Do you know how you’re wired?

I believe we’re all wired differently.

I don’t believe there’s a better or worse way to be.

It’s simply different.

Its our uniqueness that makes us so incredible.

And yes, there are some with whom we resonate more than with others, and there’s some people who just completely repel us!

Yet it doesn’t make them wrong.

It simply means they are so different from you that there’s friction.

I’ve been repelling quite a few folks lately as I stop hiding all of me.

And all of me is not always pretty.

Sometimes it’s outright confronting!

Sometimes it’s insensitive.

Sometimes it’s raw.

I personally use the opportunities of discomfort, of being triggered, to go even deeper into understanding myself.

Others don’t.

I remain perplexed by how people don’t take the time to figure out how they are wired.

To do the deep introspection and connect with what is truly important to them, what fuels them, what pulls them.

Instead spending hours looking outside of themselves.

For motivation.

For inspiration.

For strategies.

For someone to tell them what the fuck to do.

In the process living in continuous pain.

They are ping-ponging from one painful experience to the next without much direction.

They tend to go towards those who they think will make them feel better,

but Sunshine,

with all my love,

nobody will make you feel better!

As long as you give the power of your emotions to others, you’re screwed.

It’s not my place to understand them, instead I want to invite you to press pause on the world and do some introspection today if it feels aligned.

I will share with you some of my crazy, and you can use it to FEEL into how true this feels for you.

But then I want you to take it further,

I want you to look for evidence in your past behaviour that SHOWS your truth.

Look at how you invest your time, your money, your energy when you’re not thinking about it.

Often people want to play with me.

They say they’re as hungry as I am.

They’re as determined as I am.

They will do whatever it takes.


just as shit starts getting real,

they throw in the towel.

They say it’s not working,

they say they’re too tired to keep going,

they say it’s not worth it after all.

They don’t want to do the same actions over and over again until mastery sets in.

They are not the same as me.

Hey, that’s fantastic!

Contrast gives us the opportunity to get more real with ourselves and our true desires.

Ready to dive with me and see where we’re similar and where we’re different?

No judgement, no right or wrong, just honesty and curiosity.

Okay, let’s go.

What drives you?

It’s said that there’s two main drivers:

People either want to avoid pain or receive pleasure.

We all have both of these but one is dominant.

For most it appears to be avoiding pain.

But here’s the thing for me –

I’m not afraid of pain.

Shit, most of the times I go into pain.

I am the crazy-ass bitch who trains to the point of tears and vomit.

I’m the slightly scary woman who will take herself into the darkest recesses of her soul to discover what lies there.

I have triumphed abuse, bankruptcy, rape, physical beatings, public humiliation, obscene haters, rejection, abandonment.

You can’t motivate me with pain.

I am driven by expectation of pleasure.

That moment of achievement.

That second of break-through accomplishment.

Feeling like a badass knowing I did it myself turns me ON!

When marketers tell me that if I don’t buy I’m going to be doomed to failure, I tell them to fuck off.

Again, there’s no one better than the other.

Just be honest with yourself here.

When you know what drives you, you set your goals around that.

What’s your anchor?

I believe we all need anchors.

That thing that keeps you steady even in the worst storm.

That makes you keep getting up.

Regardless of how often you fall flat on your face.

One of my anchors is my past.

I hold on to the darkness.

The pain I’ve experienced.

My rock bottoms.

It’s what keeps me real with myself.

I’ve made a promise to myself that I will NEVER go back there, and I am a woman of my word.

Another anchor is my faith.

I believe that I live in a loving Universe wherein everything happens FOR me.

I believe that every single person alive has a heart.

I believe that everything will always work out perfectly in divine timing.

What are your defining moments?

We are all presented with choices.

All the time.

Whether you realise it or not your day is filled with the little choices that takes your life path into a certain direction.

Some of us, choose to purposefully put ourselves in situations where those decisions define our very identity.

Situations where everything is on the line.

Where we are so exhausted we have no idea how the fuck we’re going to take one more step.

Times when we are in so much pain that the tears will not be held back.

Instances when we are so afraid that urine runs freely down our legs.

And it’s in these moments that we get to choose

who we will be forever after.

I am blessed with many defining moments.

The moment I stood there with my head being slammed into the wall, and I chose to keep my chin up.

The moment when I was terrified of drowning and I chose NOT to get out of the water.

The moment when I was told it was game over and I chose to prove them wrong.

The moment when I had no money and I chose to keep doing my purpose work.

Powerful moments that I get to call on when things get tough.

And here’s the thing – I went looking for some, so I could make empowered choices in the unexpected moments.

Are you willing to go out and create challenges for you to grow stronger?

For you to walk the wire knowing that if you tip the wrong way it’s crash and burn?

Are you?

If not, that’s okay too.  But then don’t go play with those who are continuously scratching in the space of pain because you will end up feeling miserable and it’s not worth it.

What’s your work ethic?

Honestly I look at most people and think them lazy motherlovers and that’s great – I don’t have to hang with them.

I LOVE the grind.

I LOVE the hustle.

I LOVE doing the training sessions and pushing hard.

When you tell me that you’ve got the secret to working four hours a week and make shit tons of money, I yawn.

For me it’s not about doing as little as possible, it’s about my LIFE and how I choose to experience it.

I started dancing at the age of 5.

I am wired for discipline, repetition, sacrificing distraction.

I’m not afraid of putting in the hours, the sweat, the effort.

I THRIVE on it.

Then again, I don’t live a life of existence where I exchange my soul for a pay cheque.

I did at one stage.

Then I decided my happiness wasn’t worth the six digits paid into my bank account.

Not to say that you have to be an entrepreneur but you can choose to do work aligned with what you desire and get paid feeling fucking FABULOUS of the exchange.

At this time I’m thrilled to say that my life is completely aligned.

Completely in flow.

Everything in my life is an expression of my purpose, my mission, my happy.

And yes, you look at me and say I never stop working.

I look at me and say I never stop doing the stuff that lights me on fire.

Again, just differences!

Okay that’s enough for now.

Today is a brilliant opportunity for you to get to know yourself a little better if you so choose.

An opportunity to make some more conscious, aligned choices of who to surround yourself with.

So that you can have more fun!

Life is a game after all.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is the choice of the brave.

With my love,



I work with those who have DECIDED to succeed.

I work with those who are COMMITTED to succeed.

I work with those who have achieved the impossible before and are ready to achieve their next impossible.

I work with those who take full responsibility for their results and who are prepared to fail on their way to success.

If this is you, let’s connect and see if we’re a good fit.