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Keep flicking the switch on joy until it’s your new default.

Emotions are a funny phenomenon.

One of our greatest gifts.

It’s also one of those things that I see tripping most people up.

Including myself.

Make no mistake my friend,

I get caught up in the whirlwind as much as the next person.

Emotions cause wonderful sensations in our body.

If you pay attention, you will find that each changes your physiology.

From a tightness around the throat,

a grip around the chest,

an upheaval in the stomach,

a pain in the arse.

The expansion of the heart,

the overflowing of joy that often spills tears onto your cheeks,

the radiance of your face,

the softening of the lines around your eyes.

Simply spectacular in the kaleidoscope of possibilities.

I don’t know how we start attaching meaning to the sensations,

I simply know that there’s a learning that when X happens, my body reacts like Y, which means I must be feeling Z.

This is extremely useful especially if we use this feedback system to grow and adjust course.

It’s those brilliant signals which indicates if we’re living a life that brings us joy,

or one that mostly causes us pain.

What’s really confusing me is how people seem to be disregarding the messages of emotions.

It’s almost as if we’ve reprogrammed ourselves to override the wisdom inside.

Or maybe we’ve disconnected the motherboard?

I’m not sure.

All I know is that for most of my life I, like so many others, got it all mixed up.

I decided that the expectations of others, the demands of others, the acceptance from others, was more important than my happiness.

Which caused me a shit ton of pain.

But I would rather tolerate the misery than risk being lonely.

A lottle fucked up – yet true.

It’s as if we cut the wire that triggers the sensible action.

Where common sense tells me that we should be striving for the good feeling feelings,

doing more of the things that bring us joy,

cramming our days with laughter,

the opposite appears to be true.

I see majority of people feeling despondent, bored, depressed, anxious,

and doing more of the shit that has them feeling despondent, bored, depressed and anxious.

You’re feeling like the world has turned against you and that nobody loves you so what do you do?

Listen to songs that screams of pain and abandonment and hopelessness.

Draw up the to-do list which makes you feel like an unappreciated slave constantly cleaning up after others.

Sit around watching hours of mindless bullshit on the telly, anything not to move your body because you simply don’t have the energy.

Drink the pills that further disconnects you from your inner strength thereby keeping the drug stores in excellent financial condition.

You’re feeling pissed and frustrated with the system that has your hands tied behind your back?

Keep buying shit on your credit cards, piling on the debt, so you can feel more trapped in the dead-end job that’s killing your creative muse just so you can pay the bills.

Go drink some more booze and listen to ‘angry bird’ music to really light the hell-fire eating you up inside.

Play the violent games with your friends who are out to kill and whilst you’re at it, why don’t you invite some kids to join your little party?

We wouldn’t want to make the next generation feel left behind now would we?

It’s as if we’ve created a culture where suffering is the accepted norm.

Now Darling,

I know you’re sitting there shaking your head.

Thinking I’ve finally lost the plot.

It simply doesn’t make any fucking sense.

After all, everyone wants to be happy!



we say we want to be happy.

Yet I suspect that most people have been low for such a long time, they’re afraid of feeling joy.

It’s become the unknown.

As with any unknown, it becomes shrouded in fear.

Which is why the professionals are now telling us not to feel too happy because we won’t be able to cope with it and we’ll end up dead.

What a load of horse manure!

Your motherfucking emotions will never kill you.

Your actions will.

And you seriously need to start paying attention to your actions my friend.

It’s your actions that tells the truth even when your mouth lies.

Start noticing what you are doing on a daily basis and ask yourself –

are these the things that make me happy?

Truly happy.

I’m not talking about you saying ‘happy’ with a dead-pan expression.

I’m referring to those actions that has your face break into an immediate smile and your energy goes UP.

If your actions are not indicating joy,

you’re addicted to suffering.

Don’t panic –

you’re not your addiction.

It’s simply a shitty behaviour which you can choose to change right now.

How do we change the behaviour?

We keep flicking the switch.

Start identifying teeny weeny little things that brings you happiness and start weaving them into your day.

Can’t remember what makes you happy?

Grow the fuck down!

Start imitating little kids.


In the mud.

On the swing.

Ride you bike.

Go snowboarding.

Draw a picture.

Listen to music that has you jumping for joy and go crazy.

Go skinny-dip in the freezing ocean.

No drugs allowed.

No screens allowed.

You will soon find that certain activities, certain movements, make you feel giddy and others don’t.

Simply keep experimenting until you REMEMBER.

You’ll find that happiness feels great and THEN you can consciously choose:

do you want to be happy

or do you want to be a martyr traversing life feeling like the ocean slug poop?

If your choice is euphoria, you keep flicking that switch every day, increasing the frequency and intensity until it becomes your new norm and then when something feels out of place, you will pay attention, you will get the learning, and take corrective action.

You’ll find it happens faster and faster.

I also know that even after all of this, some will choose crestfallen – that’s okay Darling.

I don’t really care what you choose.

It’s your life.

I simply want you to choose consciously instead of going through life like a drug-infused zombie.

After all, only death is inevitable.

Thriving is always the choice of the brave.

You know I love you,


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