Find the courage to see how YOU are stopping yourself!

You hear it all the time –

You can be, do and have everything you desire.

To be completely honest, there was a time I was so SICK of hearing this because NOTHING was working in my life.

I felt frustrated,


ready to punch the next bitch who told me this.

Thankfully, I’m one of the lucky ones,

I don’t get mad, plummet to sad and then go into a state of defeat.

Instead, I get mad 

I use that energy to fuel my passion

I strengthen my resolve

And then I go where I’ve not been willing to go before.

This pattern of behaviour has led me to call myself determined.

Others call me stubborn and stupid.

Whether that’s going for a run in complete darkness to amplify the fear

Or sitting my ass down with my journal and challenging myself to delve into my subconscious

I do whatever it takes Baby.

Personally, I love proving people wrong (I know I know, I shouldn’t be saying that out loud)

On the flip side, I‘m tickled pink when I prove them right!

So it was with the fact that we TRULY can have EVERYTHING we want to be, do or have.

Except there’s some work to do Butterfly.

You have to be PREPARED to receive.

Think of yourself as a container.

Now most of us have been living in denial and self-deprevation for so long that our container has the depth of a saucer.

Yet we’re asking for a flood.

I remember the first time I recognised this in myself.

I was asking for the bucket load when emotionally I simply did not have the capacity to receive and appreciate and ENJOY that which I thought I wanted.

Instead every time I received a glimmer, I would feel uncomfortable, I would squirm, I would run away as far as my short legs could carry me.

Ultimately what we desire is to FEEL BETTER.

When what you’re asking for makes you feel worse, you’re gonna throw that shit away like a hot potato.

Even when you see others enjoying it all over the world and wonder what the hell is wrong with you???

How can you not thrive in the same environment as others?

I had to learn that as the dehydrated traveller, I had to take little sips at a time until I finally had the capacity to drink the glass without throwing it all up again.

Can you relate?

Once I had increased my little saucer to a soup bowl I could go deeper into the process of receiving.


If you’re NOT receiving the results it could be because you’re self-sabotaging.

They say you’re blocked – I say you’re constipated.

Who the hell wants to admit that they’re self-sabotaging??

Do you want me to put it more gently for you Love?

How about you’re simply not playing full out?

You’re not taking ALL the actions you could be taking.

You’re not seeing ALL the resources already available to you.

You’re not asking ALL you could be asking for help.

You’re not showing up ALL the way, keeping one foot in the door just in case you need to bolt.

It’s been my experience that until I name and claim that which is making me tippy-toe in uncertainty, I hold back.

Yes, my holding back looks like playing all out to many others so I can get away with a lot when I compare myself to the average person on the street.



And because we’re having a HUMAN experience, and the fastest way for our soul to experience is through other humans, it normally involves relationships in some shape or form.

There’s an incident of hurt or disappointment or embarrassment that I hadn’t dealt with that is lurking in the corner, teasing me with their giggles and whispers until I shine the light directly onto them.

As long as I carry this baggage with me, my progress is slowed.

It creates open loops through which we continuously recreate the past by bringing it into the present.

You’re welcome to continue doing this of course – most people do.

They cling to that shit as if their lives depend on it.

As if they would be lost without all their drama and their pain and their resentment.

They dread the moment when they don’t have anything to complain about thinking they won’t have anything to say.

That they won’t be interesting without the drama.

That if they have nobody left to blame for their actions today they would actually have to take responsibility for themselves.


Damn, my sarcasm is thick today – sorry.  Not sorry.

So what are some questions you want to ask yourself?

How can I possibly stop myself from receiving this?

Why would I stop myself from receiving this?

If I’m not receiving this, why not?  What’s missing?  What’s not been dealt with?

Fair warning – if you’re a high achiever that voice in your head will go off like a siren!

This level of vulnerability is not pleasant.

Then again, what the fuck have you got to lose?

Nobody is going to see this except you.

Yes you can go into the whole shame cycle – yawn!

You can delve up relationships and events you thought you had dealt with and the pure fact that your pen reveals them onto the paper means there’s more work to do around it.


Deal with that shit and burn that piece of paper and LET GO!

Once you’ve decided you’re finally DONE, you’re done.



Ready to shake yourself like a water-logged shaggy dog and then run like a motherloving rock star!

This is what I love about goals.

Not only do I grow into the best next version of myself who achieves said goal;

Not only do I get to bask in the satisfaction of achieving my goals;

I am also creating opportunities to finally deal with all the junk in my trunk and move forward lighter, wiser, strutting my stuff!

You convinced yet?

Let’s create a new culture.

One where we stop blaming others or shaming ourselves.

Let’s create a culture of true curiosity.

Let’s create a culture of brave.

Let’s create a culture of conscious creation.

I’m taking responsibility to create this culture within myself.

I can only invite you to do the same.

It’s a choice – no judgement.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving truly is the choice of the brave.

I love you,


PS:  I’m just going to be straight-up with you today.

One of the ways I see most people stopping themselves from achieving their goals is with the story that they can do it on their own.

That they’ll simply read more books on the subject.

That they’ll buy the DVD or subscribe to the YouTube channel.

You’re welcome to keep telling yourself that.

It’s been my experience that this is not true.

There’s a reason why professionals work with coaches – whether that’s professional athletes working with sports coaches, professional business moguls working with coaches and mentors, professional coaches working with their mentors.

Coaching holds up an untainted mirror.

It gives you a level of accountability that nobody else provides.

It’s a sharing of tried and tested tools which you can integrate or reject, creating an opportunity for invention.

It’s a space of trust, honesty and unbiased feedback from someone who has no vested interest in the outcome.  They respect YOUR journey and see failure as learning and progress.

I don’t work with individuals seeking excuses to fail.

I don’t work with individuals seeking problems to solutions.

I work with those who have DECIDED to succeed.

I work with those who are COMMITTED to succeed.

I work with those who have achieved the impossible before and are ready to achieve their next impossible.

I work with those who take full responsibility for their results and who are prepared to fail on their way to success.

If this is you, let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit.