The destructive power of “I know”

Today is going to be a bit of a smackdown.

It’s the 9th of January and I’m still seeing people fluffing around!

I’m still seeing people keeping themselves stuck in their habitual destructive thoughts and behavioural patterns that simply don’t serve their greatness.

Not taking action.

Not getting the support they need to thrive.


And it’s bullshit!

Thrive is your birthright – I know this with every fibre of my being.

I need this to really sink in.

To penetrate your stubborn ego which refuses to release the bullshit that opens you up to receiving.

A deeper level of wisdom.

A deeper level of understanding.

A deeper desire to implement.

And as a high achiever this is probably one of the most challenging things I will ever ask you to do.

Because I KNOW that you have taken the time and learned the skills.

You have studied the books, gone to the workshops, signed up for all the free challenges and maybe you even made it to day three.  You do to the introspection and identify what is missing.

So yes, YOU KNOW.

Yet this is also the reason why you don’t take action.

Because you already fucking know.

This is why you miss out on the nuggets.

Because you already fucking know.

This is why you are held back from mastery.

Because you already fucking know.

I hear this all the time.

Sitting in the training rooms or on the webinar.

You see people’s eyes glazing over the moment that the first sentence sounds familiar.  Yet it’s in this shutdown that they miss the tiniest nuances which makes all the difference in the world to their performance.  That little sentence that triggers the subconscious mind and thereby resulting in a slightly different action taken and a completely different result achieved.

And of course I see this in my clients all the time (you know who you are).  That’s why they work with me.  Because I call them out on their bullshit.

The times when I hold up the mirror for them and give the feedback of how they are screwing themselves over.

Where they are out of alignment.

Where they are in martyr mode.

Where they are stubbornly refusing to admit that they need support.

The times when they say “I know”.

But knowing is not the same as doing.

Knowing is not going to get you the results.

Knowing is not going to get your ass from where you are to where you want to be.

Understand that every time you say “I know” (and yes, I’m guilty of this myself at times) you are in fact saying “I know and I’m not going to do it because you can’t make me do it and I’m going to fight you all the way because this is my way of keeping myself out of the game and I’m already doing better than most others so why the hell would I want to go all the way up busting through my glass ceilings of “I know” and actually astounding myself with my true magnificence so I’m just going to keep knowing and not doing thereby living in my self-fulfilling prophecy of saying I’m blocked because I know everything and still don’t show the results so that must be it”.

I know.

And the biggest bitch of all is that the “I know” things are usually the tiny foundational pieces which seem so inconsequential that you convince yourself that you can still achieve iconic results even without them.

You achieve a measure of success which you take as proof that your hypothesis is validated except you and I both know that it’s nowhere near your true desires or potential.

The desires you don’t admit to yourself because that would mean owning up to the fact that you’re so not playing full out.

The desires that you don’t share with those around you because you’re surrounded with ducks who simply don’t have the capacity to comprehend what you’re on about.

Honestly Darling, how much do you want it?

I mean really want it?

Because the next time you hear the words “I know” leave your mouth I want you to be triggered AF, hearing my voice in your head reminding you that right now you’re being a coward sitting down next to the field.

I want you to remember this piece and ask yourself why you are being such an ass?

Why you’re blocking whatever wisdom is trying to reach you?

What is the underlying fear that is holding you back from the shift of “I know” to “I do”.

There is always fear.

Fear of failure.

Fear of relationships crumbling.

Fear of being attacked by the haters.

Fear of success and not understanding what that will truly look like, feel like.

Fear of allowing your true self to unfurl and you will actually, god forbid, be happy!

Happiness by the way is a scary thing because it means you’re actually enough.

What the fuuuuuuuuck?

Can it be true?

That you’re a rock star?

That you’re worthy?

That you’re enough?

Hell yes.

But you have to start recognising the little devious ways in which you’re screwing yourself over.

Starting with the dreaded “I know” today.

Rip it from your vocab.

Get curious and ask yourself if you already know, what is it that you’re still not doing?  Why are you deliberately and stubbornly refusing to do that which you know will tip the scales into your favour of excellence?

This is the way of the warrior.



With a deep respect for the fact that true mastery comes from repetition – including repetition of learning.

For death is inevitable.

Thriving is a choice which by the way includes taking the action.

With love always,


PS:  It’s one thing to claim ignorance and existing in the land of settling for average because that’s all you’ve ever been exposed to.

It’s another thing to know that there’s more available to you, feeling unsatisfied, hollow and frustrated, and still keeping yourself out of the game because you’re too chicken shit to take a stand for your purpose and your happiness.

Yet it’s also daunting as hell when you don’t even know where to start.

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