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How would you be showing up if you chose to be a leader?

I’m so proud of my mom!

She’s finally giving less of a fuck what others think of her.

Choosing to do what feels in alignment with her values.

Saying yes to what is important to her and no to the people and things who quite frankly aren’t.

Willing to receive the backlash of her new choices, the disapproving frowns.

Willing to say “I don’t care if it makes me a not-so-nice person”


My mom is a born warrior.

She’s been battling her programming her entire life and I have so much respect for this woman.

Even if she hadn’t given birth to me (I consider it a bonus that she did) ,







Often I share with you my own journey,

my learnings,

my experiences,

my feeling of being born into the wrong culture.

How everything about my heritage feels like nauseating bullshit to me.

The patriarchy.

The violence.

The oppression.

The silence of truth.

The abandonment of self and desire.

It’s days such as these that I understand that as hard as it’s been for me to reach a point of enough and no more, it’s even tougher for our parents generation.

Most of them have given up a long time ago.

They’ve accepted the norm as normal.

Resigned to living out their days at the mercy of the machine.

You can’t exactly blame them.

Different times my friend.

Different choices.

All divinely perfect.

My mom is not one of those who gave up.

I’ve also come to realise that often we look at those who stand on a stage for hope, wisdom, inspiration.

For leadership.

Discounting the silent warriors who don’t do it to lead the masses with guru titles prefixed to their names,

instead simply choosing to lead themselves out of the hell of unconscious existence.

Silent warriors such as my mother.

Today I pay tribute to her.

My inspiration.

My greatest supporter.

My heart.

I have come to believe that true leadership has nothing to do with other people.

True leadership comes from taking responsibility for yourself.

Until your dying day.

It’s about continuously stepping out of your comfort zone, willing to learn, willing to grow, willing to change the identity you’ve taken on before.

I’ve watched my mom go from a lifetime of saying she doesn’t run, she doesn’t do sport,

to climbing up a towering sand wall after declining paramedics because she was determined to cross the finish line by herself after a very long, very hot trail run.

In her sixties.

Fucking badass AF!

I’ve watched my mom go from a lifetime of giving in to dominance, remaining silent to keep the peace, to speaking her desires out loud.

I’ve watched my mom go from a struggling abused woman, to a fighter. Often on her knees.  Often falling down.  Often crying tears of defeat.

She kept rising.

She kept taking one more step.

Using whatever she had to cling to for inner strength.

Her faith in God.

Her love for her children.

Her sense of responsibility to put food on the table.

Whatever the fuck it took.

My mom did it.

My mom has gone through hell and back and I suspect that even Satan respects her spirit.

At one stage she stopped being my ‘parent’.

She stopped telling me what to do.

She stopped trying to save me.

She had her hands full trying to save herself, which is clearly exactly what my soul desired, as it gave me the willpower to become the woman I am today.

She had no choice but to let me fail.

No choice but to trust me to always come out on top.

Circumstances had her fighting her own demons and she understood on a deep, probably unconscious, level that she was no use to me and our soul contract if she chose to stay drugged in a desperate way to escape the pain.

I suspect that once she came through her own dark path of the soul, she was a little aghast at the choices I’ve been making ever since.

Thank god she has lots of hair otherwise she would have been bald by now.

Yet she never tried to stop me.

Most times she couldn’t comprehend why the hell I was doing what I was doing.

Why I was saying what I was saying.

But her soul believed in mine and she let me walk my own journey.

With her unconditional love by my side.

With her unconditional faith in me.

THIS my friend, in my humble opinion, is true leadership.

It’s about allowing others to have their experience in life.

Without the need to save them.

It’s about quietly going about your life, taking stock, taking responsibility, taking another step forward.

Allowing others to have their experience of you and not giving a rat’s arse.

I have come to understand that for me to be a leader, it means I have to embody the energy of a leader.

I have come to understand that we are all followers at some stage of our lives, and it is never too late to step from follower into leader.

You don’t need an online following to be a leader.

You don’t need a company to be a leader.

You don’t need applause to be a leader.

True leadership has nothing to do with others, and everything to do with the world.

True leadership is about living your life in such a way that your 45 year old daughter can sit on a Zoom call from the other side of the world, glowing with pride because you’ve made a new choice that honours YOU.

True leadership is about living your life in such a way that people can use you as a benchmark of what they love and what they hate.

And it’s powerful for the haters as well.

If we’re constantly living our lives in a way that has the masses like us, we make zero impact.

There’s no unique fingerprint left behind where we’ve had a point of contact.

Today I pay homage to all the silent warriors in the world.

I pay homage to all the silent leaders in the world.

I want you to know that even if nobody says a word,

they are watching.

And what you do, matters.

What you choose, matters.

Who you are choosing to show up as, matters.

Someone is always watching my Darling.

Your kids, regardless of their age, is paying attention.

It is my prayer that one day my children will look at my old self and pay tribute to a woman they consider to be a leader.

A woman they consider to be a warrior.

A woman they consider to be their inspiration.

Releasing the desire to control their experience of me.

How do you want your children to view you?

How do you want to be remembered?

How are you living today?

Are you making the choices that can inspire generations to come?

Or are you currently making the daily choices that serves as a warning to a more conscious generation following you?

Are you living as your best version self in all areas of your life?





in all of your relationships,

in your purpose work,

in your lifestyle?

Or are you pissing away time?

No judgement.  No shame.  No blame.

Just time for some honesty, that’s all.

Mom – I want you to know that YOU ARE MAGNIFICENCE IN HUMAN FORM.

My love and respect for you is eternal.

Thank you for being my comrade-in-arms.  I would not have wanted any other shieldmaiden on this battle-field.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


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