Magic, manifestation, works in accordance to the laws of nature…

Watching the unfurling of life, truly is a thing of beauty.

As I continue on my path of remembrance and reawakening to the magic that has always been inside of me, I took a moment this morning to reflect on my biggest insight this month past.

It’s been faith.

Without faith, there can be no magic in my life.

Faith tempered by patience.

Which, as we both know, has been one of my greatest areas of development.

I’ve always been a yesterday girl,

and in many ways I still get shit done before most others have found the motivation to even get started.

Yet when it comes to the manifestation of my dreams,

I’ve learned to slow down,

breathe deeply,

and enjoy the entire process.


probably for the first time in my life,

that the true joy and pleasure is to be found in the journey,

not crossing the finish line.

Think about it Darling,

the ultimate finish line of your life is death.

And the moment you cross it you’re gonna be like “Yeah”, and “Oh, shit, it’s over?  What now?  What next?”

Your experience of you todays are determining whether that yeah is going to be a shout of elation and a sense of bliss and achievement and jubilation, or a sigh of relief because your days were filled with misery and frustration and anger and resentment.

So why not slow the fuck down and actually enjoy your todays?

I used to think that with all the new technology and platforms and gurus we have available telling us that we can have everything NOW, and we should be having everything NOW or we’re blocked in some way, it meant two things:

  1.  Manifestation should happen instantly or else I’m either asking for the wrong thing or I’m doing it wrong and,

  2. I’m clearly flawed as fuck.  Because nothing I ever desired happened overnight.

For a high achiever, you can imagine how devastating this was.

After all, my emotional set point according to the Enneagram is SHAME, which meant I was pretty screwed up most of the time.

It took me decades to remember that Magic, Manifestation, does not work according to the laws as dictated by the advertising agencies.  Magic and Manifestation will always be governed by the laws of nature.

So let’s take it out into nature for a deeper look shall we?

In nature, as with your dreams, every single mighty tree starts with a seed – the seed will be our representation of your dream and desire.

Now, before you even plant the seed you would go out and find the perfect spot of where you want the seed to grow taking into account the amount of space she would be taking up once fully grown, including her root system, and if you’re anything like me, you would want to plant her where she would be of greatest benefit to the entire eco-system.

You would clear the space, pulling out all the weeds and the old dead roots that might be in the ground of decades long past.  There might even be some big stones which need to be extracted with no small amount of effort – think old belief systems, toxic relationships, social conditioning, all the shit that’s sitting in your subconscious mind.

You would fertilise the soil to give her the best nourishment available.  This means doing the mindset work.  Signing up with my coach.  Surrounding myself with purpose-driven soulmate peeps.  Taking care of my diet, my exercise, my soul work, my pleasure.

Then you would consciously and being fully present, plant your little seed.  You will cover her up with soil and you will get out the watering can and gently water her with just the right amount.  You never try and figure out HOW the seed is going to become a tree, well I don’t anyway.  That was the Universe’s great devise, and I have faith, I believe, that when I plant the seed and I nurture the seed, it will grow!  How much time are you spending looking at the seeds in your hand and never planting them because you are so caught up in trying to figure out the HOW?  How many dreams are swirling around in your heart, your mind, that you never take action on because you simply can’t see how it would be possible to do?

Now, for me, this first part is what takes the most faith.

Showing up consistently, watering what appears to just be a pile of dirt, continuously removing intruding weeds that could stump the growth of our little plant, not overwatering or drowning the seed because of some faulty belief that the more water I give it, the faster it will grow.


Too much water will rot my seed, exhaust and frustrate me, and leave me with no results.

And sitting there staring at the ground ain’t gonna speed up the process either Darling.

So I could sit there, impatiently, or I can go and enjoy my life, coming back every day, removing the weeds, watering as and when needed.  Leaving it up to the Universe – what we call taking aligned action.

Then, one day, VIOLA!

She’s broken through the ground and there in front of your eyes is the most beautiful little green sapling with a single leaf!!


This is where I used to fuck it all up again.

I would either think it’s a done deal and stop tending my garden, letting those weeds grow back until one day my little sapling was strangled and depleted as weeds always take all the nourishment for themselves – yes I’m talking about not doing the mindset work and letting old beliefs back into my mind or staying with the wrong people who eventually drain my energy and my focus and has me walking away from my dreams.

Alternatively, I would ask for a torrent of rain which would be too much for my little tree to handle and she would break in the storm.  From this I learned one of my favourite sayings – slow down to speed up.

As I grow in faith and patience, as my actions continue to become more consistent, as I keep my garden clean, as I receive in gratitude and appreciation simultaneously delighting in my entire LIFE instead of being obsessed with one tree, my oak continues to grow!

And the more she grows,

the bigger she gets,

the more she contributes to the entire eco-system in which she has been planted,

the more she inspires other gardeners to plant their seeds.

This for me, is ultimately what it is about.

This for me, is true joy.

This for me, is purpose.

This for me, is magic.

Today I invite you to take a breath, and to think of your seeds.

  • Which seeds have you not planted because you’re playing god in trying to figure out the how?
  • Which seeds are you planting in uncleared, washed out soil?  With no space to truly grow?
  • Which seeds are you drowning with water because you’re impatient to see results?
  • Which seeds are you neglecting thereby having them overgrown with weeds?
  • Which seeds are you so obsessed about that you’re forgetting to live your life?
  • Which seeds are you digging up because they’re not showing instant results instead of keeping the faith?

It’s time to grow a forest Darling.

Starting with one seed at a time.

Only death is inevitable.

Thriving will always remain a choice.



PS:  Ready to plant some seeds?

Ready to clear the ground of the bullshit, the struggle, the old beliefs and programming that’s keeping you frustrated with a lack of harvest?

Ready to slow down and manifest your dreams WHILST simultaneously thriving?

Then let’s get started Darling.

Liberation is three months of you and me working up close and personal to live your best version life.

If you’re ready to find out more, send me a mail and tell me why now?