our boy paid attention to this feeling clogging up his throat,

he would connect into the energy created by said emotion,

to make fast choices,

to take immediate action.

And either he woke up on the other side laughing his ass off for getting eaten by T, or he got back home with more evidence in his arsenal to build confidence, more learning had, and a badass tale to share.

Now if you think that I’m being disrespectful and inconsiderate because I’m bringing some humour into the field of emotions,

I’m not.

I simply want you to consider how you would live your life if you stopped thinking that anything you’re feeling is WRONG.

If instead of thinking there’s something out of place for feeling the FULL SPECTRUM of human emotions,

understanding that some of those emotions have a powerful fucking reaction in your body,

and that when you lean into the emotion,

when you release into the emotion,

when you move through the emotion,

you will get to the other side with a deeper knowing of self than ever before.

It’s been my experience that the real pain is caused by our resistance of our emotions as a natural part of us.

By making our emotions wrong or bad.

If you think about it, it’s like cutting off a piece of your arm because you think it should look like your leg.

That’s gonna hurt!

And honestly, if others stopped telling you to cheer up because THEY are feeling discomfort in your presence when you’re genuinely grieving, genuinely angry, genuinely scared,

if they weren’t so codependent and allow you to work it out for yourself,

you would not hold on to that emotion

because ultimately that emotion will NOT dissipate until acknowledged and heard and acted upon.

I deeply respect our desire to make sense out of everything,

our desire for certainty,

and I’m not here to take that away from you.

I’m not here to tell you that you have to start thinking any differently as to what you have up to this point,

if it serves you,

as it always does,

then hold on to that.

But if you’re sitting there thinking it would be really empowering to simply acknowledge what you feel, to take the time for some introspection as to the meaning of the emotion, to take a real look at what’s going on around you that’s causing this feeling, and then thanking that emotion for honouring your well-being, choosing action consciously from this space,

then I invite you to approach your emotions in a new way.

What have you got to loose?

Only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

With deep love and appreciation for you,


PS:  The only thing standing between you and all you desire,

is your stories.

Most of which I’ve found to be fear-based.

And the reason why people never get to the other end,

is because they live in denial.

They think that admitting their fears will make them appear weak.

Not in my space Darling.

If you’re SERIOUS about achieving success,

if you’re ready to name and claim your fears and then releasing them,

replacing them with a new perspective,

a new set of beliefs,

and then taking the aligned action regardless of how uncomfortable you feel at the time,

because you CHOOSE to be successful,

and you’re ready to be held accountable to that,

then I invite you to connect with me to see if I’m the right coach to guide you on this part of your journey.

Only those serious about results need apply.