What would you choose to do if you weren’t coming from a space of fear?

Energy is a powerful thing my friend.

Especially when you come to the realisation that EVERYTHING is simply energy.

Including you.

Your body.

Your home.

Your car.

Your business.


Everything that you see and feel is simply an arrangement of energetic particles and you get to decide on their appearance and impact.

Stepping into this awakening was probably one of the scariest moments of my life.

I’m scared a lot by the way – just in case you’re wondering.

It was scary because I finally understood just how powerful we truly are.

And with this power comes a tremendous responsibility.

Especially for those of us who choose to live consciously.

Which is probably why most prefer the cocoon of unconscious living.

It’s way easier to think that you’re just this little spec in a humongous universe at the mercy of the gods.

When the illusion is shattered, you have no choice but to take full ownership.

I just want to point out here, that this doesn’t happen overnight.

Considering you’ve been brainwashed your entire life to get to this point, you have decades of fears, beliefs, programming and stories cemented into your subconscious mind.  It’s up to you to chisel that shit away with your bare hands, determination and faith.

This morning I decided to further investigate my thoughts and old beliefs around being a woman.

I was a little aghast at what I found.

Understand that I was raised in a very ‘traditional’ culture.

One of the first lines I remember was ‘a woman’s place is in the kitchen‘.

Followed by ‘on a chain just long enough to get her to the bedroom so she can fulfil her wifely duties of pleasuring her husband‘.

Now you might think it’s funny, actually it’s fucking hilarious, but it’s ‘jokes’ such as these that sticks like sloppy shit on a woolen blanket in peoples minds.

It has some men showing up as chauvinistic, domineering husbands who truly believe that it’s the woman’s JOB to look after them.  First their mothers, then their wives, then their daughters.

And it takes most women from this kind of upbringing decades to break free from this bullshit.

Where they finally deem themselves worthy enough to own their desires, their dreams, and believe that they have what it takes to succeed out in the big, scary world without the ‘protection’ of her man / jailor.

Before you think I’m some bra-burning feminist, I’m not.

I have just as much empathy for men.

I can only imagine the burden of believing it’s your sole responsibility to be the provider for your family and that your worth is measured by your bank account and the trinkets you can give those you love.

It must be fucking exhausting and frustrating and heartbreaking to be so busy climbing the ladder of success that you never get to know your kids, disconnect from your wife, finding yourself in her resentful and slightly fearful energy all the time.

Where’s the fun in this existence???

I believe it’s our old programming that has both sexes living in constant FEAR.

Women fear their men because they believe they hold all the power.  They’ve stopped believing in themselves, they’ve stashed away their superhero capes and replaced them with aprons.  They’ve given up on their dreams and created a prison that has clipped their wings so they’ve forgotten they have the power to fly.  Plus let’s not forget Fear’s faithful companions – Guilt and Shame which is piled on by their partners, their girlfriends, their mothers and grandmothers.  JUST LOAD IT ON!

Men fear failure and taking the entire ship down with them.  They fear looking like the weakest specimen in the room when everyone is lined up at the urinals and try convincing themselves that size DOENS’T matter.  They fear that they’re not good enough and maybe they’ve even stopped competing completely, beaten into submission by those who are bullies or alpha males who simply don’t tolerate weakness in their presence.  Gone are the days where young men were groomed within a space of safety as an apprentice with a trusted mentor.  Right now, it’s a free for all.  Eat or be eaten.  And with their food pumped full of hormones, they do make a tasty morsel for those who eat clean, think clean, hungry for success.

Take it a step further and we notice the tremendous pressure of thinking they have to protect their women from themselves by saying ‘no’ when the woman doesn’t have the courage to say ‘yes’.

What a fucking hot mess I tell you!

And yes, I’m generalising and exaggerating but I’m trying to make you stop and take a step back for a different view.

Let’s for a moment just breathe this in and admit we’re scared all the time.

Sometimes we disguise it with anger.

Sometimes we cover it in shame.

Other times it’s coated with resentment and indignation.

Fear is the core of all negative emotions Darling.

In fact – I believe there’s only two main emotions that drive us:




So if fear is a reality, isn’t it more empowering to just admit it?

To just check in with ourselves throughout the day and feel into our bodies and ask ourselves what is the vibration?

Am I feeling in a vibration of love right now?

You know – it feels expansive, confident, uplifting, trusting, abundant, safe.

Or am I in the vibe of fear?

Am I feeling worried, judged, judgemental, desperate, comparing myself to others, looking outside of myself for answers or strategies or methodologies?

Am I asking others for permission?

Am I constantly apologising?

Am I hiding behind others, saying they are ultimately responsible for the decision?

No judgement Darlin.

Just observe.

Just check in.

And then you get to choose.

Always, we come back to choosing.

You can choose to take action from this space – you’re probably so used to it that it comes naturally.

Or you can choose to take out your faithful journal and start investigating.

You can ask yourself what is the message or the learning in the fear?

What is the potential danger your ego is conjuring up for you and is it even real?

Are you only focusing on the worst case scenario?

And how bad can it really get?


Can you end up hearing NO?

Can you not have all the answers and feel like a doos whilst having to go ask someone else?

Can you possibly lose money?

Can your card be declined and you have to become more resourceful in receiving money so you can pay your blessings already received?

Can you end up having to move back in with your parents or god forbid, your in-laws!

Been there, done that, three times!

Survived all of them Baby.

So can you.

Seriously just dig in.

The only thing stopping you from investigating, is your fear of fear.

It ain’t gonna kill you Sunshine so go a little deeper.

Then acknowledge your fear.

Shit, if you’re really wanting to rock it out THANK your fear!

Then ask yourself, if I was in faith right now, if I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt believed that regardless of the decision I make today it will all work out perfectly, what is the love action to take?

You will find time and again it’s the most unthinkable action!

It’s scary AF.

It always feels like a bit of a leap.

But if you’ve come this far, why not commit to going all the way???

You’ve already gone down the rabbit hole of the worst outcome.

And if you’ve committed to take the soul action regardless of how scary it feels, you’ve taken the decision off the table and you just take the action.

Knowing that whatever the result, is PERFECT for you.


I dare you to find a moment of courage right now and scan your life.

Just a quick scan of your family decisions, your business decisions, your investment and spending decisions, the books you choose to read, your physical exercise and health decision, and feel into the ENERGY of your decisions.

Do they feel sprinkled with fear?

That you don’t have a choice?

That this is just the way you HAVE to do it if you want to succeed?

Or they feel completely aligned with an all-powerful soul?

That you absolutely love the choices you’re making.

They feel yummy in your body.

Toe-curlingly delicious.

You know what to do with this awareness.

Time to choose my friend.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving, she’s always a choice.

With love always,


PS:  Liberation is the scariest choice I’ve ever made.

It was a decision with which I removed my safety net.

Jumping off the mountain and trusting that I will find my wings before smashing into smithereens at the bottom.

Oh, I know everyone SAYS they want to be free.

Everyone SAYS they want to break the constrictive cycles they’re finding themselves in.

But honestly,

about 1% of 1% of 1% will ever take the leap.

No judgement, just fact.

If you’re feeling that you’ve had enough of the programming, of the old paradigms of belief, of settling for less than phenomenal results in your life, I invite you to find the courage to apply today.

Liberation is three months of me guiding you on the path of reconnecting to your true desires, your true power, uncovering the BS holding you back, facing those old fears, and taking aligned, courageous, liberating action.

Ready to finally rise?

Hit me a mail and let’s play.