Just because you’re not physically bleeding doesn’t mean you’re not dying.

One of the gifts / curses of being an empath, is our ability to feel that which is within others.

Believe me, it’s not as if we walk around asking for it.

We don’t connect with your emotions on purpose.

It simply happens.

Which is probably why you will rarely find me out in busy malls or drunken parties.

People are walking around, thinking they’re doing a great job of suppressing their emotions.

But it’s always there Darling.

The more you suppress it, 

the more you self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, food, entertainment,

the more it festers and rots.

Before I learned how to protect myself and how to detach afterwards, it felt like pure madness.

I wasn’t able to distinguish between my own emotions and that of another.

Thinking I had lost the plot when I simply didn’t understand why there was this suffocating sadness or blind rage when I felt happy just moments before.

I eventually learned how to  own my emotions thereby distinguishing them from anothers’.

I saddens me to see how many people are not owning their feelings.

Are not honest in the experience of their emotions.

Are not courageous in the expression of their true feelings.

Not even when they are feeling absolutely ecstatic!

How often do you see someone walking along radiating pure joy through their smile for no apparent reason?

For me however, the greatest sadness of all, is feeling the enormous amounts of pain people are in.

People who walk around everyday life with a constructed smile plastered on their faces.

False bravado.

Posting daisies and filtered images on social media showing joy and happiness.

But behind closed doors,

where not even their nearest and dearest are allowed entrance,

they are dying.

They are bleeding on the inside.

Feeling lonely, isolated, depressed, overwhelmed, anxious, defeated.

Because they can’t physically see it, they choose denial.

Maybe they feel stupid talking about it because they can’t find the words to explain.

They’re terrified that if they do tell someone they will be seen as mentally ill or weak or incompetent.

So they numb the pain in whatever way they think will work.

When I was a young woman I didn’t want to deal.  Instead I used alcohol and starvation to run away from the pain inside.

I turned to toxic relationships.

I thought that if someone else could make me feel worse than I was making myself feel, I would be okay.

Not so much.

I turned to food.

OMG so much food.

I ballooned.

I numbed myself with anti-depressants.

I numbed myself with physical pain.

Or I thought I did.

But it wasn’t real.

When we ‘numb’ the emotions all we’re doing is energetically amplifying them so that we continue to attract more and more of the shit which had us feel bad in the first place, and this energetic contamination eventually turns into disease.

Instead of allowing ourselves to FEEL,



Through it,

We slowly bleed to death.

Our emotions are gifted to us by Creator as an indicator on our journey.

A journey which I now like to approach as an Easter egg hunt.

When we feel good, we’re shown we’re on the right track, doing that which our soul desires.  And yes, our desires are good!

When we feel like shit, we’re either being encouraged to learn a powerful lesson which will ultimately be a part of our story, our message to humanity, or we’re being shown that we’re fucking off in the wrong direction.

So we can choose whether we want to stay on our current course or make an adjustment.

Which means Darling, your emotions are an ASSET.

Probably one of your most powerful assets, which humanity for some reason has turned into a shame-filled liability.

We’re told to stop over-reacting.

To stop being so emotional.

To pull ourselves together.

No time is wasted on mourning our losses.

No time is afforded to healing our emotional bodies.

If you’re not physically bleeding, you’re expected to just get on with it.

Small wonder then that so few people are truly thriving at this time.

What we are seeing instead, is a lot of people dying.

Oh we blame physical disease such as obesity, heart attacks and cancer,

yet every single disease can be traced back to suppressed emotions.

This is what ultimately poisons your energetic body, and the energetic body manifests in the physical body.

Which means that for you to be truly healthy, you have to start with your emotional health!

You have to give your feelings their rightful place of high importance in your life.

It has to become a priority!

Would you seriously walk around on the street with a broken arm hanging limply by your side, unattended.  A bullet wound to the stomach, bleeding out?


Then why do you think it’s okay to walk around bleeding emotionally?  Dying emotionally?

You say you don’t have time.

Would you make the time if someone shot you?

You say you don’t have the money.

Would you find the money if someone crashed into you with their car?

You say you don’t have the mental capacity.

Would you find the will if someone stuck a knife into your leg?

Here’s what I also want you to know today –

Feeling your emotions when you’ve denied them for such a long time can be scary AF.

You might think you won’t be able to cope with them.

You might think they’ll be the death of you.

They won’t!

You simply have to start believing in yourself my friend – because you’re perfect and your natural state is joy and thrive.

Which means if you will allow yourself to go on the journey, you will return to joy.

You’ll just first have to go through the pain, fear, anger,

but as long as you approach this from a space of love and compassion and set the intention to return to joy,


I also want to tell you that it doesn’t have to be the horrible process we’ve been brought to believe it will be.

Emotions can be worked through in punching a pillow, dancing wildly, allowing yourself to climax without holding your breath, running free through the forest or on the beach, shouting, slinging mud.

So many ways to work through your emotions!

Speak to a trusted friend after agreeing to create a circle of safety where everything that is said within the circle stays inside the circle.  Agreeing beforehand that no answers or solutions will be given by the other person, their sole responsibility is to listen.  So often all we need is to be HEARD!

Your thrive consists of your physical body, your emotional body and your spiritual body.

No one aspect is more important than the other.

Neglect in any one of the three WILL have detrimental consequences in all three.

It’s time for us to regain our perspective and to stop disowning our true power which comes from our emotions.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a courageous, and loving, choice.



PS:  I’ve heard from so many women that they’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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But you still have to choose thrive.

You still have to do the work.

You still have to make yourself a priority.

You still have to choose you.