Are you hypnotised by impending disaster?

As I cut through the single tracks I’m once again amazed at just how much nature continues to change the path.

This is probably one of the aspects of mountain biking I enjoy the most.

You have to really stay alert and expect the unexpected.  Even though you’ve ridden the path a hundred times.  The wind changes the landscape by strewing the path with branches.  Rocks continuously shift and relocate themselves with the help of other riders.

So you scan ahead ensuring that you steer your bike according to the unfolding countryside today.

What is even more fascinating to me is how long it took me to train my brain to stop looking at the rocks which I didn’t want to hit.  It’s almost as if we are programmed to be hypnotised by obstacles, staring like deer in the headlights, stuck by fear.

In our minds we have the voice saying that as long as I keep my eye on the stone, I will miss it because I know it’s there and how to get around it.

But it doesn’t work that way my friend.

We steer where we look.

Which means that the longer you stare at the fucking stone, the greater the likelihood that you’re going to hit it, come tumbling down head over ass and walk away with some scrapes and bruises.

Instead, the trick is to acknowledge the stone and then immediately take your gaze to where you want your wheel to go and like magic you cruise around that baby without a blink.

Free flowing.


Yet you have to train yourself to override your default setting which takes time and many a failed attempt.

The pain of falling eventually becomes greater than the pain of your ego yelling you to disaster.

Stupid ego.

It works the same in every aspect of your life.

Your relationships, your finances, your business.

No matter how accomplished you feel today, how secure, storms always bring change.

Whether that storm is your partner changing over the years or the economy going to hell or technology changing and your business floundering to keep up.

Isn’t it grand???

The way that life changes even when we ourselves are often so resistant to change.

It’s probably because the Big U understands that growth comes from change and challenge – not from comfort and sameness.  By the way, you think you want things to stay the same, but you get bored AF in no time at all.

Things happen.  The road changes.

And what do most people do?

They focus on the obstacles!

They sit there topping over and over what to do with the obstacle.

They make it huge!

It’s all consuming.

Their emotions go all over the show.







No surprise then that they crash and burn.

Of course then they confirm to themselves that this was inevitable.  There was simply nothing else they could have done.  They tried to think of solutions but this was the only outcome from the word go.


First of all I can bet you my sexy derriere that these people do not have a vision that is their obsession.  They rarely have non-negotiable goals.  They’re not connected to their big why.  Hell, I bet you they don’t even know their values.

Thank god you’re not one of those people!

Because when you have your foundation in place you look at the obstacle, acknowledge it, then you refocus on where you want to go.  Your goal.  Your questions simply adjust.

How am I going to get to my destination with this new element on my journey?

Is there a way for me to get over it?

What else can I do?

Who else can support me?

Do I have the tools to blast it to smithereens?

Can I simply go around it, enjoying the longer time it might take but hey, there might be a delightful surprise on the detour?

All of a sudden you’re firing on all cylinders.

Your creative juices are pumping through your veins.

Adrenaline lights a fire in your belly.

You’re even more energised than before.


Thrilled by the prospect that the Universe has decided to challenge you!

“Whoooohooooo – bring it on baby cheeks.

Let me show you what I’m made of.”

It takes a while to rewire your brain to do this which is why I highly recommend you get your ass on a bike!

Honestly, this is the fastest way to train your mind – by using your body!  It’s what she’s there for.

And this works in other sports as well – trail running, car racing (Erm, I wouldn’t recommend this as your training ground without a pro), white water rafting, all of it.

Plus you have the additional element of fun when you train yourself out in nature doing something you love.

You change the scenery which always unlocks greater creativity.

I have my most powerful breakthroughs on my bikes!

It’s a win all around.


and this is a big one

You have to be willing to change the way you do things in order for this to work.

If you’re a couch potato carrying an extra ten kilos or so, you’re going to hate it in the beginning.

What the fuck have you got to loose?  Other than fat, lethargy, depression.

What have you got to gain?

New learning.

More energy.

Increased health and vitality.

An indestructible mind-set.

A new way of doing life.

A sexy body which probably means you’ll get laid more as well.

I guess thriving must really sound shit to people if they still choose existence.

Stop looking at the impending disaster.

Stop focussing on the perceived obstacles.

Get uncomfortable.

Challenge yourself.

Do it differently.

Connect to your desires.

Set your goals.

Toughen The Fuck Up.

Do the work.

Death is inevitable.

Thriving is one rocking choice!

With love eternal,


PS:  Are you done feeling like a victim?  Like you don’t have a choice?

Are you done blaming the world for not being where you thought you would be at this stage of your life?

Are you ready for some radical transformation Darling?

I’m the unsympathetic bitch who will kick your ass into shape – body, mind, soul.

I don’t believe in one-dimensional living or coaching.

You want it?  Then want it ALL!  Work it all.  Have it all.  Stop settling for crumbs.  Raise your standards of expectations.

You CAN have your cake AND eat it.

When it’s done, bake or buy another one.

I believe that inside of you is a vision that will awaken your starving beast.  Your beast that will stop at nothing.  Your beast that will  take the action getting you iconic results in your life.

I will make you uncomfortable.  I don’t pull the punches.  Chances are you will sweat, swear, take more action than you’ve ever taken before.

You will rediscover the power of drive, dedication, discipline and determination.

You will step up to your best version self.

Ready to play?

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