Why it takes courage to let go of the HOW

I love connecting the dots.

For myself as well as for anyone else who haven’t spotted the patterns yet.

Which is why I’m so excited today to share with you my revelation in figuring this one out.

Last month I set my goals for the year.

The year.

Thinking that I had tons of time to go through the motions and get the outcomes I crave.

Yet as much as I believe in slowing down to speed up, there’s also an impatience in me that never wants to follow the rules.

I leave it up to the Universe to unfold in “Divine” timing, with an unspoken understanding that divine timing means as soon as possible.

Okay, so that one doesn’t always pan out either.

Generally though I trust and I attempt to put my control freak tendencies to the side and not mess with the ‘hows’ of my true desires believing that everything will work out beautifully.

Except the risk in this is that things don’t always play out in the ‘happy, skippy, everyone holds hands and sings kumbaya’ way that we have pictured in our heads.

Sometimes our desires are rained down on us as a shit storm that has you wiping poop and tears from your eyes.

Such is the case for me again this week.

I’m looking up at the moon asking “WTF?  Are you for real?  This was your bright idea of giving me my desire?”

Reminding me of the old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for cause you’ll get it’.

And yes, you always get what you ask for.

Unfortunately most people are asking unconsciously and then thinking they are victims who always get the shitty end of the stick. Tip – become aware of your stories and you’ll start seeing the truth in this.

But I get distracted.

So I received my first desire in a most unexpected way, ten months early, and I sit here thinking ‘Well shit, what now?  I’m not ready for this.  I don’t have all my ducks in a row yet.’

Is this true?

Or is this just the Universe’s loving way of giving me a little shove to get my ass moving at my potential speed?

To force my hand so I no longer have a choice but to step up to the plate and bring my A-game?

To place me in a position where I have to stop browsing the internet for answers and inspiration and instead to go inside and pull out all of my wisdom, my skills, my grit, my passion which is the only way I’m NOT going to drown.

And then as I look at my big why, not only for why I wanted to achieve this particular goal, but my very reason for existence, the penny drops.

This is not about me.

This is about all of those I have agreed to serve.

This is about all of those that I love more than life itself.

This is about accelerating my personal healing, my personal growth, my personal revolution of self-love so that I may do the fucking work I came here to do!

This is about me becoming the woman I am required to be in order for me to serve at the level I’m here to serve.

Quite frankly Darling, if it was up to me, if I had held on to the ‘hows’, I would have achieved this goal the same as I run – as slow as a tortoise in an ocean of peanut butter!

And time is running out.

Time for those who simply lack the memory of their self-discipline, their self-belief, their self-love, to do the work that is required at this time of monumental change for thrive.

The ones who I came here to wake up.

The ones who I dedicated my life to in the first place.

I’m so sick and tired of seeing people sick and tired.

Exhausted by bullshit.

By a system which is tapping them of their passion, their will, their self-fucking-respect!


So yes, right now I’m swimming for my motherfucking life.

I’m going deeper than ever before and I’m ripping those demons from my subconscious mind fighting off their claws and fangs and getting ripped to pieces!




This is my call to the warriors who are still holding on to the how with everything they’ve got.

The warriors who know they have work to do but they are trembling because they’ve had so many beatings over the decades that they have forgotten who they are.

This is my call to YOU.

Because you know that you’re here to do incredible work.

You know that your story will be the light guiding others to their joy.


Let go and trust.

Let go and remember who you are.

No matter how hard it feels, no matter how many sacrifices will be made, no matter how many tears will flow, I know I’ve got what it takes.

And I know that you do too.

But you have to start believing in yourself.

You have to start getting real with your desires.

And you have to fucking leap.

Let go of the how and let the chips fall where they are divinely meant to fall.

Death is inevitable and every day we take our sweet time, someone is committing suicide.

It’s time for the warrior to chose to thrive!

With love always,


PS:  Are you here to lead?

Here to heal?

Here to create?

Are you here to bring to fall a system which is destroying the humanity in humans?

Whether through creating beautiful art, sharing your story of shame to thrive, teaching others your wisdom, if you have a calling to be a change catalyst then it’s your time now!

And yes, you are ready!

Everything that has happened up to this point has prepared you for what lies ahead.

Yet most people are so deep in the drama it’s hard for them to connect the dots.

This is one of my gifts – the gift of sight.

I see your brilliance, not your bullshit.

I see the patterns, the map, that your soul has carefully laid out for you to find your treasure.

If you’re ready to feel the fear and take the action, now is the time for us to connect.

But only if you’re ready to do the work.

Only if your desire is greater than your fear.

Let’s play.