What it takes to have an indestructible mind-set.

We’re three weeks away from 2018.

More and more people are slumping their shoulders, desperately waiting for a holiday so they can recharge their batteries and do it again next year.

Giving up on dreams that have not yet come to fruition.

Walking away from unfinished goals.

Telling everyone that next year will be different yet when you ask them what they’ll be doing differently they don’t have a clue.


I learned a long time ago that this is the time of year when miracles occur for those who are relentless.

Those who take a good look in the mirror and tell themselves that it’s not done yet.

That even if they still miss the mark they can make a quantum leap forward in three weeks.

That giving up says nothing about their goals, and everything about how they are showing up for themselves.

And you can still make it happen.

But it takes an indestructible mind-set.

You know – the grit to keep getting up regardless of how many times you’ve been knocked flat on your ass.

The stubborn jut of your chin that has you raise your gaze and proving all the naysayers wrong.

Lazer focus.

Zero distraction.

The energy coursing through your veins that gives you superhuman strength and capability.

The mind-set that sees people reaching incredible levels of success that makes you think that they’re special.

That they were born lucky.

That they must have it easy.

They don’t.  They are the same as you.

You simply need to get out of your own way, believe in yourself and do the fucking work!

It’s time for you to stop giving up, HTFU and thrive.

Today I’m breaking down how to have an indestructible mind-set so you can stop your self-sabotaging behaviour, never again giving up three feet from your goals.

  1.  An indestructible mind-set comes from practice.

It comes from understanding that your mind is nothing more than a muscle and you’re failure to train it on a daily basis leads to atrophy.

Which is why it’s become so easy for the masses to be controlled.

They’ve been fed with hormones and chemicals that keep them in a state of malnourishment and addiction.

They’ve been hypnotised to value entertainment above education and quite frankly when you tap into the violence that seems to be the craze, you understand that majority of what they’re being shown is shutting down their humanity.

In the same breath then, practice means that you welcome the obstacles, the situations where you have to get super creative, have to learn new skills, have to be completely out of your comfort zone.  You don’t expect to become a world-class cyclist by only ever training on the flats.

You welcome failure understanding that this powerful phenomenon has been made shameful by those who desire to keep you small.  Failure is fantastic!  It means you had the balls the reach higher than ever before.  That you took the risk and you’ve identified there’s a gap between where you are and where you desire to be.  Bridge the gap and you’ve succeeded!

2.  An indestructible mind-set starts with a decision.

A decision that you will never again settle for anything less than your true desires.

A decision that you will never again accept average anything, least of all an average version of you.

It comes from understanding that you don’t have to spend the next year in therapy investigating every block, every bad experience, every belief you’ve had over the past however many decades.

What we focus on we create more of.

Which means the more you focus on the past the more of that you create right now.

I don’t believe we can look forward and backwards at the same time.

So choose.

If you’re at the point of enough and no more you simply recognise that in the past you were constipated.  You acknowledge that things happened and you no longer wish to hide because of it.

Instead you choose right here right now to become indestructible.  Relentless.  To have grit.  To never again waste the journey.

3.  An indestructible mind-set comes from figuring out your life purpose.

Yes, I absolutely 100% believe that each and every person has a life purpose.  Yet few EVER bother to explore what this could be because once you lock it in, you HAVE to show the fuck up and do the work to live it.  The pain of not doing so is unbearable and will have you slamming your head against the wall in rage to the point of unconsciousness.

I am yet to meet a person with an indestructible mind-set who haven’t connected with their true purpose.

Which always unlocks their core values – the ones inside that drives their ultimate behaviour.

Thing is Darling, if you’re not connected with your purpose you most probably have societal values dictating your actions.  Values handed down to you by others who might not have played full out.  Do you seriously want to cap your big dreams by the values of little people?

4.  An indestructible mind-set comes from setting the non-negotiable goals.

I’m talking the goals that you will die for.  The goals that are your obsession.

It breaks my heart to see how many people are setting goals and then neglecting them like a homeless child, expecting they will flourish naturally without any nourishment or love.

Don’t you understand that your dreams are given to you for a reason?

That they have an energy, a life-force of their own, and your failure to bring them to manifestation is nothing less than murder???

When will you stop suffocating your dreams with your neglect?

I’m seeing shit tons of people who are drained and miserable on the hamster wheel yet too blind to see that all they have to do is stop running to get off.

They tick the boxes and set the goals they think will release them from the monotony but are not prepared to sacrifice comfort in order to invest in themselves and their dreams.  No time.  No support.  No nothing.  They deceive themselves by believing that epic dreams can be built when they have a few exhausted moments left at the end of the day.  Which normally becomes the end of the week.  Next month.  Next year.  Never!

Goals drive my life!

They absolutely deserve my everything!

My dedication.

My discipline.

My determination.

My investment.

And hell yes, for my goals, my dreams, I have cultivated an indestructible mind-set.

It has taken years of blood, sweat, cursing, tears, heartache, pain and sacrifice.

Was it worth it?

Oh hell yes!

Which is exactly why I continue to work my mind-muscle.  Why I continue to challenge myself.  Why I continue to invest in my dreams.  Why I insist on support to keep me on track.  It’s why elites work with coaches and those who just want to have fun, who are happy with average results, don’t.

They think they can do it by themselves even though historically they haven’t.

Make no mistake Darling – anyone can achieve average goals on their own.

You don’t even need an indestructible mind-set for those.

My question to you today is if average is all you desire in life?

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice.

With love,


PS:  Average people underestimate the courage it takes to work with a coach.

They think working with a coach is the easy way out.

That it’s a sign of weakness – that you can’t do it on your own.

That’s what keeps average people average.

Working with a coach takes you into a whole new realm of self-worth.

It’s you making a statement to the Universe and everyone around you that you’re worth investing in.  That you value yourself, your dreams, your goals.

It means that you’ve reached the point in your life where you’re done playing in the splash pool of average and ready to take yourself serious.

And it starts with booking that consultation where you square your shoulders and say “Let’s do this!”

If you’re done with average anything, and I do mean anything, if you’re ready to get taken out of your comfort zone so far that your legs tremble, and if you KNOW that I’m the right coach for you, I invite you to take action right here, right now.

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