Just YOU – nothing else required.

It’s just the most incredible feeling.

That moment when you drop into truth.

That moment of silence.

When you press pause on the world,

knowing that the world is going to be just fine without your attention for a few minutes.

It’s not going to stop turning.

People aren’t going to float off into space.

They’re safe.

You’re safe.

And so you can take the time and just breathe.

You can calm your mind from all the turmoil and the worries and the panic that you’re continuously feeling because

your bills exceed your income

your partner has stopped acknowledging your existence and you feel invisible

your kids are always angry and they blame you for every area of their lives they’re feeling outdone by

your clients are having a shit fit because you’re not available when it suites them

you don’t know how to launch the next idea

your last launch failed to take off the way you wanted it to

your tummy refuses to release that stubborn tire of fat

your thighs rub when you walk

whatever takes up space in your thoughts.

Instead you come back to this moment

right now

and you know

that this moment

this instance

is all there truly is.

It’s the only moment that truly exists –

The past has already passed

The future has not yet arrived

There is only now.

And YOU exist in the now.

Knowing that everything in creation has a purpose

Every event

Every person

Every thing

And since YOU exist right now

That means that YOU have purpose.

What a wonderful knowing.

That there’s a reason YOU are breathing right now.

You are not invisible,

you are not an afterthought,

you are not nothing.

There’s a reason why you are here.

As you breathe in this truth, you drop into a new level of presence.

A level of presence where there is peace,

where you feel substantial,





In this moment of breath,

everything is perfect.

You realise that everything you were so incredibly worried about,

all those problems that you’re continuously overwhelmed by,

they don’t exist in THIS moment.

All those chaotic monsters threatening to crush you

either live in the past

or in the future.

THIS moment

right NOW

is completely calm

and safe.

YOU are enough.

In this moment.

There’s nothing that you need to do to be worthy.

There’s nothing you need to show you have to be worthy.

There’s nothing that you need to say just right to be worthy.

It’s just you

and silence

and your essence.

This my friend, is a state of bliss.

A state of truth.

Have you ever had this experience?

These moments of clarity of who you are and what you are?

A spark of Creator.

Therefor you are Creator.

And you’re perfect.

The beauty of this is that these moments are not found by some fancy gadget or a new app.

They’re not found by following a process or by doing the exact steps in the exact right way.

They’re not found on social media.

They’re not found in the eyes of your lover.

They’re not found by the words of another.

They can only be found in moments of complete stillness.

Just you,

nothing added.

Just breathing,

not doing anything.

Just sitting,

not performing for anyone else.

I believe that the more chaos reigns around us,

and make no mistake, we live in chaotic times,

the more we are called to ancient wisdom and ways of being.


NOT doing.

We find confusion by constantly looking outwards for answers.

We feel flawed and falling short of social standards by constantly comparing ourselves to others we don’t even know personally.

We become desperate and flailing by constantly shaming ourselves for our journey.

Instead I invite you to open up to a new old way of living.

One filled with more and more moments of silence,

pressing pause on the world,

and reconnecting with yourself.

With your breath.

With the knowing that YOU ARE ENOUGH.

And that only THIS MOMENT truly matters.

For only THIS MOMENT truly exists.

And then you also realise that you truly are in control of your life.

For nobody else can think your thoughts for you.

Nobody else can feel your emotions for you.

Nobody else can take your actions for you.

And when you OWN this

and you OWN the fact that


The level of your thoughts

the quality of your feelings

the standards of your actions


you get to take back all your power you have so willingly given away.

And you become


When last have you had the courage to create a moment of silence for yourself?

For only death is inevitable Darling.

Thriving, always remains a choice.



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I believe that we are all in pursuit of happiness.

True happiness.

Which doesn’t come from things or people, but from a more complete connection with ourselves, our truth, our desires.

I believe that every answer you require to live that life of joy is already inside of you, and I simply provide the space and the questions that empowers you to strip back the lies, the conditioning, the bullshit, that is preventing you from receiving all you truly desire.

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