But is it making you stronger, better, thriving?

I’ve been doing some soul searching.

Going ever deeper into who I am.

At my core.

And from this space determining who my tribe is.

My tribe with whom to surround myself.

My tribe from whom to learn.

My tribe with whom to work.

My tribe with whom to play.

And it hit me, that they are a rare breed indeed.

I’ll start with a declaration and your emotional response to this will probably be a good indication if you’re part of my tribe or not.

I am an empress!  Always have been, always will be.

I am a queen – I do not back down from my responsibility to lead.  I dare to make decisions and run with the outcome, whatever said outcome is.

I am a lover – I stopped giving a damn because I love too much.  I am appreciative of my real teachers, those who come in relationships, and love their souls even when their human bodies break my heart.  I know that every time my heart breaks, it heals, and the scar tissue makes her bigger and stronger.

I am a warrior – I train, I bleed, I sweat and I rise.  I continue the fight for liberation every single day.


Not when the moon is full.

Not when my kids are grown.

Not when everyone feels good.

Every day.

I feel that society has made those who stay in slumber weak, lazy, complacent and a little fucked up.

Conformity is encouraged from the time you start thinking – you’re even taught HOW to think.  Not to question.  If you’re unwilling to do so, you’re told you’re a failure.  There’s something wrong with you which hopefully can be corrected with a pill or some therapy.  If not, sorry for you.

You’re told not to explore outside the dictated lines.  Tick the right box as decided by another and you get to proceed to the next level.  If not, you’re shamed, held back, put in your place.

You’re made to sit still for hours on end.  When your body protests against this unnatural state you’re labelled as disrupting, undisciplined, or my favourite – ADHD.

Entertainment is more highly valued than personal growth – simply hop onto YouTube or have a look at the earnings at the box office to see the truth in this.

Comfort is sought above growth – we’re told everything has to be easy, only doing what we feel like doing, when we feel like doing it, and then still having all our dreams come true.

Addiction is encouraged above health.  Advertising agencies convince you to have another drink, take another pill, eat more junk food pumped full of god knows what.  And then take another pill to recover from the hangover, burn off the fat, get an erection.  Everything is pumped full of sugar even though we all know that sugar is more addictive than cocaine.

All of these things are simply accepted as the norm.

Yet when we choose to do it differently, old school, like a warrior, we are criticised and ostracised.

I’m constantly told that I’m broken or blocked or in ego because I love the hustle, I love the pain, I love the push, I love the growth.

Few people can wrap their heads around the fact that this is the human experience I desire.

The one that fills me with joy.

The one that brings me pleasure.

I show the fuck up at an intensity that has most fearing I will burn out.  Why?  Not because I’m a robot.  But because I know how to take care of myself so that I am always in shape to do what I came here to do.

I know how to turn myself on.

I know how to get into flow.

I know how to push hard.

I know how to ensure endurance.

I know how to recover.

Plus, beyond just knowing, I do!

I know my thrive.

Blood pumping through my veins.

My mind presented with an interesting puzzle to solve.

Relationships that support and stimulate and challenge me.

Working with badasses who, like me, value impact and legacy and freedom and abundance and discipline and thrive.

In order for us to have this lifestyle, in order for us to do our soul purpose work, there are a few non-negotiables.

We have to be strong.





We have to stay hungry.

Always appreciative for what is whilst striving for more.

Look, I know I’m going to die.  But I have no idea when.  So for me, I take every day as an opportunity to inspire one more person to wake up!

Every day.

Why wouldn’t I?

This, after all, is why I chose to live at this time.

So you’re damn right I’m going to go full out every day!

We have to thrive.

It’s simply not possible to give anyone anything of true value when you’re running on empty.

Which I know goes against everything you’re being told.

But I want you to ask yourself, who truly benefits from your chronic fatigue?

Only the machine.

Because when you’re tired, you can’t think for yourself.  You can’t think of creative possibilities or solutions.  You don’t have the will to fight and rather just give up and self-medicate in a desperate attempt to cope from one day to the next.  You don’t have the resolve to go against the norm and keep the faith even when it takes a long time for you to achieve the results you desire.  You don’t have the audacity to claim your perfection and it’s easier to just think you’re broken, going to therapy as continuous confirmation and focusing on all the bullshit of why this is true rather than focusing on the vision of your best version self.

And energy, vitality, thrive, doesn’t come from sleeping all the time.

You don’t need MORE SLEEP Darling.

You need to start moving your ass and exercise!

You need to stop eating the shit food and nourish yourself.

You need to stop living in a state of dehydration  and start drinking water.

You need to stop binging on entertainment and start reading some of the great books of all times.

You need to stop drinking to feel better and start breathing deeper.

You need to stop escaping reality with playstation and social media and start connecting with yourself in silence.

Which scares the shit out of most people.

Because can you just fucking IMAGINE how powerful you will be when you clean up your shit and REALLY start looking after yourself??

Can you imagine how many people will hate you for holding up a mirror to see their wasted potential?

Can you imagine how good it will feel to approach each and every day as an adventure and how few people will want to talk to you because, if they can’t complain, they’re not happy?

Can you imagine how liberating it will feel to dance naked and loving the way your body feels, how she moves, her levels of power and flexibility beautifully combined to give you a feline quality of grace?

Can you imagine how deeply satisfying it will be to look in the mirror and see a face you love and respect and honour?

Can you just imagine???

It’s not complicated.

It’s real simple.

All you do is strip back the bullshit.

Simplify everything in your life.

And when presented with a choice ask yourself, is this making you stronger, better, thriving?

If not, do you have the courage, the self-love, the love for humanity to walk away?

For only death is inevitable.

Thriving is a courageous choice few will make.

With love,


PS:  Are you ready to liberate yourself?

I am inviting applications of those who are hungry for more.

Those who want to become their best version self so that they can have the energy, the passion, the creativity to fulfil their soul desires.

This is  only for you if you’re willing to do the work.

If you’re willing to show up for yourself.

If you’re willing to go back to basics and to simplify.

This is NOT for those seeking an easy way out.

It’s NOT for those wanting a magic pill.

It’s definitely NOT for those who just want to be spoon-fed and given a colour-by-numbers page to feel that they’ve given it a shot and if they don’t succeed it’s not their fault.

For more information drop me a mail to see if this is the right partnership for you.